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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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lost and presumed drowned, a bay area dog's incredible survival story neck. -- next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. president trump is defending his decision.. to attack breaking news, the u.s. military launches these airstrikes into syria. tonight president trump is defending his decision to attack. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. dozens of syrian crews missiles were fired in retaliation for the deadly chemical attack. cbs reporter weigia jiang is in west palm beach tonight. >> reporter: the surprising strike marks president trump's most dramatic military order since taking office and a major shift from the campaign trail when he insisted the u.s. should stay out of syria, but the president was clearly moved by the country's chemical attack, especially by the loss of innocent lives. president trump took his first military action in syria
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launching some 60 cruise missiles at an airfield. the president gave the order to strike after the regime unleashed a nerve gas attack on its own people this week killing more than 80 civilians. >> even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. >> reporter: the cruise missiles were launched from two u.s. carriers in the eastern mediterranean. cruise missiles are unmanned aircraft. they carry a 1,000-pound warhead and fly close to the ground below enemy air defenses guided to their targets by gps satellites. >> it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> reporter: earlier secretary of state rex tillerson said bashar al assad's future in syria is uncertain.
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he also issued a warning to russia. >> it is very important that the russian government consider carefully their continued support for the assad regime. >> reporter: east bay representative eric swalwell is on the house intelligence committee. >> i want to say i am concerned that it looks like russia may have been tipped off about this attack before the united states congress was. i'm long concerned that bashar assad in syria has been propped up by vladimir putin. >> reporter: russia old to the u.n. security -- told the u.n. security council there could be negative consequences if washington took military action. syria has responded to the airstrikes calling them an act of immigration. reporting in west palm beach florida, i'm weigia jiang, kpix5. tonight syrian americans are watching the very latest developments closely. a sacramento man who has been in this country for two decades has mixed feelings about the u.s. missile strike. >> i think people from all walks of life have very
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graciously sympathized with the plight of the syrians, the catastrophe that's happening and all the atrocities and that's why we see this action now. at the same time i'm not interested in anybody dying and anybody being bombed. re >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says in a statement, "tonight's strike in syria appears to be a proportional response to the regime's use of chemical weapons. the killing will not stop without a comprehensive political solution to end the violence." also tweeted, this is an act of war, congress needs to come back into session and hold a debate, anything less is an abdication of our responsibility. a crash about 8:30 tonight blocked all westbound lanes on the bay bridge for about an hour. the driver is at the hospital. traffic is still a mess on the bridge headed to san francisco, the cause of the
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traffic chp officers believe to be high winds. while traffic has finally cleared up, but look at the rain, still wet and windy out there right now. brian hackney watching the rain, wind and a few power outages, too. i did a back of the envelope sketch of all the outages reported by pg&e at this hour from berkeley, cupertino, campbell, walnut creek down to alamo, about 50,000 people in all without power. right now pg&e does not have an estimate when the power will be restored, nor do they know the cause in a lot of cases. you can see why. the gusts have reached 83 miles an hour at los gatos, at the oakland airport 61-mile an hour gusts, hayward 53, mount tam 50- mile an hour gusts, and the heaviest cells in marin and
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tiburon and the east bay in berkeley heading out toward moraga and walnut creek and alamo. all that will press south the next few hours. so it will be plenty wet between now and sunrise tomorrow morning. high wind warnings are posted. winter storm warnings are posted. as for when we catch a break with this, we'll cover it when we do the forecast in a few minutes. breaking news, get ready to pay more in gas taxes. kpix5's betty yu has late details out of sacramento tonight. >> in just the past 10 minutes we learned that lawmakers in the senate and the assembly passed the transportation plan. this package will generate more than $5 billion a year from gas taxes and vehicle fees to patch up our roads. it looks like bumpy pot ridden roads will get the attention and repairs they need. governor jerry brown pushed this plan so california can start to make a dent in the
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$137 billion backlog of maintenance and repair projects on state highways and local streets. there has not been a gas tax hike in 23 years. this proposal would mean a 12- cent per gallon gas tax increase on an existing 18-cent tax on gas. the the package would also create a new annual vehicle fee and a $100 annual fee on electric cars. >> gasoline is good, more taxes is more to spend. >> i think they need to stop wasting our current tax money that we already pay for our roads and repair. >> if it's actually going to reduce maintenance costs for, you know, cars because of the smooth roads and everything, i'm all for it. >> reporter: republicans were against the tax increase saying money should be taken from a general fund. senate democrats needed one vote from a republican to get a 2/3 majority and they got it from senator anthony canella.
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kpix5 political reporter melissa caen said he made a special side deal with the governor. >> they appeared to give him about $500 million in transportation projects for his district in a new budget bill introduced today. >> reporter: senator jerry hill said this bill will do more than fix roads. >> this will have money for congestion relief and also public and mass transit. so we will see better mass transit and public transit in the bay area. we will see better roads. we will see wider roads, more h.o.v. lanes especially on the peninsula. >> this is a 10 year plan. governor brown has said that the increases would equal less than $10 a month for most drivers. the proposal now goes to his desk and he is expected to sign the bill. betty yu, kpix5. a dismembere a san bruno man was arrested in connection to a homicide after police discovered a dismembered body on his block. chopper 5 was over pacific heights boulevard behind skyline college in san bruno as
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police were there collecting evidence. they were called this morning about a missing person and later found the body in pieces. they have not confirmed the victim's identity or whether it's the person who was reported missing. a peninsula mother accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend is out of jail tonight after posting one of the highest bail amounts ever in the united states. cbs5's kiet do shows us she made a mad dash for freedom. >> reporter: tiffany lee is a multimillion dollar woman. she burst out of the san mateo county jail after lunchtime and sprinted to a waiting black cadillac escalade. lee posted one of the highest bail amounts ever recorded in the country after pleading not guilty to murder charges. the judge set cash bail at $35 million, but with the help of 15 to 20 friends and family members, she scraped together about $2 million in cash leaving a balance of $33 million. the state of california allows you to use real estate in lieu
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of cash but the property value must be double that of the bill. her friends and family put up a whopping $66 million of property up for bail. if lee does not show up for her hearing, all that property will be going to the government. >> unfortunately i guess money dictates public interest, so unfortunately you got to do their job. >> reporter: their wealth is estimated to be $200 million. lee's friends and family say she's just well liked in the community. >> for them to put up their homes and money shows their confidence that she's going to show up for court. >> reporter: lee is said to have ordered the murder of her ex due to a custody battle oh their two kids. the victim's -- over their two kids. the victim's friends and family say they're shocked that lee was able to pay that bail.
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>> right now we're sort of dealing with the david and goliath situation in there with all the millions of money and power. >> reporter: lee was forced to surrender her and her kids' passport and wear an ankle monitoring bracelet with gps tracking. her next court appearance is july 17th. in redwood city, kiet do, kpix5. the kidnap and murder of this teenager unsolved for nearly 20 years, tonight there's finally a break in the cold case. >> frustrated with delays on b.a.r.t., tonight the transit agency is deploying a new strategy for a faster commute. >> bay area firefighters thought this dog had died after a boat capsized three days ago. tonight the incredible rescue of yoda, the labrador retriever. ,,,,,,,,
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nearly a year ago. the motive remains a mystery. these surveillance
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police in oakland want you to look closely at photos that may be linked to the killing of a man a year ago. persons of interest include the man with the blue baseball hat, an african american woman with a led scarf and a person of unknown -- headscarf and a person of unknown gender with a thin build. 30-year-old brian bold was killed last year in the park neighborhood. he had lived in the area about a year. there was surveillance of two cars, a silver honda accord with a sun roof and a white chevy malibu. investigators want to talk to each of people driving those two cars. there is an anonymous tip line at the oakland police department. nearly 20 years after the kidnapping and murder of a 13- year-old girl, tonight there's a break in the cold case. kpix5's devin fehely reports from salinas. >> for almost 20 years we have had a case of a beautiful young
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girl who was kidnapped, murdered. >> reporter: for two decades the disappearance and death of christina williams haunted her family and friends on the monterey peninsula. investigators long had a hunch who might be responsible for her murder. a registered sex offender named charles alan hollifield but until today never had enough evidence to charge him. >> we have a dna hit and we will not go into any more specifics other than to say that. >> reporter: christina was just 13 years old when she went missing in june, 1998, while walking her dog. her body was discovered seven months later in a wooded area on the former army base. prosecutors say holyfield who is currently serving a 25 years to life sentence in state prison for an unrelated attempted kidnapping was interviewed at the time of christina's disappearance, but it took the efforts of cold case detectives to breathe new life into an investigation that had drawn old and cold with
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time. >> the fbi has a long memory. neither time nor distance keeps us from our attention in solving cases such as this. >> reporter: in salinas devin fehely, kpix5. >> if convicted, holyfield would be eligible for the death penalty. tonight palo alto police are searching for a prowler. police received two separate calls about the man in the college terrace neighborhood sunday night. police are investigating if he's connected to a third prowling incident last month. b.a.r.t. has a new strategy to cut down on delays if something goes wrong in the transbay tube. kpix5's christin ayers say riders are crossing their fingers it works. >> reporter: ask a b.a.r.t. rider the worst part about commuting during rush hour and they'll tell you it's crowding followed closely by delays. >> there's always some kind of delay. >> reporter: tina lee got stuck several weeks ago. >> the power line was down i
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think. so i ended up being late for work for like two hours. >> reporter: rider michelle johnson said the worst delays happen in the transbay tube between west oakland and embarcardero station. >> if anything happens on this end, it affects every train in every direction on the other side. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. just announced a plan to fix that problem by having highly trained technical experts ride the rails on that critical 4- mile stretch. here's how it would work. teams of b.a.r.t. maintenance technicians would ride the train in both directions during commute hours ready to respond if a train breaks down in the transbay tube. >> so if these technicians are already on the train, they can respond much more quickly to a situation and basically cut down the delays. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say three or four technicians are tackling the morning and evening commute currently tag teaming between trains. the strategy they say is already working. >> what we've seen is it is helping with our response times. these guys are able to
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basically to cut their response time in half. >> reporter: the commuters are skeptical so few workers will be able to handle the 24 trains passing through the tube during peak hours. >> because there's so many trains going in the city how are they going to put a worker train? i don't think it would realistically work. >> reporter: that does make b.a.r.t. pridership a little bit better, a little bit more comfortable for the riders, but who is to say. tonight livermore police are searching for a stolen pug. police say the three juveniles snatched 10-year-old buddy from his yard near elm and north p streets before noon today. police say those suspects took off in this four door acura. the owners received buddy as a retirement gift from their daughter a decade ago and they are willing to offer a reward for buddy's safe return. firefighters thought a dog died after a boat cam sized off marin county earlier this week -- capsized off marin county earlier this week. turns out that dog survived
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after being stranded for three days and tonight she is reunited with her family. kpix5's andria borba has the story of her rescue. >> had a little silver lining to a tragic story. >> reporter: it was monday in the treacherous waters at the mouth of tomales bay that brian phidat ho's boat capsized. his boat and dog survived, but brian did not. his rescue dog yoda was considered lost at sea. thursday morning brian groneman was scouting for locations for a rescue class wretch saw something. >> as we were going -- where he saw something. >> as we were going by, the light shifted and something out of the corner of my eye just looked out of place. >> reporter: sitting out was yoda. clad in a wetsuit graham swam 100 yards from the jetski to the dog. >> they realized that we were there to help her out and in pretty short order got with the
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program. >> reporter: graham put a life vest on yoda and put her on the back of the jetski and brought her to safety and a warm fire and food back at the firehouse in tomales bay. >> three days out on the point reyes national seashore i think would be a challenge for most domesticated creatures. >> reporter: brian's family came to retrieve yoda and take her to say good-bye to brian. andria borba, kpix5. >> wow. they got her just in time considering the weather coming in. i should say. so there's a lot going on tonight. you can see with this picture of the bay bridge the wind is driving the rain sideways pretty much. it's cooling down in san francisco, 49 degrees, but the big story, of course, the rain delineated on the kpix5 hi-def doppler which gives you the big view. you can see the cold front is pretty much from vallejo draped over the peninsula heading out toward half moon bay, some of the heavier cells heading out of san francisco over toward the east bayshore line on top
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of oakland toward more prog a and orinda. this -- moraga and orinda. this will subside south tonight. in terms of amounts, 1 1/2 to 4 inches by the time all is said and done in the santa cruz mountains and up to the north bay his. high wind warnings are posted for obvious reasons. we've got gusts tonight that exceeded 80 miles per hour in the bay area. los gatos was 83. at the airport in oakland 61 mile-per-hour wind gusts. now at the bay bridge the winds are almost 50 miles an hour. widespread outages as a result, about 50,000 without power this hour, big outages from berkeley to el sobrante totaling about 10,000. restoration time is unknown because pg&e is trying to figure out exactly where the problem is. it's all powered by the low pressure that's coming from the pacific northwest. the rain turns into snow, 4 feet of snow above 6,000 feet
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and at the peaks of the sierra 150-mile an hour gusts are possible. futurecast shows what happens the next few hours. that cold front will reach the south bay. so you'll get a lot of rain in the south bay before we start to get a break by sunrise. we have clouds and scattered showers much of the day. rain tonight, heavy at times heading south. wind gusts will reach and exceed 60 miles an hour, a chance of showers lingers through friday and saturday. for tomorrow temperatures, a nip in the air with the low 60s. lingering showers through the day tomorrow, a few saturday. we finally dry it out sunday, get a break monday and tuesday and then look what happens on wednesday and thursday, another weaker system a possibility again midweek of getting a little bit wet. tonight there's still plenty to come. >> those power outages, massive. >> a lot of people without power. >> thanks. tonight the sales force skyscraper officially the tallest tower in the west. >> here are tonight's guests on
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the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the last piece of our new skyline was pu >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. something happened when the rain moved in with full force. >> a special topping off ceremony was held as crews placed the final beam on the sales force tower today. leaders from all faiths gathered to give blessings to the building that stands 1,070 feet tall, the tallest building west of chicago. for sales force ceo mark benioff it was a lifetime in the making. >> i used to walk this very street with my grandfather who was a supervisor here for 16 years and he used to tell me about how the future of san francisco was rising up. open to the community.. free of charge. >> benioff emphasized his mission of giving back to the community and that the top floor will be open to the community free of charge. kpix5 was first to broadcast live from the top yesterday and give you an impressive view of an inspiring city. >> dennis wants to be up there. >> i just heard the free of
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charge for how long, like the first week, right? >> it will be interesting to see if anybody goes up there. >> god bless him and i hope he sticks to that, but that's going to be a view worth seeing, especially if it doesn't cost anything. 40-mile an hour winds were nothing for a 40-year-old golfer in the round 1 of the masters. >> and the giants starter had nine strikeouts tonight. the other one got him in trouble. we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> the world's no. 1 player is out on the masters and the leader was 10 strokes better than the field average. dustin johnson withdrew before his tee time because of a back injury he suffered during a fall yesterday. with johnson out jordan spieth became the new betting favorite, but on 15 his shot rolled into the creek leading to a quadruple bogey 9. spieth 3-over par tied for 41st, still in contention, though. the high winds at augusta did not affect charley hoffman, sticks his approach on 17 setting up his fourth straight birdie, hoffman cards a 7-under 65. he leads the field by four shots. the warriors announce kevin durant will be back on the
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court saturday and will play a golden state final three regular season games. diamondbacks mascot, a double bringing home hunter pence, giants led 3 -2, but jeff samardzija couldn't hold it. despite nine strikeouts samardzija allowed six runs in 5 1/3 as arizona wins 9-3 to take three of four in the series. this guy jacked out of his mind to spend the afternoon in the coliseum. wonder how he reacted to this 3rd inning blast on the a's ryan healey against the angels, healey's second home run of the year. oakland wins 5-1 and get a split on the season opening series. the oilers beat up the sharks. that guy can fight, i'm telling you. 3rd period lucci scored from right in front of the net.
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edmonton comes back to win 4-2. these teams will likely match up in the 1st round of the playoffs, sharks trying to right the ship. it's been a rough 15 games or so. >> went to a fight and a hockey game broke out? man. >> look him up on youtube. you won't see a lot of goals. you'll see all of these fights lined up. >> thanks, buddy. >> we'll be right back. ,,,, come can do it! dogs just won't quit.
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is next followed by the late show with stephen colbert. >> good night, friends. >> a stunning development, day 1 of the masters, dustin johnson number 1 in the world had to withdraw. e-went through physical therapy before his warmup. trying to recover from a back injury yesterday, falling down the stairs in his rental home here in augusta. had to pull his name from consideration. the man who had one three straight and was the overwhelming favorite had to withdraw because of a bad back. still there were plenty of exciting shots and unbelievable scores, one in particular. on a


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