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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 4, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is.
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this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california,
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in the deadliest fire in oakland history. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. now at 11:00 new information on the deadliest fire in oakland's history, we're now learning how the dozens of victims died inside the warehouse known as the ghost ship. good evening. i'm liz elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix5's andria borba is in the newsroom with the details. >> the coroner's office says 36 concertgoers were overcome with smoke and not killed by flames from the raging fire. the alameda county coroner confirmed the cause of death for the warehouse and artist colony known as the ghost ship. autopsies were performed in december. the cause of death has been known for weeks but came to life this afternoon when the
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san francisco chronicle called the coroner to check on the status of the investigation. the result is not surprising. smoke inhalation is the most chop cause of -- common cause of fire fatalities. oakland fire officials have yet to announce the cause of the fire. now the december 2nd fire was the deadliest in the united states since 2003. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. a group of robbers with an unusual nickname is under arrest tonight. police say the geisha dolls held up at least a dozen south bay businesses. kpix5's cate cauguiran is in san jose with the break that helped put the trio behind bars. >> reporter: san jose police called these suspects geisha dolls, robbers ha hide behind these signature mask -- that hide behind these signature masks tonight are all behind bars. they're responsible for at least 12 robberies in the san jose mill feet as area tear --
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milpitas area terrorizing liquor stores and gas stations. the trio charged into the store pointing a handgun at the clerk. in a separate robbery thtw robbers go behind the counter and grab cash and other items from the store. always they left one suspect makes the clerk get down on the floor before hitting him with a handgun. >> it's not worth a life. if something happens like that, nothing we can do, just open the cash register and give the money. >> reporter: arco avenue was one of the last places the suspects hit before getting arrested. frank told me it was thanks to an alert employee who followed the robber after they ran away. >> he stopped because the money fell down on the street. he went to pick it up and our employee got the photo. after that he return back to the office and called the police. >> reporter: frank says his co- worker's photo showed the get- away car's license plate and he said it was the break police needed to track down one
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suspect at his home. two weeks later police arrested the other two suspects. they're all minors. in san jose cate cauguiran, kpix5. tonight we're learning that two jail employees in santa clara county were recently arrested and are now on administrative leave. the mercury news is reporting that one is accused of hitting an inmate in the face back in august. the other allegedly made secret recordings while talking to his superiors in july. the sheriff is trying to crack down on misconduct by deputies in the jail after the fatal beating of inmate michael tyree in 2015. three deputies are set to go on trial for that murder later this year. potential standoff looms in berkeley when supporters of president trump hold a rally tomorrow. that's because counter protesters plan to show up at the same time. kpix5's christin ayers spoke to students who are worried the tensions may escalate to violence. s there
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>> we're -- to violence. >> we're definitely considering security. >> reporter: this man is organizing tomorrow's pro trump march, rich black saying he's doing it to make a statement about free speech in berkeley. after rioters stopped ultra conservative former brietbart editor milo yiannopoulos from speaking on campus at uc berkeley last month. >> what you saw on february 1st was innocent people even including bystanders being physically assaulted by these thugs. >> reporter: some of the rioters are believed to belong to the group by any means necessary. member benjamin lynch says they are planning a counterprotest tomorrow. >> we want to make absolutely clear any white supremacist or neo-nazi types looking to come to this event tomorrow, that's not happening in berkeley. we're going to defend ourselves. >> reporter: that is precisely what has some berkeley residents worried. >> it's just going to create another situation where berkeley ends up in the news for all the wrong reasons. >> reporter: lynch said should
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things escalate tomorrow, he won't rule anything out. >> it will be up to the fascists. if they're nowhere to be seen, guess what? no violence. if they're here attacking berkeley, then the movement should defend itself. a federal move that could impact a maker -- have an impact on silicon valley tech firms that involves the h1b visas which enable highly skilled workers to come into the united states. the government is now suspending what is known as expedited processing for those visas. the next six months under that expedited system companies could pay a fee to find out quickly whether a potential employee is eligible for the visa. more tension over the trump administration's stance on immigration after i.c.e. agents arrested a man as he was dropping off his kids at school. his teenage daughter recorded the incident in los angeles tuesday. the man being put in handcuffs had been living in the u.s. for
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more than two decades and his four children are u.s. citizens. a tv station in los angeles says the arrest is linked to a dui conviction from nearly 10 years ago and an even older problem involving an incorrect registration sticker. a judge has now granted a stay to block deportation. all lanes on highway 101 through palo alto are back open tonight after a dump truck crash caused some major damage. on one southbound lane embarcardero road had to be closed much of the day as caltrans cleared loose debris on a cracked section on the overpass. about 11:00 last night a dump truck drove down the freeway with its dump bed still in the upright raised position. that slammed into the bottom of the overcrossing breaking the concrete exposing the rebash leaving a 20 -- rebar leaving a
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27-foot crack across the bridge. the work will start overnight and continue through the weekend. sky drone 5 gives us a close-up look at a crumbling bridge in big sur that's so unstable people aren't allowed to walk on it. kpix5's veronica de la cruz slows us the closed bridge is one reason why hundreds of people are trapped. >> the bridge is one big problem and the other is a landslide shutting down roads leaving effectively 400 people stranded. today about 10,000 pounds of food, supplies and fuel were airlifted into big sur. the area is one of many hit hard by winter storms. >> this is a dire situation and i really worry that people don't understand how severe this really is. >> the airlifted goods should last two to three weeks. that's how long it's expected to take crews to clear out the mess south of big sur. as for fixing the bridge, that work could take months.
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an alameda county sheriff's deputy who dedicated decades of his life to keeping the community safe was laid to rest today in. concord more than 20 motorcycles led a funeral procession for deputy michael foley. he was working at the jail last week in dublin when he was hit by a bus. hundreds gathered for his funeral. deputy foley spent 29 years with concord police department and 10 years as a sheriff's deputy for alameda county. he is survived by his wife and two children. his son who is 18 has already said he wants to pursue a career in law enforcement just like his father. the fbi has arrested a man they believe is behind a number of threats made to jewish community centers across the country. 31-year-old juan thompson was arrested in st. louis today. he's a former journalist. the fbi says he made the threats after a breakup with his girl friend and in some cases tried to make it look like his ex was framing him. it's not clear if thompson is linked to any of the cases here
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in the bay area. headlines about vice president mike pence using a private e-mail account while he was governor of indiana caught the attention of more than the general public. hillary clinton spotted on a flight to new york staring at a newspaper headline. if you flip it around and read it, it says pence used personal e-mail in office. you'll recall that she was caught in a similar controversy during her presidential campaign. during a stop today in wisconsin vice president pence defended his use of the personal account even though the account was hacked. the white house pointed out that no classified information was ever involved. it's become a twitter war, president trump and government leaders sparring over who has been talking to the russians. weigia jiang reports now he's calling out two top democrats. >> reporter: president trump is spending the weekend at his florida estate. >> i do not rest at my house.
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it's all work. >> reporter: on the way there he stopped to visit a catholic school in orlando. >> you want your own business and you're going to make a lot of money, right? but don't run for politics after you do. >> reporter: the president also urged congress to support school choice legislation. >> education is the civil rights issue of our time. >> reporter: president trump may be away from washington for the weekend, but he can't leave behind mounting questions about his administration's contact with russia before the 2016 election. he took to twitter late friday afternoon calling for an investigation of house democratic leader nancy pelosi tweeting a 2010 photo taken on capitol hill of pelosi and other lawmakers with russia's president and ambassador to the u.s. pelosi initially denied meeting the diplomat. her spokeswoman said they never had one on one contact. pelosi fired back that the president apparently didn't know the difference between an official meeting and a secret meeting that attorney general
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jeff sessions lied about under oath. earlier mr. trump called senate minority leader chuck schumer a hypocrite tweeting a 14-year- old photo of schumer with vladimir putin at a new york city gas station. schumer twittered back he'd happily talk under oath about his meeting with putin. weigia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> tonight attorney general jeff sessions released a statement saying he will give a written update monday of his senate testimony. nine democratic senators sent a letter today demanding more details. new tone half a billion dollars to -- tonight half a billion dollars to restore bay area wetlands could be on the chopping blocked, leaked details of president trump's budget plan showing $2 billion in cuts to the enviromental protection agency. that could include $500 million in federal matching funds for wetlands improvements which california voters approved just last year. still ahead he barged in with a gun and smashed into
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jewelry cases, bay area police on the lookout for this man and they need your help. >> and a shocking discovery on a california beach, huge bundles of marijuana, how they may have ended up there. >> it's a cross between a car and a motorcycle and it could be the future of urban driving. we'll take you behind the wheel. >> and just when you thought it was safe to go out into your weekend, there's more rain on the way. we'll have all the details with,
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robber... minutes later... san francisco police say the man was inside a chinatown jewelry store ... knocking down a woma a gun. surveillance cameras captured these images of a would be armed robber. minutes later the man was in a chinatown jewelry store knocking down a woman and brandishing a gun, knocked down jewelry cases and left without taking anything. police are puzzled but still want to find the guy. >> you can see from the person's actions in the video this is someone who is
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dangerous. he goes inside, knocks someone over, waving around a gun. he has hammers and smashed in the cases. >> this happened at a jewelry store last month on grant avenue. investigators are hoping by releasing the picture and video someone will come forward and identify the suspect. big surprise on a southern california beach, bundles of marijuana washed ashore. people walking on the del mar beach discovered the bricks of pot about 7:30 this morning wrapped with plastic and duct tape. they were too heavy for most people to pick up. the feds may help with the investigation if it turns out there's a connection to the mexican border. the old eastern span of the bay bridge is down to its last few pieces. just three sections of the cantilever bridge are left on the bay. in the next 30 days a solitary truss on the water will be removed. soon after this two other trusses near the shoreline will be gone as well. then workers will concentrate
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on the concrete piers partially underwater. they will blow up some of them and dig others out of the mud. a legal settlement taking a bite out of the bottom line for a bay area restaurant chain. tacolicious agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a class action lawsuit. employees there claim they were denied breaks and had wages improperly withheld. the ceo is blaming loose record keeping. the settlement still has to be approved by a judge. only on 5 a rare look at an electric car with just three wheels. our betty yu took the toyota prototype for a test drive. >> reporter: it's a cross between a car and a motorcycle and a definite head turner. it's an i-road, three wheels and all electric and toyota's vision for the future in a packed urban city. there are about 100 prototypes in the world and some are already on the road as part of car share programs in tokyo,
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japan and france. >> it's not a car you'd want to go to costco or a big box stores to try to do a lot of big purchases or take on long road tripses. it's not a do everything vehicle -- trips. it's not a do everything vehicle. this is a perfect car for getting around town. >> reporter: i took the car for a spin at the sonoma racetrack where the toyota research institute headquartered in los altos put its latest tech innovations on display. it has a 70-mile range and can go up to 37 miles per hour. i feel like i'm in a tiny capsule flying into space. it's good to go after a three hour charge and it's tiny. when you turn the steering wheel, it leans like a skier. >> it's about three times more efficient than the best
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electric vehicle on the market right now because it's a lot smaller. >> reporter: the toyota research institute is working on adding extra sensors, software and technology to collect more data on the i-road and hopes to put these on bay area streets in the next couple of years. in sonoma, betty yu, kpix5. we really do have a craft that flies throughout outer space called sky drone 5 cruising over the santa cruz mountains today. the storm battered hillsides still show major damage as you can see. kpix5's kiet do shows us what caltrans repair crews are up against. >> reporter: this winter caltrans is in a battle for highway 35 against mother nature and it is not looking good. >> it looks very dangerous. >> reporter: sky drone 5 shoalings the worst is this section -- shows the worst is this section about a mile east of castle state park where a 50- foot chunk was sheered off taking an entire redwood tree
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roots and all. the damaged section is so steep and repairs so complicated caltrans has no estimate when it will be fixed. on bear creek road 1 1/2 miles west of highway 35 crews are working to rebuild a portion of road eaten away by the storms. they are using metal cages filled with boulders to shore up the foundation and widen the road back to two lanes. once they're done here another section of highway 35 in nearby redwood estates is crumbling. caltrans says this will also be done next week. even for locals it's hard to keep up with all the damage. the closures caught many drivers off guard. easy access to boulder creek from the south bayer has been cut off. it normally -- bay has been cut off. it normally takes a few minutes, but the deter takes a few hours. >> we have a drought and ask for water and get too much water and now we complain again, right? >> reporter: bear creek road done next week, highway 35 in redwood estates done next week,
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highway 35 near castle rock state park a big question mark. if they get slammed again this weekend by heavy rain, all the timelines will likely get pushed back. in the santa cruz mountains kiet do, kpix5. kiet mentioned about the rains and hopefully it's not too heavy this weekend. >> doesn't look too heavy. we'll get enough light rain this weekend to water the lawn but not much beyond that, about a few tenths of an inch of rain and chilly by sunday. now the numbers are mostly mid- 40s to low 50s and we won't do much better than that by sunday. we'll be all in the low 50s. hi-def doppler not much now. that will change in hours as this weak cold front presses south from out of the pacific northwest. it will drag a weak cold front over the bay area. the winds will pick up. cloud cover increases. the rain comes down such as it is, but it will amount to nothing more than showers from time to time. you can see on futurecast already we've got showers dotting the shoreline and as
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the futurecast rolls on through saturday about midday you can see the clouds increase, showers here and there. it can come down pretty good but briefly and then we'll get clearing. it will ease up and a few more showers. this takes us through sunday midday. we'll look for things to be a little wet and in the mountains snowy, as much as 2 feet of snow above 4,000 feet. so if you head to the mountains, give yourself extra time because the combination of gusty winds and 2 feet of snow will slow you down. cloudy tonight, a few sprinkles, showers this weekend through sunday night before we clear up. numbers tomorrow we manage mid- 50s, san francisco tomorrow 55 degrees and mid-50s for the south bay with clouds and a few showers. that will work as well for the east bay. showers continue into sunday. the numbers in the north bay, gets chillier the farther north you go, low 50s tomorrow and up in lake and sonoma counties mid- 40s tomorrow. that will be chilly up north. everybody is cold sunday.
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there could be a dusting of snow on the peaks of the bay area, diablo and hamilton could be wearing a little white cap sunday morning. by the time we get to monday through friday we dry out and by mid-week we're back to near 70 degrees. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,
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a san jose teacher's science lessons are about to take flight into the stratosphere. >> he will take part in the nasa airborne astronomy ambassador's program. ron wu from mt. pleasant high school is one of 39 teachers chosen from california. the program includes special training and flight aboard nasa's stratospheric observatory. they will peer through a
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special infrared telescope to scan the heavens for objects in deep space invisible from the ground. >> so having the aircraft flying at an altitude of about 45,000 feet or so, it will make it so that the images will be less distorted and hopefully i can take that information back to use it to teach my physics class. >> the teachers blast off in 2018 and will work alongside scientists from nasa. it's hoped the projects will help inspire students to pursue careers in science and technology. those of you a part of san francisco state, gator nation, i'll give you a reason to get happy like him. >> and it was ladies night in pac-12 tournament ,,,,,,,, >>
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coming up next on kpix5. >> basketball up top and a quick mention for a three-point for the mission bears, city
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champs tonight 41-40 over lowell. bears came back to win it. >> tara vanderveer in seattle, pac-12 women's tournament, cardinal in white already up 16- 0. brandy mcphee on the giveback from carly samuelson. washington state never beat stanford and it wasn't happening tonight. samuelsonn, six three balls tonight scoring 21. stanford rolls 66-36 and play oregon next who shocked washington tonight. cam has to be spectators now bounced in the quarterfinals by top seed oregon state. oh, the spirit was willing. here's an asia thomas shot to keep the women four, but oregon is on top for a reason. they roll with 26 tonight. oregon state going to the semi, 65-49 final. there's the pac-12 coach of the year. cal now 19-13, got to home for an at large ncaa bid.
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go ahead, feel it, san francisco state, 19th ranked gators in white against sonoma state. warren jackson had 18 and the conference semifinals inside and out, they held off sonoma state by 10, 65-55. the game a conference final saturday against san diego. to baseball, giants and a's cactus league style, a bottom 2nd big fly served up from jeff samardzija delivered off the bat of yonder. a's ,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow maria medina and jul the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:00. >> see you then. have a great weekend!
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when you have a dash cam, it creates peace of mind, safety, and security. you know that sinking feeling you get when, god forbid, somebody hits you, or somebody tries to break into the car, or someone that happens, and then it's "he said, she said?" well, now we've got the evidence right here. what the hd mirrorcam has done is take away the obstacle of having this extra thing stuck on your windshield. well, here's where we've developed a game-changer. we're going to take your rear view mirror and make it better. we're going to put a dash cam in your rear view mirror because this screen is build right into the rear view mirror. it slips over your existing rear view mirror with adjustable straps, and you have a built-in video recorder, a built-in dash cam. you're not gonna have an extra thing stuck on the middle of your windshield. well, i'll let jim explain how it works. >> so, here's what the hd mirrorcam looks like. this is the camera lens. so small and unobtrusive, it's
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less than the size of a quarter. you have these flexible straps that are going to wrap around any existing mirror, no matter how large or how small. when you turn it on, right there is your lcd screen, built right into the mirror, where you can view and play back your videos right from the unit. and you can turn off the screen while you're driving, and it will still keep recording. it records high-definition video and audio onto an sd card that goes right into the sd slot. you can use it to record what's happening anywhere outside of your car or inside of your car with the 350-degree swivel lens. it has cyclical recording, meaning you can record video on an endless loop. it also has motion detection. [ beeps ] so it'll turn on automatically if it senses any movement of someone walking around your car, for instance. and it has night vision led bulbs that let you capture crystal-clear hd video at night, as well. it also has one-touch picture mode to instantly snap a still photo even while it's recording video. finally, it has a g-sensor.
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so, if there's an accident, it locks down your footage and won't record over it. the hd mirrorcam is simply the most important tool you'll ever own for your car. >> we've all had experiences with reckless drivers, road rage, fender-benders, or, god forbid, a more serious accident. so, what's the first thing people start doing? >> pointing fingers. >> [ laughs ] right. because no one wants to admit fault and take the chance of getting sued or having your insurance rates go up. before you know it, you could be out thousands of dollars in legal fees, hospital bills, car repairs, insurance deductibles, and rate hikes. >> yikes. >> well, that's why the first time you use the hd mirrorcam, you're going to love it because it's gonna capture everything. >> everything. >> can you imagine the power of being able to show the police exactly what happened? >> people are driving crazy these days. they're running lights, they're cutting you off. now with hd mirrorcam, you capture it all.
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you not only capture the video in hd, but you also capture the audio of anything that's happening inside or outside of your car at any given moment all the time. >> wow. it's like having a black box for your car. >> exactly. >> now, i know that many of you may be thinking "the last thing i need is another piece of technology to worry about." but that's the beauty of the hd mirrorcam. it is so easy to use! and you don't have to think about it at all. >> you know what? let's show everyone just how easy the hd mirrorcam is to use. first of all, it's ready to go right out the box and really easy to install. it straps right over your existing rear view mirror, and the straps stretch to fit any size mirror. secondly, it turns on automatically when you start your car and turns off automatically when your turn your car off. you can set it to have the screen on or off while recording. >> the problem with so many things in life is they sound great at first, but if i have to remember to do something, i'm t


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