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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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insurance under the proposal? good morning. it is tuesday, march 14. i'm michelle griego. >> according to the congressional budget office on the new g.o.p. bill, it is projected that 14 million people would lose their benefits next year alone. that would bring the number of uninsured to 24 million by 2026. republicans supporters say that the number is misleading. and that the report does not take the whole bill into consideration. >> we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out. >> lawmakers have criticized the health care act and say that republicans should pull the bill. >> numbers are important. and they see the numbers. they should know how that transfers into people's lives. >> later today, cover california plans to detail how the g.o.p. plan would impact its marketplace during its board of directors meeting. before seeing those reports, from cover california,
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several california lawmakers are taking to twitter to raise concerns about the plan. governor jerry brown tweeted, quote, cbo report makes it crystal clear that the hair- brained scheme to repeal obama care is a really dumb idea and will cause millions to suffer. and lieutenant governor gaven newsom tweeted quote, ryan's act of mers sy, 24 million lose coverage and 14 million kicked off medicaid. and premiums for older americans go up. newsom, told the sacramento bee, that he plans to propose a universal health care system for the state. and california lawmakers are already exploring the idea of adopting a state-run single payer system. despite president trump's order for the bay area, and immigration, anne makovec has more on what is happening today. >> several local law
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enforcement agencies are holding events today to go over the conversation about sanctuary cities and counties. and this is certainly a hot topic, since president trump vowed to de-fund sanctuary cities. he signed an executive order almost two months ago. and the policy means that local authorities refuse to cooperate, with federal immigration authorities, when it comes to holding undocumented immigrants, until the feds can pick them up. in most case, local law enforcement doesn't even collect the information on immigration status, from people they come in contact with. and despite the president's threats, several local cities are standing their ground and defending their policies. >> the city of san francisco renewed its fight against president donald trump last week, asking a judge to stop an executive order that strips funding from sanctuary cities. and cities calling it an emergency because there is so much uncertainty, and they can't complete the budget, and now san francisco sheriff vicky hennessey is holding a public policy forum today at noon at
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the chamber and the santa clara police chief meeting at 2:00 this afternoon to deliver what they call a message of solidarity to our immigrant communities. kenny? >> so ann, san francisco is not the only city that has a lawsuit against the feds. >> santa clara county has a similar case. as do both new york and the city of los angeles. and santa clara county is first up on april 5. with a motion for a nationwide preliminary injunction. blocking implementation of that order. we will see. >> all right, thank you. it is 6:03 right now. let's check in with rocky for a look at the morning commute. >> thank you, we started off really quiet and we have some action. let's head to richmond, first the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza to see how it is looking right now. pretty god headed to the bridge and also in richmond we have a problem westbound 80 before central avenue. a three-car crash blocking the number two lane. and has traffic backed up to san pablo dam road and traveling at about 40 miles an hour in that area. so just give yourself some time
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if you're headed that way. now moving over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. and it is a 20-minute drive between the maze and downtown. so pretty slow right now. and if you're traveling in contra costa county, we do have slow conditions on westbound highway 4, and through pittsburg and concord, with an earlier crash in concord. highway 242 not looking too bad. moving at 30 miles an hour into walnut creek. here is a look at the altamont pass traffic. 15 miles an hour. so pretty slow conditions there. and but for some good news, and some sunshine, i will send itto you roberta. >> clear skies, embarcadero to theeast and the port of oakland and the estuary as well. the bay bridge lit up and not a ripple on the bay waters and a view, looking at the inland areas, this is the mount vacca cam to get up to 96% waning, with the moon on the very mild morning. and san francisco, yesterday, 76 degrees. and wow, today, right now, cool to 59. and that is amazing. it is 49 now in livermore, and
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48 in santa rosa. redwood city into the 50s. clouds to the north of us. they will bring us cooler weather. on wednesday. and until then, the temperature, usually 66, in concord and instead 80. and look at the 70s at the beaches today. 70s, 80s, around the peninsula. including loss alos at 80 degrees. and east bay numbers in the 80s. 84 degrees toward the delta. north bay numbers from 67 degrees, in stinson beach. to 80 in san rafael. and santa rosa. how about 83 in sonoma? and the full forecast, featuring rain, that is still coming up, at 18 after the hour. michelle? roberta, thank you. right now, the northeast is getting a blast of winter. late in season. a blizzard warning is in effect for new york city. and parts of eight states. from pennsylvania, to maine. nearly 50 million people are included in the warning. school is called off today in new york city. and philadelphia, providence, and boston. some areas could see nearly two feet of snow before the storm
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moves out. and all of that snow is adding up to 6,000 flight delays across the country. kpix 5 jackie ward is live at sfo on how these powerful storms could affect your flight plans. jackie? >> michelle, about 8,000 flights have already been canceled, and that number is expected to go up, through tomorrow, and so we are here at sfo, and take a look behind me here, and you can see the cancellations are in the newark, philadelphia, washington, d.c. area, and boston has a couple of canceled flights. what has been puzzling us all morning, is that there is actually still 6:14 a.m. flight to new york on time. and a 9:05 to boston that is on time. but you know, that may change. this storm is really barreling down. so let's show you what is causing all of this havoc. her name is stela. and this is what the east coast woke up to yesterday. from north carolina, to maine. the weather was doing all sorts of stuff. raining in the southern states. snowing up in places like new england. and places like boston are
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expected to get up to 16 inches of snow. and schools across new england, canceled in advance of the storm. and before even making land fall. we spoke to one person who was stranded here and has been here for more than 12 hours already. >> 10:00 p.m., to sharl. and then new york. >> -- 10:00 p.m. to charlotte and then new york. >> the midwest is taking a beating, too. state police in illinois said the bad weather caused two crashes on a chicago expressway that involved 34 cars. search people got minor injuries from that wreck. and the national weather service says this storm will affect almost 20 million people. back out here, live at sfo, the cancellation boards, there are 89 cancellations, in and out of sfo, so 38 departures. and 51 arrivals. of course, always best to check with your airline, before you leave the house. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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>> thank you. right now a driver is recovering after the car plunged into the estuary along the embarcadero around 9:40 last night. a witness walking nearby jumped in the water to help rescue the driver. when police got there, they saw that the back window of the car was broken and the drivers side window was rolled down. they were able to pull him out of the window. and bring him to shore. murder charges have been filed against a 24-year-old man and two teens in connection to last week's deadly i-80 freeway shooting. elliot johnson and the two teens face attempted murder charges. contra costa county prosecutors plan to ask that the teens be tried as adults. the shooting happened last thursday at san pablo avenue in richmond. 24-year-old demarcus dos was killed and a 21-year-old was injured. and she is expected to make a full recovery. the motive is not clear. since 2015, at least 80 shootings have been reported through the bay area. and paid administrative
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leave following a deadly shooting. it happened right around 6:30 last night outside home depot. and officers say someone called 911 saying a man with a knife was acting erratically outside the store. and investigators say that the man was attacking pedestrians, and drivers, with a knife. and napa police say that the officers fired their service weapons to protect themselves, and the public. and the sheriff's department is investigating the shooting. this is the first deadly police shooting in napa in two years. and this morning, a 21-year- old san bruno mab man is behind bars for allegedly shooting his girlfriend during a height. jorge valiente is facing assault and domestic assault charges and the shooting happened at the couple's apartment in elmore in belmont. and police say a semi automatic handgun and other evidence related to the shooting were recovered from the scene. and the victim was treated at a hospital and is expected to recover. time now is 6:09.
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and working preventing accidents. the proposals to lombard street that isn't famously crooked. >> the new online system oakland is launching to help resolve disputes between property owners and renters. 86 degrees. 79 half moon bay. 79 also at sfo. and even warmer today. that full forecast, straight ahead. >> i hate to follow such good news, roberta. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. looking pretty good. but the trouble is on 80 in richmond. would he have a crash to tell you about. and -- we have a crash to tell you about. and all of the trouble it is causing. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. announced an online service that ws tenants and in our bay area headlines, the city of oakland just announced an online service that allows tenants and property owners to file rent
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adjustment program petitions. the program is the city's main mechanism for resolving disputes between property owners and renters. approximately 70% of oakland's estimated 100,000 rental units are currently covered under the rap. the web site highlights important information about renters and property owner's rights and responsibilities. the san francisco board of supervisors could decide on lombard changes today. and a stretch of lombard between san francisco and franklin is known to be dangerous for drivers, and pedestrians. and if passed, the proposal would include wider sidewalks, more visible crosswalks, and a bus boarding area. >> and that is not the crooked part of lombard. >> no. >> okay. well, hello. busy over there? >> yes, we have new graphics. so we are working things out. it is looking good. >> and i am over here working on things and it is amazing
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watching everything going on in the northeast and the east coast and reporting to stella at bomb-genesis. and usually the word is associated with nor'easter, they come out of canada and they collide with the warmer air mass of the gulf stream. and so you get a lot of rain in a short amount of time. that is what is kind of happening with the nor'easter. so the winds are intensifying already. the snow is intensifying already. very much blizzard-like conditions and bomb-genesis, happening right now. >> yes. >> well, i'm just glad we're here. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> so let's go ahead and look at what is happening here. >> and the traffic. i think we put on the brakes. >> yes. >> exactly. so let's talk about traffic. what we do have, for sure. it is traffic here in the bay area. and richmond, westbound 80 before central avenue, a three- car crash. it has been removed off the roadway. that is the good news. but the slowing is there. highway 4, to central avenue, moving at 40 miles an hour. and the worst of the slowing is between san pablo dam road and central avenue. so give yourself plenty of time
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to get through the commute on westbound 80 to the maze. and traveling into contra costa county, here is a look at that traffic, on highway 4 westbound, moving at just about 20 miles an hour. so very slow conditions there. and of course, the altamont pass, slow all morning long at 12 miles an hour coming out of tracy. from slow traffic, to sunshine. >> good morning, everybody. our live weather camera, this time around, clear skies, and transamerica pyramid at 6:16. and towards bright lights of oakland, and the port of oakland, and the estuary, and the bay waters, which are relatively calm. and temperature-wise, after realizing a high yesterday of 79, we are at 52 in redwood city and 79 in san jose and 54 now. and san francisco realized 76 degrees, on monday. and currently, in the high 50s. and it is 48 degrees in santa rosa. we have the clouds right here. and weak disturbance, to the north of us. and enhancing the marine layer as well. all of this will affect us, tomorrow. and until then, we are still under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. and it is gradually sliding to
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the southeast. as it does so, it is going to make way for the storm track to kind of even out. become a little bit more parallel with the bay area. and future cast, clearly illustrates today, eat lunch outdoors. lots of sunshine. this time tomorrow morning, the marine layer pushed into the bay, marched inland, a good 40 miles. overcast skies. and the thickening of the clouds due to the weak disturbance. rain showers brush the far reaches of the north bay before dissipating as it slides to the south. leaving us with partly cloudy skies by thursday and on friday. >> until then, across the state tomorrow, 84 fresno and nearly 70 in monterey bay. and salinas yesterday had a record high of 86 degrees. 80 in you chia. look at the spring-like -- you chia. look at the spring-like conditions. mid-50s. and mid mountains in the 40s. a little bit cooler air mass by wednesday. and official sun-up at 7:21. that's when we brighten up and
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realize a sun-splashed day today. mid-70s across the bay. mid and high 70s peninsula. wrapping around to the eastern portion of the bay area. 80 concord, clayton, walnut creek. and easily 83 in pleasanton. and low 80s in santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for the big cooldown tomorrow. but still pleasant in the 70s. the rain brushes the north bay. partly sunny conditions thursday, friday. more rain aroáeufb rives by sunday night -- arrives by sunday night into monday with the first chance of spring with a chance of rain showers and michelle, the way we spell today. this way. >> i am glad you didn't ends up any other way. >> roberta, thank you. we are looking forward to our cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend. >> the winner will compete in the scripps national spelling bee. near washington, d.c. >> 53 bay area school champions advance beyond the written semifinal last month at the berkeley hall of science and compete at the oral fime.
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to give us a mood, we gave a little test to sara and vinny. >> the word is -- >> come on. really. >> you would you like some of the extras? >> yes. >> yes. >> the extra stuff. >> this should help. >> it is a noun. >> one mission or attack by a single plane. the mission of the sorte so disable enemy air defenses and it is french. sorte. >> s-o-r-t-e, with a little doo- hickey on top of it. no, s-o-r-t-e-e with no doo- hickey. >> s-o-r-t-i-e. >> you got it. >> let's double check that with asha sayinger the champion speller from the gateway middle
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school in san francisco. >> sortie. >> very good. >> 6, 7, 8, all right. >> you can watch at noon on kbcb44cw44 cable 12. and the winner will represent the bay area at the scripps national bee in may. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, did you see the best ncaa selection reaction? it happened to a local team, and we will show it to you. >> andre iguodala explains his comments that got him in hot water with the nba. tipoff straight ahead. ,,
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good morning, everybody. man, it was a rough week for the warriors. who have lost five of the last seven. and yesterday, andre iguodala was fined by the nba for these comments following friday night's loss to minnesota. >> well, we [ bleep ]. just play harder. figure it out. >> are you taking tomorrow off? >> do what my master say. >> and today, the -- or yesterday, the league fined him $10,000 for the remarks. the master comment, we believe was referring to the coach. and they said that is not the case. and iguodala responded yesterday. >> i feel like it is the wrong time. because it put mice team in that situation and the coaching -- my team in that situation and the coaching staff in that situation and i have a good relationship with the coach and he knows that. >> the coach said he is fine with the whole thing. and sacramento has the two
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seed and plays new mexico state in manhattan. manhattan, kansas. and the cardinals went 28-5 in the regular season and won the pac-12 tournament. 8-9 matchup. >> that's right. the cal bears. entered selection monday on the bubble. but the bears are dancing. seeded ninth. facing lsu in the first round in waco, texas. and really special day for coach lindsey gottlieb who got engaged earlier in the day. what a day for lindsey. and the cal bears. kpix bracket challenge. you want to get in on all of the action? go to kpix .com and sign up. 6:25. looking to prevent another tragedy. the action state lawmakers is take can this week and hoping to keep those who are living in warehouses safe, after the deadly ghost ship fire.
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>> and a big protest today in the tech community. the walkout against president trump's immigration policy. next. welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by the centers for disease control and prevention. hi, i'm joan lunden. diabetes is an epidemic that is sweeping our country and sadly it is not just affecting adults. it's also affecting our children. we are pleased to be joined by dr. ann albright director of the cdc's division of diabetes translation who is here to shed some light on this really alarming subject. how serious is this? >> type 1 diabetes is still the most common form in youth but we are seeing alarming growth in the number of kids with type 2 diabetes. it's certainly related to the rise in obesity. unfortunately, many parents are unaware of this so their children are unaware. >> what are the other factors
6:27 am
contributing? >> type 2 diabetes runs in families. so does unhealthy eating habits and other lifestyle habits. >> as a mom of seven, this is just so concerning. what can we do to try to stop this? >> a great place to start is to develop a plan as a whole family. you certainly want to work on increasing water intake. you might have to work on that with your kids. eat more fruits and vegetables. certainly find ways to make favorite foods healthier. then really make physical activity more fun. >> get out there and bicycle with them or play tag with them. get them off the sofa. >> that's it. >> that's so difficult but so important. are children who have parents with type 2 diabetes more likely to also develop it? >> certainly these things do run in families. but it also is important to know that if you establish these habits together, they're much more likely to be sustained. set a new norm as a family.
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>> i love that. set a new norm. a lot of us need to work on that. thank you so much. it's really wonderful though that families have this resource to turn to because it is so important to the future of our youth to stop the diabetes epidemic from becoming even more prevalent. it really needs though to be addressed as a family affair. for more information visit thanks for watching. i'm joan lunden. >> sponsored by naccd with support from the centers he doesn't really think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. >> now, on kpix 5 news, the white house is changing its story about president trump's wire tapping claims. >> this as dozens of silicon valley tech workers prepare to
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take action against president trump's agenda. >> it is really frustrating. base we had really nice weather. >> an arctic blast. as the northeast gets hid with a late winter storm. travel is becoming treacherous. the impact it is having on flights out of the bay area right now. good morning, it is tuesday, march 14. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:29. the worst of that storm will stretch along the i-95 corridor. from dc, to boston. and could bring two feet of snow, or more. >> kpix 5 jackie ward is live at sfo this morning on how the wild weather could affect the travel plans. jackie? >> the storm stella is not messing around, that's for sure. we are at sfo with 89 cancellations because of this winter storm. so take a look behind me. you will see that primarily the flights that have been canceled, to and from sfo, are from new york, philadelphia, and dc, and boston. and believe it or not, if you're flying to laguardia this morning, there is an 8:00 a.m. flight that is still on time.
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there is also a 9:00 a.m. flight, out of boston, or to boston, rather, that is still on time. but it is messing up a lot of people's travel plans. since sunday, 8,000 flights nationwide, have been canceled. and that number might go up into tomorrow. and this is why, stella is described as some forecasters as an icy wrath and the national service in philadelphia, is calling it life-threatening. the midwest is dealing with the repercussions of stella. a lake effect snow warning there is in effect until this afternoon. so back out here, at sfo, we have talked to some people, who had to spend the night here, and one person is from france, who is trying to get to new york last night, and of course, that flight got canceled. and now the next best thing for him is a flight to charlotte that doesn't leave until 10:00 tonight and then hopefully at some point, tonight, he will be able to get to new york. but we will see. but this storm is suppose continue and only add to more cancellations as it procongresses. sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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near big sur, a bridge damaged beyond repair by recent storms is now proving too strong for wrecking balls. crews dropped a 6,000-pound wrecking ball on the pfeiffer canyon bridge yesterday. but it only gently tapped the unstable span. and with hundreds of people stranded until a fix, the repairs are now delayed until later this week. caltrans expects it could take nine months to complete. in marin county, it is estimated that $800,000 is needed for a long-term fix along sir frances drake boulevard. for mud slides that shut down the roadway west of fairfax, twice this week. and engineers estimate overall emergency roadway repairs will cost over $8.5 million. in federal funds. marin county's board of supervisors are expected to receive an update from public works tonight. regarding the storm damage around the county. several government employees say flooding at the oroville dam could have been prevented. some employees reportedly presented a plan to the federal
6:32 am
energy regulatory commission back in 2006. and they recommended storing less water in the dam to keep it safer. well, the proposal did not move forward. meanwhile, crews have been working around the clock, trying to clean up the spillway. time check. 6:32. here is roberta. >> sunday quarterbacking going on. through facebook and people, and their opinions about all of that. >> it is easy to do that know. >> it is. >> monday morning quarterbacking. armchair. >> a lot of people believe we should have addressed the issues going through five years of drought so we could be prepared and you need to have the money to allocate for that as well. good morning, everybody. a live look at the bay bridge, from the city by the bay. the city of san francisco. beginning to brighten up. and official sunrise is at 7:21. it will set at 7:16. and between now and then, we are still seeing almost a full moon out there. the 96% waning moon on the way to a half-moon on the first day of spring, which is monday, march 20. and right now, temperature- wise, can you believe yesterday we are at 76 degrees in san
6:33 am
francisco. and right now, 59 degrees. and 48 in sant row safplt and it is 49 -- santa rosa. and it is 49 at livermore. and yesterday, 79 in redwood city. and now in the low 50s. clouds to the north. clouds to the west. they will invade our area tomorrow. and until then, one more day of well above normal temperatures. we should be at 66 in concord and instead, 80. and should be in the mid 60s in san jose. and instead, right around the santa clara valley at 80 degrees. and 70 at the beaches. 70s and 80s along the peninsula today. and 84 campbell. and 85 saratoga. los gatos, and low and mid-80s to the east of the bay. and pleasanton, easily at 84. and north bay numbers from 67 in zinton beach, to -- stinson beach to 83 in sonoma. at 48 after the hour, we will talk about the return of rain. >> no, you didn't. roberta. [ laughter ] all right. it is 6:33. let's take a look at the bay area roads this morning. as you're headed out the door. starting with the marin county commute. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge.
6:34 am
traffic moving smoothly in both directions. and bay bridge in downtown san francisco. metering lights to worry about. a 20 minute drive between the maze and downtown. and moving to contra costa county, this is some of our slowest traffic. the morning. moving at just 12 miles an hour on westbound 4 in pittsburg and in con considered where things don't get much better at 19 miles an hour. -- concord where things don't get much better at 19 miles an hour. and altamont pass, 13 miles an hour off 205. and 30, once you hit northland road. and also expect slow traffic in pleasanton, into the sunol grade on 680. i will send it to you. >> thank you. turning to politics now. the justice department has until next monday to give congress evidence of president trump's claim that president obama ordered wire taps on trump tower last year. this comes after the department missed its original deadline yesterday. and the white house press secretary sean spicer who said last week that the president's claim quote speaks for itself, appears more open to
6:35 am
interpretation this week. he is now claiming that trump wasn't being literal. when he tweeted the accusation. >> the president use the the word wire tap in quotes. to mean broadly, surveillance and other activity during that time. >> white house counselor kellyanne conway is also seeking to clarify her comments on the issue. this after suggesting that covert methods other than wire taps could have been used by the obama administration. >> i can say there is many way for surveillance and an article this week to surveillance, through phones and certainly through their television sets. >> and conway later said she was referring to surveillance in general, terms, and still offering no evidence to back up the president's claim. senate democrats announced the bill to revoke president trump's revised travel ban. led by senator diane fine stein, the bill canceled the executive order that suspends the refugee program and puts a 90 day halt on mored admissions
6:36 am
from six majority phául muslim countries. the order is not about strengthening the national security and a transparent effort to fulfill the campaign promise to implement a muslim ban. ends quote. the people in the tech community plan to protest. and they want to support fellow co-workers who could be threatened under the immigration ban. anne makovec joins us now to tell us more about the message. >> they picked today for the protest specifically because it is pi day. 3.14. turning a special day for math geeks into a protest that they are calling tech stands up to trump. more than 1200 silicon valley technology workers planning to walk off the job today. among those taking part, employees from facebook, apple, and google. and workers in the industry are asking their leaders to publicly stands against president trump's immigration policies. and a similar demonstration happened at google in january. and the facebook page for today's events says they are
6:37 am
calling for all workers of companies that have either supported trump, sat back, and said nothing, or have been too worried about their stock prices to say anything, to come forward. now, for the walkout at noon, there is a rally at 1:00 this afternoon at palo alto city hall. >> and there are similar rallies around the country. >> yes, in other big tech hubs like austin and planning some in los angeles, and really part of a grass roots effort, to get the administration to see the power socially and economically behind the tech industry. >> all right. ann, thank you. and a measure that could make california a sanctuary state has been amended in a way that might appeal more to law enforcement. sb-54 would now let california authorities alert the federal government 60 days before violent felons are released from state prisons. and local jails. and still, the state sheriff's association remains opposed to the plan. the measure is up for a full senate vote later this month. meanwhile, fremont has now become a quote compassionate
6:38 am
sanctuary city after a city council vote. the city acknowledges this could potentially prove risky when it comes to future federal funding. an oversight hearing tomorrow in sacramento, to discuss the deadly ghost ship fire and focus on how to prevent another tragic incident from happening again. organizers say this will be the first step to create policies that will keep residents safe and allow cities and counties to develop robust building inspection and code enforcement programs. the december 2 fire was the deadliest in oakland history. and the deadliest in the united states. since 2003. more witnesses are expected to take the stand today, in the sierra lamar murder trime. antonin garcia tores charged with the teenager's death and accused of trying to kidnap three other women. lamar's body was never found. and if convicted garcia-tores could face the death penalty. time now, is 6:38. the dangers of winter. next, the damage left behind
6:39 am
after the weight of a snow pile causes a roof on this house to collapse. reveal >> plus, expecting an announcement. when apple is planning to reveal a host of new products, still ahead. on the big >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. a quick look at the big board. you can see the dow is down, about 24 points. coming up, we will get an upstate from kcbs financial radio financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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rules - on "station- today, san francisco supervisors are set to vote on legislation that would firm up the rules on stationless bike sharing programs. the legislation stems from chinese company blue go go's push for a presence here in the city. its bicycles come with gps devices and computers that let users pick and drop them off
6:43 am
any where in the city. and supervisors fear they may be dumped on sidewalks, like in some chinese cities. >> pretty soon, we could see some new apple products. the web site mac rumors reports the company will have a newism pad, iphone and new apple watch bands. and they say there could be new sizes of the ipad. as for the iphone, a new red color might be in the works. and sounds good. and rumors are going around that apple may be hosting a march media event. but so far, no official word. a prototype of tesla's new model three was just shotted on the road, outside of -- spotted on the road outside of los angeles. this is the electric car maker's first crack at an affordable sedan. spotted by the space x hyper loop track and the company announced model three protection will start ahead of initial projections in july. pricing starts at $35,000. didn't you say you wanted one of those tesla's? >> but a distant dream. >> if i win the lottery.
6:44 am
and the outgoing ceo of yahoo has a golden power shoot and a possible interest rate hike at the fed meeting. >> jason brooks? >> yes. >> no problem for buying any tesla's for myers from yahoo, unable to return yahoo to the former glory when she joined in 2012 as ceo, coming over from google. but she did deliver a big payday for shareholders with verizon's purchase of yahoo's core web assets. mayer will not be part of the remaining part of yahoo once verizon takes the core assets expected in the second quarter. maye recommend will have a $23 severance package from yahoo. when she does leave the company. and yahoo saying in a regulatory filing that board member thomas mack nerny will take over autuba once the deal with verizon closes in the second quarter. and federal reserve kicks off a two-day meeting today.
6:45 am
and widely expected on wall street to raise interest rates when it wraps up the meeting tomorrow. it would be a quarter point move. and the economy has been strong. we had another big jobs gain in february. and inflation continues to grow. that is a key concern for the fed. and the labor department today reported that the wholesale inflation rose at a stronger than expected rate in february. typically, we see a bit of caution, on wall street. as the fed kicks off a meeting. even though it is expected to raise rates. and the market is moving a little bit lower in the morning, with the dow dropping 15 points and the s&p 500 is moving lower by six points. and michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. 6:45. a check of traffic with roqui. how is it looking out there? >> thank you. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple of hot spots around the bay area right now. starting with those metering lights on. slowing you down here at the maze, sot maze to downtown, will take you about 22 to 25 minutes. and moving over to the san
6:46 am
mateo bridge. things are slowing up here from hayward and into foster city. that is again another 25 minute commute between 808 and 101. on westbound 92. the san mateo bridge. and highway 4, westbound. you are looking at at just 12 miles an hour. through pittsburg. and it doesn't get much better concord, at 20 miles an hour. give yourself plenty of time from contra costa county, and walnut creek. and looking at the san francisco bay ferry. using smaller reduced sized boats and make sure to get there early to reserve yourself a spot, on the almeda to san francisco fire from 7:45 and 8:50. and oakland to san francisco, at 7:35 and 8:40. and this will be all the way through friday. i will send it to you roberta. >> how about that, thanks, rocky. >> good morning, everybody. rise and shine. 6:46. sun is making an appearsance at the vacaville area. this is our live weather camera looking out toward, looking in the direction of concord, clayton and walnut creek and some of the bright lights there and the bright sunshine, as the sun is beginning to rise.
6:47 am
and official sunrise, 7:21. it will set at 7:16. and right there, you are looking at the present temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and yesterday, we were at 76 in san francisco. and today, 59 degrees. at this early hour. going up to a high, very similar, in the mid-70s. and sure, we have the clouds. right here, to the north and also marine layers developing offshore. this will impact our weather. on wednesday. until then, boy, our temperatures are going up. and unseasonably mild to warm. and by a good 18 degrees. above average too. that right there, a huge high pressure. however, it is beginning to slide to the southeast, allowing clouds from the north and the west, to gather and push in. so this time, tomorrow, we are talking about the marine layer, all the way into the east bay. a good 40, 45 miles and toward the delta, and overcast skies for the morning commute. and increasing clouds to the north and rain, a smatter of light rain showers in the far reaches of the north bay, by the early evening hours and all of it falls apart at the seems as it begins to sack in a
6:48 am
southerly direction with partly sunny skies. and statewide today, 84 degrees in fresno. and would you believe, it was 86 yesterday? in salinas? and today, similar conditions. 83 degrees. in santa cruz. and pebble beach and monterey beach, still looking good. and high 50s at the south and north shores at the base level. and at the mountain, in the mid- 40s. meanwhile, san jose, are you going up, your average high is right around 64 degrees. but instead, during the afternoon, we soar through the 70s to 81 degrees at maneta international airport. the official reporting station. 810 degrees. rose garden district -- 80 degrees. rose garden district. willow glenn. much warmer in saratoga and los gatos, at 84 degrees. and notice the mid-70s around the rim of the bay. to mid and high 70s peninsula. and 73 degrees rock away beach. and it was 79 yesterday. and half moon bay, today, in the mid-70s.
6:49 am
and 80 toward the delta. to 83. here is the extended forecast. you will feel the difference tomorrow with increasing cloud cover and the rain to the north. and thursday and friday. mellows out. until we hit saturday. partly sunny skies, and we cloud up on sunday. leading to the potential of rain showers. sunday night. and also for the very first day of spring on monday. and springtime showers, are certainly a possibility. make it a great day. >> we will, roberta. thank you. a lake tahoe area home recently captured the dangers of winter after the rate of a snow pile collapsed more than half of the roof. tahoe douglas fire district says the threat of roof collapses are increasing this season. luckily, this home was vacant at the time. >> the total of this rooftop, probably holding about 240,000 pounds. it happened in a split second. it was a sudden collapse. if someone was in the structure, there would most likely be a fatality here. >> one of the biggest hazards is snow blocking propane tanks. because if there was a gas
6:50 am
leak, there is potential for an explosion. sky zone five, giving us a remarkable look at the so- called glory hole in layer bariesta in napa county. the funnel-shaped hole is located near the monticello dam and any time the water rises to a certain level, the circular spillway is opened creating a whirlpool effect. two earthquakes hit southern california, the first happened late last night near loma linda, a 3.6 magnitude quake. the second one happened minutes later near banning. this one was a 3.0 magnitude. and there haven't been any reports of any damage. the holdup on electrification, cal train officials are in washington, d.c. today. coming up, their pitch to the trump administration. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ plan now in a holding pattern. there is a team of local leaders in washington d-c today, trying i'm anne makovec with more on the cal train electrification plan now in a holding pattern. there is a team of local leaders in washington, d.c. today, trying to persuade the feds to funds. it we are talking about a massive cal train project to convert the commuter train system from diesel fuel, to electric power. before construction can start though, cal train needs a commitment of almost $650 million from the feds, and the secretary of transportation delayed the grant decision
6:55 am
until later this spring. and in the meantime, the trump administration announced they intend to prioritize money for projects that can begin within 90 days. and cal train says it can't. >> this is as shovellen shovel ready as it gets if. the administration is ready and interested in improving the economic competitiveness of our nation and create jobs around the country, this fits the bill. >> they are holding off with the republican caucus, and very critical of the electrification project, saying it is tied up with the high speed rail project, which many republicans are against. in order to keep the project on track to start asap, cal train is paying the contractors $20 million just to stand by and wait. kenny and michelle? >> thank you. 6:55. time for the final five. >> first up, the republican plan to replace obama care could lead 24 million more
6:56 am
people uninsured by 2026. that is the estimate from the independent congressional budget office. health secretary tom price said the report was simply wrong. while democrats contend the new projection should be a knocked out blow to the plan. >> and the northeast is getting a late season blast of winter. a blizzard warning is in effect from new york city, and parts of eight states from pennsylvania, to maine. the wild weather is causing flight delays and cancellations across the nation. so far 9 flights have been impacted at sfo. two napa police officers on administrative leave following a deadly shooting at 6:30 last night, outside home depot. and the sheriff's department is investigating the shooting. later today, san jose city council will consider declaring a shelter crisis to help roughly 500 flood victims who still lack a place to live. the coyote creek flood prompted 14,000 evacuations and did at least $100 million in damage to the city. a vote is scheduled today, on a plan to make lombard
6:57 am
street safer. that includes pedestrian island, for bus passengers. and changes at the intersection and the changes will be made on the stretch of lombard, approaching the golden gate bridge and not the famous cricket park. >> let's look at the hot spos here with the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. traffic backed up to the maze. expect a 20 minute drive between the maze and downtown san francisco. and traveling to the peninsula, a live look at the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city. up to 30 minutes. wow, that's a slow one. and traveling into contra costa county, make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time for highway 4 westbound. you're only moving at 10 miles an hour. from pittsburg into concord. and then down to the altamont pass, you know that is slow. 13 miles an hour coming off 205 and up to 30 once you hit northland road. sunol grade, very slow in pleasanton. let's talk about sf bay ferry. and smaller boats and make sure you get there early to secure yourself a spot. oakland to san francisco.
6:58 am
and all harbor bay fare ryes through friday. make sure you check the web site for the specific times. and roberta, over to you for the temperatures. a look at the live weather camera to the bay bridge this morning. the sun is coming up. we could even see mount diablo in the background before i covered it um with the -- up with the temperatures. and today, bam, 70s around the rim of the day again. and 73 degrees, in pacifica. oh, my. and 81 in santa rosa. and 80 in san jose. pretty much the 80s around the tri-valley. and 84 in pleasanton. and clouds move in on wednesday. with rain in the north bay by the evening hours. very light. and more rain showers on sunday night. through the first day of spring. on monday. >> i just like when she says bam. >> bam. >> oh, my. >> oh, my. >> yes. >> and oh, my, we are in the second week of march. but the madness is just beginning. ncaa basketball tournament play begins tood. >> the first four teams will play today. and tomorrow.
6:59 am
in dayton, ohio. and all 67 games from the tournament will be televised across four national television networks. cbs, tnt, true tv and right here on kpix 5. and you still have time to fill out your bracket. we need to fill out our brackets. >> i did. >> , but i haven't yet. >> and some games in sacramento. and download the cbs fort app and stream the games live. and a new study estimates that american businesses will lose up to $2.1 billion, in productivity, and that is because over 81 million workers will spend an hour this week, filling out their brackets. hopefully for us and our bosses say, fill out your bracket. >> we encourage it. it is all about cbs. >> there is the 3-pointer. the 3-pointer at out back. the blooming onion. cheese fries on top. a little bit of bacon. and bits of sirloin steak. 3,000-calories. >> that sounds good. >> yes. >> that sounds delicious. >> the three pointer. >> and next week, games in san jose, so you can also check out
7:00 am
the ncaa tournament. right here in our backyard. >> pretty. >> all right. bye, guys. ♪ ♪ welcome to c"cbs this mornin morning". a massive blizzard is blasting more than 50 million people in the northeast with life-threatening conditions. our correspondents are in the hardest hit cities. thousands of flights have been canceled. we will take you siinside the emergency operations center. a key government report says 24 million more americans will be uninsured in the new health care plan. we will take a look at the


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