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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning, everybody. it's monday, february 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today, a bay area court considers both sides of the tense debate over president trump's travel ban. >> and anne makavec joins us with more on this. >> reporter: the action on this has been fierce all weekendlong. lawyers from washington state and minnesota filed legal briefs overnight arguing that re-enstating the president's order would unleash chaos again. the justice department has until this evening to issue its response on why the travel ban should be re-enstated.
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yesterday, the same federal appeals court in san francisco denied the government's request to resume the ban days after a seattle judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the travel ban nationwide. visas for people from iran, iraq, and other muslim major countries were cancelled when the ban initially took effect last month. as the administration continues to defend the plan, many republicans are distancing themselves from it. >> we all get disappointed from time to time. at the outcome in courts on things that we care about. i think it's best to avoid criticizing judges insidely. >> the president feels differently and continued to blast the judge tweeting, quote, i can't believe a judge would put our country in such perriel if coming happens. blame him and the court system. the tech industry is wave waving in. nearly win hundred dollars companies, including apple, facebook, and uber are filing a legal brief o piece -- opposing the legal order and saying that
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immigration and growth are intimately tied. >> a court will likely make some sort of action quickly. that is not going to be a final decision. the ruling is whether or not the infunction against the ban should be lifted for now. and the executive order should go back into affect while the legal process continues. the lawyers for washington state and minnesota will ask the court to leave the temporary restraining order in place. and that doesn't even get to the crux of the matter of whether or not this ban is constitutional. >> and sounds like it's going to be a long battle. >> it is. >> thank you. a 12-year-old girl from yemen is with her family in the bay area this morning after spending more than a week in limbo due to the president's travel ban. ehnan ali arrived in sf, on a flight from frank -- sfo on a flight from frankfirst, germany yesterday. plans for a family reunion had
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to be put on hold again when president trump issued the executive order. and president trumps that he's ready to follow through on his threats to pull funding from sanctuary citys in california. the president told fox news, quote, i don't want to defund a state or city. i don't want a different anybody. we may have to do that if we go to the city and that may be a weapon. california lawmakers introduced a bill that would turn california into a sanctuary state. meanwhile, president trump said he may have to weight until next year for his healthcare plan. mr. trump and others promised a quick replacement when they voted to repeel parts of the affordable care act. he now said it could take until 2018. the president did say some elements of the plan could be in place this year. >> a wet and windy start to the workweek. we take a lie look outside of the pyramid this morning in san francisco. get ready for the wet conditions.
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>> and we have wet weather this morning. it's going to intensify. we will see windy conditions as well with the winds out of the southeast and increasing to 30 miles per hour. there will be downed trees and pay potential of downed power lines as well. this is our live hi-def doppler radar picking up random showers. pushing into the peninsula and light rainfall there and the richmond bridge, i should say. put it out there. the light rain showers in richmond at that time the this time. we have the shower that scooted out of the alameda area over central avenue and some wet pavement there and pushing into 14th avenue and oakland. light rain showers hit-and-miss around the peninsula and redwood city. out of the site of stanford. all of this is burning in and out rapidly and will continue to left up into the northeasterly direction. the transamerica pyramid, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s and staying there most of the day.
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climbing's couple of degrees and that is about it. we have a high wind advisory in place with the southeast winds increasing to 30 miles per hour. this encompasses the entire bay area everywhere you see the blueiary. is that is about all 9 counties here locally. the satellite and radar suggest the activity will increase. it's a messy evening commute as well. the temperatures in the 50s the low 60s. you're going to be amazed by how much rain to expect all week long. we're going to total it up and have the forecast for you. 18 minutes after the hour. rocky? >> and thank you. 6:05. before the roadways, light look at mass transit. we have a lot of updates first. let's start with b.a.r.t. and if you're heading into trains and into the east bay, 1 and 3 are on time. we have a issue now. lines 30 and 45 are without power from columbus and green street to market and kearny
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street. this is pini buses that will be putting out diesel buses to replace them and not sure how long. this is a part of the morning commute. make sure you plan accordingly. moving to vt, in the south bay, lit -- vta, that will be replaced by bus et cetera. a lack of personnel and due to super bowl sickness there. okay, let's look now at vacaville. westbound 80 after cherry glen road. this is a tour bus that has been out there for a couple of hours now. partially blocking the right lanes and we have a heavy-duty tow truck on the way and it's been taking awhile. ive if yourself plenty of time to get through there and 10 miles per hour. and moving to the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights year and it's a 30- minute drive from westbound i- 80 and expect 15 minutes through the toll plaza and into
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downtown san francisco. that is your traffic and it's you. thank you. and happening today, week two of the tear of garcia torrez starts in san jose and is expected to resume at 8 there are time this morning. garcia-torrez is accused of kidnapping and killing the 15- year-old sierra lamar five years ago. her body was never found. the case is heavily based on dna and other physical evidence, which defense attorneys say investigators mishandled. an officer-involved shooting in the east bay turns deadly this morning. investigators are trying to piece together how it all unfolded. it happened last night in fremont on powery avenue. the area in yellow is where police are canvassing. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward joins us outside of the police department with more. >> reporter: the fremont police department tells us it started as a disturbance call. once police arrived on the scene, one of the people involved in that disturbance confronted a responding officer. so far, we don't have many details as to what led up to
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the shooting and what may have caused the officer to fire his weapon. police say they offered the suspect medical aid after he was shot, but the men died on the scene >> spotted one of the involved parties. the officer -- the party and some kind of other incident occurred where the officer ended up discharging his weapon. >> reporter: at this point, we don't know if the man shot had a weapon on him, but we know that there was no gunfight. the officer who shot the suspect was taken to the hospital for non-life- threatening injuries. we hope to learn a lot more later on this morning on this shooting. this is the first deadly police- involved shooting in fremont this year. jackie ward, kpix 5. and time now is 6:08. a decades long investigation into the catholic church in australia has uncovered a staggering number of cases of alleged child abuse. >> and there was a serious home to some of the super bowl's most talked about commercials. we'll have a full rundown
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straight ahead. >> and our live hi-def doppler radar is working on overtime. we have not one day of rain in the forecast this week, but several days. we'll tell you which day it will rain. >> and this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the traffic is flowing into the peninsula. we have a mass transit update for you and an update on that vacaville tour bus. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. forecast in just a few minutes. new data from australia's royal commission suggests 7- percent of the country's catholic . good morning, everybody. the time check is 6:12 on this monday. it's back to work and back to school february 6th. looking at the wet golden gate bridge. we have showers in the morning forecast. but we have heavier rain for the evening commute. it says slick morning drive into the city today. we got the weather and traffic
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together in less than four minutes. >> a new data from the royal commission suggests 7% of the catholic priests sexually abused children. numbers are being released during the final weeks of hearing centering on abused in the church. in total, more than 4400 allegations of abuse were reported between 1980 and 2015. and the order of santa john of god brothers, 40% of religious brothers are accused of abusing children. some are pushing for a response from the vatican. >> the numbers are shocking. thigh are tragic. >> well, vaticans protecting criminals. what does it stand for? >> the abuse allegedly took place in more than 1,000 institutions. the overwhelming major of survivors were male. >> happening today, the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will visit the stanford university campus and will give a lecture on a
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meaningful life. it's expected to start at 7 tonight at the stanford memorial church. the tickets to the event have been handed out. ginsburg has been a justice of the supreme court since 1993, nominated by the former president bell bill. >> and some people tune into the super bowl to watch the commercials. this year, advertisers didn't shy away from politics. >> one even crashed its own website. heather daniels has more on some of the most talked about commercials of the night. >> reporter: the most controversial commercial of the night goes to construction company 84 lumber. the spot features a spanish- speaking mother and daughter who leave their home and walk for days to reach the u.s. at the end, the pair discover a border wall and then a door. lumber 84s message after the door opens, a will to succeed is always welcome here. the original version was banned by fox network for being too
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political. viewers were asked to go to the company's website to see the spot in the entirety. eventually, crashing the pennsylvania company's website. budweiser super bowl ad shared the story of the founder who immigrated from germany and in his pursuit of the american dream. whole the commercial was shot before the election, it hasn't stopped the controversy over immigration. >> it was a story about the american dream, working hard to achieve their goals. i think even the political climate, it's going to be read different. i don't think they're meant to take a political stand with this one. >> do i tell her thatmer grandpa is worth more than her grandma! >> reporter: audi aread an ad of gender equality and the father struggling to explain the lack of equal pay to his young daughter. >> or maybe i'll be able to tell her something different. >> reporter: there was some humor this year, too. one of the most talked about
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commercials is about avocados from mexico. a spoof on a secret society controlling everything in the world including avocados. heather daniels, cbs news. >> and those commercials didn't come cheap. the arm cost of a 30-second plot was $5 million. >> a lot of money. total spending was estimated to be $385 million. [ singing ] god bless america. >> she was so good. lady gaga's halftime show performance is still trending on twitter and i was wondering how she did that. >> uh-huh. >> and the singer didn't make obvious political statements as many anticipated but she stressed a message of include by quoting the words justice for all from the pledge of allegiance and thin jumped. >> intel company had 300 drones right there working the skyline
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and they recorded, they prerecorded that part. >> uh-huh. >> but they said they can do it live in the future. >> that is just 300? >> 300 drones. >> looked like more. >> and looked like thousands. >> and the sprints halftime show is my favorite. i think she might be my number two. >> that was the top three. >> everyone was talking about the super bowl without beyonce. >> she holds her own. >> yes. >> and played instruments. >> yes. >> and one bad leg. was trying to dance with her. >> and can we see? >> i have the monster hands going. >> and what a show. moving to mass transit. a lot of updates here and start with b.a.r.t. they're delayed 10 minutes to the east bay and one on three on time. number 30 and 45 are without power now from columbus and
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green street to market and kearney street. so, pini will provide diesel buses and service to -- pini will provide diesel bustles and service to them. moving to bt, in the south bay and this -- bt. this will be replaced and i wonder if the super bowl had to do with that. and into the vacaville area, westbound 80, there is a stalled tour bus that is out there for hours now since we started the show this morning. this is taking awhile to get cleared out of the roadway. and driving at 10 miles per hour. but, if you can wait it out, i suggest you do that instead. this will take awhile to get out of the roadways. the passengers have been transferred to their destination, but heavy-duty tow truck is on the way. and moving over now, westbound 80 to the bay bridge and across the -- and across looking good in both directions
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now. the rain is coming down, though. is that right? >> we have rain showers. light at this particular time. they will be heavy toward the evening commute and into the overnight hours. this is our live hi-def doppler radar picking up the precision tape -- precipitation. and the showers near portolla valley. and the winds on the increase today and suggesting that all of the activities lifting out of the ocean in a northeasterly direction, snow is on the fly again. the high sierra. and this is our live weather camera looking into the pyramid and not an issue. and temperatures into the 50s, the winds increasing. breezy winds at 10 in san francisco and across the bay bridge in oakland and 12 in berkeley and vallejo, and 13, fairfield. winds are increasing today. southeast, 20 to 30 miles per hour and all of the blue highlighted areas. we do anticipate downed trees
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and pay potential of downed power lines as well. a very windy system. this is the satellite and radar. you can see the rain queuing up along the coast and funneling into the hawaiian islands. the showers all tapping into tropical moisture and into the afternoon and evening. leave might and this time tomorrow morning, we will have bursts ofha rainfall. this is your afternoon -- bursts of afternoon rainfall. and we fill in towards the evening commute. moderate to heavy downpours in the overmeet hours and look at -- overnight hours. look at the north bay. we could see a potential of rapid rises in our creeks and ponding on the roadways this time tomorrow and we'll keep an eye on the potential. as your future cast illustrates, we're going to see more rain through thursday and tally it up like this. by wednesday night, four inches of rain in santa cruz mountains; three across the trevalley. two, 2 and a half to the -- trivalley. and 2, 2 and a half into the san franciscoiary.
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two feet of snow in the highest elevations of the area. we have a winter storm warning in affect. official sunrise, 7:09. you're not going to see it, mostly cloudy and intensify by the night time hours. we have several rounds of rain each day through friday and that is a look at the forecast. we're back after the brief time out. ,,,,
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. good morning, everybody. first overtime super bowl. first five time winning quarterback. greatest super bowl comeback ever all on a night deep in the heart of texas last night. it's where president george bush got out of the hospital and flipped the coin. patriots got in a big hole
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early. this is the second quarter. pick six. that is robert and he's gone. 82 yards. falcons had all of the momentum, folks and led tom brady by 25 in the third quarter. brady surgically picked the falcons a part: flipped to danny amant, l, first score. a 1-possession game. watch this. julian edelman. woodside hose. how in the world did he manage to hang on and kept the drive alive. james white dove in to make it a two-point game. time to go for two. they did. he gets in. the game tied at 28. the first time of, first overtime game. james white, light go home. super bowl champions. the knee hits but the ball is over the plane of the goal
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line. 34-28 the final. tom brady the mvp the fourth time in his career. amazing. 31 unanswered points and the patriots win super bowl 51. all right. that is sports. at this hour, i will leave with you this. michelle griego, you owe me a cup of coffee. and i will get it ready for you. thanks. >> 6:26. a california man achieved what seems like an impossible goal, competing in a marathon while paralyzed. >> and the president trump's on- again/off-again travel ban is back in court after a tumultous weekend. we'll get you up to speed next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
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putin... weather ad libs . president trump taking heat for the latest comments about russian president putin. >> one man is dead after a disturbance call escalates to a police shooting. we're live from fremont headquarters with the latest. >> and good morning, everybody. we have several rounds of rain heading this way. i will tell you how much rain to expect. >> and in is a live look at the rain. and we have plenty of mass transit updates you will want to hear coming up. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 630time. president trump's controversial ban takes place in a court. >> and annemakevec has more.
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>> and this is complicated all weekend long. a federal a peelers court in -- appeals court in san francisco submitted both sides for and against the ban. the deadlip is at 3 this afternoon. the court denied the emergency request to resume the ban. the plaintiffs in this case, two states: washington and minnesota have filed legal papers with the 9th circuit court of appeals. they want to keep the travel ban suspended and it was halted by a celt-based federal judge. the ban cancelled visas for people from iraq and iran and other muslim-major countries. -- muslim-majority countries. vice president mike pence is secure about the victory. >> we are confident and that it will be upheld. >> the president blasted the judge behind the challenge tweeting i can't believe the judge would put our country in
6:32 am
such perriel. if something happens, blame him and the court system. trump is unlikely to give up on the executive order. if the ruling goes against the states, they will appeal. no matter what this ruling will be one stop and this will end up with the u.s. supreme court. and the tech world is wave waving in. >> -- weighing in. >> you can see the entities and the stakes they have in this policy. nearly 100 companies, including apple, pack and uber opposing -- facebook, and uber opposing the growth and that immigration and technology growth is tied and prohibits the inability to attract world's talents. >> e. and president trump is taking heat for his presuper bowl interview. in a set down with fox news, the president compared american actions with the regime of russian president putin. >> and i respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with him.
6:33 am
where's a leader of the country. putten's a killer and we have a lot of killers. you think our country's so innocent? >> during a video interview, the president was asked if he wanted to clarify his comments. >> i don't have to clare it. the question was do you respect -- clarify it. the question was do you respect him? he is popular in his country if you listen to various reports. >> the russian government would not comment but to demanded an apology from fox news. and all right, it's wet and windy start to the week as we take a live look outside right now. and as you can see, the traffic is backed up on that bridge. roberta's here with the forecast. and we have several rounds moving in and the first one is bursts of heavy rain into the overnight hours and another shot is precipitation on tuesday and lingering into wednesday. yet, another storm to deal with on thursday withlyingerring showers into friday. -- with lingering showers into
6:34 am
friday. and a lot of patients make -- patients make it through the commute. d in the east bay from walnut creek and concord and clayton, the light rain showers the this hour and you can see that six 80 junction near pleasanton and miringa and dapville with light precipitation. you will see up to four inches of rain by wednesday night. and around poel toa valley, this is fueled by tropical moisture and lifting up into a northeasterly direction. northeast lecloudy skies into the transamerica pyramid and they're mild into the 50s. and 53 degrees, that is right there. the blue highlighted counties. and that is where we have a wind advisory in place until
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the morning. there will be downed trees and pay potential of downed power lines as well. this is the first system that will affect our weather alone. and temperatures into the 50s and 60s. i have to tell you something. you won't believe the rainfall totals we're forecasting. i will share the numbers with you at 6:48. rocky. thank you and it's 6:35. let's take a look at the wet roadways. the rain is starting to come down. and starting here in the south bay, northbound 87, the connector to northbound 101. this is a three-vehicle crash blocking a lane. as you can see, the traffic is backing up a bit. otherwise, you're looking good shout the south bay and -- good throughout the south bay. 9 miles per hour on westbound 80 in vacaville after cherry glen road. this is a stalled tour bus that has been there for hours now. chp called the heavy-duty tow truck that is on the way and not there yet. the passengers stuck there have been referred to the destinations. if this is -- transferred to
6:36 am
the destinations. will want to give yourself plenty of time. the backup is five miles is on to 505 as well and dropped down to 8 miles per hour. as i said, give yourself plenty of time or wait it out if i can. smile. and to mass transit, a lot of updates here. san francisco b.a.r.t. stations to the east bay are delayed 10 minutes right now. h trains 1 and 3 on time. lines 30 and 45 of pini. they're back on time after the power of -- mo uni and they're back on time. that is a good news there. vta will be replaced by buses because of lack of personnel. and to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic backed up. you have a 25-minute from the maze across the span. and thank you. a hit-and-run driver on the loose in the south bay. it happened yesterday morning on northbound 280 in san jose. the chp said the 45-year-old victim stopped on the shoulder to change a flat tire when the driver slammed into him. the police found the suspect's
6:37 am
red bumper and fender at the scene, and they say it's likely from a toyota corolla. and this morning, fremont police are searching for answers after one of the officers is involved in a deadly confrontation. kpix -- is live at police headquarters with the details. jackie. >> we don't know about the moments leading to the shooting or if the suspect was armed with a weapon. it happened yesterday afternoon and about 6 minutes away from the place. they were responding to the disturbance call when one confronted an officer. an officerrenned up shooting the man and killed him. he has since ben released. >> wouldn't to make sure we do a complete and thorough job from the beginning to end.
6:38 am
what happened at the onset, here and afterwards. >> reporter: because of the darkness last night, police were expecting the investigation to take awhile. many questions still remain this morning. so, we're hoping to learn a lot more answers later on today. live in fremont, jackie ward, kpix 5. and thank you. over the weekend, a paralyzed man from orange county proved that running was not out of his reach. >> and that is because adam gorliksdj completed a marathon with the help of a high-tech suit. he finished the final five miles in huntington beach yesterday. gorliksky's body moves the leg when he pushes it forward. he braved the marathon to raze money for the foundation i got legs. it helps other paralyzed people walk again and they cost about $80,000. time now 6:38. facebook goes to court today as the company is hit with a lawsuit stemming from a selfie with a german chancellor. >> and the smart train
6:39 am
expansion in the north bay has hit an unexpected roadblock. ,,,,
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. good monday morning, the time check is 6:42. it's live. and, yes, it's raining again. we have light rain showers around the santa cruz mountains. look at the heavier precipitation. lining highway 680 and north and south out of the walnut creek area this morning. moraga, rain tapered off there. antioch, you have rain the next continue minutes. san lorenzo park through redwood grove and it's raining around the peninsula. how much to expect today and that is coming up in less than four minutes. it's monday and that means the beginning of a new training week on wall street. >> and joining us is the
6:43 am
financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning. might be a bit of a combination hangover for wall street today. partially after sighing the single best games of the year on friday and after the crazy super bowl comeback. a little slowness for a lot of people, including wall street this morning. stocks were pulling back and we saw the big games on friday after president trump signed orders that rolled back recent financial regulations that were born out of the financial crisis in great recreation. and that really fueled bank stocks higher. that i have led the rally since the election and mainly on president trump's promises of deregulation and corporate tax cuts. almost 100 take firms a i lot of key sill cop valley tax firms banned together and -- together and signed an apicus brief challenging -- a amicus brief challenging the executive order. those groups say that the
6:44 am
immigration ban would inflect significant risks on the businesses. tech firms have had a lot of concern about this and it's weighed in on the stockence is the election. and looking at the big board now. we had lower in the early going. the dow dropping just over 20 points and still above 20,000 after the big gain on friday. and nasdaq is down 8 points and the s&p is moving lower by 3 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> all right. jason brookes from kcbs radio, thank you. a syrian refugee is suing facebook over fake news. >> he made headlines two years ago when he took a selfie with the german chancellor in berlin. at first, the photo was circulated as a symbol of the refugee's situation. the lawsuit states it quickly became misused on social media. many fake news stories used the 19-year-old's photo and in some cases, accusing him of taking
6:45 am
part in terrorist activities, including linking him to the christmas market attack in berlin. >> wow. >> the first time in my life that i am fire error regular -- fearing have fear for my family and fear for the house. the things i do. >> and he is seeking an injunction in a german court to require facebook to stop the selfie from being used in fake news posts and is asking for all existing fake news posts using the image to be deleted. and a marin county mayor wants to put the brakes on a smart train extension. the corridor is set to run from cloverdale to larkspur. now, there is a push is to cut the route short in san rafael. the city of san rafael sent us a smart letter requesting that the extension be stopped. that is because gary phillips said that the smart plans to extended the two tracks through the current bus transit center and adds's new center would have to be build and that could take five years to construct. he's asking smart to postpone
6:46 am
the larkspur plans until then knowing that many people may no longer care about the city's traffic problems. >> a concern without a permanent solution and the funding thereof, tahoe area will be the norm and five, 10 years from now, it will have the same situation. >> supporters urge that a delay could jeopardy aids's new funding for the larkspur extension. and 6:46 right now. let's get a check on traffic with rocky. >> thank you, and let's go to the south bay. we have a crash. new crash out there causing delays. plenty of other problems to tell you about here. northbound 87, the connectorfo northbound 101. a three-vehicle crash blocking the lane n. that area, you're moving at 13 miles per hour. so, writ's -- it's pretty bad. give yourself plenty of time and looks like it's slow on northbound 101 in san jose. and to the peninsula commute, we have rain. if you're heading into the peninsula, you have a slow 1 from heyward into foster city
6:47 am
and in vacaville, westbound 80, this tour bus has been out there for hours now. it's now a five-mile backup to deal with and that is on to 505 in that area. the stalled tour bus there is no estimated time and there is no estimated time of arrival for the heavy-duty tow truck chp called hours ago. this is going to take awhile and if this is part of the commute, give yourself plenty of time or wait it out if you can. and to mass transit, plenty of updates here. the san francisco b.a.r.t. station to the east bay, delayed 10 minutes. h trains 3 and 5 on time. mo uni is recovering and the -- muni is recovering and that line is replaced by buses because of lack of personnel. maybe it has something to do with the super bowl. what do you think, roberta? >> i think it does. i will agree with on you that one. whatever you were talking
6:48 am
about. [ laughter ] i have my head in radar now. morning, everybody. i am going to have me head story several days and it's going to rain each and every day all the way until about friday afternoon. this is our live hi-def doppler radar picking up scattered rain showers. around the eastern portion of the bay area, 680 and as you make tracks out of the walnut creek area and into san ramon valley. you pick up moderate rainfall there and making tracks to the 586-80 corridor, you do have light rain showers. around the peninsula, hit-and- miss scattered rain showers to woodside now and raining in the lahondaiary and the weather watcher, in alameda
6:49 am
temperatures are in the 50s and winds have been fluctuating. new at 10. oakland, alameda, berkeley now at 12 there. ten, san francisco. 11 half moon bay. these winds are going to come problematic towards the evening commute. when they increase, 20 to 30 miles per hour. that blue highlighted area, that is where we have the wind advisory in affect. it encompasses all 9 counties. we expect a potential of downed trees and power lines. rain is queue queued up next to the coast now. look here. we have a lot of activity and that is an active weather pattern that will remain so through friday morning. the future cast with rain showers across the north bay by the lunch hour. everyone gets toward the evening commute. pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall and this is accumulating quickly. i anticipate rapid reeses in our local creeks and ponding on the roadway. we'll keep a watchful eye as far as urban and small streams
6:50 am
are concerned. by thursday morning we have a brand new storm working into the bay area. by wednesday night, three inches of rain to the east and three to the north. four inches of rain in santa cruz mountains. over 2 and a half and san francisco, so you know there will be some very slick roadways. the winter storm warning in affect for the high sierra and talking two more feet of powder. the sun up is 7:09 and don't count on seeing sunshine today. mostly cloudy skies, rain increasing and winds picking up. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. on tomorrow swatch -- storm watch monday, tuesday, and wednesday and a lingering shower before a new storm comes in on thursday. the linkerring showers on friday and serving up a dry saturday and sunday. make it a great day. time now is 6:50. queen elizabeth is celebrating a major milestone in london this morning. >> and the legal wrangling over president trump's travel ban has been fast and fierce this weekend. today, a decision is in the
6:51 am
hands of a three-judge panel in san francisco. we'll get you up to speed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland this week. it's helping property owners affected by the "ghost ship" . will small business administration is heading to oakland this week. >> it's helping properly owners affected by the go ship warehouse fire get federal disaster loops. businesses can borrow up to $2 million to cover any fire- related losses. home owners can apply for up to $200,000 in low interest loans for real estate damage and up to 40,000 to repair or replace personal property. the disaster loop outreach center will be open wednesday through friday mornings only at the native american health center on international boulevard. all right, five things to know at the 55. week two of the trial of garcia torrez gets underway in less than two hours. he's charged with a murder of
6:55 am
15-year-old sierra lamar. almost five years ago. her body was never found. and a police officer shot and killed a plan last night -- a man last night in fremont. police were called to malory avenue for a disturbance involving two men. one got into a confrontation with the officer who then opened fire. the officer was hurt but should be okay. queen elizabeth ii became the first british monarch to reign for 65 years today. her sapphire jubilee is marked with gun salutes at london's green park and the tower of london. and the bells in abby will be rung. the new england patriots are celebrating the fifth world championship. tom brady led the team to a stunning comeback yesterday defeating the falcons in the first overtime game in super bowl history. >> and a 12-year-old yemeny girl is finally with her family in the bay area today.
6:56 am
ehman ale was supposed to arrive last week but the travel ban prevented her to travel to the country. she was able to fly to sf, yesterday after the judge temporarily lifted the ban. i'm anne makevec with a string of legal moves that ended up in san francisco. the order is on hold. today, the federal appeals court will hear from the justice department on why it should be re-enstated. yesterday, the same court denied the government's request to resume the travel ban affecting people from iran, iraq, and other muslim majority countries. that move came after a seattle judge issued a temporary restraining order on friday blocking it. lawyers from washington state and minnesota filed legal briefs overnight arguing that re-enstating the president's order would, quote, unleash chaos again. the president continues to blast the judge behind the challenge, tweeting out, quote, can't believe a judge would put our country in such ferriel if
6:57 am
something happens. blame him and the court system. the tech industry is wave waving in. nearly 1 -- is weighing in. they argue that immigration and growth are i want matily tied. >> and we welcome to monday and wet roads. this is san jose. northbound 87 connector to the northbound 101. and there is a three-vehicle crash. a major injury crash and that is blocking the right lane there. you're moving that at 14 miles per hour. slow conditions here on 87 and also on northbound 101 in san jose as well. moving over to the peninsula commute, we sea a lot of rain drops on the traffic cam from hayward to foster city. expect a slow 1. from vacaville to westbound 80, we have had a problem here all morning long. there is a stalled tour bus out there partially blocking the right lane. chp is on scene and said that the tow truck has not arrived yet. this will take awhile here. you're moving at 8 miles per
6:58 am
hour and there is a five mile backup and backed up on 505 as well. if this is a part of the morning commute, give yourself plenty of time or wait it out. back to you, roberta. >> and our live doppler radar is picking up light rain showers around the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. also, some light rain showers there in that 580 -- 586 corridor. we have into the san ramon valley, antioch and the brentwoodiary. 45-minute delays at sfo on some arriving flights. temperatures into the 50s and we have that feeling that is lowering lots of clouds, winds picking up today. the high wind advisory in affect until tomorrow morning. some winds up to 30 miles per hour. the temperatures into the 50s and low 60s. boy, we're going to have heavy rain at dimes on tuesday -- dimes on tuesday and lingering into wednesday. brand new storm on wednesday and lingering showers on friday and drying out and won't know what to do with ourselves. sunshine over the weekend. and this weekend, one
6:59 am
facebook post is helping complete strangers, bringing them together. >> it was for a special event. crystal harrison was concerned when he asked her now 10-year- old daughter how she wanted to spend her birthday. after relocating from arkansas, shea thought no one would come to her party and took to social media to celebrate with a bang. >> we have a party and folks who don't know us and that is random act of kindness that is the best part of it. >> and that were strangers. they turned into a turnout for this little girl after posting about the party. she got an overwhelming amount of responses and several families saw and brought the kids. >> oh. and that is so nice. that is always a concern. you're new to the area and don't know anyone. >> i like her name. she's a future meteorologist. >> very cute.
7:00 am
all right. thank you for watching, everybody. >> have a great day. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, february 6, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." tom brady and the patriots win an historic super bowl li, the first over time ever, the biggest comeback ever. new england's james white talks with us about his title winning touchdown. breaking overnight, nearly 100 companies including google, facebook and microsoft join the legal fight against president trump's travel ban and republicans recoil when the president says the u.s. is no different than russia when it comes to killing. identity theft hits a record high in spite of cards with chip protection. how thieves are st


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