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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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bay area. clues on how it started next.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, under that blue cover is a car covered in bullet holes after a deadly gun battle with bay area police. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba is in napa with new cell phone video of the moment gunfire broke out. [ sound of gunfire ] >> holy [bleep] >> reporter: this is cell phone video of what turned into a rolling shoot-out between a man and police officers in a west napa neighborhood. it began with a report of two gunshots, possibly from a fight between neighbors on bueno drive. >> you could hear at least 20 to 30 shots. >> reporter: and this is what it sounded like. [ sound of gunfire ] >> holy [bleep]. >> reporter: napa pd said their officers began to set up a perimeter putting a nearby
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elementary school on lock down. >> as they were set up, the suspect backed out of the driveway or the garage. as he was leaving the area in his car, he began to shoot at the police officer. >> reporter: officers returned the gunfire. this is how it ended with a single vehicle into a tree. a suspect dead inside, his body laying on the horn for an hour. as you can see from chopper 5, the scene stretched for several blocks. and left neighbors locked out of their homes during the investigation. the name of the suspect still has not been released tonight. the napa county district attorney's office is now in charge of this case. they were out here earlier tonight, but did not want to go on camera to give any new details into the investigation. in napa, andria borba, kpix5. well tonight, the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a bay area mom as she was driving her children to day care. surveillance cameras caught the shooting on cameron an richmond this morning. you can see the victim's car.
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she drives up to the stop sign. the gunman pulled up decide her. 25-year-old rashonda franklin was already dead when they got to the car. she had a restraining order against her estranged boyfriend and he may be the killer. they are looking for 43-year- old lawyer dushaun mcbride. they believe he had been stalking the mother. >> she continued to drive around the area to avoid him. unfortunately, the suspect followed her in his own car. in his mercedes-benz. >> police say the mother's two children are physically okay. they are now with relatives. tonight, adding insult to injury for some survivors of the deadly oakland apartment fire, they are being evicted from their emergency shelter. four people died in this fire on san pablo avenue last monday. since then, some of the survivors stayed at a shelter at the west oakland youth
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center. but tomorrow is the deadline to leave. the red cross says emergency shelters are short-term solutions. they are urging the remaining victims to visit a client assistance center for more help. tonight, president trump is blaming former president obama for an apparent chemical attack in syria. at least 58 civilians were killed including children. kpix5's joe vasquez shows us the aftermath of the attack and joe, the images are very disturbing. >> reporter: yeah, we want to warn our viewers. this is very hard to watch. but, we wanted you to see that even by the horrors of the syrian civil war, what happened today stands out as an atrocity. the victims bear the telltale signs of exposure to a toxic nerve agent. these children are among the dead. cbs news cannot confirm this was a chemical attack, but showing they don't have any visible wounds as you would see from an air strike or missile.
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survivors gasp for air. others foamed at the mouth. >> everyone has gotten hurt. >> reporter: this medic shows how his patient's pupils do not respond to light. >> not reactive to light. >> reporter: witnesses say russian and syrian government jets carried out the attack. both countries deny any involvement. in a statement, president trump called the attacks a consequence of the past administration's weakness. >> president obama said in 2012 he would establish a "red line" against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. >> reporter: california senator diane feinstein says the u.s. cannot let this attack go unnoticed. >> i worry very much about the lack of action. i would certainly urge the administration do something about it. weigh in with the syrian leader. and, if he is not going to stop it, we need to do something about him. >> reporter: the attack comes five days after the trump administration signaled that
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the syrian dictator would not be held accountable for the slaughter of his people. despite his criticism of former president obama, the current president repeatedly has insisted that the united states should stay out of syria. the u.n. security council will be holing an emergency meeting tomorrow. in the news room, i'm joe vasquez. right now, on the senate floor, a democratic senator is staging an all-night protest. jeff merkley of oregon protests neil gorsuch. he has been talking several hours and says he plans to keep going as long as he can. the senate is set to begin voting on gorsuch's nomination on thursday. republicans promise to confirm him by the end of the week. democrats are vowing to filibuster. san francisco's police chief addressed concerns about violence in the ocean view neighborhood after three innocent bystanders were shot. one of them was killed.
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65-year-old lian xiu wu was hit and killed on her way to the bus. at a town hall meeting with police tonight, questions that a lot of people asked, what can be done to stop the violence? the intersection where the shooting happened has been a hot spot. >> the killings, it was really, really bad out here. now it ebbs and flows and it is now flowing more than it is ebbing with the recent killings. >> since october, there have been five shootings in the area. tonight, some help is on the way for flood victims in san jose. free cars, the february floods damaged hundreds of cars. today, the city announced a new car replacement program. they are donating 20 used fleet vehicles and citizens can donate their used cars to goodwill. >> i would like everybody to know your donation to goodwill,
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the car, is not a handout, it is a handup for those in need. >> five of the city's cars will be delivered on monday with the rest coming the next couple of months. tonight, we are getting a much better idea of how expensive it is going to be to fix all the road damage caused by the storms. the most expensive project, fixing highway 35 in the santa cruz mountains. betty yu shows us there are a lot of zeros on this repair bill. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of one of mother nature's most jaw dropping punches. on highway 35, at las cumbres. the price tag to fix it is just as stunning. >> yeah, the problem is ... i would like to be going downtown. but i don't like going the way i have to go. it is a pain. >> reporter: henry hardy has lived on highway 35 for more than 50 years. he used to go into town in nearby saratoga every day. until a huge chunk of it disappeared during a rainstorm. it looks as if a giant meteor
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hit the earth. >> for a while there, i didn't even go to down because i didn't know if i would get home. >> reporter: it was a common mind set in the santa cruz mountains this storm season. streets crumbled and mud slides covered roads for weeks. crews couldn't fix the damage fast enough before heavy rains moved in again. but tonight, we are learning the most expensive and extensive job on caltrans will be this flood at an estimated $29.5 million. >> it just disappeared. >> reporter: right now, caltrans says it is in the design phase of the building project. engineers are still assessing the damage. and the agency still has to choose a permanent fix. in total, caltrans projects that it will spend $866 million to fix the damage across the state. including the fight for kenyan bridge in big sur. that will cost $26.5 million to replace it and it could be
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reopened in the fall. until the work is done, you can find henry spending more time at home. >> it takes an hour to get from saratoga to the top of the hill. >> reporter: caltrans will meet tomorrow to get a precise idea of the cost and which options it will go with to fix it. in santa clara county, betty yu, kpix5. we expose some bay area politicians hogging tickets to warriors games on taxpayer's dimes. tonight, see how they have changed their ways since our investigation. >> this california woman planned to marry her boyfriend. now she is planning his funeral. a heartless crime is spoiling the memorial. >> this plane made an emergency landing in a parking lot after it ran out of fuel mid flight. a miracle landing? tonight, sheriffs say the pilot is no hero. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's what we discovered oaklan doing. now.. >> how would you like to go to a warriors game for free? that is what we discovered oakland city council members doing. kpix5's christin ayers reports that city leaders are considering changing the rules. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. at warriors games in 2016, oakland city council members could always be spotted enjoying the action from this luxury suite, all on the taxpayer's dime. fast forward to 2017, and on a recent night, we found the suite half empty with no public officials in sight. why the change? it all started with a kpix5 investigation. under a contract with the coliseum complex, each city council member gets two tickets to every event to be used for a public purpose. but, we discovered some city council members last year were hogging the free tickets for
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themselves. uillen, $67,000 worthover tickets. we culled through hundreds of newly posted forums that public officials are required to file and confirmed the usual suspects are now giving all of their free tickets away. our reports prompted oakland public ethics to investigate tickets at city hall. they discussed recommendations on how to change the rules, but one city council member has her own controversial idea. sell the tickets and use the money to fund vital services. that way, there would be no ethics questions and the tickets would not go to waste. since our report, 150 tickets with a face value of $47,000 have gone unused. caplin says her plan would benefit all of oakland. >> we simply stopped having public officials receive the
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free tickets, we would save the money and be able to sell the tickets tanned use the money to help the homeless and expand our after school programs. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. witnesses say a 45-year-old man groped at least four women on the n line in muni. they beefed up patrols on trains. police arrested the suspect at carl and stanion. he faces multiple charges including sexual battery and false imprisonment. a package theft really close to home. >> reporter: it was on this porch where on monday, someone came up and stole a big box. what was inside was worth about $200, but the victim says it is not the money she is worried about, it's the heart ache it
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has caused. damian benson made this anniversary video for his girlfriend last year. together for 18 months, diana says they were close to getting engaged. >> marriage was in the talks. kids were in the talks. >> but on march 19, the 26-year- old had a heart attack and died. the coroner said it was complications from coronary artery disease. >> the love of my life. i listen today his chest, but his heart was not beating at all. >> reporter: now, instead of planning their wedding, deanna is planning his funeral. for his memorial, she ordered 160 eco friend lilian friendly lanterns to release at his favorite beach. >> my heart dropped. >> reporter: video shows a man running up to her porch and grabs the box with $200 worth of lanterns inside. at the same time, another angle shows a white suv pulling up
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alongside the house. >> i'm going through the worst thing i could imagine in my life. and ... i'm not trying to stress about anything else. >> reporter: deanna filed a police report, but now, just days away from damian's memorial, she says it will go on. >> i want to have the best memorial for him. whether that means i'm down to my last dollar, i don't care. >> reporter: she says she is thankful because the company she ordered the lanterns from is resending them at no extra cost. reporting in alhambra, andrea puiji, kpix5. mill tail authorities in south korea say a projectile from north korea flew into the east sea. this just days before president trump's meeting with the chinese president. tonight, secretary of state rex tillerson released a statement says the united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. well, tonight, we have a video of an unusual rescue from a waterfall.
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a hiker slipped and fell behind phantom falls in oroville. rescuers had to climb down the steep terrain to get to him. the hiker was taken to the hospital to again checked out, but he is expected to be okay. tonight, a pilot who made an emergency landing in southern california is charged with flying under the influence. now, his wife told reporter erica mandy that he would never drink before flying but the sheriff's office begs to differ. >> reporter: investigators believe this small plane ran out of of fuel. no one was hurt. but deputies said they could tell the pilot, 58-year-old daryl roberts from winchester was drunk. he was headed to san diego monday. and if that is true, he was headed the wrong way when he went down.
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[ knock at door ] we went to robert's house in winchester for his take on what happened. he wasn't home. but his wife told me off camera he is a good pilot with a good heart. roberts told her it was an enjoin burnout. >> it was erica mandy reporting. sky drone 5 giving us a bird's eye view of this emergency work zone between civic center and downtown. crews are trying to shore up this hillside before any trains can roll through. they want to prevent future mud slides. but, the work has delayed testing of the train. crews hope to be done by this weekend. smart train says this construction shouldn't get in the way of the official launch which is scheduled for late spring. nice day for anything. because, we should enjoy it. it is a good change. >> enjoy it while you can. at least we have rain coming into the bay area. and it was nice. temperatures nudged almost 80 degrees. right now, it is a mild night underway. this fine evening, concord, 62 degrees.
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oakland, 61. san francisco, 53 degrees. we got all the way up to 79 in morgan hill. san francisco, 66. and with high clouds overnight tonight, a mild night. san francisco down to 51. oakland, 49. san jose, 48. here is how it looks. high pressure is still sending a ridge over northern california. the numbers could bump up. high clouds are on the way for wednesday. here we go into wednesday, about midday. south way looks okay. high clouds increase in the north bay. and thursday, when before noon, we get a few splashes of light rain move into the north bay for the most part. and now watch what happens. this is thursday afternoon. by the time we get to about thursday night, midnight, early friday morning, we get the cold front sweeping through. and with it, we get some pretty good rain and pretty good winds. that is all thursday night, friday morning. and tomorrow looks okay. partly cloudy. cool tonight. tomorrow, still mild. and, then, the big changes come
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in on thursday. tomorrow, everybody is still above average. down in the south bay, upper 70s . morgan hill notches 80 degrees. in the east bay, we are looking at upper 70s . but, livermore hits 82. pleasanton, 82 degrees. we will see low 70s . very nice. you take a dog for a walk at the beach. at stinson beach. in ukiah, mid 70s . in the extended forecast, we are looking for a warm day again tomorrow inland. thursday, we increase the clouds, a chance of showers around the bay area. thursday night, friday morning, we get hit. we get winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour in the upper elevations. rain from one to three inches. and, we get lingers showers on friday. a little bit on saturday. worried on sunday. maybe a little something coming in on monday for the north bay. but in the meantime, thursday night, friday, early friday morning it is going to wake up. >> we are not used to it. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we will be fine.
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if you aren't impressed by the bay area's favorite point guard on the court.. you'll definitely be impressed by steph curry's abilit ney songs. >> if you aren't impressed by the bay area's favorite point guard on the court, you are definitely going to be impressed by steph curry's ability to sing disney songs. >> ♪ love is an open door! love is an open door, with you, with you, with you! love is an open door! ♪ [ laughter ] >> he is good. he joined james corden for disney karoeke. they did a duet of moana's how far i will go. [ laughter ] he had a good game night. nobody asked him about that afterwards.
11:25 pm
i was surprised. >> he was great. >> not exactly beyonce, but pretty good. the warriors were singing the victory orange so night. it was a busy night. everybody taking part. we will get you caught up and up to date after this time out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is a great night to be home watching sports. >> and the warriors are closing in on home court at vantage. they will be resting the players. the giants, sharks, warriors all in action. golden state's quest for 12 straight wins. the wolves, extending pleasantries at the end of the first half. at the end of the half, klay thompson hit it is three giving golden state a halftime lead. thompson, 23 in the first half, finished with 41. steph curry comes in and fundishes on the other end with a rare dunk. curry scores 19 in the game. later in the quarter, curry picks up another steal. goes behind the back to iguodala for the reverse. golden state ties their season high with their 12th straight
11:29 pm
win. 121-107. after a bullpen melt down opening day, the giants looked for better results game two tonight in arizona. cuedo allowed four runs in five innings versus arizona but helped himself out at the plate picking up an r.b.i. base hit when it goes off of chris owings. eduardo nunez scores. hernandez scores joe panic and cued toscano to make it 7-2. the bullpen allowed just one hit over four scoreless innings. the bleacher creatures in oakland hoping to see the as go 2-0. bottom of the 7th inning. davis shoots one over the first baseman. jeffrey marte's glove. davis goes in the third. ball got in the way. the as led 6-4. same score, tom of the the ninth. but then, the angels danny
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espinosa connect for a three- run go ahead home run off of ryan dahl. santiago casillo was not available. opening seconds of the faceoff with the canucks, san jose's kevin labanc scores giving the sharks a lead. then t 12 seconds later, joel ward scores on the slap shot. 2-0. 30 seconds in the game. sharks win 3-1. tying edmonton second place. it was funny after melancen blew the save, the sky is falling after one game. [ laughter ] today things are looking much better. >> it's a new day. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i'm looking forward to the master. i was very disappointed i didn't get to hear the muse good luck we have the music in the booth now? >> i don't know the we can do that on queue. >> we were talking about it. i'm going phil mickelson. jack nicholas won. he is still competitive. >> i don't know. >> it would be great. a great story. >> dustin johnson is who i'm going with. >> that is going on out a limb. >> yeah. >> you are not going to make much money with that. >> oh, it would be great if phil did it. the late show with stephen
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colbert is up next. our next news last is at 4:30. >> have a great night and we will see you tomorrow! i think the relationship with mexico is phenomenal. phenomenal. phenomenal. phenomenal ♪ do-do .>> phenomenal. phenomenal ♪ do-do-do ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> phenomenal ♪ do-do-do >> phenomenal. >> phenomenal. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes louis c.k. ernie johnson, jr. and musical guest father john misty. featuring jon batistd


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