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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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later this morning there will be a lot of volunteers here helping the home behind me helping the homeowners get that [ indiscernible ] so they can get back home after that devastating flood and later today, there will be a meeting a water district meeting where community members will finally get some of those answers as to what went so wrong. they will have the second of three public meetings today. residents will hear from the district and from city officials. at the time of the flooding, it caused the city blames the water district data saying it shows that coyote creek could hold more water than it did when the creek spilled out it was the worst flooding in decades forcing 14,000 people from their homes. they said it caused $70 million in damages and the mayor called it a failure. >> we're trying to review what we did and what we need to do for the next time. i have said publicly before how
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important it is for us to improve on any mistakes we made. let's resolve whatever these conflicts are and let's move on. >> reporter: the water district meeting tonight will be at frankly mckinley school district at 6 p.m. there will be a third meeting april 17. live in san jose, jessica flores, kpix 5. new video shows san francisco firefighters putting out a fire about 9 p.m. last night. at the balmoral hotel in the financial drink. 72 people were evacuated. it took crews an hour to put out the flames. no injuries. he cause is under investigation. this morning, oakland police are searching for the driver behind a hit-and-run that left one person in critical condition. it happened around 8:15 last night on fruitvale avenue near nicole avenue. police say that a person was walking his dog when they were both hit by a car.
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the dog was killed. call oakland police with information. new information on an officer-involved shooting in fremont. investigators now say the man shot by fremont police opened fire on the officers first. the shooting happened sunday night near a 7-eleven parking lot. when officers first got there a suspect bolted across the street to an alley. authorities say they found the man hiding on top of a box truck. and that's when the suspect allegedly opened fire prompting police to return fire. time check 6:02. good morning, gianna. >> good morning. no relief along 101 southbound through the peninsula. a traffic alert has been there for quite some time over an hour now at this point so south 101 at poplar three lanes closed. you have delays down to 3 miles per hour. so slow-and-go there. the backup is just building as this morning commute heats up. northbound is the commute
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direction. not too many delays as you pass the scene. okay past there into san francisco. new accident reported westbound 80 right before 780 over to the right shoulder. busy as you work your way out of vallejo this morning. you're going to have pockets of slowing along the eastshore freeway. richmond into berkeley slow speeds heading towards the bay bridge. dealing with slick surfaces so extra busy out of the maze across the span into san francisco. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take 21 minutes for the drive time. i was trying to think back, gianna, to when we did establish our live hi-def doppler radar when we built it atop mount vaca and i think it was back in 2007 and boy, have we got our money's worth especially this season. it appears to be raining every day so we have it fired up live ready to roll and we have some light precipitation now around the santa cruz mountains from boulder creek into aptos. otherwise as you step out it's just drizzly a lot of low-level
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moisture. it has been obscuring the visibility somewhat but we can see the beacon on top of the transamerica pyramid. currently our numbers have been between 51 in santa rosa to 58 in oakland. now upper 50s in san jose. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour. it's not even on the calm side in pleasanton to the east san rafael to the north. also in napa. so when you have a pretty high dew point and lack of winds you have humidity near 100% about all reporting statements you have the development of patchy fog so be mindful of that out the door. weak disturbance from yesterday, that is now to the east. right there, that's the frontal boundary that promises to bring you some brief heavy downpours and gusty winds between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. tonight. until then, cloudy skies, drizzly a random shower temperatures today into the 60s. a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. going with a mid- to high 60s in the silicon valley. 62 vallejo. low 60s santa rosa. and 62 in san francisco which
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is spot on for this time of the year. the heavy rain we'll track that together plus the easter forecast is coming up still at 18 minutes after the hour. right now the much- anticipated sitdown between the top u.s. and russian diplomats is under way. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov opened the talks saying the u.s. missile strike on syria was very troubling. secretary of state rex tillerson responded by acknowledging how far apart the two sides are when it comes to syria. >> we can further clarify areas of common objectives, areas of common interest, even when our tactical approaches may be different. >> the secretary of state rex tillerson's mission to moscow comes as president trump forcefully denounced syrian leader bashar al-assad in an interview on the fox business network. >> putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person. >> russian president vladimir putin won't be easily
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convinced. he has already dismissed the u.s. accusations against assad. later today, people across the bay area will be protesting for immigrants' rights. >> them local officers to protect them from federal officers. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom to tell us what's planned today. >> reporter: these protestors say they are using an ancient ritual for reconciliation. people's feet will be washed at noon in front of the local sheriff's offices in redwood city, martinez and oakland. through these actions they say they are calling for full protection of immigrants and an end to what they claim is local entanglement with i.c.e. deportations. this coincides with immigration authorities temporarily suspending a weekly report. it's a report on jails that allegedly refused to turn over immigrants for deportation. police departments like san jose have been vocally against assisting i.c.e. too. >> justice does not ask victims
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for their immigration papers. and neither do we. >> as a group of police chiefs we remain committed to building trust in our communities. >> reporter: this weekly report is one that i.c.e. began publishing following the trump administration that order local governments to collaborate with i.c.e. agents. many agencies refuse to do that. several communities in the report believe it was inaccurate and unfairly targeted certain agencies. no word on if or when this weekly assessment will be reinstated. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. united airlines still reeling from a huge public relations disaster that comes after video surfaced showing security forcibly removing a passenger from an overbooked flight. [ screaming ] >> look what you did to him! >> faced with worldwide outrage over these images the united airlines ceo has apologized three times. four senate democrats are
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demanding details. in a statement they said it was a horrific event. intervening in removing a passenger from an overbooked flight. " think this will serve a public policy aim of reducing our vulnerability to lawsuits. i mean, obviously when this happen e. the a san francisco supervisor wants to stop the sfpd from intervening in removing passengers from an overbooked flight. >> i docy that this will serve a public policy aim of reducing our -- our -- our vulnerability to lawsuits. i mean, obviously, when this happens, people are going to sue. the man was injured. blood was running down his face. of course he is going to sue. >> the san francisco police department is not commenting on the proposed legislation. time is 6:08. coming up next, the changes one san francisco lawmaker wants to make to rental cars in an effort to help prevent break- ins. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. we do have some light drizzle out the door this morning. but heavy rain heading this way, we'll go ahead and tell
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you when to expect it. >> and from the traffic center, busy on the san mateo bridge. we have delays westbound due to a broken-down big rig blocking lanes. >> plus, in our tech report, how facebook is working to make it easier for you to quickly pay your friends and family. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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♪ forecast in just a few minutes. addressing the homeless crisis. later this morning, assemblyman phil good morning, it's 6:12 on this wednesday morning. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we have light rain around the peninsula from san mateo to redwood city into sunnyvale. santa cruz mountains raining
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softly all morning and we have more rain in the forecast. traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. phil ting is going to announce a new state bill to build more shelters in san francisco. we need them. a 2016 u.s. department of housing and urban development report found 62% of the nearly 7,000 homeless people living in san francisco were not in shelters. his legislation also seeks to build more supportive housing for the homeless. a meeting is scheduled later this morning to discuss the smart train project in marin. officials are expected to discuss how much the extension would cost. smart officials are considering allocating $13 million to fund the rail. federal inspectors need to test the electronic warnings and train control systems. the launch is scheduled for late spring. san francisco lawmakers trying to crack down on car break-ins. the city supervisor just introduced a measure that would ban rental car companies from putting signs, logos and bar
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codes on their cars. officials say rentals are a target for criminals. especially in tourist spots. i'm sure we all have a story about a car break-in in san francisco or environment. it's crazy. >> sometimes it's best to leave it unlocked. keep everything open. just show that you have nothing in there. >> or put signs in the window say, i have nothing in here. just fyi. >> the wow. >> specifically, there's nothing in here. you leave your glove box open, so they know. >> i know people who do that. >> that there's nothing to target in there. >> absolutely. >> sometimes when i go for a walk from our studios away on battery to coit tower i can see there on samsung the broken blast. >> they call it street diamonds. >> really. >> i know too much about this. >> way too much. >> obviously. >> somebody who lives in the city. >> that's true. >> we don't have these problems in god's country in the suburbs. okay? >> all right. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> i hear you. i see those diamonds all the
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time. >> we welcome you with arms open in pleasanton. speak of cars, how's the traffic? >> a lot of traffic because of the rain. let's update you on this traffic alert. chp is hoping to have this cleared within in the next couple of minutes but south 101 at poplar three rights lane down for the count. big delays eight miles per hour. so speeds actually improving. it was three miles per hour just moments ago. but a big backup through there. northbound still moving okay as you head along the peninsula. if you head past sfo you're doing okay into san francisco. check this out. this actually took a turn for the worse quickly. we have a broken-down big rig in the left lane near the high- rise 31-minute drive time now if you are heading across the san mateo bridge this morning from 880 to 101. really backed up through there. i suggest the bay bridge but that doesn't look so good so use the dumbarton bridge from the east bay into the peninsula. metering lights are on. busy there, as well. here's roberta with the forecast. >> rain all day and the
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heaviest will be later on tonight. this is our live hi-def doppler radar and you can see we have some -- a smattering of light rain showers across the santa cruz mountains this morning. this is going to be the scenario throughout the day today just very drizzly as you get ready to step on out layers of gray skies lots of cloudiness out there. and at this particular time, we are seeing the development of some areas of fog. it is now 51 degrees in santa rosa. high 50s to the south in san jose. around the rim of the bay, we do have oakland and san francisco in the mid-50s. it is now 56 degrees around the peninsula. good morning to linda, she is our weather watcher in fairfield. she says it is now 55 degrees. overcast with light winds and 93% humidity. and that's the a really good observation, linda. thank you so much. the humidity has been rising. many of our stations reporting 100% humidity. the dew points have been between 50 and 60%. when you lack a good wind that's when you see the fog
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developing near the shore and the bay. yesterday's weak disturbance passed, over the pacific we have a new secondary system that's the core of the center of the area of low pressure. this is the frontal boundary. that's what's going to slice through the bay area later tonight with brief heavy downpours. and also some very gusty winds. so during the early afternoon hours cloudy and drizzly at times. that right there northward is what we're watching. that's the front. it will slice through beginning about 8:00 in the santa rosa area and still pretty much causing some heavy rain showers over the south bay by 11:00 tonight. the core passes through in the early-morning hours on thursday keeping the weather unsettled and unstable before we begin to clear thursday night into your friday. but by the time it's all over a quarter inch of rain in the urban areas and then half inch of rain in santa rosa. a hefty eight tenths of an inch in ukiah approaching one inch of rainfall. so what does this mean for our skiers? it starts off as rain today at
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lake level and then by tomorrow, we will have snowfall and we're talking about 14 inches of snow at the very top crest about 10 inches on the mountain, lake level about 5 inches of snow. so we do have a winter storm advisory in place and check out the winds, this is at the crest very, very high levels 120-mile- per-hour winds. generally we'll have winds 20 to 30 towards the lifts and some higher gusts up to 50. sunrise at 6:38 this morning. don't bank on it. not going to see it. we have layers of clouds out there mostly cloudy. a scattered shower but mainly just some drizzle throughout the day today before the heavier rain later on tonight. we will remain unsettled for your thursday, partly cloudy friday, full sunshine, and for your easter sunday, we will have rain developing but not until late in the day or the evening hours after all that easter egg hunting is over with. anne, are you going to be fetching any eggs? >> no, i think i'm going to leave the eggs for the kiddos this time around.
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giving you your tech report now. a boost for lyft. the rideshare company has officially raised $600 million in a new round of funding valuing the san francisco startup at $7.5 billion. lyft officials say it just closed the funding round which had been in progress for several weeks. sources say the money mostly comes from large global investment funds. in the 1st quarter of the year the company says it completed over 70 million rides. that is up nearly 2.5 times from the same time period just one year ago. facebook trying to make it easier to send your friends money. the messenger app now lets users exchange money within group messages. in case you want to hand over your financial information in addition to everything else facebook already has on ya. people have been able to make payments through the app in the past but this is the first time the group option will be available. the company is trying to compete with another company. it's going to go live on apple
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devices soon. another company moving to california netflix just announced they are bringing back production to hollywood. in an interview with the rap, netflix cco said he would rather invest in infrastructure rather than tax insensitive. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, bad news for buster posey and the giants rallied in the bottom of the 9th but was it enough? we'll show you highlights coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. giants catcher buster posey has been placed on the seven-day concussion disabled list after being hit in the head by a pitch two days ago. posey said he will be back in a week. so he was forced to watch the giants and d-backs from the dugout last night.
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top of the third, samardzijia left center. three runs score after samardzija who gave up just those runs in 6 2/3. bottom of the 9th, 4-3 arizona. crawford struck out with the tying run at second base. d-backs win 4-3 the giants left 13 runners on base. the sharks enter the post- season tonight. they have lost nine of the final 13 games. and they may be without center joe thornton who has a bad knee and logan couture. both practiced yesterday and are listed as day to day. but don't expect to get much of an update from couture on the injury to his face. >> progress today? >> same as yesterday >> sorry? >> same as yesterday. >> pain lessened? >> no, same as yesterday. >> that area yet?
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>> no, same as yesterday. >> same as yesterday. national pet day a cat invaded the outfield in miami in the marlins-braves game. the cat stayed up on the home run statue for a couple of innings before getting secretly away. miami won the game 8-4. national pet day, everybody. sharks in edmonton drop the puck on the stanley cup play- offs tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. play of the day from major league baseball, angels rangers and a.l. west matchup tie game top of the tenth. [ play-by-play ] >> 3-2, fastball lifted out towards center field, towering shot taking trout back he is at the wall he will leap up, did he get it? he got it. >> why wouldn't he? >> timed it perfectly! >> the former mvp made it easy. l.a. then won in the bottom of the tenth. nd a's" are ng up thousand upper- level - for coming home games.
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be pleased this is one for oakland a's fans. they are opening up 12,000 upper level seats for the upcoming home games and you're going to be pleased with the price tag because these view level tickets are going for 15 bucks each through april 23. a's new president says the move is a response to the way that fans flocked to opening day festivities last week of the roughly 36,000 tickets sold, about 1,000 were for standing room only. impressive. >> go a's. time now 6:26. under debate. what palo alto's city council is proposing in hopes to curb a chaotic downtown parking scene. >> reporter: volunteers come together to help a family after the devastating san jose floods. i'm jessica flores. i'll have the story coming up. ,,
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help track down thos aero running red lights and stop signs and riding on the sidewalks. >> a danger to the public with dirt bikers riding recklessly. the chp gets a new tool to track them down. >> the hitless comparison heard around the world. >> we didn't use chemical weapons in world war ii. you had a someone as despicable as hitler who didn't sing to using chemical weapons. >> the white house press secretary apologizing for his blunder. >> good morning, it's tuesday, april 12. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it's 6:30. we want to start with an immigration protest planned in the bay area today. kpix 5's jackie ward live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: they are defending immigrants rights in front of local sheriff's offices in redwood city, martinez and
6:31 am
oakland. religious leaders will be washing the feet of immigrants and refugees including those formerly in jail and at risk of deportation. through publicly washing feet these protestors say it's that i way for showing support of the recent passing of senate bill 54 to 54. in salinas, state attorney general javier becerra spoke about the relationship he wants between california and immigrants. >> if you work hard in california, we want you. >> reporter: he said he will fight to protect immigrants whether they are here in the u.s. legally or illegally. this was his first visit to salinas since accepting the position as state attorney general in january. he is the son of immigrants and is the first latino attorney general in california.
6:32 am
jackie ward, kpix 5. white house press secretary spicer is under fire following comments about adolph hitler and syrian president bashar al- assad. . >> you had someone like hitler who didn't sing to using chemical weapons. >> hitler sent people to the gas chamber. spicer's clarification later led to more confusion. >> i think when you come to sarin gas, he was not gassing his own people the same way assad was doing. then more clarifications. he spoke with reporters after the briefing and released a written statement. he apologized. nancy pelosi said: this just in. san francisco fire department just put out a small blaze on
6:33 am
12th avenue and geary. crews say a couch and chair caught fire. then it was too close to a wall heater. um, and that is the pictures -- those are the pictures that we're seeing right no> let's ch she has her eye on the morning commute. >> reporter: it is busy so give yourself extra time to get through there. let's go to the san mateo bridge right now. we have been monitoring this broken-down big rig in lanes. 40 minutes is your drive time. use the dumbarton bridge instead. westbound 880 to 101 very slow. how about some good news, though. look at this. all green now. those lanes completely cleared. south 101 at poplar. traffic alert now canceled. 25 minutes from san francisco to the san mateo bridge. busy between 80 and 101. also 101 and petaluma getting word of an accident southbound right at petaluma boulevard
6:34 am
north. the left lane blocked through there. a lot of red on our sensors so speeds under 25 miles per hour. you're going to see delays across the richmond/san rafael bridge. most of it around the toll plaza. busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. slow-and-go -- stop-and-go across the eastshore freeway. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze 27 minutes. once you get into san francisco, broken-down vehicle near fremont. gianna remember yesterday when you texted me and said we have some big fat raindrops out here? >> yeah, it was just as i left. >> ya he y so yesterday, all day long, we had some areas of drizzle and big fat raindrops at times. but not much rain. this morning it's similar. we have light rain in the peninsula to half moon bay from woodside to portola valley. redwood city a few raindrops on
6:35 am
the rooftops this morning and also into the santa cruz mountains from aptos into watsonville. so drizzly today for the most part. maybe a random scattered shower. we'll have some brief heavy downpours tonight between 8 and 11:00. and some very gusty winds. until then we have some fog forge and the rim of the bay back through the seashore this morning. 51 degrees for the cool spot in santa rosa to 59 degrees in san jose. now, the humidity is rising to nearly 100% in many reporting stations. and also the dew point is between about 50 and 60%. couple that up with the lack of a wind this morning, that's why we have the development of the patchy fog. concord now south-southwest at 7. but with this right here approaching front later tonight, we will see the gusty winds in excess of 30 miles per hour with those brief heavy downpours and then scattered showers early thursday. today temperatures where they should for this time of the year from 60 at rockaway beach to the mid-60s inland. we have your full forecast.
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it's slated to come up at 48 minutes after the hour. later this morning, there's going to be a meeting about flooding in san francisco neighborhoods. the city has spent millions on settlements from damages claimed by homeowners. the public utilities commission plans to report on short term and long-term plans to fix the flooding issues. today san jose flood victims will get help. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose on the repairs and the donations in store for the community. >> reporter: we are live here at golden wheel mobile home park and the home behind me has pretty devastating floods. the couple wants to move back in and so there's going to be volunteers here helping make repairs after that devastating flood. now, 14,000 people were forced from their homes when coyote creek spilled out. city officials have called the flooding a failure. no one seemed to see it coming.
6:37 am
city officials say the flooding caused $70 million in damages and today, volunteers will be helping the family get back into their homes thanks to bank of america and rebuilding together silicon valley. they will repair the home and bank of america is donating $12,000 to the family, as well. and for many families, across the san jose area who were affected, home insurance won't help with recovery. >> everything is ruined, i guess, like an island. her house is like an island because it was two feet of water all around. >> reporter: the water district will also be having their second of three meetings. that will be tonight at 6 p.m. at franklin school and they will be addressing some of the flood recovery efforts. back to you guys. >> jessica, thousands of others in the same situation. how can some other flood victims get help?
6:38 am
>> reporter: the silicon valley community foundation has raised about $6 million to help flood victims. now, they are of course asking for more donations but they are giving that money to different groups on the ground who are helping flood victims. >> thank you. the chp could be one step closer to busting a notorious gang of bay area dirt bikers. [ yelling and revving ] >> on sunday authorities arrested a suspect allegedly linked to this group. the chp learned eight or nine bikers were planning to meet up at san francisco's mclaren park. they got there and when the group scattered investigators launched an airplane with a high-tech camera and that tracked one of the suspects to the bayview. now 28-year-old ronet sanidad is accused of reckless driving. antioch police are searching for this man who robbed a credit union last friday. it was taken from surveillance
6:39 am
video and shows the suspect wearing a black hood and white gloves. a second photo shows him getting away on a bike after committing the crime. if you recognize him, call police in antioch. later this morning community leaders going to ask steve glazer to ask him to support rent control legislation. they want to invest in affordable housing and strengthen the obligation of government agencies to ensure equal access to housing. 6:39. rising water rates. how much more one bay area community is having to pay. >> pressing tests, why a group of investors is asking to add two board directors who do not have ties elon musk. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. county water agency customers... the bo ,,
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good morning. awelcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." it's 6:43 a.m. but i'm already looking ahead to tonight because matt cain, he takes the mound for the good guys and makes his first at&t appearance of the season and now, i don't think it's going to be a washout tonight. wecould have a rain delay as the front pass through the bay area about 9:00 in san francisco with gusty winds and a brief heavy downpour. we have your full weather report. it's coming up in less than 4 minutes. water rates are going up for sonoma county water agency customers. the board of directors just approved a $39 million system budget. that budget includes a nearly 5% rate increase for santa rosa
6:44 am
and petaluma aqueduct customers and just over 5.5% increase for sonoma customers. a typical household will pay around 90 cents more a month. free parking in downtown palo alto could be a thick of the past. city council members are moving -- could be a thing of the past. city council members are moving forward to install parking meters. they asked city of to lay the groundwork for a revamped parking program. they are supposed to come up with several plans. it is just about quarter to 7:00 time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning"." norah o'donnell reports. >> reporter: we begin with morning with secretary of state rex tillerson in russia as tension escalate over syria. navy seals speak publicly for the first time about drug abuse in the force and how it affects the team. and we have our conversation with nobel peace prize winner malala yousefzai. her reaction to the president's
6:45 am
proposed travel ban, why she thinks the key is to preventing war and her next challenge. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. a group of investors is pressing tesla to add two board directors that don't have ties to elon musk. the investors wrote a letter to the company stating that those relationships could jeopardize their independence. right now five of his six members have connections to the ceo. they are pushing for yearly director elections rather than every three years. we are getting anew look at spacex's historic rocket landing. the company just released it on their instagram page. it was captured on cameras stationed on the ship's recovery deck. the falcon 9 rocket landed on the deck last month after it
6:46 am
delivered a satellite into orbit . continues to be busy this morning on the roads. we are dealing with a lot of slick surfaces out there due to this wet weather so a sloppy commute for sure. metering lights are on 30 minutes westbound eastshore freeway carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze and another 15 minutes to 20 minutes tacked on into san francisco. brake lights getting across the bridge there. we have a stalled vehicle clearing right at fremont. other trouble spots 101 southbound at petaluma, still stuck in the left lane with some delays behind it there. so slow-and-go ride as you head out of the north bay this morning on that southbound side. still busy across the san mateo bridge. westbound 880 to 101, 35 minutes. looks like they cleared that trouble spot out of the left lane but the damage is done. all approaches to the san mateo bridge taking a hit, as well. southbound 880 out of hayward you can see a lot of red on our sensors so very slow speeds. looks like northbound 880 also pretty slow right around industrial. west 37 at mare island that
6:47 am
accident clearing still busy though 47 minutes to go between 80 and 101 westbound on 37. 880 if you are heading through oakland, 14 minutes northbound, 238 towards the the maze and a quick look at the south bay right now. northbound 101, stop-and-go conditions as you work your way out of morgan hill. you're going to see a few more brake lights right around julian and then as you approach 880. and looks like traffic is busy heading just a bit into sunnyvale and westbound 237, as well. let's send it back to kenny. dra . 's super bloom is booming this morning. hundreds of wildflower species are covering at least 65 miles of the state. planet labs provided these photos showing a change in just three short months. satellite photos taken into december show the landscapes dry brown land by march showing large regions with fields of yellow and purple. all because of that rain in the forecast. roberta? >> that's truly amazing. i'll be driving through the desert this weekend but i was just reading in the "san francisco chronicle" this
6:48 am
morning you will have to take a look at this oasis on high? when i make my commute home towards the bay bridge every day here i drive down first street and i don't know if you have seen it but 70 feet high, i thought it was just connecting the "salesforce" tower to its big compound. you see trees being hoisted up 70 feet and this morning, we're talking about 400 trees from all over the world are being placed there all for us to enjoy. this is going to be open to the public. so we want the rain to bring just great things to all those beautiful trees that are being hoisted over there at the transbay transit center rooftop and we have the drizzle this morning at the golden gate bridge. that's our live weather camera looking out towards that very foggy start as commuters are making their tracks in and out of the north bay. another view this time from ground level, you can see just how slippery and wet it is. this is all low-level moisture. it's just drizzle. temperature-wise 51 to 59 live hi-def doppler not detecting
6:49 am
drizzle it's so low to the ground. the beams are overshooting that precipitation. but we have some light showers now over the santa cruz mountains. this is our satellite-radar you see that we have the departure of yesterday disturbance. we have a weak secondary system coming in. this front will be here tonight bringing brief heavy downpours and blustery winds in excess of 30-mile-per-hour gusts and this is the core of the center of the area of low pressure impacting our thursday. futurecast this is your afternoon cloudy and drizzly. then upstream right there, between about 8 and 11 p.m. we'll have the passage of the front brief heavy downpours and there's the core that will impact your morning commute tomorrow with scattered light rain and clearing out in the afternoon. by the time it's over since it is so fast moving, only about a quarter inch of rain throughout the metropolitan areas. about a half inch towards the santa rosa area and upstream we go towards ukiah approaching a full inch of rain.
6:50 am
so what does this mean for the greater lake tahoe area? we still have spring break goinand we have ourselves some rain showers today, much colder and snow developing on thursday. winter storm advisory in the greater lake tahoe area until about 11 a.m. tomorrow. we have two to six inches of snow lake level, five to ten above 7,000 feet but at the crest 14 inches and also at the ridgecrest 120-mile-per-hour winds. your tahoe report those winds will be 20 to 30 at the mountain today. machine groomed packed powder rain and snow. that was on the south shore. let's head to the north shore. north star rain then snow about 14 inches expect at the top of the mountain. and meanwhile today, here, with us, no real accumulation during the daytime hours with the drizzle and the random showers. temperatures into the 60s. but it's tonight when that front blasts through the bay area, you're going to hear it with the gusty winds and the
6:51 am
heavy downpours although very brief. so unsettled through tomorrow early afternoon. then partly cloudy friday. full sunshine saturday. and your easter sunday, we're talking about rain showers by nightfall. giants baseball, don't believe it will be rained out but there could be a rain delay around 9:00. make it a great day, everyone. >> bring your ponchos to the game. new details about the future plans for the oroville dam this morning. some people who live nearby are now giving their input. >> why can't my kids get on the beach? [ inaudible ] >> regulate the hell out of it. >> the butte county board of supervisors held a public review yesterday. right now the department of water resources operates and licenses the oroville hydroelectric project. they are asking the federal energy regulation commission for a 50-year renewal. not everyone is behind it. >> has another agency take over the operation and management of this dam facility, this reservoir. are they going to bury us in
6:52 am
paperwork? how many years is it going to take to get anything? >> the county is trying to negotiate dwr's position in the licensing process. and they are asking federal officials to help out. governor brown's administration, excuse me, is blocking public access to the dam's records. experts say the records could give insight into what led up to the dam's questionable status. right now in central florida, crews are working to put out a fire as it spreads towards homes. firefighters have been using helicopters that drop up to 300 gallons of water. crews have one of the pasco county fire's 75% contained they are concerned about another blaze that's within 100 yards of homes. officials say lightning will cause more headaches for fire crews across florida. >> florida's lightning capital of the world. come april, come may, june and july, lightning is going to hit this state hard. >> the county just next to
6:53 am
pasco has imposed a ban on outdoor burning to prevent future blazes. volunteers coming together to help san jose flood victims. i'm jessica flores. i'll have that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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6:56 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it's 6--- i'm jessica flores live in san jose where golden wheel mobile home park and this is where volunteers will be helping some flood victims. take a look at the home behind me hit hard by the flood. you can see some damage there on the base. volunteers will be helping the homeowners who have just moved back into their home after those devastating floods. one of the worst in decades. when coyote creek spilled out it forced 14,000 people from their homes. city officials have called the flooding a failure, no one
6:57 am
seemed to see it coming. officials say it caused $70 million in damages. volunteers will be helping the family. bank of america and rebuilding together silicon valley will repair the home and bank of america is donating $12,000 to the family also. we just spoke to the homeowner here. she says she just moved in. take a listen. >> someone to help, help us, um, and, um, fixing my house, i'm really happy and excited. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and the santa clara valley water district will have this second of three meetings that will be tonight where they will be addressing some of these flood prevention efforts. that will b at 6 p.m. at franklin mckinley school district. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. it is 2.5 minutes before 7:00. time for your "final 5. this morning, president trump said that the u.s. is not going
6:58 am
to get more tied up in the civil war in syria. today secretary of state rex tillerson meets with sergey lavrov in moscow today. russians call it an unlawful attack. a protest at three county sheriff's offices around the bay area today at noon. an easter foot washing ritual will be held to urge local agencies not to help i.c.e. san francisco firefighters work to put out a small blaze this morning about a few hours ago on 12th avenue and geary. crews say that a couch and chair caught fire. they believe it was too close to a wall heater. no injuries. the california highway patrol could be one step closer to cracking down on a notorious dirt bike gang accused of using bay area roads in dangerous ways after officers arrested a suspect allegedly linked to this group. the oakland a's are opening up 12,000 upper level seats for home games. view level tickets going for
6:59 am
$15 each through april 23. jumping to the freeways, new wreck reported overturns every turned vehicle southbound 101 out -- overturned vehicle southbound 101 out of sausalito, backup ensuing. slow-and-go through there. no delays at the golden gate bridge. soggy commute through there. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's one of those mornings where you will you want to stay in bed. it's gray and damp and drizzly. take a look at the live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due south this morning. very gray start. temperatures right now into the 50s across the board. the winds are light but will gust southwest 10 to 20 during the afternoon up to 30 with the passage of a front between 8 and 11 p.m. up until then temperatures into the 60s. heaviest rain tonight, very brief downpours gusty winds. lingering showers thursday. and then dry conditions on friday.
7:00 am
finally. >> don't forget your umbrellas out the door. "cbs this morning" is next. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, april 12th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." secretary of state tillerson opens tense talks with russia's foreign minister. the united states accuses russia of covering up the syria chemical attack. vladimir putin says relations have deteriorated since president trump took office. plus a white house effort to demonize syrian dick part tator al assad. the press secretary apologizes after saying adolf hitler never used chemical weapons. and elite navy s.e.a.l.s says drug abuse is putting the entire force at risk. one senior official calls the problem staggering. t


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