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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the garage. a nearby homeowner who tipped us off said a group of people kicked open the door, broke the windows and ransacked the high- end home. it happened around 3 am at rose mark court. according to several real estate sites this is a brand- new subdivision price of two $1.6 million. neighbors did call san jose police but the officers weren't able to arrive in time. by the time they got here the damage was done. we have put in several calls to the department but have yet to hear from them. reporting live. >> also a suspected drunk driver is under arrest accused of causing a violent crash that left another driver dead. the chp says he rear-ended two cars on 280 near mclaughlin early this morning. one slipped in the other burst into flames. the driver in the second car did not make it out. in a facebook post chp said our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this
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innocent victim who tragically succumbed to injuries he sustained. another suspected dui crash left a sheriff's deputy hurt. here's a look at the deputies car. police say he was hit head-on by another driver just after 3 am on shoreline highway. police say the 34-year-old driver who caused the crash was not injured. but he was arrested and taken to the county jail. two cars were burned to a crisp in what investigators are calling a suspicious fire. the witness heard a loud bang at about 2 am. within minutes one car was completely engulfed in flames. the fire spread to another car and then to the front of the house. >> it sounded like a bomb. that is how loud it was. ultake catch on fire. that car was torched in three minutes. >> firefighters got there in time. they were able to knock out the fire before. the family made it out okay. >>
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to panhandlers or shot on highway 4 and one was hit in the leg. it happened yesterday afternoon in antioch. the victims were near the lone tree way offramp when the shots were fired. so far there have been 20 freeway shootings in the be way -- area. most is gang-related according to police. some scary moments on alaska airlines flight. the pilot had to divert to modesto after a heat sensor alarm went off in the cargo area. the plane touched down safely just before 7 am. it turns out it was a false alarm. >> we opened up the cargo door and found no signs of fire and found the heat signature was coming from normal operations on the plane. >> the plane is less than one- year-old. no word on what caused the sensor to malfunction. the 62 passengers were shuttled back to sacramento to board another flight. here's a live look at open international. delta flights are slowly making their way in. the airport is reporting half a
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dozen delta delays part of a ripple effect moving across the country. passengers have been dealing with major disruptions for five days because of severe storms in the southeast. more than half of delta's fleet uses the airport in atlanta each day. the airline canceled another 150 flights today. it also delayed about 1000. that is on top of hundreds of cancellations at yesterday and 3000 on friday. delta is promising to rebook everyone as soon as possible. but frustrated passengers say that is not good enough. >> i asked him if you're going to compensate for the hotel? they cannot do that sir. i can only do a rebooking. >> delta says it's operations are stabilizing but it still trying to get freight clues in the right -- freight -- freight -- flight crews in right place. now to the latest on a deadly terror attack in egypt. suicide bombers attacked to
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christian churches killing dozens of people. the people had gathered to celebrate on sunday. tonight isis is claiming responsibility for the explosions. the attacks happened at two churches in northern egypt. 44 people died at -- including worshipers. the first bombing happened at 9:30 am on the nile delta. hours later a second explosion went off at the gates of the cathedral in the coastal city of alexandria. take a look at this video. this is in alexandria. surveillance images appear to show the suicide bomber, the man with the blue sweater approaches the main gate. after being turned away he walks past a female police officer and a woman and into a full body metal detector. then an explosion engulfs the area. another video from the first attack shows the moment a bomb went off. a men's choir was singing
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inside the church. there is the sound of an explosion and the video feed cuts out. the attacks are weighing heavily on the minds in the bay area. we visited an orthodox church in the south bay were people are trained to make sense of the event. >> reporter: palm sunday is a day of peace and prayer. but violence and terror in the churches historic home in egypt. >> it's horrifying. it something you wouldn't wish on anyone, not your worst enemy and not people who identify with the religion. >> isis claimed responsibility for the bombings. blasts have killed 44 people. the pastor at st. george and campbell urged his congregation to find peace in prayer. >> the only weapon we have is our prayers. and we believe and we are sure that god is listening to our prayers. >> the coptic churches one of the oldest of -- modern -- >> i believe our faith is
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constantly tested and i believe that our sisters and brothers are so devout, they walk on the same land where jesus was. >> parishioners say the places of attack suggest the brothers and sisters were casualties of war in which little is held sacred. and from which prayer is the only refuge. >> we turn to prayer and it shows the world that jesus is love and that we turn to love and prayer more than anything. >> >> the church attacks also came at a preplanned event in san jose. multifaith service was intended to launch a new effort to stand up for immigrants. but some speakers mentioned the violence of egypt. one said the actions of isis go against muslim teachings and the muslims in the region should take up arms against the terror group. >> to fulfill the legacy of our prophet mohammed we need to stop them in the best people
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are able to do that are those in the region which is why i said yes, calling up arms by the people in the region against isis. >> she added the religiously observant people have an obligation to do more than condemn acts of oppression. and actually try to stop them. the daughter of civil rights activists fred korematsu spoke out against bigotry and prejudice. people are finding the lessons more relevant than ever. >> racial profiling was wrong 75 years ago and racial profiling is wrong today. during world war ii when the us rounded up americans of japanese descent, karen, her father resisted. a case that went to the us supreme court. but when karen was young i died -- her dad never talked about it. >> he had this heart went over his face. i couldn't ask her anymore.
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>> but through the decades he started speaking publicly against racial profiling. >> he gave me the charge five months before he passed away to carry on with education. >> learning about the past we are not doomed to repeat it. >> justice for all. that is what i think we inspire and that is why. >> today's gathering is a group of juice and muslims who got together after realizing they had a lot in common during the 2016 presidential campaign. >> people are frightened. >> the muslim later of the institute has formed a new relationship with the rabbi. >> there a lot the can understand what that means to be singled out and the fingers pointed. have been blamed for one thing or another. >> his presentation brought the -- her presentation brought the group talking points. >> it's powerful even if you don't have action. >> the story is becoming more publicly known. he was the subject of a google
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doodle earlier this year. his daughter says the message is this. >> and you see something wrong protest but not with violence. otherwise they won't listen. but don't be afraid to speak up. still to come, from virtual reality to robots and drones, the local tech companies helping to inspire a diverse group of high school students to a hands-on day at the office. more than seven feet of water and counting. why the northern sierra could make history this week with just a sprinkle of rain. struck the going to make history this week because we have rain on the way. that probably means rain and snow for the mountains. we will set it up when we do the forecast after the break. how about correcting your vibes -- with the music of the universe? we're taking yo . looking for a unique way to unwind? how about correcting your vibe the music of the universe.
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taking you for a sound bath. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lesbian-gay freedom band" was on hand to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated l-g-b-t center on market street. dozens showed up for today's ribbon-cutting ceremony. the center is the san francisco lesbian gay freedom band was on hand to celebrate the new lgbt center on market street. dozens showed up for the ribbon- cutting ceremony. the center is celebrating its 15th anniversary. it offers medical and legal services to thousands of people each year. a push to bridge the diversity gap in silicon valley. the weekend workshop that gave bay area kids hands-on experience for cutting-edge technology. >> reporter: collect the tech snowball effect.
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more young people from diverse backgrounds engaging in virtual reality, the more successful the tech goodies get for building the future for a broader audience. but these so-called frontier technologies like 3-d and augmented reality and drones are often out of reach for many young people in underserved communities. >> some of not had a chance to try it. but there's a lot of interest. you can see it in the faces. >> i'm drawing mickey mouse. back that is where they plugged in this weekend. a tech company that specializes in frontier startups. they challenged students from public schools to write an essay so they could participate in a saturday afternoon day at the office event south of market. >> today we are focused on high school students and allowing there to be an all-star program where we can find up-and-coming students who are interested in frontier technology early. >> it's not again it's real
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life. >> reporter: the hope is the virtual reality and the augmented reality create a new reality for the students. >> they are meeting people that they wouldn't otherwise be. are getting ideas. i've heard of some internship offers. it's something that we can give back and have it happen as early as possible. >> reporter: companies including sony mdr labs networked with the kids. they say they're determined to address silicon valley's blind spot for women and people of color. >> being able to get people with different experiences allows you to have a diversity of ideas and you can build better products. >> fantastic. i like that they're trying to get more diversity. but the fact that we need to get more diversity is a bigger problem. it should of been equal. but at least they are trying. >> reporter: a virtual reality check as the tech industry makes us tried to change the
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world and in the process include people from all walks of life. in san francisco kpix 5. >> the search continues for a whale that is slowly making its way up the coast. it's entangled in the middle frame. it was spotted wednesday near san simeon. marine wildlife experts think it may be off the bay area. if you spotted please let them know so you can call them. some might be out for the weather-related problems that continue. in marin county a mudslide has shut down northbound highway 1. drivers are being asked to avoid the area. no word on when the northbound lanes may be open. spring has begun and the northern sierra is on the brink of its wettest year ever. between rain and snow the mountains have received the equivalent of 87.5 inches of water. since the beginning of october. that is just one inch between -- below the all-time record set in 1983. more what weather on the way it could pass that mark later this
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week. in the meantime the guys who drive the snowplows wish it would all just stop. >> this is mind blowing to me. the fact is two years ago i was mountain biking right now jumping in the lake. this area, we still have 20 foot snowbanks. >> all that snow means there is still plenty of spring skiing to be had, many of the resource plan to stay open through the end of april or even later. governor jerry brown i have declared an end to the drought that he left a number of conservation members that some say go too far. a long-term plan includes requirements like setting statewide conservation targets. banning wasteful water practices. mandating monthly water usage reports and requiring water shortage contingency plans. but one -- some districts are concerned it could lead to unnecessary rationing in water rich areas. >> what we are objecting to is the fact that we are not going
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through a deliberate process to do this and it's a one-sided that full strategy. >> drought or remains in place for several counties in central california. we will have a little relief perhaps for them is a weak system comes down from the pacific northwest. first in the north bay and later in the week everyone gets wet. for now it looks pretty nice. mostly sunny skies from santa rosa in the north to san jose in the south. winds gusting in hayward up to 21 miles per hour. mostly near 60 degrees. chillier in san francisco and santa rosa. tomorrow morning numbers near the upper 40s. partly cloudy skies. the clouds are on the way. they will be around tomorrow. it's tonight that you could get a few showers in the north bay. low pressure is moving in over vancouver island and it's dragging a week cold front over mendocino. up in ukiah the have sunny skies
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and in crescent city they have rain. between crescent city and here the breath will be knocked out of this but that will be enough left so that, the green dots around 2 am, widely scattered green dots around sonoma county. enough to maybe get a week cold front and the tech wet. then it dissipates by the afternoon. we will look for partly cloudy skies. tonight, a chance of a few light showers in the north bay. increasing clouds for everyone else on monday and tuesday. temperatures remain on the end usually coolly side. and rain moves in tuesday night and wednesday. not nearly as much rain as we had last week. nevertheless, a system will come in and give us more rain. tuesday night into wednesday. heading out partly cloudy skies to fresno. the numbers in the 40s. san francisco partly cloudy skies tomorrow. the weather shouldn't slow you
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down. unless the week cold front produces fog but it shouldn't. as we look around the country, seattle has rain and 49. chicago thunderstorms and 73 tomorrow. new york is sunny and 76. overnight lows tonight will be mostly in the 40s. not as bad as last night. with the insulating clouds, we're relatively mild. tomorrow some spots above average like san jose and some spots below average like san francisco. 60. in the south bay the numbers will be in the mid-60s. in the east bay the numbers will be in the mid-60s. partly cloudy skies. from soft little north a few light showers wouldn't be surprised between midnight and sunrise. the same from ukiah down. extended forecast, we're looking for the numbers to be in the warmer spots near 70 with partly cloudy skies. late on tuesday, i have the sun/clouds, late tuesday
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working their way into the north bay. wednesday everyone gets rain. thursday, friday, saturday sunday, partly cloudy. at this point dry. the numbers near 70 in the warmest the parts. at the moment not too bad. enjoyed monday. you know what they say, the masters doesn't begin until sunday. were they ever right. finished for the ages. can sergio finish off his first major career victory? ,,,,,,,,,,
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imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding...
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and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. wasn't good enough to win a major... today at augusta he faced the masters, there certainly a model. never give up. >> i watched every televised of the masters and today the back nine on sunday made it worth it. it's one of those mashes -- matches were you didn't want to see someone lose but you were seeing, five years ago sergio garcia said he wasn't good
6:23 pm
enough to win a major. today he faced off and proved himself wrong. it went back and forth all day. it came to the 18th tee box and they were tied at nine under. both tee shots were straight down the middle. it bounces off the mound leafing a birdie putt. this shot, straight sets up a putting contest there were issues putting down the stretch. this one off the mark. the left the door open for sergio. we go to a playoff. it was back to the start and rose cut his tee shot. he punched out and got to the green but was laying three. sergio's tee shot found the fairway. his second shot another thing of beauty. so rose, that left sergio garcia
6:24 pm
two parts for the green jacket. he didn't need it. sergio garcia, his first major championship in 73 attempts. he finally shed the label of the best player to never meant -- win a major. >> i felt this course was going to give me at least one major. i'm not going to lie, that thought changed through the years because i started feeling uncomfortable on the course. but i got to peace with it. i think because of that i able to stand here today. >> 37. perhaps now there are more to follow. the giants are off to their worst start since 2008. desperately needing a win to salvage in san diego before heading home for tomorrow's home opener. the giants in san diego, they probably get free bowl of soup.
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top of the second, basic for the first hit by a giants leftfielder the season. buster posey scores. allowing brandon crawford to score. hunter to the western, his first of the year. if organizing giants. next batter buster posey. that's his first run of the year. maybe something to start to happen. 5-2 zero. 9th inning, the new closer. mark pitching for the first time in a week trying to hold a 5-3 lead. two on, wil myers with a game ending double play. giants 5-3. they snapped a four- game losing. fortunately the sky would not need an umbrella. sean working his second start of the year. second inning pulls the string on mike napoli for the strikeout. finishes with a career-high 10 strikeout. later the pitch not quite as
6:26 pm
effective with joey gallo. that is a 31, second home run of the season. perez would give the a's 20 of chance to get back into it. two men aboard, tying the baseball game, way back. 11 men stranded by the a's. bottom of the six, gallo again. to run basic. the rangers went 8-1. the a's two out of three in texas. the warriors or less than one week away from beginning the postseason and now we know who their first round opponents will be. the thunder russell westbrook trying to break the record. he did get fourth quarter. 's 10th assist on a 3-pointer, his 42nd triple-double of the year. robertsons record would set in 1962. final seconds, thunder down,
6:27 pm
they go home. westbrook finishes with 50 points and the nuggets lost. portland, the final playoff spot, the blazers will play golden state in the first round. westbrook's former teammate kevin durant returned to the warriors last night. golden state 120 3-1 a one over new orleans. durrant admits the previous 19 games with an injury scored 16 points. his teammate say they were more than ready to get back on the court. >> he's been anxious for a couple of weeks. something about trying to get back out there. >> on the basketball player. it's my favorite thing to do. to feel like i'm part of the team, this energy, it feels great. >> ozzy osbourne getting the drivers ready for the nascar race in texas. june on the right forced to start the race in 40th.
6:28 pm
johnson would remain in first the rest of the way to win his first of the year. he's one at least one race for 16 straight years. >> a bigger accomplishment for sergio today. the match went so long, john wilbur get down tonight on game day. a win for the ages. >> after the 11:00 newscast. game day. coming up violence tweets against president trump. california history professor who says he should hang. a rare sites on the streets of north korea's capital city. hundreds of foreigners, why the nation welcome them in for the day. the california police department bouncing -- mounting cannons to its cruisers. weapon they have that could bring car chases to a safe stop. ,,,,
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yet 1 in 6 children in the us struggle with hunger. help end childhood hunger near you. learn how at brand new homes in san jose... trashed. we're told dozens of vandals kicked open doors and broke night.. at the our top stories tonight. brand-new homes in san jose trashed. we are told dozens of vandals kicked open doors and broke windows at a high-end development on rosemar court. it's a brand-new subdivision with homes priced up to $1.6 million. delta flights are slowly making their way to the bay area as the airline struggles to recover from major nationwide disruption. the airline canceled 150 flights today and delayed about 1000. it's a ripple effect from severe storms a began in the southeast last week. it's something you wouldn't wish on anyone, not your worst enemy and not people u i vandal
6:32 pm
white -- identify with. >> identifying with the bombings in egypt were fellow worshipers died. isis is claiming responsibility for the suicide attacks that killed at least 44 people. the latest developments in a word of caution. some of the images you are about to see maybe disturbing. the first bomb exploded as a men's choir was singing during the sunday service in egypt. the lifestream feed from inside the church went dark. parishioners scramble to escape. the blast caused major damage filling the building with smoke and scattering debris. surveillance video captured a man wearing blue as he walked to a metal detector and detonated himself outside another church in alexandria. officials say the two bombs killed dozens of people and injured dozens more. isis is claiming responsibility. the attacks are the latest targeting egypt's coptic
6:33 pm
christians. pope francis condemned the attack in st. peter's square. the pope who plans to visit egypt this month pray for the dead and injured. resident trump who hosted egypt's president last week tweeted, so sad to hear of the terrorist attack in egypt. the us stomach -- strongly condemns. i have great confidence the president will handle it situation probably. outside the church angry crowds shouted no to terrorism. some demanded the president do more to protect them. the attacks come less than one week after trump welcomed his egyptian counterpart to the white house. the two reaffirmed their commitment to work together against isis. 17-year-old asylum seeker from russia has been arrested in connection with the
6:34 pm
explosive device discovered in norway's capital. a busy area of oslo was sealed off late last night after the device was found. police were able to neutralize it. investigators describe the explosive as we did with limited damage potential. it's not clear if the suspect intended to detonated. officials think he was part of extremist circles in norway and he was on their radar. the team is expected in court tomorrow. a history professor at fresno state is going viral tonight for some violent tweets against resident trump. the first message from the professor said, to save american democracy trump must hang. the sooner and the higher the better. two days later he added has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts from monument honoring the trump assassin? >> you disagree with policy you can question for moral behavior, any of those things. but in a sense to talk about assassination and hanging, that is beyond as far as i'm
6:35 pm
concerned. >> he sent the tweets in february but they started going viral this weekend after breitbart news noticed them. in a statement he said he does not condone violence or have any intention to commit any. in a statement fresno state said statements made on his social media account are his alone and are not endorsed. secretary of state rex tillerson heads to moscow under the twin clouds of russia's russia -- election midland. and the opposition to the us missile strikes in syria. this morning on face the nation he was asked if he is worried about russian retaliation. >> i see no reason that there would be retaliation since the russians were never did in this particular strike. it was a very deliberate and very proportional and targeted strike undertaken in response to the chemical weapons attack and russia was never part of the targeting. >> lawmakers are calling on president trump to work with congress on a broader long-term
6:36 pm
serious strategy. >> our system is we want -- don't want any president being able to start a war or launch missiles whatever they want. there has to be congressional approval. lindsey graham disagrees and says the president has the authority to launch additional strikes, especially after syrian president sure all assad continued launching planes from the same airfield where it thought to these chemical attack originated. >> here's what i think, by flying from this base, i think he's making a serious mistake. if you're an adversary of the us and you don't worry about what trump may do on any given day, then you are crazy. >> the syrian regime called the u.s. strikes a flagrant act of aggression and claims it doesn't possess chemical weapons. and amy -- and navy carrier striker is going for the kerry -- korean peninsula. the recent blissett -- ballistic missile test have
6:37 pm
raised tensions and the ships are a show of force. a rare sight on the streets of north korea's capital. hundreds of foreigners invited to tour the city on foot. the annual marathon. it's the only american tv correspondent and he has a rare glimpse in the country. >> the marathon one of the rare days foreigners are free to run through the streets of north korea. without constant government supervision. >> this is probably the best way to check out a country that's one of the least understood in the world. >> reporter: they run along north koreans like this university student. >> i'm so happy he says so many foreigners came. we all ran together. >> reporter: a friendly competition in front of curious crowds cheering for people they will likely never see. >> this is completely out there. >> i feel like i have so many
6:38 pm
questions. what's real and what is not real. it's such a surreal experience. >> reporter: north koreans are told they live in a socialist oasis. safe from the turmoil of the outside world. a world they are kept far away from. >> you are here on your honeymoon? this newlywed from chicago says she is surprised this closed societies giving visitors a warm welcome. >> it brings you down to the fact that we are all human and that the people in this city are very warm and they can be just like us. >> reporter: of course there is another race happening here in north korea that's capturing the world's attention. race to develop nuclear weapons. analysts say they're moving closer to the finish line every day. these women say they are not preoccupied with the nuclear
6:39 pm
arms race. there more excited about north korea's biggest holiday week of the year, the celebrations honoring the nation's late supreme leaders. do you ever think are worry about rising tension between north korea and the united states? >> i'm not worried at all. we have a strong leader. >> reporter: the government tells them the us is responsible for north korea's economic hardship and isolation. >> i hope more foreigners will come here so they can learn about our philosophy said the student. they pass the symbol of self- reliance and self-development. >> reporter: north korea intends to win its nuclear arms race with or without the acceptance of the outside world. i spoke with government officials who say they are looking at what's happening in places like syria and what has happened in iraq and libya, regimes toppled by the united states and they say they need an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead as soon as possible to protect
6:40 pm
this country from invasion. la is famous for many things, warm weather, celebrity sightings, and car chases. >> that's it. >> the cruiser mounted cannons that could bring the wild chases to an end with one sticky gps bullet. the size of six football fields, hurling towards earth, the close encounter that is days away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
but a new high- tech gadget the size of a soda can.. could soon bring them to a safe stop. stacey butler shows us how it works: california is while -- famous for police chases. a new gadget the size of the soda can consume bring it to a safe stop. now, how works. >> right between the bus. >> reporter: southern california is known for high speed car chases. every year there seem to be more.
6:43 pm
>> you don't know what the suspect is going to do. >> reporter: nationwide hundreds of innocent victims dying innocent -- lease pursuits. new technology could change that. it's called start chase. the first in southern california to try it out. here's how it works. when a suspect makes a break, the officer presses a button and fires a sticky gps bullet like a cannon out of a special compartment in the front grill of his police cruiser. it sticks to the back of the fleeing car. a police dispatcher can then track where the suspect goes and how fast they are going. in real time. >> the officer can drop back and no longer needs to continue at high speeds to chase. burbach only one other small city in california is using the technology. this mom is excited. her city is on the cutting edge. >> it's keeping our streets safer for our kids. i think it's a good thing. it's great to hear that this is one of the first. >> reporter: please say they will still chase the bad guy if
6:44 pm
they have to but not as often. >> do it. we can catch them faster with less accidents. and know where they are going. >> reporter: the start chase system isn't cheap. it's about $5000 for each car. american flags flying the straits of dallas, people marched towards immigration reform. organization's call for an end to discriminatory executive orders. it was a peaceful protest with no reports of arrests. friends and fellow musicians reverend chuck berry at his funeral this afternoon. mourners walked slowly pass an open casket in st. louis. the funeral was held where very often played during his long career. former president bill clinton called chuck berry one of america's greatest rock 'n roll pioneers. jim berry was the man behind johnny b goode and sweet 16. he influenced many rock group's. he died last month at the age
6:45 pm
of 90. still to come unique way to step away from the stress of the world. >> a chance to really connect to the sound of source. the sound of creation. the sound of the universe. >> we will take you inside the san francisco program or you can tune up your aura to the vibrations of the universe. >> we are on frequency the tells me rain is on the way. i'm afraid it's true. we'll have the details as we look live, it's coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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judge neil gorsuch will be sworn in.. in a pair of ceremonies in washington. chief justice john roberts will administer the oath of office at 9 a.m... america's newest supreme court justice will take the bench tomorrow. neil gorsuch will be sworn in. chief justice roberts will administer the oasam office and a.m. in a private ceremony at the screen court. justice kennedy will administer a second public both two hours later at the white house. a change of command aboard the international space station. peggy whitson is now the first two-time female commander. she became the first woman ever to take charge of the orbiting laboratory. this is her third mission to the iss and she is on track to break another record later this month for the most total days spent in space by anyone, man or woman. she will have a front row seat
6:49 pm
while a large astro does a flyby past earth later this month. method says the rock is about the size of -- nasa says rock is the size of six football fields. it will be more than 1 million miles away when it flies by on april 19. no chance of a collision. it will be the closest encounter with a large asteroid in 13 years. you will be able to see it with a telescope or you can watch it online. >> not less you have a big telescope. did you say 1 million miles away? that's about four times farther than the moon. we have a look at ocean beach. a beautiful ending to the day. the sunset tonight at 7:40 so we are a few minutes from touchdown. severances go 54. here's how it looks, something
6:50 pm
wicked this way comes. you can see around eureka, some rain. and intense line of thundershowers. if we were north it would be anything. but we are not. here we have clear skies, mostly sunny skies and no prospects of rain except for the north bay later tonight on the southern edge of that front we might pick up a shower or two in the north bay before sunrise. watch the top of your screen in futurecast, 3:00 a.m., the hint of a few light showers. you might wake up to slick roads in the north bay. tomorrow morning onshore flow. temperatures cooler than today. north bay, light showers overnight. increasing clouds monday and tuesday. rain moves in midweek. we have rain on wednesday. the chance of a lingering shower on thursday. tomorrow the numbers in the mid- 60s.
6:51 pm
temperatures in the low 60s in the north bay. rain overnight. a little more farther north you go like ukiah. extended forecast, tuesday night into wednesday a few showers in the bay area. there is a hand there could be showers thursday as well. partly cloudy skies into easter weekend. after that we get a break from the rain. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
san francisco? tonight: wilson walker takes us into the conservatory of the only way to unplugged, in the bay area, -- >> wilson walks are -- we go to the conservatory of flowers were people are lining up to tune out in a sound bath. >> it's an experience.
6:54 pm
something you have to experience to know what it is. it's hard to describe. >> they came filing into the conservatory of flowers quietly making their way past exotic plants, yoga mats until. >> it's an environment to come in and unplugged from the day. unplugged from life for an hour. >> they are not here to get a closer look or a yoga class. these folks are packing the conservatory to tune out by dialing in to what you might call the vibration of life. >> we are caring our own vibrations. as we walk in from our day, it's in the lining of frequency to align yourself with pure harmonic tones. very organic and designed to take you out. -- take you out of your mind. [ music ] the sound of the gong
6:55 pm
is a sound of creation. a full facts -- a full spectrum of sound. crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, native american chimes, it's called a sound bath. being bathed in sound. >> meditating is hard to start to cultivate in meditation practice its silence for an hour. it's this idea of using sound and deeply listening.
6:56 pm
we used the word sound meditation intentionally. this will help you deepen your meditation. >> it's basically an extension of us that. yoga means connection. >> it's an hour of time with yourself. >> in might be just the right time for that kind of time. every single night is sold out and so is an upcoming sound bath at the cathedral. one way to reset your own vibrations if you need help making free from the noise of the world. >> there is so much static with the election and all the crazy and everyone is going through so much. a place for community to come and unplugged and bathed in these harmonics that are the
6:57 pm
sound of the universe. >> kpix 5 in san francisco. >> very peaceful. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> the latest is always on line. we will see you back here, have a great evening. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> how many silicon valley insiders are there speaking out like you are? >> not that many. >> tristan harris was a google product manager and is one of the only silicon valley insiders to publicly question the engineering behind our smartphones, apps and social media platforms. he says they're built to be addictive, and warns of long term consequences for us and our families. >> never before in history have a handful of people at a handful of technology companies shaped how a billion people think and feel every day with the choices they make about these screens. >> the most beautiful thing. i love innovation, i love competing. i hate my competitors.


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