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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> more information just coming in. richmond police say three suspects have been detained in connection with the shooting. they were picked up in the iron triangle neighborhood. no word yet on a motive or whether the people shot were targeted or caught in the crossfire. the freeway closure is causing a major backup on 80 through richmond. no word when eastbound lanes will open. avoid the area 80 if you can. >> the police investigation causing an epic backup. the gridlock is extending back to the bay bridge. chopper 5 looking at some of the backup as you can see right there. it is 5:00 rush hour traffic. it's bad to begin with.
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now, there will probably be a lengthy police investigation on the freeway as officers look for evidence. we do have crews on the scene right now gathering more information. we'll have an update in a few minutes. a bay area driver is recovering tonight after getting beaten by a gang of bikers. >> kpix 5's emily turner shows us the attack was captured on cell phone video. >> reporter: it happened at 6:15 last night right during the rush hour. not only were the bikers bold enough to do tricks during the heaviest traffic of the day, they also brutally beat a driver, one they barely collided with, and now chp needs your help finding them. a sideshow became a violent attack. on the left side of the screen, you can see the white sedan and a dirt bike collide, then watch as the gang surrounds the car pulling it to a stop on 101 near cesar chavez. once stopped in traffic, a man in a red hoodie hopped off his dirt bike and starts punching
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and kicking the car, smashing the windows all while another person took this video. we talked to him over the phone. >> he got out of the car and four or five of the guys took shots at him and were hitting him and kicking him, broke his leg and he was severely injured. >> reporter: that's where the video ends and the witness who took it jumps out of the car to help the driver. chp hasn't released his name but says he is in his 30s, working for lyft and is recovering in the hospital. the gang took off. chp has no idea who they are. >> their usual m.o. is as to ride on the dirt bikes so it's tough to find out who they are. >> reporter: most wear helmets concealing faces and identities further. this video helps but chp hopes someone else on the highway last night has information that could lead to an arrest and get these guys off the streets. >> these guys should not be able to do that.
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they should be put away. there should be repercussions. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 a take a closer look at these biker gangs because this is knots the first time they have made headlines or broken the law. emily turner, kpix 5. it is not the first time a gang of bikers got out of control. you might remember this video taken in october. it shows dozens of motorcyclists some popping wheelies there riding down interstate 680 in milpitas. at one point, you see a chp officer trying to pull over the lead biker. and it didn't happen. bikers appear to just speed off without getting cited. we have breaking news from germany tonight. an axe attack at a busy train station in the city of dusseldorf. just a few hours ago, five people have been hurt. the suspect taken into custody shortly after. and you can see, he was wearing some kind of a mask at one point. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive. you can see in the witness video from youtube medics working with one of the five victims. so far no one has died but no
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conditions have been released. and trains are still shut down right now for this investigation. back in the bay area now, where we are also following developing news out of el cerrito. a brand-new sinkhole there has opened up on rifle range road. you can see police have closed off one of the lanes. the asphalt and sidewalk have collapsed. and "sky drone 5" overhead in clayton a little while ago at a storm battered morgan territory road. contra costa supervisors are trying to speed up repairs because the washout and the cracks have cut off a neighborhood. some residents have to park their cars on the other side of the damage and then trek into their homes. a muddy mess in pittsburg today after a water main break flooded 7 homes. the pipe ruptured near old town leaving residents stranded. this all started at black diamond and west 11th streets just after 9:30 last night. some yards were submerged under nearly 2 feet of water this
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morning. it took nearly 90 minutes to turn off the water. and about 3 more hours to repair the line and turn the water back on. was there enough time to get out? san jose residents and city leaders reacting to the recent coyote creek flood disaster at a packed city hall meeting. kpix 5's devin fehely was just inside the council chambers. devin? >> reporter: yeah. the mayor and city council are going to get an earful from frustrated flood victims this evening. the city isn't going easy on itself. it's owning up to its mistakes. in a scathing new report, it's as clear eyed in its assessment of its failures as the judgment was clouded on the day of the flooding itself. >> stories about people that -- ask people to help protect [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: growing frustration amongst flood victims echo the city's own blistering assessment of its performance during last month's catastrophic floodingna . report released today the city said it failed to provide adequate timely notice about the potential for flooding to residents in large part, they
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say, because the city relied on information from the water district that turned out to be, quote, fundamentally flawed. >> that decision to get out there and knock on doors and let people know there's very likely a flood coming should have been made on sunday. >> reporter: instead, the city did little to warn residents. hundreds of them were rescued by boat after floodwaters inundated their neighborhood. many of those flood victims turning out today for the city's first public hearing about its failures during the floods and their aftermath. city leaders have vowed to do a better job in the future of assessing the threat of flooding and in turn, warning the public. >> it's obvious that the data that we had been relying upon did not satisfactorily enable us to be able to anticipate when floods were going to start. >> reporter: now, the city says that this is not an academic endeavour. they say there's more wet weather coming up this winter and they have to do a better
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job one of the tangible changes they have already made they have increased press information officers, fluent in spanish and vietnamese, in order to get those messages of warning out to the affected communities. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. bart is holding off on the idea of a new 25-cent fare hike as it scrambles to keep its budget from going off the rails. the transit agency is facing a projected 25 to $35 million shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. the board of directors met today to discuss over revenue options like raising parking fees, cutting service, charge more for paper tickets, and reducing youth and senior discounts. you will start seeing more trains wrapped with advertisements. >> today we approved increasing advertising revenue at our
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stations. there will be some creative solution. bart board members want to have as little negative impact on riders as possible. >> bart already has a hiring freeze in place to cut costs and it also is working to reduce overtime and go after riders who don't pay their fares or parking fees. investigators are recommending more than 600 charges in connection to a riot that broke out at the state capital this summer. this scary scene played out in late june. the highway patrol says it sparked when a permitted protest by white nationalist group was confronted by several groups of unpermitted counter- protestors. the chp is recommending charges against 106 people who were there including 68 felonies and 514 misdemeanors. charges will depend on who was acting in self-defense, which is difficult to prove. >> so if i was attacked initially, thereafter the person that attacked me withdrew from the confrontation, i no longer have the right to go after them and assault them so it's going to be interesting, literally
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minute by minute, or second by second, to see how the interactions break down. >> the chp has turned the report over to the sacramento county district attorney, who will soon decide if charges are actually filed. suspended oakland raider and former 49er alleged done smith found himself in a sticky situation today. aldon smith was reportedly riding in a car that crashed into a police vehicle in san francisco's china basin. the 25-year-old female driver now under investigation for dui. smith was not detained. aldon smith has had his own trouble with the law. he was suspended in november of 2015 after five arrests in three years. among them, a dui arrest in 2012, another one in 2013, in 2014 he was taken into custody at l.a.x. and charged for afalse report of a bomb threat. that charge was eventually dropped. the nfl is expected to review smith's case for reinstatement
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this month. other bay area headlines. police in american canyon are looking for a bank robber. they say this man showed up at the u.s. bank on american canyon road wednesday night and hanked a teller a note. it demanded money and said a man had a gun and two pipe bombs. he got cash. no one was hurt. a 35-year-old cupertino man is under arrest accused of stalking at least 19 underaged girls in the south bay and los angeles. detectives say a surge of rajeev -- a search of rajeev sanhi's attorney turned up no evidence that he was ever hired. a battle for sfo. >> alaska airlines takes on united. how the airfare battle could be huge savings for travelers. >> plus, crissy field about a get a face-lift. the big changes coming to this iconic park.
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>> a freeway shooting in richmond happened just about an hour ago. two people hit by gunfire. eastbound interstate 80 at san pablo avenue has been completely shut down. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chopper 5 is live over i-80 in richmond... a freeway shooting has closed all eastbound lanes of traffic. ou rs is live o >> bt of the east bay. chopper 5 live again over i-80 in richmond. a freeway shooting has closed all eastbound lanes of traffic. our christin ayers is live on the scene right now. >> reporter: veronica, we are getting an update that richmond police have detained three suspects possibly related to this shooting that happened just about an hour ago.
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i-880 right there two cars were involved in this shooting earlier. you can see the aftermath of the scene earlier. cars with bullet holes, a semi truck jackknifed in the fast lane of the highway, the target semi truck you can see from our aerial chopper 5 video. we have learned that the two victims are a man and woman. the man shot a total of 5 times, twice in the head, three times in the chest. the woman had a gunshot wound to her hand. she is expected to be okay. medical helicopters had to land on the freeway to get the victim to the hospital by air. now, the shooting has actually stopped traffic cold on interstate 80 all lanes of blocked at this time. it could stay closed for an hour. avoid the area if possible, take alternates or catch bart if you can. so far all lanes of 80 in that area are again shut down.
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that's making a mess of the commute. this could go on for at least an hour as we heard from chp a little earlier. they have identified suspects potentially in this shooting. they have detained suspects three of them in the iron triangle area of richmond. we'll have more updates as they get them. live in richmond, christin ayers, kpix 5. thank you. alaska airlines already one of the biggest airlines at sfo. and now, it is adding more flights turning the airport into a major hub. and that should give travelers, you, moreopons. >> reporter: for decades, united has been the biggest and biggiest airline at sfo operating nearly half the flights that come and go. but now, alaska airlines wants a bigger piece of the action. >> they see an opportunity here and so they are jumping in with guns ablazing. >> reporter: chris mcginnis editor of is
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talking about alaska's decision to add more than a dozen new routes from the bay area later this year. nine from sfo to albuquerque, baltimore, indianapolis, kansas city, kona, new orleans, nashville, mexico city, philly, and raleigh. and three from mineta san jose to austin, tucson and l.a.x. >> this is, you know, a good example of a smaller carrier coming in and, you know, kinds of staking a claim of its own. >> reporter: mcginnis says the seattle-based airline that recently merged with virgin is trying to become the dominant player on the west coast. see what will it mean for travelers? mcginnis says more choices and more competition. which he thinks could lead to more amenities particularly at united if it wants to keep up. >> i think united is going to have to up its game if it wants to keep business travelers. >> reporter: but not necessarily lower fares. >> i don't think that alaska
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airlines is in this game to come in and lower prices. >> reporter: but what could be a game changer could bring another change, a lot more traffic at sfo. mcginnis says it's already operating at near capacity. >> sfo will be adding an extra gate to accommodate additional traffic. alaska's new flights start in late august. the ahead of the epa says he doesn't believe carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming. epa chief scott pruitt made the comments to cnbc. the stance is at odds with some climate scientists. the epa says that net emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity increased by 35% from 1990 to 2010 and emissions of carbon dioxide went up by 42% over the same period. democrats and the environmental group quickly denounced
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pruitt's comments today. 27 straight hours of debate and the trump administration has its first two victories on the road replacing obamacare. two house committees approved the bill that would reshape the way millions of americans pay for healthcare, one of them in that marathon session. democrats are saying the changes would hurt americans in the end. but the speaker of the house is confident the bill will become law. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. the time is here. the time is now. this is the moment. and this is the closest this will ever happen. >> the facts are very damaging. it's a cruel bill and it will increase the number of uninsured in our country. >> president trump is optimistic about the bill. he tweeted, quote, despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. we're talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful
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picture! san francisco's crissy field promenade in the marina is about to get its first face- lift since it opened in 2001. work is expected to start march 16 which means parts of the path will be shut down in segments over a five-month period. national park officials say the granite surface is aged and worn down. so $5 million will go into a new more durable surface. work will also be done to get rid of the puddles along the mile and a half long path when it rains. the goal is the project is repairs so we'll say good-bye to these puddles and improve drainage so the pooling won't occur future. >> construction starts on the eastern portion of the field and will move west. expect to see workers out there weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. until august. and you want to boost those endorphins. santa cruz is the third happiest place to live in the
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country. that's according to a new gallup poll. people who live there listed the beaches and strong community as perks. naples, florida and barnstable massachusetts came in for the first and second spots. naples is great especially when it's 70 in march. it's going to get warmer as we approach the weekend. find out which day will be the warmest and temperature rain will return. there's the golden gate. your forecast next. >> first, the markets closed up today.
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wow, it feels like summer outside today. >> oh. >> i'll take spring. i don't want to get greedy. but man, yeah, nice to have the air-conditioning on for the first time in the car. it was warm. >> that's a sign. air-conditioning in the car, and the switch which is known as going from the hot coffee to the cold coffee. when that happens you know it's warmer. did you do that today? maybe. probably some more ice drinks
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around the bay area. 74 in concord for a high today. still 70 the warmest weather we have seen since the second week of november. san francisco you're one of the cooler spots at 62. very comfortable in the upper 60s for oakland, san jose, santa rosa. we started off the morning at 50. we'll have the same tomorrow. exactly 50 for concord, fremont, redwood city and san francisco. upper 40s, vallejo, oakland, san rafael. already thinking weekend, why not. st. patrick's day parade is this weekend because two weekends from now it's after st. patrick's day. mainly sunny in san francisco. look at the temperatures. 67 degrees what a beautiful way to celebrate st. patrick's day and all things green and all things irish coming up this weekend in the beautiful city of san francisco. there is green on the radar. there's plenty of green. as a matter of fact, pineapple express, hawaii down here, west coast right there but this time, the atmospheric river the pineapple express is going to pour in the north. we'll see a strong ridge of high pressure keeping us mainly dry. but not sunny everywhere. we have filtered sunshine
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today. we'll continue that trend tomorrow. not going to call it include because the son will work through the clouds -- not going to call it cloudy because the sun will work through the clouds. blue skies return late friday and towards saturday, it's going to be a beautiful weekend. the ridge gets closer. we get warmer. we may see 70s on saturday and sunday. afternoon 5 to 10 degrees warmer than changing. low clouds and fog tomorrow near the water. and rain north through the middle of next week. look at the highs tomorrow. oakland 70 with sunshine. concord 70. san jose 71. san francisco 67. mid-70s santa rosa, napa, saint helena, calistoga, what a gorgeous day tomorrow. even warmer saturday and sunday. we may push 80 degrees in our warmest inland spots and we'll hit 70 near the bay and we'll cool off next week. that ridge will slide to the south giving us more of the ocean influence a bit cloudier and cooler but still no rain for the next 7 days. we are staying dry. thankfully. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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jack: or how egyptians made triangles a bigger deal. sfx: back-up warning beep jack: so, if you want to go big, you know where to go. jack: nice ride. jack: my $4.99 double jack combo. jack: only at jack in the box. "..." before we go one last chec the "cbs evening news" is next. scott pelley is here with a preview. >> reporter: hi. up next, the new head of the epa breaks with science denying that carbon dioxide is warming the planet. holly williams is with u.s. forces fighting for the liberation of iraq's second largest city. and we're there as man's best friend reaches new heights to help his fellow animals. those stories tonight on the
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"cbs evening news" coming up in just a few seconds. thank you. one last check on the freeway shooting still going on in richmond chopper 5 over the scene where richmond police have detained three suspects in the shooting on interstate 80. this is a neighborhood on chanslor avenue. >> two people were shot just before 4:00 in the eastbound lanes of 80 near san pablo avenue. traffic has become backed up for miles to the bay bridge. one of the big questions now were those two victims targeted or were they just drivers who were caught in the crossfire? we can tell you right now that it could be another two hours before i-80 reopens. we are keeping an eye on it for you. >> yeah. and chp obviously telling folks to avoid the area. 680 is an alternate to get around the mess in richmond. thanks for watching at 5:00. we'll see you in 30 minutes. ♪[ music ]
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: is the president under investigation? >> there is no reason to believe that there is any type of investigation with respect to the department of justice. >> pelley: but 24 hours later... >> we're not aware of anything. >> reporter: so there might be one. you just don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, the war against isis. 400 more american troops head to syria, while holly williams is on the front lines of the battle to liberate mosul, iraq. telephone con artists impersonate the law to break the law. >> i barely got the words out, when the real sheriff's department said, "no, it's a scam. hang up." >> pelley: and the paw patrol-- parachuting pooches pounce on poachers. this is the "cbs evening news" withtt


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