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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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briefing with sean spicer. breitbart news, the washington times and one american news were allowed in. the off-camera briefing sometimes called a press gaggle did include members of the white house pool and the three broadcast networks. e associated press was invited but declined to attend in solidarity with other agencies that were barred. i asked cbs news host john dickerson whether the move would help the administration with its message. >> there is the principle of the thing which is absolutely essential to the business of what the press does and having access to a president. what is new is is it being done to punish the press and if it's more of a general briefing, it will start being available only to those the administration thinks are on the good list.
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>>reporter: that's the question, the white house correspondents association protested the band today, the wall street journal or said it will not participate in closed briefings going forward. >> cbs news was the tv and radio network pool for today's briefing. it released this statement saying "we recorded audio of this event and quickly shared it out of an obligation to protect the interest of all pull members." word the same have federal officials raided chinese restaurants in mississippi. they are detaining 55 illegal immigrants. the question now, could the same thing happen here. according to immigration and customs enforcement wednesday's raids are part of federal criminal search warrants from a year-long investigation. the undocumented workers were taken into custody at eight different chinese restaurants around the city of jackson. the owner of one restaurant here told us at this point he feels safe since he is in san francisco. he is worried that prices could go up the cause of what's going on in other parts of the
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country. california congressman on both parties are encountering angry voters. this was the scene at a town hall in sonora with representative tom mcclintock. he was cheered for supporting president trump's policies on immigration and healthcare. today, senator dianne feinstein was met with protesters at a talk in san francisco. kpix 5 suzy sima was in the newsroom. >>reporter: hundreds of people to shows to tell senator feinstein she is listening to the people who voted her into office. they want her to take a stronger stance against the president. she says it's up to them to help her do so. weather on the street or in one of these pre-reserved seats protesters did everything to get senator feinstein's attention today they
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interrupted her formal q&a in san francisco. >> if i get green is that good? >>reporter: they are hoping for meetings frustrated that during her 24 years as a cemetery's she has yet to hold one. >> we need you to be our voice in washington but when you are here listen to us. >>reporter: she answered questions on climate change. >> we are taking care of our planet. >>reporter: she promised to protect immigrant children. we are determined in the lead comes off. by he, she means president trump. she also offered her thoughts on executive orders. >>reporter: they have been, poorly thought out and many of them won't stand either a quart test or test of time. much of the dialogue centered around the devices political climate -- divisive political
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climate we are living in. >> young people have to prepare themselves to run for office.>>reporter: protesters demand that senator feinstein meet with them in oakland sunday where they will hold another protest. today she told them she will not be there she has to return to washington. she did promise to schedule a town hall in the bay area. we are learning about a problem in the bay, a consequence from the reign of rain -- of late. >>reporter: all of the rain has been overwhelming. most especially to wastewater treatment plants. it usually ends up in the bay after they have treated it. it has been a record-setting year of rain taking for an equally extreme year for
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sanitary sewer overflows. millions of gallons of partially treated wastewater has run off into the bait and its tributaries. >> it's designed to treat wastewater not storm water. we are having a wet winter and it has overwhelmed our system. >>reporter: 5 million gallons has been spilled into the bay in this plant is responsible for more than 9 million gallons. there have been 62% more sanitary sewer overflows this rainy season than last. making for an almost 2000% increase in the gallons of sewer water running into our waterways. it also accompanies health concerns. >> people who come into contact with sewer overflows may have flulike symptoms, skin infections, upset some -- stomachs. >>reporter: it could be fatal if the concentration of raw sewage is high enough.
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east bay mud says the overflows are mostly storm water diluted with stew which -- sewage. they have mile of pipe but they say fixing the problem is a top priority. >> we are budgeted to spend over $5 million this year and over the next 20 years. we will get this under control. >>reporter: we spoke to the plant manager at richmond sewer treatment plant and they gave a similar program that they have laid out since 2012. they are trying to figure out how to provide funding. they have a meeting march 1. emily turner kpix 5 that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to storm damage. fixing the damage will cost a fortune. melissa caen on how the governor is going to help.>>reporter: today the governor announced a plan to do with the damage from recent flooding it includes $50
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million in emergency funds and $387 million in water bond money. in california, all that is just a start. >> it used to be called public works and there's a lot of public work to be done. >>reporter: governor brown admitted california could use some tlc.>> we have dam spillways eroding, roads crumbling, aging infrastructure and it's messed up. >>reporter: it's not a cheap fix. california has billions in unmet infrastructure needs right now. he says we need $50 billion for flood control, 59 billion for highways, $78 billion for local streets and roads.>> the needs of infrastructure, $187 billion in unmet needs that we have to fix. >>reporter: where will the money come from? he used the t word. >> there has to be a very healthy public expenditure
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based on texas. that's unpopular and i would not use the word tax, i call it revenue. you have to face up to it. >>reporter: in january, the governor introduced a plan to raise money for road repairs with the $55 vehicle fee and a 21 with the $55 vehicle fee and a 21.5% tax -- gas tax. >> this is not a magic trick.>>reporter: up raising taxes requires a two thirds vote in that has passed before but now democrats have two thirds and if they agree we could see tax increases to pay for infrastructure and other projects this year. less than an hour go san jose officials announced that roughly 1000 people have been allowed back into their homes since yesterday. officials are working to make sure another disastrous flood doesn't happen.
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>> the flooding that happened was going to happen. what we need is flood protection on the coyote. that's what we need. we will work with our partners on what does that look like and how do we do it.>> city officials say no far -- no homes have been red tagged and they are keeping an eye on a mild storm that might hit this weekend but the potential is low. a lot of trash bags, piles of debris buildup in san jose is thousands cleanup their flood ravaged homes. maria medina shows us, for many it's an emotional and ever. >>reporter: how does it make you feel? >> i almost cried. >>reporter: when he returned home to see what was left. >> the living room. >>reporter: despite remaining under mandatory evacuation, people who live in rock springs made their way back to find many of their belongings destroyed by the muddy
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contaminated mess. >> wheel -- we will see people cleanup. >>reporter: henry de la rosa one of the 80 council members make up cleanup program and today is the first day in the flood zone to help victims remove and throw away debris. yesterday, crews pumped water from the street so they could go door-to-door to assess damage. some in the evacuated area got the green light, many others will need to wait until the weekend. those who aren't heeding the evacuation order are returning to see what they can salvage. >> this is my daughters doll. >>reporter: has she been asking? >> yes.>>reporter: i'm in san jose for kpix 5 we told you
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about a problem in orinda, the hillside is sliding . the concern is that it would take a high-voltage transmission tower down with it. pg&e is saying not to worry they have that tower stabilized. we hope you enjoyed the sun, some scattered shower or -- hours are on tap. thankfully, we are talking about scattered showers and not a storm. we've had about 20 storms over the past two months. tomorrow will not qualify. just a few showers and it is getting cloudy but we are dry. early tomorrow morning, showers along the mendocino in sonoma coast and all we are talking about tomorrow are a few light rain showers mainly in the mid to late afternoon. it will be a cloudy saturday. it may interrupter outdoor activities. just scattered showers, the beginning of a prolonged break.
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we talk about how long we stay dry once we get dry coming up. one of the country's top retailers is in trouble. which department store plans on closing more than 100 locations in the coming months. shifting wars, walmart takes on amazon, how you could benefit.'s that -- the new attraction that will take it to new heights at the oakland zoo. ,,,,,,
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found the body of jayda jenkins. the 18-year-old college student had been missing for more than a month. a stormy finally, some answers for family. officials confirmed they found the body of jayda jenkins. that's the 18-year-old college student who has been missing for more than a month. she was driving home on a stormy night when her car
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plunged into alameda creek off niles canyon road. her car was found upside down in the water last month but there was no sign of her body until last night. a man who was walking his dog near alameda creek discovered the body. it's 11 miles from where her car was located. >> we are relieved to know that we found her. they can now begin their closure and start to heal and try to make sense of this tragedy. >> the sheriff's department also tweeted their condolences to her family and friends. a man is in the hospital after being beaten by another man with a hammer in san francisco near division and brandon early this morning. he was arguing with a family member when a bystander confronted him with a hammer. the victim is in critical condition officers located the suspect and have arrested him. problems continue to mount for jcpenney. the department store announce it will close
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140 stores in the coming months , it's unclear how many jobs will be lost. they are offering early retirement to 6000 full-time employees. jcpenney is expected to reveal which stores will close next month. if you shop a lot online, you may have noticed it's getting easier to get free shipping. >> consumer reporter julie watts on chipping wars. >>reporter: how important is free shipping to you?>> it's important. >> it's a dealbreaker.>>reporter: retailers have been passing out free shipping for years. walmart announced free two day shipping for all customers on purchases of $35 or more and the ceo said it's not necessary . that was seen as a shot at on the sun which offers free shipping for prime members who pay a 99 die the.
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>> this is the sort of war we have seen going on. >>reporter: bloomberg says it's not cheap. free shipping costs amazon a lot of money. >> they say it's expensive to guarantee these items get to their and 48 hours. >>reporter: she said they have to make up for it somehow with the goal of getting customers to spend more online. do you think they are nervous? >> think amazon is always nervous and looking over their shoulder. >>reporter: walmart has had a good quarter growing faster than amazon and ebay in online sales. walmart is now second to amazon though it still has a long way to catch up. even with a $35 minimum, free shipping could cost you because people spend more on items they note the. -- they don't need.
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best buy offers free shipping on orders over $35, target over $25, nordstrom offers free shipping on orders and returns. it's a multimillion dollar project that's a first for the bay area. don ford choses the oakland zoo is reaching new heights. >>reporter: the oakland zoo is doubling its size. $80 million, 100 acres when finished and all of it on this ridge above the main zoo. this will be your only way up. >> the only way up is by the gondola. >>reporter: the zoo says this is the largest urban gondola in northern california with 16 cars holding eight people each it rises above the hills with views of the entire bay area. floating over large areas of modern exhibits.
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it will land at a new visitor center. a lot of new animals too, all currently or historically from california. >> buffalo, grizzly bears, whirls -- wolfs, >> jaguars, most people did not know that they are native to had to -- california. >>reporter: the money is coming from donations and grants from the private sector. the rest is coming from the general public. the oakland zoo will give the san diego zoo a run for its money on who is the top zoo in the state soon. >> the san diego zoo doesn't have view of the bay. >>reporter: no. i'm not comparing. >> i feel bad for them about that. not all bad. >>reporter: it's scheduled to be finished this summer. the grizzly bears, this is where they will be in a big water pond, if you can visualize that. they will not be here for another year.
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don ford at the zoo kpix 5 . >> can you visualize sunshine and 70 degrees? i can't either. all i see is rain. it is coming in soon. find out which day we approach 70 degrees. bart says ridership is down. the coming up, don't let the overcrowded trains full you. part says ridership is down. the surprising slump that could have commuters paying the price. the markets closed up again today here is a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,,
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we no longer have to feel guilty when the sun is out. that's exactly what we need starting next week with we will get. it will be somewhat busy this weekend. it's the weekend and you may
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get some light rain on saturday. it's not raining now nor is it warm. san jose 53, santa rosa 51 concord 54, boston had its warmest february day ever today they had 73 degrees in boston for a high and they will be in the 70s again tomorrow. fremont 38, livermore 33, not as chile. napa 35 and san francisco 44 degrees. we have a week area of low pressure it's not a storm. sliding down the coast bringing light precipitation to western oregon, as it continues to slide south we will see showers along the coastline. you will be the closest to the storm which will pass by to our west and southwest. four clock tomorrow we are cloudy everywhere but just a few showers here and there. it may impact your afternoon activities. dublin and san jose may not see a drop of rain. sunday, we are dry. the second
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week area of low pressure moving north to south may give us a few rain showers early monday morning. finished before the commute. the only rain chance for the week, the weather surf -- service is calling this a complete pattern reversal. we had too much of this for half a decade and now it's coming back and for a week or two or longer, we will have blocking ridge of high pressure giving a sunny, dry and warm weather into next weekend. just a few showers tomorrow along the coast. the best chance of rain is at the coast. light snow is possible at 2500 feet and that pattern change comes next week we will be sunny and dry. highs tomorrow mid 50s. fremont 56, redwood city 54, pacifica 52 with scattered showers. dry on sunday. early monday morning rain and no rain next week. sunshine and highs approaching 70 degrees next thursday and friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,al ensures fes
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will keep running to san francisco. today the golden gate idge district ap welcome news for commuters from tiburon. and new deal assures fairies will keep running to san francisco. golden gate ridge district approved a lease with the blue and gold fleet and golden gate will take over the computer boat service march 6.
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>>reporter: here's the cbs evening news tonight, the president demanded the fbi find the news sources that forced him to fire his national security advisor. mr. trump was cheered on at the conservative political action conference today. a man shouting, get out of my country opened fire on visitors from india. when his restaurant was burned ,, cooked up something he never expected. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news.". that is it for the kpix 5 news at 5:00 . the cee vee -- veronica will be back here at 6:00 and we have some rain showers. scattered showers, not a high impact but it is saturday. the advised a little bit of rain at the coast.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ut >> pelley: fit to be tied, but o t to russia. >> we have nothing to hide. ale president's been crystal clear, consistently, over and over again. ho pelley: an angry white house spokesman denies any links between russia and the trump campaign. also tonight, on the front lines of the war against isis. >> reporter: we're inside syria, and an american special operations base, which is used as a hub for the campaign to liberate the isis capital of raqqa. >> pelley: it's party time in g w orleans. what the city is planning to do to keep mardi gras under control. urd a restaurant steve hartman took us to, burns to the ground. >> this fire destroyed everything i worked for, for 30 years.


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