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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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courthouses saying i.c.e. does not engage in sweeps and they said courthouses are safer for agents because visitors are screened to search for weapons. a law professor says this now very public battle is unprecedented. >> and i think it's unfortunate that the attorney general responded in a hostile way an aggressive way rather than acknowledging the potential concerns and, and, and -- and i think the reasonable concerns that the chief justice of california expressed to the attorney general. >> reporter: also today, san francisco district attorney george gascon took issue with the feds' response to the chief justice. >> the realities is that there are many ways for law enforcement to do their work safely and pick people up that they have a warrant or probable cause to pick up. a courthouse isn't the place to do that. >> reporter: he accuses the feds of making an end run around the the due process protections. if they want to make an arrest, he has three words for them: get a warrant.
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breaking news out of oakland. on the monday's deadly apartment fire new email show firefighters wanted the building shut in january. ken bastida is following the paper trail. ken. >> reporter: liz, fire crews at nearby station 15 sounded the alarm on what they saw as a dangerous situation. the fire captain fired off an email on january 8 saying, quote, i recommend that we consider shutting this building down immediately due to the danger to life safety. crews were ordered to do another inspection, which they did the following day. a month later, another dire warning from station 15: according to the email chain: on march 18th, the ent was still pressing for code inspectors to take a look. the >> according to the email chain, on march 18, the fire department was still pressing for code inspectors to come over and take a look. the inspection with the owner
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present steams have happened last week. -- seems to have happened last week. but on monday the early-morning fire killed four people displaced 80 others. >> so we are really increasing our capacity to ensure that unscrupulous landlords are not putting profits over safety, particularly at this time when tenants are afraid to speak out due to fear of displacement. >> reporter: the latest tragedy comes as the city is still dealing with the fallout from the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. the mayor today announcing that she wants to hire six additional fire inspectors. she wants another fire staffer to work on building inspections in the meantime. and she wants to prioritize checks on problem properties. a candle started the apartment fire. a tenant had lit that candle because electricity had cut off. outrage over an ad campaign
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for brand-new luxury apartments in san francisco. they are located in the bayview west of 3rd street near highway 101. kpix 5's susie steimle with the message one bay area supervisor calls disgusting. >> it hit me in the gut. >> reporter: that was supervisor malia cohen's reaction to this advertisement for water bend apartments a luxury complex that recently opened in her district. >> i thought it was the manifestation of all the fears that i hear from all the long- term baby view residents about how the new developments are coming in and pushing people out. >> it's about creating your culture. >> the apartments start at $2,800 a month. cohen says she is not against complexes like this. she just wants to make sure the community feels welcome there. she says the women pictured are not representative of bayview and calling bayview the next mission only made things worse. >> the mission is ground zero for displacement and all of that angst. it's real and they successfully tapped into that and they
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played on it for their own capital gain and that's what was so disgusting about it. >> reporter: the supervisor says this ad is offensive not just for people living in bayview but for people in the mission, as well. so how do people in the mission feel about it? it depends who you ask. does it offend you at all? >> that there's a gym? [ laughter ] >> or that there's women and men and -- no. i mean, it doesn't offend me at all. >> i think they are using sexuality against people trying to sell it with sex. >> looking for certain, you know -- a certain type of people? >> yeah. >> namely, white females with good bodies. >> reporter: in the end, cohen won. the company is taking the advertisements down and declined to comment on the controversy. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. an educator with deep bay area ties is taking over san francisco schools. kpix 5's sharon chin was on hand today for his official introduction. >> dr. vincent matthews. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: members of the san francisco school board introduced their new superintendent. >> it's an honor, it's a privilege to stand before you. it's an honor and a privilege to come home. >> reporter: they say dr. vincent matthews has the experience and education to lead. >> we know we want somebody who is going to be dedicated to san francisco and somebody who cares about our students here. >> reporter: an educator for 30 years he has been a teacher and principal. he served as state administrator in oakland and most recently inglewood. he was superintendent of schools in san jose and san diego. he was also principal at the controversial for profit edison charter academy in san francisco in 2001. the board president says that was in the past. >> yes, he was a charter school principal but he learned a lot has been all over california and he continues to grow and is excited about running this district. >> reporter: although he has been criticized in the past for running the district like a corporation, some say that means he is no nonsense. >> when you're focus and out
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right things, the kids and their future, you can come off as rather corporate. the reality is that when you're focused on the kids you make the right decisions. >> reporter: matthews will inherit problems including improving a school assignment system that has increased segregation, and retaining teachers who can't afford to live in the city. the biggest challenge in his mind is the opportunity gap. >> how do we deliver on the promise of a high quality education for all students? and a big part of that is focusing on instruction understanding that the number one -- the most important interaction in our system is that interaction between teacher and the student. >> reporter: he says he will spend his first 90 days listening to the community and learning what needs to be done. the board is expected to officially vote to hire him and finalize his contract next tuesday. sharon chin, kpix 5. a brazen bay area jewel thief is on the loose and san francisco police say the man smashed a storefront window on waverly place in chinatown a
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week ago. the surveillance picture of him walking away with a $100,000 worth of jewelry happened in broad daylight on march 24. police asking for the public's help in identifying him. starting tomorrow smokers in california will be burning more money when they light up. reporter unser asan says the tax will double. >> reporter: this person has been smoking for 25 years. he is good health but he may quit if the $2 tax is too expensive. >> it probably will. >> reporter: how so? >> money-wise. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's great news for his wife who has been trying to get him to stop. >> my husband smokes so hey when he realized he had to keep on paying for 'em, he will stop. >> reporter: the tax increase starts saturday with extra revenue earmarked for tobacco prevention and research or tobacco-related diseases like cancer. most of the money goes to fund medi-cal. it's also design to get people to quit or not start. >> people make up their own
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minds. if they want to smoke they will regardless of the price. >> reporter: others think the tax punishes smokers who aren't doing anything illegal. >> it's like charging criminals to stay on the streets or, you know, they charge the [ indiscernible ] or anything else like that, they make no sense. >> it's a lot of money. >> reporter: as a businessman, aj is concerned how the $2 tax will impact business. tonight his stores will begin inventory of their tobacco products as they come into compliance with the new state rules. he expects business to take a dip but he thinks over time, smokers will be back. >> this has been happening for the past 35 years we have been doing this and started with 49 cents a pack and now it's close to $8. it's going to impact business as far as tobacco is concerned. >> san francisco is launching a new program to help smokers quit. starting on monday, residents can receive a free quit smoking kit by visiting the kits will also be available
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at zuckerberg san francisco general and neighborhood clinics. an uncertain future for "meals on wheels." today a show of support in contra costa county for that program that hundreds of seniors rely on. in downtown walnut creek dozens of students and community members rallied to raise awareness about that organization as well as march for meals. that's a national campaign focused on ending issues such as hunger and isolation seniors face. seniors need help now more than ever, according to organizers. >> someone else recently from the white house about some potential cuts and for us on a local level we would be hit extremely hard. and we would have to either cut services or let some of our clients go. it would really be devastating to the local community for us. >> event organizers tell us 27,000 seniors go hungry in contra costa county. taking a stand. local students fight back against bullies in their own school. >> how some east bay kids are hoping peaceful protests will
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get racism to stop. >> and bring out the boats. high water levels and fresh warnings how boating season will be different this year. >> and thrills and chills. the new high-tech roller coaster opens up at great america. we are going to give you a preview. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with racist incidents in recent days... kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is at the school... a rally for unity today at
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albany high. the campus has been grappling with racist incidents recently. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: the students we spoke to today said what's been going on here at the school is wrong and they want to do something about it. they say the administration has been leaving them in the dark of details of what's going on. >> i felt like this could never happen at albany. >> it's awful. >> reporter: in a youtube video students are standing up against insulting racist actions that have happened on their campus. [ chanting ] >> reporter: at a unity rally today, students are using the recent events as a way to educate each other. >> it's a point where it's almost impossible to please everybody. i enjoy making people safe and happy. i hope that will start the process today. >> reporter: one student we spoke to is a senior here and says some of her friends are scared to come to school because they don't feel safe anymore. and she is frustrated with what she believes has been a lack of
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communication from the administration. >> we just found out about the events this year. nobody told us. i think we missed an opportunity to educate people about this. >> reporter: but she is hoping yesterday's sit-in combined with the unity rally today will be productive steps of healing. >> we like to think that we're in a liberal bubble and we are protected from all this hateful way of thinking on, you know, all this [ indiscernible ] but in reality, like, we're not. >> reporter: the superintendent wouldn't comment on the situation today but we spoke to her sunday and the district is investigating what happened. >> we want to send a strong message that we don't accept this. >> reporter: the board will be having a meeting on april 18 to go over some policies to make this school a safer and more welcoming place. in albany, jackie ward, kpix 5. california teachers chanted slogans like education, not deportation, during a march for immigrant rights in sacramento. it happened on the first day of
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their convention as well as what happens to be the holiday that honors labor leader cesar chavez. the teachers made a point to stop outside a local office of immigration and customs enforcement, or i.c.e., to protest federal "tactics." "sky drone 5" over a brand- new tall ship that is poised for launch in sausalito. tall wooden ships were common on the bay. but this is the first one to be built here in nearly a century. the multi-year project used parts that were custom made. >> kpix 5's don ford with the look at the ship that's about to hit the water. >> reporter: slowly carefully after nearly $6 million and four years, the tall ship matthew turner is finally seeing sunshine. as you can see from "sky drone 5", she is massive. she is heavy. >> this is a big move. i mean, there's a lot of unknowns. a lot of engineering. a lot of scratching of our
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heads. um, a lot of weight, a lot of potential for mistakes. >> reporter: earlier this morning, workers and technicians checked and rechecked every nut and bolt before starting to move the 175- ton ship. one last safety meeting and the show starts. inch by inch, tractors and a small army of technicians watched looking for trouble stopping for adjustments but heading to the bay. it's emotional for folks who spent so much time building the matthew turner. >> there's been a lot of love put into this boat. 200,000 man hours. >> reporter: that's a lot. >> you know, 90% of that or 95% of that has been by the community volunteers. >> reporter: the matthew turner is being built from scratch all new construction using wood often milled directly interest trees. it's an educational platform to introduce folks to the marine environment focusing on youth programs. but first, she needs to get to
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the water and hundreds of folks came to watch the amazing sight. >> we have been watching this boat being built over the last few years and pretty inspiring. >> i know it's one of the biggest to be built. >> i think they know what they are doing. >> reporter: this is about as far as it will go today but the real fireworks will be tomorrow when for the first time in nearly a century a tall ship will be launched into the bay. in sausalito, don ford, kpix 5. who is matthew turner? he had a big shipyard in benicia in the late 1800s and was considered the grandfather of wooden shipbuilding on the west coast. meteorologist paul deanno live at todos santos plaza in concord. paul, gorgeous day today. >> it is gorgeous out here high of 72 degrees. it was breezy earlier but the breeze is relaxing. it's a fine friday night. they put up this solid fence here at the plaza for good reason. they have a winter and spring brews festival coming up
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tomorrow from 12 to 4 p.m. so they are getting ready tonight for what should be an event where thousands of people will be standing where i am coming up tomorrow afternoon but the kids are still enjoying a beautiful friday night. the joyful noise of all the kids playing and enjoying great weather outside. it's in the upper 60s, wildly comfortable. take a look at the highs from today. hayward one of the warm spots at 75. san rafael 74. san jose 73. fremont and san francisco, wow, 71 gorgeous degrees. and concord buchanan field about a mile down the road here 72 degrees for a high today. a's and giants at at&t park again for a second exhibition game and then in oakland tomorrow night. 7:15 first pitch. 62 degrees. clear skies. yes, still breezy. but not that bad whatsoever. and likely warmer than all the home games they will have in july and august. strong ridge of high pressure is building closer. the transition from that low pressure area which gave us some showers yesterday morning, to this strong ridge, is why it's been so windy in southern
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california. you saw the video earlier. las vegas extremely windy. arizona extremely windy. we were breezy to windy and now with that ridge winning out tomorrow, the breeze goes away. the ridge wins. and that means some very, very warm weather. take a look at our 3d futurecast. in san francisco, low 70s all afternoon long. it is going to be a great day to head out in the city. warm weather, 10 to 15 degrees above average. cooling trend next week 70s inland 60s another the bay low 60s upper 50s right along the coastline. back out here live, we are enjoying the blue sky on a friday evening. yes, you're sneezing allergens are just flying around
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everywhere, one. it rained so much all winter. two, we have been dry recently so nothing has been falling out of the sky and it was windy so anything that was going to fall out of a tree did today. so aside from having to sneeze, put on the sunscreen and enjoy what will be the warmest weekend since october. back to you. >> thank you. the power of mother nature on full display in southern california. >> the waves whip a sailboat straight into a pier. the whole thing caught on camera. >> coming up in sports, one final four team goes out into the wilderness to prepare for the big game and the warriors kevin durant may be close to returning something he didn't think would happen at all this season. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rockets tonight. with 7 games left... the dubs still have a lot to play for... seeding... and momentum heading into the playoffs. the warriors host the rockets tonight with 7 games
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left in the season the "dubs" have a lotto play for. of course kevin durant will not be in the line-up tonight. but he is getting close to returning from the mcl injury and bone bruce he had in february. today he told bill simmons when the doctors gave him the diagnosis kd thought his season was over. >> first diagnosis we got was broke my legs factured my tibia and i cried and like man not again. i wrapped my behind around this long recovery and this between go the a call at like we checked the scans again, they told me it was a bruise there and sprained my mcl. that reaction in the car was second to none. we all just fist pumped and hugged and we are so excited because it was not as bad as we thought. to college hoops. the stanford women are trying to get into that championship game right now the men's final four will take center stage this weekend. to get ready for the first
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final four appearance, coach mark few led gonzaga on a two- day team bonding camping trip. one called it survival training but others described it differently. >> i don't know i would call it camping. i'd call it, like, ha, soft -- [ laughter ] >> um, going soft travel in the wilderness. >> what did you learn about your guys that -- >> how soft they were and, um, dana concerned me greatly at that time. i had no idea we would end up here based on my observations then. i would have put a lot of money it wouldn't have happened. >> that's not a good sign for the team. four time masters champion tiger woods will not play augusta next week as he rehabs his back. he played in three tournaments since august 2015 because of back issues. well, with opening day just a couple of days away, teams are finalizing their 25 man
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rosters. some players will be making their major league debut next week. when told he is finally being called up to the bigs, stasi a 33rd round draft pick with six years in the minors got emotional. >> my scout joey davis, um, drafted me 33 round. he saw something in me and i'm so thankful. [ crying ] >> who did you just call? >> both my parents. they didn't answer. they're working. [ laughter ] >> ouch. >> congratulations to him and by the way, the giants and a's are playing tonight. we'll have highlights at 11. coming up in our next half- hour, a showdown on capitol hill. >> michael flynn denied immunity on his testimony for russia. what the former national security adviser might do now. >> and facing an angry crowd in his own hometown russia's
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national anthem plays in fresno for devin nunes. yes paid a visit to the central valley in the midst of the big -- why he paid a visit to the valley in the midst of the big investigation. >> how terrorists may be able to turn laptops into bombs on airlines. ,,
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russian meddling in the election. our top story at 6:30, president trump taking to twitter again about the investigation into russian meddling in the election. mr. trump offering his opinion about his former national security adviser's request for immunity to testify. >> usually when someone requests immunity they have a story to tell. >> reporter: president trump ousted winter weather advisory willinga collusion between the trump can page and russia, michael flynn will testify only if given immunity something he railed against while campaigning with candidate trump. >> when you are given immunity you probably committed a crime. >> reporter: the president supporting flynn on twitter. lambasting the media and democrats calling the investigation a witch hunt.
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but republicans want answers, too. including senator marco rubio who revealed his campaign was targeted. >> against former members of my presidential campaign team who access to our internal information again target from an ip address from an unknown location in russia. >> reporter: as the hearings continue in the senate the house intelligence investigation has been derailed. after reports revealing committee chairman devin nunes received intelligence information from two white house staffers. he went public with that news before alerting the rest of the committee angering his colleagues. >> issues of incidental collection are important. they are part of our ordinary oversight. and we will oversee them. but we are going to get to the bottom of just what the russians did and how they did it and whether there was any coordination or collusion with u.s. persons including those associated with the trump campaign. >> meanwhile, california congressman devin nunes is back home. he arrived last night in fresno with little to say about the firestorm he left in washington over his part in the russia
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probe. kpix 5's melissa caen was in the central valley talking to protestors who showed up to greet nunes. >> this is a tough job. [ chanting ] >> reporter: more than 100 people lined up to protest congressman nunes who came to speak at the annual meeting of the agricultural lenders society of california. he was supposed to begin at 1:00 but spoke at noon. while protestors were demanding to see more of the congressman, he avoided theming at together by taking a road at the back of the road parking next to the service entrance and entering here through the back door. a doctor was inside and heard the speech. >> the whole press is here. never had so much interest in the valley before. >> reporter: the doctor said that the congressman talked about healthcare reform, california's water situation, and one recent trip to the white house to view top secret documents. >> he didn't say who the sources were but i wasn't
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listening that closely. i didn't think it was important anyway. >> reporter: the "new york times" identified the congressman's sources. nunes told the local cbs station that that report is wrong. >> i think what's in those stories is a lot of innuendo. there are people probably knew about this knew about me being there but the fact of the matter is that doesn't make them the source of my information. >> reporter: some of the congressman's constituents in district 22 don't need any more proof. they are ready for a new representative in 2018. >> we have been upset about nunes. he refuses to hold town halls. he is aligning with trump's agenda. he is protecting trump. and so we need a candidate that can run against him. >> reporter: in fresno, melissa caen, kpix 5. >> thousands of former trump university students will be getting most of their tuition money back. today a judge approved a $25 million settlement. students sued claiming promises
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made in the school's advertising didn't pan out costing some tens of thousands of dollars. the judge in the case was attacked by then candidate trump over his hispanic heritage. today president trump signed legislation making it easier for states to deny unemployment benefits based on drug tests. the president's action reverses obama era limiting who states can test among benefit applicants. democrats complain the new rule means too many people will be tested. getting word this evening of a new tactic terrorists may be using! new ways to hide explosives in laptops and other electronic devices on airplanes. according to cnn, u.s. intelligence agencies believe bomb makers are becoming more innovative. terrorists may have acquired airport security equipment so they can run tests and they are getting better at making modified laptops look like they are running normally when screeners examine them. these findings contributed to an electronics ban on some international flights heading
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to the united states. the long time civil rights activist who created the rainbow flag is dead. for decades baker was a force in the gay community he was also an army veteran. baker designed the rainbow flag back in the '70s. this is the flag in the castro. it's the first place the flag was ever flown. it's a symbol for gay rights around the world. >> the flag really represents diversity, freedom, and for gay, lesbian transgender bisexual people. it's i signal of safety and a signal of gathering. >> gilbert baker was 65. no word on the cause of death. "sky drone 5" in the air this afternoon! providing a preview as boating season is set to begin tomorrow on lakes and reservoirs throughout california. many waterways have largely recovered from the drought thanks to the winter rain. >> kpix 5's devin fehely shows
6:35 pm
us one of them. the anderson reservoir in morgan hill. >> reporter: soak it in while you can because anderson reservoir would be, like, this for long starting tomorrow it will be overrun by boaters and fishermen looking to enjoy the water. >> beautiful to see it full again. it's been so long so low years just kept dropping and dropping. >> reporter: even though it's lower today than when water was gushing uncontrollably over the spillway last month, the lake is still fuller than in years. >> it looked different than the last couple summers for sure and the last couple of winters. so the water level is actually completely as high as it can get this winter. >> reporter: park ranger mike tobin will be on the lake this weekend making sure boaters bring life jacques and other items with them as required by law. >> we encourage everyone to wear the life jackets at all times. >> reporter: lakes and reservoirs across northern california are swollen from the
6:36 pm
winter rain. at anderson that will mean good fishing eventually but right now it's a muddy mess from the dirt and debris that washed in along with the rain. >> the winds stop blowing so hard it should settle and i think it would turn back to being like it used to be. it would be a great place to fish. >> reporter: anderson reservoir staging an amazing comeback after years of drought. in morgan hill, devin fehely, kpix 5. powerful winds caused a boating accident in southern california. four people were thrown overboard.. right before a 2nd wave hurled the boat back into >> you can see the sailboat smashing into the redondo beach pier. four people were thrown overboard right before a second wave hurled the boat back into the pylon. lifeguards rescued the four people. they had minor injuries. they had been sailing in a boat race. a family reunion, boo boo
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the cat back in america tonight after somehow hightailing it to canada. >> and making a statement sure these shoes are cute but they also have an ecofriendly sole. we'll explain. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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appears as a default profile picture. it's replacing it with a generic dark gray head -- you can see it on the right side of the screen. tw twitter is ditching the egg ah var that avatar we placed with a gray head. twitter says it hopes the new design will encourage more people to upload profile pictures and take ownership of their posts. and you will soon be able to do some fundraising on facebook. the social media site is launching a new tool that will allow users to raise money for themselves or a charity. the site will take a cut. there's a nearly 7% transaction fee plus 30 cents per donation. another bay area company is hoping to make a splash with some new footwear. as consumerwatch reporter julie
6:40 pm
watts explains, they are made from old water bottles. >> reporter: a trendy colorful flat with a friendly sole. they made from old water bottles spun into yarn. >> that fiber can be dyed any color. >> reporter: the cofounder says it took him and his partner five years to get the business off the ground. >> neither one of us had any footwear experience any knitting experience. we really had to go learn all that for ourselves. >> reporter: they said the soles are made from recyclable rubber and because the regulars of the shoe is knit the, there's little waste of material. >> compared to a lot of footwear historically which can end up with 30 or 40% of cutting waste on the factory floor. >> reporter: they are part of a growing trend. patagonia turned plastic bottles into polar fleece and many use them to make polyester. great solution, right? but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> there are some real problems with this. >> reporter: this environmental advocate worries the trend len courage people to continue using water bottles -- will
6:41 pm
encourage people to continue using water bottles and the trend of down cycling is kicking the can, or bottle, down the road because eventually those shoes and shirts may end up in a landfill, too. they would rather see companies use sustainable material like bamboo. and while they admit the shoe won't save the planet they think it's a step in the right direction. the shoes cost between 125 to $145. and only order them online. while they are made in china, the company and their distribution is based out of the bay area. in the newsroom, julie watts, kpix 5. there's no denying it aging is tough but one woman is fighting dementia by getting in the kitchen. >> all right. it's friday. friday night. heading into the weekend. the weather is beautiful already. but you want it warmer. mother nature says, okay, i'll do that. wait until you see how warm we get this weekend. now both saturday and sunday. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ones... at an ancient chinese grave sweeping ritual on the peninsula. the "ching ming festival" this weekend thousands of bay area families will honor
6:45 pm
their loved ones at a grave sweeping ritual on the peninsula. the festival includes performances by lion dancers, date back more than 2500 years at skylawn memorial park in san mateo 10 a.m. on saturday and sunday. a bay area chef is using her cooking skills to confront her biggest challenge. kpix 5's emily turner on the woman who is battling dementia with special recipes in her kitchen. >> i smell morocco. >> reporter: a love affair with food is a battle for her memory. >> this is -- i can't think what it's called. what is it called? >> reporter: she can't taste or smell. she can't read longer than a sentence. paula has dementia. >> everyone will tell you i'm not the paula that anyone ever knew. >> reporter: for a woman who had five james beard awards, nine cookbooks and countless years pursuing the art and stories of food, you would
6:46 pm
think that diagnosis would have been catastrophic. but it wasn't. >> everybody says, your humor is what keeps you going. what am i supposed to do, cry? it doesn't do any good. here i am with alice waters. >> reporter: she lived in tangiers with a beatnik traveled the world teaching classes and writing about cook. she is known for introducing americans to the flavors of morocco and southwest france. >> this is a famous one from, um -- um -- >> reporter: then one day, several years ago, she start to forget things. >> i mean, it just got to the upon the where i would read something and i wouldn't remember what i read. it was just little things. and, um, it just got worse. >> reporter: so she turned her focus towards fighting the disease's onset and ironically found food to be a front line of that battle. she eats a low carb grain free high fat ketogenic diet high in omega-3s and rich in fresh seasonal veggies. >> it isn't about taste to me anymore. i'm sorry. it's not.
6:47 pm
it's about getting the vitamins into me. >> reporter: she doesn't cook for anyone else anymore, either. just herself. on the basic nonstick pan without a fancy recipe. these are the spicy dishes but they are more important. in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. meteorologist paul deanno live at todos santos plaza in concord setting up a beautiful weekend paul. >> reporter: the weekend is going to be fantastic. i wish you guys could smell all the smells around here right now. i counted. there are 13 different restaurants on the periphery of the beautiful block here in concord. todos santos plaza. it's gorgeous. the weather and smells are aromatic. you have everything from peruvian food and spaghetti and even hot dogs. all is looking good. the kids are outside mom and dad outside enjoying a beautiful start to a weekend and folks this will be the
6:48 pm
warmest weekend we have had in the bay area since before halloween. the temperatures outside: >> it will be chilly tonight clear skies late march. we can get cool. upper 40s for concord, fremont and san jose. vallejo dropped to 51. and napa tonight 51 degrees. satellite-radar review shows a strong low still spinning well to our east. a strong ridge getting closer and approaching to our west as is often the case our flow of air goes from west to east so what's off to our west is what's next and it's a big strong ridge of high pressure giving us north to northeast winds tomorrow called an offshore wind. much more common in september and october. we can do it anytime. year. we will do it this weekend. that's why now saturday and sunday will both be warm and
6:49 pm
dry. we will not see a wind shift on sunday. and offshore winds both days. clear tonight breezy in the higher elevations. lots of sunshine both days this weekend and temperatures will be well above average at least a dozen degrees above average for both saturday and sunday. highs tomorrow take a tour: warmest day will be tomorrow well above average on sunday with 80 inland low 70s near the bay and gradual cool next week highs in the low 70s away from the water. and the mid- to upper 60s near the bay. back out live, one thing you may have noticed today, that freshly washed car that you had is no longer clean.
6:50 pm
it's got all that pollen on it. the breeze and dry weather we have had recently and the spring a lot of folks are going to be sneezing. get the claritin out we'll need it allergies will be high along the with temperatures. >> just bring the tissues. we'll take it anyway. >> absolutely. >> thank you. a california cat that went missing years ago will soon be back at home in watsonville. boo boo disappeared in 2013 then last week, she wound up at an animal shelter in ontario, canada, more than 2,000 miles away. workers there were able to track down boo boo's original owner because the cat was microchipped. today the feline was reunited with her owner's mother in new york. >> we got boo boo. >> yay! >> you got her? >> yes. >> we are going to miss her but i think the excitement of getting her back to her owners will overpower how much we are
6:51 pm
going to miss her. >> she will be home tonight. >> she probably has quite the tale. coming up, it's tall, fast and guaranteed to make you scream. better you. live at great america. >> great america's newest roller coaster opens to the public tomorrow. but first, i'll give a preview of all the 360 loops and turns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
bay area thrillseekers... it's a roller coaster at great america... but not just any roller coaster. kpix 5 r a new option for bay area thrill seekers. it's a roller coaster at great america but not just any roller coaster. kpix 5's reporter betty yu at the santa clara amusement park to give the floorless coaster a try. what did you think, betty? >> reporter: i thought it was awesome, allen and liz, and tonight route now behind me, season pass holders -- right now behind me season pass holders and media today get to test it out. it's the first of several more thrilling improved rides to come to this park. the patriot went off it a bang. literally. in the spirit of the name milit -women got the first chance to take great america's newest roller coaster for a few spins and loops. >> it was terrible. i need to ride it at least
6:55 pm
three more times. >> definitely a couple of places where it almost, like, lifts you up out off the seat. >> reporter: it's a revamped version of the vortex which opened in 1991. the sitdown trains over the tracks make it the park's first floorless roller coaster. here it is from my perspective. the patriot is the start of a major expansion and overhaul at the park. the tee of santa clara recently approved rezoning plans that will allow operators to build rides up to 250 feet tall currently the tallest ride is 110 feet tall. >> visitors to great america and the park and its new entertainment district will fill our hotels and nearby restaurants generating a surge of transient occupancy tax and sales tax for city's general fund and we love that. >> reporter: the entertainment district will include restaurants in front of the park. the new plan also allows for longer operating hours.
6:56 pm
>> what we are anticipating as coming to this park over the next three years over the next five years is really going to be incredible. it's going to make kind of great america taking it to the next level. >> reporter: and great america is also offering all current and past military members free admission through memorial day weekend. guys, back to you. >> looks like so much fun. >> betty, i was going to say, you're either a roller coaster person or you're not. but i don't have any doubt you loved this thing. >> reporter: i'm a total roller coaster person. i actually rode the previous ride the vortex when it was standing only ride. so i got to see the difference. and both are cool rides. and i did ride this one three times to make sure. [ laughter ] >> i had to make sure it was okay. >> i want to know if anybody lost their shoes. >> maybe betty lost her shoes. she has nice high heels. >> all right. have a great evening and a good
6:57 pm
weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: i really appreciate that. thank you. thank you, folks. i appreciate and thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got another good one today. returning for their second day, from crawfordville, georgia, it's the champs, it's the williams family! [cheering and applause] and from st. louis, missouri, my man, cedric the entertainer, it's the dangerfield family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might just drive out of here in a brand-new car.
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[cheering and applause] give me pet. give me camille. ladies, top 5 answers on the board. here we go. name a tool a construction worker might put in his pants to impress a lady. camille: a hammer. steve: a hammer. ha ha ha! a hammer. family: yeah! play, play! camille: we're gonna play. steve: they gonna play. [cheering and applause] dequincy, what you do, man? dequincy: man, first of all, i'm a proud husband of this beautiful lady right here. we have two beautiful young daughters name ava and makenzie. and then all day i'm a sex symbol for big men. [laughter] now, really. now, you know... [applause] you know... steve: this boy says, "all day, i'm a sex symbol for big men." dequincy: the husky genre. you know, hu


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