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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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be a washout next.
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tonight: severa live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. and the new threat right now.. is r evacuated by mudslides tonight several bay area homes are damaged, others at risk and the new threat right now is around two of the storms. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. cbs5's christin ayers is in the oakland hills tonight to show us the damage. >> reporter: tonight a handful of homes like this one are red tagged deemed unlivable off mounds of mud came barreling down the hillside behind them. >> you can feel it actually pushing this door. >> reporter: 6 inches of mud piling up in her backyard, barbara stone watched the slide happen last night. >> it came running down just really running down our hill and took out benches and oh, man, things along the way. >> reporter: the mud is 2 feet
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high at diane henderson's home and oozed inside her house overnight. >> it's not livable because there's mud all through the back bedroom. >> reporter: sky drone 5 shows the extent of the damage on banning drive and montclair from above. six homes were evacuated. three took a direct hit from the mud after part of aiken drive collapsed last night bringing down a chunk of road with it. tonight this portion of road where the mudslide started is blocked off. you can see the section of road that gave way due to heavy rain. part of it is only held in place right now by sandbags. east bay mud crews cautioned the road may not be stable. they were busy senatorring up a water main near -- shoring up a water main near the slide tonight hoping to restore water service to dozens of people who lost it after the slide. >> hopefully after 9:00 we'll have water back to people. >> reporter: they'll stay with friends and family until they can return home.
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it's unclear when the evacuation orders will be lifted. in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. outside in san francisco right now round two of the storm is picking up and it's pouring in parts of the bay area. brian lack inn -- hackney is tracking our live hi-def doppler. >> it's coming down from santa rosa to the north and there's at least light rain reported and kpix5 hi-def doppler shows us where some of the heavier cells are. there's good rain come down on 580. further east and north around san ramon by bollinger canyon road also some pretty good cells. the brunt of this is draped from the north and east bay straight across the south bay off toward pescadero and davenport down there by santa cruz county. all this will move south overnight being powered along by a robust low that will deliver more showers even after the wave goes through tonight. there's more on the way saturday. we'll tell you about the timing
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and when the sun comes out which will also be saturday in a few minutes. this sheen of oil floating on the bay after a freight barge capsized during strong winds overnight. tonight the threat the thousands of gallons of fuel could spew into the water. the bar capsized just south of yorba buena island. the u.s. coastguard capped the vents on that barge, but cate cauguiran tells us they are not sure that actually fixed the problem. >> reporter: no, they are not. after divers went in and plugged any visible holes they were instructed to immediately get out of the bay waters because of bad weather conditions. it got could windy and rainy. so in short the coastguard said no, they are not 100% sure that that leak is fixed. tonight rough winds and rain are setting back efforts to contain whatever leak is spilling from this crane barge. the u.s. coast bard says the vennel -- vengeance was
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holding about 400 gallons of diesel fuel and three hundred gallons of oil when it cam -- 300 gallons of oil when it capsized after midnight. divers were instructed to get out before they were able to check their work. >> we have to keep the public safe and keep our responders safe and protect the environment. it might take a little bit more time if weather conditions change or something happens that makes the situation unsafe. we'll work as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we have to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: from above we could see the sheen of oil from the barge. chopper 5 showed us the leak appeared to be coming from one spot. this is what the crane barge looked like before it capsized. b.a.r.t. contracted the barge to do maintenance work on the transbay tube. right now engineers are watching the barge closely for any movement. last we were told it sunk about 1,000 feet from the transbay tube. >> the tube is buried under 25 feet of sand is the padding buffer zone. we are monitoring the situation standing by. we're obviously paying close
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attention working closely with the coastguard to make sure the barge doesn't start drifting. >> reporter: earlier the coastguard also removed a yellow container boom holding in leaked fuel or oil in the area. we're told they'll bring that back tomorrow morning at 7:30 and that's when the clean-up is expected to resume. live from yorba buena island, cate cauguiran, kpix5. a large tree crushed the roof of a kfc in newark. forward. winds sent a tree crashing into a home in venetia damaging the roof and caused the ceiling to come down inside. a woman who was there suffered a head injury. building inspectors have red tagged the home. the silver lining tonight from all of our storms? governor jerry brown announced today the state is officially out of the drought. tonight, russia is condemnin he still wants everyone to conserve water. turning now to the u.s. missile strike on syria, tonight russia is condemning the attack. andria borba is following the
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new developments for us tonight. >> well, the naval destroyers that launched the airstrikes were 1,500 miles away in the mediterranean before the call was made to have them reverse course and head to the coast of cypress. this was the strike, 60 cruise missiles launching off the destroyers, the uss ross and porter. and information the aftermath, russian -- and this was the aftermath, russian made aircraft and hangars reduced to scrap and rubble. this newly released map shows the strikes at shayrat airfield north of damascus. >> these were targets specifically associated with the syrian government's capabilities to deliver chemical weapons and this was specifically attributed to the recent attack against the civilians. >> reporter: commodore tate westbrook headed navy mission
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and turned the ross and porter around in the mediterranean tuesday after this chemical weapon attack. the u.s. intelligence said they tracked a plane that left shayrat and dropped nerve gas on the town leaving a small crater in the road and a cloud of death. during a summit with chinese leader xi jinping at his mar-a- lago resort in florida, president trump said this about the airstrikes. >> i believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away. >> reporter: at the united nations ambassador nikki haley said the strike should serve as a warning. >> we are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary. >> reporter: now u.s. military officials said they warned russia a close ally of syrian president bashar al assad in advance that they were not the target of the missile attacks. russian forces did not attempt to use their air defense systems in syria to shoot down those u.s. cruise missiles. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. tonight it is official.
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judge neil gorsuch will be the next u.s. supreme court justice. today the senate confirmed the 49-year-old colorado native to succeed antonin scalia. scalia died 60 weeks ago. democrat threatened to block president trump -- democrats threatened to block president trump's work, so the republicans changed the rules to make it harder to filibuster a nominee for the supreme court. >> instead of requiring us to change, senators have decided to change the senate and i worry a great deal for what that means in the future. >> reporter: is this the end of compromise in the senate? >> i certainly hope not. that's going to be a decision for the democrats. >> gorsuch will be sworn in on monday. this hijacked beer truck plowed into pedestrians in a deadly terror attack in sweden. tonight police want to know who is this hooded man. >> new trouble tonight for pepsi over this commercial. why a bay area city attorney is threatening legal action.
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(((break)) ak))) >> imagine seeing this at the beach, this 10-foot long shark washed up on a california coast. tonight we'll tell you where. ,,,,,,,,,,
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terrorist attack. c-b-s reporter jonathan vigliotti shows us: mourning in sweden's capital tonight after four people were killed and a dozen others injured in a terrorist attack. cbs reporter jonathan vigliotti shows us it's the second time in recent weeks that a vehicle has been used to kill. >> reporter: a man driving a stolen beer truck barreled down stockholm's busiest shopping street hitting dozens of pedestrians before ramming into a department store. the truck burst into flames. police immediately cordoned off a large area while first responders tended to the victims. at least 15 were injured.
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eyewitness anna peterson was nearby. >> there was blood everywhere. there were bodies on the ground everywhere and the sense of panic, people standing by their loved ones, but also people running away. >> reporter: the driver managed to escape and police released these photographs but wouldn't say if he was the attacker. a somber prime minister told the country they've been attacked. we are treating this as an act of terror said stefan lotven. swedish parliament was locked down and the country put on heightened alert. sweden has been relatively immune from the terror attacks in other parts of europe. last month in london an suv deliberately mowed down pedestrians on westminster bridge before crashing into parliament gates. the city center remains blocked
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off this evening as the investigation continues. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, stockholm. the 49ers cut a starting corner back hours after he was arrested for domestic violence. police arrested tremaine brock last night. the 49ers have had 15 players arrested since 2012, the most in the nfl. tonight the fallout over pepsi's controversial ad is hitting close to home. san francisco city attorneys are looking into whether the now canceled commercial crossed a legal line. it all has to do with the uniforms that the officers were wearing in the ad. they were reportedly inspired by sfpd uniforms even though pepsi never got permission to use them. tmz reports pictures of the badge were featured in behind the scenes footage. here's a side by side look. the badge on the left is the one from the commercial and on
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the right the authentic sfpd badge. in a statement released today the san francisco city attorney's office said, "there is nothing san franciscan about pepsi's hamhanded attempt to fatten its own bottom line." a rare sight in santa cruz, a great white shark flailing around close to shore. the 10-foot shark apparently got stuck this afternoon on a reef near pleasure point. rescuers represent trying to help -- kept trying to help the shark swim back out to sea of, but it was upside down on the edge of the -- sea, but it was upside down on the edge of the beach. they say the great white may be sick or injured and tonight it's not clear if it's still alive. tonight people in monterey county are hoping to spot a whale that got in danger. it somehow got entangled in a big metal frame last spotted
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sunday. spruesvolunteers were stationed in the high -- volunteers were stationed in the highlands yesterday, but the bad thing is the winds are not good. >> otherwise we'd just take the boat out and look tomorrow, but with those kind of seas that's not a safe thing to do. >> we're told the whale could be spotted anywhere between davenport and san francisco through tomorrow evening. g the tracks a heads up tonight for b.a.r.t. riders, some stations will be shut down this weekend. the tracks will be closed between fruitvale and lake merritt in oakland for much pleaded maintenance. crews are up-- needed maintenance. crews are upgrading rails and switches on the weekends over the next several months. three inductees in tonight's rock and roll hall of fame ceremony at the barclay
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center in brooklyn have ties here. among them tupac shakur and joan baez lives in woodside. she just released a not so nice song about president trump. ♪ he's an active protectionist ♪ ♪ i'm going to turn on this man when he hits the plan and no one gives a damn about his tweets ♪ it will be finally and forever obsolete ♪ and nile rodge >> also inducted tonight san francisco's journey. steve perry did not sing sadly. also inducted, elo, pearl jam, yes and nile rodgers. tonight a taste of hollywood, kpix5's betty yu caught up withusher at the san
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francisco film festival. >> reporter: you're a veteran on the stage performing for years. what was it like to be on a movie screen? >> there's been a few films this year i would like to star in. this is one, one that i think i had some background and i had great research for. they wanted me to play usher. >> this is the universe reaching out to you in the form of usher. you don't screen usher's phone calls. >> reporter: r and b star usher stars in a new movie people you may know that premiered at the 60th international film festival which showcases more than 180 movies through april 19th. tonight's world premier weaves a social media through many tales among a group of friends. >> i think it really is ultimately about acceptance. i think social media being an opportunity to highlight things that are relevant and the things that matter to you. that's how you use it good, but when you get into the idea of denial and the reality of who you are as a person and begin
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to live in the facade, it becomes complicated. it becomes dangerous. >> reporter: be true to yourself is what you're saying. >> be true to yourself is the short version of what i just said. >> reporter: the director said he wants the awed cbs to question what they're -- the audience to question what they're using social media for. the festival hopes its eclectic films serve president audiences. >> it supports up and coming talent, offering grants. >> reporter: but usher can be a bit biased when it comes to basketball. what do you think of san francisco? >> that's not fair. are you asking me that because i'm a minority owner of the cleveland cavaliers? is that why you're asking me? would you be angry at me that we took the ring and ran last year. >> reporter: the playoffs are in a few weeks, though. so be careful. >> i'm looking forward to coming back again. peals. >> reporter: in san francisco -- peace.
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>> reporter: in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. >> here is your chance to be in the movies. head for ukiah. producers of an hbo show starring amy adams needs a few thousand people. casting call is tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:30 at the ukiah valley conference center and filming starts next month. >> they're going to put me in the movies. >> your name will be in lights. >> come on, i got my big break, here i am. we've got afternoon highs tomorrow that are going to see some sunshine along with them in the mid- to upper 50s around the bay area, could still by early afternoon inland be a few showers around, but then we'll clear it out by tomorrow night. here's how it looks at the golden gate bridge. concord has 50 degrees, livermore 54 and san francisco 50 degrees. it's still windy, not as windy as last night, but we have gusts up to about 20 miles an hour. most of the action is slowly subsiding into the south bay where right now some of the
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more moderate rainfall around redwood city heading over toward beautiful woodside. it will sing -- sink down into the farther south bay later tonight and still coming down around blackhawk and san ramon in the east bay. again the general tendency is for that front draped from blackhawk now down to davenport off highway 1 to move south and east over the next few hours. we aren't done with it yet. that robust low is still spinning over vancouver island. here's where we are right now. they called for this over parts of the east in south bay. by 2 a.m. you might think we're done, but look in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. that's going to be a factor around sunrise around the bay area. it could wake you up if you are a slight sleeper. tomorrow morning it marches out of the bay area quickly and by noon a few lingering showers in the east bay and over the east bay hills, but generally after tomorrow morning the tendency will be to slowly dry it out. there will still be rogue
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showers until finally by tomorrow night at 11:00 whoever they have doing the weather will be talking about clearing skies hopefully. wind gusts ease up. tomorrow we get a fairly calm day, but headed to the beach we still have beach hazards posted through early saturday for big breakers and the threat of a rip current. winter storm warnings posted, just autistic amount of snow out there above 6,000 -- autistic amount of snow out there above 3 -- a terrific amount of snow out there above 3,000 feet, 3 feet -- above 6,000 feet, 3 feet of snow out there. let's do it by the numbers. overnight lows are mostly in the 40s, daytime highs tomorrow will be in the mid- to upper 50s. there's a bite in the air tomorrow saturday. we'll warm it up. sunday we get sunshine. monday we get sunshine. tuesday partly cloudy skies and the clouds behind the silver
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lining will come in wednesday and thursday when we get rain again spreading over the bay area, not as much rain as we've had the last two days, but you'll notice it. >> i'm sure. >> it keeps the hills green. >> the flowers will look so pretty. >> they will. >> thank you. do you have a drink on the plane to help you relax? tonight why one major airline is dealing with a wine shortage. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. first the fees... then the legroom... well, it could be the final injustice for air travelers. >> first it was the fees, then the leg room, now a wine shortage. united airlines says wine consumption in its new business class is up 300%. as a result, the company says they got a shortage. united said it buys in bulk, big bulk, but it underestimated how much wine passengers would consume. did i mention one problem might be it's free, they don't charge? >> i'm curious to know what the delays are, lost baggage.
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maybe that's contributing. >> they don't care. >> it's free, though. >> maybe baseball fans in the bay area could use a lot of wine. it is national beer day. coming up in sports it's early, but the a's have big questions about the fifth starter in their rotation. >> and the giants brandon belt has a day with 5 r.b.i., but wasn't enough as san francisco's fifth starter matt cain takes the mound. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. starters are part of this lea >> the giants are blowing leads at an alarming rate. it's not just the bullpen, but the starters are part of this lead disappearing act and the biggest question mark in the starting rotation on the mound today. the giants matt contain went 4 1/3 allowing four runs in his season debut. brandon belt goes deep to right for a grand slam, his first career grand slam, had 5 r.b.i. in the game. san francisco takes a 5-4 lead. next inning the padres answer. there's a deep right off george kontos. two runs come in and padres win their home opener 7-6. madison bumgarner will get to start tomorrow hoping to end a three
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game start. not a good opening for a's pitcher raul alcantara, taking on the texas rangers, bottom of the 2nd. the rangers are up by 4. al tan kara allowed -- alcantara allowed eight runs on four hits. texas wins 5-4. sergio garcia lands his second shot on the par 5 carding a 3-under 69 and enters tied for the lead at 4-under. rickie fowler shot a low round of 67 today. they joined thomas peters and charley hoffman atop the leaderboard and going into tomorrow's 3rd round 15 golfers are within five shots of the lead. kevin durant finally returns for the warriors 7:30 against the pelicans.
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>> that knee is okay. >> we hope. hopefully they end the regular season and pick up momentum in the playoffs. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> day 2 at augusta and some of the biggest names in the sport move into contention, like sergio, and ricky and fred couples, just rose, justice rose and phil mickelson, yes the luminaries made their move at the midway point of the 2017 masters. >> from the augusta national golf club in augusta, georgia, cbs sports proudly presents highlights of the masters sponsored by ibm, with watson, your world is safer, healthier an


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