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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. wild weather around the bay area. rain and hail showering down. in the sierra, people were stuck in the snow. the roads shut down for 16 hours. a big delay for travelers coming home from a ski weekend. this is not the sierra. this picture was taken in south san francisco tonight. so much hail, it looks like several inches of snow have fallen along interstate-280. this is south of westborough boulevard. caltrans crews are warning people to use caution and drive slowly. >> hail is part of our wild weather today. there was also heavy rain. we caught a lot of people off
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guard. a snowy surprise for people near mount hamilton.>> it was snowing. i was super surprised.>> reporter: when his family left watsonville, it was bright and sunny. snow at the summit and flurries lower down the mountain forest a road closure and they had to turn around. we loose guide run 5 right in the middle of the action. >> this bicyclist found out about the sign the hard way. he had to walk his bike through the slush near the summit. >> elsewhere, hail caught people's attention. it came down hard near san francisco's twin peaks. a similar scene in san ramon and in livermore, he'll cover the ground and much of this pickup truck in white. how about some hail with your wine? sonoma's scribe winery, one of
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the many spots people pulled out their phones to capture the snow. the hail only lasted a few minutes in some places, but a big reminder that we still have a few weeks of winter left. at the end of it all, a sign that sunshine is on the way. >> the sierra also got hit tonight. plenty of fresh snow in the mountains. >> caused major delays to people returning from a ski weekend. interstate 80 reopened this weekend after all of the snow forced a nearly 16 our closure. chains are required tonight all the way to the nevada state line. >> the northwest shore of lake tahoe got slammed with snow today. with all that powder piling up, we show you that some people got frustrated. >> reporter: not everyone was expecting this much snow but the kids made the most of it. as parents not expecting the need for chains, they got to
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work. >> yesterday, whiteout conditions shut down i-80 from colfax to the nevada state line. leaving many people stuck. >> mother nature did not agree with us. we got stuck since last night.>> it has been four hours for us getting from reno to hear. >> reporter: michelle gordon and her family got stuck in reno overnight. they would have changed plans if they knew about the snowfall. >> nobody knew that the highway was going to shut down. >> it is not just at the higher elevations. the national weather service but snowfall on elevations as low as 15,000 feet there monday. with the snow, comes the chains. >> i am from louisiana.>> reporter: caltrans has checkpoints on-80 -- i-80. >> we knew there was possible delays that we can expect.
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>> it will all still unwind tomorrow with low pressure off of the pacific northwest that will sink over the bay area. kpix 5's high death doppler does not show too much out there right now. it shows the direction the next rain will come from in the north bay . there is some ice north of calistoga and over the san andreas fault. showers will continue later on tonight. we will have all of the details in the forecast in a few minutes. tragedy in yosemite today. a 21-year-old woman was killed by a falling tree. it happened in the half dome village earlier today. strong winds and hail when sweeping through the area. the village was shut down to visitors this afternoon. the woman's name has not been released. a fast-moving fire forced dozens of people out of a vallejo motel today. some of them told maria medina their fire alarms never went off. >> i heard somebody say my room is on fire.
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it got to our room pretty fast.>> reporter: tammy bernhardt woke up to screams and then the flames.>> he woke us up. he got us out. >> reporter: his mother says tanner woke up their family giving them enough time to grab a few belongings with only minutes to escape.>> he told everyone the building was on higher. he made sure he knocked on other people's doors.>> reporter: the fire at the travel in in vallejo happened just before 9:30 pm. it happened in a room on the first floor, quickly spreading to the second floor because of a fuel can left on the balcony. several of the three dozen victims claim their smoke alarms did not work.>> there is no smoking detectors. there is nothing. >> reporter: a man who says he worked for the hotel told kpix oke alarm. he refused to answer any
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questions. >> reporter: one of the workers told me they have working smoke detectors.>> go get him and bring him here and tell me he is a liar.>> tanner and his family say they lost what little they had.>> i am alive. that is the best thing i've got going.>> reporter: it could have ended much worse.>> i am not worried about nothing but being alive.>> we don't have much left. i have my kids and i have my animals. >> reporter: in vallejo, maria medina, kpix 5 police in pittsburgh are investigating a deadly drive-by shooting . a 48- year-old man was shot and killed in a drive-by along carpino avenue around 3 pm. the 43-year-old man was also shot but will survive.
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no word on any suspects. questions tonight about why police in berkeley took a hands- off approach when fistfights broke out that yesterday's pro trump rally. officers stood by in riot gear is protesters clashed with supporters. both sides were left beaten and bloodied. police arrested 10 people all. former oakland police chief howard jordan says the situation seemed to call for more intervention.>> the fact that your officers were insulted -- assaulted, officers could have prevented that. >> reporter: police released a statement today saying they are not always able to make immediate arrests without inciting further violence or injuring bystanders. the former mayor of stockton is behind bars tonight after he was arrested at sfo. fbi agents brought anthony silva into custody on a felony warrant this afternoon after returning from a trip to colombia. he was taken to san joaquin jail and is facing a number of charges including embezzlement,
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grand theft, misappropriation of public funds and money laundering. last week, investigators served a search warrant on his home and the stockton kids club which he runs. they carried out computers and boxes of documents.'s attorney says silva is innocent. >> he does get a bad rap. it is because he is constantly having to face these types of allegations.>> he may be an easy target. he may not always exercise the greatest discretion. it is probably discretion that exceeds many of the people.>> silva could be arraigned early next week. he is being held on $1 million bail. rencen family came together tonight to remember a san jose little league president who was killed outside a bar last month. job ask as was there for tonight's -- basque as -- job ask as was there for tonight's fundraiser. >> he was our protector and
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hero. >> reporter: frank was president of east ridge little league where he has spent most of his time as a player, coach, volunteer, mentor. >> he did not just touch lives, he left an everlasting mark. >> reporter: he was also security manager at a bar. his boss as a customer presented a fake id and was turned away last saturday night. later, that man came back with a group and frank was stabbed in the neck. >> the assailant came back 15 minutes later and attacked frank from the side.>> he never even saw them.>> two men are in jail. 32-year-old robert release and aaron by a hell are both facing murder charges. >> reporter: frank's friends put together this fundraiser tonight and are planning others over the next couple of weeks to raise money for funeral expenses.>> those closest say he enjoyed karaoke and would have loved this event. his family was here. they were moved to tears at times but said they did not want to talk on camera.>> the
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family is going through a lot. they want to let everyone know that they really appreciate all their prayers. they are really overwhelmed by how everyone is coming together. they can feel frank's love.>> reporter: in san jose, kpix 5 hundreds of marines under the microscope accused of sharing nude photos of their female colleagues online. a big change to the us immigration process. the dramatic toll it could take on the bay area workforce. a congressman climbs the us- mexico fence firing back at president donald trump. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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think. at least according to this mexican congressman. "braulio guerra" scaled this fence along the border i climbing over the us-mexico border may not be as hard as you think. this mexican congressmen scaled the fence along the border in tijuana. he says he wanted to show that president donald trump's plan to build a border wall would not be effective. he says he could have easily crossed over into the us. mexican consulates in the us are working to ease fears about president donald trump's immigration plans. this weekend, they opened the prince defense centers -- immigrants defense centers. the centers are designed to provide legal assistance and representation to mexican immigrants in need of support. mexico is spending $54 million and hiring more than 300 workers to operate the centers.
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president donald trump could sign his new travel ban as early as tomorrow. the previous order temporarily banned travelers from seven muslim majority countries from coming to the us. it was signed by president donald trump on january 27. a day later, a federal judge in new york temporarily blocked part of the ban. on february 2, president donald trump eased travel ban restrictions for green card holders. then, the next day, a us district court judge blocked key revisions of the order nationwide. about one week later, the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled against reinstating travel ban. president donald trump's latest immigration change could take a big toll on the bay area workforce. it affects each 1b visas. kpix 5's cable darren explains. >> reporter: legal immigration will change as we know it. donald trump's administration is suspending premium processing for h1b visas. those visas allow employers to bring skilled workers to the us. the visa is currently in high demand and given out as part of
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a lottery system. it can take up to six months or longer to be reviewed. the premium option includes applications get expedited meaning reviewed within 15 days. >> legal immigration is an altogether different thing. silicon valley was built along the premise of people coming here illegally and pursuing a path to innovation, entrepreneurship and posterity. >> reporter: russell han is the president and ceo of joint ventures silicon valley. he says this move will directly impact tech workers in the bay area. >> silicon valley is mostly people that are not from silicon valley. 50% of our population is coming from some other place in the workforce. when you shut that down, you shut down silicon valley.>> reporter: the trump administration's latest visa move that only affects the tech industry but could have major impacts on health care workers. according to the american association of medical colleges, the 81b visa let's 16,000 foreign doctors come and work in the us. one healthcare worker and immigrant we spoke with told us that people have different
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views. >> reporter: president donald trump accused companies of abusing the program as a way to hire foreign workers and take jobs away from americans. this move is protecting the public.>> if you are a bad person or you have a record in your country, i think you aren't supposed to go to this country. this country has protections for their people. the government says the extension will take effect on april 3. president donald trump is accusing former president barack obama of wiretapping his bones. now, he wants congress to look into the allegations. the president has offered no evidence. mr. obama has denied the charge. some senior intelligence officials are already saying it did not happen. james clapper, the director of national intelligence during the election said if the fbi conducted such wiretaps, he would have known.>> at this
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point, you can confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can't deny it. there is no court order.>> anything at trump tower? >> no.>> reporter: law enforcement sources confirmed that it ti director james comey has sent a message to determine officials asking them to publicly reject mr. trump's assertion because of falsely suggests the app the i broke the law took some democrats are suggesting this is the president's way of trying to divert attention from questions about his campaigns contact with russian officials. attorney general jeff sessions is expected to file an amended congressional testimony tomorrow. he will acknowledge his conversations with the russian ambassador that he failed to disclose during a senate confirmation. a number of us marines are under investigation for sharing nude photos of female service members on social media. kpix 5's paula reed reports they are accused of using a secure facebook group to do it.>> reporter: the secret
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marines united facebook group had hundreds of marines as users. reportedly, thousands of photographs of naked female service members and veterans were shared on the page. users made i've seen comments. it was taken down within hours of the start of an investigation one month ago. in a statement, marine corps sergeant major ronald l green said we must do a better job of keeping marines what we expect of them. i expect all marines to treat one another with dignity and respect whether it be in public, behind closed doors or online. a marine corps officials said investigators are most concerned about the victims. many of whom are identified by rank, full name and military duty station. the online activity was first posted by the warhorse, a nonprofit news organization run by a marine veteran and purple heart recipient. within hours, he became the target of online threats like water board this pos and i will
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pay $500 to the dude who can get good news of his grow. -- nudes of his girl. >> i think this is a good gut check for people. we have all scrolled past things we should not tolerate.>> reporter: this comes two months after the first female infantry marines headed to cam june. if a marine fared a photo of another person i was taken without the person's consent, under circumstances in which the other person had reasonable exultation of privacy, the rain could be subject to criminal proceedings. paula reed, cbs news, washington. all the rain we have gotten this winter could still make for an active wildfire season. fire officials say the extra water has caused more vegetation to grow which could in turn cause wildfires to spread faster. they are doing emergency drills ahead of the wildfire season. they say it is important to remember that we are still climbing out of a five-year drought and that there are millions of dead trees in the
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sierra that could help fuel fires. let's have a look at some of the totals which were very impressive. san francisco turns out to hold the rain benefit the most rain. that is fairly rare. 1.34 inches of rain in san francisco. mountainview picked up a third of an inch. redwood city more than an inch. in livermore, 7/10 of an inch. in the north bay, santa rosa half an inch. as we look live tour the date -- bay bridge, it will get chilly tonight. we have snow on the peaks in the bay area. a cold air coming out of the gulf of alaska. it moves closer to the bay area. tomorrow we could see some scattered showers. the potential for some hail. high-def doppler shows all these showers lazily drifting in this flow over the bay area. up in the north bay, a little
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bit of ice north of calistoga as you head up the winding roads toward cobb. hi jeff doppler is also showing some showers beginning to unwind. those are the showers that will begin to work their way south into the central bay area. we have more rain developing. overnight tonight, you can see over the central bay area some showers. it is not concentrated and heavy. it is widely scattered. from time to time tonight, we will have a few showers and then as we get into the overnight hours, we will begin to dry out. tomorrow's winter storm warning is still posted with as much as 3 feet of snow. here is what we are expecting. unsettled weather continues. a potential for sun, wind, rain and hail. then it will start to clear up.
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models hint at the next system coming in next week and. overnight lows tonight, mid 40s for the most part. daytime highs tomorrow will be mostly in the mid-50s. extended forecast after we look at the snow is calling for showers tonight and showers tomorrow. not as much as we have had. increasing sunshine tuesday. by the weekend, we will pick up some clouds. the numbers warm into the mid- 60s. coming up, the golden state warriors trying to avoid a three-game losing streak. joining us in studio, kevin franzen who is not just a former san francisco giant, but a radio talkshow host.>> breaking a rare losing streak. ,,
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today they opened a new bridge that will open traffic coming off i-80.. to its ront space. the city of hercules is taking a big step toward better transit. today they opened a new bridge that will open traffic to its waterfront space. they are calling it the path to transit. city officials are hoping this will be the beginning of a major transportation project that will bring the city a new bus service, commuter rail line and even a very service. they say easier access to the city will attract more people and businesses. starting tomorrow, cross bay commuters
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will have more options for getting to work pick the golden gate ferry will launch its new service between tiburon and san francisco. also, the new very service will link the berkeley marina to san francisco. it is a smaller 40 person boat that has wi-fi, if i screen television and even beer and wine for the right home. the 20 minute trip will cost you eight dollars each way. a tiny dog rescued from california's floodwaters. the all-out effort to get it to safety. ,,,, imagine if the things you bought every day
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it nearly drowned in southern california because of all the recent rain. a little chihuahua is getting used to its new home tonight. >> his is a chihuahua the nearly drowned in southern california. last week in riverside, workers heard the straight chihuahua crying in a flooded channel. it had gotten caught in the water and swept through a storm drain. the workers used a letter to paul the dog out. the puppy was exhausted by the time they got to it. >> it was shivering and scared. it was really cold that day. it was raining all day. the water down there is cold.>> riverside county animal services put the puppy up for adoption and he ended up here. we will be right back. keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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