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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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look at the daylight under the body. >> me and my managers joked the other day that one of these days, we're going to fly off the road because of that dip right there. >> reporter: regular drivers on this stretch of highway between morgan hill and gilroy say that this has always been there. >> when they built it, they didn't compact the soil and all the sections of 85, 87. >> reporter: but it seems to be getting worse after the very wet winter. the ground under the ramp was washed out in some places by the flooding coyote creek in february. cool transsays it is aware of the problem but a spokesman declines to comment on camera over the phone. the caltrans says hydrologists and soil experts will be looking at the underfooting but no timeline when repairs will be done. maybe it was just a coincidence that ave. kpix 5 inacquired caltrans and the chp shut down the ramp for about an hour. it appears they made some surface repairs to potholes before re-opening it this
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afternoon. drivers want a permanent fix and soon. it's dangerous. they will fix it of a amajor accident. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. the big hurdle to the gas tax hike. hours from a critical vote on road repairs, there's fierce opposition to a deal that also gives truckers a break. governor brown making his final plea to secure a tax hike for road repairs. >> this is a fee, a fee for the privilege of driving on our roads. >> jerry brown on the states of the step capital trying to win over holdouts to his multibillion dollars transportation proposal. kpix 5's phil matier reports from a truck stop in vallejo explaining how the government hit a roadblock. >> reporter: that's right. elizabeth, you know, the idea is to fix up our roads. as we found out the deal he cut to get the support of the trucking industry for the rise
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in the diesel taxes that's turning around to be quite a speed bump. here's the story. >> it was a deal. it was a deal to get their support. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill is no stranger to political deal making. in this case, it was the last- minute change to allow truckers up to 13 years or 800,000 miles before having to comply with the state's clean air laws in return for the support for the gas tax that's got people up in arms. >> that's becoming a problem for many in the environmental community. >> reporter: it's the latest bump in the governor's drive to raise the gas tax and vehicle license fee in order to fix the state's aging infrastructure. and it all has to be done before the lawmakers go on break tomorrow night. >> they just wanted a little clarification language and -- but there's no time for that. if we want to get it done by tomorrow. >> reporter: and that's one of the reason governor jerry brown, who with no votes to spare, went behind closed doors with democratic lawmakers today
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to try and win the two-thirds majority he desperately needs. how was the meeting? >> it was constructive. there were a number of concerns that were expressed. we are going to continue to talk about it. i'm a supporter of this measure. >> the environmental opposition could slow it down a little bit. i don't think at the end of the day it will stop it. >> reporter: one group who is out to stop it are the republicans. >> we're overtaxed. >> reporter: step back into the analyst box and say how tough is this looking? >> it looks tough right now. >> reporter: that's because despite whatever happens with the trucking industry or the environmentalists, the lawmakers are hesitant because of drivers on roads like this will be facing a 12-cent increase in the gas tax plus a big jump in their license fees every time they go to register the car. and that kind of number has got people thinking twice in sacramento. but for now, in vallejo, phil matier, kpix 5. back to you.
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a developing story out of west oakland. police are near 33rd and market streets. they just arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery that happened earlier today. we are told that they used a less than lethal round to blow out the windows of one suspect car the yellow one you saw earlier because it was being noncompliant. new at 6:00 san francisco is trying to solve a messy problem but as our susie steimle reports, some say it's coming at a high price. >> i'm very happy about it. >> reporter: when theresa garcia realized the city added new trash cans to the mission corridor this week, she breathed a sigh of relief. >> you think besides trash just simply -- i think besides trash just simply being an eyesore it's hard to carry stuff with you for blocks. >> reporter: the added trash cans aren't cheap. adding 35 this week cost taxpayers $56,000. each can costs $1,600.
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one-third is labor. two-thirds to custom design and installation which includes bolting them down a lockable door, recycling space, making them graffiti-resistant, and sturdy so they stay in place. theresa says it's worth every penny. >> the other side of that coin would be that you have public work spending a whole lot of money sending out people to wash and clean the streets. >> it's part of our budget. we didn't have to find extra money for this. >> reporter: rachel gordon of public works tells us, this is actually a reversal on the city's part. in 2007, mayor gavin newsom had trash cans removed saying they did more harm than good. >> it seems counterintuitive but they really can also cause problems for litter in some areas, people will go through the garbage cans rifle through them, looking for cans or bottles or any other goods that might be worth something. >> reporter: for right now, this is just a pilot study. over the next six months, the city will study this area and see if the problem improves. if it does, this program could spread to other locations
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around san francisco. and if not, it will be scrapped. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. well, san francisco wants residents help monitoring the cans. it's asking people to report overflowing cans in any part of the city by calling 311. two major developments about the oakland apartment building that burned down last week killing four people. a nonprofit agency was managing a number of tenants in the building. they say they were being evicted by the owner. today, they held a press conference suggesting the fire was intentionally set because they were fighting back. >> they are saying now it was just a candle that started the fire and what i would like them to do a little more investigation because due to the fact there was a very, um, tense eviction that was going on at that time. although we are very, very glad that not many people died, it's still very questionable to me. it seems to me that someone did
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tip them off at 5 a.m. otherwise, they would have been sleeping there would have been smoke inhalation and many more people would have died since the fire started so early in the morning when everyone is at home. >> also kpix 5 has learned there are questions about the rent money that was being collected, specifically back rent owned by the company. documents provided to us by their own attorney show they may have paid the building owner much less than they collected from tenants. bart is accused of discriminating against people with disabilities. in a federal lawsuit filed today, advocacy groups and two people with disabilities claim that the transit agency excludes them from riding the trains because elevators and escalators are often broken or too disgusting to use. in a statement -- [ no audio ] >> -- and are in the midst of executing a $16.3 million escalator and elevator improvement agenda. only on "5," a bit of broadcast history for you. we are taking you to the top of
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the tallest building in town. the "salesforce" tower in san francisco about to reach its peak. wilson walker the first to broadcast life from the top of the tower. you have some breathtaking views. show us around, wilson. >> reporter: allen, you know, remember when they built rincon one over there? it felt like a dramatically tall addition to the skyline. we can see the air-conditioning unit on the top of that building here from the 6th floor of the "salesforce" tower. if you walk over here inside the 60th floor of the sales for tower, now we're outside the 60th floor of the "salesforce" tower. now we are going to show you south and west. obviously, not the kind of place you want to work if you are uncomfortable with heights considering there is no glass on the west side of the building here. now, as we peel out to the west you can see just how expansive the views are from 900 feet off
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the ground. i want to point your attention out to sutro tower if we can. if you think of the or landmarks around the bay area, the transamerica, coit tower, even the golden gate bridge, those all kind of require getting into a certain spot where you can actually see the thing. you know, classic moment where you're walking around san francisco you turn a corner and say, oh, there's the transamerica building. well, i always thought of sutro as the one thing that wasn't like that because you can kind of see it from anywhere in the city no matter where you are. you can kind of see sutro. well, "salesforce" which gets topped off officially tomorrow, i think kind of joins the sutro category where you can see it from pretty much anywhere you're standing so as we have been telling you they are going to officially top this building off tomorrow. they will have a ceremony. there will be dignitaries and they will officially mark this building as the second tallest building on the west coast. and i asked one of the gentlemen who has been constructing this building the
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same i asked the folks who built the new bay bridge. what is it like to build something that changes the bay area forever? >> oh, sure, yeah, definitely it's a momentous occasion for a monumental building. we are ecstatic at the point we're at. it's a great honor to be involved and to have, you know, go home at the end of the day and know that you were part of the project and it will stand for centuries. >> reporter: now, let me guess. any of you that commute over the golden gate bridge, to come into the city, know that sensation over the last couple of months where you come out of the tunnel there, the robin williams tunnel, and you can't help but see this building. it truly has transformed the city of san francisco. it has reshaped the skyline of downtown. it obviously takes a ton of things to make that happen. it takes the economy to drive the demand for this building. it also takes the city wanting to have a building of this size
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so it takes a lot of things to make this happen. we'll be talking more about that later in this newscast. >> all right. wilson, just as the transamerica pyramid defined the financial district this building is defining the city in its neighborhood, too. >> reporter: well, you know, allen i think about a story we did a couple years ago when the "new york times" did a spread on the changing landscape in san francisco. now, if you lived in the city that was not news to you. but somehow the "new york times" doing the story sort of made it official. i think this building is sort of like that. i think this becomes a sort of time stamp in the changing san francisco that we have all kind of been around for the last seven or eight years now. you have a new building. it is branded with a technology name and new skyline, new city. >> statement to the world. all right. wilson walker, thank you. >> very much so. >> thanks very much. great view. we are going to keep checking in on wilson's camera view at the top of the "salesforce" tower throughout the newscast bring you more on san francisco's changing skyline at
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6:30. the manhunt is over. the suspect accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her children now behind bars. how police surprised him in a fast-food restaurant. >> this ad now off the air. pepsi's apology for the campaign many called tone deaf. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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young children.
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police arrested this man... the victim's ex- boyfriend... an arrest in the murder of a bay area mother shot and killed in front of her two young children. police arrested this man, the victim's ex-girlfriend 43-year- old lawyer dushan mcbride was just brought to richmond police headquarters. kpix 5's jessica flores is live with the details of his arrest. >> reporter: elizabeth, he was arrested in sacramento. he was brought here this afternoon. and police questioned him here at headquarters for about an hour and we were there as police then transferred him into a van and he is going to jail. he did yell out to the media he said he didn't do it. police say he killed his ex- girlfriend in front of her two young children. now he is handcuffed and headed straight to jail. what do you have to say for yourself? >> they have the wrong man. >> reporter: richmond police tracked down 43-year-old lawyer dushan mcbride in sacramento.
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they found him eating at a fast- food restaurant. >> i think we caught him by surprise. >> reporter: he was on the run after the shooting of a 29-year- old woman. surveillance video shows part of what happened. the victim driving up to the stop sign at rheem and 29th street, the suspect pulling up right beside her. that's when police say he killed her then took off. the victim too young sons in the back son but unharmed. residents rushed in taking the children from the deadly scene. >> the baby was saying, i miss my sunshine. that's what he calls his mom. my sunshine is gone. >> reporter: today police thanking residents for stepping up. after investigators asked the public to look out for the suspect and his silver mercedes- benz, police say a wave every tips came in leading them -- a wave of tips came in leading them to sacramento where they found the suspect and the car. >> this is a proving point. it takes the entire community to really solve crime. and this is such a great example and we really appreciate the public to help
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us. >> now, police won't say exactly how they found mcbride but they are crediting good detective work and, of course, all of those tips that came through. in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. berkeley's acting police chief is officially taking on the job. chief andrew greenwood replaced michael meehan after he resigned in october. greenwood was born and raised in berkeley and has served on the force for three decades. he will be officially sworn in on april 20. all lanes are open again after a cement truck flipped over on the nimitz freeway today. it did cause a traffic nightmare in fremont for most of the afternoon. chp says that the truck hit a car causing the truck to overturn and spill cement. crews had to block off three of those northbound lanes near thornton avenue to clean up the mess. hazmat crews were at the site of a chemical spill. this is in concord this afternoon. happened at a medical facility. we are told that a gallon of formaldehyde mixed with
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methanol leaked out when it was being transferred. the facility was evacuated, no injuries. more traffic issues could be on the docket tomorrow because of the rain. >> i would think so. >> yeah. >> 24 hours from now, it looks like we are going to be hit by a good storm, pretty strong winds. it's going to be like the good old days. just localized flooding concerns so that's good news as we start out by looking at the golden gate bridge. traffic is falling plenty smoothly as you can see in both directions but you can also see the clouds. a change in the weather in24 hours. we had a pleasant day today. 78 in morgan hill. 77 san jose. even san francisco was up to 73 degrees. and in san rafael, got up to 72. all going to be changing as we look ahead toward the next couple of days. we can already see the first indication of a few little showers beginning to show up on
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the kpix 5 hi-def doppler. that light rain could be working its way to the north bay tonight but it's not going to affect game tonight between the a's and the singing cowboys old team the angels playing tonight under mostly cloudy skies. gene autrey's old team the angels. 65 degrees game time. here's how it looks high above the west coast. this little batch of moisture that's on the way here is going to get caught up in the lull and this will bring this in and tomorrow night it's not only going to bring rain, about one to two inches in most locations but also winds up to 60 miles an hour up top, 30 miles an hour down below. it all happens in 24 hours. you can see in the futurecast we begin to get a few light showers early in the day on thursday and wham! right around the commute tomorrow night we get heavier cells coming in and it's a stormy thursday night between about 5:00 and midnight after that we go to scattered showers activities for much of the day on friday. and even into the weekend we'll have some lingering showers. winter weather alerts already posted out there in the hills
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with expected travel delays. more snow on the way in early april. tomorrow the numbers not going to be that cold. but it's not going to be as warm as today with readings mostly in the upper 60s, low 70s. to the skyline in years. we go back live for more views from the top of the salesforce towe it's the most dramatic change to the san francisco skyline in years. we are going to go back live for more views from the top of the "salesforce" tower and a look back at how it got here. >> the favorite to win the masters might not make his tee time tomorrow. plus. >> i'm not playing football anymore. >> why raider fans have good reason to say marshawn lynch is reconsidering his bold statement. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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news right about now.. although adding marshawn lynch to the roster won't keep the team in oakland, at least he'll make the team entertaining while they play out the string.. raider fans could use good news although adding marshawn lynch to the roster won't keep the team in oakland at least it will be entertaining while they play out the string. the former cal running back visited raider headquarters in alameda with the goal of a return to the nfl. lynch is still under contract with the seahawks, which means they would have to trade lynch to oakland or release him. general manager of the seahawks john schneider confirmed on seattle radio that there have been discussions. >> you know, we have had dialogue about it. marshawn is, you know, trying to figure things out. the raiders trying to figure things out. my understanding is that if he would want to come back and play that it would be for the raiders and that would be it. staying in oakland, the a's blew a late lead last night against the angels but their young slugger ryan healy hit his first home run of the
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season. experts are expecting him to hit many more and why not? he changed his number to mark mcgwire's number 25 this season. >> people like to bring it up in the clubhouse and social media or whatever. it's not something i'm trying to fill his shoes because of how spectacular he was as a player but that's a number that's near and dear to my heart and it has been for years. so it's an honor to be able to represent it and represent former great mark mcgwire. dustin johnson might have to withdraw when the masters tees off tomorrow. he fell on a staircase earlier today in his rental home according to his manager. johnson is resting and icing. ♪[ music ] [ masters music ] ♪[ music ] >> meanwhile, par 3 contest canceled after storms rolled through augusta this morning. high winds expected tomorrow for round one. chatter is still centered
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around someone who isn't there. on sunday, lexi tomorrow some was assessed a penalties for improperly marking her ball. a viewer emailed it about the violation a day later and cost thompson a major championship. phil mickelson says shoddy marking is a fairly common thing on the pga tour. >> i feel like we have all kind of been a little lax at times in the marking of our golf ball and i just hate to see it cost somebody a major championship because of that. i think it should be reversed. i think she should be given the trophy. bold words from phil mickelson. here's our picks: >> brian what do you have to say? >> this guy was ranked in the
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50s in the 2016s in the 500s and now number 12. >> i like that research. >> do we have a camera -- >> wayne is our director. he went with jason dufner. but round one starts tomorrow and we have a postgame show on saturday and sunday following the masters. >> thank you. coming up, our next half- hour, an exclusive first look from the tower changing san francisco skyline. >> reporter: we are live on top of the "salesforce" tower which will tomorrow become officially the second tallest building on the west coast. so how did this building get here? what is driving the creation of this new skyline? got that coming up. >> and president trump's strong words on syria after a chemical weapons attack. how he says his views have changed and the powerful message to russia on the floor of the u.n. >> and the irs now using private debt collectors. why some fear it could lead to
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more scams. ,,,,
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the tallest building in the bay area. only on 5: we're a live look now at the "salesforce" tower in san francisco. it's about to officially become
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the tallest building in the bay area. only on "5," we're about to take you to the very top of the tower. kpix 5's wilson walker the first to broadcast live from the top. the building certainly changes the look of the city. >> reporter: yeah. about four years and $1.1 billion later this building will top out officially tomorrow. and as we look north here, we can look from what will soon officially be the tallest building in the city to what used to be the tallest building in the city. and getting from here to there, pretty long interesting story and it can tell us a lot about san francisco in the year 2017. >> we are seeing the most profound and dramatic change to the skyline since the late '60s and early '70s when the transamerica pyramid went up and the bank of america building went up and all that kind of flat top towers in there. >> reporter: no matter what road brings to you san francisco, it is right in front
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of you now from the east bay hills to bernal heights this sky scraper is grand. >> this is out. i'm here. you're not going to miss me. >> reporter: once it hits you, you start seeing it everywhere. >> suddenly it's like that wasn't there before. >> reporter: so what do we make of the "salesforce" tower looming over city landmarks and reshaping our skyline? >> all of a sudden everyone is noticing. >> when you have the tallest building, there's something about the tallest building that really marks a spot. >> reporter: so let's start by talking height. the bank of america building is 779 feet tall. the pyramid 853 feet. "salesforce" will finally take the city above 1,000 feet. but taller doesn't necessarily mean larger. >> funny thing about that building it has about 1.4 million square feet in it. the bank of america building
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has 1.8 million square feet in it. >> reporter: so we have a tower that is deliberately towering what you might call an emphatic statement in a discussion that goes back at least to the 1960s. >> the structure has been initiated this sort of height battle in san francisco. because they block views from russian hill. >> the san francisco skyline is changing once again. new high-rise buildings are going up at an unprecedented rate. >> throughout the '70s you had various initiatives to try and slow down downtown stop manhattannization. control the towers. the planning department down zoned the towers that were allowed. >> and people want to build to the height limit so you get the flat top buildings. >> reporter: the result was a skyline that a lot of people hated and it was frozen in time by the resistance to more growth and there wouldn't be a thaw for decades! >> we think the skyline could use some more oomph. >> reporter: that's san francisco's planning director in 2006 laying out this plan
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for more oomph. >> it would be nice to see a little more peaking. >> reporter: this was the scene's crude illustration of that peaking idea and 10 years later we're really starting to see it. >> that's part of it. part of idea is to sculpt the skyline in such a way that it feels like topography. >> so you will have this shape like that. >> reporter: it takes "salesforce," 181 fremont and the millennium tower and you have also moved the downtown center of gravity. >> it's marking a dramatic shift in the weight of the city from the traditional financial district core to south of market which has been hang for a while. >> this is the new center of town. theoretically, this is the heart of big city san francisco. >> reporter: in that respect the "salesforce" tower represents something much larger than the building itself. it's an unavoidable time stamp on a dramatically changed city, new economy, new demographics. so an opinion on this structure can be much more than a question of aesthetics. it can reflect who you are and where you might fit or not fit in san francisco 2017. >> for some people it means a
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lot. i can work downtown and walk to work from my apartment at one rincon. for others it means, oh-oh, more people with more money putting more pressure on the housing market. i'm scared. >> reporter: that's just building. >> that's building. it's a force. so to speak. >> reporter: okay. so what happens next? now, they top the building off tomorrow. i was just speaking with assistant construction manager. he says they hope to have the certificate of occupancy for this building before the end of the year. so they will probably be moving people into this building before it's actually really finished on the interior in the upper floors. then other things happen. we get to see what it looks like at night and then get a long period where everybody out here can digest what this new building means for the skyline. remember, it took about 40 years for people to warm up to sutro tower so how people will feel about this building, something we might be talking
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about for many years to come. we're live on top of the "salesforce" tower. allen, back to you. >> great perspective, wilson. appreciate it. thank you so much. switching gears, strong words from the trump administration in the wake of that deadly chemical weapons attack in syria. the number of dead has grown to 86 people. more than half of them women and children. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen is following this story. >> reporter: today president trump said the attack against syrians living in a rebel held area crossed a lot of lines. and at the united nations, there were harsh words for those who the u.s. says allowed the attack to happen. >> we saw rows of lifeless bodies some still in diapers. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley held these pictures at the security council today standing just feet away from the representative of russia a country the u.s. claims is
6:36 pm
protecting a mass murderer. >> how many more children have to die before russia cares? >> reporter: she said the united states is running out of patience with the united nations where russia uses its veto power on the security council to protect bashar al- assad. >> when the united nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action. >> reporter: she said take our own action. she didn't say what that would be. >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you killed innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that's so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines. >> reporter: president trump was vague about his plans but he is moving away from his
6:37 pm
prior stance of not getting involved in syria. >> i do change. and i am flexible. and i'm proud of that flexibility. and i will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much. >> russia says that it was an air strike that hit a rebel's chemical stockpile that caused the deaths. but the eu and turkey and israel agree with the u.s. that the syrian government is to blame although neither side has offered evidence of who is behind this. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is investigating. melissa caen, kpix 5. a power shift on the national security council. president trump's political guru steve bannon is out. mr. trump announced the decision in a memo. bannon's role on the council had been criticized by many who said it was inappropriate for a political adviser to play a role in security matters.
6:38 pm
the restructuring also restores a greater role for military and intelligence officials. from a modeling shoot to a protest march, pepsi now yanking this ad that it says clearly missed the mark. >> and endangered bald eagles making a comeback in the bay area. where we spotted them nesting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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depiction of protesters and police. sound from ad pepsi pulled an ads starring model kendall jenner over what critics call a tone deaf depiction of protestors and police. it shows the supermodel in the middle of a fashion shoot when throngs of protestors pass by. the fashion model whips off her wig, wipes off her lipstick and joins the crowd. she grabs a pepsi and hands it to a cop. seemingly solving the problems of protestors. many quickly took to social media to blast the ad. making a comparison to this
6:41 pm
widely circulated photo of "black lives matter" demonstrator ayesha evans last year. in a statement released today the company says, pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. clearly, we missed the mark and apologize. brandon belt is helping a man in need get some shoes. today this tweet went out by darren brazil asking for help finding this man size 14 or 15 shoes. hunter pence's wife retweeted it and belt responded writing, quote, pretty sure i can help out with this. we'll give to hunter when we will return to the bay area. needless to say fans on twitter loved the idea. the tax man is coming with some help. the irs turns to private debt collectors. the warning about con artists trying to take advantage.
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took on a new meaning. starting this month, the i-r-s will be the term tax collector just took on a whole new meaning. starting this month, the irs will be using private debt collection companies. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, that has many
6:45 pm
concerned about scams and unscrupulous private collection agents. >> reporter: that's right. you know, for years we have been ensuring people that the irs will never call you and demand money. if you get that call it's a scam. well, that advice is now changed thanks to a law passed by congress in 2015. it's the number one complaint for years. >> the irs has filed a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: bad guys pro tending to be from the irs demanding immediate payment and making terrifying threats. >> i thought that the police were going to be at my door. >> reporter: for years we said the irs will never call demanding money but now the irs is outsourcing debt collection to private companies to may call you and consumer advocates are concerned. >> consumer could mistake a scam and think that it's a legitimate call from the years now that the irs is using phone calls. >> reporter: the irs issued a warning this week noting irs authorized debt collectors will not demand immediate payment, threaten you with arrest or ask
6:46 pm
for credit card numbers. still, advocates worry. >> a private collector, collecting on behalf of the federal government, has more powers than if they were collecting on behalf of a bank for a credit card debt, for example. they could be operating with relatively unchecked power. >> reporter: the irs is working with four specific debt collectors and says it's taking steps to ensure they work responsibly. this one in livermore has an a plus rating with the bbb but hundreds of complaints one calling accusing of calling and hanging up 5 to 7 times in a row and demanding a social security number. the company said it would respond directedly to the consumer. >> you have rights. you don't have to be harassed because it's a government debt. >> reporter: federal law protects from repeated harassing phone calls and you can request in writing this hey collector cease communication. but you can avoid the calls by logging on to and paying your balance or setting up a payment plan. now, the first few hundred letters will go out this week warning people that irs debt
6:47 pm
has been sent to collections so they can be prepared. and if you are concerned and you get a call that you think is a scam you can log on to to confirm whether or not you actually owe money. this outsourcing not a decision by the irs. it was a law passed by congress back in 2015. >> good to know. >> be prepared. >> thank you. a battle over one of the most widely used pesticides in the world is going to court. groups filed a motion today demanding the trump administration ban the chemical. it's widely used in california on several crops from almonds to strawberries. last week the environmental protection agency denied a petition to ban that chemical. farmers say sprayed food is safe to eat. but studies have linked the pesticide to developmental disorders in children. once endangered bald eagles are making a comeback here in the bay area. in milpitas, a pair of eagles has made a nest in front of
6:48 pm
curtner elementary school. they are not alone. 19 eagle nests have been spotted from napa to santa clara county. the boom is largely a result of environmental protection laws. >> we're not poisoning them. we're not shooting these birds anymore. and we're seeing a recovery the likes of which we never imagined. >> my cousin lives in alaska. and she tells me to go there all the time for these birds and now i see them in my backyard. >> across the entire central coast, there are now about 40 eagle nests. >> fly like an eagle if the weather permits. >> brian. >> the steve miller band, very nice, allen. not a bad sight, ocean beach in san francisco. tomorrow, we're going to hardly be able to see it. rain on the way for the bay area right now. the numbers still mild. 70 at concord. 68 degrees. at livermore, but on the kpix 5 hi-def doppler, the first hint that things are changing in terms of light rain spotted offshore. this is all by way of is hing the stage for what will be a good storm that hits the bay
6:49 pm
area tomorrow night. the winds will pink, the vein going to come down and it all begins in 20 hours, the winds pick up, then rain is going to come down, light rain in the north bay and evening commute we get hit good here. so a strong storm on approach. it's picking up moisture from the southern end of this trough and sends it right into the bay area. by tomorrow night at this time winds could hit 60 miles an hour in the upper reaches. on the futurecast, we get an idea when the rain is going to begin to fall. this is tomorrow night at this time. you can see some heavy cells off the santa cruz mountains. some up in the north bay. and in between the entire bay area it will get wet tomorrow night looks stormy. this is around midnight and you can see heavy cells over the area. and they don't really begin to clear out until later on saturday when we get a break. but in the meantime, in terms of amounts, 5"the peninsula, two to four inches in the santa cruz mountains. winds pick up, too. 60-mile-an-hour gusts at the higher elevations. even down below we get it out of the south from 35 to 45 miles an hour so it will be
6:50 pm
windy and the wet. mostly cloudy tonight. just a few drop tomorrow morning. but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. you will think this is not much but tomorrow night we get the heavy rain. it will be brief though. so that's the good news t shouldn't lead to any flooding concerns -- it shouldn't lead to any flooding concerns and the temperatures don't completely fall off the table. we'll be in the 60s for the most part. numbers come back to about average. low 70s that is for the south bay with cloudy day tomorrow for the east bay and rain developing towards sunset tomorrow night. highs tomorrow will be in the low 70s. and just mid- to upper 60s for the north bay. the rain begins first in the north bay with a few sprinkles tonight. a few light showers tomorrow morning. and then rain in earnest by tomorrow night at this time. as we head up to cloverdale in the 60s. tomorrow night rain, winds up to 60 miles an hour in the higher elevations. we'll have showers and breezy conditions especially in the small hours of friday morning. unsetsled day on friday. lingering showers on saturday. sunday we get a break and the
6:51 pm
next chance after that, coming in on wednesday. this almost seems like the middle of winter again. we'll be back after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
state prison - from the inmates themselves. sharon chin introduces us to the woman behind the unique project.
6:54 pm
this summer we'll hear some rare details of life inside san quentin state prison from inmates themselves. sharon chin introduces us behind that unique project. >> reporter: because of this week's jefferson award winner the men are the first inmates producing a podcast inside a prison ♪[ music ] >> we got them to sing. >> reporter: nigel poor helps inmates share their stories in san quentin's media lab. >> it was a really powerful way for the men to be able to talk about their own experience through their own voice. >> i feel nervous. i kept looking at the clock. >> reporter: nigel launched a podcast last year with inmates earlonne woods and antwan williams. it's called "ear hustle" prison slang for eavesdropping. the photography professor volunteers three days a week producing prison interviews alongside the men on topics like the first day in prison and living with hiv. he could earlonne is serving a long sentence for a robbery related crime. he says it means a lot.
6:55 pm
>> misguided loyalty was about, um, a guy that grew up like i grew up. i was in a gangs and how certainly decisions in his life had a catastrophic effect on his family. >> i got thrush of adrenaline. >> reporter: and the team was thrilled to win an international contest to broadcast "ear hustle" on "radiotopia"'s online network starting in june. >> maximum security, death row. >> we were able to get behind these walls. our voices are able to heard beyond these walls. >> reporter: the lieutenant must approve the content before air. he says nigel inspires the men's createssivity and confidence and production skills that could one day lead to a job. >> she is really helping people elevate themselves to -- from a place to a place that i think many of them really wouldn't even imagine was possible for them. >> reporter: nigel has learned something, too. >> people inside prison can be, um, productive citizens like anybody else and have something to contribute. >> reporter: so for helping san
6:56 pm
quentin inmates share their experiences, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to nigel poor. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> not everyone may support the project. nigel says she hopes people will hear their stories and see prisoners with more understanding. >> speaking about the victims. and their families. maybe they can listen to it with a different side. >> that's her hope. >> right. >> okay, sharon. thank you. jefferson award selection committee meeting again next week. nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we love to get all those nominations. >> absolutely. really great people. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> and we'll leave you with another look from the top of the "salesforce" tower. ♪[ music ]
6:57 pm
,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: how are y'all? thank you. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] and we've got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from cold springs, florida, it's the champs, it's the wynter family. [cheers and applause] and from philly, it's the kobeissi family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash. and
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