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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 13, 2017 3:05am-3:31am PST

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you're thinking you could tear my head off with your bare hands, right? you're thinking, where are the real cops? when are they gonna get here? guess what, ass box? aah! i am the real cops! (laughs) how do you like-- i'll take it from here. you look tired. gail, what are you doing? wait-- i need it more than you do. no, no, you don't. that's my collar. i got here first. oh, what can i say? 90% luck, 10% timing. (breathing heavily) nice work, peck. hey, come on, sir. let's shake a leg. (inhales) (beeps) i thought you'd like to know your tip panned out. we don't give out plaques or anything, but thanks. oh, happy i could help. so you can cruise if you feel sober enough. (chuckles) i've been sober 20 years, married 33.
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fell off the wagon today. hey, um, i'm glad you caught the guy. you did a good thing, walter. your wife--helen, right? she'll be proud. yeah, well, she'll never know. i, uh, went to her funeral this morning.
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you lied. i believed the guy, okay? i mean, fine, i bent the rules a little bit. but it paid off. we earned our way into the platoon, thank you very much. you need to lighten up. no, no, no. no, you need to tighten up. well, that's how we make a good pair, chris-- the slut and mr. manual, getting the job done. i did not call you a slut. you know, that guy was married 33 years. she meant everything to him. i mean, imagine that-- losing the thing you care about most in the whole world. (under breath) something of value. traci, i need your car. for what? swarek said to stay put. ugh. i just need to check something. please. (keys jangle) thank you. (door opens, creaks)
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i'd be a willow, officer swarek, if i were a tree. just so you know. (indistinct police radio chatter) (cell phone dialing) so what, it's a steelkey usb drive? yeah. can it be copied? yeah, sure, if you work at the pentagon. yeah, but i thought that, you know, the vanier case-- you cracked a bunch of passwords. not with that level of encryption. no way. (cell phone rings) you gonna answer that? (ring) no, i'm good. you move heroin through this place, too? (scoffs) so, uh, where's emily? (sighs) emily. starling. your accountant? adding something up somewhere, i guess. i mean, how would i know? just give her back to me, anton. come on. i got an entire task force dedicated to taking you down.
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i can have a hundred cops here in a minute. i really doubt that. try me. no, you got no task force. you screwed up. now you're on your own. and you're still trying to be the hero. it's emily, or i take you in. take me in? for what? you got nothing. if you hurt her, so help me... people get hurt. it happens. but not usually cops. so now maybe you should just, uh, walk away. the perimeter's secure, sir. officer mcnally. i brought the files. your accounting files. emily made a copy. proves you're laundering money. at least we can get you for somethin'. let's see.
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emily first. or i turn this in. you can go to prison, which, believe me, would make me a happy, happy man. let me ask you something. how many copies of that did you make? none. (laughs) what? i'm supposed to believe you? you have my word. is this it? i said, is that it? yes. it sure doesn't look like much, does it? if i had this, i'd have my case. eight months of my life would have meant something. take her outside.
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if i find out there's a copy, our little deal's off. and i will find her. you sure you're okay? yeah, thanks. were those the real files? did you get a copy? i--it's encrypted. you can't. what about you? if i did, it's my insurance for when i disappear. you okay, em? come here. (closes door) i'm sorry. i didn't know what to do. you broke some rules. you disobeyed my order. you acted like a cop.
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psoriasis relief. salicylic acid controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. ♪ psoriasis relief. we were a good team, me and you, even if it all went to hell. i'm gonna miss you. (woman) ♪ 'cause i'm shy and i do not want you to see me ♪ i can take it. i know. i got it. all right. ♪ yeah, you heard what i said ♪ there's music in the background ♪ ♪ and our rain falls on the roof ♪ ♪ i'm trying to be polite so is it normal to be scared when you're making your first arrest? i just felt so alone, you know?
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that beeyotch totally stole my arrest. i mean, i took snakeface down single-handedly. she swoops in there at the last minute-- single-handedly? yes. man, let it go. there'll be more. said the babe magnet. have you noticed that women are more attracted to you now that you're a cop? uh, yes. you're just now noticing this? you remember what we were talking about before-- the whole slut thing? i meant that you were more of a-a free spirit. well, you know what? i'm not as free as you think. hey, hey. well, great. way to go. (clink) babe magnet. (laughs) all right. thanks for the wheels. i gassed it up. nice! i guess the stars do lie. well... no. 'cause they got my day totally right. (indistinct conversations) officer nash.
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you still got that knife? i don't know. maybe somewhere. i'm cutting the no-strings, jerry. (case lock clicks open) okay. i-i don't even know what that means. it means thank you... mm-hmm. for the gift. and, uh, i would be delighted to have dinner with you. dinner? new rules-- take 'em or leave 'em. okay. ♪ there's music in the background ♪ (door creaks) ♪ the rain falls on the roof (keys jangle) sir? hey. hey. hey, um, listen. how do you know anton hill is not gonna follow emily out west?
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huh? well, we put her on a bus to kelowna. how do you know he's not gonna go there and kill her? well, she didn't go to kelowna. oh. it's not that i don't trust you. it just seems like, uh, the fewer people who know... right. yeah, yeah. you really gave up the whole case for her, huh? yeah, well... who knows what i gave up? maybe nothing. emily's smart that way. were you scared in there? yeah. you? ♪ no. i mean, you were there. ♪ (sighs) let me take you home. (laughs)
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mcnally... ♪ oh, i can't, i can't. i can't do this. i'm sorry. it's just that this is my first week at work. yeah, well, like i said, you're not my type, right? disregard? (clinking keys) disregard. ♪ (man) ♪ a sojourn ♪ you're carrying the weight ♪ of two hearts on your shoulder ♪ ♪ and i don't have that long now ♪ ♪ till i fall over in your side ♪ ♪
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>> dickerson: we go now to the white house briefing room and president trump's senior policy advisor stephen miller. mr. miller i want to start with this north korean test overnight .. in 2013 mr. trump tweeted where is the president? it is time for him to come on tv and show strength against the repeated threats from north korea. now that she president, president trump made a statement last night supporting japan standing behind japan but department mention north korea yacht what is his, what in his statement is going to make them step back from their course of action. >> good to be with you, john, and thank you for having me here today so you saw the president following through on exactly what he said he would. do he went outlast might in front of the tv cameras and stood shoulder to shoulder with the prime minister of japan and sent a message to the whole world we stand with our allies, but we are going to send another signal very soon and that signal is
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when we begin a great rebuilding of the armed force office the united states. president trump campaigned on this, president trump has led the effort on this and president trump is going to go to congress and ask them to invest in owl military so once again we will have unquestioned military strength beyond anything anybody can imagine. >> but that is going to take a little time. so no other show of strength in terms of -- >> last night because show of strength. saying that we stand with our ally, having the two men appear on camera worldwide to all of planet earth was a statement that will be understood very well by north korea. >> dickerson: let's move on to the president's executive order on immigration. the president has said both see you in court and also suggested there might be a new executive order. which way is he going? >> it is a great, great topic, because there are so many things we can do. for one thing, we can take the case to the supreme court on the emergency stay. we can go back to to the district court and we can have a hearing on the merits. we can go to the bank to have it heard
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en banc or if we want to we can continue the female with the panel. additionally we are considering new and further executive actions that will enhance the security posture of the united states, i think the point, john, is that the president has enormous powers, both delegated to him by congress and under the constitution, his article 2 foreign affairs power to control the entry of aliens into our country and he is going to use that authority to keep us safe. >> dickerson: okay. we will wait for news on that. when i talk to republicans on the hill, they wonder, what in the white house, what have you learned from this experience with the executive order. >> i think it has been an important reminder to all americans we have a judiciary that has taken far too much power and become in many case as supreme branch of government. one unelected judge in seattle cannot remake laws for the entire country. i mean, this is just crazy, john, the idea you have a judge in seattle say, that a foreign national living in libya has an
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effective right to enter the united states is beyond anything we have ever seen before. the end result of this, though, is that our opponents, to the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> dickerson: well i guess let me step back. the question as i talked to republicans on the hill is, what you are learning inside the white house about the way you do things. it has been pretty busy up there. just stepping back, do you feel like you and your staff there that you are in control of events at the white house? >> i think the word control is a sam understatement. the president of the united states has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many presidents accomplish in an entire administration. you have seen for instance profound regulatory reform for every one new inflation two must go. we have seen ethic reforms to drain the swamp and an effort to bring back jobs with intel and ford and general motors and seen
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action taken with an executive order to go after criminal cartels that have plagued our cities for years with no effective response. on issue after issue we are taking forceful action to deliver on the president's campaign promises on a breathtaking scale. >> one of the promises the president made recently on january 15th was about obamacare, he said it very much formulated down to the final strokes. we haven't put it in quite yet, but we are going to be doing it soon. that was almost a month ago. so when will we see his replacement for obamacare? we are very far along on this, further along than most people realize but the president as he said many times you don't always want to show all of your cards, obviously we are dealing with a situation where you have some people in the other party that are being obstructionist for its own sake, slowing down cabinet nominees who inevitably will be confirmed for no particular reason even if it means jeopardizing public safety but we have a plan we are putting in motion thousand, some elements of it, you are already familiar with, we campaigned on, talking
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about things like health savings accounts and we look forward to presenting more details to the american public soon. >> dickerson: i want to ask you about raids to bring in people that have broken the law, criminals, and also in those raids there have been some people whose only breaking of the law is being here illegally when the president was asked about this recently in an interview, he said about those who are here illegally and that's the only law they have broken they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart, we are going to take care of everybody. where you have great people here that have done a good job, they should feel far less worried, that was in an interview with abc, so should people feel less worried still? >> well, there is, is there a specific case you are referring to? >> dickerson: just in general the president said you should feel less worried. >> whe when you are talkable abt particular deportation cases that you feel -- >> there has been an up tick in activity. >> the cases i am familiar with, the reason i ask that have to do with removing criminal aliens, individuals who have criminal