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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, an armed suspect arrested in a shoot-out with police. he fired toward officers and the neighbors. >> it happened near i-580 in east oakland prompting a shutdown in one direction. and students in bishop odowd
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high school were told to shelter in place. >> reporter: police still have this area blocked off. they are going into this area there to look for cars and houses that were hit by bullets. so far, aside from the suspect, no one else was hurt or injured in this dramatic shooting. oakland officers responded to las vegas avenue right after 8:00 this afternoon over shots fired. the street is only a block long. neighbors reported a man shooting a gun out of his house. our chopper showed him holding what appeared to be a gun. he was on the roof, in the street, in his driveway. now police say during that time, the man identified as jesse engiant shot at houses, neighbors, into the sky. at least police officer opened fire on the suspect. and, the suspect was injured.
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now, police took him into custody and doctors are now working on him at a nearby hospital. now, the standoff lasted a couple of hours, ended around 1:00 this morning. and the house is located next to bishop o' dell high school. so officers had to lock down the school and they kept all the students in the classrooms. >> that this individual was shooting at them. rounds were striking the ground. near where the officers were. and, our officers immediately sought cover. and also, at the samtid the best they could to retreat. >> it is scary. really scary. >> a little nervous. >> reporter: yeah, that was a parent. after the standoff, we found the kids and parents at barack obama academy being allowed back into their elementary school. they were evacuated during a school event. luckily, many parents were already there at the school
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when police came in to evacuate the school. now, that we are back out live now, again, still a very active scene. here is what we know about the suspect. his name is jesse engiant. we don't have a motive. police are still trying to find out why he opened fire in the neighborhood. we have information from sources saying that police responded to his house earlier this week. also, for threats that were made or the fact he had a gun. we don't have any information about his mental state. again, that is being looked at right now. we know he is a ucla graduate. he is the cofounder and a computer engineer at the place that he founded called oakland micro systems. that's all we know about at this time. we are trying to get more information about this suspect. we will have more at 5:00. i'm da lin, kpix5. new at noon, a man was found dead inside a car that plunged into the water at the
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oakland airport off doolittle drive. to our storm watch now, a soggy friday around the bay area. we have live team coverage. sandra osborne is following rain in pacifica, maria medina in the south bay with anderson reservoir. but we start with roberta gonzales in the weather center. >> it has been pouring since this morning. the other side of the story is the gusty wind. the live radar, we are seeing the tail end of this system here. with these rain showers returning more over to a scattered nature during the afternoon. some pretty moderate to heavy rainfall in windsor. and berkeley. pretty good rain from walnut creek, san ramon area. down to 680 south as you head into san jose. willow glen. all the way into downtown san jose.
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including san pablo square. we have plenty of moderate to heavy rainfall. then we jump over the santa cruz mountains, an inch of rain has f fallen. we have two hour delays at sfo. san francisco, you are drying out. all this activity is lifting to the north, adjusting to the east. we do currently have winds that have gusted up to 86 just outside carmel valley. salinas, 71. check out los gatos and san jose at 56. oakland international airport, 52 miles per hour winds and it is still blowing. san jose, wind 46 miles an hour. pretty blustery afternoon in the making. what you need to know is that we still have the high wind advisory in openfect until 6:00 tonight. the rain, when it will finally end and how it will affect the commute. those details are coming up. i'm tracking the storm that will affect your holiday. a southeast reservoir was
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expected to cause flooding. maria medina is live at anderson reservoir where the situation is now changing. maria? >> reporter: it is changing, but right now, it is raining heavily here and pretty gusty so be careful if you are out in morgan hill. if the water goes over the spillway, it will be the first time that it is used in a decade. the incredible sight of water being released from anderson reservoir is attracting a lot of attention. but it also made some concerned. this amount of water meant the dam was nearing capacity. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: after several weeks of rain, anderson reservoir is at 99% capacity. the water is just inches from the overflow spillway. yesterday, santa clara valley water district leaders say the next series of storms could cause it to spill over sending
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water into coyote creek and cause flooding. >> there are some low lying places in the flood zone. >> reporter: but today, they are breathing a sigh of relief. they say the rain is not as heavy as once predicted but they are not out of the woods just yet and they will keep a close eye on the water level. for george soria, this amount of rain brings back memories of when his town flooded decades ago. he is crossing his fingers that history doesn't repeat itself. >> the rain is good for everything. you know. so, it is good. but it is bad. when you get this much. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and here is the other concern. anderson reservoir is only supposed to be at 68% capacity. as i mentioned before, it is now at 99% capacity. and the reason for that is that experts a few years ago discovered that anderson reservoir would fail during a 7.25 magnitude earthquake.
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and water rushing into downtown morgan hill and san jose. so that is why they are releasing the water. but, they say it takes time for the water levels to drop. live in morgan hill, maria medina, kpix5. >> all right, maria. thank you. and now let's go to sandra osborne to show us the conditions in pacifica. sandra? >> reporter: hey there, we are finally getting a little break from the rain. that's nice. it is a little drizzly out. but you can see the ocean is definitely very churned up. we have had some waves strong enough to crash on the rocks below. and spray over the seawall. it is getting a little too close for comfort. but despite all the wind and rain, plenty of people are still outside enjoying their friday. >> i used to come here with my father when i was a little boy. [ laughter ] yeah! woo! nice! >> reporter: whether catching crab or riding the waves, it doesn't matter. >> the wave is just tear drops.
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>> reporter: pacific swells could reach between 13 and 15 feet with breakers higher. this area is used to being in the headlines after storms. several pacifica buildings have been demolished after erosion after near crumbling over a cliff. >> now, we have too much water. it is just like everyone is like, oh no, what are we going to do? they are worrying about the erosion and the landslides and everything like that. like, there is an issue in pacifica with the landslide on highway 1. >> reporter: while there is some fun to be had in the wet weather and the pier has remained open throughout the day, authorities are monitoring the eroding coastline and suggest people be extra cautious. along the coast, there is a high wind advisory in place until 6:00 this evening. you can tell by the state of my hair guys. but just a couple of things to watch out for with the wind advisory and the subsequent
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storm systems the next couple of days. we are talking about the possibility of downed trees, power lines, and of course, more of those mud slides. reporting live in pacifica, sandra osborne, kpix5. an update on the oroville dam where high water levels and damage to spillways triggered a massive evacuation earlier this week. state water officials have brought down the level of the reservoir by 40 feet and they say that is enough to handle a new series of storms. they have also slowed down the flow of water through the main spillway so that crews can remove debris. and repairs to the emergency spillway continue. switching gears now, the white house is denying a report that president trump is considering using the national guard to round up undocumented immigrants. the ap says that the secretary of homeland security put out a memo last month proposing mobilizing as many as 100,000 national guard troops in 11 states including some that are not on the mexican border. the white house press secretary said the ap report is 100% not
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true. sean spicer said on air force one quoted as irresponsible to be saying this. there is no effort at all to utilize the national guard to round up these illegal immigrants. charles schumer reacted to the initial report. >> that is despicable. that would be one of the most un-american things to happen in the last century. i hope it is not true. the fact it might even be considered is appalling. >> another democratic senator kamala harris of california called the idea deeply disturbing. he said in a statement such a employment would be an abuse of executive power and added i challenge democrats and republicans whether they are members of congress or governors to condemn this plan and ensure it never sees the light of day. still ahead, self- destructing messages sound like something from out of a spy movie. find out how secure messaging
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apps are being used to leak information out of washington. plus, new efforts to protect bart commuters in case of a strike. the plans on the table to reduce the impact if workers walk off the job.
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senator steve gl >> there's a new push to keep bart train operators from walking off the job. senator steve glazer of orinda introduced a bill that would allow nonunion employees to operate trains during a strike. the contract current by bans anyone. secure messages apps are being used in washington to leak embarrassing or sensitive information to journalists. peep use apps like confide to
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send encrypted messages. once they are read, the app's cofounder says they vanish without a trace. features like that are attractive to officials who don't want to be outed as leakers and it also means not having to use unsecure private e-mail accounts. >> any news worthy hack, leak, vulnerability of digital communication leads to a corresponding spike in your usage and engagement metrics. you can't hack or leak something that no longer exists. >> cbs news has learned at least three prominent trump white house staffers have confide accounts. but it is not known if the messaging app or others like it were used in recently released information. the palo alto based company theranos is runs out of cash. according to the wall street journal, they only had $200 million in the bank as of 2016. they are facing several
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lawsuits including one from walgreens, former partner, totaling about $240 million. taking a live look at the big board. the dow is downright now. 34 points. all right, let's get another check of our weather with roberta gonzales. >> we are in the kpix5 weather center. we remain on storm watch though it started raining at 3:00 this morning and the rain is beginning to taper. it is the other side of the story. the very gusty winds that are very problematic across the bay area. this is the live doppler radar rain. along 101 as you make the jog to san rafael. we are againing to see a little bit of a break. still some light rain. san jose, around the san pablo, san pedro square area in santa clara. we have moderate to heavy rainfall. santa cruz mountains you have seen an inch and a quarter of rain today alone. meanwhile, winds gusting up to 32 miles an hour in oakland. a gusty commute over the bay bridge. 25 in san francisco.
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we have been picking up wind gusts at 50 earlier. now to 24. these winds will begin to subside as the afternoon progresses in san jose. and in freed month. but right now at 26, 28 in the vallejo area. winds 20 miles an hour. that is why we have a high vined advisory in place in the blue area. the red area is the big sur area where we have picked up winds up to 86 miles an hour. the flag is on the fly. temperatures are in the 50s pretty much staying put all day. if you take anything away from this weather cast, the rain tapers to showers. gusty winds continue. next storm will be sunday night through monday. that will be even wetter. unsettled weather pattern through wednesday's storm. impacting the southern and northern portion of the state of california. we are wet top to bottom. here is the evening commute. a hit or miss scattered shower. there is a lot of scattered water on the roadway. saturday morning lingering showers then the bulk of your day is dry. a weak disturbance flows through the area.
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more rain on sunday night. through your monday. gusty winds as well. that is a lot of rain coming in on your president's day. still, we are talking about up to half an inch of rain expected throughout the trivalley to about a full inch to two inches by monday morning. winter weather advisory. in effect with 16 inches of snow expected in the highest elevation of the sierra nevada area. we are talking about snow each day through the holiday. definitely changes that will be needed. sun goes down at 5:51. what sun? well, i know sun here. there is your extended forecast here. we will remain on storm watch each day through wednesday. you know, something that has been interesting, the relentless storms are building up our snow pack to levels we have not experienced in years. and, this morning i had the opportunity to speak with a nasa scientist who says there has been so much snow, you can actually see it from space. >> when you are looking at all the findings, how does this winter vary from past winters?
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>> you know, nasa has a robust fleet of earth observation satellites designed to look at things like how our atmosphere the changing. how the oceans are changing and looking in your backyard. so, we know that snowfall can vary from year to year. even month to month. especially out in california. and you know, one specific thing we have seen is even in the sierra nevada in california, we have seen snow pack that two years ago was a quarter of normal. this year, we have 180% of normal. and that variation is really important to understand. to better monitor our fresh water resources. >> even she was excited about all the rain and snow we have seen. the doctor says nasa satellites monitor falling snow and weather patterns from space. and provide important clues about managing the global fresh water resources. you know, nasa has all of the cool equipment. [ laughter ] >> yes, they document. >> all the cool toys.
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>> it is really fun stuff. >> i was in truckee a couple of weeks ago and the snow was seven feet high. >> and we have more through the holidays. >> oh boy. we have a lot of snow coming. and rain today. >> that's right. all right, still ahead, with the recent storms comes a danger for our pets. the harmful bacteria that may be hiding in water ways and the signs to look out for. >> aw! ,,,,,,
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chase. today's topic -- what to do if your dog isn't eating... and having stomach problems. >> it is friday. time to check in with our pet expert dr. jill chase. what do do if your doctor is not eating? you brought in frankie who is a girl. >> a girl. her name is francesca. her brother bacon had a litter. i got a lot of calls from my owners asking if their dogs had been vaccinated for leptosperosis. it has been very prevalent in the bay area. it is a spiral bacteria that causes kidney failure. it is shed through the urine of mammals who have it. with all the rain, we have a lot of puddling so dogs are drinking water and eating wet grass, they are at risk if they have not been vaccinated. >> what are the signs? >> increased water consumption. increased urination. it is a fatal disease. you can sometimes get on top of
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it, but it is so expensive to street. so you want to take it to a very special practice for that type of treatment. the other thing i want to talk about, i have been seeing a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. sorry, this is around lunchtime. [ laughter ] but i see that this time of year when there is a lot of rain. dogs are of course using the park. even if you pick up the poop, it is still kind of there and the rain is spreading it everywhere. so if there is any vomiting, diarrhea, call your vet immediately. >> good advice. if you have a question about your pet health and well being, e-mail us at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> one more look at frankie. she is so cute. >> somebody is happy it's the weekend. [ laughter ] >> look at that smile! [ laughter ] ,,
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♪ >> ridge: all right, dad. caterers are paid. everything's cleaned up. where are my keys? hey! >> ivy: hey! >> ridge: i didn't know you were here! hi! >> ivy: yeah, i, uh...i'm back. i, uh, missed the wedding, though. how was it? >> ridge: it was great. it was really cool. now i got to go and deal with brooke. she's not feeling well. have you seen my dad? >> ivy: uh, no. >> quinn: he is in the shower and then he's off to bed. >> ridge: weddings. they really take it out of you, don't they? >> quinn: yeah, they can. but he's very happy for zende and nicole. >> ivy: oh, well, we all are. >> quinn: yeah. but it has been a very long day. [ cellphone rings ] >> ivy: oh, sorry, i got to get this.


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