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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this is a gas tax package that would raise the taxes 12 cents a gallon. that's in addition to what we already pay. and it would create a vehicle license fee of about $50 on average although that's going to vary depending on the value of the car and also a $100 fee on fuel-efficient vehicles and electric vehicles. now, this is all supposed to yield about $5 billion a year to fix roads and remember two things. this is -- there is no sunset in this bill. this is a forever tax as it were. and also, it is going to increase over time based on inflation. so it will continue to go up. and that is something that these senators are taking very seriously. i talked to senator scott weiner and he told me that he and some coworkers made sure that there was money in there for transit for places like the bay area where we need money not just for roads but really for public transportation. >> in the original version of the bill, in my view, there was not enough funding for public transportation. and so i and one of my
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colleagues senator ben allen from santa monica, we really advocated hard along with others to get more transit funding so the current version of the bill that we're voting on almost tripled the guaranteed funding for public transportation compared to the original version. so i'm really happy about that. >> reporter: now, with the senate taking up this bill, we have to assume that they have the votes to pass it. generally speaking, they wouldn't set it up to have a big pickup defeat. so we think it will pass. but you never know with one vote here or there, things could get dicey here. if they do vote, in the next hour, we will be right back here to tell you that story. liz? >> melissa, do you know the timeline on these votes tonight? >> reporter: well, you know, so after the senate votes, then it has to go to the assembly where they will make speeches and cast their votes. it could be very late. although remember too, the legislature goes on spring break as of tonight. so i can't imagine they are going to wouldn't to be here
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too late into the early-morning hours. but we'll be here as long as they are and bring you the story. >> thank you. our other big story, the wet windy spring storm we have been expecting is moving in on the bay area. live look from tiburon where rain coming down on the soccer players out there. meteorologist brian hackney tracking when the heavy rain is going to arrive. >> we have the kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar fired up for the umpteenth time this year to show you we have heavy cells beginning to move into marin county abeam of woodville heading to 101 just in time for the evening commute. look at the echoes about as strong as get over san francisco from the sunset district in the west right over to the embarcadero. and in the east bay too, just getting ready to head into emeryville and berkeley and west oakland and out toward walnut creek. along with the rain, up to four inches, gusts up to 30 miles an
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hour, high wind warnings posted throughout the bay area. those gusts could reach 55 miles an hour and it's the same old story with the ground still fairly saturated. downed power and trees could be coming up. we'll have the forecast coming up. thanks, with this spring storm rolling in, some people in benicia have been stacking up the sandbags in front of their homes. they are worried about a drainage pipe that's overflowed before. the city says replacement is overdue. kpix 5's da lin in benicia where homeowners are frustrated the problem hasn't been fixed. da. >> reporter: allen, the rain started falling in this part of benicia about 40 minutes ago and that's got some homeowners here pretty nervous. that's because they have a drainage pipe that can sometimes overflow and get overwhelmed and that forces water on the street flooding these homes and you can see
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andrew here the homeowner putting sandbags around his home. a sandbag fortress around andrew estrada's house. >> so these sandbags go across the driveway so hopefully, when we have a flood situation, it keeps the water in the street. >> reporter: andrew stockpiles sandbags for every storm. his house has been flooded twice. the most severe damage came in 2012 seen in this cell phone video. >> we had two feet of water in our house and probably four feet of water throughout the yard. it was quite a -- it made a lake of the area. >> reporter: the flood totals his three cars and he spent $200,000 to repair the house. >> the reason we don't have books on these bottom two feet is that we're in preparation in case of a flood. we don't damage our books because in 2012, everything two feet and lower was basically ruined. >> reporter: a handful of his neighbors on st. augustine
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drive also had flood damage. they too have sandbags out. the city blames the drainage pipe for the flooding. three feet wide but still too small to handle major storms forcing water to go above street and flooding homes. >> the larger pipe to replace existing pipe through the yards and then under the streets st. augustine and that would carry more flow so hopefully the water will stay in the pipe. >> reporter: this week the city found that the expansion project will cast more than projected. -- will cost more than projected. so city leaders as to decide if they want to spend the extra money. >> it's going to rain tonight and tomorrow. so i will be up -- i'm very nervous at night listening to the rain. >> reporter: unfortunately, more sleepless nights for the homeowners out here. that's because the city was hoping to get this expansion project done by this december. given the roadblock this money issue, it may not happen by december. live in benicia, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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san bruno police are on the scene of a discovery. a dismembered body was found inside a home. police made the find while investigating a missing person case on pacific heights boulevard. a 50-year-old man was arrested at the scene. new at 6:00, an arrest in a decades old cold case. 13-year-old christina williams was kidnapped while walking her dog in june of 1998. seven months later her remains were found not far from where she disappeared on the old fort ord army base. kpix 5's devin fehely on how authorities identified the suspect and made an arrest. >> for almost 20 years, we have had a case of a beautiful young girl who was kidnapped, murdered. >> reporter: for two decades the disappearance and death of christina williams haunted her family and friends as well as police and prosecutors on the monterey peninsula. investigators have long had a
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hunch about who might be responsible for christina's murder a registered sex offender named charles alan holyfield but until today never had enough evidence to charge him. >> we have a dna hit and we will not go into any more specifics other than to say that. >> reporter: christina was just 13 when she went missing in june of 1998 while walking her dog near her home on fort ord. prosecutors say holyfield currently 25 years to life in state prison for an unrelated attempted kidnapping was interviewed at the time of christina's disappearance but it took the efforts of cold case detectives to breathe new life into an investigation that had grown old and cold with time. >> the fbi has a long memory. time nor distance keeps us from our attention in solving cases such as this.
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>> reporter: in salinas, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> if convicted, holyfield would be eligible for the death penalty. new at 6:00 taggers have been leaving their mark in san francisco's mission district for years. but the graffiti problem is recently worse. kpix 5's susie steimle on why the city has not been able to stop it. >> it's basically a daily struggle. >> reporter: anthony livia is painting the front of his mission business for the fourth time since sunday. he is consistently a victim of graffiti which he knows isn't a unique problem but he says it's getting worse. >> cleaning up random graffiti here and there is one thing but this daily assault i mean, that's over the line. >> reporter: let's look at yesterday. city workers logged 281 separate tags into this database. it started at 12:16 a.m. when a crew spotted nonoffensive graffiti on a commercial building in soma and ended many, many, many tags later at 10:50 last night with graffiti seen on april traffic signal box in the mission.
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-- on a traffic signal box in the mission. so far this year the city reported just over 22,000 cases of graffiti, about the same number over the same period last year but that's a big jump from 2015. and an even bigger increase than 2014. >> we don't have the resources or the funds to paint out every graffiti tag we see on a private building. >> reporter: racial gordon with public works says even when the city catches vandals redhanded like they did recently, judges won't prosecute. mostly because the taggers are young according to rachel gordon. >> visual chilly dismissed everything saying we don't want to saddle this person with crimes for the rest of his life. >> i say if the judge feels that way then he should volunteer to come down and paint my graffiti. >> reporter: if anthony doesn't clean up the graffiti within 30 days he will be fined by the city. public works tells business owners to hire someone to paint a mural on the side of the building to deter taggers but anthony's other business on mission street has a mural. he says it isn't helping.
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susie steimle, kpix 5. a bay area mother accused of murdering the father of her children. our cameras were there as she walked out of jail after posting record bail. the huge price for her freedom. >> it's a hot spot for craft beer. now the little guys are fighting to protect their local flavor. the battle brewing against the new neighbors. >> i'm len ramirez in san jose. the newest asian supermarket has just opened to capacity crowds. just ahead we'll take you inside to see what all the fuss is about. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trying to block, what it calls "big beer" from setting up new at 6:00 a beer battle is shaping up in oakland. the craft beer community is trying to block what it calls big beer from setting up shop. now, the fight is over a lot at 40th and broadway in north oakland. but opponents say big beer is not necessarily better. kpix 5's jessica flores tells us what the buzz is about. >> reporter: the battle is brewing and it's gearing up to be a david and goliath fight. the local craft beer community in oakland facing off against the potentially new business on the block, they call it big beer. >> big beer is a couple of companies mostly ab inbev which is the biggest brewing company in the world. >> reporter: now the anheuser- busch owned golden road brewing
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wants to open a beer garden in this empty parking lot in the temescal brewing company. it's just down the street from hog's apothecary. >> this is 1903 from craftsman brewing. >> reporter: a craft beer hub serving up local brews daily. >> we are currently in the fight. >> they are looking to take over. they are not looking to be part of the neighborhood. they are looking to put others out of business. >> reporter: the owner of the l.a.-based company defends her choice to come to oakland saying, golden road is still very much autonomously run by me and our leadership team. since partnering with ab, our beer and our company have gotten stronger. we look forward to building and bringing a unique beer-positive space to oakland. but residents have their own concerns, too. about noise, traffic and the company's plans to use portable shipping containers instead of building a facility.
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>> they are not really investing in infrastructure, um, so they -- i don't believe that they have the community's best interests at heart. >> jessica flores reporting. the zoning and planning commission will still have to approve the plans. this was the last week for the public to comment. residents did submit a petition to the city opposing the beer garden plan. new at 6:00 eager customers packed into an upscale korean market that just opened in san jose. it's the first h mart in the bay area with an asian food court. lots of fresh seafood and produce. kpix 5's len ramirez is live at the market and it's the first of several planned in northern california. len. >> reporter: that's right. you know, they are going to need a bigger parking lot here in san jose for this new store. i mean, this is like a black friday crowd and it's been like this all day as people welcome h mart to the neighborhood. [ pause ]
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>> we are going to go to cbs in a special report from syria. special report. i'm scott pelley reporting from cbs news headquarters in new york. good evening. u.s. forces on the orders from president trump have la u.s. forces on the orders from president trump have launched an attack against the assad regime in syria tonight. this was retaliation for the assad regime's chemical attack on tuesday that killed more than 80 syrian civilians. this attack was targeted at a single airfield which is believed to have been the
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location from which the plane that dropped those chemicals weapons on that village in syria took off. this airfield is located about 50 miles due south of the village that was hit by that gas attack. nearly 60 cruise missiles were launched from ships in the eastern mediterranean aimed at various locations around the airfield including hangars and fuel storage areas. and all of those cruise missiles were designed to hit within one minute of each other. now, each cruise missile carries a 1,000-pound warhead. so nearly 60 cruise missiles going off in 60 seconds amounts to 60,000 pounds of explosives in the space 60 seconds. >> reporter: david martin reporting for us from the pentagon tonight. we also have michael morell the former number 2 at the cia
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joining us. also a cbs news national security analyst. michael, the president -- president trump has just ordered an attack against a major ally of russia. there are many russian forces both air forces and ground forces, fighting in syria. what are some of the complexities that this gets us into? >> reporter: scott, i think the key complexity here is we would not want to attack, um, a syrian target at which there were russian forces. we would not want to kill russian forces in such an attack because that could lead news a war with russia. so i'm pretty confident that the pentagon was confident that there were not russian forces at this particular airfield. michael morell former number 2 at the cia. michael, thank you. we are expecting to hear from the president a little bit later this evening. he is in palm beach, florida, hosting the president of china in their first meeting. we'll bring that to you as soon
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as we have it. there will be more about all of this as well on your late local news on this cbs station. on our 24-hour streaming news service cbsn and, of course, full details first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." for some of you in the west, we'll be back with the "cbs evening news." i'm scott pelley, cbs news, in new york. ♪[ music ] >> that cbs news special report with scott pelley, the u.s. launched missile attacks against syria in a period of 60 seconds, 60 cruise missiles with 1,000-pound warheads were launched from the eastern mediterranean on an airfield where the plane took off that plane that had the chemical weapons that attacked the town in syria. >> that happened earlier this week. these missiles were launched from the mediterranean to syria. syria an ally of russia and, of course, we'll have a speech
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from or announcement from president trump later on this evening. the president of course in florida. we saw him on air force one saying that something needed to be done and now it has been done. so we'll stay tuned for another cbs report later. now, we interrupted len ramirez for this special report. let's get back to hits story about a new asian market in san jose. >> reporter: from the crabs and lobsters that are alive and kicking to the dried squid, and from exotic fresh fruits and vegetables to steaming korean beef bowls the new h-mart soup market is like a mini trip into asia and customers are eating it up. >> the atmosphere is nicer. it's cleaner. >> reporter: h mart is a korean- american based chain that started in new jersey 33 years ago. it calls itself an upscale asian market that focuses on freshness. >> our reputation is a little
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bit high and i think long been overdue for this northern california market. >> reporter: william says the chain is scaling up and trying to carve out a slice of the lucrative asian supermarket business. this store on de anza boulevard is the first of two san jose stores to open with other outlets coming to san francisco and oakland. >> i think customers been waiting for our grand opening. >> reporter: customers packed in nearly as tightly as the well stocked shelves and filled their shopping baskets before waiting in long lines to get to the cash register. >> the variety is just almost unlimited. >> reporter: although most of the food is geared for asian palates, there's plenty here for anyone. it's a good thing for a lot of the workers around here because they are going to be hiring people for those new stores in san francisco-oakland and here in san jose. in fact, i saw several people filling out applications this afternoon. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5.
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a dog lost at sea now found alive. how yoda survived for four days after a boating accident and the warm welcome home. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now about an hour and 17 minutes away from sunset in the bay area we're being hit good- bye heavy rain from santa rosa at sfo and wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. as you can see looking south from the transamerica pyramid, somebody get a squeegee. concord right now 58 degrees. oakland 59. san francisco 58 degrees. santa rosa 48. here's what's happening. low pressure out of the gulf is spreading wind and rain south over the bay tonight. and we'll get hit pretty good as you can see on the kpix 5 hi- def doppler. we have heavy cells now that are unwinding over parts of marin county and then beginning to move out into the city, as well. those heavier cells too now blanketing the east bay with emeryville and piedmont and
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berkeley getting the brunt of it. that will all be moving into concord and livermore and walnut creek before you know it. futurecast shows what's happening for the next few hours. more rain for the north bay before it all begins to -- the cold front will sink south tonight. you will get more in santa clara county towards midnight. gusts already to 40 miles an hour and picking up. bright colors showing you gusts in that vicinity. but as the night wears on finally the velocities east off so at sunrise it won't be a factor. but in the meantime high wind warnings are posted throughout the bay area for gusts up to 55 miles an hour at the bay area peaks. it will be a windy and wet system between now and sunrise. in terms of amounts, 1 1/2 to four inches at the higher elevations in the north bay. about 2.5" on the peninsula and 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains. the last thing they need is what they will be getting overnight tonight. they will get heavy rain, wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour in the upper peaks in the bay area. chance of showers tomorrow and saturday. but the brunt of it is tonight
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between now and midnight, the forecast highs for tomorrow looks to be mostly in the low to mid-60s. it will be dramatically cooler as we head into the weekend with numbers only in the low 60s by saturday. so after we get hit in the next four or five hours in the bay area, it will ease up at sunrise. showers tomorrow from time to time. showers from time to time on saturday. sunday we catch a break. we do as well on monday and tuesday. and the news you do not want to hear is that we have another system coming in wednesday and thursday. but allen and liz, it shouldn't be as wet. in the meantime, we'll have plenty on our hands tonight. >> thank you. coming up in our next half-hour a multi-million dollar bid for freedom. a wealthy mother accused of killing her ex rushed out of jail. what she did to raise the unprecedented bail. >> and breaking news. the u.s. has launched a military attack on syria! after the chemical attack in that country. we'll have an update after the break.
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top trump administration officials are in the situation room. the u-s has just launched a ainst some breaking news at 6:30. we have a live look at the white house where top trump administration officials are right now in the "situation room." the u.s. just reportedly launched a cruise missile
6:30 pm
strike against syrian government targets. we are told that it was a barrage of 60 cruise missiles many against syrian air bases. all of this in response to the chemical weapons attack against syrian civilians. you have no doubt seen horrific pictures earlier this week. it was a chemical weapons attack on the people of syria a total of 86 people dead including 26 children. it set off an international firestorm and threats by the trump administration to remove syrian president al-assad. we'll have more coming up tonight on the developing story. president trump is expected to speak at some point this evening. also at 6:30, we are checking a powerful spring storm tracking across the bay area right now. hi-def doppler now showing just about everyone getting wet. moderate to heavy showers. brian hackney with more on how much rain in just a bit. first, the peninsula murder suspect buys her freedom at least for now by posting a record-setting bail. she is accused of killing her
6:31 pm
ex-boyfriend the father of her children. kpix 5's kiet do was at the redwood city courthouse when she made a dash for freedom. >> reporter: tiffany li burst out of jail just after lunchtime and ran to a waiting black cadillac. she posted one of the highest bails ever recorded in the country after pleading not guilty to murder charges. the judge set the cash bail amount at $35 million. but with the help of 15 to 20 friends and family members, she scraped together about $2 million in cash which left the balance of $33 million. the state of california allows you to use real estate in lieu of cash but the property value must be double the amount of the bill which means li's friends and family put up $66 million worth of property on the line to get her out of jail. if li tries to flee, all that money and property will be forfeit to the government. >> there's something about the lurid aspect of the money that shouldn't dictate whether at least a community interest or public interest but, um,
6:32 pm
unfortunately, i guess it does. so you got to do your jobs. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says the li family has ties to china and estimates their wealth to be nearly $200 million. li's defense attorney says she is just well liked in the community. >> for people to put up their homes and their businesses and things like that, it means something i believe about their confidence that she is going to return to court and that she is not guilty. >> reporter: she is accused of murdering her ex to avoid a custody battle. keith grown's body was found shot to -- keith green's body was found slot to death and dumped last year. friends and family are shocked that she could pay the bail. >> right now we're dealing with a david and goliath situation in there with millions in money and power. >> reporter: she was forced to give up her and her children's passports as well as wear a gps tracking bracelet. her next court appearance is july 17. in redwood city, kiet do, kpix 5. bail has been set at $2 million for the man suspected
6:33 pm
of shooting and killing a woman in front of her children. "lawyer dushan mcbride" was arrested yesterday in sacramento. he is the ex-boyfriend of the victim. rashanda franklin was driving her children to daycare in richmond on tuesday morning when someone pulled up next to her and shot her. police say franklin had a restraining order against mcbride. and his mercedes matched the description of the car the gunman was driving. the case is expected to be filed this week. it is a historic night in the nation's capital. republicans in the senate today unilaterally changed the rules lowering the number of votes needed to confirm a supreme court justice nominee. it's "nuclear option" and it assures neil gorsuch will be confirmed. both sides are blaming each other for forcing the change. >> this is the latest escalation in the left's never ending judicial war, the most audacious yet and it cannot and it will not stand.
6:34 pm
>> the "nuclear option" was used by senator mcconnell when he stopped merrick garland. what we're facing today is the fallout. >> the change means from now on only 51 senate votes are needed to confirm a supreme court justice. lawmakers on both sides are warning it could mean future justices will be more extreme. gorsuch's final confirmation vote is expected tomorrow. devin nunes is no longer involved in the house investigation into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election. he recused himself. he visited the white house to review classified documented. he says the charges against him are false but says it's best if he stepped aside. nunes is now under investigation himself by the house ethics committee. twitter is suing the government over demands to unmask the person behind an account challenging president
6:35 pm
trump. the person behind the twitter handle alcusc is is posting tweets opposed to president trump's immigration policies. the government is call for the network to turn over records related to the account. but twitter won't do it, saying it is covered by the first amendment. the department of homeland security as well as the justice department have declined to comment on the suit. how much does it cost to make the clothes you wear? how retailers are getting more transparent to get you to buy. >> it's now officially the tallest in the city. the celebration of the "salesforce tower" topped off. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a topping off ceremony for san we sped up the moment history was made this morning... the final beam of the sales forc a topping off ceremony for san francisco's tallest tower. we sped up the moment history was made this morning. the final beam of the "salesforce tower" adorned with the traditional american flag set into place. the tower will rise 1070 feet when it's finished next year. it will be the tallest office
6:38 pm
building west of chicago. ceo marc benioff told the dignitaries gathered -- >> i used to walk this street with my grandfather a supervisor here for 16 years and he used to tell me about the future of san francisco was rising up. >> "salesforce" will be on the bottom 30 floors and two more near the top. the top will be reserved for community access during nonwork hours. some people including our very own anne makovec got to sign that last beam before it was hoisted to the top of the tower. their signatures will live on as long as it stands. today california utility regulators meeting about the north bay's new smart train said they are concerned about the potential for accidents at grade crossings. now, "smart" currently finishing inspections of 63 grade crossings. along more than 40 miles of
6:39 pm
track from santa rosa to downtown san rafael. the head of the cpuc says that he is especially concerned about a spot in santa rosa near a mall. his comments came as the cpuc safety and enforcement director made a presentation. >> there were issues with ground stability around some of the tracks and that's the kind of thing that needs to be fixed before you put passengers on the train. there's still a few crossings where just the timing issues of the signaling is being worked out. those kinds of things. >> the smart train now hopes to start passenger service by the end of may. a dog named yoda has some amazing survival skills. how this yellow lab was found alive after getting tossed off a boat. >> boy, here comes another one. we have rain hitting the bay area tonight just in time for the evening commute. it will linger through midnight and we'll let you know what happens next. rain down here, snow in the mountains. wind, as well. the forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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retailer is making off you
6:43 pm
consumerwa you ever wonder how much it costs to make your favorites shirt or how much your favorite retailer is making off you? consumerwatch reporter julie watts on how some are cashing in on transparency. >> reporter: studies show the more details the company is willing to disclose the more likely shoppers are to buy. she chose these shoes based on more than just a picture and price. >> when you click on the item you want to buy it shows you where it was made and how much everything cost. >> reporter: it's one of a growing number of retailers with transparent pricing giving customers a breakdown of their expenses including labor, transportation and the materials. the company says this dress cost them $55 to make. the price to the customer a $55 markup. >> they can see how much we paid for it. >> reporter: michael founded the company in 2012 hoping that full disclosure about his costs would appeal to the customers. >> the problem is you have no concept of value so you could buy a $10 t-shirt or $100 t- shirt and you don't know why.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: pricing transparency is a growing trend. a handbag maker and another retailer reveal their costs as well and according to this harvard business school study cost transparency is good for the bottom line. researchers found that consumers are attracted that companies that voluntarily disclose costs and that honesty ultimately makes shoppers more willing to buy. but a professor warns transparency is a marketing tool that may give people the false impression they are getting a better deal. >> i don't want to use the word gimmick but the biggest marketing tool is their -- their transparent pricing. >> reporter: as for rose she thinks she is getting a good deal but says quality keeps her coming back. now, researchers say not all price transparency is equal. in fact, shoppers seem to appreciate the cost of raw materials like cotton but warn [ indiscernible ] like the cost of transportation and things like that. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> it adds up.
6:45 pm
>> would you pay more for something? >> i don't know. i like that business model. it depends what it is. if i really want it -- >> i like an honest company no matter how you look at it. >> there you go. >> you got to see the breakdown. >> thank you. don rickles being remembered tonight for his insults that spared no one. >> is that your wife, sir? jesus. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you this. [ applause ] >> that's the -- [ laughter ] >> no, kidding. she is a pretty lady. >> just when you think he wouldn't do it, i did it. mr. warmth died today at his home in southern california. 90 years old. rickles's career spanned more than 6 decades. no one was spared. he worked mostly in stand-up but also appeared in dozens of films including the character mr. potato head in toy story. tonight fellow comics with paying their respects. jimmy kimmel called him one of the sweetest and lovely people he had the pleasure of knowing. don rickles was 90.
6:46 pm
a dog named yoda with a story to tell. she went into tomales bay monday when the boat she was in capsized. one man drowned. but a second man and another dog on board were rescued. it was feared yoda died as well but today two marin county battalion chiefs scouting training locations spotted the dog under some rocks. the lucky lab was taken to the fire station to warm up and eat. this is video just in of the reunion with his family. they were notified he survived while attending the funeral for the drowning victim. >> quite a reunion. we are getting more storms so people need to be careful. >> i should say. there's a lot coming in right now in time for the evening commute. we are getting hit with wind and rain in the bay area. we begin with the kpix 5 hi-def doppler to show you heavy cells moving into the marina over the emeryville side of the bay. albany through berkeley. pretty good rain will be coming down in the next half-hour. pittsburg and antioch, that's where the heaviest cells are
6:47 pm
falling into the east bay right now but there's widespread rain from santa rosa up in the north which was reporting heavy rain at 6:00. all the way down into silicon valley and down the 680 corridor through milpitas and down toward alum rock. it's all being whipped along by that low pressure that's finally moving south. the front hasn't moved to our part of the bay area yet. it's still up here and as this presses into the bay area at about 10:00 tonight, 11:00 tonight, that's one heavy rain could add to the totals up to 2 inches even down in the lowlands. you get an idea that on the futurecast, this is at 10:00 tonight the front is still right up here. so watch as the super cast -- futurecast -- i like super cast -- as the rain heads south into the south bay by sunrise tomorrow. it begins to dry out as time goes on but winds pick up. this is 10:00 tonight and purple shows you where we have the strongest winds around 30, 40 miles an hour in the bay
6:48 pm
area. that's why we have high wind warnings posted. but see what happens as we head towards sunrise. winds ease up. all to say that the heaviest rain the strongest winds still ahead of us and that's why we have high wind warnings posted for the bay area right now with gusts up to 45 miles an hour. 55 at the mountaintops in the bay area with downed trees and power lines and certain threat when it gets into the sierra tomorrow night, winter storm watch and snow up to 4 feet of wet snow above 6,000 feet. and look at those. that's not a typo. 150-mile-an-hour wind gusts are possible at the peak of the sierra. travel delays are a certainty if you head there. futurecast how much do we get about 2.5" on the peninsula. 1 1/2 to 4 inches the upper elevations of the north bay and 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains. not so much down around san jose. so here's what we are expecting. rain tonight heavy at times. easing up at sunrise winds gusting up to 55, 60 miles an
6:49 pm
hour. get a chance of showers linger on friday and saturday. we are going to be looking for temperatures overnight tonight to be in the mid-40s and temperatures tomorrow will only manage low to mid-60s. extended forecast you would like a break, we'll have one. you have to wait until sunday before we clear out and see sunshine. monday looks good, too. monday and tuesday we get a few clouds coming in. and guess what? midweek next week, et why more april showers. all i can say is, boy, there will be some pretty nice may flowers around after this. stay tuned. we'll have the latest at 11. brian, you're not going to believe who hit a home run in his first at bat today and there were two big stories at the master's an update on dustin johnson and a player most of you have never heard of. next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
after injuring his back during a fall yesterday. johnson tried to give it a go on the practice tee but was able to swing just 70 percent of his rotation. > dustin johnson withdrew before the tee-off time after injuring his back during a fall yesterday. he tried to practice but was able to swing just 70% of his rotation. >> for me to pull out is bad. you know, i'm very sad that i have to do it.
6:53 pm
but it's just a freak accident. >> the tournament began with an emotional tribute to the late arnold palmer who for years had been part of the starter ceremony with gary player and jack nicklaus. jordan spieth was even par through 14 but man he imploded on 15. his approach rolls off the green into the creek. he shot nine on the hole but still managed a three-over 75 still in it. phil mickelson looking for first fourth green jacket lefty has done this a few times over the last 25 years of augusta. gets the roll on 16. a few feet from the hole. a birdie. mickelson shoots 1-under 71 tied for fourth place but nobody had a better day than that man! charley hoffman a birdie on 15 one of seven birdies on 10 holes including five on the back nine. shooting 65, he broke 70. wind gusts reaching 40 miles an
6:54 pm
hour. brian: john rahm +1 wayne: jason dufner -1 kevin durant is set to return saturday night and play the final three games of the regular season... golden state has won kevin durant set to return saturday night and play the final three games of the regular season. golden state won 13 straight and clinched the number one seed last night. jose canseco with his version of business casual. pregame show you're not liking that, are you? bottom of the third, part of a two-run blast. 4-run inning to give the a's a 4-1 lead second homer of the year. that would be more than enough for andrew triggs. he allows one run over 5 2/3 innings to pick up his second career win and beat the angels 5-1 much to the delight of this guy. they split the four-game set. >> there was more pressure to win this game today so we don't
6:55 pm
open up the season at home 1-3. >> how does this translate to the road. we like to win on travel days just because a happy flight makes for a happy squad so definitely a positive feeling leaving the clubhouse. tim tebow in his first at bat of his minor league debut for class a columbia. he hit a home run. really. he stopped at second base thinking it was a double but the umpire said no. the crowd went into tebow, tebow! don't expect him to be called up to the majors anytime soon. >> good for him. >> got another update for you on the major breaking news out of washington, dc. within the past hour, president trump has ordered a cruise missile strike against targets in syria. a barrage of cruise missiles 60 of them to punish the syrian government for the chemical
6:56 pm
weapons attack on its civilians. the white house releasing a statement calling on all civilized nations to join the u.s. in ending this war in sear. the thinking changed in the wake of these images of people dead from a nerve agent. 86 people dead, most women and children. we are expecting to hear from president trump in the next few minutes. we'll bring that you live when it happens in a special report. >> president trump is in florida tonight at his mar-a- largo home. he is hosting the president of china there as liz said. cbs will break in with a special report with that for you. but for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on the kbcw and right back here at 11:00. good night.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> pelley: this is a cbs news special report. i'm scott pelley. president trump has just made his first public comments on the attack he ordered tonight against the assad dictatorship in syria. u.s. navy destroyers fired 59 tomahawk cruise missiles against a syrian airbase. , now this was retaliation for tuesday's nerve gas attack that was launched, apparently from that syrian base, an attack that killed more than 80 syrian civilians. many of them children. the president was speaking a few minutes ago at his palm beach resort, and we will have that-- his remarks as soon as they come in to us momentarily. in the meantime, david martin has been breaking the news on this story at the pentagon. david, what more can you tell
7:00 pm
us? >> reporter: well, scott, the target for this air strike was the airfield believed to have been the location from which the plane that dropped those chemical weapons took off. so this was a direct retaliation against the syrian air force for having carried out that chemical attack. the airfare field itself was located about 50 miles directly south of the village that was hit. and it was the target of, as you said, 59 cruise missiles. they landed at about 8:45 east coast time tonight. that would have been the early morning hours in syria. and they were aimed at various locations around the air-- the aircraft hangars, the fuel storage areas. and they were all designed to go off within the space of one minute.


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