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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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is the rain over yet? your work week forecast is next.
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iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> this college student fell to her death from a bay area dal 16. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. i am brian hackney. >> i am juliette goodrich. the student fell from building in berkeley. kpix 5's da lin is at the cal campus tonight. >> reporter: the victim was student here at university of california at berkeley. this appears to be a tragic accident where she fell to her death. the woman fell from this third story balcony past midnight. >> definitely sad. not something you expect to happen. >> reporter: friends who stopped by did not want to go on camera, they said it was an
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accident. she didn't live in the unit. it was her friend's apartment a few blocks away from their school, university of california at berkeley. she and friends were hanging out. they wouldn't say how she fell, they also would not say if they had been drinking at the time. neighbors and students are stunned and saddened by the tragedy. >> just seeing young people pass away is really heart breaking. you don't see the potential they are going to have. >> the railing is 3 feet high. police don't know why or how she fell. the autopsy will show whether or not she had any drugs and alcohol in her system. >> scary to think that, like, um, such a bright student who goes to, like, my school university of california at berkeley, could have ended erlife like that. >> the autopsy report could take a few weeks. i talked to the victim's system, he said the family would like to remain private
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during this difficult time. live at university of california at berkeley da lin, kpix 5. >> okay. storm watch. soggy easter sunday. mostly dry tonight but the storm isn't over yet. there is more rain on the way. kpix 5 doppler shows there is a few lingering showers. most of the brunt of the front moved out to the foothills where they are getting light rain tonight. mostly dried up for now. off shore there is more rain on the way. within 24 hours but for most of tomorrow we are going to mostly cloudy skies and by the end of the week back near 80 degrees. we have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. stolen ashes recovered tonight. a mother and daughter from north carolina traveled to san francisco last week.
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they planned to memorize their husband and father but someone broke into their car and stole their luggage. tonight police say a man dropped off the ashes at a san francisco police station. so far there are no arrests in this case. the protest that turned chaotic yesterday. tonight new video is surfacing. christin ayers shows us one video is getting national attention. >> reporter: video of the brawls that broke out here yesterday have been circulating online but there is one video in particular that is sparking outrage over the actions of a known white supremest. >> reporter: of all the fights, explosion and bloody brawls that characterized yesterday's patriots day protest in berkeley one moment stood out. a woman, and a trump protester,
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sucker punched on camera. her fist is extended as well. the video and image have gone viral. the man throwing the punch live streamed from the protest before the incident. >> a number of scuffles that have occurred. >> reporter: we tried to reach the woman online, a fundraiser page says she received rape and murder threats online. it is unclear whether police are investigating the incident. i reached out to the man to ask if he had comments about the video, he did not reply. christin ayers, kpix 5. a look at the weapons police confiscated. sticks, poles, bear spray, knives and mace. even a stun gun. police arrested at least 20 people. tonight vice president mike pence says the era of strategic patience is over with north
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korea. the comments follow another hissal launch -- missile launch. >> reporter: north korea launched five missiles this year, including four at once back in march but their latest attempt was a failure. on sand morning what the u.s. believes was a missile launched from the sub base explode 5 seconds after it left the ground. an embarrassing failure for sacramento mayor kevin johnson who staged a military parade saturday. it was intended to show strength just as a u.s. naval strike group nears. sent by president trump to dissuade the north from launching more missiles and conducting more nuclear tests. vice president mike pence landed in south korea for a tour of asia to reassure u.s. allies. >> under president trump's leadership our resolve has
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never been stronger. our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of south korea has never been stronger and with your help and god's help freedom will ever prevail on this peninsula. >> reporter: our government guided tour of the north korea capital continued without any mention of the missile failure. many people in north korea will never know what happened as missile failures usually are not acknowledged by the government. >> i am sorry. i can't believe it. i watching tv. >> reporter: do you think it will be on tv later? >> i don't think it is true. >> reporter: launching a missile was less provocative had they conducted another nuclear attack. had they done that the u.s. would have taken other actions.
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ben tracy, cbs news. we are getting a look at the man stealing a football signed by jaycee rice. he -- jerry rice. he surrendered yesterday. he has been booked into jail on burglary and grand theft. at a charity auction last sunday the football sold for $3,500 and then it disappeared. surveillance cameras captured the suspect in possession of the football. police say he turned himself in, returned the ball and they are still looking for one accomplice. playoff fever hit the bay area tonight. warriors and sharks in playoffs. the dubs took game one at oracle arena. the sharks took on the oilers. kpix 5's joe vazquez in san jose tonight. >> reporter: at stanley's bar in san jose hockey is a lifestyle. and shark's fans are just like sharks. >> blood is in the water.
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go for the kill. >> the san jose sharks are in the nhl playoffs. they played edmonton in game three tonight. hockey fans are competing with another sport that is also in the playoffs. >> when we go places more people are focused on basketball instead of hockey. >> it is up there with steph curry. >> yeah. i want to say better than steph curry. >> hockey is way better. >> reporter: earlier at the street rally there was no shortage of sharks spirit. >> reporter: h go shark. >> want -- >> go sharks. >> want the sharks to win. >> what will mean more wedding vows or a victory? >> right there. >> right there. [ music playing ] >> reporter: what does this game mean today? >> everything. we need this.
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we stole one from them, we have homeoses advantage now, we have to do it -- home ice advantage now, we have to do it. >> we can't grow beards so we want it support our guy. do you want to try it? >> i will try it. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> reporter: makes no sense. makes no sense. with the new playoff beard in san jose, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> weird. still ahead police say this gunman murdered and broadcast it on facebook live. tonight the race against time to find him before he kills again. >> activists haven't eaten for days, hunger for justice. >> this bride and groom got kicked off a flight to their wedding. united airlines' explanation this time. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the c-h-p says a c-r-v struck dui driver under arrest accused of killing two horses. the chp says he struck them it plowed through a corral on minnesota avenue yesterday. the horses had to be euthanized. it owners put up two crosses on the property. police arrested the suspect of oakland on 101.
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a truck used to deliver food to those in need is missing tonight. somebody stole this white pony express truck on friday. it delivers donated foods to non-profits in contra costa county. the value is $70,000. tonight a man hunt is underway in cleveland. police are looking for a man who murdered a bystander. and streamed the killing on facebook live. kpix 5's kenneth craig takes a look at the suspect. >> killed 13 people. about to keep killing till they catch me. >> reporter: steve stephens broadcast one of the alged murders on facebook live from cleveland sunday. he dubbed it the easter sunday massacre. >> reporter: in one post he got out of his car and walked up to a 78-year-old man and shot him
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at point blank range. he drove away leaving the victim to die on the sidewalk. his family says he would have given anyone the shirt off of his back. >> i don't know what i am going to do. it is not real. >> my heart is going to stop. feels like it is going to stop. >> reporter: steve stephens said some victims were behind an abandon house but police can't confirm if his claims are true. >> currently there are no other victims. >> reporter: friends say he had been troubled for years and just snapped. >> pray for steve stephens right now. he suffers from mental illness. suffers from depression. >> reporter: steve stephens was a case worker at a behavioral health agency in northeast ohio. he is armed and dangerous. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> facebook said the killing was not broadcast live.
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the suspect did host to facebook live burt the video of the shooting was uploaded later. firefighters think they have pinpointed the source of a deadly rv fire that broke out in north fair oaks before 6:00 a.m. this morning. firefighters found a man inside. he died at the hospital. investigators found a damaged electrical coward. think that is the source of the fire. another rough trip for a plane full of united airlines passengers this time out of sfo. their flight to hawaii had to turn around after muconical problem. no -- mechanical problem. no word on what it was. the passengers were put on another plane that departed a few hours later. a groom told a reporter a u.s. marshal blotted him and his fiance off a flight to their wedding. >> i want to be on the beach
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with my fiance and get ready for my wedding. >> reporter: instead lee spent last night at a hotel. the trouble started when he and his fiance boarded united airlines flight to costa rica. >> we are supposed to be in row 24. when we got there there was a man sprawled out with shoes off napping. >> reporter: seeing plenty of space on the flight they opted for two spots three rows in front of their assigned seats. >> we were in economy row a few rows in front of our economy seat. >> reporter: the problem is, united airlines considers row 21 economy plus. an upgrade. united airlines said they repeatedly attempted to sit in
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upgraded seats and would not pay attention to instructions. >> a marshall removed us from the plane. we asked why and they said because we were in the wrong seats. >> reporter: united airlines got the do you happen costa rica this morning but he promises that is the last flight he will use using the airline. in the bay area a man decided to explore san francisco's sewer system. he got lost and had to be rescued. around 9:00 a.m. this morning a police officer heard a man yelling in through a grate. he is not hurt. it is not clear how long he was in the tunnel. lots of umbrellas on display for the last day of the northern california cherry blossom festival. this was the 50th year of the
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biggest celebration. 200,000 showed up every year for the arts, dancing, music and food. the rain came in, sun came up, rain came down. not a heck of a lot. we will revisit the doppler to show you there are a few sprinkles tonight. vacaville, dickson. winters. snow up in the mountains. for now it is over for the bay area until 24 hours from now. midnight tomorrow night light showers. we will start out monday morning cloudy. later in the day a peak or two of sunshine. tomorrow night more rain. 60s and as we look live towards the bay bridge 57 degrees at concord. oakland 60 degrees. san francisco 58 degrees. and here is how it looks. low pressure in the gulf of alaska with a low over new
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york, that is spreading the moreover over us today. future cast shows -- the moisture over us today. future cast shows light rain over spreading the bay area but not a big rain maker and by wednesday morning it should be out. north bay a few clouds. tomorrow night one more round of showers late in the night and morning hours. not much sun for tomorrow or tuesday. and more light rain over night on monday. by the end oof the week 80 degrees -- of the week 80 degrees. travel weather forecast, north rain. south dry. sfo cloudy to start out with. winds 10 to dollars. chicago, los angeles and new york, doesn't look bad. over night in the bay area, a rogue shower or two. mid-50s. sun up tomorrow morning 6:31 a.m. and then we will hit highs in
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the 60s bay wide. extended forecast. drop or two tonight. tomorrow clouds. tuesday clouds. a little wash of showers tuesday morning. wednesday partly cloudy skies. thursday partly cloudy skies. friday, saturday, and sunday, numbers back into the 70s next weekend. dry and who knows we might stay dry. this activist coming up is on a hunger strike. why he refuses to eat anything. >> on dennis o'donnell, on game day, two bay area teams in playoff action today. have the sharks lost their bite? can the warriors overcome 75 points combined from portland's backcourt? and we will be joined by marcus thomson, the author of golden,
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the book about steph curry. game day is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rights. protesters say "no fault" evictions are rampant in some parts of hunger strike in san jose tonight ahead of the vote on renters rights. protesters say no fault evictions are rampant. kpix 5's wilson walker sat down
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with one of them outside of city hall. >> we started on friday. this is the third day we have been fasting. >> reporter: tell us why you are here. >> i am here because on tuesday of next week our city council is going to be votingoon very important issue. the issue is whether or not the city of san jose will vote to have protections for tenants. protect people from being evicted from their houses for no cause. >> i see you stopping folks on the street trying to get the word out. this is old fashioned political work. >> right. one thing that we understand is for this issue to have an effect we need to go to the voters. >> one of the cases we profiled was a world war ii veteran.
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>> this effects everyone. something like this has to happen so they can see that, you know, when we say this is a very delicate issue it is true. >> we are calling upon the city council to act on april 18 to vote for just cause eviction protections and vote for a strong amendment. >> city council is looking at a couple possibilities on this new protections for renters. you guys want full coverage. no fault eviction coverage for anybody. >> exactly. that is the position we are supporting. >> how are you holding up? >> i am hungry. yes. definitely. this is the third day without food. my hunger is more for justice than for food. i want to see justice done. we will be here until that happens. in san jose, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> the city council vote is
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expected to happen on tuesday. we reached oitute several city council members about how they might vote and we have not heard back. coming up, ready to roll, the bay area's easter tradition on three wheels. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. hill on a plastic big wheel. today was the 17th annual "bring nothing says san francisco like skidding down a rain
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slicked hill on a big wheel. >> the idea, make it to the bottom of vermont street without hurting yourself or anybody else. zero traction and costumes are more important than safety equipment. this started in 2000 with one man and this is what it has become. we will be right back. first ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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easter sunday, you know what i got you, a solid gold easter bunny. >> thank you very much. >> do you know why? because you don't have enough -- >> so nice of you. yes, he is talking about the punnies i have in my back -- bunnies i have in my backyard. hopping away. enjoying this easter. hope you had a lovely weekend and lovey sunday. game day is coming up next. >> next week there will be 16. >> and men more and more.
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have a good week. ,,,,,,,,,,
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teams...good evening everyone..i'm dod...andrea nakano will join us shortly from the shark tank where san jose a game three this is lexus' game day on kpix 5. >> good evening. i am dennis o'donnell. san jose played a game three evening match against edmonton. first the warriors, tip-off their post season against the portland trail blazers. minus their big man. jusuf nurkic. the they would have to -- they would have to have a monster game to have a chance.
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damian lillard said the blazers are ready to shock it world. kevin durant opened court. that knee is just fine. steph curry to draymond green. alley-oop. warriors up four after one. portland's back could wouldn't let golden state full away -- pull away. damian lillard hits one. 3rd quarter. klay thompson throws it away. the big jam. draymond green was there waiting. later in the third, 77-77. mcgee runs down the rebound. sets up steph curry for the corner three. 29 points for curry. next trip for portland. try to post


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