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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on the left we have sfo and on the right, a live look. delays on some arriving flights flights. there are some tough driving conditions around san francisco this morning. this is what the drive looked like not too long ago on franklin street. wet commute. >> you want to go slow and windshield wipers. >> roberta says this is one of the worst commutes she has ever had. >> in 21 years. let me tell you two things this morning. as an aspirin and a massage are needed! we have difficulties when we head on the roads at 2:30 a.m. because there's a lot of standing water, there aren't enough cars to swoosh the cars off the road and we were driving through an intense squall line. be careful even though the squall is east of us, a lot of scattered showers in its wake. look at that! look how huge that is! even i'm impressed!
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take a look at sacramento all the way into the hollister area. wounding rain. you have a moderate cell -- pounding rain. you have a moderate cell in your area. 580/680 corridor slammed through stanley road as you head towards livermore out to vasco road. discovery bay, you hear the big raindrops on your rooftops. take a look at 880 near hayward, it's just pouring throughout most of the bay area. i have been focusing in on edenville. can you see it on your map? we had heavy rain in the area. that's where we had over 800 homes damaged due to the flooding rains over a month ago, meanwhile the san lorenzo park area prone to flood heavy rain there now. around the peninsula all the way back through the san mateo bridge, that cell just pushed off south towards henderson. mostly cloudy over the bay bridge just give yourself extra time to get through there. this morning. a lot of standing water. temperatures are in the 50s. later today, we will have some
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sunshine. we'll call it partly sunny with a scattered shower. temperature 50s, 60s. we are going to have more rain on friday. 5:02. we have trouble in oakland. a chp issued traffic alert a moment ago westbound 580 before harrison, it's a three-car crash, blocking all lanes. so chp has traffic stopped so whoever is out there is moving at 13 miles per hour. and that backup is growing. so don't let that be you! chp says take northbound 880 instead. how is that commute looking? good heading into the maze. moving over to the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city, traffic moving smoothly there but a lot of rain coming down so of course prepare for a wet commute out there and make sure you're prepared to drive safely. have a good breakfast so you can be alert. northbound 101 in san jose after 13th street this is a rollover crash that has been cleared out of the road but, of course, the delays remain. you're moving at just 30 miles per hour in that area.
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let's move now to mass transit because this is a great idea today. art, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. later today, santa clara water district leaders will hold a community meeting about anderson reservoir weeks after it caused destructive flooding. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose along coyote creek. maria. >> reporter: gorgeous michelle. i'm standing in one of the neighborhoods that flooded last -- good morning, michelle. i'm standing in one of the neighborhoods that flooded last month. it's amazing to see how much coyote creek had to rise to flood. it had to get as high as that bridge above. now, water district leaders over here they were under fire for failing to alert resident of the rising water before it reached their doors. we saw last month 14,000 people evacuated from their homes, hundreds rescued by boat. we know the santa clara water district was in the works of retrofitting anderson dam but it had stalled and last month water from the reservoir went
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into coyote creek causing it to flood after heavy rain. now, today, santa clara water district leaders will hold a public meeting about that project so it doesn't happen again including increasing the height of the dam and the wall of the spillway as well as replacing the existing outlet pipe. victims are starting to get help. many say it could be months before they are back in their homes. they can now get up to $40,000 loans for renters to replace their cars and belongings up to $200,000 for homeowners and up to $2 million for a small business owner and they get that through the small business administration starting today. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> for those who want to attend the meeting, where is it? >> reporter: these meetings a lot of people have been wanting to attend them. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00. it will be at the morgan hill community center. >> thank you. today bay area transportation officials are meeting about a pilot program
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to crack down on speeding using cameras. it could pave the way for statewide programs. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the details. anne. >> reporter: kenny, the metropolitan transportation commission will consider a five- year pilot program that would install these new speed cameras here in san francisco and also in san jose. it would involve installing these cameras over the next several months once it's approved. a lot of people say it's going to increase safety, would catch any vehicle traveling 10 miles over the posted speed limit with the car's owner automatically being mailed a citation up to $100. there would be no point against the driver's license and the zones would be clearly marked so drivers know the risks. >> it has helped in other cities. in fact, 142 other cities have automated speed enforcement and
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it is working to reduce, um, collisions. >> reporter: the criticism is that it could be a high-tech speed trap. another is that the cameras target a car's license plate which means the car owner is on the hook no matter who is driving. and after this five-year trial run, this program could be expanded throughout california. the mtc meeting this morning. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. oakland residents are clashing with business owners over the city's new medical marijuana laws. arguments were heated at a city council meeting last night. to apply for a pot permit you used to have to live in oakland for at least three years. the city council recently axed that requirement and now long- time oakland residents say it will hurt their chances of getting into the industry because so many others can apply. the clock is ticking for the gop's new healthcare plan. house committee is set to discuss the bill for a fourth and final time today but a lot of lawmakers are opposed to it. jackie ward joins us now to tell us about it.
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>> reporter: they are getting vocal about it. activists across the country including in oakland are holding rallies today in support of the affordable care act and medicaid and they are doing it creatively. dozens of people will be in front of the federal building today at noon in oakland to open up a pop-up emergency room. they will be dress and up as medical staff in hopes of getting people's attention and to describe what they claim is the current threat against their healthcare. it's an upcoming vote for the republican party as they get the gop replacement for obamacare passed. president trump is confident they will get the result. >> the house bill ends the obamacare nightmare and gives healthcare decisions back to the american people. >> not all conservatives are as confident in the plan. north carolina representative mark meadows says the bill being considered doesn't lower premiums for most americans. the bill is set to be taken up today by a house committee for the fourth and final time and
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house leaders will bring it to the floor for passage tomorrow. >> there are some events today in washington, dc, right? >> yes. with some of our own california representation so our other governor brown will be joined by joe biden and nancy pelosi for what they claim is a press event at 10 a.m. they will recognize the 7-year anniversary of president obama's signing obamacare into law on house east front steps of the capitol building in d.c. busy day ahead. >> very busy. all right, jackie, thank you. as the president takes aim at colin kaepernick the former 49ers quarterback throwing his support behind "meals on wheels." he is donating 50 thousand dollars. organization tweeted this yesterday saying thank you at kaepernick 7 for supporting seniors through your words and actions. at a rally on monday, president trump seemed to take credit for kaepernick's inability to get a
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new job after leaving the 49ers. in santa clara county, a murder trial is now under way for three former deputies accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death. an attorney for one of the former jail guards is suggesting that inmate michael tyree was alive when the deputies left his cell back in august 2015. the lawyer insists the deputies didn't beat tyree and that instead, the man's spleen and liver were ruptured after a fell into a sink. prosecutors are relying on testimony of inmates. campus officials issuing a health warning at one bay area university after a student is diagnosed with a highly contagious illness. >> and more devastation in south america as raging floodwaters sweep entire homes away! >> we have had heavy rain all this morning. we will continue to see some scattered showers and, guess what, a bigger storm is heading this way. >> and here's a live look at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. but we do have a traffic alert in oakland. also has some very unfortunate update to tell you about that traffic alert so stay tuned we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in northern peru, entire homes
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have been swept straight i good morning, your time check now it is 5:12. we are under storm watch because yes, it is another stormy morning with heavy rain that has piled through the bay area. we'll pinpoint where it's raining and the next round of rain will arrive. raffic and weather in less than game minutes. -- in less than four minutes. in northern peru entire homes have been swept into russian waters in a devastating rainy season. powerful storms have killed at least 75 people and left 9 9,000 homeless. thousands of soldiers have been sent to the area. 34 districts in the country have declared a state of emergency. today marks one year since suicide bombers carried out three attacks in brussels killing 32 people. the king and queen joined the prime minister for a special ceremony that was held at the
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airport where two bombers blew themselves up. more than 300 people were wounded in the attacks. the "islamic state" claims responsibility. a man is dead after showing up at his ex-wife's redwood city workplace with a gun. the 43-year-old attacker chased the woman around the parking lot on penobscot drive after she refused to talk to him yesterday. police tried to get him to surrender but he shot himself. police have not released the ex- husband's name. a hilt warning at uc- berkeley. the university sent -- a health warning to uc-berkeley. a single student is recovering from meningitis. vaccinations will be offered starting at 2:30 tomorrow. time now 5:14. let get a check of the roads with roqui this morning. >> all right. thank you, kenny. yeah, unfortunately, we do have a confirmed fatality in oakland. so let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza see how that traffic is looking. good right now.
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5:30 those metering lights will turn on. but in oakland on westbound 580 before harrison street this was a three-car crash out there. all lanes blocked. chp is on scene. and just confirmed that this is a fatality. backup beyond grand avenue so avoid the area. take northbound 880 instead. 238 from san leandro to the maze , 15 minutes. san jose northbound 101 after 13th street a rollover crash blocking the right lane that's been removed off the roadway but the delays remain here you're moving at just 30 miles per hour and that backup goes all the way back to 680 to the 680 interchange so keep an eye on that for you and give yourself extra time to get through there. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city. traffic looks like it's moving smoothly. actually it's looking like it's slowing down so we'll keep an eye on that for you, as well.
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880 to 101 will take 20 minutes. mass transit because this is a great idea today to avoid all the wet roads and be safe, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. roberta, i'll send it to you. >> yes, roqui. we were talking about this earlier this morning in the makeup room and nearly 21 years of driving to our kpix 5 studios, this was definitely in the top three worst commutes for me coming into san francisco. it will be better for you because the squall line is now due east but take a look at this. it is so impressive! look at that line that stretches from sacramento through modesto into hollister this morning. that's heavy rain, thunderstorms and, in fact, numerous lightning strikes have been reported right there in the north bay this morning. we'll continue to see that chance of thunderstorms throughout the midday. glen ellen through sonoma into napa now, we have the heavy rain. even heavier rainfall being noted from vacaville through fairfield and rockville this
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morning. meanwhile, the east bay has been getting hammered all morning long. anywhere coming out of walnut creek into the san ramon valley that 580/680 corridor, dublin livermore interchange out of the pleasanton area. hayward very nasty this morning. lots of ponding on the roads there backing through 238 and 880 heading into the oakland area. i wanted to queue in on this right here. here you have evergreen and we are going to keep a watchful eye on that area there for the potential of any kind of flooding. we do now have some light rain in the willow glen area. heavy rain has been noted this morning as well in throughout the santa cruz mountains. this on top of the nearly 4 inches of rain that has fallen in the past couple of days. we now have heavy cells pushing back onshore. this is a big batch of energy right here moderate to heavy rainfall moving into 880 into union city and into the fremont area out of the peninsula. all this continues to lift from the south to the north. dave had a thunderstorm in napa overnight. rain now this morning over a quarter inch since midnight.
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temperatures meanwhile are in the 50s. the winds have been fluctuating around but are now pretty consistent out of the northeast in oakland and have been lowering down to about three miles per hour but 14 at sfo. these winds will rotate to the northwest up to 15 during the afternoon so another round of rain through today around midday. mainly dry tonight through friday early morning. the wettest day of the week will be friday with more potential of thunderstorm activity. but this is a huge line passing through the bay area. there are satellite-radar shows we have the core now moving to the north bay area. and then a bigger system out west. so let's walk you through. here's your lunch hour with a hit-and-miss scattered shower. by the evening commute it's out of here. so we'll have a dry day on thursday but then we see the increasing clouds during the afternoon hours, here's the leading edge of the precipitation on friday morning. we have the blast of energy during the noon hour and then scattered showers early saturday. another 3 inches of rain with that next system coming in.
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a foot of snow at the crest of the tahoe area. your tahoe report, you have it made! skiing and boarding through the weekend. 50s, 60s our daytime highs today. we'll remain on storm watch today, another round of storm watch activity on friday. michelle? >> roberta, thank you. time to see what is trending today. we are getting a new look at elon musk's compound in bel air. he owns five different properties in the neighborhood. it appears they are ecofriendly and covered in solar panels. the tesla ceo reportedly spent more than $70 million on the home. he bought the place next door which was gene wilder's own house. it was converted into a private school for his children. next up wheel of fortune fail. a contestant filled in every letter of the puzzle except for the very last one. >> 600. >> k. >> no. >> lisa.
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>> 650. >> m! >> there you go. >> you got the right answer. >> yeah. this happened during last night's episode which prompted the call for a letter he asked for a k which would have made quite the addition of the classic play. it would have been naked. he still got $1,000. boy. i'm with pat. finally sometimes you just get too excited and you can't wait that's exactly what one dog must have thought when he decided to crash a ski competition. >> and they are being chased by a dog out there! they dodged it. that's quite a story right there. good boy. good boy. down boy. >> he just wanted to race, too. this happened during the world cup cross-country skiing race in quebec city. he ran out of the course. thankfully didn't faze any of the skiers but it definitely made the announcers' day. we'll be right back.
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good morning. we have a chp-issued traffic alert in oakland. westbound 580 before harrison street. this is a fatal three car crash
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blocking all lanes out there. chp and investigators are on scene. the corner is on its way. but we are seeing delays at just nine miles per hour. so avoid the area. northbound 13 to westbound 24 as an alternate. northbound 880 is looking good into the maze. the warriors didn't have too much fun away from home on their last road trip. this time, a quick two-game swing with steph curry taking on his little brother seth in dallas last night. 2nd quarter the warriors are up by 4. clark drives in for two of his 18 points off the bench and just a couple of minutes later draymond green does it his way barrels in for the powerful slam to make it 49-41 golden state. they shot nearly 57% in the first half. klay thompson's hot shooting carries over from last night in oklahoma city. 3rd quarter he knocks down the
5:25 am
three and the warriors take a commanding lead. thompson scores 23 and the warriors win the fifth straight 112-87. the sharks were hoping they would fare better on the scoreboard in this fight against the wild. minnesota leading 2-1. coyle scores the second wild goal. minnesota wins 3-2. san jose has lost four straight. and the world baseball classic semifinals japan playing the united states. tied at one in the 8th, a third baseman bobbles the jones grounder allowing the giants brandon crawford to score the go-ahead run. the u.s. wins and advances to the wbc final for the first time. they will play puerto rico tonight. the warriors play again friday against the sacramento kings. the play of the day from the nhl. penguins star sidney crosby doing it all by himself. [ play-by-play ]
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coast-to-coast, th e goal with ju >> holy mackerel! >> holy mackerel, that's right! take another look. syd the kidsid the kid scores the goal with one hand on the stick. pittsburgh beats buffalo 3-1. crosby earning our play of the day. santa clara water district leaders plan to hold a meeting with flood victims demanding answers. what they plan to tell them. >> and if you have been getting away with driving ten miles over the speed limit, well, you might not be any longer. depending on the decision made today, we'll tell you about the new speed cameras being proposed for california next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what if we could bring you better value by having better values? at blue apron, we work directly with more than a hundred family farms. so instead of spending on costly middlemen and supermarkets, we can invest in the things that matter most: making farmland healthier. cutting down on food waste.
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and bringing you higher quality, fresher ingredients for less than you pay at the store. because food is better when you start from scratch. get $30 off at area's biggest cities... and we're learnin speed cameras could soon be
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watching drivers in two of the bay area's biggest cities. >> we're learning more about president trump's nominee for the supreme court as his hearing continues. >> the bay area is hammered with rain during the morning commute. we'll track the system together. >> and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights now are officially on. but trouble in oakland. we have a traffic alert to tell you about. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 22. i'm michelle griego. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic is backing up and you can see the roads are wet. i'm kenny choi. time now 5:30. last month's storms in the spotlight, today in the south bay, maria medina is live in san jose with the details. >> reporter: kenny, i'm standing in one of the neighborhoods that flooded last month. boy what a difference dry weather can make. you can see just how low coyote creek is now. but it had to get as high as that bridge right there for it
5:31 am
to flood in this area. now, santa clara water district faalert residents of re for the rising water before it reached their doors and last month we saw 14,000 people evacuated from their homes, hundreds rescued by boat. and we know the santa clara water district was in the works of retrofitting anderson dam but it had stalled and last month water from the reservoir went into coyote creek causing it to flood after heavy rain. today santa clara water district leaders will hold a public meeting about that project so that it doesn't happen again including increasing the height of the dam and the wall of the spillway as well as replacing the existing outlet pipe. now, we spoke to flood victims over the last few weeks and some said it could be months before they are back in their homes. >> nothing is covered. my appliances aren't covered. so that was a huge shock to find out that my homeowners insurance didn't cover anything. and fema doesn't cover anything. so that's all out of pocket.
5:32 am
>> reporter: those victims are starting to get help. besides donations they can get a loan up to $40,000 for renters to replace their belongings, $200,000 for homeowners. and business owners can get up to $2 million through the small business administration. tonight's meeting is at 6 p.m. at morgan hill community center. maria medina, kpix 5. >> it makes you cringe to know there's rain out there with so much damage still to be cleaned up. >> it's been raining there this morning. we have another system that's going to be producing at least another couple of inches of rain coming in on friday. all we can do is prepare because knowledge is a good thing. >> good morning. >> no one is arguing. >> our live hi-def doppler radar boy, i cannot remember the last time i have seen anything like this.
5:33 am
look at that line of heavy rain stretching from sacramento all the way into hollister this morning. that came through the bay area at 1 a.m. and dumped a lot of standing water from the north bay into the santa cruz mountains. right now we have a pocket of heavy rain. saint helena through yountville for your morning commute 128 into 29 as you go to napa. east bay has been getting pounded all morning. discovery bay, you know what i'm talking about. that 580/680 is always a mess even on dry pavement. now look at the moderate to heavy rain there, as well. backing all the way through vasco road. heavy rain 680 as you make tracks around the sunol grade through fremont into milpitas wrapping around to the santa clara valley. union city with heavy rain. san jose you have now light to moderate rainfall all the way
5:34 am
into santa clara willow glenrose garden district alamo, rose garden district. edenville off your tv screen now it's right there buying a little bit of a dry spot. santa cruz mountain hit-and- miss scattered showers now buying a break throughout the peninsula except henderson through palo alto into the bay. this activity lifting from the south into the north. yup, atmospheric river conditions. temperatures we are into the 50s across the board. the winds have been under 10 but will increase later today to 15. we see a bit of a break after the lunch hour, which is a chance of a scattered shower during the afternoon. dry skies tonight but meanwhile our temperatures coming down slightly. upper 50s and low 60s. we're queuing up another storm before the weekend. it is 5:34. we have new details on the fatal crash in oakland. westbound 580 before harrison street it was a three-car crash blocking all lanes and now the
5:35 am
update is the three left lanes are open now. the right lane remains closed as crews and chp continue the investigation. the coroner is still on his way. so you want to avoid this area. as you can see, speeds are just at 6 miles per hour. that backup is to park boulevard so slow along the way. use northbound 880 as an alternate or northbound 13 to westbound 24. as i can imagine, that northbound 880 commute will get heavy as people try to avoid 580. here's a look at the northbound 880 commute. 238 to the maze will take you about 15 minutes or so as you head out the door. and if you are traveling on westbound 4 from the antioch/pittsburg area you're moving at just 20 miles per hour then 40 out of pittsburg into concord. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. a great idea to use today. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. lawmakers and transportation officials are gathering today to vote on a pilot program that would track
5:36 am
speeding drivers with cameras. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in san francisco to tell us what the plans are. >> reporter: these speed cameras have reduced traffic fatalities in other cities across the country so that's the goal here in san francisco. this would be a pilot program in san francisco and san jose but state law would need to change for it to go through. the cameras would catch any vehicle traveling 10 miles an hour over the posted speed limit. the car's owner would be mailed a ticket. it wouldn't be more than $100. and there would be no points against a drive's record. the zones would be clearly marked. the drivers know the risks. and supporters say it's been a long time coming. >> how ironic here in the heart of silicon valley, because the laws of the state of california do not allow to us utilize this very critical technology. >> reporter: the criticism,
5:37 am
that this is a high-tech speed trap. another is that the cameras target a car's license plate not the driver. the owner is on the hook no matter who is driving. that's similar to the red light cameras that we already have around the state. so again this would be a five- year trial program and after that it could be expanded beyond the cities of san francisco and san jose, statewide. but it has to first make it through the mtc today and then eventually the state legislature. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. president trump's pick for the supreme court faces more questions on capitol hill today. yesterday judge neil gorsuch told lawmakers that he leaves his personal views at home when he is on the bench. he would not address past supreme court decisions saying he did not want to appear to have already taken a stance on any future cases that he would have to decide. democrats unsuccessfully tried to press for specifics. >> i don't care -- >> religion -- >> anyone, any law, is going to get a fair and square deal with me.
5:38 am
>> the senate judiciary committee votes on the gorsuch nomination in two weeks and will send its recommendation to the senate. the judge will need some democratic support to get him confirmed. late today, supporters are coming together to rally for immigrant rights to keep sanctuary city in the bay area. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: good morning. there's a lot of fear and frustration building up right now in contra costa county over the sheriff's close ties to u.s. immigration customs enforcement or i.c.e. as we know with all the controversy surrounded immigration issues in our country, many city leaders in the bay area have come out and announced that their cities will be sanctuary cities. but in contra costa county, they are not sure where their leaders stand and that includes sheriff david livingston. he recently visited washington, dc to meet with then senator jeff sessions now u.s. attorney general. many people including a member of the richmond city council
5:39 am
didn't think that was a good idea. >> if he truly does disagree with jeff sessions, then he would be advocating to say no we should not be working together with i.c.e. but instead, the sheriff has a continuing contract with i.c.e. today. >> in a statement, sheriff livingston says he regularly meets with politicians on both sides of the aisle and that his meeting with mr. sessions was neither a political meeting nor an endorsement. today's rally will be at noon in martinez at the sheriff's headquarters in tandem with a protest against the los angeles county sheriff's office. >> thank you. google is rolling out a new feature that could make finding movie times and sports scores a breeze. ill wagner of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. futures right now are pointing to a lower open. it follows a big sell-off yesterday. the dow fell 237 points. the nasdaq fell 107. investors are concerned
5:40 am
conditioning is going to get bogged down on healthcare reform and that could delay the trump administration's economic agenda including tax cuts and infrastructure spending. wells fargo is updating all its atms so customers could take out money without using a debit card. instead, customers would get a unique eight-digit code from the wells wells app. they won'ter the code -- from the wells fargo app. they would enter the pin. google is making it easier to find sports scores, restaurant times et cetera. they introduced google shortcuts rolled out yesterday on google app for iphones and android phones. >> all right. sounds good. one-stop shop. i'm all for that. jill, target has a new ad campaign, no photoshop allowed. >> reporter: yes. target celebrating all body types. swimwear ad contains all types of women. the images are photoshop free. it says the it wants to show women in all their beauty -- it
5:41 am
says it wants to show women in all their beauty. thank you. it is 5:40. a controversial bay area tradition dating back decades may be coming to an end. >> starting today the excitement of march madness coming to the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:42 am
5:43 am
in just a few minutes. while we're seeing rain-- the high country is seeing a lot of white! good morning. 5:43 on this march 22. it's wednesday, it's "hump day" and this is it. it's our live weather camera looking out towards the transamerica pyramid. we are under storm watch. we have our live hi-def doppler radar picking up wet weather that continues to impact your morning commute. we'll track this storm together
5:44 am
and we'll talk about the difficulties on the roadways this morning. it's traffic and weather together coming up at 5:46. >> while we're seeing rain, the high country is seeing a lot of snow. one neighborhood in soda springs is completely buried in snow. caltrans is keeping an eye on drivers who could run into tough conditions in the roads. locals are positive saying it's making for great spring skiing. in san mateo county animal rights activists are calling for the end of a yearly pig scramble. the 40-year-old tradition sends kids after baby pigs in a rodeo. the county's mounted patrol says it's family friend and full of smiles. activists claim the animals are being terrorized. both sides are ready to plead their case at a council meeting next week. >> these are children who at school are taught all these things, you don't bully, you treat people and animals with respect. complete opposite. >> we have been doing this rodeo for 40 years. and there has not been one incident where a pig has been
5:45 am
hurt or killed. >> scramble or no scramble, the baby pigs featured in woodside's 4th of july festivity are sold within a week for slaughter. march madness has officially spread to the bay area. >> today in san jose, you can an up-close look at the teams vying for spots in the final four. >> starting at noon the four teams in the west regional take the court for open practice and tomorrow at 4:30 it's sweet sixteen action with number one seed gonzaga taking on west virginia immediately followed by arizona and xavier. >> wahoo! >> my little sister goes to arizona. >> so you'll be rooting for arizona. >> guess who i have to win the whole thing, arizona. >> they are still in the game. >> all right! >> i thought were you going for the ucla bruins? >> in the final. >> ucla and arizona and i have arizona as the winner. >> woo, woo. >> you have to stay true to california. >> oh, come on. >> and that's because?
5:46 am
>> because we live here. >> okay. >> we have to support our state's schools. [ laughter ] >> they just cut us off. that's getting too hot. this is getting too steamy. let's go to traffic. high windses across the span. >> expect 15 minutes between the maze and downtown san francisco. now to some unfortunate news of we have a confirmed fatality and traffic alert in oakland. westbound 580 before harrison a three-car crash that blocked all lanes but soon after the three left lanes opened and that right lane remains closed as the investigation continues. so if you are out there you're moving at 6 miles per hour. northbound 880 is a good alternate. highway 4 westbound antioch to pittsburg moving slowly at
5:47 am
about 25 miles per hour along the way up to 40 into concord area. so give yourself extra time to get through there. if you want to avoid the roads, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. someone else who wants to avoid the wet roads this morning, roberta. >> i was in the middle of the squall line in the bay area on the way to work this morning. that is one powerful line of heavy rain consisting of a half inch of rain to 2 inches. it now stretches -- look at all this territory! all this real estate -- from sacramento all the way into the hollister area. it blasted through the bay area around 1 a.m. to 2:30, 3:00, producing up to 1.5" of rain in throughout the tilden park area. about .6" rain in san francisco. that's some heavy rain right now noticed from saint helena into yountville for the morning commute. we have seen the rain nonstop. discovery bay, oakley, byron and into brentwood this
5:48 am
morning. so you know vasco road is going to be a nightmare. meanwhile 580/680 corridor on a day in which the sun is shining it's always a very bad commute and right now we have heavy rain there at that corridor out of the tri-valley. rain showers in san jose, and we are going down to story road level where you can see the light to moderate rainfall all the way to mckee road very popular for the morning hours. meanwhile around the peninsula mountain view los altos hills sunnyvale all with moderate rain, san lorenzo park prone to flooding with moderate to heavy rain. that cell is sitting there for 20 minutes. all this is atmospheric river conditions, tapping into subtropical moisture from the south lifting up in a northerly direction going east. the biggest line of activity out of here. we just have in its wake now some scattered showers. but we have the potential of thunderstorms, several lightning strikes and
5:49 am
thunderstorms early this mornings across the north bay. temperatures locally into the 50s at this very early hour. the winds run to about 11 and 12 miles per hour. all these winds will be rotating to the northwest later today increasing to 15 miles per hour. three things to remember today. we have another round of rain this morning through the afternoon hours. i'd say mainly right after lunch hour. then dry tonight through friday. then heavy rain again and gusty winds on friday. this is the latest disturbance passing through the bay area. the core of the center of the area of low pressure now beginning to eject to the north and to the east. so we have the hit-and-miss scattered showers with the instability. futurecast, here's your lunch hour. you see again some showers to the east and to the south. we dry out for the evening commute. our evening hours will be dry. thursday lots of sunshine and then the clouds increase across the north bay slide to the south. here comes the rain friday morning's commute heavy rain by lunch hour. still some rain by the evening commute a lingering shower early on saturday.
5:50 am
another 2.5" to three inches around the coastal mountain areas expected with friday's system. we expect still a foot of snow at the crest of the high sierra. so therefore, we have that winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 tonight. already 6 inches of snow have accumulated at the base of north star. 7:09 is official sunrise. by the time it sets we'll have some sunshine and drying out. 50s and 60s a little cooler than it has been. extended forecast we get a break in the activity on thursday. we'll begin another round of storm watch on friday, rain develops again late on sunday. and that is your "hump day" forecast. time now 5:50. a bay area teenager receives a letter from the white house threatening legal action over an online game. >> a bay area man and his new dog are the perfect pair. how adversity made them the ideal match. 's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. nearly .7" of rain in san francisco since 1 a.m. over an inch and a quarter in la honda. take a look at the huge line of heavy rain from sacramento to hollister. that's what blasted through the bay area and in its wake, we
5:54 am
still have heavy rain anywhere in the north bay with thunderstorms reported and lightning. antioch to livermore some heavy rain showers. it's currently raining in union city. roqui? >> thank you, roberta. let's head to oakland. traffic alert on harrison street a three-car crash fatality. so crews are on scene investigating. we have those three left lanes open. that right lane is closed as the investigation continues. the backup well beyond park boulevard and the alternate northbound 880 looking good into the maze. investigators are looking into the biggest fire in kansas city's history. the blaze started in an apartment complex yesterday. three firefighters were hurt and nearly 2 dozen homes were destroyed. the building was under construction. officials say some of the wood accidentally caught fire. the damage could cost millions of dollars. a san francisco teenager is making waves at the white house
5:55 am
with a kitten videogame. the 17-year-old who calls herself lucy created kitten in her game, players use tiny kitten paws to punch and scratch president trump's head. word got back to the white house and president trump's lawyers sent lucy a "cease and desist" order. the teen told the observer, quote, i really just want people to be aware that this is a president who is clearly more concerned about what people think of him than doing things of substance. so far no comment from president trump's attorneys. in the south bay, a stray dog loses her leg in a car crash. >> and the man who takes her in really understands her pain because her new owner is an amputee himself. after the dog was injured last year, her injury never healed properly. so vets had to remove her leg. an anonymous donor offered to pay for the operation but only if the dog was adopted by an amputee. and that's when bob padilla adopted her. >> got up that morning, saw the three-legged dog on the tv.
5:56 am
i had been waiting for a sign of when it was ready when we were going to be ready to adopt again. >> what bigger sign could you get than that? i'm an amputee. >> bob lost his leg to diabetes two years ago and had a pet recently die so to him it seemed this match was meant to be. 5:56. next, dumped and left behind. why a judge is now pushing to make sure debris from the ghost ship warehouse fire is properly stored and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: one month later and dozens of flood victims remain in shelters in san jose. how they are getting much- needed help starting today. ,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
(vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza.
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not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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now on kpix 5 news: the trump administration versus the f-b-i. as the f-b-i inv p campaign.. and how many people have to say there's nothing there before you realize there's nothing there? >> the trump administration versus the fbi as the fbi
6:00 am
investigates the trump campaign and russia. we are learning new details about the tires trump cam maynor [ indiscernible ] ties they had with the kremlin. it's wednesday, march 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. as kpix 5's jackie ward reports the white house is now distancing itself from former campaign manager paul manafort who is becoming a focus of that investigation. jackie. >> paul manafort was the campaign chairman from may to august last year overseeing the staff, the budget and dismissing early claims by democrats that russian hackers targeted their party's computers to tilt the election trump's way. now the trump administration is distancing themselves from him. he is a key interest in the russian hacking investigation despite sean spicer saying manafort had a very limited role in a very limited amount of time. manafort dismisses any suggestion that he was part of alleged corruption. >> why is it so farfetched to


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