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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 21, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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oregon rallied back from eleven points down in the 2nd half to beat rhode island... tyler dorsey's three was the game winner... the ducks will play michigan in the next round ucla and arizona also advanced to the sweet 16... usc was the lone pac twelve team eliminated " "
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bay area police say a driver plowed into a family.. on purpose. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. parking lot rampage, bay area police say a driver plowed into a family on purpose. tonight the search for a suspect in a super hero sweatshirt. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's joe vazquez is in union city tonight with what police believe set off the suspect. joe? >> reporter: police say the woman was trying to return some batteries to the wal-mart, but when the clerk wouldn't give her back her money, she went off. 6:00 on a sunday evening, you tonight expect to see this at a wal-mart parking lot, an enraged shopper nearly runs over a family of five and police say the person behind the wheel may not be old enough to drive. she's about 5 feet tall, possibly a teenager wearing a t- shirt with a batman logo.
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investigators say she was angry when she left the store. she got in her car and first she backed up quickly and crashed into a family of five knocking down a 3-year-old girl in the process. that's when police say she went from angry to ballistic. >> the victims were actually saying that they was yelling and screaming in the car pounding her fists on the steering wheel. >> reporter: she peeled out of her parking space right into the family again. >> thankfully mom had the presence of mind to reach down, pick up her daughter, move away because as soon as she was able to pick already up, the female gunned it again -- pick her up, the female gunned it again and backed up in that direction. had the child been there, it probably would have got hit by the car. >> reporter: the 3-year-old and her mother were okay. the driver got away the here's her picture. she's possibly an underage driver, maybe as old as late teens, early 20s. the cops also released a photo of her car. if you recognize the young lady in the picture, you're asked to call union city police
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department. in union city joe vazquez, kpix5. well, it poured tonight in parts of the bay area and this is just the beginning of a series of spring storms. kpix5 chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking the radar tonight. paul? >> ken, very active on the radar. let's take a look, kpix5 hi-def doppler, 6 5:00 this evening pockets of heavy rainfall, marin county stretching across the bay to richmond, laugh yet, vallejo, emergency canyon -- lafayette, american canyon. rainfall totals adding up, mill valley 1 hinch, san francisco 2/3-inch of -- 1 inch, san francisco 2/3-inch of rain, 1/5 urge of rain in san jose. quickly -- inch of rain in san jose. quickly i want to show you futurecast, 3 a.m. and showers continue through the morning commute tomorrow. slow drive to work or school on
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a tuesday morning and in isn't anywhere close to the strongest storm. we'll talk about when it arrives coming up. tonight we are learning a man shot and critically wounded by san jose police did not have a firearm, but he did aim something at officers. kpix5's betty yu explains. >> reporter: this pickup truck stopped at this safeway shopping plaza after the naked driver took police on a bizarre chase. today san jose police said that when he didn't comply with commands and aimed what appeared to be a weapon at officers, one cop opened fire. >> additional officers fired theirwomens at the suspect out of fear that he was going to enter the crowded parking lot and strike innocent people. a total of three officers fired at the suspect striking him several times. >> reporter: turns out that weapon was a caulking gun. the man was identified as 53- year-old jon bradley bowles. >> it did seem that the individual was mentally
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unstable and obviously again when an individual points what turns out to be a caulking gun but in a threatening manner as if it were a gun at an officer, i certainly think that there were some issues. >> he was up there running around. >> reporter: darlene barton saw the drama unfold on eva court. >> my neighbor called me and said look out the window, there's a naked man and i said what? so i looked out the window and they was running all over the place. so i watched. >> reporter: she called 911 after she said john terrorized a mother with young children. she later saw him hop into his truck when police tried to get him to cooperate. >> but when he backed up, he floored it and he hit my neighbor's truck. so then he went forward again, did the same thing, hit the truck again, went forward again for a third time. he got out. >> reporter: in san jose betty
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yu, kpix5. >> all three police officers are on paid administrative leave. they were all wearing bold cameras which are being review -- body cameras which are being reviewed as part of the investigation. the suspect is in critical condition at the hospital. starting tomorrow most electronic devices will be temporarily banned on some flights heading to u.s. from the middle east and africa. it applies to all devices larger than a cell phone which means laptops and ipads will have to be checked. the ban will affect airlines based in eight countries, egypt, jordan, kuwait, morocco, qatar, saudi arabia, turkey and the united arab emirates. the new restriction does not apply to any u.s. airline. it's not clear how long the ban will last. u.s. officials tell cbs news this is based on information gathered overseas. tonight the fbi director says there is no evidence former president obama ever wiretapped trump tower, but as veronica de la cruz tells us,
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the fbi is investigating the trump campaign and russia. >> the fbi director delivered a serious blow to the president's credibility today. then just hours later mr. trump held a campaign style rally in kentucky. hours ago, republicans released a packed house welcomed president trump to louisville tonight. >> we'll in the heart of america and there is no place i would ratherring than here with you tonight. >> the president departed washington hours after fbi director james comey confirmed the fbi is investigating possible russian ties to campaign interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. comey also refuted president obama speed on him. >> i have no information that support -- spied on him. >> i have no information that supports those tweets. during the campaign style rally the president asked supporters to put some pressure
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on senators to confirm neil gorsuch. >> i urge members of both parties to swiftly approve his nomination. he is an outstanding man. >> the president's first legislative test comes thursday when the house votes on the plan to improve obamacare. >> this is our first chance to finally get rid of obamacare. >> mr. trump vowed to keep terrorists out of the u.s. despite a court challenge on his latest executive order on immigration. >> the courts are not making it easy, folks. >> tonight's rally was the third since his inauguration. a few hours ago the republicans released a revised healthcare bill which includes changes to medicaid. the goal is to secure enough votes to pass it. also tonight a san francisco supervisor is taking a stand against the president's proposed border wall with mexico. supervisor hillary ronan will introduce legislation tomorrow to try and stop the city from doing business with contractors involved in the project.
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legislators from berkeley and oakland are scheduled to attend that press conference. now back to the fbi investigation, tonight our exclusive kpix5 survey usa poll shows 62% of californians have confidenced in fbi. 18% say that they have no confidence. 40% of those polled say they are very concerned that russia may have tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. one more note tonight, the first daughter ivanka trump now has her own west wing office. according to her attorney, that means she will get access to classified information even though she is not technically serving as a government employee. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. some bill czar new details tonight about the suspect in yet another security breach at the white house, a virginia man drove up saturday night in a stolen car. first he said he had a bomb in the trunk. then he said it was actually an astroid. he also claimed that the president speaks to him telepathically. he was charged with making a
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bomb threat and today two congressmen met with the heads of homeland security and the secret service about the recent branches. >> i'm confident in the changes that have already been made. and the people at the white house that are working to protect the president and the first family have got to be on guard 24 hours. there's nothing else, no excuse for doing anything but that. for 17 minutes. tas made >> just 10 days ago a bay area man jumped a fence and was on the white house grounds for 17 minutes. jonathan tran of milpitas made it to the south portico before being detained. dozens of bikers and atv riders take over a bridge, is this the same group that attacked a driver on 101? what the chp is saying tonight. >> this bay area chorus canceled an international trip. directors blame the president's travel ban, but tonight some parents aren't buying it. >> and videos of u.s. nuclear
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tests, classified for ,,,,,,,,,,
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that she bought from a store in a san francisco woman has died after drinking toxic herbal tea that she bought from a store in chinatown. the tea looked like. this the woman got sick with an hour of drinking it. she started experiencing abnormal heart rhythms. she was hospitalized for days and died on saturday. the tea came from sun wing wo trading company on grant
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street. the store is cooperating with the health department's investigation. another man was also hospitalized after drinking the tea, but he has already been released. a wild sideshow on the bay bridge, dozens of bikers and atv riders terrorizing drivers. is this the same group that attacked that lyft driver on 101? kpix5's jessica flores on what the chp is saying tonight. >> reporter: cell phone video captures atvs and dirt bikes surrounding cars driving east on the bay bridge. you can see in the distance one even popping a wheelie. as more and more offroad vehicles illegally take over the freeway, chp says 911 callers reported about 30 riders driving recklessly, even kicking other vehicles. >> there goes the cop. >> we close not to pursue them because we had the aircraft overhead. so we simply let the aircraft follow the group until a smaller group of them broke off
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and stopped at 103rd avenue at royal ann street in oakland. >> reporter: when officers eventually surrounded the group, one took off. a few blocks away officers arrested her. now 27-year-old dasha moran faces sideshow related charges and evading police and resisting arrest. officers seized multiple offroad vehicles and detained several other riders but later released them. >> we're going to review our aircraft videotape and work backwards from who we identified to see what they were up to on the freeway and they can face possible prosecution later. >> reporter: just last week this road rage caught on camera, stunt riders surrounding a lyft driver on highway 101. when he exits his car, they attacked him. investigators are now looking into any possible connection. >> so it's definitely a big coincidence that we have a similar group of off road vehicles in a similar area. we're going to look into it, but it's too early to say if they're linked or not. here's something to think about the next time you drive
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through the bay bridge tunnel. there are hundreds of spots on the walls that are potentially corroded. caltrans has started fixing the ones in the lower level. last year a big chunk of concrete fell in the roadway just missing a driver. some lanes will be closed while crews make repairs which will take until about june. tonight a bay area children's concert has been canceled over travel concerns and now the director's call is coming into question. kpix5's cate cauguiran explains. [ singing ] >> the girls work really hard during the whole year and they look forward to their trim. so for it to be cancer trip. so for it to be canceled is a big shock and disappoint. >> reporter: the concert was to be at -- disappointment. >> reporter: the concert was to be at a youth festival in scotland this summer, but the president's fallout with the travel ban could put the
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youth's safety in jeopardy. >> whether they are u.s. citizens or permanent residents who are just not able to conclude that everything would be totally smooth for travel in and out of the united states. >> reporter: andrew bradford said the music group is made up of 40 teen-agers from all ethnic backgrounds and the uncertain international travel situation would make the trip impossible. that decision is hitting a sour note with some parents. dion crawford's child performs with a different musical ensemble, but she says she understands their frustration. >> they've been able to raise the fund. they've been able to make -- funds. they've been able to make it happen. so for it to abruptly just be canceled, yes, i would question it. >> the no. 1 thing right now no matter what the cost is to the organization is the safety of our chorus. we take very seriously making sure that we offer these kids social medias that they'll remember forever but are done -- experiences that they'll remember forever, but are done so in a very safe way. >> reporter: in san francisco
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cate cauguiran, kpix5. tonight sky drone 5 giving us a better look at what's left of the pfeiffer canyon bridge near big sur. demolition video is pretty incredible. they are taking it down to replace it with a new one. crews had to use a large ine to break huge section of it came crashing down over the weekend. crews had to use that large jackhammer type machine to break it apart. caltrans officials say it will take about six months to build a new bridge. tonight thousands of secret videos of u.s. nuclear tests that were classified for decades are being posted on youtube by bay area scientists. kpix5's christin ayers shows us the incredible footage. >> reporter: a team here at lawrence livermore lab has tracked down more than 6,000 of the nuclear testing films. they had been classified for decades, but now the lab is releasing them in the most public way possible. this is the only video in color, a massive mesmerizing
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nuclear test explosion on the pacific ocean in 1958 called operation hard tack. it's one of thousands of decaying nuclear test films that a scientist and crew of archivists and film experts at lawrence livermore national lab have unearthed. >> we've located about 6,500 of them and to date we've scanned a little over about 4,200 films and we've analyzed just a small fraction of those. >> reporter: for decades the films and data they contained were top secret locked away in high security vaults. in a video the lab released nuclear physicist greg spriggs says the film still capables secrets. >> looking at these -- contains secrets. >> looking at these films we found a lot of different pieces of information had not been analyzed in the '50s and we're discovering new things about these detonations never even seen before. >> reporter: but the u.s. government declassified them and the lab has posted dozens of the films on youtube for the toward to see, they're is no after president donald trump made waves by tweet having mere
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months after -- mere months after president donald trump made waves by tweeting we must show more force of our nuclear policy. > in livermore christin ayers, kpix5. we got a little rain today and we got more coming. >> more rain coming up later on this week. friday will be the wettest day of the week. it's pretty soggy out there now. kpix5 hi-def doppler tracking rain not everywhere. south bay is dry and east bay drying out after pouring rainfall just moved through. how about the north bay, pouring, vallejo getting pounded with heavy rainfall. out interstate 80 and down 680 and 780 toward concord and martinez north to fairfield and the city of napa, heavily rain in the north bay right now, so he -- heavy rain in the north bay now, solano county and more
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showers rotating through the bay area between now and sunrise tomorrow. in the sierra we'll see about 8 inches of snow at sick thousand 500 feet in elevation. that's enough for a winter weather advisory on the first day of spring. yes. we're still adding to our robust snowpack. mild night tonight. oakland and san jose only dropping to 58 degrees, napa 56 and santa rosa 57. it's a pattern change. our ridge of high pressure has moved out. so nothing is being blocked. as a matter of fact, it's the opposite. storms are now being steered by this low pressure area right into the bay area and there are three this week. we're dealing with the first one now. it will begin to move out tomorrow morning. you'll see the rain on futurecast in the south bay and then some blue sky. we're in between storms, but the atmosphere will be unstable. don't let the blue sky few you. we in a see a few pop-up showers in the afternoon or a thunderstorm or two late day tomorrow. here's a different representation of futurecast showing rain through sun rise through the morning commute
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tomorrow. there's your break, but some thunderstorms popping up in the north bay in the evening. northerly round of rainfall late tuesday into wednesday morning. then when it clearlies out, we get about a 30 -- clears out, we get go a 36 hour break, second half of wednesday and nurse looking dry before the strongest storm gets here friday with another inch of rainfall. on and off rain tonight, early tomorrow, scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms are possible, more so tomorrow, but it continues into wednesday. and the only mainly dry day this week, do activities on thursday because rain returns friday. vallejo tomorrow 67, san jose 68, morning rain showers, slight chance of a late day thunderstorm, santa rosa 65, san francisco 66 degrees. we're soggy the next couple days at times. thursday we're dry. we're wet on friday and scattered showers will likely leak into the weekend, especially saturday morning. so a lot of rain for late march. typically when we begin to dry out this year, no.
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not yet. >> not getting a break yet. >> why would it happen now? >> after this winter why would it stop now? >> thank you, paul. tonight why this tech boss wants to pay you 10 grand to leave the bay area. ak))) >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. oregon rallied back from eleven points down in the 2nd half to beat rhode island... tyler dorsey's three was the game winner... the ducks will play michigan in the next round ucla and arizona also advanced to the sweet 16... usc was the lone pac twelve team eliminated " "
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newscast is sponsored by living spaces. bay area. a bay area based tech company offing its employees an unusual perk. >> it's paying them to leave the bay area. zap year rolled out its new delocation package last week. the program will provide up to $10,000 in moving expenses to employees who want to move away from the bay area. t employee sted in working >> you just see what it costs to rent a two bedroom apartment here in san francisco or to take out a mortgage and it just is difficult for people who are single income or even dual income families here in the bay area to make the unit economics of that work. so a lot of folks are just looking elsewhere even though they like the area.
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>> zap year is also asking that employees interested in working remotely stay with the company for at least a year after moving. andrea nakano is in tonight and we saw a pretty cool warrior game early, a little pushing, a little shoving. >> felt like the playoffs. coming up next in sports the bears trying to follow the stanford women into the sweet 16. >> and tempers flare as the warriors make a statement in their ,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> kevin durant missed another game with his knee injury, but tonight it was against his old team. he got quite a show, though, from the bench as things got heated on the court. the cupcakes were back in oklahoma city, this time with a crutch for durant's second trip back to okc. even without kd things gote 1st seth curry and christian had to be separated. four players including draymond green were given technicals. after things calmed down klay thompson finds the ball and finds curry who nails the three to end the half, vintage curry. he had seven threes in the game and 3rd quarter thompson hit from deep pushing the lead up to 23. thompson also had seven threes and scored 34 points as the warriors swept the season series from the thunder. the cardinal women were supposed to roll past new mexico state in the first round
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but barely squeaked through. they got back on track against kansas state today, tara vanderveer playing k state on their home floor. cardinal leading 29-14. brittany mcfee hits the three pushing the lead to 17 leading all scores with 21 as stanford rolls to a 69-48 win advancing to the sweet 16 for the 10th straight year. lindsay gottlieb and cal were not so for the against barrel. the bears had a -- baylor. the bears had a 26 point lead and eliminated cal from the tournament. the sharks backup goalie made 19 saves against dallas tonight, but in the 2nd period the stars curtis mckinzie tips in a shot for the only goal of the game. dallas wins 1 -0. san jose suffers their third straight loss. the warriors will be back in action tomorrow against dallas. so they're rolling right now, which is a good sign. >>
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. first day of spring looks a lot like what we had all winter long. we have rain out there right now. petaluma, novato, napa, vallejo, american canyon, fairfield, vacaville pouring, a little break around san francisco but waves of rain moving through overnight, steady rain done by about 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> they'll have all the news
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