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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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act and that says that california will not take "place" in a muslim registry. this all comes at the heels of local law enforcement leaders as well as community members reassuring the public here in santa clara county yesterday that they will not take place -- um, take part, in immigration enforcement. >> there's a mother that we know that just kisses her child good-bye in the morning and she is unsure if she will see that child when that child is supposed to return because that mother fears that she may be deported. >> reporter: the group leaving san jose this morning is part of a grassroots faith-based organization. after the rally today in sacramento they plan to hand over 62,000 signatures to the governor's office to show him how many people support those two bills and that group i want to tell you that group leaving san jose they are going to be meeting at the church behind me, they plan to meet here in the next few minutes and leave
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just before 7 a.m. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. the white house is responding to newly published information regarding president trump's 2005 taxes. the information was based on two pages of an irs form supplied to journalist david cay johnston, who in turn presented them on msnbc last night. the white house confirmed details before the show aired saying president trump paid $38 million on an income of more than $150 million that year. the sources of his income and how his taxes were computed are unclear. johnston says that releasing more tax documents could answer questions. >> so maybe there's stuff in those returns that will tell us about the russians. >> president trump promised to release his tax returns on numerous occasions while running for office but never did. the president is expected to announce a review of federal fuel economy and emissions rules today. the review opens the door to lower gas mileage requirements
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and less stringent controls on carbon dioxide emissions. the white house is also reportedly considering a new executive order that would revoke california's ability to set its own tighter limits. california is the only state allowed to do so under the clean air act but right now, other states are allowed to adopt california's standards as their own. one year since express lanes made their debut on 580 we have the data that shows how drivers are changing their commute. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in dublin this morning on what the numbers reveal. anne. >> reporter: yeah, they call it the lexus lane because you can pay a little bit more money as you can see right now 50 cents more for a single person to use the carpool lane. so is it worth 50 cents to make your commute a little easier? since these express lanes opened up in february, 2016, one -- february 2015, a year ago, the 580 express lanes have
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recorded more than 7 million trips. in january, 27,700 express lane trips a day. they had average speeds of 5 to 23 miles per hour faster than the other lanes. now, these lanes run throughout the tri-valley corridor. we're talking dublin, pleasanton, and livermore for about 14 miles here along 580. and it's sort of a carpool lane with a twist. and solo drivers who choose to pay a toll which varies depending on the traffic congestion, can use it. it is in operation from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you have to use a fast track to use it. in fact, a fast track "fastrak flex" to tell how many people are in your car. we have numbers on the use. as far as the morning commute westbound 61% of trips begin in the tri-valley. 39% are coming
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state from the altamont pass. now, eastbound the evening commute, 55% start as soon as they can to get on these express lanes. 45% are entering within the tri-valley. and the price? really varies. average is about $2 to use the carpool lane but it can get up past $9 when things are really jammed up. live in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> what happens to drivers who have been using the carpool lane? >> they can still use the carpool lane for free if you qualify if you have three or more people in your car. but you do need one of those "fastrak flex" tags so they can determine that you are an actual carpool. and your lane is a little bit more jammed up than it would have been otherwise because you do have the people who are opting for the lexus lane option. >> there's a lot to keep in order with that! >> you're right about that. >> but roqui keeps that all in
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order for us. >> yeah. the express lane might be worth it because here's a look at the altamont pass traffic headed into livermore. it's slow per usual. you're moving at just 12 miles per hour off 205 and then up to 30 once you hit north flynn road into livermore where anne was just talking about those express lanes. now here's a live look at the dublin interchange slow again per usual and let's head to talk about the county where we have a new problem to talk about westbound 4 before port chicago highway. it's a solo car crash blocking the left lane and causing a major backup at just 9 miles per hour all the way almost to loveridge road. so give yourself extra time to get through there. then down to the bay bridge toll plaza, where those metering lights are on, backing traffic up, traffic is a little worse than usual because of an earlier crash in the treasure island tunnel. >> i think icky the spider is
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coming back. >> i see. crawling across the your camera lens there. good morning everybody, what we like to do is start off with what a cooler day it's going to be for you. 10 degrees in many locations. 60 at half moon bay. 70 down from 81 to 71 in san jose. east bay you were 85 yesterday in pleasanton. today low 60s with increasing cloud cover. it will be mostly cloudy across the north bay today in the 60s. and if we see any kind of sprinkles or light showers, primarily right there in the far reaches of the north bay. otherwise, i'm stealing roqui's traffic camera so you can see the fog that's pouring in off the pacific ocean knocking back our temperatures. yesterday it was 76 in san francisco. right now 52 going up to the 60s which is a little more seasonal. we have a couple of different things going on.
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first of all, the enhancement of the marine layer. you see it right there. if you were to look at the satellite computer models you would be looking at a summertime weather pattern with clouds at the coast and clear inland but we have the disturbance to the north of us which will make it partly to mostly cloudy about everywhere today. the winds have been slight under 10 miles per hour for the most part, san francisco now more of the onshore push to 7 miles per hour. a southwest breeze at fairfield at 11. now, meanwhile the visibility has been an issue. it has been improving up to a mile and a half in the bay area. still less than a mile in santa rosa due to the marine layer. temperatures today with that mostly cloudy to the north partly cloudy everywhere else in the 60s and a few low 70s. we are going to talk about rain three days of rain that's coming up in our next forecast. roberta, thank you. the state senate is taking a closer look at what led to december's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. today in sacramento, an oversight committee will hold a hearing to figure out how to prevent another tragic event
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like the one at the arts collective known as ghost ship. 36 people died in the fire. the committee will discuss possible reforms for local governments and ways to make sure that they are probably equipped to inspect buildings and enforce fire codes. in the wake of the tragedy, oakland's embattled fire chief theresa reed is stepping down from the job. she will retire may 5. deputy chief mark hoffman and darren white will lead the department until the city selects another. two california contractors have been fined by state regulators after one worker was killed and another injured fighting the soberanes fire. the blaze is the most expensive wildfire in the united states histories. time now 6:08. a frightening situation in southern california where someone is opening fire on cars on the freeway. >> and why authorities believe
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pirates have targeted a freighter off the coast of africa. >> good morning from the kpix weather center. welcome to your wednesday. we have big-time changes. we'll talk about that and the effect it will have on your weekend forecast. >> and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. if you can see it a lot of fog out there so make sure you're prepared to drive safely across the span. we have a new crash in concord causing some problems. we'll tell you the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ a freighter off the coast of somalia is under siege by pirates. 6:12 on this wednesday. good morning, rise and shine! and welcome to a brand-new day a brand-new weather forecast,
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out are the 80s, in comes the fog. this is the scene looking towards the ac transit. you can barely see it there. clouds lower to 400 feet. we'll talk about the impact it will have on your temperatures and your weekend as the news continues. a freighter off the coast of somalia is under siege by pirates. a dozen men hijacked it off the coast. but they believe this attack may be over the aggressive fishing business. in san bernardino county, police are searching for a gunman who fired into two cars on the 210 freeway. police say the suspect started firing at drivers in rialto at 8 p.m. last night. one man was shot in the arm, another person wounded in the leg. the chp briefly shut down a section of the 210 to investigate. the suspect was probably driving a late model chevy sedan. supervisors in san luis obispo county have rejected a proposal by phillips 66 to ship crude oil by train to a coastal refinery. the company hopes to get several trains a week hauling oil from u.s. and canadian fields. last fall, benicia denied a
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request by valero refining to build an oil loading terminal that would take 50-car shipments daily. the ncaa tournament is under way with the first four squaring off with dayton. this is the aggies' first-ever appearance in the big dance. a watch party at the student community center. tip-off against north carolina central is at 3:40 this afternoon with uc-davis. the st. mary's gaels are now in salt lake city preparing for their first round game tomorrow. the stanford community gave the team the final sendoff yesterday. the 7th seeded gaels will take on 10-seed virginia commonwealth a school that's no stranger to cinderella runs from a few years ago. they say they are overwhelmed by the support they have received. >> kind of a little surprised.
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it's awesome. we love the support. really appreciate it. >> a win against bcu would likely mean a second round matchup against arizona on saturday beating the wildcats would give saint mary's a sweet sixteen game right in their backyard in san jose a week after. >> yeah, that would be awesome! >> that win would make our director and technical director very happy because they're alums. >> that's right. >> my school is uci. >> your father, mr. former chicago bull. >> yes. >> yes. >> who is he saying is going to win the whole thing? >> i don't know. he is not part of it. [ laughter ] he is just mad about it. his team got beat last week. >> he coaches cal state northridge in l.a. in southern california. but he is not worried about it. he has to get ready for next season. >> who are you going with? >> oh, man. >> did you play some basketball. >> i did. i don't know. i don't know. i still have to fill out my
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bracket. >> okay. kenny? >> i filled it out yesterday. >> i got to root for my alum, my alma mater. >> i think i take villanova. i don't have a set way of doing this but villanova i think is my winner. >> mine is ucla and arizona and i want arizona, kenny. i have family in arizona. >> my sister goes to arizona. [ overlapping speakers ] a solo car crash blocking the left lane causing some major backups. you're at 7 miles per hour heading to the scene of the crash and that backup to railroad avenue so if you are heading to westbound 4 through antioch or pittsburg to concord, walnut creek, give yourself extra time to get
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through there. now down to slow traffic on the altamont pass 13 miles per hour in tracy up to 30 at north flynn road. here's a live look at a foggy san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city. traffic moving smoothly though and if you are heading into downtown san francisco a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on. traffic back up towards the maze so give yourself extra time to get through there. 15 to 20 minutes between the maze and downtown. now, if you can see it, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog. sfo right now, we have that deck of low clouds and fog. but it's a squashed deck there at the airport. so far no reports of local airport delays. l.a.x. reports they are socked in with delays. right now we have temperatures spanning from 48 degrees in santa rosa through the 50s. san francisco is now 52 after realizing a high yesterday of 76 when the average high is
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right around 62. unseasonably mild weather is gone. paul smith is our weather watcher in brentwood this morning reporting clear skies and 53 degrees. i got to tell you, if you are taking a look at this satellite and radar image, it's almost like a summertime weather pattern with the clear skies as paul is reporting inland and the clouds stacked up next to the coast. you can see that marine layer in the monterey bay around our area. sunset district, back through ocean beach, moss beach and montara, hanging very tight to the coast, being enhanced by this area of low pressure that has precipitation clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. now the flow is banking off the ridge of high pressure that's sliding tout southeast. as it does so the high pressure is eroding. we'll see mostly cloudy skies north of the golden gate bridge today. but as the clouds surge to the south, we become partly cloudy. the rain begins to dissipate. this is how i'm playing the statewide temperatures today:
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plan next chance of snow will be early next week. official sunrise at 7:20. it will set at 7:17. san jose increasing clouds becoming partly to mostly cloudy with a high of 71. that's at mineta international airport. but at the rose garden district and throughout the neighborhoods of willow glen i'm forecasting a high of 73. a string of 60s at the beaches today. high 60s, 70s around the peninsula. down from 83 to livermore to 71 degrees today. you will feel the difference but still it's comfortable. out of 80 in santa to 67. there you have the very mild conditions on friday. on saturday, decent weather. rain showers developing late
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sunday, rain for three straight days through tuesday. enjoy your wednesday. we will. roberta, thank you. the cbs bay area spelling bee is in just a few days so we have been brushing up on our skills this week. >> and today we have asked fernando and greg from 99.7 now to help us out in and our word today is muumuu. >> should be easy. muumuu. >> my favorite article of crow thing. >> you know, like when fernando is rio vista he wears a muumuu. >> mumu, muumuu? >> no! [ laughter ] >> oh. >> here's one of our champion shellers abigail walsh from redeemer lutheran school in redwood city. >> muumuu. >> let go, abby, let's go!
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whoo!!! >> i love the kids in the back. >> you can watch the spelling bee at noon on kbcw 44/cable 12 or see the live stream on our website, the winner will represent the bay area at the scripps national spelling bee in may. >> and michelle, i spent five years there when i first got to hawaii. he would pronounce it muumuu. they told me the correct pronunciation is moo-oo-moo- oo. >> thanks for that. ,,
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good morning, everybody. draymond green's birthday present to steph curry? 20 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, and 6 blocks.
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and they needed all of this. steph hoping the warriors can snap the three-game slide on his 29th birthday. but late third, sixers leading 81-69. free throw pushed the sixers lead to 15. back comes golden state. draymond knocks down the three, cutting the lead to 92- 91, part of a 19-2 warriors run. curry scored 12 in the 4th quarter. the birthday boy had 29 points on his 29th birthday. the warriors come back to win 106-104 snapping that three- game losing streak. cal in the n.i.t. opener against cal state. bakersfield they miss both of them really badly. roadrunners durham hits the deep three and bakersfield led by 25 at halftime and won 73- 66. the bears season was over and it was bad.
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joe pavelski sharks continues his recent tear last night against buffalo. third period san jose 2-1. but then he scores his second goal of the night. off the rebound he is now scored 7 goals in the last five games. and the sharks win 4-1. bracket challenge, folks. you got one more day to get your picks in. go to and play the bracket challenge. ncaa march madness starts tomorrow! right here on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. how much would you pay to make your commute go a little more smoothly? we have some new numbers in this morning on the express lanes in the east bay. ♪[ music ]
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(vo)have to happen?idn't i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. new developments expected today from the f-b-i director on alleged ties between russia and members of president trump's campaign ===sot=== "...sot: it was pow, pow, pow, pow, pow ... " ===vo cont=== the search for robbery suspects n y area university campus turns deadly when officers finally track them down. go ng. it's wednesday, march 15th. i m kenny choi. and i'm michelle griego. this whole issue of the rip with the russians and who communicated with them under what circumstances clearly cries out for investigation.
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>> new developments expected today from the fbi director on alleged ties between russia and members of president trumps campaign. >> it was pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: the search for robbery suspects near a bay area university campus turns deadly when officers track them down. good morning, it's wednesday, march 15, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. new details on a deadly shooting in fremont. we now know a police officer shot and killed a woman. officers say they approached a car that was possibly linked to several robberies. when those suspects tried to escape, officers started shooting. one woman died, another arrested. thousands are getting ready to head to the state's capital. they have a messessage for the governor about protecting muslims and immigrants. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with more. >> reporter: kenny, we are talking about 1500 people from all over our state, heading to our state's capital including from here in san jose and you
6:31 am
can see that they are now gathering. they are going to be leaving here in a few minutes. they are going to be heading to sacramento and they are fighting for two bills. here's what they are fighting for. one is called the california values act and that says that no local or state resources will go in helping the federal government with mass deportations. it also says that hospitals and courthouses and schools are safe zones for everyone. they are also fighting for a second bill the religious freedom act and that says that california will not take part in a muslim registry. >> we hear it all the time people outreaching to us people scared to go to the grocery store to get out of their homes. it's that fear of i.c.e. coming in of families being split apart of their religious centers being targeted for hate crimes. >> reporter: and speaking of that fear, you know, we asked organizers can we talk to some of these people who are heading
6:32 am
to sacramento today to interview them about why they are personally here? and he said you know, some of them are too fearful to go on camera. now, this group behind me they are part of a grassroots faith- based organization. and after their rally today in sacramento, they plan to hand over 62,000 u to the governor's office to show him how many people are in support of those two bills that they also support and that they are fighting for. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. new developments are expected today on alleged ties between russia and members of president trump's campaign. senator sheldon white house says fbi director james comey promised to tell him wednesday if the fbi is investigating those ties. the announcement comes as lawmakers continue to press comey to answer a letter requesting that he hand over evidence the fbi has to support president trump's wiretapping claims. >> they are about to screw up big time. if they keep running to the
6:33 am
intel committee and not answer that letter. >> the white house has not offered any proof of trump's claim that former president obama ordered a wiretap of trump tower prior to the election. an administration now says trump doesn't believe obama personally tapped his phone despite his tweets to the contrary. speaker paul ryan plans to keep pushing forward with the new gop healthcare bill with little to no changes. the backlash was swift and fierce after the nonpartisan cbo estimated the number of uninsured americans would climb by 24 million by 2026. that caused some moderate house republicans to reconsider their positions. the white house says president trump is proud of the plan. the cbo projects the bill would reduce the deficit by $337 billion but it would do so only after cutting medicaid by nearly $900 billion. blizzard warnings remain in effect for parts of new england and upstate new york following a late winter storm that pelted
6:34 am
most of the northeast yesterday. travel was treacherous for drivers who couldn't see in front of them. in boston, a tractor-trailer lost traction and spun out on a main bridge. forecasters reported wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and more than 1100 flights are canceled today. the bay area is not taking a toll from the winter storm. here's a live look at sfo. 16 flights canceled today with 7 delays. and in pleasanton, some neighbors living along arroyo creek are still living in fear of their backyards crumbling away. tonight zone 7 water agency will weigh two options. the first establishes a grant program that could focus on construction and bank stability. the board will also consider making the agency a local sponsor for federal funding for repairs available through the emergency watershed protection program. ♪[ music ] this is in your neck of the
6:35 am
woods. >> it is. >> in pleasanton. >> many of our trails at the centennial train have been closed and that's a popular spot for people. you have to imagine what's happened here is lake del valle overspilled its banks with the rain so they opened up the floodgates and all that water flows into the roya de laguna creek and it flows into the san francisco bay. all that water goes somewhere and it has been causing damage and zone 7 is going to hear a lot about it tonight. good morning. 6:35. live weather camera. we see that we could only see half of the pyramid that stands 853 feet tall so i'm thinking the ceiling has to be down to about 500 feet at this early hour but still, sfo is not reporting any local airport delays due to our inclement weather. we have a big-time change today. it's the return of the marine
6:36 am
layer knocking our temperatures back to 48 in santa rosa after a high yesterday of 80. san francisco was at 76. now at 52. hey, san jose you topped off at 81. now at 54. livermore was in the low 80s and now in the low 50s. we have a couple of things going on. first right there, that shield of gray that's the return of the marine layer. meanwhile, we have this weak disturbance enhancing the marine layer and also will be producing cloud cover here locally. winds under 10 miles per hour except at fairfield, southwest at 11. consistent winds later today out of the west 10 to 15 maybe even 20. that's an onshore push. visibility has been improving. it's now a mile and a half at half moon bay after dropping less than a half mile. santa rosa was less than a half mile, now at 2-mile visibility with pockets of fog and low clouds. so we'll notice increasing clouds from that disturbance to the north, maybe a sprinkle in the north bay later tonight. otherwise, 60s and 70s still relatively comfortable. but i do have three days of rain in the forecast, yeah,
6:37 am
three, i'll share that seven- day forecast with you coming up but right now let's send it to roqui. >> no, thank you, roberta! okay. it is 6:36. arnold if you are watching we have a viewer in contra costa county who is always talking about highway 4. now is your time to pay attention. let's check westbound 4 before port chicago highway car crash is blocking the left lane and causing major delays across the way here out of pittsburg into concord. you're moving at just 6 miles per hour. so extremely slow conditions on westbound 4 for arnold and his neighbors out there so give yourself extra time to get through there. san mateo bridge things slowing down across the span into the peninsula between hayward and foster city. that will now take but 25 minutes or so between 880 and 101. and here's a live look at the nimitz freeway looking pretty good in both directions and if you are taking northbound 880 to the maze, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. expect about a 15-minute drive between the maze and downtown san francisco. safe travels, everybody.
6:38 am
it's been one year since express lanes debuted on 580 and we have an early look at the data that shows how drivers have seized the opportunity. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in dublin on what the numbers reveal this morning. anne. >> reporter: yeah. if you aren't aware of express lanes here on 580, it means that a solo driver can use the carpool lane what used to be the carpool lane. and as you can see from this sign behind me, it costs 50 cents extra to do so and the new numbers here on the express lanes show that can increase your speed by between 5 and 23 miles per hour if you use that lane. now in january, the last month the data was recorded there were almost 28,000 daily trips. the express lane here runs for 14 miles through the tri-valley through dublin, pleasanton and livermore. it is an operation between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. with varying prices. the average is about 2 bucks. but it can get up to $9 when
6:39 am
traffic is really heavy. and here are some interesting numbers on who is actually using the express lanes: >> reporter: now, remember, if you want to use the express lanes, you need not only a valid fastrak but a valid fastrak express tag and that's how they tell how many people are in your car because you can still use that lane free if you are a valid carpool. live in livermore, anne makovec, kpix 5. in the north bay, investigators are piecing together a murder mystery. a car crash leads to the remains of a missing woman who has been missing for more than two years. annie bailly's remains were spotted by motorists who crashed their car near point reyes national seashore.
6:40 am
she was last seen at her pengrove home where her estranged husband still lives. and they haven't ruled him out as a suspect. >> they kicked me out of my own home! didn't charge me. i -- they are investigating but no -- no charge. they have trashed my house! they've trashed my motorhome. they've trashed my shop. >> the sonoma county sheriff's office won't say what evidence they have collected or what they are looking for. but investigators towed a red toyota from the home which belongs to annie bailly. we have learned about a possible norovirus outbreak at dublin elementary school. dozens of students have had symptoms since friday. the district says it immediately sent notices warning parents to keep children at home if they were sick. so far there is only one confirmed case of the norovirus. >> we have about three dozen students who are out now with the virus typically like stomach bug. they have vomiting and die reyeah. those are the main symptoms we
6:41 am
have been tracking, vomiting and diarrhea and fever. >> the cdc says that norovirus is highly contagious so staff at the school has carried out a deep cleaning of the campus over the last few days. time now 6:41. bedlam at a bay area carnival as out of control guests suddenly rush the employees. >> and a wayward sea lion getting a whole lot of attention on a journey through northern california.
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gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. starts at 7 o- cl time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. the white house reveals details of president trump's taxes after his 2005 returns
6:45 am
released, ahead john dickerson with the fallout on that, plus, david beg no is in albany, new york, which got as you know hammered by this blizzard. he gets to the bottom of why so many forecasters were wrong tore bigger cities like new york city. we came out okay. and the professor who came an internet sensation when his two adorable kids came in as you have venus the on air interview while he was live on the air -- came in as you have seen, the on air interview while he was live on the air. >> can you tell charlie we love him and are glad he is back? >> he was right behind mere. he is in the green room. >> can you get a shot of charlie in the green room? charlie, san francisco says hi. [ laughter ]
6:46 am
>> michelle says hi to say they're glad that you're back. >> thank you. >> there's charlie. >> we just wanted to tell you that they said hi and they're glad you're back. there he is, live in color. he will be here at the top of the hour, too. anything you want to say to michelle? >> michelle, we miss you. how are you feeling? [ laughter ] >> bye, thanks. >> that was great. love charm. >> love having him back. the federal reserve is expected to announce another increase on interest rates. >> plus, low numbers for the latest retail sales. jason brooks from kcbs radio has that and more in your moneywatch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. americans not really in a big spending mood in february. the commerce department reports that retail sales rose a tenth of a percent. there were some bright spots. home furnishings and furniture chains did well, also personal care chains did well.
6:47 am
not doing so well, department store chains as we're seeing department stores continue to struggle. that's an ongoing theming in the retail sector for quite some time. consumer prices on the rise. labor department says consumer side inflation rose in february one of the biggest reasons for that, right there, housing costs. especially here in the bay area. high rents and high home prices. housing costs was 3.5%, also medical treatment was up around 3.5% last month. rising inflation is the key reason why the fed is expected to list interest rates at the conclusion of its two-day meeting today. it will probably be a quarter point hike. wall street has been expecting this for some time. and stocks are heading higher today. the butler carnival in east oakland was the site of a chaotic mob of teens.. nasdaq up 7, s&p up 5. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. the butler carnival in east oakland was the site of a chaotic mob of teens. >> they were caught on camera
6:48 am
jumping into prize boos inviole workers. >> look at this [ censored ] ! [ screaming ] >> this cell phone video shared all over the internet shows the carnival free for all. one posted note -- photo posted online shows people posing proudly with stolen stuffed animals. butler entertainment told us it was an unfortunate event but in moving forward, they will have better security and police presence at the next event. time now 6:48. let's get a check of traffic and weather. >> it is 6:48. things are getting crazy out on the roads. let's start in san mateo where we have a new crash to report for you slowing traffic down on northbound 101 at the peninsula avenue. this is a motorcycle versus a car crash causing a backup to 92. that's the san mateo bridge you're moving at 40 miles per hour in the area. and this is in san mateo. so just give yourself extra time to get through there. moving to the san mateo bridge a live look from hayward to foster city, things slowing down a lot here so give
6:49 am
yourself extra time to get through there. and the same story here. very, very slow conditions a solo car crash. oil spill from the crash socal advance is on the way. this will take a while to clear out the roads. you're moving at 6 miles per hour. >> the bay bridge height 525 feet. the return of the low clouds and fog is limiting visibility. no reports of delays at sfo. l.a.x. does have some delays to the due marine layer. 48 degrees in santa rosa after
6:50 am
a high yesterday of 81. it was 81 in san jose. now 54. it was 76 in san francisco, now 52. 83 in livermore. the low 50s. mid-70s in oakland now in the mid-50s. and redwood city tops off at 80, now 53 degrees. today a cooldown begins due to the return of the marine layer and that westerly wind but also, due to an area of low pressure to the north of us. it will increase our cloud cover throughout the day. mild temperatures return on thursday even warmer friday. then sunday, evening rain begins through the early portion of next week so you have there the shield of the marine layer enhancing the coastside. you have there a weak disturbance with rain pushing into the pacific northwest and clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. as this low begins to surge south, it falls apart at the seams. here's our futurecast. here's your lunch hour. mostly cloudy north of the golden gate bridge. anything bayside peninsula into the santa clara valley partly cloudy conditions. there's the slight chance of rain showers in the far reaches of the north bay.
6:51 am
if we see anything at all, less than .10" of rain. then thursday starts off overcast. and then we clear out to partly sunny skies through friday. statewide today, 70s and 80s in throughout the central valley. low 60s monterey bay. mid-60s with the rain in ukiah. cooler in eureka. showers in redding and in the greater lake tahoe area. temperatures very mild with melting snow at the base but that's okay we still have plenty of snow at the mid mountain level with temperatures into the 40s. no chains needed for the weekend but it's always advisable to carry them. your tahoe report. we have temperatures in the 60s and 70s today. very comfortable outside number 74 degrees. that west breeze to 10 to 15.
6:52 am
look at your st. patrick's day. and then rain sunday evening through tuesday. st. patrick's day will be mild. 64 to 81 degrees, boy! rescue teams have plans to wade through a storm drain to find a sea lion. mr. leisure seems well aware they are looking for him because he has been showing off for fans ever since he took a wrong turn in a farming canal. the marine mammal center says he has plenty of fish to eat. they hope to find him today. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it's 6---
6:56 am
time for your final five... i'm maria medina live in san jose, where you can see behind me dozens of people getting on to buses right now. they are going to be heading to our state capital. we are talking about 1500 people from all over california including here in the bay area heading to sacramento today with a message to the governor and here's what they are fighting for. they are fighting for the california values act which says that no local or state resources will go in helping the federal government with mass deportations and that schools, hospitals, courthouses are safe zones for everyone. they are also fighting for the religious freedom act and that says that california will not take part in a muslim registry. >> in an area so diverse as the bay area, we have to be prepared. we can't just sit tight and stand complacent. we have to act now and we are going sacramento because of that.
6:57 am
>> reporter: that is one of the organizers. he said that, you know, some of these people are so fearful of deportation that some didn't want to go on camera to be interviewed! the group behind me getting on the buses is part of a faith- based grassroots organization. after the rally in sacramento today they are going to hand 62,000 signatures to the governor to show them how much people are in support of those two bills. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your final five. president trump travels to michigan and tennessee today a day after details of his tax returns were revealed. journalist david cay johnston got his tax from 2005 showing he paid $38 million for a tax rate of 25%. the justice department is expected to announce charges today against hackers involved in a massive breach in yahoo. according to reuters, the
6:58 am
suspects live in russia and canada. the breach affected hundreds of millions of yahoo accounts. parts of the northeast are still dealing with snow and freezing temperatures from a massive winter blast. late season storm buried at least nine states in sleet and snow and grounded thousands of flights. at least five deaths have been reported. tonight a water district serving pleasanton will decide whether to provide financial help to repair erosion. homeowners along foothill road have seen their backyards disappear in recent months. they believe that the zone 7 water agency should cover the cost of those repairs. in sacramento today, discussion begins on the best way to prevent future disasters like the ghost ship fire. 36 people died when the unpermitted live work space in observations went up in flames and today lawmakers will discuss how to make sure buildings are kept to code without burdening tenants and property owners. if you are going westbound 4 in concord or pittsburg, westbound 4 before port
6:59 am
chicago highway there's a stole low car crash out there now the car crash has been removed off the road but we do still have caltrans on the way to remove an oil spill from the area so the left lane is still blocked out there causing major delays at just 6 and 4 miles per hour so give yourself extra time to get through there. time or take railroad avenue to kirker pass road to get to where you're going. make it a great day. we have two cameras. first off the return of the -- i need the foghorn. low clouds and fog at the bay but it's like a summertime weather pattern because inland relatively clear skies except the second thing happening a weak disturbance scrapings across the bay area causing partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. so temperatures coming down we are in the 40s and 50s and later today, you will feel the difference but it's still comfortable. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. should be at 64 in livermore. yesterday 83. today 71 degrees. but again, fog greeting you as
7:00 am
you step out. >> and some sunshine. >> right now we're saying bye. "cbs this morning" is next. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, march 15, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the white house confirms details of president trump's tax filings after part of his 2005 return is leaked. the revelations raise questions about the source of mr. trump's income. millions in the northeast dig out following a deadly winter storm, but the national weather service admits some of the predicted snow totals were too high. why it decided not to change the forecast. plus a professor interrupted by his two very cute kids during a live tv interview opens up. meet the family behind the cameo that became an internet sensation. we begin with a look at


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