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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  February 26, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PST

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chaos on the streets of new orleans. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. on kpix5 news, chaos on the streets of new orleans. a driver plowed into a crowd as they celebrated mardi gras with dozens injured and the man is behind bars. the water receded but the work is piling up. a massive effort to clean up the flood damage in san jose is thousands of evacuees head home. it's republican party in sacramento. new challenges and how the gop leaders are facing them. 7:30 on this sub -- on this february, 26. we will be here with a check of your weekend forecast and your work week forecast. we start out dry on high def doppler but we see showers
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throughout the day. outside right now, blue sky over the golden gate ridge. clear and cold and downright freezing in santa rosa, 39 in san jose on 34 livermore and 35 in concord. a chilly start with increasing clouds and futures cast shows it clear with increasing clouds later and a couple of showers up north later this afternoon and feeling an overnight with scattered showers. not a big rain event or huge rain totals but we will get showers through much of the day on monday before we dry out and we have a winter storm advisory and a winter weather ride -- winter weather advisory in effect tonight through monday morning. we will talk more about this between 2-8 inches of new snow. here are the top stories. a party turn to chaos in new orleans when a suspected drunk driver plowed his truck into a mardi gras celebration leaving dozens injured.
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this parade draws thousands every year, one of the biggest parades leading up to the mardi gras celebration on tuesday. it came to a standstill when witnesses said a driver bulldozed the crowd. >> all of a sudden, it was like 100 people panicking. [ cheering ] >> it was terrifying. >> he is in custody and is being investigated right now. >> among the victims are a police officer and a toddler and investigators do not believe it was an act of terrorism. police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in antioch at 9:00 last night at highway 4 near the hillcrest avenue exit. all is well lanes were closed while police cleared the scene and it has since reopened. and hand as they -- in san jose, how many need help. 140 families showed up at the opening of a center yesterday
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and more than 1300 households are still under mandatory evacuation and the one remaining shelter will move to the 7th street community shelter. the cleanup continues for many. people armed only with paper masks tried to gather what survived the wrath of coyote creek. valued possessions are stacking up on the sidewalk as molding garbage. >> we can't afford to lose a day. we can't afford it. if the city wont help us financially, we have to do it on our own. >> the city is cleaning the streets but not helping us take everything out. expect the streets in the flood zone are closed and that means whatever items can be salvaged will be hauled out on foot in garbage bags. the center will be open again with more donations for families affected by the flood. many showed up yesterday to sift through piles of clothing and food that was all collected in a matter of hours. organizers said there was a line of people waiting when
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they opened their doors including miss perez and her family. >> i don't have my own place and i can provide anything. [ crying ] >> perez said her children are struggling to accept that everything they know is gone. turning to politics, california republicans are in sacramento for the state gop convention and with the party back in the white house, republicans in california have a lot to celebrate. some admit though donald trump is a republican, he's not everyone's conservative choice. the struggle with his style and they are pleased with some of his choices. >> we are becoming comfortable with the fact of the series of decisions of president donald trump made to move the agenda forward. >> delegates will vote on resolutions to affirm trump's positions on repealing the affordable healthcare act, eliminating funding for sanctuary cities and vetting from seven majority muslim
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countries. last week the republican state senator was silenced in sacramento. democrats accused her of speaking out of turn. >> please have the center to take a seat. she is out of order. please remove the senator from the chamber. >> the senate sergeant in arms grabs the california senator from orange county and physically removed her from the chamber. this after she criticized the late coley democrat, strom hayden, state senator over his support for hanoi. the state senator said he would conduct an internal review to find out what happened. the email show that she had told the office the night before what you plan to say. we asked former san francisco mayor and state assembly leader and melissa caen, their thoughts about what happened in sacramento. >> not a good day for the state
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senate or for legislators, generally. we cannot do what was done with any degree of acceptance by the general public and by the participants in the whole process. >> what you talking about? the talking or the removal? >> the removal. talking is perfectly all right if you believe in free speech and by the way, i'm guessing that if the subject matter was still around, tom hayden would be defending her right to speak. >> that's an interesting paradox. it appears that the democrats suggested she put her comments on facebook. [ laughter ] she said no, i want to bring them to the floor and then it was a question of you are out of order because you don't speak at the proper time. this, while the video cameras were rolling. what were the lawmakers thinking? didn't they know this would go viral? >> no. let me tell you one thing. she also told them the day before and set i will not speak
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from the time you do the memorial service. i don't want to insult the family or have any of his friends offended. but, i want to say what i need to say and i will do it a day later. they had plenty of time to prepare. what would i do? she may have been the only person on the floor. [ laughter ] >> she is in all the headlines. did they learn nothing from the elizabeth warren situation in the senate, where she was invoked for an arcane rule to shut somebody down that was talking and the removal? that was the headline. if she had said what she needed to say on the floor, nobody -- >> two or three minutes and nobody would've paid attention. and no question, since you don't have to be on the floor when people are speaking, she also would have been without an audience, except for the officer. the television cameras would have been on her but would not have covered her because it would've been so insignificant pictures now been turned into a potential candidate for
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statewide office, all based upon that one slight. expected to get her message out? >> boy, did she. as the former speaker noted, if she had been allowed to speak it would've stayed pretty much in the chamber. and others wouldn't have picked it up. it wouldn't have gotten national or statewide coverage. removing her? that video made her an national story and international story. within her community and this was after democrats tried to keep her from getting elected. meanwhile, and other political news, members of congress all over the country are being confronted by angry constituents in california and that's no exception. next, sit down for a look at the group behind the townhall turmoil. we are clear and cool this morning. kind of doppler is dry and things will change its more rain and a lot of sunshine in your forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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,, recess, but the political debate
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has shifted from capitol hill to their home districts. voters are crowding town hall meetings, shouting down lawmakers and each other... ".nats ering.." members of congress are on recess. the political debate has shifted from capitol hill to their home district. voters are crowding townhall meetings, shouting down lawmakers and each other. >> this is video of a townhall meeting in fresno last week. gop congressman tom mcclintock answered questions for hours and spoke out against sanctuary cities and sara obama care needs to be replaced with something that works. the room was full of supporters and opposers. >> this is my message to him. i want him out and i will vote him out. >> they have a right for their point of view. i have a right to express my point of view and we all have that right. >> the trump administration is now asking for three more months of obama care until they
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figure out what to do with the subsidiaries. joining us to talk about the raucous townhall meetings is congressman mark to sonja a. how would you describe your meetings? >> i've had seven meetings since january and they've been great. seven or 800 people. >> now, there is a group called indivisible, which is what many say is key to the turnouts. what are they doing? >> they are former staffers and they went through the tea party and are basically explaining how it can be done for people more progressive than democrats. >> what we have as congressional staffers pulling together with tactics used by the tea party and aim them at republicans like tom mcclintock and others across the country, churning out democratic supporters to raise raucous is against republicans. >> they're not just targeting republicans. they are aiming at people like myself, people in the bay area who are democratic. >> the message being?
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>> it's to hold you accountable and make sure you do everything you can from their perspective. it's aggressive and obviously different from what my republican congressmen are seeing in their districts. >> with the emergence of a group like this on the liberal side, some thought that it would hurt the republicans. with the calls to action, they seem to be so far that democrats become fearful? >> it's a big group and organic. from my experience, and i met with them, the biggest thing you have to remember is the largest group in the election are people that chose not to vote who are eligible. for me, the fact that more people are engaged is good that the danger is we replicate what the tea party did and we should be aggressive and they should be able to express themselves but as your video said, they should respect people who differ. >> you are in a state district and won't face the challenge. they show up on feinstein's
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doorstep to say, is the line not to cooperate at all? resistance, resistance? >> there are people who feel that way. you should oppose them vitter grizzly, some feel. certainly they should invest to get the constitutional issues but you have a rule of law and do it within that space. >> of this movement says don't, do we have further -- >> in california, you have open primaries. i'm in a safe district but people might not think i'm liberal enough which would be hard to imagine. i tell them that, but the challenge, the good news, you have people engaged and you should encourage that into your point, people have to realize they can be passionate and strong but still have to be respectful. >> who is financing this? >> that's a good question.
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we know from the tea party that the koch brothers, years later, people like that refunding it and that's to be determined. people will say that it's not true. >> where do you see this going? >> i hope it's going where people stay engaged. as i said, the largest group of people did not vote for trump or clinton, they were the people who chose not to vote. >> they felt they would make a difference? >> is 2% of voters voted. 40% decided it wasn't important enough to vote. >> why do you think this is the group that didn't vote? >> i'm not saying this group, i'm saying that thousandfold more people are showing up, they are engaged and starting to understand what we do and many of them do understand. that's all good. >> if you are republican like tom mcclintock, you leave the room and you say these are the people that didn't vote and aren't going to vote for me. but, a majority still voted for me? >> that's our job to listen.
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i was in elected office when the tea party people can. you have to listen to people who disagree and you have to explain yourself. >> listen to disagreements? what a political contest. >> [ laughter ] don't be a cynic. >> you are la la land all over. let's take a look at the sunshine. and this is the transition to weather. a lot of sunshine and that was an accurate statement. skies over the golden gate bridge with temperatures cold, and the 30s for concord, livermore and san francisco is freezing right now. likely showers for some folks by the end of the day. a weak system will come through to bring showers in the second half of the day, overnight and into tomorrow. we will time it off with the futurecast. we see shower chances in north bay, not a rainout but a possibility of showers for many and then they move through. tomorrow morning's commute could see sprinkles on the roadway but no heavy rainfall
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anticipated and the possibility of showers monday, drying out on tuesday and then through the end of the week, high pressure builds in blocking storms and we will stay sunny and drive through the remainder of the work week and maybe beyond. the weather model and extended forecast, we will hold off on how long we stay dry but it will be a few days. clear and cold this morning and variable clouds and some showers later on sunday and then sunny and warm are beginning tuesday and continuing through at least the end of the week, if not much of the weekend. high temperatures for today not so high, definitely on the cool side and topping out in the mid- to upper 50s areawide. we will start to warm and make our way through the week. the possibility of showers today and showers on monday and dry on tuesday and then increasing sunshine through the remainder of the week, through saturday with some temperatures in the upper 60s and we will keep our fingers crossed we might see something near 70 degrees by the end of the extended forecast.
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right now, upper 60s and big changes coming in the forecast. organizes of last month's women's march are in washington and reveal plans for an upcoming strike. they set a day without a woman will be held on international women's day, march 8th. this is video from the woman's march on washington. action items for the upcoming strike are listed on the women's march website. they call for women to take the day off work and only shop at smalland minority owned businesses. organizers said the strike is meant to recognize the contributions women make to the economy despite the gender wage gap and other inequities. still ahead, californians could soon get more information about the health risks posed by their cell phones. why it took a lawsuit to bring this out in the open. closed captioning for the newscast is sponsored by living spaces. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some documents it tried to keep under wraps. ourt judge ruled california could have two hand over documents they've been trying to keep under wraps. >> interesting. a superior court judge ruled papers must be released discussing the risk of cell phone use. julie has more on the battle for public information in consumer watch. >> reporter: if documents are written by the environmental health investigation branch, with believed recommendations for cell phone radiation warnings, the state refused to hand them over when we requested. so, the director of berkeley sued under the public records act and we asked why.
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>> it will inform the public that there is, indeed, concern among the health professionals within the department of health that cell phone radiation is a risk and it will provide them with some information about how to reduce the risk. >> reporter: why do think the state is trying to suppress the document? >> they claim are concerned it would lead to chaos and confusion among the public. i suspect that they were afraid of the reaction of the telecommunications industry, should they publish this document. in fact, they argued that in the brief. >> reporter: a judge said the documents are, in fact, public record. he stated in part there is significant increase in the investigation into risks associated with cellular use. new research sites that, quote, significant relationships between cell phone use of 10 or more years and increased brain tumor risk. however, the fcc officially said there is no evidence of a, quote, definitely a tween wireless devices and cancer.
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the department of public health wouldn't comment on the ruling or if it intends to release a document. they could appeal and joining us is dr. moscowitz. let's start with why you believe these documents -- did funded tax payer dollars pay for this research? >> absolutely. this is my money, your money pickets tax paid research that resulted in a review of the scientific literature about cell phone risks and the production of a document that was supposed to reach the public, informing people how to reduce risk from cell phone use. >> we aren't sure why it didn't reach the public. the state's primary argument is that it was a draft and therefore exempt from the public record -- public record. the state would have to prove three things, that it is a preliminary draft, not a final form and two that the document
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would not normally have been retained by the agencies. and the harm in releasing it outweighs this and they argued releasing it would cause panic. what did the court find on all three of these points? when i say we, i mean we, as a public, have a right to public information. >> reporter: absolutely. the first thing the court found was this document is not a draft, it's a final document that the department of public health is choosing not to release and the judge look at the document in private chambers before making the ruling and looked at versions of the document going back to 2010 where she said and seven years of waiting for release, basically all the wordsmithing said no change to the scientific portion. >> not a lot of rewriting? it's based on research that began in 2010 but the agency chose not to release this document? >> that's right. since 2010 the number of managers have knowledge that they have test copies of the document.
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if something is a rough draft you don't keep it in your agency for several years and the judge also said it's not a draft because you retained it in your normal course of business and the final thing the judge said, the public interest in releasing this absolutely out weighs the interest in continuing to withhold it. she said the view with the department of health -- public health should keep this from the public because the public couldn't act responsibly with that information was, quote, paternalistic. >> she's noted similar guidance has not caused, quote, public hysteria and there has been similar guidance. and connecticut, they issued similar guidance, which i believe went to what they recommend in terms of public use? >> connecticut guidance is thorough and responsible. a doesn't say all the scientific
7:56 am
data we would like, but it's as a preliminary cause for concern in peer-reviewed literature and to do everything you can, use your cell phone in the most health protective manner while we wait for definitive science. you can do everything possible to minimize the amount of time your cell phone is close to your body. >> they talk about sleeping with your cell phone or touching it to your body? >> they talk about not only using wireless devices or texting, but when the phone is on and you are not actively using it, there are many hours a day people have it pressed against her body in a front pocket or a brassiere or children sleeping with their cell phone by the head. none of those are advised. >> i use it by my head is an alarm clock. expect they would say, if you with the guidance, make the alarm louder and put it a few feet from your bed. put your cell phone in a bag, not in your bra or in your pocket as a precaution. >> i always have it next to my head. we should note that the court argues that dph said they will not comment on the pending
7:57 am
litigation. if you are concerned that the ftc has guidelines, and they note what you said, don't touch the phone to your body. every cell phone user manual comes with the recommended distance for safety, somewhere between .25 inches and one half inch. thank you for being here and we appreciate your insight and we will cover the sun wait for the documents to be released. still ahead, we will talk about that. the water is gone but the work is beginning. >> efforts in san jose to clean the flood damage neighborhoods as thousands return back home. ,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now, on kpix5 news, president donald trump said he's getting ready for tuesday but will skip a key dinner in april. why he doesn't want to sit down, break bread and have a few jokes with the media. a new head of the dnc and he and the president are already exchanging fire on twitter. what was said between the two. plenty of bills introduced. we take a look at those that affect you in today's capital consumer watch. welcome back to kpix5. the time is 8:00 and i'm phil matier. >> and i am maria medina. >> i'm julie watts. we start off dry and then sun is coming our way. let's take a look at high def
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doppler. you can see that later on we have showers likely for some folks. showers starting off clear and cool and temperatures near freezing. it is warmed up 34 degrees. 30 freight -- 30 at livermore. as we make our way throughout the day, futurecast starts off clear but then we see some showers moving in for the second half the day and around 5:00, scattered showers for the north bay and in the northern portion of the san francisco peninsula. overnight, no widespread rain but periodic scattered showers possible and we are talking about not a lot of rain out of the system. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra, 2-8 inches with gusty wind and four-foot waves because of the gusty winds. anticipate travel delays in the high country and certainly if you are skiing, some windy conditions up there and we will talk more about the fall forecast and sunshine and the
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extended forecast. dozens of people were injured after a suspected drunk driver plowed his truck into a crowd celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. the celebration was part of one of the biggest parades leading up to fat tuesday. witnesses said the driver hit two cars before speeding up and ramming the truck into the crowd. at least 20 people were taken to the hospital, including a toddler and a police officer. the driver is in custody and police do not believe it was an act of terrorism. new this morning, san jose police investigated deadly stabbing that happened around midnight at a cantina. police found a man with stab wounds to the neck and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrest has been made. flood victims in san jose or pouring in to assistance centers for much needed resources. the city announced 1335 households are still evacuated. the shelter is closing but the
8:03 am
remaining shelter will move to the 7th street community center. damage estimates are under way to help flood the terms apply for relief aid. the cleanup continues for them. yesterday, victims were paper masks as they returned home and gathered what survived. piles of property are now stacking up on the sidewalk as molding garbage. >> people don't have a place to go. we have no insurance and we aren't sure what will happen. we lost everything. >> the streets in the flood zone are still closed. in the east bay, morgan territory road is closed and it's in contra costa county following a mudslide between oak hill lane and williams road. access to marsh creek road is cut off and most of the mud is gone. no word on when the road will be repaired. in politics, the california gop kicked off with the republican congressman calling for an independent inquiry into interference in the u.s. election.
8:04 am
representative, darrell ice-out san diego, give the keynote address at the state republican convention. speaking with reporters, he said the u.s. should appoint a special prosecutor. >> republicans and democrats who have special access need to know what russia was doing and how they were doing it. >> darrell issa said jeff sessions, who he considers a friend should not lead the investigation because he worked on the trump campaign. democrats have a new chairman, thomas perez and he is the labor secretary, and state labor leaders picked him over congressman keith ellison of minnesota. it took two rounds of balloting and perez called for allison to be named deputy chairman as a sign of cohesion and tried to put the moment into historical context. >> someday they will study this in american history and study alongside the know nothing movement. they will ask the question of
8:05 am
all of us, where were you in 2017 when we had the worst president in the history of the united states [ cheering ] >> president donald trump congratulated the new dnc leader with a message on twitter sing, quote, congratulations. he's just been named chairman and i could not be happier for him or the republican party. perez responded with a tweet of his own that said, call me tom and don't get too happy. keith ellison and i and democrats united across the country will be the worst nightmare. the president also announced he won't attend the attend the whitehouse correspondents' dinner. the black-tie event in april is a longtime tradition for presidents, journalists and insiders to sit down and have laughs and dinner. the relations grow more tense between the trump administration and the media.
8:06 am
the white house shut out several news organizations on friday from an off-camera briefing on the president will address congress on tuesday night. i asked willie brown and kpix5 political analyst melissa caen what we should expect to see. >> people want to message of unity and something that will bring people together. with ease in the upper two, he hasn't taken it, not in his inauguration speech or his cpac speech. he talks about how the media is terrible and what a great victory he had. >> will we get the state of the union or the state of donald trump? expect the state of trump. it will be the state of trump, period and there may be a reference to the rest of us in the world but it will all be within the context of how it affects trump's impact and he will do a masterful job. after all, he is still campaigning. >> he said these are scripted events and there will be
8:07 am
teleprompters. he has a habit of doing that and we will have to see. >> the democratic version, you recall there was a guy named joe wilson in the obama presentation and he claimed lives. since then, wilson has been made into a real incredible important person. it's been very lucrative. i wonder which democrat will go down that crazy road. i can't say you lied, that would be a lie in the speech. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ laughter ] a partisan shot across the bow. who do you want in the audience? ted cruz, or marco rubio, nancy pelosi or ruth bader ginsburg? [ laughter ] >> supreme court justices are
8:08 am
usually all they are. i'm sure ruth wouldn't miss the opportunity to pick up some new language. what will be more important is what will saturday night live do with it? [ laughter ] >> i have to send kind of glad the president is skipping that dinner because i feel like we are only two months into this and we're kind of beat up. >> i don't know if anybody is in a joking mood but it would be good to see the way he would react. his monologue would be tough to follow up on. in california, let's take a roundup of what lawmakers want to preserve along the california coast and the environment. >> julie looks at those and other issues. in today's capital consumer watch, first up, lawmakers make a push to protect the environment. concern that the trump administration might weaken environmental laws.
8:09 am
one bell would make federal environmental protections part of the law in the event that congress does repeal them. another would attempt to prevent private development of federal land and a third would direct environmental public health agencies to preserve information or data, even if several authorities order that it be destroyed. speaking of the environment, it could become mourn for to -- more affordable to enjoy the california course line -- coastline. according to a recent study, travel parking for overnight accommodations and beach areas are something low income families cannot afford. state lawmakers are making an effort to shrink the gender wage gap. this past week they heard testimony from women's groups and other agencies as part of a joint hearing in a gender pay and civil service. according to the department of human resources, women who work for the state make $0.80 on the dollar compared to male colleagues and that is more substantial of a difference than the private sector and they are trying to figure out why that is. >> it is more substantial than
8:10 am
the federal deficit, as well. we should note this study did not look at similar jobs side by side with a man and woman. they took them and averaged them and many men are in higher- paying positions so the average will be different. they said because of the discrepancy being so significant, that they need to look at it. >> it's interesting if you push to be number one in come out number three. >> that's a good point. jerry brown has some of the strictest equal pay law is introduced in california, but we are not getting helped by that. >> every state enforces their own laws. it will be interesting. still to come. >> immigrants pacing deportation may be in danger. they sit down to talk about the city creating positions to help. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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february is american heart month and here with nutrition tips and recipes is katie ferrero, registered dietitian. >> the latest usda guidelines
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say that americans eat far less seafood than the rest of the world. >> increase seafood to at least 28-ounce servings per week. i brought you healthy, delicious and quick recipes using salmon, tuna and sardine. this is a whole grain salant -- salad. it is easy to add flavor with these flavor pouches. >> it's tuna avocado dip that is creamy and delicious and easy to throw together because of these easy open cans. don't forget about sardines. they are high in omega-3 and make a great snack. >> find these recipes online at chicken of the deceiving his department about a th the santa cruz police chief is accusing homeland security agents of deceiving his department about a gang sweep that morphed into an immigration raid. kpix5 got exclusive video of
8:14 am
agents making one dozen arrests in a coordinated crackdown on ms-13 gang members in santa cruz county two weeks ago. police chief kevin vogel claims more individuals were later detained solely on immigration status. the department was assured there would be no immigration component to the raid. >> the detention and removal of these individuals was based solely upon immigration status and that flies in the face of the city council revolution declaring santa cruz a place of trusted safety for immigrants. >> they used status as a violation of the law. that has no discretion, that was everybody. >> ice released a statement saying there was no attempt to deceive local officials and they said 11 undocumented people were taken into custody and later released and they said the police department
8:15 am
allegations are disturbing and false. >> joining us to talk about this is supervisor -- is the supervisor on the plan for people facing deportation. welcome to the show. you are on the san francisco board of supervisors and are passionate about this issue? >> yes. it has a sense of urgency. i'm newly inaugurated for the board of supervisors on san francisco's board but this issue, i feel like, is very urgent. in light of what donald trump is doing and the protection for people currently detained in these facilities. >> what you are talking about is the city of san francisco hiring attorneys at the public defender's office or increasing funding for nonprofits to defend people in deportation hearings. in san francisco, because san francisco is the court for northern california, you want to cover everybody no matter
8:16 am
where they're from? >> that's correct. san francisco is the only immigration court in northern california. all those pieces would come to sampson street where they would be processed and then sent to detention centers and these eye centers that are criminal -- not criminal -- it really is incarceration. these are presents. >> why should san francisco people pay for somebody else? >> san francisco values due process and human rights and civil rights and if you believe in that, you have to believe in having due process for everyone because your civil rights, they can actually be violated if you don't have access to an attorney. >> here's an interesting point. we just had an incident in santa cruz where there were ms- 13 gang members from central america. a violent street gang. the public could see and get
8:17 am
behind even a sanctuary city. and hillary clinton and others, they have said not for criminals but you would include them in the overall umbrella? >> the point of creating this, if people are not held accountable, then it is really about ensuring fairness. the right process, but doesn't differentiate between being convicted of a crime or being accused of a crime. it says criminal defense for everybody, right to counsel is guaranteed. it doesn't separate or differentiate. what we believe is that everyone deserves the right to counsel. >> one of the key differences is of somebody was brought into
8:18 am
the country illegally and picked up for a crime and they went to prison and were released from prison, you would step in. they would be released in northern california or san francisco. you would assign an attorney to keep them in the streets of san francisco? that case law could backup for years and that person could be on the streets. for safety concerns and political concerns, the trump administration would say that you are keeping bad people on the street. >> most people convicted of violent crimes will lose in deportation hearings and be deported. most of the people that come before the immigration court have already done their time and already paid back to society. now, they are just about having hearings around the deportation issue. with trump administrations, it is trying to separate us around who gets to stay and who doesn't get to stay.
8:19 am
the constitution is clear that everyone is guaranteed due process. it doesn't differentiate between people accused of crimes or convicted of crimes, it says for everybody. this is about fairness, this is not about whether the person deserves to stay or not. it's about a person having due process rights and have representation. immigration law is very, very complicated. it is only second to taxation law and that's why the public defender's office is the best office to provide these services to these people. >> it will get interesting because it looks like san francisco will provide this. one way or the other and the rest of the country is going to be watching. now, we will look outside to see what we can expect today on our day. we start off with blue skies and chilly temperatures, 34 in santa rosa, 38 in livermore and it will warm up throughout the day but be on the cool side of average. showers tonight with a cool
8:20 am
weak system with a couple of showers, not a heavy rain event like we've experienced over the last few months. we will have an extended period of dry weather with a couple of more days of scattered showers. scattered showers begin this afternoon and not everyone will see them. increasing clouds and the possibility of showers and monday morning for the commute around 7:00, we could see couple of showers. overall, not widespread rain with scattered showers a possibility and by tuesday, we dry out and high pressure builds into keep us dry through early march, through the end of the week and early next weekend and maybe beyond that. clear and cold to start with clouds and showers anticipated later in the day today. lingering showers for monday and sunny and warmer weather begins on tuesday with temperatures climbing throughout your work week. today, temperatures in the 50s and definitely on the cool side
8:21 am
of average. upper 50s for the warmest locations and 40s up north. the extended forecast shows a possibility of showers today and lingering into monday and tuesday we dry out and sunshine builds in wednesday through next weekend with temperatures climbing up to the 70-degree mark. back over to you guys. it appears an unwelcome guest could show up at the oscars tonight, mother nature. guests may want to pack an umbrella because as the chance for showers around hollywood just before the academy awards and many streets around the dolby theater are closed off waiting for the stars to hit the red carpet. still to come, the bay area police officer taking mentorship to new levels. teenagers can change their lives. ,,
8:22 am
8:23 am
on an all-expenses paid trip to a life-changing journey. dozens of inner-city youth discover self-worth on an all expense paid trip to africa. >> and sharon shannon
8:24 am
introduces us, a san francisco police officer started it all. teenagers like 17-year-old janice are ready to go on their first big trip out of the bayview. heck i can see the world in a different way. that is really awesome. >> reporter: this officer, jason johnson, has taken more than 40 bayview youth on all expense trip paid trips to ghana. they're funded by grants and donations raised through his nonprofit, operation genesis. students volunteer, experience african culture and return inspired. >> you can achieve anything you put your mind to. >> i've been a different person since then. >> reporter: this student still wears a bracelet from last year's trip. the lesson learned. >> i'm generous, hard working and i want to be a good person.
8:25 am
>> reporter: officer johnson, fondly known as jj, leads weekly fitness sessions for youth and probation. and they offer a summertime youth career academy to help kids better understand the role of law enforcement and inspire them to pursue a career in criminal justice. at the boys and girls club, athletic director alfred holland said the eight-year police veteran is like family. >> sometimes you give back, he is down to earth and so cool. >> jj is a role model. >> he helps me and other people. i can do things. >> my goal is to be a mentor that i didn't have. >> reporter: for changing young lives through operation genesis, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to officer jason johnson.
8:26 am
sharon chin, kpix5. >> officer johnson said ghana was the first country in africa to gain independence. most of the slave fortresses where they are. the ancestors probably originated there. >> or exited on their way to america. you can nominate your own hero online at cbs sf/carol. we'll be right back. kpix news five is sponsored by heavenly greens. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
here's one last check of the forecast. a possibility of scattered showers. possibility of showers later today and lingering through monday and tuesday, they dry out and that would be a sun icon on the seven-day. >> four days in a row? >> tuesday will be mostly sunny. it will be a transition day. >> playing it safe. thank you for joining us this morning. "face the nation"'s next. have a great sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation", with growing pressure on capitol hill for an independent investigation of trump's campaign contacts with russia, the white house pushes back hard against leaks and the press. >> they are the enemy of the people. because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none. >> dickerson: we will go one-on-one with former cia director john brennan in his first television appearance since he left the spy agency. >> you work for us. >> dickerson: angry constituents confront members of congress back home in town hall meetings, we sat down with a group of richmond, virginia area residents to get their thoughts on the new president. >> after like everybody is sitting on pins and needles and


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