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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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renovation getting u now at noon a pricey makeover. the major renovation getting under way at the concord bart station and what it will mean for thousands of commuters. good afternoon i'm michelle griego. kenny is on assignment. let's get to jessica flores in concord with what crews are building and how much it is set to cost. >> reporter: a major facelift
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coming to the concord bart station. bart officials celebrated the start of the modernization project. which rendering show will include an upgraded parking lot, new benches, trees, and energy efficient lighting. plus the feature that has been in the works for years. direct pedestrian and bike paths between the station and downtown concord. >> we've been working on grant street and trying to create this linkage for well over 20 years. >> create that red carpet setting. to where bart riders could get off here at downtown bart and be able to travel that avenue all the way to downtown concord to experience our restaurants, our entertainment and concerts during the summertime. >> reporter: the modernization project comes more and more riders hop on bart. according to bart, 6,000 riders use the concord station daily. and that number is set to grow by 50% by 2040.
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>> it gets pretty full. i usually don't park. i can walk. the day that i did park up here, it was full by 7:30. >> reporter: the $6.5 million project is funded in part by prop 1b and measure j. jessica flores kpix 5. >> it is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018. new at noon calls for senator feinstein to retire. senator feinstein just wrapped up the meeting minutes ago. feinstein has not announced plans to run for election. but outside the event dozens weighs fines. >> we would like for her to retire. she's had a long career. i think she's done some good things. i think she has done some bad things. over all it's a six year term. she is not the person we need
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to carry us through the 2020 election. >> she has held her seat in the senate since 1992. gloomy skies right now. this is a live look outside at the city of san francisco. roberta gonzalez with a look at when the sunshine will be returning. flight looked like gotham city for a second. this is our live hi-def hop doppler radar. we are picking up rain showers. another batch of energy pushing into the coast side. that is the scene looking out toward pier 9, the wind looks flat there. look what is going to happen next. with all of this cloud deck we are going to see more rain. we are currently in the 50s and 60s. here we two. this was supposed to arrive by tomorrow morning's commute.
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riding ahead of schedule. everybody gets wet over night. we have a smattering of more precipitation tomorrow morning. look what is ready for your wednesday. more rain showers after the lunch hour. we'll track that incoming system. we'll tell you how much rain to expect this week as far as a total is concerned. and i'm going to talk sunshine when we can all bask in the sun raise. that is coming up later in this half. >> thank you. vice president mike pence has issued a warning to north korea over its nuclear program. reporter craig boswell with more how the country is trying to show it won't be intimidated by the u.s.. >> reporter: mike pence visited the militarized zone between north and south korea. and then delivered a warning. >> president trump has made it clear that the patience of the united states and our allies in this region has run out. >> reporter: the u.s. is
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demanding north korea end its nuclear weapons program and stop launching ballistic missiles. the u.s. wants to achieve this through peaceful means but all options are offth table. >> in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would will well not to test his resolve. >> reporter: on the diplomatic run, the white house is looking to china, north korea's primary trading part they are to turn up pressure on the north. north korea says it will not be intimidated. dictator kim jong un staged a massive show of force over the weekend. nuclear and missile tests were also expected. north korea has promised another nuclear test at a time of the dictators choosing. craig boswell cbs news the white house. president trump's deputy
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national security advisor would not say if the u.s. had sabotaged north korea's attempted missile launch. there is new data out since president trump began his immigration crack down. they have arrested more than 21,000 immigrants from january through mid march. that is a spike of 32.6% compared if to the same period last year. advocates for immigrants says the spike in arrests is deterring terrified immigrants communities from reporting crimes. oakland mayor libby schaaf wants to keep her job for another four years and calling out the president to galvanize support for her reelection bid. the mayor said with donald trump in the white house, it is important that we double down on the things we believe in and that means making sure the government serves the needs of all people equitably and continue to lift up diversity in all forms.
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if reelected, schaaf would be the first two-term mayor since jerry brown. affordable housing adds slow cats are staging a hunger fight outside of city hall. they rescinding a local message to lawmakers ahead of a closely watched vote against renters rights. it would tect tenants from no cause convictions. >> to have an effect on our elected. we need to go to the voters. thissish yule doesn't effect just the people who live there. >> we reached out to several city council members to see how they might vote on the competing plans and so far we haven't heard back. as more videos surfaced of the violent clashes in berkeley over the weekend, one imparticular is getting -- the man who threw the bunch is
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nathan demigo. the woman is an antitrump protester who goes by the name louise . since the protest she has received rape and murder threats online. this is a look at the weapons police confiscated at that protest. dozens of wooden sticks and poles, knives, mace, and even a stun gun. the fire broke out last month killing four people. today the small business administration is offering those impacted by the blaze low interest federal disaster loans. the money is to help the victims repair or replace their damaged property. coming up a massive man hunt is under way. the search for the man that recorded himself committing a violent murder before sharing
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the crime online. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crime on facebook. enneth craig h search continues for the killer who posted a video of his crime on facebook. reporter kenneth craig has the latest on the man hunt that stretches from the midwest to the east coast. >> i killed 13 people and i'm about to keep killing and killing until they catch me. >> reporter: but police in cleveland says there is no evidence to back up that chilling claim by steve stevens. >> so far unfortunately there has been one fatality, one homicide in this entire scenario. we want to keep it that way. >> reporter: this morning investigators said stevens did commit at least one murder on sunday. the cold-blooded shooting of 74-
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year-old robert goodwin senior. a video of the crime was later posted on facebook. >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane. >> yes. >> reporter: after that appearance he shot goodwin and got back in his car. authorities in ohio say they don't know where the killer went and think he may have left the state. >> obviously this individual is armed and dangerous and he could be at a lot of places. >> reporter: police are urging stevens to surrender before anyone else is hurt. they are also warning people in five states ohio, indiana, pennsylvania, and new york to be on the lookout.
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police are still looking for the gunman who opened fire at a party in vallejo. the teens gathered around midnight on sunday. bullets started flying from across the street. the bullets hit four party goers. happening today the man charged with killing a richmond mother in front of her children is due back in court. mcbride was arrested earlier this month in sacramento. he's accused of killing his exgirlfriend. she was driving her children to day care when someone pulled up to her and shot her. mcbride is expected to be in court at 1:30 this afternoon for an arraignment. more turbulence for united airlines. bride and groom say they were kicked off a flight heading to their own wedding. the texas couple boarded their
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united flight to coastally coo throughout the weekend. they sat in two other seats. three rows up. the problem is united consider those seats economy plus which is an upgrade. the airline says the couple did not follow crew instructions to return back to their assigned seats. >> a marshall came back not more than two minutes to remove us from the plane. we got to the gate and we asked why. he said because we were being disruptive. united is taking another step to regain passengers trusts. they are changing their policy after a passenger was dragged off one of their planes. they are now implementing a policy that requires staff and crew to check in at least 60 minutes before a flight. united says this this policy will insure a crew member is seated before the plane fills up. this change comes after a video went viral showing a man being
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physically removed from a plane to make room for a crew member. large group is expected at a town hall meeting to discuss the oroville dam incidents. they will be talking about the spillway damage and plans for a repair. water officials say the amount of rain is less than earlier storms. tonight's meeting starts at 5:30. roberta has been checking the skies. i just want to know when sunshine will come back. >> a whole day or half a day? >> i will take a half a day. >> tomorrow half a day. full day you have to wait out until thursday. and how about friday? i have that seven-day forecast coming upright now. speaking of scattered light showers here and there, you see a little light precipitation. right there over the nobbier
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necessary area. just some heavy drizzle or light passing shower. right now mostly cloudy skies. over an inch of rain in santa cruz mountains. quarter in concord and san jose. san rafael with a half an inch of rain. weather watcher. this is charlie. he has received over .16 inches. mostly cloudy. areas of fog still gathering next to seashore. 50s and 60s. temperatures are not that bad. relatively on the light side. over ten miles per hour but the winds will increase as the afternoon progresses. 10-20 miles per hour. so we have the disturbance from yesterday blowing through. now we have yet another front
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that will be slicing through the bay area. it looks like it has picked up speed. it will remain unsettled today to thursday morning. rain begins around the north bay and the peninsula 8:00 tonight. over night hit and miss scattered showers. there is your morning commute. it will be wet. we'll have the potential for partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon through the evening. and then on wednesday we are talking about we start off partly cloudy. we end up with increasing clouds and rain begins. look for midnight. over night hours until about early thursday. and then we are done. no rain until about next monday. just a chance. 60-70 central valley. 47 degrees in the high sierra. gusty winds in excess of 25 as well. us with the breezy winds late day into is the 60s across the board. outside number will be 69 degrees. that will be in pleasantton. tonight sunset at 7:47. not going to see it. tonight's low 30s and 40s. pretty much 50s with the mugginess. tomorrow looks like for the most part there you have that
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extended forecast we have the temperatures not bad. the full sunshine friday through the weekend. i will be dancing outside with 80 degrees. >> can you record that? >> i will. >> i'm heading out of town for the weekend. >> why? i have a wedding in santa cruz that will be gorgeous. >> that will be nice. you like coffee? i know you don't roe, roberta. everyone likes coffee you just hate the stains on your teeth. the answer coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we talked about purple asparagus before. purple artichokes are great. if you over cook them, they become green. so don't over cook them. i like to grill them. when i grill them simply i boil them with some water. first i soak them in lemon and water together. cold water so they don't turn brown. and then i boil them for about 15-20 minutes and then i put them on the grill and brush a little olive oil on there. beautiful. let's talk about this purple artichoke. when you buy them purple all the way around. hen you squeeze them, it has to
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feel nice and fresh. see a little green on the stem. like i said if you over cook them, they become green. i like them purple. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's a fresh one. taking a look at the big board. you can see the dow is up about 149 points be. move over linked in. google wants a piece of the pie hunting pie. it will reportedly let employers post jobs and manage applications. no word when it will go live. aaa is getting into the car sharing business and its launching its new service right here in the bay area. it's called gig. and allows users to reserve an available car near them. gigs fleet of 250 prius include
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bike racks, insurance. this is clrcsf and british based retailers say it's a colorless coffee. the company says it won't stain your pearly whites though. coming up they've done it. we'll have your look at this year's boston marathon winners. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the men's and women s races at their boston marathon debuts. '-ree two kenyon runners have swept the mens and women races at their boston marathon debuts. they ran to victory today in the 121st race. from watermelon to berry and everything between tobacco products come in all kinds of fruit and candy products. the push in one bay area city to ban them. president trump and the first lady welcome thousands of visitors to white house for the annual easter egg roll today. kids in dresses and fedoras used spoons to roll eggs across the south lawn. later on the easter bunny showed up to give out loads of
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candy and hugs. very, very cute. i always love seeing the outfits. >> look at that. >> so what do you do? keep rolling it? >> keep rolling it and rolling it. >> it's hard boiled. >> yes. >> hopefully. [ laughter ] >> that's going to do it for kpix 5 news at noon. have is a great day. ,,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jarrett: these spectra designs are simply too good to be true. every one of them could have come from forrester creations, and i think they probably did. [ cheering continues ] >> saul: where's she going?


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