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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. and i'm anne makovec in for good morning, it is thursday, april 13. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> let's take a live look outside this morning. take a look at the conditions. live look at 880 in oakland. traffic moving along pretty smoothly right now. >> and a live look at the bay bridge. what conditions for parts of the bay area this morning? this morning my son came home at 12:35, he scored the winning goal of his hockey championship. he said i'm going to take the dog for a walk. no, it's going to rain. here i am giving a forecast at 12:35 a.m. i don't think so. >> you're supposed to listen to your mom and then the weather forecast. >> then i heard them stumbling in the house after 1:00 and got
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the blowdryer drying the dog! [ laughter ] >> nice. >> that's how he celebrates a championship, huh? >> listen to your mom! [ laughter ] so good morning, everybody. let's take a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. we still have precipitation beginning to "pushhhh" into the north bay and also the peninsula. that after all of that due east of the bay area almond country into modesto. that's plenty of rain shower that's what "pushhhhed" through the bay area between midnight and 3 a.m. a smattering of snow at mount hamilton, lick observatory. there you have the rain getting ready to push into the golden gate bridge. temperatures 48 degrees in livermore, high 40s, santa rosa. yes, it's cooler than it has been in recent mornings and that's due to the cold front that trailed off into the bay area. 50s across the board for the
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most part today a few low 60s in santa clara, san jose and campbell. winds up to 20 miles per hour out of the southwest during the afternoon hours east bay 60. 63 and blustery in brentwood. stiff wind in stinson beach. 59 degrees in kentfield backing through mill valley. let's say hi to gianna franco. >> checking the roads now slick in some spots but the good news, traffic actually moving okay especially at the bay bridge. we have this early-morning accident involving about four vehicles but that's now cleared out of lanes. you can see here at the toll plaza traffic is quiet, 7 minutes the maze to downtown san francisco. that accident was just past treasure as you approach fremont kind of in the stretch there and everything is clear. 49 miles per hour. so easy ride on the bay bridge this morning. easy ride on the san mateo
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bridge as well, 13 minutes drive time between 880 and 101. no delays on the eastbound side. in fact, all of our bay area bridges are very quiet this morning. you are clear across the golden gate bridge in marin county. commute looks good as well and no troubles on the richmond/san rafael bridge. this morning the bart board of directors will meet ways to discuss the system can come back from a multi-million dollar shortfall. jessica flores is live at the san leandro bart station on what these cost saving measures could mean for riders. >> reporter: kenny, we have been talking to a lot of riders this morning. they are not happy about some of the proposals on the table. one of those proposals would be cutting service before 5 a.m. now, bart could be facing a deficit of anywhere between $25 million to $35 million in the coming year. and the proposals to close the gap are coming at a time when fares are already going upset to increase 2.7% next year. and last fall voters approved a $3.5 billion bond measure to
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improve the aging bart system. but bart directors say riders won't be seeing major fixes from measure rr money for at least two years. in the meantime, bart says they are facing rising costs and reduced revenue. here's some of the proposals. starting weekday service at 5 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. cutting the youth senior disabled discounts from 62.5% to 50%. and adding a 50-cent surcharge to paper tickets so that would affect people who don't use the clipper cards and they are also considering cutting 15 positions and that meeting will be held this morning at 9 a.m. in oakland. reporting from san leandro, jessica flores, kpix 5. meanwhile, bart decided to change course quickly after posting signs meant to protect riders from creeps. the original poster called avoiding creeps 101. it urged riders to sit up front, focus on their surroundings and trust their gut instincts if they sense danger. but many on social media felt
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that the campaign was blaming victims instead of confronting creeps. so bart flips the script telling riders don't be creepy one one. it posted this psa. the message keep your hands to yourself, avoid hering and don't use the train as a dating app. >> i like that. good advice for all. president trump says us/russia relations are at a all-time low. secretary of state rex tillerson left moscow yesterday after meeting with president vladimir putin without finding common ground on syria. after talks with russia's foreign minister, tillerson again suggested that syrian president bashar al-assad has to go. but sergey lavrov said without assad's regime, isis will not be defeated. he also called for an independent investigation into last week's deadly chemical attack. hours later at the u.n. security council, russia vetoed a measure to do that. >> if the regime is innocent as
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russia claims, the information requested in this resolution would have vindicated them. >> yesterday, the president reversed course on nato which he called obsolete during the campaign. the administration also ruled out ending existing sanctions on russia unless it returns crimea to the ukraine. attorneys and relatives of the doctor dragged off an overbooked united airlines flight are set to hold a press conference in chicago today. and as roxana saberi reports, this could be the first step towards a possible lawsuit against the airline reporter: days after 69- year-old dr. david dao was dragged off united's flight 3411, videos of his ordeal are still sparking outrage. >> it was a very traumatic event for everybody. >> reporter: dao's family is expected to speak publicly for the first time today. they will be joined by his lawyers, who have already filed legal papers asking the city
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and the airline to preserve evidence related to the case, a move that typically precedes a lawsuit. >> it was a system failure. >> reporter: united is desperately trying to contain the fallout after video of sunday's incident went viral. the company is offering refunds to all of the passengers who were on the plane. and the ceo made yet another apology wednesday. this time, on abc's "good morning america." >> probably the word shame comes to mind. you saw us at a bad moment and that can never -- will never happen again. >> reporter: munoz said the rarely no longer use law enforcement -- the airline will no longer use law enforcement to remove booked, paid an seated passengers from their spots. this woman was behind dao when he was removed. >> the officer said are you going to go through all of this trouble? end up with a record and end up in jail? he just basically stood his ground. >> reporter: later today the chicago city council will hold a hearing into the incident. representatives from united and the chicago aviation department have been summoned to testify.
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roxana saberi, for cbs news. two additional aviation officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. there have been some grieve vans about planes leaving or landing at sfo, as well. an airport spokesman says that noise complaints have spiked more than 300,000% in three years. in 2013 there were 278 complaints. that was 580 in 2014. in 2015, there were over 100,000 complaints. but the most came last year over 860,000 noise complaints. the airport says those grievances were reported by 4500 people. 8 minutes now after 5:00 and two bay area police officers will not face charges after they shot and killed a man. how the district attorney says he was convinced to make that decision. >> and constant construction in san francisco is making a mess of traffic. the new data that tells us just how much. >> 5:09. from the kpix weather center,
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good morning, everybody. the big question now, not when it's going to rain but when is it going to stop? and when will the sun make an appearance? we have the full forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at the roads right now, we're doing all right. just a bit of a snag in san francisco with a stalled vehicle. i'll tell you where in just a few minutes.
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two san francisco police officers will not face charges for a deadly shooting. we have the tahoe report coming up at 5:18. good morning, everyone. this is our live weather camera. we have it positioned at the transamerica pyramid. we're looking due east towards the beautiful bright lights of oakland. we can see them no problem withivistsibility this morning. no fog -- no problem with visibility this morning. no fog. there will be a need for the umbrella with spotty scattered showers. we'll talk about when the sun will finally make an appearance. it's traffic and weather together in less than 4 minutes. two san francisco police officers will not face charges for a deadly shooting. that's the determination from district attorney george gascon. the d.a. released this 3d animation based on eyewitnesses and forensic evidence. it shows amilcar perez-lopez a 21-year-old immigrant from guatemala swinging a large knife at a cop. his partner thought he had been stabbed and fired five shots,
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the other officer fired one. the d.a. says perez-lopez was turning around to leave just as shots were fired which is why all six bullets entered from behind. >> we're not disputing that he was shot in the back. what we're saying is that given the totality of the circumstances, that does not make it an unlawful shooting. >> the d.a. says that the officers were protecting themselves and the public. some angry community members protested outside the mission police station last night calling for gascon to be fired. a lot of construction projects out there slowing down traffic. here's a live look at the "salesforce" tower in san francisco. the tallest office building west of the mississippi. the permits for construction related traffic control have nearly doubled in the last decade. a separate analysis indicates the traffic is nearly 9 miles per hour slower during the morning commute on some streets. here's an example. this map shows a before and
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after along first street. the average travel speed in the afternoon drops from 11 miles an hour to just 4.7! it's crazy how long it can take to go just two blocks in downtown san francisco. every time one project finishes, another starts. >> let's check traffic with gianna. >> you're right. if it's not a new building, then it's a convention causing major delays. right now though that's not the case. good morning. let's jump to the freeways now and take a look at conditions on 80 if you are heading in and out of san francisco. westbound at harrison, we have word of a broken-down vehicle snuck lanes. a little bit of yellow there on our sensors but overall traffic is fairly quiet. that early-morning accident on the bay bridge is now cleared. so we shouldn't have any trouble commuting in and out of san francisco. let's jump over to the east bay. taking a look at the dublin cam westbound 580 heading towards
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680 right now traffic is not bad. you're moving extra volume but definitely okay speeds through there. eastbound not showing any troubles. if you are traveling through the altamont pass expect slow speeds. 22 miles per hour as you connect over there heading towards 680 westbound so a little slow but that's typical for this time of the morning. highway 4 looks good westbound no delays, eastbound a little sluggish as you work your way near bailey. early-morning roadwork is clearing. 680 looks good. north- and southbound no delays in and out of pleasanton. there is some wet weather out there, though. here's roberta. >> we have had some wet weather. generally up to about a half inch of rain throughout many parts of the north bay overnight. venado has reported an inch and a quarter of rain overnight. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. the front is due east of stockton that blasted through
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the bay area overnight. you need an umbrella out the door. we'll see spotty scattered showers throughout the morning commute. wet on the pavement at the golden gate bridge where currently in san francisco it's in the low 50s. 40s common throughout the tri- valley into the santa rosa area. 53 in san jose. the front is east of the bay area. the core of the center of the area of low pressure causing instability for this thursday. partly cloudy today. friday and saturday dry and warm. easter sunday unsettled weather. the low has to pass through the bay area. and here's how i'm playing out your day. here's your futurecast. and here's your lunch hour with
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that scattered random shower. throughout the evening hours, we begin to clear and remember there's a lot of colder air mass in place. so it's going to be a chilly night at hand with temperatures in the low 40s away from the bay. so for your friday, we have a good start to the big getaway day. boy, for the holiday. nothing but dry pavement all the way through saturday and now it looks like instead of partly cloudy skies for easter, we'll see the clouds thickening up a little bit earlier, we'll call it mostly cloudy with rain by nightfall. another .12" of rain expected in pleasanton. over .16" in san jose. a quarter throughout the santa cruz mountains. the system is pretty much out of here. we have morning showers. your forecast for the tahoe area, winter weather advisory is in place. it's snowing there right now all the way to lake level. we'll continue to see this advisory in place until about 8:00 tonight.
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temperatures below average today. 50s and 60s. winds southwest 10 to 20 adding a chill to the air. a couple of dry days in the forecast. rain sunday night and monday. dry tuesday, more rain wednesday. we're still stuck in this pretty active weather pattern. anne? time to see what's trending today. oprah one of the most powerful women in the world turns out even she gets intimidated sometimes. >> it's rare that i feel intimidated. but i feel -- i felt, you know, intimidated. >> this was during a recent interview with "people" magazine. she is talking about being in movies and for the record she has been in about five of them. she just finished working with reese witherspoon in their new film, wrinkle in time. it is set to come out next year. a lot of people are excited for this. i got some friends heading to coachella. it is officially kicks off tomorrow and if you are still looking for a way to get there,
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you can arrive in style. jet suite x is offering pop-up flights. small planes taking people from burbank to thermal airport instead of waiting hours in traffic to get to the coachella valley the flight will only take about 45 minutes. prices around $200 each way. each flight will seat 30 people. finally, a happy meal mission. an 8-year-old boy drove -- 8- year-old boy, yeah -- drove his little sister to mcdonald's because he wanted a cheeseburger. so they snuck out of their ohio home on sunday and popped into their father's van. they drove a little over a mile to the nearest mcdonald's and when they pulled up to the drive-through window workers thought it was a prank. the little boy told police that he learned how to drive by watching a youtube video. >> honest to god, i have only been a patrolman or a police officer for two years. but i don't think i'll have anything like this the rest of my career. >> thankfully, the kids didn't
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hit anything on the mile and a half journey. officers called their parents who came to pick them up. they got their cheeseburgers. the kids apparently brought both of their piggybanks along to pay. ♪[ music ] and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the warriors play- off schedule is announced! schedule your plans. the sharks got drilled by oilers early. but the finish is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning from the kpix 5 traffic center. we have rain, the live shot of the golden gate bridge. slick surfaces. not bad out of marin no delays. we have some slow-and-go conditions though in the south bay. more on that coming up. but right now, here's dennis with sports. good morning, everybody! the stanley cup play-offs are under way and the sharks took the ice in edmonton, minus two bullets in their chamber. hard to find any teal in edmonton for the oilers. first play-off game in over a decade. logan couture had a mask but joe thornton could not answer the bell. the oilers were on the way to a rout in the first period. 2-0 edmonton. it was 2-1 oilers in the third. paul martin sneaks in to score the equalizer. they forced overtime and it
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came down to this. >> here's carlson in on goal, goooooooaaaaal! carlson the mask man! >> the game winner. the sharks seal game one. game 2 is on friday. luke walton finishing his first season as lakers head coach in oakland. steph five of 14 from beyond the arc. this air ball is a perfect alley-oop pass to patrick mccaw. he had 11. kevin durant had not made a three since before being hurt. tonight the shots seemed to return. five of seven from downtown. 29 points for durant. warriors win finishing the season 67-15. here's the news really because the game meant nothing. the warriors announced their play-off schedule with portland. games one and two are sunday and wednesday in oakland. baseball news, the giants are winners and the a's beat the royals 8-3. so the warriors, the giants, the
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sharks, the a's, all victorious. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. sharks mania. one bay area family is going all out for the sharks play-off run. >> they say they are die-hard fans and want the world to know it. the beaches have their entire home in los gatos painted in the team colors. it was all part of the sharks' new marketing campaign offering a free paint job to five super fans. dan boyle stopped by to give the family some team memorabilia. >> these guys are showing their passion for the team and although i don't know if i would do it to my house, it's pretty, um, it's pretty amazing to see. [ laughter ] >> love it. >> what's that guy's name? do we know that shark mascot's name? >> roberta will know. >> sharkie? >> i think probably. >> looks like there's support though. working with the sharks big overtime win last night, i like the colors. >> looks good. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. some major changes could be
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coming to your bart service. i'm jessica flores. i'll have the story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. ramping up plans for mass deportations new indications this morning that the trump administration is ramping up plans for mass deportations! >> and why hundreds of bay area students could soon be left without a ride to school. >> and here we go! it's fired up. it's ready to go, live hi-def doppler radar. i'll share with you where it's raining this time. >> and you're not going anywhere too fast if you are working your way across the bay bridge. details coming up. good morning, it is thursday, april 13. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. well, today bart directors meet to weigh options on how they can address a multi-million
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dollar shortfall. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san leandro on what the cost- cutting could mean for your morning commute. jessica. >> reporter: that's right. bart is facing about a $30 million budget shortfall and we have been talking to riders here about proposals that are on the table. one of those would be cutting some service before 5 a.m. and that isn't sitting well with a lot of riders here. now, all the proposals include cutting the youth, sr., disabled discounts from 62.5% to 50%. and also, adding a 50-cent surcharge to paper tickets that would affect riders not using clipper cards. and they could also consider cutting 15 bart positions. so this is all coming at a time when riders are already feeling the squeeze. fares are already going upset to increase 2.7% next year. and this is also coming at a time when last fall voters approved a $3.5 billion bond measure to improve the aging
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bart system. but bart directors say riders won't be seeing major fixes from measure rr money for at least 2 years. and the meeting is today in oakland at 9 a.m. but final decisions aren't due until june. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. ac transit has decided to hold a community meeting before deciding whether to cut bus service to students at several oakland schools. about 1600 students use ac transit to get to three schools: skyline high, community day school, and montera middle school. if the route goes away, other buses will stop near the schools but not right at them. the school district says the state has changed how the district is funded. and the bus problem is a result of dollars being redistributed. >> so there really is no money now for this process to cover ac transit's help with our students. >> from my family we have three kids in three schools it's going to be insane and most families don't even live close
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enough so a lot of kids are not going to be able to attend schools they want to and essentially be forced to go to the neighborhood schools that don't offer the academic rigor they need. >> ac transit says this is an issue of financial mismanagement within the school district. three agency said, they're trying to balance their books at our expense despite weeks of negotiations sessions, ousd has offered no solutions that benefit their kids. the ac transit board was set to vote last night but then decided to get more input. they haven't set a date yet for the community meeting but it's probably going to be before the end of the month. we just can't seem to shake the rain. some parts of the bay area experiencing a heavy downpour at times overnight. there is rain in the forecast for this easter holiday weekend. >> if there's any hope i think after next thursday we'll enter a little bit of a dry pattern. >> okay. >> yeah.
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so i haven't minded that when we have the little smattering of rain because it helps the gardens. >> and keeps you busy. >> it does. today is national make lunch count day so kenny, this is what i brought for lunch today. so i figured you're going to help us out here. >> i have some soup in the back. i have some oreos, cheese-its. we'll all share. >> let's do that. we'll have a kumbaya moment, as well. if you want to have lunch outdoors today, hit-and-miss scattered showers throughout the afternoon. look at the green on your screen due ice of the tri- valley now due east of modesto and snowing in the high sierra. can you see that snow around the mount hamilton area? can't wait until sunrise so we can see it. we have light rain entering san bruno. also, 101 as you make tracks towards the golden gate bridge verified that with this. it's our live weather camera, sure! it's raining at the golden gate bridge. very slippery when wet this
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morning and it's a cooler start to your day due to the fact that this is a cold front that's passed through. 40s tri-valley, 40s santa rosa, 52 in san francisco, oakland 56 and 53 degrees san jose with a bit of a wind up to 10. these winds will blow 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours and when you look at these cooler temperatures, going to feel law at times. 50s at the beaches from rockaway beach through moss and montara beaches. 50s around san mateo, burlingame, belmont, backing through east palo alto into foster city. pleasanton was at 71 degrees 48 hours ago. hard to believe. stiff wind up to 20 out of the southwest and also some smattering of showers in windsor at 58 degrees. rain today, sunshine in the forecast. but i'll have your easter sunday outlook coming up 48
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after the hour. let's take a look at the bay bridge now. metering lights have been turned on so traffic is stacking up. slow into the maze and heading towards san francisco. if you are traveling on the eastshore freeway, carquinez bridge that will take you about 15 minutes right now as far as your drive times go so eastshore freeway still okay this morning as you work your way westbound. let's get a live look at 880 the nimitz right now traffic is light northbound no delays, southbound you're clear through this area just south of there into hayward. we have a few brake lights towards 92. no delays on the san mateo bridge. we have monitoring trouble at southbound 87 not too far from the airport there. looks like we are getting reports of flooding. it's about there for a while but reports of delays in the area. my sensors aren't picking up too much in the portion of 87. but just be advised if you are traveling guadalupe parkway this morning drive times look good out of the south bay northbound 280 no troubles and
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101, things nice. today classes are set to resume at the elementary school in san bernardino where a man shot and killed two people before turning the gun on himself on monday. now we're hearing from the teacher who saved nolan brandy. he is seen here with his parents. the suspect shot brandy in the upper body but the instructor who made sure this boy kept breathing says brandy is the hero in her eyes. >> darlene got on 911 and i just applied pressure and talked to him and he was my hero and -- [ crying ] >> i -- i'm just glad he is going to be okay. >> but another young boy did die in the shooting. 8-year-old jonathan martinez had a rare genetic condition and he recently underwent heart surgery. back in the bay area, we have learned who newark police believe is the prime suspect in a parking lot murder. officers arrested 28-year-old jaime perez of oakland. perez is accused of shooting a
5:37 am
man inside this car on saturday in the parking lot of the grocery outlet on newark boulevard. victim was rocky valencia 29 years old from union city. it appears the trump administration is preparing for a massive crackdown on illegal immigrants by putting together today deportation force. attorney general jeff sessions outlined an aggressive plan during his stop in arizona. he called for harsher penalties for repeat border crossers. plans to go after immigrants for document fraud. and he warned anyone who helps illegal immigrants across the border. an internal homeland security document obtained by the "washington post" found that the federal agency has secured 33,000 more detention beds, empowered cooperating police agencies, and identified ways to quickly hire hundreds more border patrol officers and plans to quickly begin building the wall. a meeting in moscow did little to ease the tensions between the u.s. and russia. secretary of state rex
5:38 am
tillerson met with president vladimir putin for two hours yesterday. little came of the meeting and then russia vetoed a u.n. resolution condemning the syrian government's use of chemical weapons on its own people. last night president trump said that us/russia relations may be at an all-time low. new this morning, more kids are getting vaccinated in california. public health officials say the number is going up because of the law. the latest report shows nearly 96% of kindergarten students got all their required vaccines this year. that's nearly 3% higher than last year. it was in 2015 when lawmakers changed the law to force students to get vaccinated despite personal beliefs. every year a quarter of a americans wait until the bitter to end file their taxes. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger here to help with some last-minute tips for those procrastinators. so what do you do if you owe money but can't pay in full by the april 18 deadline? >> reporter: you should stull file on time. just try to pay as much as --
5:39 am
you should still file on time. just try to pay as much as you can to reduce penalties and interest. if you can't pay all the tax that you owe there are three options. one is you can request additional time to pay through the irs online payment agreement application. you can also call 800-829-1040. the irs may grant you up to 120 extra days to pay your bill. now, if that's not enough time, you can apply for an irs installment agreement for a fee that will put you on a monthly payment plan. finally, you can use a credit or debit card but remember, that's a pretty expensive way to go. fees can total up over 2%. no matter what, don't ignore that tax bill! the irs will find you. >> what if you can't meet the filing deadline? >> they say i can file but i can't pay. others people can pay but can't meet the deadline so here's what you do. you file for a six-month
5:40 am
extension with form 4868 by the deadline april 18. otherwise big time penalties for late filing and late payment. by the way those penalties can total almost 50% of what you owe on top of that tax bill. so here's the deal though. an extension has a big caveat. the irs says okay, we'll give you six months extra to file but not to pay. you have to estimate your tax liability, pay 90% of it to avoid the penalties. also that steps does not provide you with extra -- that extension does not provide you with extra time to make your ira contributions. they are still due on or before april 18. so procrastinators, the irs says it takes about 16 hours to file your returns. so you will have a lousy weekend. sorry. >> not the way you want to spend easter weekend. jill schlesinger with tax tips this morning. >> no. >> jill, thank you.
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it is 5:40. and an online ad sparks a feud between burger king and google. what's got the tech giant so heated. >> plus, raiders legend john madden weighs in on the team's move to las vegas. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fast food giant burger king found itself on the wrong side of google yesterday. good morning, time check 5:43. this is our live weather camera looking out from treasure island towards the "salesforce tower" which is now san francisco's tallest building. it is 1.4 million square feet. it's 1070 feet 61 stories on the corners of first, mission and fremont streets. it's still under construction.
5:44 am
i'd like to know what the weather looks like from up there. the weather forecast coming up. burger king found itself on the wrong side of google yesterday. burger king aired this 15 second ad which triggered google's amazon echo to look it up. they stopped the smart speakers from pulling up the wikipedia pay. with the smart speaker platform, advertisers were bound to take advantage. >> it's a way to kind of get a little more invasive with your advertising. it's a clever way to use modern technology to get your ad message across. >> he thinks it is likely burger king knew google would burn their buns. >> they got publicity. >> yeah. football legend john madden is responding to the raiders move to las vegas. during a sirius radio interview he blasted owner mark davis for
5:45 am
getting rid of the history. he said that there will be no more oakland raiders. that really bothers me. not just me personally but all the raiders fans over all those years and all the great players and great games. just boom, it goes away." the raiders move to nevada in 2019. the warriors are going to the play-offs with momentum after wrapping up the regular season last night. before the game steph curry thanked the best fans in basketball for their support. [ inaudible ] [ loud echo and screaming ] >> as for the game, the warriors cruised past the lakers to finish. they also added to the nba record for most wins in a three- year period with 207. >> yeah. and the play-off schedule was announced last night. the "dubs" will host the blazers at oracle on sunday at 12:30 for game one, then game 2 is wednesday night also in oakland then the series heads
5:46 am
to oakland for games 3 and 4. it's not how you start. it's how you finish. last year was a heartbreaker. hopefully this year they can recapture the nba title. >> classiest organization in all of the nba and classiest fans. that's why they call it "roar- acle." i'll be there wednesday night! >> big tickets for the play- off. >> kind of sort of. they are up high but every seat is a good seat. they are really high but they are great seats just to be part of it. it's great. >> so you might be dragging on thursday? >> she can function with one hour of sleep. >> i'll be on that high after a warriors win! right? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and you have to bring your "a" game every day. >> we'll look forward to it. >> roberta, you will. >> speaking of dragging, some spots in our traffic that might be occurring. >> yes. you are just, um, scooting along on westbound 80. no accidents, stop-and-go though for your morning drive into berkeley. it slows down towards the bay
5:47 am
bridge so again westbound slow this morning. once you get to the bay bridge business as usual. metering lights are on with delays into the maze at this point. 20-minute drive time from the carr westbound into the maze and then tack on another 10 minutes heading into san francisco. elsewhere, taking a look at the nimitz freeway this morning, right now traffic is still looking good. a little shiny there on our freeways so that probably is the case some slick surfaces there this morning. northbound 880 no delays southbound looks good through here. it's just south of here in hayward where you will see a bit of a trouble spot. no accidents, just slow. san mateo bridge taillights are going westbound. hayward to foster city, traffic looks good through there no delays. 101 if you have an early flight to catch into sfo off the san mateo bridge, about 20 minutes from there all the way into san francisco. good past the airport, 280 good as well this morning and, of course, you can always skip the roads, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time.
5:48 am
i'm still taking a look at the rainfall amounts in the overnight hours. .14" of rain in san francisco. over a half inch in santa rosa. it's raining! we do need that umbrella heading out the door this morning. right now the rain showers line the peninsula around the san mateo coastline back through el granada into half moon bay , moderate to heavy rainfall. green lighter rainfall. daly city rain, as well. it's raining in san francisco. check out the golden gate bridge with the raindrops on the camera lens. don't forget the umbrella. in the 40s and 50s, cooler due to the passage. cold front over the sierra nevada. it's snowing right now on the north and south shores and there you have a lot of instability with the passage of that front. we still have the core of the center of the area of low pressure off the coast and it has to sweep through the bay
5:49 am
area. so i'm planning out your forecast like this. here's your futurecast. there's your afternoon. and then we begin to see some partly conditions after sunset. we'll see a dry day on friday for the big getaway holiday day. saturday dry, sunny and warmer. increasing clouds late into our easter sunday. all right. we are still seeing more rainfall. we'll tally it up to a tenth of an an inch in hayward. also redwood city a quarter inch in santa cruz. we have the snow on the fly in the high sierra. but what you can expect here locally today is with the morning showers tapering off, we'll have the dry days on friday and saturday. rain develops easter sunday late day. sierra forecast, snow at 37 degrees right now on the south shore. dry day friday for skiing and boarding. winter weather advisory still in effect until about 8:00 tonight. 10 inches of snow expected on
5:50 am
the mountain. but very blustery conditions in the higher elevations. here's your tahoe report. red dog my favorite run of the day at squaw valley, boy, we have more snow on tap for the south shore as well another weak system rolling through the bay -- not the bay -- yeah, we'll have the rain, the bay area, but a weak system will roll through heavenly on the south shore and north star on the north shore on sunday. if you heading to the high sierra now, carry the chains with you. today 50s and low 60s. cool and winds 10 to 20. sunshine saturday. rain easter sunday night into monday, dry tuesday. don't forget your umbrella! but before you go, we'll be right back with more news with anne and kenny. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ good morning, san francisco bay area. time check now is 5:53. looking out towards the skyline of san francisco which is forever changed due to the tower of the "salesforce tower" standing 1070 feet tall. we're able to see the tip-top
5:54 am
of it today. no problems with visibility this morning. rain still in the forecast. more coming up in traffic and weather up next. ♪[ music ] a football donated by n- legend jerry rice we're having some audio issues. sorry about that. milpitas police are trying to track down the person who stole a football donated by nfl legend jerry rice. the player who earned fame for his winning catches auctioned off an autographed football for a recent charity event to raise money for an orphanage in china that cares for children with disabilities but after amy fu made the winning bid for the ball, this man was caught on camera getting away with the prize. [ non-english language ] >> to her, this football is a football of love so meaningful to her. >> since the football went for
5:55 am
$3,500, the suspect is likely to be charged with grand theft. meanwhile, fu did get a replacement football but she is hoping to get the original back for the kids at the orphanage. school officials in san jose are warning parents about a data breach. hackers may have gotten into the campbell union school district office. the superintendent said officials are trying to determine what information was compromised but they think that names addresses, numbers and gpas were likely viewed. at this point, the district doesn't believe any students's records were altered. san jose police are investigating. bay area auto giant tesla is dealing with a catch-22. they may create cars but it hasn't created enough parking spots for all its employees. so we decided to send "sky drone 5" to tesla's platt headquarters. every inch of available space was filled. tesla reports that it has roughly 6,000 employees. but only enough parking for 4500 cars. a tesla spokesman acknowledged the parking problem saying the
5:56 am
company surging employees to use public transportation running their own private shuttles and even paying people to ride their bicycles to work. uber could soon be facing fines from california regulators. why they believe the ridesharing company isn't doing enough when it comes to drunk drivers. >> reporter: and some major changes could be coming to your bart service. i'm jessica flores. i'll have those details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
bart is working to fill its multi- million dollar cutting costs. and now service coul this morning, bart is working to fill its multi- million dollar shortfall by cutting costs. and now service start times could be impacted. but first, we are on the storm watch this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is thursday, april 13th. scattered april showers moving through the bay area. here's a live look outside and
6:00 am
at hi-def doppler radar which is lit up right now. slick roads already causing a few accidents. travel times in just a moment with gianna but first roberta has the forecast. >> heavy rain pushed through overnight over a half inch of rain in santa rosa. and now with the passage of that front we are on the back side of it with a lot of instability. we are seeing pop-up showers along the peninsula. at this time we also have some pretty moderate to heavy rainfall approaching richmond and berkeley around 580 as we back up a bit you can see that the san mateo bridge is definitely impacted with some pretty moderate to heavy rainfall. the city of san francisco from the richmond district into divisadero street we have moderate rain. china through mission street, you will start seeing some rain within the next five minutes. in the north bay we also have some moderate to heavy rainfall from san quentin all the way into tiburon, san rafael


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