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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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things starting to slow down here at highway 101. and it's likely going to be a mess well after the morning rush hour commute. now, this accident happened right before 11:00 yesterday. and crews don't think they are going to be able to fully re- open 101 until about noon today. noon. so they are going to take about half a day to clean it up. now, right now, two southbound lanes the first two left lanes are closed southbound on the embarcadero as well as the northbound off-ramp. investigators say the dump truck driver hit an overpass and cracked it on impact. that's why it is taking them so long for them to open up the lanes here so again the first two lanes going southbound highway 101 closed. as far as that driver now his condition is unknown but we are told that he was hurt but things starting to slow down here on highway 101. and the commute likely to be a
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mess for the next several hours until they open it up at about noon. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. we have roqui checking the traffic in that area with some alternates you might want to use this morning. roqui. >> absolutely, thank you, anne. 6:01. things are starting to slow down so southbound 101 in palo alto at embarcadero road, due to this traffic alert out there, you might want to consider 280 instead to avoid the slowdowns. as you can see, traffic is at about 57 miles per hour. and moving over now to the san mateo bridge, between hayward and foster city, things are starting to slow down a bit. that will take about 15 to 20 minutes. along the altamont pass, red arrows have commenced. 16 miles per hour at north flynn road so give yourself extra time to get through there. and if you are traveling to downtown san francisco, here's of a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on. expect about a 20-minute drive
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between the maze and downtown. let's move to mass transit. bart is on time. back on time from an earlier delay this morning. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. rain, rain and sun? >> thank you, roqui. how about if we start off with the sun and then the rain? 6:02, live hi-def doppler radar at this particular time not picking up a raindrop in sight. in fact, you do not need your umbrella today. even though we will see the increasing cloud cover. look at that right there. okay. stop what you're doing and look. i'm talking to you, miss makovec! look at that right there. >> it is beautiful. >> it is! it's our live weather camera from mount vaca official sunrise that happens in about, oh, let's say almost 30 minutes from now. santa rosa at 35 degrees. 36 degrees in livermore. it's in the high 30s around the peninsula. then the closer you get to the bay of the water the temperatures are in the 40s. otherwise, san jose at 43 degrees. three things to remember for this friday into the weekend. first off, increasing cloud cover.
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you saw the clouds there in the mount vaca weather camera on the increase. showers develop by around 6 p.m. on saturday around the central bay and slicing to the south scattered showers will continue into our sunday. here's the leading edge of the disturbance that develops out of the gulf of alaska which means, it has some cooler air mass associated with it. and generally, when these systems do come in, we have a reversal in the wind and it's more of an onshore push westerlies 10 to 20. temperatures coming down in comparison to yesterday. 50s at the beaches, 60s around the peninsula. not bad. but down from 70 degrees in the san jose area, back through gilroy to the mid-60s. down from 68 in concord to 62 degrees. mid-60s in pleasanton and also in danville. 59 degrees in mill valley. sonoma down from 70 to 62. full forecast is coming up. >> we'll track the rain together coming up at 18 after the hour. crews in parts of the bay area are hard at work trying to clean up after this winter storm. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in
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clayton where residents can finally get some relief as early as today. >> reporter: relief, the keyword, michelle, because these people desperately need it here in clayton. they have been without water for days but hopefully, later on this morning, they will finally get that water back. so we are live in clayton this morning. we are on the north side of mount diablo. that's about 16 miles from brentwood. last week a mudslide caused a water line to rupture closing a three to four hundred-foot stretch of road and forcing people who live around here to take a major detour around the repair work on morgan territory road. according to the contra costa county water district their crews will be out here today to install a temporary bypass so people can finally get running water again. the holdup has been this mudslide that took days to stop moving. but it finally stopped on wednesday, so 90 homes have been without water and patience is wearing thin. >> i have a job in brentwood. so my commute went down from about 45 minutes to 2 hours and
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45 minutes. >> make a plan and execute it and get us access to marsh creek road. >> reporter: another cutoff area is big sur. critical supplies were dropped by helicopter to the 450 people there because of highway 1 and pfeiffer canyon bridge closure. a crack is on the bridge now. so that's why caltrans engineers have been saying the bridge cannot be saved. but near morgan territory road hopefully by the end of the day here, people will finally get that water back and that will be huge. in clayton, jackie ward, kpix 5. president trump defending his attorney general jeff sessions and downplaying another undisclosed contact between his campaign staff and russian officials. roxana saberi reports reporter: president trump issued a statement thursday night calling attorney general jeff sessions an honest man labeling the controversy a total witch hunt designed to save face for democrats who
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lost the election. >> i have recused myself in the matters. >> reporter: even with the full support of the president, sessions recused himself yesterday from any justice department investigation into russian contacts with the presidential campaign this after admitting he should have been clearer during his confirmation hearing in january about his meetings with russian ambassador sergey kislyak. >> in retrospect i should have slowed down and said but i did meet one russian official a couple times. >> reporter: appearing on fox news, the former alabama senator continued to maintain his innocence. >> i don't believe anybody that was in that meeting would have seen or believed i said one thing that was improper or unwise. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham called the best decision for the country and department of justice but democrats say it's not enough. >> the fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath is grounds for him to resign. >> reporter: a senior white
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house official confirmed to cbs news yesterday, mr. trump's son- in-law jared kushner and former national security adviser michael flynn both met with ambassador kislyak back in december at trump tower. they described the meeting as an inconsequential hello that lasted for 10 to 20 minutes. roxana saberi for cbs news. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee says he may have to subpoena the fbi for more information into its russian probe. yesterday representative adam sheaf accused the agency's director james comey of withholding crucial information from the panel. a san jose woman accused of murdering three people in oakland is scheduled to head back to court for a plea hearing today. police say dana rivers killed a couple and their son back in november. when police arrived at the victims' home they found a 19- year-old lying in the street with gunshot wounds. his parents were found shot and stabbed inside the home which investigators say rivers set on fire. rowdy residents of a san
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francisco neighborhood made it clear they do not want a marijuana dispensary in their community. [ screaming ] >> why we have to listen to their garbage, no!! no!!! no!! >> the community room at san francisco's pd's terra val station was packed with angry people opposing a medical marijuana dispensary moving in. now, that man dr. floyd huen former oakland mayor jean quan's husband wants to open the first partially chinese- owned dispensary in the city at 32nd avenue and noriega. the crowd made such a ruckus as you heard the police had to suspend the meeting briefly. >> not enough access of medical cannibis to the chinese community. >> reporter: what's your concern about it? >> it's bad for our kids, bad for our schools, right? and also, you're going to bring a lot of crimes, bad people around in your community, why? >> dr. huen and his team left
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without getting a word in. time now 6:08. a group of bay area students is cashing in big time on the huge success of snapchat. >> a someone takes a joyride in reverse. >> 6:09. from the kpix weather center, we have one more dry day before the rain moves in. we'll track this incoming storm together. >> and here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. a beautiful sunrise, as well. okay. slowing starting at the palo alto traffic alert. we'll tell you how it's looking when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ two more people have died after a tragic house fire in oregon. good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check now 6:12. it is friday. yay! okay. taking a look at our live weather camera from souto tower looking towards the golden gate bridge. you can see a sliver of low
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clouds working its way into the bay. can't see the tip-top of the sutro tower there, standing 725 feet tall. these low clouds in advancement of increasing clouds with rain on tap for the weekend. the full forecast in less than 4 minutes. two more people have died after a tragic house fire in oregon. officials say a woman and her 13-year-old son who were critically injured died in the hospital yesterday. the fire also killed four other children, ages 4 to 13. one, the father, remains in critical condition. fire officials say a portable space heater sparked the flames. a wild ride in sacramento captured on video. take a look at this white car there. not being towed even though it looks like it. the driver just decided to crews backwards on wednesday for more than a mile and it turns out the registered owner has a long history of run-ins with the law. no surprise there, right? [ laughter ] >> not clear if the owner is the same person behind the wheel in the video. highway patrol says they aren't quite sure how many penalties
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this driver could potentially face if he or she is ever caught. a new tattoo school coming to the east bay is getting under a lot of people's skin. [ buzz ] >> matt decker owns premium tattoo in oakland. he is planning to open a for profit school for new artists out of his shop. but that's not how the tattoo industry normally works. it's usually a one-on-one apprenticeship system. there's some resistance to change. >> it's causing waves. >> it is. it is. >> does that bother you? >> um, i have always been a bit of a maverick. i feel that this is a better way. when things were tougher people would fight over this. nowadays you probably bet sued and say you can't do that. >> the school will begin accepting applications later this month and expecting to open in the next few months. snapchat is hoping for another huge day when the stock market opens in a few minutes.
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the popular messaging app went public yesterday at $17 a share. the stock closed just above $24. st. francis high school in mountain view was one of the early investors who made a lot of money yesterday. in 2012, a parent convinced the school to invest $15,000 in the small startup. five years later -- >> selling our two-thirds today is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of like $23 million. >> i'm not sure we would call it divine intervention, but i'll tell you what, it is -- when you can turn $15,000 into a vast amount of money this return will bring, then you have to say god's looking out for us. >> amazing. a good portion of that money will go to establish a financial aid endowment. >> are you doing snapchat now? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> doggie ears. >> bunny ears. >> i don't post anything. i'm old. i don't understand it. >> oh, please. >> i do the thing where you
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can, you know, face swap and all this stuff? [ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm not into it. really facebook and facetime we do that live and instagram and twitter and do it for tv and then we have our personal accounts. too much going on. personal emails of. then you have direct messaging. it's just like -- now what today is actually? national unplugging day. >> oh. >> roqui. >> how many -- how many days or types of days do we have in one day? >> earlier were you saying it's national tartar sauce day, make someone happy day, national employee day. >> listen up, boss. >> it's not national hug an anchor day. >> it's always that day! thanks, ladies. [ laughter ] >> i'm holding on a little too long. [ laughter ] in traffic, there is a problem. southbound 101 at embarcadero road, this is a dump truck. it hit the overpass and caused major damage to the truck of
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course and also a chunk of the overpass is falling now so this could cause a lot of problems in the future here. so crews are on scene closing down the two left lanes and also the northbound 101 off- ramp. we have just started seeing some slowdowns in the area. as you can see traffic moving at about 50 miles per hour. and also there's about a mile backup out there so if you want to avoid this road just in case the backup gets worse consider southbound 280 or southbound el camino real, but there are traffic lights there and might slow you down. to the south bay that's the peninsula, to the south bay commute, green all the way through. so you're looking good on 101, 280 and 87. moving over now to the altamont pass, slow traffic. 19 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road. so that's slow. you want to give yourself extra time to get through that. time to get through the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to downtown will now take you up to 30 minutes. wow, that's heavy. okay. mass transit. art, ace tra in, muni and caltrain all on time. i will send it to national roberta day which is every day. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody.
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[ laughter ] let's go ahead and take a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. no rain as of yet. we are tracking, however, a cold front that generated out of the gulf of alaska and it's heading this way. this is our live weather camera from our kpix 5 studios broadway and battery street. we're looking due east towards the port of oakland. and you can see a few clouds out there right now. clouds will continue to increase as the day wears. temperature-wise, we are in the 30s in santa rosa, 37 degrees in livermore. it's the high 30s around the peninsula and redwood city. otherwise, next to the bay of water we have numbers in the 40s from oakland through san francisco. san jose sporting 43 degrees. the winds have been relatively under 10 miles per hour. but these winds are going to rotate around more to a westerly flow which is an onshore "pushhhh" and increase 10 to 20 miles per hour so you're going to feel the difference. it will turn breezy. it will be slightly cooler todayas well with increasing cloud cover. this weekend, some scattered showers developing primarily in the north bay on saturday. the bulk of your saturday will be dry throughout the remaining
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portion of the bay area. and then we have the wettest system coming in on saturday night. we will be warmer next week. here's our satellite and radar. this is that big huge beautiful dome of high pressure that brought 72 degrees to santa cruz yesterday. it was 70 in sonoma and gilroy but now this area of low pressure you can see the core spinning its wheels right there dropping down south. futurecast illustrates by lunchtime today, cloudy north bay, everybody is mostly cloudy by the evening commute. here is the first chance of rain showers across the north bay in the morning hours. and then just playing tag with the north bay until that front passes through, 6:00, 7:00 in the evening hours. and then it sags to the south behind it a lot of instability. a lot of unsettled air mass. so therefore we'll keep the sporadic scattered showers in the forecast through sunday and even now early on monday morning. when we tally it up generally a quarter to .3" of rain across the urban areas, half inch in santa rosa, that is a low total
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for santa cruz. so we are not anticipating any flooding. but what does this mean for the 39th annual napa valley marathon? start time 45 degrees cloudy skies, 7 a.m. scattered rain showers and temperatures in the low 50s towards the finish in napa. 51 high sierra. springtime skiing. winter storm watch saturday afternoon through monday morning. we are anticipating two feet of snow above 5,000 feet. it starts saturday night, snowy sunday so you will need chains if you are heading to the tahoe area. 6:37 is our official sun-up. we are getting a glimpse of it already. you need your sunglasses out the door. but later today mostly cloudy. 50s, 60s across the board. down from 68 to 62 degrees. oncord, clayton and walnut creek. down from 70s in silicon valley to the mid-60s. 62 sonoma. over the weekend again
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scattered showers. now lingering into early monday. we do have dry weather slated for tuesday through thursday. with a warmer condition. that's a look at your friday forecast. we have more news coming up. ,,
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california -- just as investigators raid his home. good morning, everybody. the warriors got a taste of reality last night in chicago without kevin durant who is going to be out at least a month with that knee injury. steve kerr won three titles with the bulls but not a fond return to chicago. nothing came easy for the warriors. steph shot blocked but he stays with the play. he is up a prayer. warriors down one in the fourth. but chicago closed the game. dwayne wade hits for the three- point lead. and then the dagger with less than 2 minutes to go. curry and klay combined to go 3
6:25 am
of 22 from downtown. the splashing brothers couldn't bail them out. warriors lose 94-87. their streak without back-to- back losses ends at 146 games. that dates back to april of 2015, almost two years. colin kaepernick's efforts to shed light on social injustice played out on the sidelines last year when he refused to stand for the national anthem. >> when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent this country and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> no, apparently that time is now. kaepernick will reportedly stand next season when he signs the new contract. this decision comes a day after he opted out of his contract with the 49ers. also signed with a new agency company. cal losers to utah last night. 74-44. and the sharks winners over vancouver 3-1. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend!
6:26 am
it's 6:26. an arrest warrant is issued for the mayor of one northern california city as investigators raid his home. >> the morning commute is turning into a nightmare. where on 101 two lanes and an off-ramp are closed. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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governor. weather ad libs affic ad libs vice president vice president accused of using a private email account to conduct state business during his time as indiana governor. >> clayton residents may get relief after days without running water.
6:30 am
>> good morning, from our kpix weather center, dry and mild today. a gorgeous sunrise. we've tracking rain for the weekend. >> it is friday. here the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on and a traffic alert working in palo alto. just how slow is it? we'll tell you. it's friday, march 3. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm michelle griego. kenny choi is off. time now 6:30. the south bay commute will be a nightmare this morning. and it will likely stretch into the afternoon after this dump truck hit an overpass. maria medina life off at highway 101 in palo alto where the chp just gave an update moments of ago. maria. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. things really start to slow down here on highway 101. and chp just told us a few minutes ago we're learning why it's going to take them until noon to open 101.
6:31 am
they are waiting for a structural engineer from sacramento. also because that overpass that was involved in this accident has a 27-foot crack in it. two left lanes on highway 101 going southbound on embarcadero are closed as well as the northbound off-ramp here. this accident happened just before 11:00 last night. so again, it's going to take them about a half day until noon for them to re-open the lanes. chp tells us that a dump truck driver hit the overpass. he was leaving a construction nearby, he forgot to lower his dump truck and that's why he hit the overpass. again, it's a 27-foot crack. as for the driver, he was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. again, if you are headed toward the south bay, highway 101, the first two left lanes going
6:32 am
southbound are closed as well as the northbound off-ramp. and the reason why it won't open until noon is because they are waiting for a structurallier from sacramento to check out that 27-foot crack on the overpass. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. surprisingly, traffic hasn't been too terrible in that area but it is really starting to stack up. let's check in with roqui for the commute. >> if you are traveling into that area, let's talk about an alternate for you. so you will want to consider southbound 280 instead of southbound 101 if you are heading from the peninsula into the south bay because of course that embarcadero road dump truck incident that maria just gave you the details on, two left lanes are closed and the northbound 101 off-ramp closed until noon today. all right. moving over now to the south bay because that is the peninsula to south bay commute green through 101/280, 87 so the south bay is feeling that "friday light" traffic and if you heading to the altamont pass not so "friday light." 19 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road into livermore where it does free up a bit.
6:33 am
and then here's a live look at the beautiful sunrise. look at that. can't get any better than that. over the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic though, the maze to downtown will take you 25 minutes. let's head to mass transit. art, ace train, muni and calt rain all on time. roberta, did you see that? it's so beautiful throughout. >> oh, why he. yes. i ran over to our break room and snapped a photograph and put it on social media. the time check now is 6:33. we are taking a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. not a raindrop in sight as of yet. but because of the incoming system, we'll keep this up and going and also because of that disturbance heading this way we are starting to see the increasing cloud cover over the bay. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios corner of broadway and battery looking east toward the port of oakland and also the estuary. and the bay bridge. another view this time around looking towards the golden gate bridge. and we have a sliver of low
6:34 am
clouds above the golden gate bridge. roughly it's down to about 725 feet. i know that because you can barely see the top of the tower. that's how tall it stands from the bay waters. temperatures right now around the bay in the 40s, away from the bay in the 30s. and it's currently 43 degrees in san jose. the winds are up to about 10 miles per hour. now beginning to dial back. and notice the direction. these winds will be rotating around to the west in advance of the system that is coming in. and increased 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours so becoming breezy later with increasing cloud cover. it will be mostly cloudy by the evening commute. scattered showers developing for the weekend and it will certainly be warmer next week. we have this huge ridge of high pressure, right there. that ridge is eroding rapidly due to the incoming system. area of low pressure that's taken a nosedive out of the gulf of alaska south. our futurecast shows by lunchtime today the clouds filtering in from the north to the central bay making tracks towards the santa clara valley. mostly cloudy later on tonight,
6:35 am
we see the first chance of rain in the north bay by 9 to 11:00 in the morning. then flirting with most of the north bay all day before the front slices through south. as that happens, we will see the rainfall totals tally up and we'll share that with you coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. we do have storm damage all over the bay area from pothole- ridden roads to localized flooding. kpix 5's jackie ward standing by in clayton to tell us what we are facing there. jackie. >> reporter: anne, you know that a lot of people have felt a severe impact of the wet winter. some have had it worse than others. i think it's safe to say that the people of clayton have had it pretty bad considering that they haven't had running water for days now because of weather- related incidents. last week, a major mudslide forced them to close morgan territory road a stretch of it about 3 to 400 feet of it and force people to live around here to take a major detour
6:36 am
around the repair work. according to the contra costa county water district, their crews will be out here today to install a temporary bypass so people can finally get their running water back again. it's been a mess all over the state this winter which translates to california needs some financial help from the federal government especially in oroville. experts say the urgency of federal spending is life and death there! and the big question is whether president trump will agree to release those funds. the sacramento-san joaquin river delta is another area that's prone to flood vulnerability. the secretary of the california natural resources agency testified on capitol hill wednesday about flood control. >> we should use the opportunity that is presented by the situation to invest in existing infrastructure and fund innovative projects that leverage science to meet the challenge of extreme weather and variable precipitation and accomplish multiple benefits and goals within the investment. >> reporter: on tuesday, president trump told congress
6:37 am
that he would ask for a $1 trillion package that would be financed through both public and private capital to improve our country's infrastructure. now, he has yet to hear many specifics as to whether his plans include taking care of dams. meanwhile, governor brown has redirected $57 million in money to emergency flood control and response but he is also asked the state legislature for an additional $387 million for those efforts. in clayton, jackie ward, kpix 5. the san joaquin county d.a. is going after stockton's former mayor adding to his legal tr. arrt warrant is out anthony silva. investigators spent hours yesterday searching his home and the stockton kids club which silva heads up. they took computers and documents. silva's attorney says they were some sort of financial records. >> i have a feeling he wished he never ran for mayor. there's some indication that it had something to do with the stockton kids club because they did a search warrant there but
6:38 am
beyond that, um, it's pure speculation. i don't even know if there will end up being charges in this case. >> over the summer silva was accused of recording a game of strip poker with teens at his camp and providing them with alcohol. the felony recording charges were dropped. the other misdemeanor charges are pending. an oakland city council member wants the city to stop giving elected officials free tickets to events at the coliseum and oracle arena. last summer, kpix 5 investigation found several council members each received tens of thousands of dollars worth of free tickets in recent years. it is part of an agreement signed over a decade ago. we brought the issue to the attention of oakland's ethics commission and they launched an investigation. council member rebecca kaplan says selling the tickets could generate an estimated $400,000 a year to help fight homelessness and fund other city services. this morning vice president mike pence's office is reacting to reports that he used a private email account to
6:39 am
conduct state business. this is while he was governor of indiana. the indy star reports pence communicated with senior advisers using his aol account discussing topics including homeland security. that email account was hacked last summer. and throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, pence was a vocal critic of hillary clinton use of a private email account and server. >> why doesn't she go ahead and release all the 33,000 emails that she did not turn over to the fbi and to the congress initially? >> former clinton campaign staffers say pence's attacks against the democratic nominee were hypocritical. pence's office says his use of the account was legal. president trump meantime standing by his attorney general jeff sessions. yesterday, sessions recused himself from any justice department investigation into russian contact with the presidential campaign. sessions admitted he should have been more clear during his confirmation hearing in january about his meetings with the russian ambassador to the u.s. time now 6:39. ♪[ music ] >> east bay commuters fed up
6:40 am
with bridge traffic now have a better way to cross the bay. >> and there has been a big invasion of some pesky mosquito- like bugs in one part of the bay area. we'll tell you what's going on. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board. the dow is up about 24. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
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6:43 am
anthony mason joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." anthony mason joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. happy friday. ahead, jeff sessions recuses himself from any investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. we'll talk with john dickerson
6:44 am
about what's next. plus, first on "cbs this morning" a look at the game changing technology that could speed up airport screening and give security a 3d view of what's in your bag. i'm all for that. and we take you to antarctica to see how tourism could pay for a bigger share of scientific research. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. sounds interesting. in our financial watch, twitter looking to go after gamers with a live stream plan. >> joining us now with more on the social media giant's plan is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and anne. twitter says it's going to broadcast up to 1500 hours of had videogame competitions this year. it will be in a partnership with esl and dream hack. those are two companies that are heavily involved in competitive video gaming known as esport. it's a quickly rising area estimated to result in about $700 million in global revenue
6:45 am
this year and more than double that by 2020. twitter has really spent a lot on live streaming started to do so with the nfl live streaming thursday night nfl games in 2016 and has since extended that to all sorts of partnerships with major league sports teams here in the united states. twitter looking to keep its users engaged for longer, which is key for advertisers. fed chair janet yellow speaks in chicago this morning. all eyes are on her. the odds of a fed rate hike this month are up 75% to rising economic standards and rising inflation. and what yellen has to say about that will likely go a long way for the stock market today which is off to a positive start after giving back some ground yesterday. snap was a big mover yesterday. its ipo a big success. stock up 44% in its first day of trading and snap is heading higher once again today. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far on this friday morning.
6:46 am
dow is up 19 points. nasdaq up by 3. s&p down a fraction. snap up 8%. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. a new ferry service is hitting the bay with a promise of easing commuter congestion. >> the timeline marine group's new ferry route connect berkeley marina and pier 1 1/2 north of the ferry building is meant to alleviate traffic on the bay bridge and bart. they use a smaller boat that holds 40 people, $8 each way and the only disruption is high winds otherwise guaranteed to cross the bay in 20 minutes. >> you get your time back with your family a more pleasant experience going to and from work. >> the boat has free wi-fi, flat screen tv, wine and beer for the ride home. not too bad. >> happy hour starts early. 6:47. let's check traffic with roqui.
6:47 am
>> new ferry won't hurt us at all. 6:46. let's take a look at that traffic alert in palo alto. things are starting to get bad on southbound 101 at embarcadero road. let me talk about what happened here. since last night it happened just before 11 p.m. a dump truck hit the overpass at full speed damaging the truck and the overpass. so crews are out there blocking the two left lanes and also the northbound 101 off-ramp because they are -- this is going to be happening all throughout the day until about noon because they are waiting for structurallier to get on scene from sacramento. he will investigate. your alternate a two-mile backup on southbound 101 so consider 280 throughout the day and also for northbound 101, that is also slowed down to 34
6:48 am
miles per hour. take the university avenue exit. let's move to san jose. southbound 101 before tully a rollover crash blocking the left lane and if you are heading into the contra costa county area, slow on highway 4 also slow on 242 down to 680 as well and here's a live look at the beautiful sunrise over the bay bridge toll plaza? >> maze to downtown, 20 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. haven't used the hi-def doppler radar until monday. we have a storm that's heading this way right now. no rains in the bay area. but we have seeing some increasing clouds right there. that's our live weather camera looking from our kpix 5 studios past the embarcadero. past the bay bridge all the way to the port of oakland. with the increasing cloud cover over the mount vaca area, that's what it looks like there. isn't that glorious? increasing clouds as the morning wears. temperatures in the 30s in santa rosa redwood city, also in livermore. otherwise 40s the closer you
6:49 am
are to the bay of water. san jose now sporting 43 degrees. here's what you need to know for this friday. friday the month of march. increasing cloud cover throughout the day. it will be mostly cloudy by your evening commute. scattered showers this weekend. and then it's going to pan out to be warmer next week. here's the deal. high pressure big blocking ridge provided us with 72 degrees that warmer air mass yesterday in the santa cruz area. 70 in sonoma. 70 gilroy. well, that's history. it's beginning to break down due to the area of low pressure that is diving out of the gulf of alaska. so that tells you it has a lot of cooler air. it will be a cooler weekend. cloud cover continues to thicken as the day wears on. there's your evening commute. here comes your saturday. we see the rain pretty much confined to the north bay towards the delta in the morning hours and then the front slices through the bay area six, seven, 8:00 in the evening hours. that's when we'll see the most moderate rainfall. behind it, hit-and-miss scattered showers. a lot of instability with the passage of this cold front.
6:50 am
so we have to keep the showers working into the sunday forecast. and even early monday morning. but look at the tally. about a quarter inch to three- tenths inch of rain around the urban areas. higher amounts in the most mountainous areas of the bay area. maybe as much as an inch at tops. napa valley marathon spotty scattered showers during the marathon starting sunday at 7 a.m. in calistoga going up to 52 degrees. not bad. around the state today, temperatures: >> if you are heading to the north shore, north star, we will have the snow beginning by
6:51 am
saturday night through your sunday into early monday. chains are essential. meanwhile, your sunglasses may be essential this morning out the door but the clouds thicken, temperatures 50s and 60s. showers early north bay saturday, everywhere saturday night. scattered showers sunday into monday. pesky flying insects are swarming across the bay area thanks to the extra rain we have seen the last two months. pretty nasty. parts of marin county being hit especially hard. these tiny insects are called midges. the good news is they don't bite. they breed in mosquito areas like wetlands. so you can imagine there's plenty of breeding grounds for them right now. if you are in marin county, you might just take a few to the face. >> it's hard riding high bike. and, in fact, today brought
6:52 am
sunglasses because they just all get in my eyes. >> yeah. vector control says the swarm will stick around for a couple of months until things dry out. >> yuck. another wild problem in gilroy a mountain lion was spotted yesterday near a quiet residential neighborhood. police say the witness spotted it in the woods near longmeadow cord. there are rows of houses nearby. fish and wildlife have been notified. it's 8 minutes before 7:00. help on the way for a california community completely cut off because of all the recent storms. >> reporter: two lanes off highway 101 in palo alto closed as well as an off-ramp. why it's taking crews a half day to open it back up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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