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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> what does rain smell like. >> it's a mildew-y asphalt clean smell. >> it does. >> it's mild outside and we have a lot of that low-level moisture so it's not being detected by radar. i hate low-level moisture because the radar can't pick it up because the beam overshoots it. this is our live hi-def doppler. you're picking up light showers just to the south and to the east of the livermore area. also half moon bay. roads are slippery from the low- level moisture. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s. it's 52 degrees in santa rosa. 58 degrees in oakland. that incoming front promises to bring some brief heavy downpours tonight with some gusty winds. we are going to track that coming up. but right now, this is what you
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can expect today. random scattered showers, breezy day, cooler 60 to 66 degrees tracking storms and the weekend for the easter weekend coming up. we have first reports of an accident southbound at monument boulevard. it is an overturned vehicle no word if any lanes are blocked. chp is heading to the scene but we are dealing with wet roads. so we're going to see a few accidents here and there. we'll keep our eye on that and a bit of a backup at the toll plaza. so far oakland okay. the chp may be able to bust a dirt bike gang. authorities arrested a suspect allegedly linked to that group. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us the technology used to track him down.
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>> reporter: popping wheelies and performing stunts. in recent weeks drivers have these images on cell phone video of dirt bikes bringing traffic to a standstill on highways and busy city streets. >> they are running red lights and stop signs and riding up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: sunday afternoon the chp says about 8 or 9 dirt bikers gathered at mclaren park and scattered when police arrive. this plane followed one man who police say was driving especially recklessly. the suspect tried to ditch the plane by ducking into this small street in the bayview. >> while i was doing that, he was shedding his outer clothing to avoid identification. >> reporter: the chp says the suspect tried to hide his motorcycle by putting it beside one of these vehicles and then tried to hide himself by diving underneath. he was there for a minute but because of the plane we saw where he was. the pilot guided our units that were on the ground directly to
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the location. >> reporter: and the chp arrested 28-year-old rene sanidad. they will ask him about other incidents including the beating of a lyft driver on 101 in san francisco last month. >> we don't know if it's related. we haven't developed any information that would tie the party that we have in custody to this incident. we are treating it as a separate incident. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. mourners remembered a teacher and student killed in a school shooting. 8-year-old jonathan martinez had to overcome a lot of challenges including williams syndrome, heart surgeries and developmental delays. the genetic condition makes children highly social and endearing. police say the gunman cedric anderson walked into his estranged wife's classroom at
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north park elementary school two days ago and started shooting. the gunfire killed jonathan and 53-year-old teacher karen smith. then anderson shot himself. >> his criminal history was four prior arrests dating from 1982 until 2013. those four arrests included a weapons charge, domestic violence charge, theft charge, and in none of those cases was there a conviction. >> a 9-year-old student who was also injured is in the hospital and the school is closed. federal lawmakers are demanding answers from unite airlines after video surfaced of a security guard removing a passenger from an overbooked flight. now we are getting a new look at the confrontation. roxana saberi has the latest. >> reporter: faced with worldwide outrage over these images showing a passenger forcibly removed from a plane, united airlines ceo issued his third apology on tuesday. oscar munoz called the treat of
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dr. david dow a truly horrific event and said, i deeply apologize. no one should ever be mistreated this way. in this video shot by a fellow passenger that surfaced tuesday a security officer can be heard talking to dow. >> no, i'm not going. i am not going! >> reporter: dow refused to be bumped from the flight to make room for employees of a partner airline. after officers dragged him down the aisle, his face appeared bloodied. nowhere is he seen attack the officers. >> what do we do? >> reporter: in chicago protestors accused united of targeting dow because of his ethnicity. >> thousands of words of hatred, hatred, racial profiling, racism. >> reporter: four senate democrats are demanding details from united and the department of transportation is investigating. >> it's the worst response to a public relations crisis that i have ever seen. >> reporter: one group says passengers are entitled to
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combination up to $1,350 -- exceptions up to $1,350 for being bumped but few other rights. >> they will be more likely to bump you if you are not a frequent flyer, if you paid a low fare. >> reporter: the ceo is promising a review of company policy. roxana saberi for cbs news. >> this might not be the first time united has caused issues with overbooked flights. last week another passenger paid $1,000 for a first class flight from hawaii to irvine. before take-off, the flight attendant told him he had to get off. the reason? the flight was overbooked and they needed a seat for a passenger with first class priority status. he refused to get off and was reportedly threatened with handcuffs. >> she said, if you don't leave voluntarily, we'll summon security and have you escorted off the plane. if i waited five more minutes, my wife said that would have been you on the tv. >> he flew home on economy. the airline sent him an apology and credit. later this morning there's going to be a meeting about flooding in san francisco
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neighborhoods. the city spent millions of dollars on settlements from damages claimed by homeowners. the public utilities commission plans to report on short term and long-term plans to fix the flooding issues. we're not expecting any flooding this week but we are seeing rain. >> we certainly are. i have heard so many complaints about it. i'm done! i'm tired with the rain. how about you? >> you know, i'm neutral on it because it doesn't matter how i feel about it. it's coming or it's not coming, right? >> embracing it. >> my daughter keeps saying, oh, daddy, it's going to rain. i say it's good for the rain and trees. but it ruins my exercising plans. not for surfing. you can suffer when it's raining. >> you're going to get anyway. >> i like it because of the freshly planted gardens. my backyard i have my jalapenos, my serrano, rosemary, basil. >> salsa will be good. >> i understand if you are getting weary of the gray skies and that's what's in the
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forecast again today. good morning, everybody! let's get to it our live hi-def doppler picking up ground clutter not picking up the low- level moisture. keep in mind looking at right now that's our radar from mount umunum. we have our radar site to the north mount vaca and the beam is overshooting the low-level moisture. but it's there. it's a very sloppy commute. as you take a look towards the embarcadero, boy, it's becoming problematic as far as visibility is concerned and gianna brought up an interesting point. is it getting foggy? it is. look at the mild temperatures. you have the cool wet rain. dew points are in the 50s. humidity is near 100% most reporting station. we're lacking a good wind so we're seeing the formation of fog at the bay this morning and around the coastside, as well. the winds currently out of the west at 5 in napa. we'll see these winds increasing later today. ten to 10. when this front blows through tonight some very gusty winds. this is the frontal boundary that's going to slice through around 9:00 tonight bringing
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brief heavy downpours and gusty winds. until then, bring our temperatures down in comparison yesterday when it was 69 in san jose, today 66 to 68 degrees around the rose garden district. also alum rock into alviso and into willow glen. 60s will be common around san mateo into foster city and east palo alto. low 60s around the shore. we slide around to the east bay. yesterday we had temperatures in the low 70s. mid-60s will be common today and north bay stacking up to 64 in san rafael we have your full forecast including easter sunday coming up. first here's gianna. bay bridge reports of an accident westbound on the toll plaza is cleared up quickly. 10 minutes ago we saw a few delays but no delays now no metering lights. but we are dealing with slick surfaces because of wet weather. so give yourself extra time this morning. out of the maze into san
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francisco, everything is a- okay. chp southbound 680 at monument disabled vehicle cleared no delays at 680. rest of the bay area quiet. westbound 92 san mateo bridge clear and as roberta said a little bit of limited visibility there because of the weather as you work your way across the golden gate bridge. secretary of state rex tillerson is in moscow today to meet with russia's foreign minister. it follows some of the strongest language yet from the trump administration on the russian-backed government in syria. u.n. ambassador nikki haley says she believes russia knew of the deadly chemical attacks on syrian civilians beforehand. she and the white house say stabilizing syria will require president assad to step down. they wouldn't commit to or rule out future military action. meanwhile, white house press secretary spicer is apologizing for a remark about the holocaust. it came as he discussed the horror of chemical weapons in syria last week. >> you had a, you know,
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someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to the -- to using chemical weapons. >> that sparked a backlash because hitler sent people to the gas chambers. spicer's clarification didn't help. >> i think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing -- there was clearly -- i -- i understand. thank you. i appreciate that. there was not in the -- in the -- he brought them into, um, to the holocaust is center. i understand that. >> representative nancy pelosi released a statement saying, in part, quote, either he is speaking for the president or the president should have known better than to hire him. and that outrage prompted this apology. >> frankly, i mistakenly used an inappropriate insensitive reference to the holocaust for which frankly there is no comparison and for that i
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apologize. it was a mistake to do that. >> one person accused him of holocaust denial and called on president trump to fire him at once. firefighters in the bay area's biggest city could soon have a much faster safer way to respond to emergencies. >> plus, a state of emergency declared in florida as more than 100 wildfires burn out of control. we'll be right back. ,,
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declared a state of emergency. with more than 100 brush fires burning right now across florida, governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency. fire crews are using helicopters and heavy equipment to control the flames in 107 active blazes. the silver palm fire is about 100 yards away from homes. florida's agriculture commissioner says that the state's wildfire season hasn't been this active in six years. and around here, we have more rain today. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge but, boy, is
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that going to be just about anywhere. you can't really see. >> fog is developing as we speak. we have some high dew points. lack of wind, cool air. this is our view from the transamerica pyramid looking towards the bay bridge. the visibility is obscured. we are currently at 52 in santa rosa to 58 apiece in oakland and san jose. our live hi-def doppler radar is picking up a smattering of light rain showers to the east of the livermore area and over the santa cruz mountains. otherwise it's low-level moisture and the radar beams can't detect it because they are overshooting it because we're having it pointing in the direction of this right here an incoming system that promises
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to bring heavy rainfall for a brief amount of time later on tonight. it's this guy right here. this is the second system. the first one is way over there. that's where we saw the light rain from yesterday. this one with the frontal boundary right there is poised and positioned to scatter rain showers tonight. until then, we are seeing the backwash of yesterday's weak disturbance. at 8 p.m., this is the frontal boundary that originates from the north. it sags to the south. we'll have heavy vein, winds will ramp up over 20 miles an hour. behind it is the core of the center of the area of low pressure that keeps our weather unsettled through thursday gradually improving overnight into friday setting the stage for a good saturday. let's go through the totals:
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we have the tahoe report at 5:18. sunrise 6:39. don't bank on seeing the sun. we have cloud cover and areas of fog. we have some light showers today into the 60s. outside number around 66 degrees. that will be in san jose down from 69 degrees yesterday. full sunshine saturday easter sunday starts off partly cloudy and then we will end up with some rain showers by nightfall. so falcons, gianna, will he easter egg hunt in the morning on sunday? >> i'm going with yes, right? because there will be rain in the evening? or do it saturday? >> no, sunday morning. >> after mass at noonish. am i safe at noon? >> yes. >> that works. jumping over to roads we have a couple of accidents that were just reported by chp westbound 24 at fish ranch. there is an accident with a vehicle that spun out in lanes.
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it's possibly blocking the fast lane. we are seeing word of another accident south 101 at poplar all came in seconds ago from-chp. south 101 at poplar lanes blocked at fish ranch, as well. we showed you 580 westbound towards 680. doing okay just extra volume altamont pass to 680 looks like you're going to need at least 21 minutes for the drive time. we are seeing speeds down to the 40s as you work your way westbound. over to highway 4 we go still looks good this morning so far no major snags through antioch to pittsburg. traffic okay on the westbound side. 65 miles per hour overall so nice speeds towards the eastshore freeway. elsewhere to the south bay traffic is doing okay through here. 101 clear through san jose but again you might hit an accident northbound approaching poplar when you get towards redwood city. more on that coming up. emergency crews in san jose could soon have a quicker way to reach their destinations. >> the city is looking at
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software allows emergency vehicles to change red lights to green. len ramirez says it could be a first for the west coast. [ sirens ] >> reporter: after struggling for years with slow emergency response times, san jose firefighters will be literally getting the green light to get there faster. >> what we're seeing either the parting of the -- >> reporter: the new system knows where the engines are going and clears a path of green lights along the way automatically. >> rather than coming to a dead stop at a red light and then having to wait for traffic to clear or waiting for the signal to change is the signals would change in our favor and if nothing else at least keep traffic flowing. >> reporter: san jose's target is to respond to emergencies at least 90% of the time within 8 minutes. the city's first responders are just now breaking 90% after years in the high 80s. other cities are often in the mid- to high 90s. fire department layoffs, the closure of firehouses, plus
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increased population and traffic, all added up to slower response times. >> we think this is going to be a significant boost to our already significant efforts of the last two years to improve response times to the use of technology. >> reporter: unlike most cities which rely on mechanical systems within the fire engines to change the lights, san jose's system will be less expensive software based solution tying into the fire department's existing gps system and interfaces with the city's own traffic control network to turn red lights green. >> it will be safer for us and other vehicles and people traveling until the area. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. time check 4:50. protestors take to the streets to demand action after the violent takedown of a jaywalker by a northern california police officer. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people in san jose-- can now get medical marijuana.. delivered to their good morning. even though it's morning, i'm thinking about easter already. rain is developing on sunday. it will not interfere for those plans. we have late day evening rain showers that will develop with breezy conditions. easter day temperatures in the 60s. we have the full forecast coming up including rain for the giants game tonight. that's still coming up in about 4 minutes. we are monitoring an accident south 101 north of poplar. two-car cracks lanes blocked, expect delays. people in san jose can now get medical marijuana delivered. it's through an app called ease. as betty yu reports, san jose is the startup's newest and largest city where they can
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operate. >> reporter: organic weed gummis, mints and vaporizer cartridges some of the things you can get delivered at home in san jose since the city lifted its ban on medical pot deliver rims the weed technology company, the largest in the nation, lets customers order items like prerolled joints and different strains of pot through its app. >> excited that the city has allowed delivery to give access to people who need marijuana who can't go out to those brick and mortar locations. >> reporter: it has partnered with the dispensary the guild to deliver weed products to patients. it's one of just two licensed shops that deliver weed in the city. you can also get a medical marijuana card and register with the dispensary through the app. >> one of the problems we have had and one of the complaints we have always seen from patients is that it's difficult at times to get here whether that be from convenience or really from a necessity due to
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save public access. >> reporter: most of the dispensaries are in industrial parts of town. there are 16 in san jose including the guild serving a city of a million people. >> you really need home delivery. people rely on it. the transportation costs alone to get to a dispensary for a lot of people costs more than the marijuana itself. so being able to deliver it to their home is important. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. dozens gathered in sacramento last night to protest the controversial jaywalking incident on monday. many demonstrators were from the "black lives matter" movement. >> stop now, get down on the ground now. >> video from the sacramento police department showing the jaywalk stop. shortly after the verbal confrontation you see the officer disappear in front of the vehicle until it moves away.
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and the officer is seen punching the 24-year-old repeatedly. he says he was only walking home from and did nothing wrong but police say he became combative. >> turned towards the officers, removed his jacket and appeared to challenge the officer to fight. >> put my arms in position i felt like they were going to draw a gun out and shoot me in my back. >> the altercation continued into the patrol car where the man is seen in the back seat kicking. the officer has since been put on administrative leave. national pet day wasn't such a party for one puppy in vacaville because lex got stuck in a dryer vent. you can see the 1-year-old was in a fix when firefighters arrived at his home yesterday. lex's head was caught on one side of a hole in the garage but his owner and her two children could not get him freed. the firefighters knew a few more tactics and with some wiggling, he was out.
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there he goes. he is doing fine. >> good job. time now 4:56. secretary of state rex tillerson is in moscow this morning. what we have learned so far from his talks with the russian government. ,,
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and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. a live look outs good morning, it's wednesday, april 12. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. let's start with a live look outside this morning. >> the morning rush is about as to start. we have rain. on the right a live look at the golden gate bridge, on the left sfo. no delays reported right now but, of course, we are anticipating some of those arrival delays later on this morning. >> this is one of those days where it's just so, you know -- outside it's so wet and it's just -- the fog is forming and it's so great. gianna just wanted to put the sheets back over her head this morning. >> didn't we all? >> right? no, i just -- no, i -- i didn't
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feel that. i just want comfort food. does the weather do that to you? >> talking about carbs here. >> keeps you warm. [ laughter ] >> it is another day where we have cloudiness and low-level moisture so it's a lot of rain being detected by the radar because the radar beams are above the low-level moisture. in addition the dew points are climbing. the winds are not existent but we have fog forming at the bridge and coast. lowincrease be winds throughout the day. wind speeds are flat under 10 miles per hour throughout most places now but later on tonight, gusty winds. do you see that big giant comma over the pacific? the front is


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