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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 1, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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apartment fire. tonight, we learned: live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. to shut down the build four people died in this bay area apartment fire and tonight we learned firefighters warned months ago to shut down the building, but no one listened. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba is in oakland with what the mayor is doing to make sure a tragedy like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: as the sun drops on the scene of oakland's latest deadly fire, the city says it is hiring more inspectors. >> we are determined to beef up these critical fire inspections immediately. we are right now doubling the
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staff of the fire inspection bureau. >> reporter: mayor schaaf said the city currently has six inspectors and will fire six more and fill a vacancy immediately. the hiring announcement comes on the heels of december 2nd's fire at the ghost ship warehouse which killed 36 people and monday's on san pablo avenue leaving four people dead. why was this fire the tipping point? >> these changes were underway immediately following the ghost ship fire. these are things that have actually been in the works for a very long time. now it does not escape my notice that these are coming at a very difficult week for oakland. we cannot understate the tragic loss that this community has suffered. >> reporter: before monday's fire the city had already been warned about serious problems in the building. members of fire station 15 on nearby 27th street sent two e- mails. one dated january 8th
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recommended shutting this building down immediately due to the danger of life safety. a second e-mail on february 25th warned this building is dangerous. please let station 15 know what we can do to get this place shut down, updated and repaired. in addition to the new hires, mayor schaaf says the fire department, building department and code enforcement department will now work on the same computer system to streamline communication and information. >> we are really increasing our capacity to insure that unscrupulous landlords are not putting profits over safety. >> reporter: now mayor schaaf says the next city budget two years from now will include funding for six additional inspectors pushing the total in the city to over 18. in oakland andria borba, kpix5. breaking news in santa clara, police are looking for the person who shot a man at the capri hotel, then drove off at around 8:00.
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the motel on old emilio real was -- el camino real was briefly evacuated. the shooting victim is in serious condition at the hospital. if you take b.a.r.t., then you know how crowded it can be, especially during rush hour. only on 5 tonight we learned about something that could radically change your ride in the future. cate cauguiran is at the embarcardero b.a.r.t. station with details. >> reporter: tonight the bay area council exclusively told kpix5 bay area leaders are in talks to build a second transbay tube to ease congestion and commuter frustration. it's no secret bay area traffic is bad. >> whether you're driving or on b.a.r.t. it's way over capacity and the predictions are it will only get worse. >> reporter: and the public demand for a traffic fix is high. the bay area council said the best way to cut down the problem is to build a solution and that solution, add a second transbay tube. >> so the idea is to plan for improvements in order to relieve that congestion so that the next generation will have a
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much better experience. >> reporter: a new bay area council poll revealed 40% of those surveyed are considering leaving the bay area and 46% of them are millennials. the main reason? cost of living and bad traffic congestion. right now a b.a.r.t. car's full capacity is 107 riders. a recent study found at peak ridership there are more than 120 riders per car. >> you're packed like sardines. >> you'll stand there and you can't really sit down for hours. >> it's become a very tenuous kind of experience to even go on b.a.r.t., but it beat the alternative. >> reporter: it's still under discussion where the second tube will go. the plan is in early stages, but commuters we spoke with are on board. >> you have to plan for the future and as our population continues to grow, it's something we have to consider. >> i think that it would be awesome because it's really congested all the time. >> reporter: would you be willing to pay for a second tube? >> yeah. i think it would be worth it. >> reporter: it could take
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decades, so the bay area council will in the meantime add more buses and ferries. in san francisco cate cauguiran, kpix5. the artist who created the -- the artist who created the iconic rainbow flag has died. tonight hundreds of mourners in san francisco gathered to pay tribute. here's kpix5's sharon chin. >> he was a revolutionary. he was a hippy. he dedicated his life to his community and to the movement to free all of us. >> reporter: they gathered beneath a rainbow flag at castro and market tonight in honor of gilbert baker. >> i'm very full of grief right now, but i'm just so proud of him. i'm so grateful he was my friend. he loved me very much and i loved him and oh, my goodness, we fought so many times, but he was pretty wonderful. >> gilbert is someone who helped define the modern lgbt community and created what is
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really in many ways the symbol, the core symbol, of our community. >> reporter: born in kansas in 1951, baker served in the u.s. arm in the early '70s stationed in san francisco. after his honorable discharge he taught himself to sew. he designed the rainbow flag as a sign of out for the gay community in 1978. that -- unity for the gay community in 1978. that summer the first ones flew during pride festivities at civic center. >> we just stood there and watched as thousands and thousands and thousands of people marched under the flags, looked up, their faces lit up and without any explanation at all everyone knew immediately that there was our flag. >> reporter: we caught up with baker at the pride parade in 2012. >> that's the point of the rainbow. we're all the colors, all the genders, all the ages, all the races. that's what's so cool about san francisco. that's why it's so great to be here celebrating. >> friends say baker died at
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his home in new york in his sleep. the cause of death has not been released. gilbert baker was 65 years old. sharon chin, kpix5. >> this statement from mayor ed lee, gilbert was a trailblazer for lgbt rights, a powerful artist and true friend to all who knew him. our thoughts are with his friends and family. he will be misses. tonight the rain bow flag flies at half staff from the mayor's balcony in honor of gilbert bar the fbi is investigating if president trump's campaign aides helped russia as early as a year ago in an attempt to sabotage the democratic party. fired national security advisor michael nunn said he's willing to testify about -- flynn said he's willing to testify about the suspected russian interference in the u.s. election if he's given immunity from prosecution. president trump said mike
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flynn should ask for immunity and believes this is a witch hunt. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee said it's too early to discuss any deal with any witnesses. the top republican on that committee is in the central valley tonight and as kpix5 political reporter melissa caen shows us, he's feeling the heat in his own hometown of fresno. >> this is a tough job. >> hey hey, nunes got to go. >> reporter: more than 100 people lined up to protest congressman nunes who came to speak at the agricultural lending society of california. he was supposed to speak at 1:00 but instead snuck in and spoke at noon. while protesters were expecting to see more of the congressman, he avoided them altogether by taking a road at the back of the restaurant, coming through, parking at the service entrance and coming through the backdoor. dr. joseph butterworth was inside and heard the speech.
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>> he said gee, the whole press is here. never had so much interest in the valley before. >> reporter: the doctor said the congressman talked about california's healthcare reform, california's water situation and one recent trip to the white house to view top secret documents. >> he didn't say who his sources were, but i wasn't listening that closely to that particular thing because i didn't think it was that important anyway. >> reporter: nunes told the local cbs station the report is wrong. >> i think there's a lot of innuendo, people that probably knew about this, knew about me being there, but the fact of the matter is that doesn't make them the source of my information. >> reporter: some of the congressman's constituents in district 22 don't need any more proof. they are ready for a new representative in 2018. >> we have been upset about nunes. he of ares to hold town halls. he's aligning with trump's grand. he's protecting trump and so we need a candidate that can run against him.
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>> reporter: in fresno melissa caen, kpix5. explosives that could sneak past airport security, the big new terrorist threat tonight tiny enough to fit into a laptop. >> scientists say this pesticide can damage children's brains, tonight the epa is telling california farmers go ahead and use it. >> reporter: i'm betty yu and this is great america's newest roller coaster. coming up i'll take you through all the 360 spins and turn,,,,,, ,,
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terrorists are developing a bomb that could be carried onto a plane.. undetected. kpix 5's allen martin on the sneaky tactic.. to plant tiny nto electronic tonight intelligence sources say terrorists are developing a bomb that could be carried onto a plane undetected, kpix5's old old -- >> terrorist groups such as al- qaeda and isis have been perfecting a bomb small enough
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to fit in a laptop computer to get past airport scanners. they've been testing the new bomb on airport scanners they've obtained. this concern prompted the u.s. and uk to ban laptops and other large personal electronics from carry-on luggage from flights from certain designated countries. last year a laptop bomb blew a hole in the side of a somali airliner. the plane did land safely. the department of homeland securit says terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation to include smuggling explosive devices. some supporting intelligence was obtained in the january raid in yemen that killed navy seal ryan owens. allen martin, kpix5. starting tomorrow california smokers will have to pay more to light up. a new $2 cigarette tax goes into effect. it was approved through prop 56 by voters. it is significantly higher than the current 87-cent tax and
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will bump up the cost of a standard pack to about 8 or $9. >> i'm going to have to smoke, so hey, when he realizes he'll have to keep on paying for them, he'll stop. >> if they're going to smoke, they will smoke regardless of the price. >> in response to the new tax, san francisco is launching a new program to help smokers quit. starting monday residents can receive a free quit smoking kit by visiting s the kits will be available at zuckerberg san francisco general and neighborhood clinics. tonight california farmers have won their bottle to keep using a certain kind -- battle to keep using a certain kind of pesticide. the obama administration wanted to ban it because research has shown it can hurt children's brains, but now john blackstone reports the epa is saying go ahead, use it. >> reporter: farm early is a big industry across california -- farming is a big industry across california and the nation, but it faces an army of
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small enemy and many who work in farming use the pesticide chlorpyrifos. for half a century the chemical has been used on dozens of crops including corn, strawberry and citrus, but the epa scientists under the obama administration found that the chemical could interfere with children's brain development. >> reduced iq, lower working memory scores, increased adhd, those are the kinds of things. they were small effects, but they were definitely meaningful. >> reporter: in 20 tough teen the agency proposed -- 2015 the agency proposed banning farmers from using the pesticide, but now the new leadership of the epa said reliable data overwhelmingly in both quantity and quality contradicts the reliance on earlier studies. the epa says farmers can continue to use the pesticide while more research is done.
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dow agri sciences which makes the pesticide applauded the move in a statement saying it remains confident the authorize use of chlorpyrifos offers wide margin use for health and safety. citron -- sky drone 5 giving us an exclusive view of the matthew turner, the first wooden tall ship built here in almost 100 years. it's set to hit the water tomorrow. todaying fissions the company an eye out for -- today technicians in the company kept an eye out for troubles today. we have a sneak peek tonight with kpix5's betty yu
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who takes us for a ride. >> reporter: a select number of season pass holders tonight and the media got a chance to right great america's newest roller coaster, the first of several more thrilling improved rides to come. the streams screams and roar of the patriot pierced through the night at great america. >> it was really enjoyable. i've been on a lot of coasters. it ranks high up there. >> i thought it was pretty fun. >> reporter: it's a revamped version of the vortex which opened in 1991. the sitdown trains over the track make it the first floorless roller coaster in the park. here's my perspective. this morning the patriot went off with a bang literally. in the spirit of the ride's name military service men and women got the first chance to take it for a few spins and loops. >> it was terrible. i need to ride it at least three more times. >> reporter: the patriot is the start of a major expansion and overhaul of the park in the
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next three to five years. the city of santa clara just approved a rezoning plan that will allow operators to build bigger badder rides, up to 250 feet tall. that's more than double its current tallest coaster. >> visitors to great america and the park and its new entertainment district will fill our hotels and nearby restaurants generating a surge of transient occupancy tax and sales tax and we love that. >> reporter: there will be restaurants and entertainment districts in front of the park. great america is offering all current and past military members free administration through memorial day weekend. in santa clara betty yu, kpix5. sports tease} ended up being a beautiful day to go to great america today. >> the weekend will be beautiful as well. it could be 84 or 85 degrees in santa clara tomorrow. friday evening, pretty nice
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outside, 60s and 50s currently, the cool spot san jose 56, concord still 63, livermore 61, san francisco 57 degrees, mainly clear skies, a coolish, santa clara valley 49, napa 51 and san francisco 53 degrees. it's a transition, a area of low pressure spinning -- a low pressure area spinning over arizona. that's moving out. as for what's moving in, the strongest ridge we have seen in nearly half a year, strong enough to warm up the atmosphere into the 70s and 80s but also aided by this. now that tomorrow begins april -- this is not a joke -- we get the offshore wind eliminating the ocean influence. the ocean is chilly 12 months out of the year. we get the opposite of that. a wind from the northeast can get warm even in san francisco, even in san bruno. we will be warm heading through
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the weekend saturday and sun also features the offshore wind. temperatures stay well above average for both weekend days. mainly clear tonight, lots of sunshine this weekend and temperatures stay well above average. look at these highs for your saturday. if you don't have reason to get outside, i just gave you one. concord 83, san jose 83, oakland 83 degrees, napa 85, san rafael hits 84. if you want to come into san francisco, please do, 78 degrees. not as warm sunday but warmer than we thought still, 80 inland, low 70s near the beach. man, is it going to be barbecue weather this weekend. >> yes. cannot wait. we have earned this. >> yes. know what? it rained a november a lot, december. don't even get they started on january and february -- get they started on january and february. >> no. >> this is the time of year we
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can reap the benefit of what we endured this notice. have to move the barbecue inside so i can watch basketball. or you could go to the coliseum tomorrow and watch baseball. coming up in sports stanford's time in the big dance comes to an end, a key injury as the stanford ladies end their magical ride in the final four. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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code red has been the stanford cardinal motto... to do whatever take >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. some awesome games today. >> i know. it was like stanford and then you had uconn and then you had warriors and then you had giants. we'll start with stanford. code red has been the stanford motto to do whatever it takes to win. although three come back in five of their last six games, the ladies couldn't overcome losing their team leader carly samuelsonn to an ankle injury. russell wilson there to support his sister. carly samuelsonn rolls her angle, leaves the game, came back but didn't score a point.
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after leading by 9 at the half stanford trailed by 5 in the 4th. wilson dominant in the post finishing with 13 points and 19 boards. then south carolina's alicia gray closes the deal, layup and foul leading all scorers with 18. gamecocks win 62-53 to make it to their first ncaa double finals ever. in the other final four game, mississippi state alum zach prescott and cowboy witnessing history. morgan williams with the game clock winding down in overtime pulls up for the jumper. it goes in. mississippi state ends the huskies' 111 game winning streak. they win 66-64. still to come the warriors going for 10 wins in a row come home t,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. advantage throughout the to >> the warriors are getting closer and closer to locking up that no. 1 seed and home court advantage throughout the playoffs. tonight they got quite a test from the rockets at home. steve kerr trying to keep the warriors playoff sharp as they take on the houston rockets. after trailing since the eight minute mark of the 1st quarter draymond green finds ian clark and drains the three. curry never panics as he gets the bucket with the shot clock winding down. the warriors have now won 10 in a row and are just four wins shy of clinching that no. 1 seed. a beautiful night at at&t park for some sprung baseball. the bay bridge series -- spring
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baseball, the bay bridge series, 2nd inning, giants fans hoping to see more of this from brian crawford this season, a solo blast to left. giant beat the a's 2-1. the next game is tomorrow. the sharks are down 1-0 in the 2nd. martin jones comes up with the save the first time around, but shawn monaghan get the rebound to go in. flames take a 2-0 lead. calgary wins final 5 -2, not a good way to go into postseason for the sharks. hopefully they can tweak some things. ,, have a great weekend. we have to talk about our march madness brackets for a
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minute. andria borba has been killing us all for two weeks. >> got a lot of inside knowledge. >> first of all, that was totally a fluke, but you actually have knowledge and you did amazing. >> i led the entire bay area at one point. >> not to brag. i had kansas, too. >> now i'm really going downhill. >> as soon as kansas bit the dust, so did i. i've been in 17th place, but i've got gonzaga versus north carolina. i still have gonzaga. >> you could win it all. it's a good weekend to watch basketball and baseball. >> 12:05 at the coliseum between the giants and the a's and sunday it all begins for the giants in the desert. >> it's all real. >> have a wonderful weekend! the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> we'll see you. ,,,,,,
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video recorder, a built-in dash cam. you're not gonna have an extra thing stuck on the middle of your windshield. well, i'll let jim explain how it works. >> so, here's what the hd mirrorcam looks like. this is the camera lens. so small and unobtrusive, it's less than the size of a quarter. you have these flexible straps that are going to wrap around any existing mirror, no matter how large or how small. when you turn it on, right there is your lcd screen, built right into the mirror, where you can view and play back your videos right from the unit. and you can turn off the screen while you're driving, and it will still keep recording. it records high-definition video and audio onto an sd card that goes right into the sd slot. you can use it to record what's happening anywhere outside of your car or inside of your car with the 350-degree swivel lens. it has cyclical recording, meaning you can record video on an endless loop. it also has motion detection. [ beeps ] so it'll turn on automatically if it senses any movement of
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someone walking around your car, for instance. and it has night vision led bulbs that let you capture crystal-clear hd video at night, as well. it also has one-touch picture mode to instantly snap a still photo even while it's recording video. finally, it has a g-sensor. so, if there's an accident, it locks down your footage and won't record over it. the hd mirrorcam is simply the most important tool you'll ever own for your car. >> we've all had experiences with reckless drivers, road rage, fender-benders, or, god forbid, a more serious accident. so, what's the first thing people start doing? >> pointing fingers. >> [ laughs ] right. because no one wants to admit fault and take the chance of getting sued or having your insurance rates go up. before you know it, you could be out thousands of dollars in legal fees, hospital bills, car repairs, insurance deductibles, and rate hikes. >> yikes. >> well, that's why the first time you use the hd mirrorcam, you're going to love it because
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it's gonna capture everything. >> everything. >> can you imagine the power of being able to show the police exactly what happened? >> people are driving crazy these days. they're running lights, they're cutting you off. now with hd mirrorcam, you capture it all. you not only capture the video in hd, but you also capture the audio of anything that's happening inside or outside of your car at any given moment all the time. >> wow. it's like having a black box for your car. >> exactly. >> now, i know that many of you may be thinking "the last thing i need is another piece of technology to worry about." but that's the beauty of the hd mirrorcam. it is so easy to use! and you don't have to think about it at all. >> you know what? let's show everyone just how easy the hd mirrorcam is to use. first of all, it's ready to go right out the box and really easy to install. it straps right over your existing rear view mirror, and the straps stretch to fit any size mirror. secondly, it turns on automatically when you start
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your car and turns off automatically when your turn your car off. you can set it to have the screen on or off while recording. >> the problem with so many things in life is they sound great at first, but if i have to remember to do something, i'm not going to remember. when you start driving, it starts recording. when you stop driving, it stops recording. and if something happens, it locks down the footage. >> plus, it records on a loop so that you never have to worry about running out of recording time. you're always going to get the footage that you need when you need it. the hd mirrorcam is a high-quality mirror. it's an anti-glare mirror that provides superior clarity and vision, and it's bigger than the one you have now. you're going to get a full extra inch on each side of the mirror, so it's a phenomenal upgrade for your car. >> that's great. so, now jim has been telling you about how you can use the hd mirrorcam to record what's happening on the outside of your car. i think it would be a lot of fun to record what's happening on
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the inside of your car. >> absolutely. only the hd mirrorcam has a rotating 350-degree swivel lens, so you can easily change the recording view to quickly capture those special moments inside or outside the car. >> so, if your family takes long road trips, if they play games while you're traveling, or singing while you're on the road, you can really capture those special moments with the kids and easily down the video right onto your computer with the included usb sd card reader to share with your family and friends. >> and the swivel lens allows you to view everything that's in front of you or behind you or anywhere in between! >> for parents, no more needing the eyes in the back of your head. now, with the hd mirrorcam, you will know exactly what the kids are up to in the backseat without having to turn your head around. >> and because the hd mirrorcam will also what's outside the back window, you've got that extra protection, as well. >> so i was driving down the road on my way to work, minding my business. a van was stopped right on the road. so, as i signaled


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