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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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lee ♪[ music ] live from the cbs bay area studios ... this is kpix 5 news. [ yelling ] >> immigration protests center stage again in the bay area and across the country, as well. >> will they follow trump orders or the judge's orders in the you. 98. >> outraged crowds at london and paris now looking to america for answers. >> plus, depending his association with president trump, what tesla founder elon musk now says he is doing by advising the president. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. protests are popping up daily. francisco's city hall with kpix 5 reporter jackie ward. jackie, you say there's a crowd growing out there. >> reporter: absolutely, juliette. organizers expected up to 2,000
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people to attend this peaceful rally today. there's at least several hundred people here right now. and although there's a temporary hold on president trump's travel ban, the anger of how it was executed remains steady. trump took to twitter today calling the ruling out of washington state a terrible decision. this latest temporary ruling applies nationwide and discredits any authority president trump's immigration ban held. >> nothing about the executive order is being implemented directly. >> reporter: this is an immigration lawyer in oakland and says today is quite and calm at sfo. >> yesterday a federal court in the state of washington suspended the ban. >> the volunteers behind me are calling all the airlines to make sure they know what's going on and getting their position like their statement are they allowing, you know, individual travelers to board planes that might have been affected by the executive order. >> reporter: at city hall, there's a louder presence. [ yelling ] >> reporter: members of the san
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francisco [ indiscernible ] like this person aren't amused. >> the hillary people and all that are acting like three- year-olds throwing a temper tantrum. and, you know, they need to be given a very long time-out. >> reporter: epstein says he supports immigration but he believes this is a safety issue. he also says that perhaps president trump could have implemented the travel ban more smoothly. >> frankly, i think it could have been executed better. i think a little warning to some of the people that would have been better so everybody would have been on the same page. >> reporter: all he wants is for these people to give president trump a chance. >> i would like that all these people who are going nuts throwing temper tantrums to give him six months to see what happens. >> reporter: and we just learned about a half-hour ago that the trump administration is fighting this temporary ruling and filed an appeal in san francisco at the ninth circuit court of appeals.
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live from city hall, jackie ward, kpix 5. it wasn't just san francisco. marches and rallies took place nationwide. this is the crowd in the philadelphia. groups gathered in miami. hundreds of people there held signs and sang songs with everything staying mostly peaceful and take a look at this new video protests in paris with the eiffel tower in the background people there also upset calling for an end to the president's executive order. large protests also took over london today and, of course, washington, dc. wendy gillette has that plus the new travel ban changes. >> reporter: some travelers from 7 muslim dominated countries can now travel to the united states after a federal court judge in washington state issued a restraining order on president trump's executive order that bans their entry. >> it's not the loudest voice that prevails in a courtroom. it's the constitution. >> reporter: a state department spokesman says up to 60,000 foreigners whose visas were electronically canceled had
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that action reversed but it's unclear what's being done to help those whose visas were physically canceled. the decision by the federal judge appointed by president george w. bush drew the scorn of the commander-in-chief treating the opinion of the so- called judge which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. when a country is no longer able to say who can and who cannot come in and out especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble. but as the affected travelers once again resume flying to international airports, including here to jfk airport in new york city, it remains unclear how long the judge's order will hold. the department of justice says it will seek an emergency stay of the order. saturday afternoon, protestors marched in washington demanding a permanent end to the travel ban. tens of thousands also packed the streets of london some carrying signs that read, fight ignorance not immigrants. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york.
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>> just in the last few hours president trump tweeted, what is our country coming to when a judge can hold a homeland security travel ban and anyone even with bad intentions can come into the u.s.? [ misread ] >> reporter: elon musk is depending his partition on the president trump economic advisory council. some critics say he may be trying to help his own business. but he tweeted today that he is, quote, doing good, advising the president. he said yesterday he nudged white house officials to talk about the travel ban and he also raised the issue of climate change directly with mr. trump. a bay area congressman who opposes much of the president's policies got a turnout at an open house today. several hundred came to an office opening in castro valley and had the chance interact with eric swalwell and his staff. he says people are turning anger into action by engaging in the political process
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wherever they can. >> a lot of people here marched at the women's march and they are asking, what can we do next? and so we are directing that positive energy to make sure that this isn't just a one off, that we continue to unite, resist and reclaim. >> i feel like me just even coming here it's to stand for the youth that are against the muslim ban. >> the congressman is consolidating two previous east bay offices into the new site in castro valley. milo yiannopoulos says he intends to come back to uc- berkeley to deliver a talk that was canceled this week. he says on facebook that he wants to return to cal hopefully within the next few months. and he says he will keep his followers posted. campus officials called off wednesday night's event hosted by college republicans after riots on campus and in downtown berkeley. a woman in san jose was found dead and now her husband is under arrest. officers say they responded to
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a call on coin court thursday morning. they found the body of a 40- year-old woman leann chadhar inside. she was murdered. the victim's 27-year-old husband is now under arrest at the santa clara county jail. well, storm watch not that there's a storm right now is no -- there's no showers today just scattered rain for most people earlier in the day. we caught drops coming down good for a while. earlier today in san francisco. take a live look outside now in dublin. mostly cloudy skies. other parts of the bay area have sunshine in the waning minutes of this saturday evening. and hi-def doppler shows not much here but you go up north and see what's on the way for the bay area. that stream of moisture will sink south so late in the day on sunday we get our next blast of rain. you can see where it's coming from. double-barreled low one off the pacific northwest, and that other low abeam point conception means that we get rain spreading south tomorrow night. in the meantime we get a little bit of a break to drain and dry
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and just take a breath. we'll have details in terms of timing and amounts in a few minutes. this evening police are investigating a suspicious death at an east bay park. pleasant hill police say a man was found lying in a field at rogers smith park this morning. officers realized once they got there that he was dead. no identity yet but detectives say he doesn't appear to be the victim of a crime. in oakland, police responded to a deadly shooting in the early-morning hours. just before 1:30 officers found an 18-year-old man with gunshot wounds. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. police say the victim has not been identified. no arrests yet. still ahead, it's a vic for bike riders years in the making. the san francisco park finally saying good-bye to cars after four decades. >> the countdown to "super bowl li" continues. the falcons and patriots will both be looking to make history in the stadium behind me. i'm don champion in houston with a look at what's at stake for the teams coming up. ,,
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call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. the popular restaurant caught fire just after four this morning.. thankfully no one was huge flames. a restaurant the anaheim white house went up in flames. the popular spot caught fire about 4 a.m. nobody was hurt. the cause hasn't been identified. officials say damage is estimated at more than a million dollars. san francisco's second largest park just became a lot safer by turning part of a street into a pedestrian path. a mile stretch in mclaren park is open to people passing through. kpix 5's maria medina reports reporter: it's been years in the making. >> congrats, everybody! >> reporter: today, a victory that brought out city, county and community leaders out into the rain to celebrate a street. >> wahoo!
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>> reporter: you see, what you're looking at right now is history. bicyclists and pedestrians using this side of manziel street near mclaren park for the first time ever without sharing the road with cars. >> if you wanted to cross over, you really better run for it. >> reporter: linda lives nearby and has driven on the road for the past four decades. she took issue with the 45-mile- per-hour speed limit for drivers who would gas it past pedestrians and bicyclists. >> everybody speeded up from one end to the other like a freeway. >> reporter: near the park? >> near the park. it was like get through this park as fast as you can. >> reporter: in the last five years the "chronicle" reports eight crashes on the street as well as a deadly hit-and-run. >> this road that we're on was dangerous. cars are driving 40, 50 miles an hour through here. >> reporter: but several years, a lot of work and $7 million later this side is shut to drivers and is now a pedestrian and bike path. >> and it's going to take a lot of time for some of the drivers
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to get used to the slower speeds. but i'm already seeing it myself. it was like a miracle. >> reporter: a makeover on manziel street that many say will save lives. in san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the majority of the money to pay for the renovation came from vehicle and gas taxes. nissan is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. they are concerned if you roll down a rear window your door might fly open. the company is recalling 341,000 nissan altimas, 2015 through 2017 models. those affected can take the cars to dealers who will fix them. and you have just hours left to finish up your application for health insurance through "covered california." the deadline is at midnight for anyone who started his application by the end of january. more than 320,000 people have signed up since open enrollment started in november and this
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could be your last chance. president trump will be repealing and replacing obamacare, which requires people to buy insurance. okay, it is the countdown to kickoff for "super bowl li." >> yup. this time tomorrow, the falcons and the patriots will be facing off in houston and reporter don champion shows us what's at stake for both of the teams. >> reporter: nrg stadium is now a field of opportunity for the patriots and falcons. patriots fans call this super bowl an opportunity for redemption in the wake of the team's "deflate-gate" scandal. >> i really think the penalties [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: patriots quarterback tom brady could cement his place in history with a record fifth super bowl win. it would also be the franchise's fifth championship since 2001. >> i want to win it because i want to win. and, you know, our team has put a lot into it and we want something to show for it. >> reporter: as much as brady and the patriots want to cement their place in history, the
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falcons want to make history here. the team has never won a super bowl. theme lost its only appearance in 1999. >> does that loss still haunt you? >> yeah, because i remember the plays. >> reporter: boat whitfield was on the falcons squad that year and admits, off field drama led to the loss in miami. >> the stuff that we had to manage that week and -- and -- and the amount of guys that you had to say, keep your focus hat on, it was -- >> reporter: 80-year-old bob whitlow played on the first falcons team and hopes perhaps the numbers are in atlanta's favor in their 51st season the team is playing in "super bowl li." >> i think they're peaking at the right time. they seem to be getting a little better. >> reporter: football fans in houston and around the world will find out when the falcons and patriots take the field sunday night. don champion, cbs news, houston. coming up next, if you can't get enough seinfeld on
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tv, why not display his old apartment in your home? >> stay tuned for that. >> and for this. as we look at a little bit of sunshine in the east bay hills, our next chance of rain coming into the bay area and our next chance and our next chance -- we'll have the forecast after a break. ,,
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now you can own a tiny replica of it.. for a limited time you can buy y apartment. the if you miss jerry seinfeld's infamous tv apartment now you can own a small replica. for a limited time buy the 16x11" toy apartment. the sitcom ran from 1989 to 1998. it's the real deal right down to the furniture, even has a working version of jerry's front door. and the price tag? here we go, brian. $400. >> i'll take two. >> you'll take two? >> yeah. >> okay. >> why now? the show went off in the air in 1998 and now they are selling it? >> it's a story about nothing. >> people buy anything
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including this forecast. it comes to you free to which i have always said you get what you pay for. as we look out over the bay, we have partly cloudy skies. a little bit of sunshine back in the east bay hills. [ laughter ] >> the numbers, 59 degrees at concord. 58 at oakland and livermore. 57 in san francisco. 57 as well in santa rosa 56. here's how it looks atop the west coast. rain spreading south tomorrow evening. low pressure off the north coast coupled with a low cutoff from the jet stream, it's going to become an upper-level deflater in the week and that means more rain on the way by midweek. in the meantime, this next little blast will spread about a half inch to 1.5" over the bay area tomorrow night. hi-def doppler showing a sprinkle or two rain north of eureka spending in oregon. six to ten inches of snow at
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the lake, 18 inches at the crest, all falling above 6,000 feet but sunday night it will make for treacherous travel. future craft -- hello, futurecast shows a cloudy day on tap for sunday in about 24 hours. so 5 p.m. tomorrow the next front will be on the way and you can see there's some good embedded cells in that. heavy rain tomorrow after sunset in the north heading south and as we say there are those winter storm warnings posted for the mountains. so here's what we are expecting, drying out overnight. cloudy tomorrow, rain tomorrow night. tomorrow not bad early if you are leaving san francisco via airport tomorrow morning, rain will develop late in the day. winds out of the south to 30 miles per hour and high tomorrow 58 degrees at old mills field. atlanta partly cloudy skies. los angeles 62 with clouds. new york 44.
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overnight lows in the bay area low to mid-50s. sun-up tomorrow morning 7:10 a.m. high temperatures tomorrow still mid-50s to low 60s. rain by sunset tomorrow. travel weather forecast, rain in the north cloudy in the south and in the extended forecast, you get rain tomorrow and especially developing tomorrow night. it will linger through monday for much of the bay area. another system comes through on tuesday. another system comes through on thursday. so it will be an on-again, off- again week of rain coming down pretty good at times but at least we get a chance in between storms to drain and dry a little bit. now worth every penny, mr. glenn. >> man, what a build-up! hey, straight ahead, who is the nfl's defensive player of the year? is it raiders khalil mack or von miller? i got the answer and they are still buzzing and they are batting 1,000 so to speak over a magic last night at maples pavilion. ,,,,,,,,
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. ...joint is jumping at stanford's maples pavilion... ...what a 24 hours... first of all.... ....tara vanderveer showered with college basketball up top. the joint is jumping at stanford's maple pavilion. what a 24 hours! first of all, tara vanderveer showered with confetti after a stanford team last night locked in vanderveer's career win 1000. 58-42 over visiting usc. get this. she is only the third division i coach to crack the 1,000 win club joining the late great pat summitt of tennessee and duke's
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mike krzyzewski. and according to coaches mom rita, finally. >> she came out to go to a concert and she stayed with a friend and the friend has to leave tomorrow to go to atlanta for a family situation. and so my mom was like i want to be staying with you until you get this 1,000 so i told the team, let's get it! [ laughter ] >> you know? i love my mom but she's got things to dined got things to do. so mom you can go homele tomorrow. >> here's the coach back at maples watching the men in silver defending against utah. kyle made it look easy. utes up 4 with 8.5 left. tied at 60, corner pocket three gave the cardinal the lead. pinkins had 14. the lead 6 now with 4 minutes left travis a pivot machine scored a game-high 26. stanford won 81-75. 4-7 now in pac-12 play.
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nfl, awards are being handed out as i speak tonight in houston. and the raiders khalil mack has been named the league's defensive player of the year in his third year he had 11 sacks, force the five fumbles and a pick six. he beat out broncos von miller and became the first raider player to win the award since lester hayes in 1980. now, we are going to go ahead and announce the hall of fame class next hour. according to former 49er receiver terrell owens, he is not on that list again. that's a snub two straight years now. despite ranking second in league history in receiving yards and third in touchdowns. on to the super bowl tomorrow. patriots favored by three over under with the falcons 59. and the patriots tom brady put his father on media lockdown after brady who called himself
5:28 pm
the original criticized the commissioner for suspending his son. but brady became emotional earlier in the week when asked about his dad. >> i think my dad is my hero because he is someone that i look up to every day. and, um -- [ pause ] >> my dad. >> the other spotlight story was shanahan and his backpack mistakenly lifted on media night by veteran art spannedder who is hey a similar backpack. he had shanahan's game plan in it and had it for a half-hour before team officials reached him. >> i said what's going on? he says you have shanahan's game plan. i says, well, now that means he has my computer! and i -- i would rather have my computer than the game plan. one, i didn't know i had a game plan. and if i did know it, i wouldn't have read it anyway. and third, if i did want to
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read it i wouldn't know what it said. >> that's a good one. to the 16th hole, the phoenix open, they are crazy out there! they love it. the crowd in a frenzy, a landing on a tee shot within a couple of feet of the pin setting up a birdie trains former bear binion by four shots. 6-under 71 a one-stroke lead into the final round looking for his first career pga tour win. not in stores right now. but you see draymond green? he is on a blanket. teammate mcgee had blankets made up and handed them out to each member of the team. so there you go. they can enjoy the comfort of sleeping under a blanket with draymond green's face on it as
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jules i know you're upset you don't have one, too. the cbs week is next. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the battle of the ban plays on. president trump blasts the judge who put a nationwide hold on his travel ban from seven muslim countries and vows it will be overturned. airlines and the seasoned travelers are trying to figure out what now? also tonight, we're in palm beach, florida, where the president and first lady are spending the weekend, and protesters are on the march. iran flexes its military muscle after being hit with new u.s. sanctions. and a baby girl from iran is cleared to fly to the u.s. for a life-saving operation. >> we won't know for certain until she arrives exactly what her condition is. all i can say is the sooner she gets here the better.


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