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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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their outside perspective will pressure law enforcement to make this common crime less so. >> i just want him back. >> reporter: mary wilkinson brought her daughter julia with her to san francisco to memorialize her husband joe, who died suddenly from a heart attack eight months ago. instead, they are begging police to take action and find his stolen ashes. >> i should be in redwood national park memorializing my husband and spreading his ashes. >> reporter: mary says her husband joe loved san francisco so they came to experience all of his favorite things before letting him go. >> just enjoy the magic that the city has. all of that magic was ripped out from under me yesterday at 5:15 p.m. >> reporter: that's when vandals broke into their rental car inside anchorage square parking garage at fisherman's wharf. >> stole my suitcase, my mom's wallet, most importantly they
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stole my father's ashes and ruined our trip. >> reporter: julia and mary only left the car there for a few hours while waiting for their airbnb to open up. >> we didn't leave anything out in plain view. we tried to be smart about it. >> i would like to apologize to the family on behalf of the city. >> reporter: just two days ago, supervisor norman n yee introduced legislation to hide logos so they won't be targeted. julia says he is right. >> if i wanted to move here, i wanted to live here, i wanted to call this home. i don't want to anymore. >> reporter: in 2015 it over that full year, there were just about 25,000 car break-ins. police made arrests in 484 of those cases. as for the whereabouts of joe wilkinson's ashes, police have no leads. we are working to get more
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information on what started a fire in cupertino this afternoon. chopper 5 showing the smoke pouring from the open roof. fire crews using a ladder to get water on the fire. the home on flora vista avenue appears to be destroyed. the people inside did make it out safely. new at 6:00 after years of drought, landscaping is making a comeback in the bay area. one big project in the works this fancy rooftop park at san francisco's new transbay transit center but there is a fierce tug of war going on over the trees. kpix 5's len ramirez is in cupertino where apple is also in the market for some of these trees. len. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. when apple unveiled its plan for the spaceship campus everyone liked the design but no one gave much thought about how much trees would be needed to fulfill the design. now that apple is buying up thousands of trees, it's creating atree shortage in the
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bay area. >> reporter: landscaped trees at the western star wholesale nursery in sunol beautiful in bloom ready for planting and many have already been reserved for large bay area construction projects. competition for these prime specimens has become so heated, nurseries to red tag them to make sure rival contractors can't swoop in and take them redhanded. >> it's pretty fierce, pretty cutthroat. >> reporter: she is talking about the tree wars that have started up between the bay area's biggest landscape architect a green rush driving prices way up. >> someone coming out and overbidding them so they take it out from under them. so it's really a cutthroat industry at this point. >> reporter: and the apple spaceship campus is a big reason why. apple reportedly needs 3,000 trees to fill up its inner circle many of them hard-to- find native species. at the same time the new
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transbay transit park project in san francisco put out an order for 469 trees. the two projects are reportedly battling for branches all the way to fresno. >> several years ago, a lot of the nurseries were forced to downsize inventory because sales were down. however, with the upswing and a lot of projects are finding funding, they are kind of scrambling to find plants which is kind of nonexistent at this point. >> reporter: the other problem is the time it takes to grow trees. landscapers want to buy them large enough to provide shade immediately which can take years. >> it's something i find kind of exciting [ laughter ] keeps us busy and on our toes. >> reporter: apple's vision to have it being one of the greenest corporate campuses in america. it's going to take a lot of trees when this project finally does open later this year. reporting live in cupertino,
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len ramirez, kpix 5. >> it could spell trouble for uber. a report says the company used secret software to spy on the competition. a tech website called the information reports that from 2014 to 2016, uber used a secret program named hell to spoof lyft's accounts and track its drivers. uber could reportedly see which drivers were working for both services. then target them with promotions to get them to shift more time to uber. if the report is found to be true, uber's tactics could constitute fraud. and uber may be in even more hot water! state regulators want to fine the company more than $1.1 million for failing to investigator suspend drunk drivers. tesla's ceo says the bay area-based company will soon come out with its plans for an electric commercial truck. today elon musk tweeted, quote, tesla, semi truck unveil, set for september. team has done an amazing job. seriously, next level. the electric automaker could shake up the freight
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hauling business. but there's also faces challenges. for one thing, it's not set up to manufacture semi trucks right now. also, it has to figure out how to make batteries that aren't too heavy and where to recharge them. we are hearing for the first time from the family of the man bloodied and dragged off the united flight. dr. david dao had a concussion, broken nose and two broken teeth when security forcibly removed him from an overbooked flight to kentucky. his lawyer says there's no lawsuit yet. but there likely will be. >> if you are going to eject a passenger under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force or violence. that's the law. dr. dao i believe to his great credit has come to understand that he is the guy, he is the
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guy to stand up for passengers going forward. it's us against them! >> dr. dao's daughter also appeared at the news conference. she says that her family is going through a very difficult time. >> what happened to my dad should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what had happened to him. >> of course, hearing is set -- a court hearing is set for monday. the lawyer is asking the city, the faa and the airline to preserve evidence in the case. dr. dao came to the u.s. more than 40 years ago during the fall of saigon. his lawyer said what happened aboard that plane brought back those painful memories. kpix 5's kiet do looks at the comparison from san jose's little saigon neighborhood. kiet.
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>> reporter: the vast majority of vietnamese people here came or know someone who did. when he made the comparison to boatpeople that got our attention. at the press conference this morning, dr. david dao's lawyer passed on bold comments from dao to said he escaped vietnam by boat at the end of the war in 1975. >> he said that being dragged down the aisle was more horrifying and harrowing than what he experienced in leaving vietnam. >> reporter: he is referring to the mass exodus of refugees fleeing vietnam after the war ended. the so-called boatpeople faced crowded conditions while spending weeks or even months at sea with no food or water. some were attacked by pirates, robbed, raped and murdered. more than 700,000 made it out alive but the u.n. says between 200,000 and 400,000 vietnamese died trying to escape. san jose is now home to the museum of the boatpeople and the republic of vietnam. they work to remind younger generations of the struggle and
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sacrifices their elders made in fleeing the homeland. today, volunteers are repairing a boat that once held 28 people. do you think went too far by saying that? >> yeah, too far, yes. >> reporter: executive director [indiscernible name] doesn't know the specifics about dr. dao's escape but says there is no comparing the united incident to the boat experience which for some families was the most tragic moment of their lives. >> reporter: are you offended by that? do you think that's disrespectful for him to say that? >> no, i -- i -- i don't think so. it's okay if he say so. >> reporter: at grand century mall the heart of little saigon people that i talked to said it was a stretch of the paul tran was 4 when his family escaped on a boat. >> that doctor on the united flight said it was more scary experience that he went through that versus coming over to the united states. i think that's probably kind of exaggeration on his part. >> reporter: and so there is a
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discrepancy in some of the facts being reported about dr. dao. his lawyer said he came here in 1975. but i spoke with the reporter with the "l.a. times" who has been talking with some friends and relatives in southern california, who they say two sources say that dr. dao came here in 1970. i tried reaching out to the attorney but have not heard back yet. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a live look at "sierra at tahoe." there is fresh snow on the slopes. today the national weather service said this year's snow and rain has set a new record in the northern sierra. reporter elissa becerra shows us people flocking to the mountains today to enjoy the late season powder. >> reporter: snow in the sierra means fun. it also means a financial boost for the area. >> tons of cars coming up. and we're putting chains on and we got a few more storms coming in. so we're loving it. >> reporter: this traveler is on her way to colorado. >> you know, the weather is 79 degrees where she is right now. so it's like, this is -- going
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to california for some snow? >> reporter: that's right california snow. haven't seen much of it during the last five years. but it's been hitting the sierra all year. >> not a lot of snow but a lot of rain. we have had a lot of rain this year. >> reporter: in fact, the sierra broke a record for all time rainfall weighing in at 89.7 inches. the new record beat the old one of 88.5 set in 1982-'83 at 207% of average for this time of year. according to the state department of water resources. but all this moisture means time to bundle up, chain up. >> i never put chains on. i'm trying to learn how right quick. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and enjoy. not just the north sierra dealing with record rainfall. we have had record rainfall in san rafael, more than 5 feet of rain this winter. 62 inches. in ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains coming up on 8 feet of water. just this winter. there's more rain in the forecast. we'll talk about when coming up. >> from high-speed chase to a
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game of cat and mouse in oakland backyards, chopper 5 is high above as the suspect goes to great lengths to try to out run the law. >> a long-awaited change to the golden gate bridge. the construction that some families have been fighting for, for decades. >> and a marine life mystery. the theory on why so many bat rays are turning up dead in lake merritt. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was overhead this afternoon.. as this guy tried to hop a he tried to out run the law but couldn't outrun chopper 5. it was overhead this afternoon as this guy tried to hop fences to freedom. ken bastida with how it went down. >> reporter: police had been chasing this black mercedes down interstate 880 when the driver hopped off on 42nd avenue. chopper 5 picked up the chase from there. the car sped through traffic on city streets before crossing over onto 580 and turning on to a residential neighborhood near the diamond district. that's where the two suspects inside decided they might do better on foot. the driver takes off as the car keeps right on rolling. you see him running there. a moment later, the passenger bailed, as well. chopper 5 stayed on the driver as he ran into the neighborhood near maple avenue and delaware street. he hopped from backyard to backyard even climbing up over the rooftops in an attempt to
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get away. little did he know trapped beca he was busy on foot, police set up the perimeter. police eventually corner him behind a home on delaware street where he dropped to the ground and surrendered peacefully. by then they had also picked up his passenger. as for the car, it rolled away still in gear but didn't hit anybody. it was stopped by a tree. police say the car may have been involved in several recent robberies. thank you. a bittersweet ceremony at the golden gate bridge today after many delays. construction finally getting unway on a new suicide barrier. but melissa caen says it won't be the first safety net to save lives there. >> reporter: today the golden gate bridge district had a ceremony to kick off the construction of the long- awaited suicide barrier on the
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golden gate bridge two fences that run the bridge preventing from people jumping into the water. for loved ones and family members of people who have committed suicide off this bridge, this has truly been a labor of love. they have been at it for years. today at the ceremony there were lots of tears and hope that their efforts can save for family. >> people look at it and say isn't it so beautiful? to me it's ugly. it's a bridge of death. >> reporter: on november 22, 2010, sue's son jacob committed suicide by jumping off the golden gate bridge. >> he was very depressed. he, um, felt that there was nothing else for him. >> reporter: today, sue was one of dozens of people who have loves a loved one to suicide at the bridge who came to a ceremony marking the start of construction of a barrier on the bridge. priya clemens is a spokesman for the golden gate bridge district. >> the construction starts this year but people won't see very much right now. they are going to see a little bit of fencing that will protect the contractors under
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the bridge taking measurements. >> reporter: actually falling on the net would be incredibly painful resulting in at least broken bones. she says the net isn't about catching people. >> the concept behind the suicide deterrent is that people who come here don't want to hurt themselves. they want to end their lives. and when you see a hard stainless steel platform two stories down that you will hit when you jump off the sidewalk, that's going to stop you from jumping at all. >> reporter: sue says that's exactly what would have happened if the barrier had been up when her son decided to kill himself. >> i know that if he had looked down and seen that he would have sat down on the middle of the walkway and cried and help would have come to him. >> reporter: a temporary safety net for the workers was put up costing $1.4 million in today's money and saved 16 lives. this permanent structure will cost $204 million. a large price tag in part because such a big barrier hasn't been done before. house minority leader nancy
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pelosi acknowledged this is all made possible by decades of activism by the families who have lost loved ones to suicide at the bridge. >> what a bittersweet day this is, the joy of the prospect of saving lives, the sadness of those we've lost. >> reporter: one of the most disturbing things we learned today is the number of young people who have been jumping off the bridge. in the first six months of 2016, 88 people under the age of 35 jumped to their deaths. we spoke with one expert today at the ceremony who said that social media might be playing into that as ideas spread so quickly and such an iconic and easily accessible location makes this a prime target. hopefully by january 2021 when the barrier is up and running, all that will come to an end. live in san francisco, melissa caen kpix 5. bart's new warm springs station is only up and running for a few weeks and already something is broken this photo showed up on the website reddit
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yesterday. an escalator blocked off by caution tape. unclear what caused the breakdown. but riders won't have to pay for t bart says that new escalator is covered by a two- year warranty. and as of this evening, it is back in service. if only the roofs all throughout the bay area were covered by warranty. maybe some of them are but roofers are busy. folks in tree removal are busy. because we have had a harsh winter around here which continues this morning with some rainfall. we have sunshine and the silhouette of the financial district of san francisco in the background. san jose today 64 for a high. couple of spots got mild including fremont and morgan hill you hit 67. 57 in san francisco. we were colder than a town in alaska today sitka, down by juno. june au. cherry blossoms in japantown
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better weather on saturday dry on saturday, wet on easter sunday so as the front moves through overnight behind the front still some unstable air you got caught in heavy rain this morning coming down good. all of that unstable air has pushed into the central valley and then eventually will be in nevada and eastern oregon and the ridge of high pressure will build in giving us two dry days. that's tomorrow and saturday. so we're chilly tonight with clear skies after a chilly day. lows are going to get rather brisk down to 45 for you in fremont. down to 39 in napa. san rafael dropping to 42 and san jose mountain view and redwood city into the mid-40s. we are dry friday and saturday. tomorrow will feel warmer than these temperatures look because we're going to eliminate the wind. we'll get the sunshine back. a lot warmer than today. showers on easter afternoon early in the day on easter sunday will be dry but once we hit lunchtime it's going to rain. so we are dry tomorrow and
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saturday. could see low 70s inland on saturday. rain sunday afternoon. dry monday. rain tuesday. dry out for a while on wednesday perhaps and thursday. so not done with the showers just yet. back to you. >> thank you. it is the moment that has "survivor" fans shocked. >> why haven't you told anyone you're transgender? >> the outrage after a contestant is outed and the national conversation it is sparking. >> former raider coach john madden is not drinking the relocation kool-aid and neither is the portland trail blazers star who made a bold prediction for the play-offs with the warriors. his words coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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to las, it's jo first it was jim plunkett who spoke out against the raiders move to las vegas. now it's john madden. the former coach said he was shocked by the vote of league approval. doesn't think las vegas is a good idea to have an nfl team
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and thinks oakland is losing a part of its history. >> maybe this is just me but being oversensitive. but doggone it, if you are going to go, that's really tough. but leave us something here in oakland. there will be no more oakland raiders. there will be no more history. that really bothers me. just boom it goes away. the shark struggled at the end of the regular season. san jose showed that edmonton the momentum can change quickly in the play-offs. >> this overtime at least after the first shift or two here's carlson in on goal, score!!! the >> randy hahn on fire. the milkman delivers. carlson with the game winner in overtime. the sharks take game one on the road and put the regular season in their rear view mirrors. >> you have the tough march and i -- you look like the team
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from last april. >> doesn't matter where we were in march. we're here now. we're playing. that's all that matters. [ sound of bubbling water ] >> dorsal fin digest after falling behind 2-0 in the first sharks outshot the oilers 34-9 in the final two periods and overtime. logan couture returned and played nearly 21 minutes. he admitted to being rusty and oilers phenom this guy is something, connor mcdavid was limited to just two shots on goal. meanwhile, in the eastern conference, the top-seeded capitals are playing the rangers. it's dc versus new york. but don't expect president trump to start growing a play- off beard anytime soon. >> with the national hockey league play-offs just started, will the president cheer for the rangers or the caps? >> respectfully, um, that's really not been a subject that's come up too often in the white house. >> the mother of all basketball teams tips off in the nba play-
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offs on sunday at home against portland. and if you blink, you might miss the series. golden state won all four games during the regular season by an average of 20 points a game. but lillard and blazers are feeling confident after winning 18 of the last 26 games to get if the play-offs. the oakland native even jokingly offered up a prediction for series. >> blazers in six or seven. >> blazers in six. >> that confident! [ laughter ] >> okay. >> the warriors in five. that's a prediction from here. >> all right. >> like that, dennis. all right, thanks. coming up in the next half- hour, a mystery at a popular bay area lake. scientists caught by surprise as bat rays turn up dead. the possible explanation for what's killing them. >> the first target for the mother of all bombs the u.s. unleashes one of the most powerful bombs in its arsenal. >> and "survivor" fans left speechless of a transgender
6:28 pm
contestant opens up about the emotional moment he was outed on national tv. ,, ,,
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. be ad. one our top story at 6:30, bat
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rays once a graceful parts of lake merritt's marine life have been turning up dead. one expert we spoke to says he has never seen anything like it. >> kpix 5 reporter da lin is live in oakland with one likely explanation. da. >> reporter: veronica, experts believe the record amount of rainfall might be to blame here but let's backtrack a little bit. a lot of folks like myself who live in oakland and near the lake had no idea that bat rays actually live in the lake and the second surprise of course is that some are dying. >> reporter: unlike the birds and the geese at lake merritt, the bat rays like to be discreet and blend in. most people wouldn't even notice them but folks who work at the lake say they have been swimming and feeding here for years drawn by the shrimp and mussels. >> the bat rays love them, they love the muscles. >> reporter: but the director of the lake merritt institute started seeing dead rays washing up recently. >> i never in my history with
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being here over 10 years seen so many bat rays die off so it caught my by surprise. >> reporter: james took this photo. >> one of the dead bat rays and it was about 3.5 feet wide, probably about 50 pounds. it was a big one. >> reporter: around mid- february, workers found five dead rays in just one week. and there are multiple other sightings like this one. the latest sighting was yesterday a worker at the boathouse seeing one floating belly up. exactly what's killing them is a mystery. but they have a theory. >> all the rain that we experienced in january made the water too fresh for the rays to survive. and they died because of this. >> reporter: scientists at the shark research foundation say bat rays thrive in salt water. they believe the recent storms might have lowered the lake salinity levels. >> when something like this happens, it's a wake-up call that we share the planet. >> reporter: researchers say that is the best location to
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actually spot for bat rays because the salinity level is high. it's the channel that connects the lake to the bay. in the meantime, researchers are still gathering more information to try to get the exact cause of what's causing these bat rays to die. live at lake merritt, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco's considering a new way to address damage from repeated floods. it is according to buying out the homeowners. the city is already paid out millions for property damage in low-lying areas where heavy rain often overwhelms storm drains. that includes 17th and folsom streets, a section of wawona street and part of mission terrace. now the city's puc may offer to purchase homes from people who don't want to deal with that problem anymore. the money would come from revenue from sewer rate payments. police in san francisco trying to track down a group of vicious teenagers. they are accused of dragging a woman off a bus beating her up and then taking off with her phone and wallet. it happened on a muni bus last
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night just after 9:30 near fillmore and mcallister. police say the group is four boys and six girls. we're told the victim will be okay. santa clara county preparing to take on the trump administration. it's going to go to court tomorrow seeking an injunction to stop the president from withholding federal funding from sanctuary jurisdictions. santa clara alone will lose $1.7 billion. >> this county is already working towards establishing reserves for contingencies that could help us backfill federal takeaways in areas like planned parenthood and in other healthcare issues. >> santa clara is the first county in the nation to seek an injunction of this kind against the administration's policy. planned parenthood funding will be impacted on another front. president trump today signing legislation that allows states to defund healthcare providers that offer abortions.
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it was put in place in the final days of the obama administration. planned parenthood called president trump's action the worst political attack on women's health in a generation! the u.s. dropped a huge bomb on isis targets in eastern afghanistan. the weapon had nearly 11 tons of explosives aboard. it's the first time that weapon has been used in come pat. >> we have incredible leaders in the military and military. and we are very proud of them and this was another very, very successful mission. >> reporter: at 7 p.m. local time, the u.s. military dropped what's known as the "mother of all bombs" on isis targets in the afghan province of nangarhar, the bomb america's largest nonnuclear bomb. >> the gbu-43 is a large powerful accurately delivered weapon. we targeted a system of tunnels and caves that isis fighters used to move around freely making it easier for them to
6:36 pm
target u.s. military advisers and afghan forces in the area. >> reporter: the white house says the military took all necessary precautions to prevent civilian casualties and is currently assessing the damage. this is the first time the bomb has been used on the battlefield. it was developed during iraq war. >> the united states takes the fight against isis very seriously and in order to defeat the group we must deny them operational space which we did. >> reporter: this is a major military move in what president trump has called one of his top priorities, defeating isis. a statement by general john nicholson the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan said isis has been used ieds bunker and tunnels to solidify defenses and this attack will boost the u.s. offense against them. a funeral today for 18 u.s. backed fighters killed by friendly fire in syria. the u.s. confirms that coalition aircraft got the wrong coordinates and hit a forward position of an allied group on tuesday instead of
6:37 pm
isis. members of that same organization had provided the wrong coordinates. so far, u.s. central command has not said whether the warplanes were american or from another country in the coalition. the joker's jinx. riders get stuck for hour, the rescue happening now 100 feet in the air. >> cashing in on secondhand. the business boom for online consignment in the bay area. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ride called "the joker's jinx" stalled ab two dozen people were stuck on this roller coaster near washington, dc. the ride called the jokers jinx stalled about four hours ago at six flags america. the cars are about 100 feet off the ground and firefighters on a high angle team had to be called in. six cars are stuck. fortunately, the people are all upright. the crews got them all down it was a shocking television moment during
6:40 pm
"survivor" last night. one contestant outed another as transgender. reporter joy benedict shows us the emotional scene and the responses that followed. >> there is deception here. >> reporter: it was an accusation that stunned the tribal council on wednesday night's episode of "survivor." >> why haven't you told anyone you're transgender. >> reporter: jeff vanner outed zeke smith. the announcement brought his castmates to tears as they immediately defended him! >> i agree with todd. it was for zeke to discuss when he was comfortable. >> reporter: although zeke didn't say much during the episode. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: he spoke out on the talk saying after the declaration the host jeff probst gave him a minute to collect his thoughts. >> when i came back i thought, all right, you're going to have to flight and explain why what happened was wrong and defend yourself but i didn't need to because my tribe mates rose up and defended me. >> reporter: also ready to defend him the lgbt community.
6:41 pm
>> it's never okay to out someone. >> reporter: what bothers many here at the lgbt center is the accusation that being transgender is deceptive. >> being out as a woman now is me showing the world my most authentic true self. >> reporter: in the episode, jeff varner apologized repeatedly. >> i'm so sorry, zeke. >> reporter: today he spoke with "entertainment tonight." >> he and i have spoken several times over the last 10 months and i thought we were in a good place. i'm hearing different reaction from him today. >> reporter: although cbs was criticized by some for airing this part of the show, zeke says the producers worked him. >> in the aftermath of being out i have been granted unprecedented autonomy in how i wanted to tell my story. >> reporter: in the end jeff was sent home. >> there is no question who is going home tonight. >> reporter: his only hug good- bye came from zeke who hopes like many in the transgender community, that this episode helps to educate the world. cbs also released a statement about this controversy saying in part:
6:42 pm
>> of course here at the lgbt center of los angeles in hollywood, that's exactly what they are hoping comes from this controversy, as well. joy benedict, kpix 5. >> here's some comments from our facebook page: some shaking in the south bay in just the last few minutes. u-s-g-s reporting a three point oh quake. was centered in shaking in the south bay in the last few minutes. a 3.0 quake was centered in the foothills 13 miles east- southeast of san jose at 6:31. a cross is that stood on top of this east bay basilica for more than 90 years was
6:43 pm
grounded after a rough winter. >> baseball at the ballpark, we have the rockies in town for four games. game one of the series tonight. first pitch not too long from now. it is chilly outside. do not let the clear skies, the late evening sunshine, fool you. it's going to be brisk! and we're not completely done with the rain. when it returns next.
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the cross on top of an east bay church... is within reach for churchgoers. our ken batisda tells us why it after nearly a discriminate the cross on an east bay church is within reach for church- goers. our ken bastida tells us why it had to come down. ken. >> reporter: the gold colored cross belonged atop the st. joseph basilica in alameda. but it is now safely located in the church's vestibule. but two weeks ago cranes had to be used to take it down. that's because last month, it was literally teetering after a series of those strong storms. the fire department determined the cross was safe where it was. then came another powerful storm increasing concerns that the cross would come toppling down. and that's when the priest
6:47 pm
called in a construction firm. >> what is amazing was exactly when the cross was being removed, the bells rang. and for me, that was a sign from god that his presence is with us. >> the church is working to get an estimate on how much it will cost to put the cross back up on top. once they get that estimate, their push for fundraising will begin. thank you. u.p.s. driver being called a hero after he spotted a fire in his neighborhood and put it out himself. u.p.s. driver paul ferrera was on his last delivery of the day in northeast massachusetts and he spotted the flames taking over the front porch of the house. he banged on the door to get people out. neighbors called the fire department. he grabbed a hose and put it out. >> i didn't realize how big the flails were until i saw the video myself. by the time the fire department showed you he knocked down the fire. and had he not been there, that entire porch would have been
6:48 pm
engulfed, that house would have been lost. >> he got a hug making the rounds today from one of the women he saved. bart is backed down on plans to cut back service in the early-morning hours. the agency needs to close a $34 million budget gap. its board was considering eliminating the first hour of weekday train service and after hours bus service. but the board learned today the state's new transportation bill will provide millions more than anticipated. while it won't cover the entire deficit, it will send bart budget writers back to the drawing board. as we get close to the weekend, we we are looking forward to the easter sunday forecast. >> san francisco 55. one degree warmer we find oakland and livermore one degree warmer than that san jose, and 58 for concord and santa rosa. the radar is now clear.
6:49 pm
there have been numerous thunderstorms up towards lake oroville in the central valley and it's still snowing in the sierra. we have about an hour and 15 minutes left of a winter weather advisory. new snowfall just today as low as 4500 feet in elevation will get up to 8 inches. we have seen more snow in the sierra. tonight we'll see a chilly night. you wake up tomorrow morning in vallejo to 42 degrees. oakland 47. chilly for you. fairfield 41. pacifica 46. redwood city 45 degrees. front moved through yesterday evening 10, 11:00 raining good. showers behind the front lasted until the lunchtime. notice how far west of it. almost off screen to show you where the center of the ridge of high pressure is. it's not going to get that warm. we'll be a couple of degrees above average. showers return sunday.
6:50 pm
saturday morning starts off sunny. watch what happens in the afternoon. it will be more filtered sunshine and really a cloudy afternoon but you will notice the change. sunday new information from futurecast every couple of hours. right now, 6:00 in the morning, some sunrise services, cloudy absolutely. but the rain holds off. 11 a.m., north of the golden gate showers have begun. scattered showers over the diablo range and also the santa cruz mountains. but still cloudy elsewhere. we'll squeeze out for some of us maybe noon or 1:00 before scattered showers start. not going to be that much rain. but it's easter sunday a lot of outdoor activities and high impact and we'll have showers sunday afternoon. dry tonight tomorrow and saturday. showers and light rainfall ballpark returning about 12 noon sunday and the long- range outlook. toward the middle of next week is looks like we may trend drier for a while.
6:51 pm
>> here's your extended forecast: sunday afternoon rain, monday dry, tuesday more showers, then drying out wednesday. and really not that warm yet. typically we're drier and warmer but guys, we're still waying. -- we're still waiting. >> and waiting. >> thank you. coming up, a bargain hunter's dream. the bay area taking the lead with one of the hottest trends in fashion. the big business for online consignment. >> and coming up on the nightbeat after the u.s. military dropped the "mother of all bombs" in afghanistan, we're asking you, do you have confidence in president trump's ability to handle military affairs? you can send me a tweet at
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#veronicadlcruz. your comments tonight at 10:00 over on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. ,,
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6:54 pm
is becoming a breeding ground for online consigment stores . it's not the newest trend but it is big business and the
6:55 pm
bay area is becoming a breeding grounds for online consignment stores. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on how customers and sellers are cashing in. >> reporter: it's an estimated $18 million a year industry based largely here in the bay area. made up of massive warehouses crammed with racks of used clothing that some callthrift stores on steroids. this one sells more than 30,000 items a day checking bags of used clothing sent in from people across the country posted online at bargain prices. >> the pricing on thread up is 80% off retail. >> reporter: that may not sound like much for the seller but the cofounder says it pays off. >> what they want is to get stuff out of their homes. >> reporter: with the growing number of consignment sites the competition has never been tougher. one claims one in every 50 u.s. women uses its site to make money claiming sellers have made up to $250,000. >> a piece like this would sell
6:56 pm
for $38,000. >> reporter: the real reel targets the market's high-end. and brings in about 150,000 items each month based here in the bay area. and it's not just resale. clothing rental companies like la tote are also a growing trend especially among the maternity set. >> mow one that goes through pregnancy says i want to hold on or hang on to these clothes. >> reporter: as the net grow noose a bargain hunter paradise it can be traced back to ebay. >> it's the granddaddy of these online consignment things. it made it cool to sell things are online and fashionable to buy things that other people had owned before. >> reporter: but whether you're buying, selling or renting, just remember, it's not used, it's preowned. julie watts, kpix 5. >> good bargains, lightly used. why not? or news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, ♪[ music ] ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doing today? thank y'all now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey... and, folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of $40,000, from warsaw, virginia, it's the champs. it's the jones family. and from broomfield, colorado, it's the aslamy family. everybody's here for a chance to win a lot of cash
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and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new car. let's play feud. give me angela. give me azam. all right, guys, here we go. we got top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 single men. fill in the blank-- to end a bad date early, i tell a woman i have what? angela: headache. steve: a headache. azam: you have a sore throat. steve: sore throat. >> a girlfriend. steve: a girlfriend. omar? omar: wake up early. steve: got to wake up early. play. they gonna play.


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