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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 11:00. developing news. san francisco police confirming a new lead in a year-long search for a missing toddler who disappeared after her mother was killed. i'm juliette goodrich. and an i'm brian hackney. the little girl's family is still holding out hope. >> nearly a year ago today nicole fitts body was found here at the park. her daughter, arianna, is still missing. her family says time has passed but emotions are raw. >> it doesn't feel like this is reality. i feel like any day now my sister's going to call me. >> the reality for con tes sa is -- contessa is she will
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never hear her sister's voice again. this day last year was the last time anyone saw nicole alive. their focus now? finding arianna. >> we're doing everything we can to have this little girl home. >> tonight there may be a break in the case. san francisco police say fbi investigators have seized a vehicle that may be connected to nicole's murder and arianna's disappearance. her family says investigators will test the car for possible dna evidence. >> as unfortunate as it is that these are -- these things are happening, it's great news. >> great news in light of a family tragedy. tonight the fitts family candlelight vigil marks the anniversary of the murder and disappearance. >> it's been a very difficult year. >> since arianna went missing the fbi executed several warrants in an effort to find the little girl. the family says investigators
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focused on arianna's babysitter helena martin. and that she may be the key to bringing arianna home alive. >> i'd hate to think that someone nicole trusted with her child and as a friend would do anything to harm either nicole or arianna. >> police have no suspect in nicole's murder. her sister believes nicole's death is connected with the disappearance. >> whoever is responsible for arianna being missing is responsible for murdering my sister. >> nicole's former employer best buy is offering a $10,000 reward that will lead to arianna's safe return and any information that will lead to the arrest in nicole's murder. kpix 5. breaking news out of sonoma county. a man arrested for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13- year-old girl. it happened along highway 1 near harbour way in do day ga bay.
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timothy marble -- bodega bay. timothy marble was arrested. he said his 13-year-old companion jumped out of his vehicle and ran off. the 13-year-old found a deputy and told them she'd been raped. she had run away from home and was picked up by marble at a gas station. she's okay tonight. marble has a long criminal history. at least ten people hospitalized after a four-car crash in antioch around 6:45 tonight. it shut down highway 4 near a street. three people including a 14- year-old girl were airlifted. they are listed in crit cam condition. develop -- critical condition. developing tonight. nearly 200 dead in columbia. rivers burst their banks lieding to an -- banks leaded to an avenue lanch of water. -- avalanche of water.
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>> officials say intense rain forced several rivers to overflow and caused the massive landslide. he says the sound of rocks and water was so heavy everyone was shocked. many victims were sleeping and did not hear the warning. daylight showed the magnitude of destruction. trees were uprooted and dozens of homes were covered in several feet of mud. the fast-moving current left this car sandwiched between what's left of a building and a tree. the death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are believed to be buried under all that mud. local medical centers are running out of blood as they treat the 300 injured. the government has called over 1100 soldiers and police to help dig through the mountain of mud to find survivors. hannah daniels, cbs news new york. >> several bridges and a nearby power station were also destroyed. that's helping to delay rescue
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efforts. new video from paris france, a huge explosion at a carnival. take a look. and watch again. it happens after a person tries lighting a bonfire with a huge pole. investigators believe gasoline was mishandled. it's under investigation. 18 people were hurt including a child. they'll all be okay. well bay area beach goers, be ware. if you're heading out tomorrow to enjoy the sun watch out for big waves and rip currents. the national weather service is warning about sneaker waves that can sweep people away. there are beach hazard warnings through tomorrow night. eight to 12 feet swells. sneaker waves a threat. rip currents also a threat along the entire coast. if you're headed to the shoreline have a care.
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and by the way, we've also got a complete forecast including the next chance of rain when we do the forecast in a few minutes. judge gorsuch is incredibly qualified. he has a sterling record. he was confirmed namgsly to the court of -- unanimously to the court of appears. >> i call him gosh and golly gorsuch. >> two opposing views on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. the president talking up his pick while protests nationwide and locally try to stop the appointment. it wasn't just frustration over gorsuch. as jackie ward shows us some protesters are upset with diane feinstein. >> why are we here? >> at this people's filibuster the focus was on conversation and education. the people here believe that supreme court nominee neil gorsuch is a threat on many levels including the environment. >> some of his policies, particularly standing up for corporations in the face of
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shareholders, standing up for corporation's rightings to give unlimit -- rights to give unlimited amounts of money. >> this was a long long haul. >> the list of reasons why grace is here against gorsuch is a long one. >> i call him actually gosh and golly gorsuch. i mean this act. as if anyone is going to believe behien that act he doesn't have -- behind that act he doesn't have the most vile set of principles. >> an important issue. >> daniel ios made the drive -- daniel yost made the drive because he's exasperated with diane feinstein's inaction. >> the fact that senator feinstein is here that her constituents do not want her to vote in favor. >> protests like this may be calmer and more subdued than others but the ones who are here say demonstrations of all kinds against president trump and his administration are necessary. >> whether that's boycotts,
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whether that's the protests that are ca that are tick and people with -- ca thartic and people are -- cathartic and people are chanting. >> i want the people to get it that it's up to us. >> before everyone left the event they were encouraged to call a friend of theres in -- theirs in states where the senators were undecided. >> the senate judiciary committee votes monday, setting up a vote by the full senate. wendy gillette shows us how it could all play out. >> we are moving forward together, not one step back. >> more than a dozen small protests against supreme court nominee neil gorsuch were held around the country saturday including this one in washington. >> this is our fight. this is a lifetime feat. >> senate republicans hope to confirm gor up next -- gorsuch
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next week. president trump praised his nominee. >> with judge gorsuch on the supreme court america will be a more free, fair, and just nation for all of our citizens. >> but gorsuches growing -- gorsuch faces growing opposition from democrats. >> he needed to convince me he would not join the posse of republicans appointees that has stretched the law to benefit partisans and corporations. over and over in his hearing he dodged and ducked and failed. >> it could have consequences. democrats are nearing the support they need to filibuster gorsuch. if that happens republicans have threatened to change the rules in the senate, ending the filibuster, and allowing a simple majority vote. vice president pence addressed the potential showdown in columbus. >> we will overcome the obstructionists and the united states senate will confirm
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judge neil gorsuch one way or the other. >> president trump says he supports the potential rule change in the senate to get gorsuch confirmed. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> a new poll shows that 52% of americans are in favor of an independent investigation into the trump campaign's ties with moscow, they're partisan. only a quarter of republicans support the investigation. the man accused of starting a fire that caused a freeway to collapse in atlanta appearing in court for the first time today. basil eleby faces arson and other charges. two others were arrested in connection with thursday's fire. police still aren't saying anything about a motive for the fire. it broke ut in a storage -- out in a storage lot underneath i- 85. a section of the freeway collapsed. it's a major artery and will be shut down for several months. another look tonight of a sailboat crash at rodondo
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beach. four people thrown overboard. people made it to shore with minor injuries believe it or not. here's a look at the video released yesterday of the same crash. investigators believe strong winds fed the surf. the four sailors were in a race when it happened. back here in the bay area. look at this car. it slammed into an apartment last night. you can see it made it all the way inside. it happened at newark boulevard and derry avenue. three others need a place to stay tonight. dozens of kids and community members gathered to honor a beloved coach killed last month. as president of the east ridge little league franklin mentored countless youngsters. today's commemoration coincided with opening day for the league. city officials were on hand. >> coach frank didn't have children himself but he had the biggest family in san jose.
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it consisted of thousands of kids in the little league. it's important we continue his legacy of ensuring that kids have an opportunity to play, learn the lessons of sports. >> he was stabbed to death while working security in downtown san jose. the majority of bay area residents believe the local economy is heading for a downturn. according to the city council 70% of people believe the housing shortage is threatening the economy. only 31% of those say our economy today is better than six months ago. they say employment could be playing a role in the poll. >> over the last few years it's beginning to slip. we're seeing some change in the job numbers. >> the bay area city council is working to create legislation that would make ittizier to build afford -- easier to build affordable housing. >> the huge tall ship that
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dipped into the bay today in front of hundreds of spectators and the volunteers who spent thousands of hours making it happen. baseball friendly changes at the oakland coliseum now that the raiders are heading out. to the ballpark next. all electric vehicles will be prohibited monday through thursday. >> is this for real? the east bay city announcing bizarre new rules for the road. and no joke, we've got rain in our forecast. not tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow. but soon and we'll have the forecast after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this wooden tall ship took years it's the first new ship of its kind to hit the bay waters in close to a century. a wooden tall ship took years to construct. it was done by volunteers. andrea tells us one day kids will get to benefit from that boat. >> with spectators crowding the docks in salsalito like sunning sea lions, a project four years in the making hit the waters of richardson bay. this is the matthew turner, the first tall ship built in california in 85 years named for a famed bay area shipbuilder. it's 100 feet long and a labor of love for countless volunteers.
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>> now i've been working on it basically 90 days a year for the last three years. >> my father-in-law has been working on this ship for a few years now. i know he's put in over 3,000 hours. i forget the exact number. to see it go in the water was pretty spectacular. >> it will be used for educational purposes. >> i thought it was cool. >> and for all of the fans here there was one little thing lack lacking from the -- lacking from the pomp and circumstance. >> were you expecting a bigger slash? >> i sort of was. and i was expecting it to be a lot more dramatic. like a really huge splash. >> the matthew turner needs to have two masts installed as well as rigging, a deck and a cabin before it can hit the open water. that is expected to to be done by fall. andrea kpix 5. the livermore police department played a prank of drivers this proolz.
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>> the livermore police department will begin enforcing the new vehicle-size city ordinance. >> they posted this on youtube saying that certain cars would be banned from driving on streets during rush hour. just as it was winding down they announced the ridiculous rules were all just a big april fools' joke. as oakland's baseball and football teams leave the a's will be the only game in time. dan shows us the a's are assuring fans they are ready to step up to the plate. >> on the last day of the battle of the day a's fans are feeling like winners. >> it's a loss for oakland to lose teams. we'll have to carry it. >> two of the three sports teams have plans to leave. the warriors building a new stadium in san francisco, the raiders are heading to las vegas. >> it's hard on a lot of people. >> thompson has served up sausages for all three oakland teams for almost a decade. >> there's a lot of people
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devastated. i want them to go on their way so we can continue to heal. >> as the highlight of the sports world turns solely to the a's. >> what do the a's mean to you? >> they're home. >> they're always here. >> they plan to build a new home in oakland. president dave says they plan to announce a new location by the end of the year. >> obviously we're getting a lot of energy around that because of what the other teams are doing. we're going to continue to chart our course. i this that will galvanize the city behind us. >> they're trying to make the fans comfy here. there's a new plaza with food trucks and games. and they cut beer prices by $3. you can get one for $8. >> we'll be the top of the bay area. the a's only. >> the official home opener is monday night against the anaheim angels. in the oakland coliseum anne kpix 5.
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we've got, want to revisit this important topic. there are beach hazards around the bay area this weekend because of big breakers at the beaches through monday. rip currents are a threat. offshore winds keep us dry and warm through midweek. futurecast shows that we do develop a few patches of low clouds offshore overnight tonight. with high pressure in the eastern pacific we continue sunny and warm. perfect set up for northwesterlies tomorrow. sunny and warm, not quite as warm as today. next chance of rain moves back into the bay area by friday. looks like it will linger into next weekend. we'll see. overnight lows tonight, temperatures near 50 degrees for overnight lows in concord, san rafael, and oakland. 53 in santa rosa. sun up at seven minutes before 7:00 tomorrow. nice and warm.
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78 in redding. cooler in the mountains near 50 degrees. tomorrow at the airport weather slow you down -- shouldn't slow you down. clouds in new york and rain in chicago. pretty good travel to atlanta and los angeles tomorrow, 7 of. bay area most -- 76. bay area mostly in the 70s. 70 in san francisco. san jose, 78 degrees. going to the beach? be careful, temperatures in the mid-60s. sunshine monday and tuesday. increasing clouds leads to a chance of rain by friday. staying with us through saturday. a long time between now and then. check in with mr. diano and make sure we're on track. for now, mr. glen. ncaa basketball business. it's all about over. for the men. and the women. and today, oh boy, it was the
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men taking over in phoenix. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from 64...down to just 2...'s semi- saturday... ncaa basketball is almost over. on the men's and women's side. from 64 down to two. we have the men's semifinals saturday. on the right here.
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gonzaga bulldogs try to shake off south carolina. jordan matthews bufkt. bulldogs -- bucket. bull docs up at the -- bulldogs up at the break. pushed the lead to 13. williams-goss has 23. p.j. doze cher relent -- doe cher relentless. >> gonzaga back up one and the dagger. big fellow. we're done here. go celebrate. it's gonzaga 77-73. into monday's title game for the first time. >> before the game i guess they were making comments that we were the most nervous team in the tournament. we heard everything this year. the conference, we haven't played tight games, we've heard everything. 37-1, and playing the last game of the season is a blessing. >> sea of green in phoenix.
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oregon in the final four for the first time since 1939. a missed north carolina field goal. kennedy meeks stuck it back. toward the end of the second half. final minute. watch the friendly bounce. oregon's tyler dorsey, he needed it. under a minute left. carolina's lead cut to three. later just one point. and a missed free throw. but meeks was there to cleefrn up the re-- clean up to rebound. another foul. carolina missed four straight free throws. guess what? meeks was there again. tar heels escape 77-76. second straight year carolina is in the title game and an early slight favorite too according to vegas. >> what goes through your mind in the last five second and you watch your players miss four straight free throws. >> jump off a building? a close loss like this drives players crazy and coaches crazy
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because you think about every little thing. it messes with you for longer. >> as i say every saturday at this time, i'm not done. i'm coming back for this one. how about the end of baseball spring training. it's all for real starting tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,,,
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in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car.
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all mercedes-benz. series... baseball before the giants regular season opener sunday at arizona there was the matter of the bay bridge series.
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fans could take their kid to oakland. third the final bay bridge series game. bottom of the third. it's matt joyce. that scored two and the a's open the scoring. it was 2-0. a lot of giant starters coming out of this one. next half inning giants back up. nick hunley said well that's okay. how about a bases loaded blast. go. a grand slam. the giants came back to win it 6-3. swept the a's. sunday for real at the diamondbacks. the a's opener monday night hosting the angels. yankee stadium available for earthquake skoker. dark -- soccer. dark shirts against nyc fc. thomas found the back of the net to break the tie. nyc fc won it, 2-1. the earthquakes are 2-2. for all of those saying what about the
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women. >> that's right. >> the national fite l for the women's -- title for the women's game is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. mississippi state against south carolina. the shocker of the weekend was when mississippi state beat yukon at the buzzer. >> wow. >> ending a 111 game win streak for yukon. >> thank you for adding that in there. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at a soccer match... but all the players are french bulldogs! check this out. you're looking at a soccer match. well all the players are french bulldogs. it was posted online today ahead of a pro soccer match in europe. as you can see the players got rough out there. ha ha ha. >> yeah. those pups are not cheap. french bulldogs? >> that's true. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. that's no joke. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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you got your homework done? mm-hmm. all of it? yep. hmm, attaboy! now you just get to kick back this weekend. that's my plan. except... except nothing. oh, well, excuse me. oh, yeah. there it is. i might have to write a book report for monday. what do you mean you might have to write a book report? i mean if there's no earthquake by monday morning, i have to write a book report. oh, god... so what's the book? william shakespeare's the taming of the shrew. by william shakespeare. hey, that'll come in handy when he's mopping out the toilets at the house of pancakes. you know, i could go for some pancakes. jake, please tell me you read the book. i really wish i could, dad. oh, jeez. i was going to read it, but i can't find it. you lost the book? so what do you intend to do about the report? you mean aside from the earthquake? yeah. well, i kind of put all my eggs in the earthquake basket.


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