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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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with her husband, their 2-year- old son and her husband's parents. the sikh community says singh has been part of the community for years but no one knew of trouble at home with the daughter-in-law. >> reporter: there is a large sikh community here in suisun city and fairfield. we came here to find out more about singh. he is a member here and they said he was a volunteer, he was very quiet and he would sit in the back for prayer on sunday but they never knew of any violence or any arrests history but tonight he is in jail on a murder charge. >> sounds like a very complicated sort of inside family situation. did investigators tell you that the father-in-law confessed to them right away? >> reporter: it was not right away. the whole neighborhood was on edge wondering if there was a suspect on the loose. it wasn't until midnight that the father finally confessed that there was an argument over a bike and that it was the final straw. but there was a language barrier so he had to get a translator to interpret what he
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was saying so maybe that's why it took a long time during the question and answer period. that's the latest here. >> thank you, juliette goodrich. a special look this evening at how the bay area is marking international women's day. thousands of women here and across the country are making a point to highlight the economic and political power of women. one of the bigger rallies was held earlier today outside san francisco's city hall. about an hour ago chopper 5 was over another demonstration in san francisco. dozens of protestors blocked traffic as they marched along market street holding signs. now another rally is kicking off in oakland. kpix 5's jessica flores is there live. >> reporter: well, the event is kicking here at frank ogawa plaza and people spent the day celebrating a day without a woman in different ways by either not going to work or wearing red or maybe just not buying anything today except from women-owned businesses. we did talk to one of those
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women owned businesses. she tells us why she kept her doors open today. in this small bake shop women wrote postcards to lawmakers demanding a "seat at the table" and an "equal slice of the pie." carolyn burke is owner of the company. although some women across the bay are skipping work on this international women's day, she is opening her doors and her employees came to work. providing a space for women to take action. >> we wanted to be open. this is a community spot, we're a gathering place and we wanted to do something pro-active rather than sitting back. >> reporter: jc clark took the day off from her job as a special ed. teacher to wrong to congress and the president. >> we are looking at pay and health. >> reporter: the issues on the postcards as diverse as these women. >> i said immigration to protect immigrants' rights, immigration has been the
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foundation of this country since 1607. >> reporter: healthcare. >> there's women's health issues. the environment. >> reporter: claire cassidy took pictures of the women with a single word written across their chest. >> i feel empowered. today is really about why should it be only one day? this should be hang every day. >> reporter: whether knitting, baking or writing women here making their voices heard. and there are a couple of hundred people here women and men and children making their way here still and we're told that this event goes until 9 p.m. and at some point there's supposed to be a flash dance mob. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. first lady melania trump hosted a luncheon for international women's day her first solo white house event. about 50 women were there including ivanka trump, second lady karen pence and white house counselor kellyanne conway. on wall street a new statue
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getting attention. it's of a girl staring down the charging bull. an investment company put it up to ask corporations to add more women to their boards. six family members face charges in the murder of a beloved san jose little league coach. kpix 5's devin fehely on how a tattoo may have led to the deadly stabbing. >> as terrible as it sounds, this tragedy occurred over something as simple as a confiscated driver's license. >> reporter: according to newly unsealed court documents, prosecutors say beloved baseball coach frank navarro was killed in a dispute over a facial tattoo and fake id. investigators say murder suspect joseph escobar tried to get inside the tres gringos where frank works security but was stopped at the door. >> tres gringos had the policy that they don't allow people inside the nightclub with facial tatoos. so joseph who has a tattoo on his eye covered up with makeup and asked his brother santos for his identification so he could get in. >> reporter: prosecutors say security guard confiscated the id and when he refused to give
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it back, joseph, his sister priscilla and brother santos called their cousins for backup. a fight broke out and when frank tried to intervene, prosecutors say santos stabbed him to death. all six family members are charged with murder. >> justice needs to be served. it was senseless. >> reporter: prosecutors charged all six defendants with murder not just the one who did the stabbing. they say that's because all of them went to the nightclub with the intent of having a violent confrontation with security and are equally responsible in the eyes of the law for its deadly result. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. we're learning tonight that a san jose woman who was in a small plane that crashed in riverside last week has died of her injuries. stacey pierce had been in critical condition for nearly a week. a family friend made that announcement on her "go fund me" page today. she was one of five people on
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the plane that crashed shortly after take-off. pierce had been battling serious burns and lost both legs in the accident. three other people were also killed in the crash. you could call them berkeley's most wanted. police releasing new photos showing violent protestors in action. take a look. these pictures were caught on camera as things got violent at a pro president trump rally last weekend. berkeley police arrested 10 people on the day of the fights. more than 150 counter protestors showed up to the rally. some armed with sticks, bats, shields and helmets. their goal, to derail what was supposed to be a demonstration in support of president trump. berkeley police say the first amendment rights of those trump supporters were hindered by violence. house speaker paul ryan is defending the republican healthcare plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the trump administration is getting ready to pitch the proposal directly to the public to try to get around a surge of opposition. it's coming from democrats and healthcare industry groups as well as some conservatives. president trump and supporters will try to sell the plan
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through local radio and television interviews and through meetings with stakeholders. >> this is what good conservative healthcare reform looks like. it is bold. and it is long overdue. and it is us fulfilling our promises. >> next week the congressional budget office will give us a better picture of how much the plan is going to cost. in the meantime, some good news for the republican national congressional committee. it raised a record $10.5 million in february. that is the first full month of gop control in washington with republicans leading the white house, the senate and house of representatives. the alameda county city of dublin is saying no to a sanctuary city policy. people on both sides of the debate packed last night's council meeting. sanctuary cities often have policies in place to limit enforcement of federal immigration laws. but opponents in dublin say they feel an outright label is
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not necessary in their town. they say it could create more problems than solutions. >> we have been working together, living together, partying together, supporting one another, all this time. we felt that slapping a sanctuary tag on this city solved no issue but could create multiple issues. >> opponents of the proposal say they believe that honoring existing immigration law is important and that a sanctuary city policy may create a slippery slope when it comes to enforcement. city of salinas plans to sue president trump over his executive order to cut federal cash from sanctuary cities, counties and states. salinas has not declared itself a sanctuary city. still, city leaders say, they are afraid of losing $10 million in federal money. san francisco and santa clara county have filed similar lawsuits. a man who had been deported to mexico five times is now charged in a drunk driving crash that killed a los angeles mother. sandra duran was driving home from church last month when the
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man hit her. the d.a.'s office says the suspect alvarado has three prior duis. federal authorities say he has been deport five times since 1998, most recently in 2011. >> it hurts when somebody out of nowhere just takes your daughter's life and then you see the record he had. why this guy on the streets? why didn't they put him away? >> the driver faces murder, vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving charges. he pled not guilty. new study reveals that part of california is about 60 years overdue for a major earthquake. geologists studied the area of the grapevine near frasier mountain. they found what they thought were two fault lines running from san diego to los angeles. they are actually a single system raising the potential for a major quake. >> what could happen if the
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1857 earthquake happens today? the numbers are frightening. $200billion in property damage. that's billion with a b. >> yeah. >> 50,000 people injured. 5 major skyscrapers toppled because of a gigantic earthquake. 7.8 in this study. >> the timing remains very unclear. researchers say the quake could happen at any time. a nasty crash shut down the richmond bridge for an hour today. you see an suv got smashed up right there. all lanes were closed at about 2:30 this afternoon. those lanes are open in time for the evening commute. no word on the condition of the driver. another mudslide mucking up the commute. ♪[ music ] >> coming up, not one or two but three mudslides in the same spot in just a few weeks. when this marin county road could open back up. >> plus, catholic guilt put on hold. what one bay area bishop is encouraging you do on st. patrick's day. >> whoo! >> don't want to bark but no
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place to park? >> rapping request, why one man is hoping hip-hop will help the parking situation in his neighborhood. bark...ang,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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say what? don't want to bark but no place to park? what you saying? that ain't good. angle parking is what we need. >> that's one way of trying to get your message across. a san francisco man took a public hearing to a whole new level after he started rapping his complaints over parking. but that's not the only thing he did. >> as kpix 5's wilson walker shows us, he also managed to come up with a solution. >> right here. >> yes, thank you. >> reporter: when christopher logan stepped in front. sfmta board board of directors he didn't just have something to say. >> two things, yo, living in the bayview since 99, love it there, almost all the time.
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>> they probably were not expecting someone of my age to start rapping. >> we got the best my bayview buds, the stuff you all wants but this wasn't a bayview act. >> reporter: he was rapping about something that sends the residents off the chain. [ rap ] >> reporter: complain parking along palou avenue, he proposed a solution. >> angle parking is what we need. angled parking is what we need. >> there's no cost to the city to just paint some angle white lines. it significantly helps parking. >> reporter: in case you're wondering this wasn't arranged ahead of the meeting. >> no. i have never rapped before. i have no musical talent whatsoever. >> say what? no place to mark, what you mean? i go to work and i like too park. no cost, no cost, none of the time. >> you refined it a little bit. >> i did. >> reporter: the big question, did that little bit of civic
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freeform jazz odyssey produce any results? well, the chair of the board did ask staff to review the situation so if you want to see some parking changes in your neighborhood, you might need to consider a different strategy. >> give me angle parking please. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> reporter: in san francisco's bayview, wilson walker, kpix 5 >> well done. the battle between uber and the california dmv appears to be over. at least for now. the company yielded to the state's demand and got permits today to test drive its self- driving cars in california. uber says the vehicles are not on the road now but could be soon. uber has been in a standoff with the dmv over getting the $150 permit since december. other bay area headlines tonight. one of the biggest fines ever dished out by muni. a driver now owes $55,000 for driving into a muni tunnel at debose and church streets damaging a track switch causing disruptions on the judah and j-
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church trains for about two days last week. "sky drone 5" flying over marin county showing you a landslide along sir francis drake boulevard near fairfax. it will remain closed into the morning commute tomorrow at least. that hillside came sliding down again. the same thing happened there about two weeks ago. marin city is expecting an economic boost thanks to a new target store. it is set to open this weekend at the gateway shopping center. the store will employ about 75 people. >> i have lived here all my life. we have been waiting to see something like target come here. you know, build our community up. and it's exciting to work here also to be a community member here. >> they are extremely excited about the grocery department especially since they are considered kind of a food desert out here. so that's something that they are extremely excited about. we got a lot of positive feedback. >> the opening is set for 8 a.m. on sunday morning. they will be handling out complementary reusable bags for the first 1,000 customers. state senator kevin deleon
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is on a mission to get answers about san jose's flood disaster. he met with the mayor, the city leaders today to talk about flood protocols along the coyote creek. >> i do have some concerns when the water district hires a very expensive pr consultant. right now we don't need more pr consultants for spit and to place the blame on others or to point fingers. we need facts. we need questions to be answered. so this never happens again. >> deleon says he will be talking with other lawmakers in sacramento about whether a hearing should be held about what was done in the days leading up to the flooding. obesity rates in the united states are at an all-time high. but instead of people trying to shed those extra pounds, more and more americans are giving up on dieting. >> kpix 5's kiet do explains. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. we're here at achievement fitness transformation center in san jose.
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this looks more like a nightclub than a gym. but you have 3 dozen people very focused on trying to lose weight and get healthy. this goes counter to what the cdc is reporting which says that more americans than ever are okay with being overweight. [ yelling and music ] >> reporter: heidi is a work in progress as a grandmother who has lost nearly 100 pounds, she is stronger, leaner, weiser more wise. >> i don't care how much i lose. i keep pushing myself to see what i could do. >> reporter: the cdc has been tracking obese adults trying to lose weight from 1988 to 1994 only 56% trying to shed pounds. but from 2009 to 2014, that number went down to 49%. the study's author from georgia southern university says that socially acceptable body weight is increasing. the owner says that's still no excuse to skip the gym. >> i think everybody should do
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the exercise. i think everybody should eat right. i think that everybody has the ability to be comfortable in their own body. and they just have to have the right mindset. >> one more. >> reporter: at evolution trainers in mountain view the owner has been in fitness for 20 years and says attitudes are changing. she says the signs have gotten better so clients know there's more to being healthy than just being skinny. >> i think that's a good thing to have a hole think body image not be -- to have a healthy body image not to be so attached to their weight as long as they say they don't need to exercise at all. >> are you comfortable with who you are? >> i'm okay. i'm better than i was. i have come a long way so, yeah. [ yelling ] >> reporter: this place is so painful. they are doing a plank challenge here. the winner the last man standing gets 20 bucks. so the study's authors have had a couple of theories as to why this is happening. they think that fat shaming is happening a lot less now. they think that there are more diverse body images that we are seeing in the media. but they also think that as you get older and try to diet and
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it doesn't work, more americans are giving up. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] and this may change the st. patrick's day menu for some people. oakland's catholic bishop says it is okay to have a traditional corn beef that day. even though it's a friday during lent. normally catholics abstain from meat on fridays. but bishop michael barber is giving people a pass since st. patrick's day march 17 is on a friday this year. he is encouraging people to sacrifice something else that day or perform a charitable act. your local fish market may beg to differ on that. we have 70 degrees away from the water today. did you enjoy it? or were you stuck in the office? i have good news. there's moreto come. low clouds already at the beach. we'll talk about how long they stick around, too. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it's the kind of partnership you only see in the bay area.
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maybe you heard that joyful noise throughout your neighborhood hide. the kids were outside playing, loving the weather, hopefully mom and dad were as well, temperatures hitting the low 70s today and we're going to do it, oh, about six or seven more times over the next week. san francisco a little taste of summer. it's only 59 for you but 69 off a high of 71 in santa rosa, mid- 60s oakland livermore and san jose. as one would expect, you would be correct. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is dry. even mendocino county sheriff's deputy has no rainfall. for the water year, though, we are doing just fine. santa rosa 82% above average. livermore 79% above average. 48% above average for san
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francisco and san jose, 30% above average. if it didn't rain from now through the summer, we would still be above average for the water year. tonight, a little bit of cloud cover, milder, this is a taste of spring, you will need the heater tonight. 40s and low 50s. the nights are getting milder and afternoonses will get warmer. welcome to a blocking ridge of high pressure. we have had a few of these over the winter. there are still storms out there hitting the wall in the atmosphere going up and over,rain for portland, rain for seattle, not rain for the bay area. that blocking ridge of high pressure will hold on for the next several days keeping us on the dry and warm side of a still very active storm track. that said, coastline, some fog is possible. half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco tomorrow morning, marin, sonoma county, we'll see those clouds hug the coastline throughout the day. tomorrow, though, or late tomorrow into friday, we'll see more of a northwest wind take over so fog will not be prevalent friday morning. it will be there tomorrow morning at the coast but not
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friday. inland we are going to stay sunny for a while. san jose we'll fly in and show you a futurecast from this perspective. really nice day in the santa clara valley. highs tomorrow, concord 73 with sunshine. napa 74. oakland you'll get close to 70. mountain view fremont you get there, livermore 74 degrees. san francisco 65 with some morning fog. you want it warmer? how about sunday? we'll stay in the mid- to upper 70s inland close to 70 near the bay and low 60s along the coastline. and notice through the next seven days, we stay warm away from the water and zero chance of rain for each of the next seven days. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"..." the "cbs evening news" is up next. scott pelley here with a preview. scott? >> reporter: hi, ken and veronica. up next, the white house today denied the president is under investigation following mr. trump's claim of being wiretapped. we'll look at how the republican replacement for obamacare is faring on capitol hill. and on this day marking the importance of women, even a statue takes the bull by the horns. those stories and more coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." we'll be watching for that and thank you for watching at 5:00. ahead at 6:00 neighbors demanding tanker cars carrying liquid petroleum be moved off some bay area railroad tracks. we leave you with a look from the international women's day rally in oakland. we'll see you back here in about 30 minutes. ♪[ music ]
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torero ca captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president's wiretap claim: still no proof but many questions. >> is the president the target of a counterintelligence investigation? >> pelley: also tonight, the battle begins over the republican health care plan. >> this is a conservative wish list. >> this is a bad joke. no wonder you've been hiding this dog in the cave with an armed guard until monday night. >> pelley: tragedy on the tracks. the search for ways to make things safer. and a pint-sized toreador makes a stand for equality. >> we live in a climate that says women are devalued, and that's a way the stay that's not who we are as americans.


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