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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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more breaking news in san jose where police are investigating a suspicious death. called to the 900 block of bard street. where an injured man was found conscious and not breathing. and he later died at the scene. homicide investigators have taken over the case. so far they have not released the victim's name or what they think might have happened. a forest bill man is under arrest accused of killing his own brother. deputies were called out to a home on river road where they found 36-year-old seamus gallon shot dead in the living room. deputies arrested his brother 38-year-old shawn gallon at a gas station three miles down the road. they also recovered a rifle from the minivan he was driving. investigator say the two men lived together at the home with their mother but so far it's unclear what led up to the shooting. oakland is making its final push to keep the raiders. dozens of fans including the mayor turned out for a rally.
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as kpix 5's da lin shows us, some are planning to go the extra mile to keep the raiders right where they are. >> [ yelling ] we won't go! stay in oakland! >> reporter: instead of the black hole, these raiders fans are taking their game face to the streets marching and pleasing with the nfl to keep their beloved raiders in oakland. >> call it a hail mary or a last-minute drive. fans and leaders rallied for the final time before nfl owners decide on monday if they will let the raiders moved to las vegas. >> nothing has changed and therefore the raiders have no choice but to leave. we are calling [ bleep ] on that. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: fans in a packed room at the oakland coliseum agree. blaming owner mark davis. >> we love our oakland raiders. love us back, mann. love and loyalty cannot be bought. this is the raider nation. >> [ chanting ]
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>> reporter: at times it was an indoor rally. other times it was a presentation made by libby schaaf and the fortress investment group detailing how they can build a new stadium in oakland with private money. >> there is 55 acres of premium land that is ready for a shovel to go in it tomorrow. >> reporter: some of the diehards will take this energy to the nfl meetings. ray perez and others are flying to phoenix to make one last push. >> let the nfl know that this is bigger than sports to us. this is our culture. this is our political movement. >> reporter: the only people who can stop the move are the nfl owners. ronnie lott is in phoenix trying to convince them to vote no. at the coliseum, i'm da lin, kpix 5 news. >> not everybody wants the team to stay. fans in vegas are pumped about the potential move. >> it's not about the vote. we want the raiders, the entire organization to know we are
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supporting them 100%. we support them. they deserve las vegas. las vegas deserves the raiders. we're going to welcomed them with open arms. >> a lot of friends that live in the bay area that are excited about coming out here. there are some that are very excited they're coming to vegas. >> 24 owners would have to vote yes for the raiders to make that move. ken bastida will be in phoenix covering the vote. look for his reports starting on monday. obamacare was topic a at a town hall in san francisco. to democratic power players met with voters about the collapse of the republican repeal effort but they did ask -- they did not have an easy time talking. >> [ yelling ] >> house minority leader nancy pelosi and representative jackie speier faced a vocal crowd at balboa high school. when asked what democrats will do now about obamacare, she said she would extend her hand
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to the president to improve it. we asked pelosi what her reaction was to president trump's comments yesterday. calling her and senator chuck schumer losers. >> i'm bemused by what he had to say, but i think he's getting the lay of the land. chuck and i took it as a great compliment that he was giving us credit for defeating. we killed the bill that he had going. it was a terrible bill. >> reporter: people held up signs urging pelosi to push for a single-payer health care system. she told them she's actually been supporting that idea since before many in the crowd were born. congresswomen zone locker and held a town hall of her own. she has some questions of her own for the gop. >> the question i have is whether the republicans after voting to reveal the affordable care act 60 times before they actually had the power to repeal it, are going to be willing to sit down and work
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together in a collaborative way to fix the actual problem. i see own evidence -- i see no evidence that there's willing to do that. >> lofgren says she's interested in working with republicans to improve obamacare instead of abolishing it. early this morning a train went into the warm springs station in south fremont. extra five miles south from the fremont station. it took 20 years of planning and another eight years of construction to get the warm springs station up and running. during the day the facility is completely powered by solar cells. as many as 7200 riders are expected to pass through the station every work week. >> all the rail is a nice shiny and new -- everything looks shiny and new so we're happy to give something new to our customers who've been dealing with old train cars and old stations for so long.
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>> next up, completing a 10- mile extension into santa clara county with two more stations one in milpitas and one in berryessa. those stations are expected to open by the end of the year. san jose mayor is calling on the community to help people display -- displaced by flooding. asking landlords to donate units for temporary housing or list them at a low cost. the city is partnering with catholic charities on a housing exchange website. property owners can post listings for flood victims to browse. the city says dozens of people are still staying at shelters or hotels. in addition to help with housing affected residents are now eligible for low cost disaster recovery loans from the fed as well as no-cost home repair loans and grants through the city housing department. a disaster loan office is also open in santa cruz county to help storm victims there. relentless rain and mud slides left many homes severely damaged. the disaster aid is meant to
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help locals a secure money fast so they can start rebuilding. i definitely hope it will help. i don't believe we are covered by our insurance. so in order to satisfy the counties requirement and to get our property value backup, we definitely need significant help. >> homeowners can borrow up to $200,000 to make repairs to a primary residence. smaller loans are available to help replace cars and other personal property. people in one pleasanton neighborhood could use some help. backyards left crumbling after a nearby creek swell during last months storm. now homeowners are keeping a watchful eye on the back lawns every time it rains helping -- hoping erosion doesn't get worse. at one house five feet of grass stains between the pool and the creek below. >> every second it keeps going away. we've probably lost 20 feet by now. >> alameda county flood control agencies made some emergency fixes by putting sandbags by
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the creek but homeowners are waiting for something a little more permanent. investigators say a cooking mishap sparked a fire through a pleasant hill apartment complex last night. all residents of the building on contra costa boulevard got out okay but two dogs died. a total of 10 people were displaced. the red cross is now helping them out. a motorcyclist is in the hospital this evening after colliding with an oakland police cruiser. it happened at 19th and broadway . the cyclist is in stable condition. the officer was not hurt. so far police haven't said who was at fault. a retired california deputy is doing his part to keep the community safe after his career in law enforcement. kpix 5's maria medina on the program helping kids in oaklbui >> show me what you were like before the program. >> really, i was to myself. >> reporter: andrew pryor's plans for his future included graduating from high school and never going to college.
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>> i wasn't going to go. i was going to to trade school or work. >> reporter: but his life took a different path when he was introduced to the okay program in oakland. >> it helps them with becoming a man. it keeps them out of trouble. >> reporter: one of his mentors saw the change not only in andrew but other kids as well. >> i won't be satisfied until every black boy has a positive black man in his life. >> reporter: donald began the okay program while a deputy in sacramento county back in 1990. >> i got tired of seeing so many black boys going to jail and ending up victims of homicide. i looked around for a solution. >> reporter: a quarter century later and the program has grown across the country turning black men most of them officers into mentors for black youth in the community. >> everybody talks about bridging the gap between police and the community. i see the black officer as the bridge. >> reporter: each saturday they
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gather and eat a meal together, talk and take trips. today is their annual luncheon. >> staying out of trouble. >> boyz ii men. >> reporter: the okay program changes lives. not only his -- is he a mentor, he is andrew's father. >> helped my son. very much. to be upstanding young man in oakland california. >> reporter: andrew never planned to go to college. not only is he at alameda city college now he's planning to apply to ucla to become a doctor. >> going to the program and i'm almost done. so i really thank them for that. >> reporter: in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. pgld is publicly shaming itself as punishment for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. up next we'll show you those apology ads. a bumbling burglar caught in the act. embarrassing attempt to swipe a big screen television. and the strange item he did steal. and a creative fix in the works for the damaged oroville dam.
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it's been six years since a natural gas pipeline explosion ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fire. 8 people were killed.. it has been six years since a natural gas pipeline explosion set a san bruno neighborhood on fire. eight people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed. now kpix 5's melissa king shows us pgld is taking the blame in a very public way. >> on september 9, 2010 pgld learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. >> you'll be seeing these videos the next few months. apology ads from pgld. they identify the tragedy. >> this gas path -- pipeline ruptured. the explosion and fire killed eight people. >> reporter: apologize. >> we are deeply sorry.
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>> reporter: and identify what the company is doing to prevent another explosion. >> actions can make pgld safer. >> reporter: the videos are not voluntary. the city manager. >> required as a condition of their probation to place television advertising spots. >> reporter: right here at the northern district courthouse where a jury found pge guilty of six counts of violating federal law including one count of obstructing the national transportation safety board investigation into the blast. >> as part of its sentence the judge ordered the company for three months to air television commercials spending up to the cost of $3 million. the order doesn't require pg&e to apologize in the videos but they do. >> we are deeply sorry. >> san bruno has heard a lot of apologies from pg&e over these last six and a half years. and i think i can say that this one actually does begin to ring a little bit more true. we hope that this is the really, truly the beginning of
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the transformation that needs to happen. >> very strange circumstance where you're putting an advertisement on that you were compelled to put out there with an apology. with negative news. >> reporter: ej johnston is a crisis communications consultant. he says pg&e did the right thing. >> the way they handled it which was to go right at the subject makes it more compelling and therefore will be better off for pg&e in the long run. >> reporter: the skein, kpix 5 news. >> we contacted pg&e repeatedly to find out whether they will be footing the bills. so far no answer from the utility. recognize this guy? accused of stealing some expensive purses from the coach outlet in petaluma. the five stolen bags are worth about $1200 and petaluma police are asking to call them if you know who he is. this burglar in southern california was not quite as
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successful. video shows him breaking into a business in the community of bell gardens. trying to steal a flat-panel television off the wall but he got a terrible time trying to break it loose. in a final act of desperation he's going to jump on top of the television and that he becomes down and so does the thief. after all that work he ended up running off without it but he didn't completely leave empty- handed. he got away with a laptop computer and a bottle of windex. a new plan is taking shape to repair the damaged spillway at the oroville dam. how engineers may literally try to bridge the gap. >> i think it's one of the most -- >> reporter: a panel of engineering experts point to problems with the oroville spillway. some beneath the concrete intact. >> they point out there is potential for additional things to go wrong on the remaining portion of the spillway. >> reporter: a civil engineering professor at uc davis read over
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the report that outlines the issues and potential fixes to the beaten and battered spillway. >> it's a minor miracle it's working pretty well given its fate. >> reporter: faulty piping, deteriorated concrete and cracks that may have weakened the foundation. now they are proposing unique solutions. one temporary recommendation is building an angle flip above the collapsed point of the spillway. that way if they do need to release water, spillway, it will be launched away from the hole. best preventing future erosion. >> it makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: it's a typical practice at other dams but this would likely be the first attempt to jump a hole. >> not holding back. >> reporter: a spokesperson says we are in the process of analyzing alternative approaches both temporary and permanent. experts suggesting a solution for now with a complete rebuild of the main spillway in the future. >> just a matter of how much time it takes and what expense
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do you want to undergo. >> the goal is to have a fully functional spillway in place before the start of the next storm season. dealing with this season we've got a disturbance in the atmosphere that will be moving into the bay area. tomorrow afternoon. and it was a fairly cloudy sunday. and a chilly one as well. high-def doppler is picking up not much in the bay area. we pull that wide to show you a dry day for the state. beautiful saturday evening underway. as you can see by looking at the golden gate bridge, a few wispy high clouds. they will be more as sunday progresses. right now still 63 at concord. oakland 61. same for livermore. san francisco cool spot at 57. and san jose and santa rosa low 60s. winds are light. out of the west and southwest in the south bay and out of the west for the north bay. futurecast tonight by 11 we'll continue with high cloud regime. watch what happens past midnight. all these clouds on the way so sunday morning not much in the
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way of sun and up in the upper left-hand corner see the little bit of green by 8:00? it will begin to over spread the north bay. like rain by tomorrow afternoon at three the rest of the bay area will pick up sprinkles tomorrow night. and get wet by overnight sunday early monday. after monday, high pressure begins to build in and that means it will be sunny for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. as far as the eye can see high- pressure keeps everything up in the pacific northwest so we're expecting showers spreading south later on sunday. a cloudy day tomorrow. showers will linger early monday. and then near 70s by midweek. with warming trend on tap and plenty of sun but that's after monday. rock 'n roll half marathon tomorrow. 53 sunday in san francisco. under cloudy skies. the good guys get together in pleasanton. cloudy and about 62 degrees. overnight lows tonight clouds will increase. rain comes down up in lake
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county and sonoma county after sunrise. it won't be much. sunrise at 7:03 a.m. numbers in the mid-40s to low 50s. and we'll do no better than low 60s for daytime highs tomorrow with san francisco at 60, san jose 64. livermore 61 degrees. in the extended forecast we look for showers to spread south tomorrow afternoon. not a lot again. it will be a chilly day. not much sun. monday increase sunshine after a chance of lingering showers and look at tuesday through the weekend. numbers approach mid-70s by wednesday. we'll be there again thursday and minor fluctuations in temperatures after that. if you've been missing the sun it's coming back. time. after this little chance of rain. betty? monterey county, wild life experts are urging humans to stay out of it. the marine mammal center says it rescued two pups found abandoned in a rocky area last
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weekend. volunteers think it may have something to do with people trying to get onto the beach for a closer look. they say harbor seals can be skittish and if mom gets scared she will likely leave her baby on the beach. >> while that's normal for harbor seals, that's not normal for this colony. they've got this big protective beach so they have them in the sand. it's a lot easier. >> rescuers can't go in and save every abandoned pop because they don't want to disturb the rest of the seals. still to come, meet the california woman whose breaking barriers as she calls the shots at the in double-a -- ncaa tournament. i'm glad we're running it. also at that same west region if you like guns i got the word is, finally. the bulldogs tournament run with head coach mark few and how the west was won. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's an exciting time for one california woman who's literally calling the shots -- and breaking glass ceilings in down to the elite eight in march madness. it is an exciting time for one
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woman whose literally calling the shots and breaking glass ceilings in the process. jamie coffee just became the first female p.a. announcer in the history of the ncaa west region. she was on the mic for two games thursday at the s.a.p. center in san jose and she called the regional final today. coffee has been the announcer for the wnba and nba sacramento kings. >> i don't see gender. i just see me and i want to do the best job possible. male or female. >> she began her career with the sacramento monarchs back in 2001. >> she really worked at calming down all the rosters because those are hard names to pronounce especially karnowski for gonzaga. she had to practice that one. >> and she nailed it. >> two games thursday and the big game today. ncaa march madness. up top elite eight weekend.
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for the first time the gonzaga bulldogs rolling on. nba hall of fame guard john stockton at the s.a.p. center watching his team in white against xavier. top seed bulldogs ran away with it. that was jordan matthews the san francisco native with three of his 11 points. and jonathan williams drives, shot and one. he scored 19. four in double figures and for the first time gonzaga west coast conference is going to the final four. 83-59. cut down those nets as they won the west region. segue to baseball. buster posey and brandon crawford were back with the giants following team usa's world baseball classic win. bottom second, i guess the padres. look at posy. deep. gone. got the giants on the board. they were down as much as 6-1. as the giants pitching
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continued to struggle. chris stratton taking deep by jamie romak. second long ball of the inning. taking deep three times in the game. the giants did come back with firepower. bottom of the ninth. got it to drop! that's a walk off hit as the giants came back to win. by a final of 8-7. boys of summer back in the bay area end of next week for the bay bridge series. >> that's a comeback. thank you so much. see you in the next 30. next half hour, chaos in vegas as a deadly shooting leads to a tense standoff on this trip. the explosion that helped bring it to an end. plus, a skirmish in the stand as a pro trump rally comes to blows on a crowded california beach. the new push to give kids a free ride to college by forcing california millionaires to foot
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the bill. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our top stories tonight: obamacare was on many people's minds at a congressional town hall this afternoon in san francisco. house minority leader nancy our top stories, obamacare was on many people's minds at a town hall this afternoon in san francisco. house minority leader nancy pelosi and jackie's. fielded questions from a vocal crowd. pelosi said she's open to talking with mr. trump about ways to improve the affordable care act. now that a republican repeal effort has collapsed. a breakthrough day for bart. the brand-new warm springs station opened this morning. it will shuttle commuters an extra five miles south from the station during the day. state-of-the-art facility is
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completely powered by solar panels. as many as 7200 riders are expected to pass through the station every work week. raider fans taking their game faces to the streets. marching and pleading with the nfl to keep the raiders in oakland. mayor schaaf was there detailing how they can build a new stadium with private money. the final push before the nfl decides next week if they will let the raiders moved to las vegas. drama of a different kind in vegas after a deadly shooting on a public bus shut down the strip for hours. >> during a standoff police sent off explosions to get the suspected gunman to give up. aerial footage shows the man surrendering at about 3:15. police say more than four hours earlier he pulled a handgun and started firing at passengers on the top level of a double- decker bus. one victim is dead and another is in fair condition. the shooting happened near the
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cosmopolitan hotel and casino. the gunfire prompted several hotels to evacuate their guests. >> we ate, we came out and by the elevators and the stairs there were guys with guns saying go this way. they ushered us out. it was hard to get out. a whole lot of people were evacuated as employees were evacuated on the side of the building. >> alleged gunman is in his 50s and no word yet on a possible motive. scuffles broke out between supporters and -- at the l.a. times says an anti-trump protester wearing a black mask pepper sprayed a woman who had organized the pro-trump demonstration. that led to several fights and arrests. meanwhile the trump administration is trying to move past yesterday's crushing defeat but wendy gillett reports they have no plans to give up the fight. >> reporter: vice president mike pence told small business leaders in charleston west
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virginia saturday the fight to repeal obamacare is not over. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington, dc. and it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you, that victory won't last very long. >> reporter: democrats had a different take. >> let's just for a moment breathe a sigh of relief for the american people that the affordable care act was not repealed. >> reporter: prompt tweeted saturday, obamacare will explode. and we will all get together in -- and piece together a great healthcare plan. do not worry. supporters of president trump held make america great again rallies across the country saturday. including in new york. some republicans admit they're disappointed right now. >> not going to spin it. i'm bitterly disappointed. the republican party to each their own. >> i would not call that 80 feet.
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i would call it making sure it gets done right. >> reporter: pro-trump demonstrators marched through the streets of columbus. top republicans and the president say they're ready to move on to other issues including tax reform. wendy gillett, cbs news, new york. american health care act which never came up for a vote was forecast to cost 24 million americans their health insurance over several years. lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would protect the workforce from immigration raids. assembly bill 450 would require employers to ask for a warrant before allowing immigration agents into workplaces. the bill would also restrict employers from sharing employee information with federal agents who do not have a subpoena. president trump has come for muslim americans, for immigrants and he's coming for workers. we have a moral duty to speak out, to stand up, to defend and to resist. we need to act now before it's too late.
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>> [ foreign language ] >> lawmakers say this bill is the first of its kind in the country. it comes as president trump has pledged to hire 10,000 new immigration agents. a california lawmaker wants to place a tax on some of the wealthiest people in the state to help fund free education. stockton assembly member susan eggman is proposing a bill that would place a 1% tax on millionaires in california. she says that revenue would help fund tuition free colleges across the state. under the legislation community college the state university system and the uc system would no longer charge tuition for in- state students. >> better educated workforce we have, the more jobs they're going to be willing to come here. so i see it as a win-win and a real investment in california's future. with the squeeze the middle class is feeling right now it's just the right thing to do and
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i think it's the right time to do it. >> opponents say the move would backfire in a big way by driving the wealthy out of california. and in the process slashing the number of jobs available to college graduates. thousands of parishioners now have the chance to get out early by taking part in self- help programs behind bars. it's the latest controversial step to cutting the state's prison population. >> i believe everybody needs a chance in life. >> reporter: carlos martinez credits self-help programs with turning his life away from crime. he says several of his friends are in prison so he's glad that california corrections officials announced new steps to reduce inmate sentences. inmates who earn a college degree could reduce their sentence up to six months. those who take part in self- help programs including parenting classes and anger management and substance abuse groups could trim off a month each year of their sentence. >> if nobody addresses the issue, they don't know which way to go and when they leave those gates.
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>> reporter: virtually any inmate except those on death row would be eligible to earn credits to lower their sentences. the result? california's prison population could drop by 9500 inmate after four years. >> what about the victims? doesn't anybody care about them? potentially 9500 victims involved in this. also nobody's got their voice. >> reporter: the director of the los angeles police protective league. he says the change will release dangerous offenders sometimes years earlier than called for in their sentences. >> why do you have to let them out early? they were sentenced for a crime. for the bad actions they did. no accountability. >> reporter: the change follows voters approval of prop 57 in november. which let certain felons seek approval more quickly and gave corrections officials more discretion to grant credits for early release. supporters like carlos martinez say the goal is to encourage inmates to do something productive behind bars. >> you get to know yourself and you are a better person.
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>> reporter: the credits would be phased in starting in may while a public review is underway. outside lapd headquarters, peter dopp, kpix 5. nearly a million pounds of breaded chicken products are being recalled buzz -- they might contain shards of metal. oklahoma-based okay foods issued the recall after discovering a problem with its conveyor belts. the affected products were sold under several different brand names and shipped between december 19 and march 7. all have the usda inspection number p 7092. so far there haven't been any reports of injuries. if you have an effective product, throw it away or return it to the store for a refund. still to come we are hearing the air-traffic recording from harrison ford's close call at an orange county airport. what the actor and pilot called himself after a badly botched landing. another crash involving a self driving uber. how the autonomous suv ended up
6:38 pm
on its side. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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harsh words for himself.. after a botched landing at john wayne airport last month. th harrison ford had harsh words for himself after a botched landing at john wayne airport last month. faa just released his sheepish call to air-traffic control. >> i'm the schmuck that landed on the taxi. >> ford later explained he was distracted by turbulence from another plane when he veered off course and landed on a taxiway instead of the runway. cell phone video shows his small plane passing 100 feet above and american airlines jet that was preparing to take off. >> could i just get your name and your pilots license? >> my name is harrison ford. >> okay. >> my pilots license is in my backpack. >> okay. take your time. no big deal. >> well, it's a big deal for me. >> it is a serious violation to land a plane on a taxiway.
6:41 pm
unclear what penalty if any ford may face. uber self driving car toppled over in tempe arizona after another car smashed into it. police say a person was sitting in the driver seat. not clear if the car was in self driving mode at the time of the crash. nobody was seriously hurt. still to come more chaos in vegas. as a guy in a pig mask pulls off a bold heist at the bellagio. rain on the way for the bay area. clouds moving, rain comes down. but first we hear from buzz. >> among our top trending stories. and cannot be ignored. incredible first-ever run of a san francisco public school to win the state basketball title. ,,,,,,
6:42 pm
on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno.
6:43 pm
the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
6:44 pm
triggered a lockdown at the bellagio hotel. say three peo scary moments in las vegas after a group of armed burglars triggered a lockdown at the bellagio hotel. three people busted through the windows of a rolex store and stole high-end watches and merchandise before running away. peeper -- people were told to shelter in place as authorities searched for the suspects.
6:45 pm
one of the men was carrying a gun. one of the burglary suspects was caught on camera wearing a pig mask. police say the rest were dressed in suits. three suspects are in police custody. investigators say there is no evidence the robbery was related to the deadly shooting. on the vegas strip. iconic landmarks around the world switched off their lights to celebrate earth hour. in europe the eiffel tower was in the dark and in australia the lights were shut off along the sydney harbor bridge. earth hour is intended to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of saving electricity. sunset at 6:26 p.m. as we head towards that, high clouds increasing leads to a chance of rain into the bay area tomorrow. sunday morning we start out with cloudy skies. readings will be in the low 50s. a few sprinkles around light rain favors the north may in the early going. but it all spreads south later in the day.
6:46 pm
not picking up a whiff of it yet. statewide all the way from mendocino to san luis obispo in the south not a drop. you can see high clouds increasing as we look live over mount backup. the highest point. conquered 53 degrees, livermore 61. san jose 61 degrees as well. futurecast tonight, midnight fairly clear. it changes quickly by the time we hit sunrise look at that shield of high clouds over spreading the bay area. sun up at 7:05 a.m. and then here comes the light rain in the north bay. not a ton of rain. a few fairly heavy cells come down very briefly. by 6:00 tomorrow night, it will be a little wet around the bay area. not a big rainmaker but it is going to decrease sunshine and temperatures will cool down as a result and after that, after monday lingering chance of showers on monday. sunny skies and temperatures warm up. so rain spreads south tomorrow.
6:47 pm
not a lot. showers will linger into early monday. this is a late sunday event for much of the bay area. the exception is the north bay. and then we turn around and sunny near 70s by mid-week as high pressure builds in. rock 'n roll half marathon in san francisco will be mostly cloudy and temperature 53 degrees. the good guys get together and see the blue back there. not the way it's going to look. temperatures in the low 60s. overnight lows will be in the mid-40s to low 50s. sun up 703 and high temperature tomorrow looking at low 60s overcast skies, a little bit wet. showers linger into monday morning and partly cloudy skies. tuesday through saturday as the great meteorologist george harrison once said, here comes the sun. and i hope the sun is listening. temperatures in the mid-70s by mid-week. looking mighty good also mighty good here is vern. when you said here was read
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on up. let's take you to sacramento from last night. mission high school for the boys. they pulled off an 82-75 overtime number over villa park to win the division iii title. the first san francisco public school to win a state title and kpix 5 the only station there to capture the historic reaction. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: share with me your emotions right now. >> last game i told these guys we weren't done. now i can say we're done. these guys deserve a break. but the fight in these guys has been the same all year. i'm glad people finally got to see it. these guys are made of steel. >> mission! mission! >> reporter: years from now, your kids look back and go tell me about that mission team. what do you tell them? >> we the grimy bears.
6:49 pm
>> the grimy bears. >> we got a nickname here then. >> [ laughter ] >> game-high 32 points! >> reporter: what is it about mission basketball? >> grimy. all grimy. we all grimy. we all play together. it's a brotherhood. we stick together. >> you guys have it in you. understand you had it in you all year to fight no matter what has happened. life is going to kick your -- and remember that fight. keep fighting through it. keep moving forward. i love you all. >> kind of a modern day inner- city hoosiers? >> people have been saying that. hoosiers, coach carter, white shadow maybe? [ laughter ] space jam? we are always to playing teams much bigger than us. >> we got it. >> as you look at it what are
6:50 pm
your emotions? >> we did it. first team to do it. >> let's get up into the stands. >> [ yelling ] >> what does it say about mission basketball to be the first san francisco public school to hoist a trophy like that? >> we'll try to be the second as well. >> reporter: over to the girls, allison johnson from vanden high school down one. last seconds. full-court press. costly turnover. back came julia black shell. and one! with time running down. what a finish and what a win 64- 61 and the vikings first division to stay the parents and they were once down in this game by 17 points. back over to the boys. saint patrick st. vincent in white title on the line. bruins up 10. bj stanley the drive. and the floater.
6:51 pm
saint patrick st. vincent won 59-46. exciting goings-on at golden 1 center up in sacramento. >> and another big congrats to the grimy bears. >> of mission high school. it was just a terrific thing to see them take that in overtime. just the way they did. 35-1 season. i guess nobody saw coming. >> they won't soon forget. >> absolutely. still to come, actor and comedian kevin hart drew quite a crowd in san francisco today. he got his fans to do a lot more than just standup. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it's not what you might expect. a mysterious walking -- wafting through the tenderloin neighborhood. not what you might expect. the recent rains, they smell like orange blossoms. especially at night. when they pollinate. friends of the urban forest planted the trees to mitigate bad smells. there are nearly 5400 scattered around the city but only in full bloom for another few weeks. hundreds of people got their workout -- their workout in today. by sweating alongside one of the biggest comedians in hollywood. kevin hart. >> he hosted a free healthcare and shared with us why he is encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle. >> actor and comedian kevin hart got people in san francisco running, hopping, cycling and bouncing.
6:55 pm
>> 32nd. >> reporter: he worked up a sweat as part of health fest at justin herman plaza hosted by digital health company. >> we learned you can do it all. except double dutch. >> i can't double dutch. i can't double dutch but it's not my fault. nobody knows this. i have two left feet. >> reporter: the 37-year-old is up as early as 4:30 a.m. >> you're always on the go. shooting movies. doing a book to her. launching a fitness initiative. how do you fit fitness in? >> fitness is a priority. you fit in what's important. so my days start off with a bang and that bang is normally in the gym. >> reporter: the star wasn't always so ripped. >> wasn't until i got scared and started to see my body change in ways that it shouldn't when i said maybe i should start doing something. maybe i should get checked up and it was oh, my god. i'm not healthy at all. >> reporter: rally help -- rally health hopes the information motivated people to lead healthy lifestyles.
6:56 pm
>> i'm getting older so i need to take care of myself. looking at these of the people out here, it inspired, it inspires me. >> reporter: maria menounos says preventive measures, no matter how small, add up. >> whatever it is, just try your best. you can't do the full push-up which i can't, do the gurley push-up and if -- >> that makes two of us. >> just try. >> don't come out and let this be your last day. today is the first day of many. >> before i met with him he already did a full workout starting at 6:00 a.m. and he's on a flight to san francisco to l.a. and then back to philly where he's shooting a movie. >> with bryan cranston. >> no kidding. >> the other brian. >> and a nice guy. >> so talented and of course always funny. >> king of the one-liners. >> oh, yeah. that's going to do it for us now. see you back here at 11:00.
6:57 pm
for news throughout the evening the latest is always at ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:59 pm
>> judge judy: that's not what he signed on for when he rented his apartment. >> announcer: tight parking creates a tense situation. >> i said, "look, you always inconvenience me. you're always getting in my spot." >> announcer: and neighbors get too close for comfort. >> i went back in the house. he tried to get in. >> as he comes out, you see something shiny, so my wife's on the phone, calling 911, saying, "he has a gun." it ends up being a knife. >> judge judy: well, how did you know it was a knife? >> well, he swung at my chest. >> announcer: "judge judy."


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