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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. crowds of soccer fans get rowdy before a big match between two famous mexican teams. i'm hack hack. and i'm good good. -- i'm brian hackney. and i'm juliette goodrich. fans supporting both teams started taunting each other. there were reports that the crowds were breaking down fences and throwing rocks and bottles. dozens of san jose police officers moved in to control the crowds. no word yet on arrests. there was at least one injury. we have a crew at the scene. we will have a live report
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coming up at 6:00 p.m. . a live look outside where clouds have been around all day. now some showers. high deaf doppler shows -- high def doppler shows most of the rain in the north. in the central bay area not too much. rain spreading south. futurecast gives us an idea of what to expect. central baby 7:00 tonight. light rain on top of us. won't amount to much. a complete forecast in terms of how much we get and when it clears out in a few minutes. hundreds of students and parents rallied at albany high school today to send a message against hate after students were targeted in re cyst instagram posts. jessica flores is live. >> the group of parents, teachers, students, and district officials met in front of albany high school. they have one clear goal, to stamp out racism and hate at the school.
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joining hands around albany high school with signs and chants. >> albany for all. and parents are saying they won't tolerate racism. mallard's daughter is among the group of the girls targeted. according to the school district a group of boys posted a picture of their classmates, african-american girls on instagram. his daughter says she considered some of the boys her friends. >> i would never say those things to entertain people. you have to be a little racist to find it funny. >> this is a hate crime. they hatsed these girls. >> -- hated these girls. >> the district says they're investigating. >> we want to send a strong message that we don't accept this. >> superintendent valerie williams says it's not the first. >> we had a group of students
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who had walked through halls and were raising their hands in salute. immediately the administration, the teachers, came together and the students were talked to and disciplined. >> these parents are now hoping the students behind the post face discipline up to the point of expulsion. >> if there's zero tolerance the consequences should be a deterrence. >> today at least one step in the right direction. >> i'm happy to see that everyone could come together and help us deal with it. >> and the district says it has started a title nine investigation. but because these students are minors they can't tell us if or how the students will be disciplined. there will be a school board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. i'm jessica flores kpix 5. police are hunts for the shooters who killed one man and injured 15 others in a
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nightclub overnight. wendy gillette reports. police say the violence is not tied to terrorism. >> police officers surrounded a cincinnati nightclub after they got reports of gunshots around 1:30 sunday morning. >> several local men got into some type of dispute inside the bar. and it escalated into shots being fired. from several individuals. >> investigators do not believe the shooting inside the crowded club was related to terrorism. >> however, to the victims what difference does it make? they've been terrorized by gun violence. innocent victims. >> 27-year-old o'brien spikes was killed. more than a dozen others were injured and treated. >> this is a tragedy that has struck other communities. and now it has struck cincinnati. >> investigators say there is a history of gun violence at this nightclub. police officers are interviewing witnesses to try
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to figure out the identity of the shooters. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> people coming in are patted down and checked. the security measures did not uncover the weapon. police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a man in san jose and drove off. it happened just before 12:30 a.m. the man was walking on monterey road near the plant shopping center when he was hit by the driver. the victim died at the hospital. san jose police have not released a description of the car that took off. an update from las vegas police. a man started shooting on a public bus on the strip yesterday for no apparent reason. 57-year-old ro lan doe shot -- rolado shot two people. a man vis tilting from montana was killed. he barricaded himself inside that double decker bus for hours after the shooting. ended up surrendering peacefully. it caused a panic for tourists
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near the cosmopolitan hotel. we could find out whether the raiders will move to vegas as soon as tomorrow. maria shows us who's making a final plea to keep the beloved team in oakland. >> people are saying that oakland's efforts to build a new stadium have been stalled. >> mayor libby schaaf minced no words a couple days ago. >> we are calling bleep on that. . . >> we've been at this for a number of years. at the end of the day perhaps we could have been a little stronger. >> but noel says his message to owners is without emotion. he promises to do all he can as an oakland city council member to keep the team in his city. >> you have a strong fan base in the region and worldwide. you have a financial plan that i think is competitive.
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>> nfl hall of famer lonnie lotz and up vest or thes want to build -- and investors want to build a coliseum. >> mr. davis, we had a long relationship with your father and that was a positive one. so we hope that you can keep the raiders here and not just for an investment sake but also for a pride and family sake. >> on friday nfl commissioner roger goodell sent a letter to mayor schaaf addressing the issue. then added this. however at this state there remains no certainty regarding how the site will be fully developed. >> i'm extremely hopeful still. >> with a possible vote just hours away oakland leaders, investors, and raider fans are holding their breath. >> what would it do to oakland
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if we lose the team? >> you lose jobs, the public relations that oakland has worldwide. and most of all you lose the fan base. >> in oakland maria kpix 5. >> kpix 5's ken will be in phoenix at the vote. live reports beginning tomorrow. well, politicians are pointing fingers tonight after the collapse of the republican bill to replace obamacare. gop leaders are saying it's time to reach out to moderate democrats. jamie has the story. >> on sunday president trump shifted blame for the failure of the gop's plan to repeal and replace obamacare from democrats to a group of conservative republicans. >> he tweeted that democrats are smiling in d.c. have saved planned planned parenthood. >> if they're applauding they shouldn't. i can tell you that
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conversations over the last 48 hours are really about how we come together in the republican conference. >> the freedom caucus refused to back the republican plan, arguing it didn't go far enough to dismantle obamacare. >> i think the president is disappointed in the number of people he thought were loyal that are not. >> bernie sanders called for president trump to work with democrats. >> obamacare has serious problems. the cost of health care is going up at a much farser rate than it should -- faster rate than it should. >> chuck schumer shared similar sentiments. >> republican leaders are looking for a way forward. >> perhaps it's time for us to talk to moderate democrats. >> the president is moving on to reform a tax code that's gone virtually untouched for 30 years. jamie cbs news new york. details on one woman's mobile petting zoo and why it
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was shut down. how officials could put an end to a popular shortcut to the bay bridge. i tell the people i don't have it for the rain. >> plus, sky drone 5 showing us why the wet winter may mean a higher bill at the grocery store when you buy fruits and veg vee jees -- veggies. not over yet. rain on the way. our forecast after the break. ,,
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for locally grown produce. kpix-5's de one-5... well the wet winter was great for water supply. a different story for produce. devin used sky drone 5 to show us why prices may soon rise for certain items. >> sky drone 5 captured these images on california's central coast.
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the problem has been too much water, not too little. >> it's been years since we've had this much water. we're supposed to be in spring and it's still raining. >> this year's wet winter destroyed or delayed several staples of the local agriculture industry like strawberries which have disappeared from the roadside stand. >> i tell the people i don't have it for the rain. >> in the meantime fruits and vegetables are being shipped in from other parts of the country. some customers say like they're paying more for produce that's not as good. >> i got strawberries yesterday at safeway. they don't taste the same because obviously they're sent from somewhere else. >> local farms will catch up once mother nature gives them a chance to dry out. this will until then -- until then it's a blessing and a bitter harvest. >> ridiculous to pay $6 for a
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little basket that you can buy for a dollar or two dollars when the strawberries are being picked here. . >> jeff, kpix 5. now since we're on the subject of the weather. we might as well continue that theme and revisit the high def doppler where we've got a few light showers. light rain at santa rosa. elsewhere mostly to partly cloudy skies. in san francisco and south san francisco a few light showers making their way ashore. more in the next few hours. on futurecast we've got this such as it is. main band of a weak cold front tonight. not much rain with this. couple of tenths of an inch perhaps. a few hours overnight with the low pressure in the pacific northwest. a winter weather advisory posted at 8:00 tonight through
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8:00 tomorrow morning. possible snow with levels down to 4,000 feet by 7:00 tomorrow morning. three to six inches of snow. a little bit more snow will mean slick roads and it will affect visibility as well. tomorrow things clear out. monday morning off to a partly sunny start. temperatures in the low 50s as we head back to work. overcast on the golden gate bridge. dark, menacing clouds. not all that threatening. but that's where some of the rain is coming down. 62 at concord. san francisco 60 degrees. and santa rosa 54. winds out of the southwest to as high as 15 miles an hour in concord. in oakland as the high pressure builds in it will clear us out and warm us up. partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday in the 70s. overnight showers, clearing, and breezy for tomorrow. and then we'll be in the 70s by
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wednesday. a warm week ahead. first we dispense with overnight lows in the 40s. sun up at 7:03 a.m. out of the bay area rain at you semitee. lake -- yosemite. lake tahoe, clouds. in fresno sunshine, 56. ten to 20 mile winds out of the west. in atlanta mostly cloudy skies. chicago and new york both have rain. as do we overnight tonight. tomorrow we will mostly be in the mid-60s for the bay area. in the extended forecast we'll be looking for linger -- for a lingering shower. looks like sunshine. a little bit of a wrinkle on thursday. cools us down. there's the chance of maybe a shower or two on thursday. the north bay. aside from that sunny and dry after things get a little bit wet tonight. up next, the school bus
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converted into a mobile petting zoo. why officials in the north bay have now shut it down. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it ran this commercial.. telling people to thank republicans for re an embarrassment for one conservative group. it ran this commercial telling people to thank republicans for replacing obamacare. the problem is the bill was pulled before it was voted on. >> republicans are keeping their promise with a new plan for better health care. >> at least four of these ads ran during basketball games on friday. the american action network hasn't commented on the political air ball. little bit of a mistake in sonoma county. a petting zoo on wheels is no longer in service there. we did get a glimpse of what it looked like. police posted a picture of a cow inside an old school bus in sebastopol. there were three dogs and a goat also in the bus. the problem is, against the law. police said the bus owner took
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good care of the animals. they're roaming around a nearby pasture. new restrictions could be coming to a popular shortcut used for the bay id on weekdays the bryant street on-ramp typically turned into a bottleneck long before it becomes a carpool only entrance. that happens right before rush hour. officials say the congestion comes from noncarpoolers using the on-ramp. officials announced a new plan that would start the carpool only time earlier in the day. they're looking into whether new cameras could help them fine cheating drivers. dennis with sports. can stanford come back to reach the final four? and a thriller in the final game of the elite eight. who's in? who's out? tip off next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the stanford cardinal women ran into a notre dame team that had bringing some sanity to the madness. here's dennis. >> working on my brackets. i have north carolina winning it all. still alive. the stanford cardinal women, we'll begin with them. they ran into a notre dame team that won 17 straight. not the 110 street that yukon owns, but you get the point. outscored notre dame 24-12 in the third to get back in. britney mcphee with the alley- oop. two teams, hay makers.
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13 lead changes. lindsey allen putting notre dame up. stanford would have an answer. alanna smith makes the catch. the cardinal on top. last chance for the irish. 2.3 seconds left. amika blocked by erika mccall and time expires. let the final four celebration begin stanford beats notre dame 76-75 to advance to their 13th final four. >> obviously it was when we got down we really came together. i mean for me it was realizing these are my best friends and i don't want to stop playing with them. that was it for me. >> next friday for the stanford cardinal in the final four. the glamour match up of the tournament. it's hard to feel sorry for the loser in the north carolina kentucky game. both have 36 final four appearances between them. john and roy williams less than a minute to go.
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the wildcat freshman knocked in the three. pulls kentucky within one point. ensuing carolina possession. caught kentucky sleeping on d. lay-ups and the lead is back to three. 14 seconds ago jackson misses the front end of a one and one. here's how ut ended. -- here's how it ended. the unsung hero luke maye send unc to their 20th final four. five points per game this season. 33 in his last two games in the tournament. 75-73 is the final. rick berry hoping canyon berry and the florida gators advance. a back and forth affair against south carolina. chris chiozza had the game winner on friday.
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gives the gators the lead. south carolina had a 24-point advantage in the paint. mike puts in the mid range shot. time running out. florida down five. chiozza. dwayne leaps out. exclamation point. a 77-70 win. it's their first trip to the final four ever. so final four set her. south carolina faces gonzaga. north carolina takes on oregon. match play. deep in the heart of texas. in austin. in the third place match on seven. all square in the match with bill. lands on the green. a hole in one. houkh goes on to win. john against justin. 15 he birdies a 31-footer to pull within one of johnson with three holes left.
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dustin johnson needed the putt to win it all. yes, he got it. wins the match. johnson has won the last three tournaments he's entered. nascar. kyle larson had finished second the last three races. could he get into victory lane? ? takes a lead from hamelin. that's critical because once the race resumed he pulled away and got his second career win. takes over the lead in the monster energy point standing. final week cactus league baseball. giants taking on the white sox. making a push for that number five spot in the rotation over matt kaine. pitched six innings. block has a 5.02. era. libby schaaf will join us tonight on the eve of the nfl meetings in phoenix where we could be less than 24 hours away of learning the fate of the raiders.
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the mayor is our special guest. game day 11:30 tonight on cbs 5. >> think they're going to vote tomorrow? >> the last word i got is that it could happen early tomorrow and goodell told a reporter friend of mine that he believes they have the votes to move to vegas. >> wow, okay. the meeting is in phoenix about vegas. ken will be there as well. we'll be covered. >> and you'll be in studio tonight. >> wonderful. >> hope they have something up their sleeve. >> that ace in the hole. thank you. a quick update on breaking news. police now say they have not made any arrests after soccer fans started throwing rocks and bottles and tearing down fences before a professional mexican soccer match. at least one person was hurt. we will have a live report coming up at 6:00 p.m. from that area there for you. that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> news updates on
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we will see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs


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