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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 1, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california,
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> why not join forces and finally get the job done and get it done right? >> tonight, a speech unlike anything we have ever seen from president trump. he stuck to the script and called for unity. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to andria borba on the president's prime time mission statement to a deeply divided nation. >> reporter: well ken, liz, the president admitted he has been a mediocre messenger leading up to tonight. this was his chance to clarify his agenda. 40 days into his term, president trump's message was
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that of political unity. this line about child care received a standing ovation with some democrats. >> we want to work with members of both parties to make child care accessible and affordable. to ensure that apartments have paid family leave. >> reporter: it was different when the subject of the affordable care act came up and president trump's prepared remark. >> tonight, i'm also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obama care. with reforms that expand choice, increase access, lower costs, and at the same time, provide better healthcare. >> reporter: peninsula representative jackie spear gave the line a thumbs down, and that was caught on camera. >> education is the civil right issue of our time. >> reporter: the speech seemed to point to a new direction for
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the department of education. >> i'm calling upon members of both parties to pass an education bill that funds school choice, disadd van canalinged youth including millions of african-american and latino children. >> reporter: the president also fell out of step with national security adviser lieutenant general h. r. mcmaster over this phrase. >> we are taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: now, political reports mcmaster tried to get the phrase radical islamic terrorism struck from the final draft of the president's speech, but was overruled. now, the president is famous for going off script, but ad libbed fewer than ten times this time. andria borba, kpix5. >> the most emotional moment of the night, president trump acknowledged the widow of u.s. navy seal ryan owens. karen owens wiped away tears as she got a standing ovation that
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lasted more than two minutes. chief petty officer ryan owens was killed during a raid in yemen last month. his father who refused to meet president trump is calling for an investigation into his son's death. former kentucky governor steve bashir delivered the democratic response. >> you and your republican allies in congress seem determined to rip affordable health insurances from millions of americans who need it. >> and the president called for a trillion dollars investment in american infrastructure. east bay representative barbara lee wants to know where is he going to get the money to fund all of that? >> to achieve what he wants to achieve, he has to cut deeply into affordable housing and education and healthcare. >> so, we are asking you, do you believe tonight's speech signals a change in policy for president trump? grab your phones and head to
1:43 am to weigh in. we will have live results at the bottom of the screen. political reporter melissa caen joins us now. >> reporter: he has inspired several run to say president trump looks tyke a president. he laid out an agenda with a message of hope tonight. >> i am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength. it is deeply delivered from my harp. and a new surge of optimism placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp. what we are witnessing today is the renewal of the american spirit. >> reporter: a lot of people are wonder if this is the new president trump. >> time will tell, he definitely impressed a lot of people tonight.
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but those old habits die hard. at a focus group, one woman said she is not buying this new and improves president trump. >> where's the guy that says what he like to say. that is loud. i will look for him. ly look for him on twitter tomorrow. and see what he really thinking. >> reporter: i'm sure she won't be the only one checking twitter to see if the old mr. trump is coming back. >> it will be interesting. thanks. these democratic women wore white toe the president's address to honor the separate jet movement. >> the message we are sending to our president is we are not going back. and we want him to appreciate the fact that all of the gains that women have secured over the last many decades cannot be overturned now. >> and some democrats also wore this button tonight to support saving the possibility. >> kpix5's christin ayers
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watched the speech with the berkeley college republicans who say that they are being harassed these days a lot. christin? >> reporter: yeah ken, the college republicans say they have been threatened and targeted here on campus. tonight, they filled a small room on campus to watch the president's speech together. >> it went well. it was very powerful. very concise. >> reporter: the college republicans at uc berkeley largely subdued tonight. some still reeling after rioters shut down an appearance by ultraconservative milo yiannopoulos they invited to campus earlier this month. since then. >> i have been attack, i have been spit on. it is always something going on toward me and other members on campus. >> reporter: member tom johnston captured this cell phone video of a man grabbing a college republican's sign near their table. and crushing it. justin reported him to campus police.
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tonight, club leaders tried to prepare members for more problems. >> call this emergency number if something happens. >> reporter: despite the hostility, they say there has been one silver lining. >> our attendance has skyrocketed. >> reporter: they say their attendance at meetings has more than doubled to the point that they have had to turn people away from some meetings. they say that all apped after that riot. reporting live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. >> we have posted the full text of president trump's remarks on well, breaking news tonight. we are learning that president trump's new immigration order will remove iraq from the list of countries affected by the travel ban. the ap is reporting six countries including iran, libya, sudan, syria, and yemen and somalia will remain on the list. the new order is expected to be signed any day now. tonight, the wall street journal is reporting it will
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likely only apply to future visa applicants. existing visa holders would be exempt. now, an update to that deadly plane crash that happened in river side county. it had just taken off from the river side airport headed for san jose when that happened. and tonight, we are learning a mother and a daughter were on the plane. one of them died. the other was ejected and actually survived the crash. mark sayre begins our team coverage in san jose tonight. mark? >> reporter: well, ken, that cheer leading group departed an returned safely by bus to union middle school. we are learning the sister of one of the students is dead and they are questioning the concern of the safety of the airplane. family members identify one of the dead 22-year-old aideen ferell a. chef was a san jose state graduate and her brother brandon says she has always been a fighter ever since she was a little girl. >> she was born with heart
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disease. she got about four heart surgeries before she was five years old. so she has been fighting since day one. she really taught me to just keep going. and, she was a great person. very sweet. >> reporter: brandon's mother sylvia is one of the two survivers from the plane crash and sherry mains in critical condition. she remains in critical condition. >> moments before they took off, my mom said the weather is acting weird and the weather is acting up. i said it is probably not best to take the plane. >> reporter: sylvia and nadine were guests of the plane owned by family friends. they had gone to the cheer competition together to support their 12-year-old daughter and sister. brandon says he has nothing but thanks for the first responderring who likely saved his mother's life. >> i just wanted to say thank you for all of those who took part in helping out any way they could. >> reporter: now, the river side county coroner has not yet
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officially identified any of the victims on the plane. but, as soon as word reaches union middle school there was a connection between the crash and the school, they brought grief counselors onto campus. i'm mark sayre, kpix5. >> we continue our team coverage with kpix5's cate caugurian with new clues on what went wrong. cate? >> reporter: liz, we know it was headed to mineta san jose. investigators are working to piece together what happened. these were the last moments before it fell from the sky at 120 miles an hour. crashing into two homes. and exploding into the huge fire ball in a river side neighborhood. federal investigators arrived on scene and said the airplane broke apart into several pieces. the debris field was 150 feet. >> we will collect archive information related to the man,
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machine, and the environment. that includes looking at the pilot, his flight records. >> reporter: it appeared the 43- year-old plane was not starting properly. so the party of five came back to the terminal and the pilot looked worried. all five passengers get back in the plane. and as it took off, the plane's tail looked like it was shaking. the ntsb says the preliminary report won't be available for five to ten days. and the final report could take up to a year, if not more. reporting live at san jose mineta, cate caugurian, kpix5. well, good news for your morning commute through fremont. all lanes are back open along northbound 608 at mission following a 12 hour long road closure. a pothole crumbled all the way down to the rebar. the source was likely all the wet weather we had. in san jose, the water
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district is repairing a $22 million flood control plane to try to prevent another flooding disaster. and good news tonight. for the first time in ten days, the anderson reservoir in santa clara county is no longer overflowing. >> the preflows continue to recede. the continuing level gives us a little bit of a reprieve and increases the reservoir capacity. >> also, this afternoon, the city council ratified the city's formal declaration of local emergency putting the city on the path for state and federal support. san jose city leaders are talking about what went wrong march 9. armed robbers terrorizing san jose convenience stores. police released surveillance videos of the suspects. you can see one of these guys, an armed robber in black there pointing his rifle at the clerk demanding money. they pocketed an undisclosed
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amount of cash before hopping in a white and gold suv and taking off and police say the thieves then knocked off three stores in less than an hour last october. and so far, no arrests. tonight, a concord high school student is suspected in a nude video scandal. the 17-year-old attends clayton valley charter high school. investigators say he video taped the school's executive director in the gym locker room in walnut creek and shared it on snap chat. today, sheriffs deputies arrested him for invasion of privacy. deputies cited the suspect and released him to his parents. tonight, uber's ceo is apologizing for a rant that was caught on camera, veronica de la cruz shows us he lashed out at one of his own employees and got busted. >> yeah ken, travis hopped into an uber. his driver said he lost a lot of money because of uber's policy changes. his response? >> some people don't like to
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take responsibility. they blame everything in their life on somebody else. good luck. >> he sent this apology in a memo to this staff. it is clear this video is a reflection of me and the criticism we received is a stark reminder that i need to grow up. this is the latest trouble for uber. they found themselves in a fire storm. a hash tag delete uber campaign went viral. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. 49 ucsf workers are out of a job replaced by cheap overseas labor. they were warned of the outsourcing back in july. to make matters worse, they were forced to train the replacements from india for the last four months. one worker says the situation swung his vote to the right. >> i was a democrat all my life in california. for the first time this year, i actually voted trump for president. >> ucsf say it is overseas move
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will save $30 million over the next five years. in a statement, ucsf says it "followed all applicable laws and is working to identify alternative it positions for the affected employees within the system." california schools may be cash strapped these days but many school administrators seem to be able to retire on easy street. only on 5 tonight, betty yu discovered pension reform can't stop many from gaming the system. >> welcome everybody. >> reporter: it is networking time for these public school administrators. many of whom will one day enjoy some of the most generous retirement benefits in the state. but when it comes to the practice of boosting pay at the end of a career to get a better pension, also known as spiking. >> do you think that people are manipulating their may checks? and to what extent? >> i can't really speak to that. >> reporter: it is not something they seem eager to
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talk about. >> reporter: scott thompson says he knows why. a former analyst for calsters, he says he routinely caught administrators gaming the system. >> looking for a dramatic increase in salaries. >> reporter: teachers cannot spike because most belong to unions but administrators can. that is because unlike private sector employees whose social security benefits are based on a salary average, pension for school executives in california who have worked more than 25 years are based on their single highest year. >> when people are paying in at this rate, and then they jump up here, and retire on pension based on a much higher salary, it's a dramatically underfunded pension. >> reporter: scott says he first became aware of the problem when the case of john bayless crossed his desk in 2008. he noticed the former superintendent of the babrio district in half-moon bay
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received a $110,000 raise in his last year. >> when i first saw it, i thought, well, clearly someone typed an extra zero. >> reporter: but it was no typo. the compensation jumped from 157,000 to $267,000 in his final year. the spike bumping what would have been a $7,000 per month pension up to $13,000 per month. scott says he flagged the case and many others. >> it is public funds. he is a public servant. the public has a right to know. >> reporter: but scott says no within at calsters seemed to care. instead, the agency fired him in 2011 for adjusting a pension without compensation. he believes it was retaliation for blowing the whistle. soon after he lost his job, lawmaker ins sacramento took up the job passing a reform bill that became a new law. >> it is a question of fairness to the taxpayer. >> reporter: santa clara supervisor joe semidian pushed
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for pension reform to prevent spiking when he was state senator. >> i thought it would be an easy and straightforward easy to tackle. >> reporter: he says the new law is an improvement. new employees pensions will now be based on an average of their highest three years pay. but, it is not retro active. so for the next few decades, school executives will still be able to spike based on their single highest salary year. >> every time you artificially inflate that last year salary, you take on a pension obligation for what could be decades to come. >> reporter: and it all adds up. right now, calster's pension obligations are underfunded by $72.7 billion. we wanted to find out if spiking is still going on. but, calsters refused to release information. claiming in response to our public records request, that it doesn't maintain payroll information for members. something scott says is simply not true. >> having worked inside the
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pension fund for six years, i knew exactly which data there was on the accountened and it was primarily the salary data. >> reporter: he provided us with a calsters spread sheet showing dozens of spikes still happening. one as high as 91%. >> the final year really does lend itself to abuse. >> reporter: in sacramento, betty yu, kpix5. >> california's pension reform law also caps pensions for new hires and cuts back on special bonuses for all retiring employees. by the way, soon after scott left calsters reduced the inflated pension of cabrio former unified superintendent. he now gets $11,300 a month. >> we have been enjoying the sunshine. but we shouldn't get too comfortable. >> we can enjoy it for a few more dais. showers speaking into the forecast. we will talk about the weekend impact coming up. temperatures outside are
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getting chilly. livermore, 39. santa rosa, 39. waking up to march, it will be kind of cold. oakland, currently 45. nothing on the radar nor do we expect anything for the remainder of the workweek. 86% above average. as a proportion for the april 1 snow pack. we are already 62% above average of that. 30s tonight. redwood city, 37. san jose, 37. so, jackets for the kids headed off to school tomorrow. and for mom and dad headed to work. a high pressure building from our west. we had too much of this for about half a decade. now, we actually need it. we have had it for a couple of days. we will visit for three more days. this ridge getting closer and stronger giving us more sunshine tomorrow. and raise temperatures by five degrees. futurecast, the clock is rolling. nothing is happening behind me. why? no clouds. no rain, no clouds. futurecast, crystal clear, blue skies for your wednesday and thursday. a little bit cloudier on
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friday. weekend time, now, we are talking saturday afternoon. a few showers around. nothing heavy. nothing widespread. no flooding concern. but showers will be around not only sunday, but saturday. we have a chance of scattered showers. both weekend days. heads up little league coaches u. you may be moving practice around. dry mild comfortable beautiful weather the next three days. we have a shower chance now for both saturday and sunday. but, i can't say this enough. not going to be wash-out. flooding is not expected. vallejo, gorgeous. san francisco, a sunny 59. and, santa rosa, 63 degrees. extended forecast. pleasant. mid to upper 60ed inland. thursday and friday. a few showers saturday and sunday. not a wash-out. a couple of north bay showers on monday. we will likely dry out toward the middle of next week. so the timing, you know, not the best. it is march. more and more weekend activities. not a ton of rainfall, but sometimes a little bit of rain
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throws a wrench in the outdoor plans. >> at least we are prepared. >> now you know. yes. >> thanks paul. hey, do you know what is in your chicken sandwich? tonight, subway is crying foul. >> and we asked you tonight, do you believe tonight's speech signals a change in policy for president trump? here are the final results of ,,
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sandwiches. >> subway, the sandwich people, they are crying foul over a
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study about their chicken sandwiches. >> yes, according to a new dea test by the canadian broadcasting corporation, only half of subway's oven roasted patty is made with real chicken. what's the rest you might ask? well, subway admits its uses some soy filler. >> like 50%. >> but it deny it is report and says it uses 100% white meat chicken. >> all right. [ laughter ] i have been saying this all season long about the golden state warriors. the only thing preventing them from the finals might be an injury. they might be welcoming back an old friend tonight. because they might be losing one of their biggest stars. what happened tonight that has dub nation hoping for the best. ,
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have quite a good a night as donald trump.. >> warriors were in the nation's capital tonight, but they didn't have quite as good a night as donald trump did apparently. kevin durant injured his knee when he was running. durant left the game with a hyperextended knee. did not return. an mri is coming tomorrow.
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now, down one in the final minute, curry lay up to tie the game at 108. now, washington retake it is lead on free-throws. ten seconds left. cur ray misses and the wizards win. curry two of 20 on three ins his last two games. now, the team has to await the results of that mri. in response to durant's injury, the warriors are set to sign matt barnes who was waived by sacramento. he played for golden state's we believe team in 2007. barnes posted on instagram tonight, he is coming back to where it all started. at the swamp tonight, san francisco state opening the ccaa tournament against cal state la. second half, gators on the break. warren jackson up top. israel, hakeem for the ally- oop. the gators roll 93-67. paul trevor jacked out of his mind. they now face sonoma state in
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the semifinals. you are a gators fan on friday. they have submitted a plan for the raiders stadium in oakland to the nfl. now, owners could vote to approve the team's move to vegas at the league meetings. in late march. thornton picked up a career assist. tied. # 0 seconds left. look at patrick marleau's net. they add an empty netter. the sharks picked up janik hanson. so now, the sharks and the warriors jockeying for post season position. but the big worry tonight is the condition of kevin durant. but you know, he was able to put weight on it. and walk to the locker room. >> a big question tonight is how far will the gators go at san francisco state university? >> i am appealing to
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management. we should travel with them. >> the hall of famers. you have to travel ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,
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>> stephen colbert in a special edition of the late show is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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