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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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start. your hi-def doppler forecast next.
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at random.. and posted video of it on facebook. tonight: the roles and responsibilities police say this gunman murdered at random and posted video of it on facebook. tonight the roles and responsibilities of social media sites are under scrutiny. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. this community in cleveland came together tonight to pay tribute to the murder victim. they gathered at the site where the man was gunned down yesterday. the killer remains on the loose. authorities expanded their manhunt nationwide to find him. now facebook is on the hot seat. >> tonight facebook is vowing to do better when it comes to taking videos off the internet. the question is how and will it make a difference? by the time facebook found the video of this man being murdered, it had already been shared 22,000 times.
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>> reporter: 74-year-old robert godwin's 10 children spoke for the first time since the video of his murder started circulating on the internet. they want you to stop sharing it. >> if you do watch it, it should make you want to change. sharing it, share on. but take something from it. >> it's impossible to actually keep an eye on everything everyone posts. >> reporter: executive editor at cnet says the video has everyone in silicon valley's head spinning and the general public wondering why it took more than two hours to take it down. >> once it goes up on the internet, it can be copied and shared and reposted everywhere. >> reporter: facebook spelled out the timeline. 11:09, the video was posted warning a video would take place. at 11:11, the video of the shooting posted. at 11:22, stephens confessed on camera. at 1:22 p.m.
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facebook disabled his account. facebook is preparing for its largest ever f8 conference tomorrow in san jose. organizers dismissed reporters' repeated questions about the video. >> unfortunately i can't comment on that but we're here to talk about f8. >> you've had live killings on facebook live. >> unfortunately i can't comment on that. >> reporter: he says facebook needs to be careful on how they resolve this so people don't feel censored. >> what they do will have repercussions throughout the rest of the internet. >> just want him to know that god loves him. we love him. yes, we're hurt. but we have to forgive him. because if we don't forgive him, the bible says your heavenly father won't forgive you. >> cnet says inappropriate violent content is particularly difficult for computers to recognize. for now, each offensive video has to be confirmed and removed by a human being.
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facebook's current staff can't keep up with the inappropriate content being shared. a soggy streak. it's not over yet. right now widespread rain across much of the bay area. kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno is monitoring the radar. seems like you've been doing that a lot. >> it has been a busy winter which has spilled right in to spring. it will not stop. we've had showers somewhere in the bay area all day long. widespread light showers continue tonight. not a flooding concern by any stretch. it's slowed down things on the roads. interstate 80 and 4 come together toward hercules. south to the trivalley. fremont, milpitas and stanford getting showers right now. they'll continue overnight tonight. there's futurecast. a couple hours from now. a fewer showers by tomorrow morning. but they're still there. and that will become the 53rd day this year with measurable rainfall. today was day number 52 which is a full two weeks of nothing but
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rain, more than what is normal. there's a big break coming with temperatures near 80 degrees. find out when that happens coming up. tonight the woman who was hit in the face by a white supremacist is speaking out about getting caught in the middle of the violent clashes in berkeley this weekend. andria borba is in berkeley tonight. >> this afternoon berkeley police officers released the names of 20 people who were arrested here on saturday. a lion's share were from the bay area but several were from southern california. the most infamous punch of the entire melee has gone viral. it was the punch heard around the internet. the defining moment of yet another violent clash at berkeley civic center park. when stanislaus state student and founder of white nationalist group identity europa telegraphed a punch in to the face of protester louis. >> part of my eye, i saw the
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fist coming at me and i didn't have any time to understand and process what was going on. i just put my arms up to push him away as much as i could. >> reporter: the reverse angle of the video shows just that. the so-called patriots day rally featuring speakers. louis made the drive to berkeley. >> our goal for going up there was to basically just be physical bodies present in the space to just show that there was opposition to the neo nazi rhetoric. >> reporter: berkeley pd separated the groups with flimsy orange fencing but that was tossed aside and smoke bombs went off. the mutual beat-down began, spilling out of the park and on to city streets. her infamous punch has gone from viral to being turned in to a mocking gif of the alt right. >> i got right back up.
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i was punched twice more by two other people. people kept trying to throw me down to hit my head on the rocks that were in the planter. >> reporter: berkeley officers say they're still looking for people involved in those violent confrontations and if anybody has photographs of the confrontations or may know who those people are to please contact them. andria borba, kpix 5. >> you can listen to the raw interview with louis on our website. an alert news viewer is being credited with helping a truck used to help feed the hungry. this truck is used to deliver donated food to nonprofits. someone who saw the story on tv spotted it. police recovered it and towed it to this impound lot in san jose. the organization will be by to pick it up in the morning. so far no arrests have been made. tonight president trump is essentially telling north korea dictator kim jong un, cut it
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out. this as the communist country accuses the u.s. of pushing things to the brink of war. more now from kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen. >> reporter: president trump hosted his first easter egg roll at the white house today. >> happy easter, and have a great, great time. >> reporter: he also rolled out this new warning to north korea. >> better behave. >> reporter: halfway around the world during a surprise visit to north korea's border, vice president mike pence put the pressure on north korean dictator, kim jong un. >> president trump has made it clear that the patience of the united states and our allies in this region has run out. >> yesterday the regime tested a liquid fuel medium range missile launched from a rocket stand. seconds later that missile exploded. it's the latest in a string of recent failures and have increased since president obama authorized cyber attacks against kim jong un's program. >> some of the missiles included
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ones that were previously successfully tested but later on they failed continuously. so that means some new problems emerge and that could be due to outside interference. >> in the meantime, recent satellite images show north korea may be preparing another nuclear test. >> ready to react to any mode of war desired by the americans. >> reporter: president trump's deputy national security advisor would not say whether the u.s. did in fact sabotage north korea's failed missile launch. melissa caen, kpix 5. >> a couple hours ago vice president pence arrived in japan for the second stop of his 10-day asia tour. the main focus of his trip there, trade. mayor libby schaaf says she'll run for re-election next year. she filed those former papers today. so how do voters feel about that? according to our exclusive new kpix 5 survey usa poll, 50% of you approve of the job that mayor schaaf has been doing.
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34% disapprove. also 49% say oakland is headed in the right direction. 38% say it's on the wrong track. the city is undergoing an economic boom and crime is down right now but it's had its share of troubles, including the loss of the raiders, the sex scandal that rocked the police department, and two deadly building fires that cost 40 lives. we're learning more tonight about a uc berkeley student who fell to her death over the weekend. macy jenkins spoke with staff. >> today counselors talked to students about what happened in berkeley. she graduated in 2014 but now everyone wants to know what happened to her. >> she gave what she gave. she learned what she learned because she just loved life. >> reporter: school counselor alicia describes kimberley as one student she'll never forget. >> she came in my office and
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said, i'm valedictorian. i have to give a speech. >> reporter: former teachers say kimberley was humble, generous, smart, dedicated to volunteering, and helping younger students master math. >> yet she had a ton of fun. >> reporter: the 21-year-old graduated from laguna creek high school in 2014 at the top of her class and went on to major in computer science at uc berkeley. >> very proud of her. >> reporter: friends say she was hanging out with friends late saturday night when she fell three stories from an apartment balcony. the railing was about 3 feet high and police are still trying to figure out what happened. >> it's just hard to know exactly how to feel. >> reporter: kimberley's former band director jeff eatom said he got the news sunday night. >> quiet but very determined. she knew exactly kind of the direction she was headed. >> reporter: laguna creek high school staff released a statement saying in part, the world has lost a remarkable person who is on her way to making a difference. >> i would just tell her mom
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whatever you need. let us help in whatever way. >> police don't know why or how she fell but say they'll know more once an autopsy is complete. a uc berkeley spokesperson says she was on track to graduate next year. in elk grove, macy jenkins, kpix 5. a bay area sheriff's deputy shot and killed this world war ii veteran in front of his wife. how a routine welfare check escalated in to a deadly encounter. >> an intruder snuck in to this bay area home and snatched the family pet. the predator's trail of clues left in the mud. >> and b.a.r.t. plagued by mystery glitches that knock cars out of service. the proposed fix tonight, magnets.
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a santa clara county sheriff's deputy.. is fighting to make o her tonight the widow of an
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elderly navy vet shot and killed by a santa clara county sheriff's deputy is fighting to make sure what happened to her husband doesn't happen to anyone else. kpix 5 joe vazquez on the wrongful death lawsuit and claims of excessive force. >> reporter: it started off as a welfare check. the granddaughter of 86-year-old world war ii veteran eugene craig would call to see if someone would check on eugene and his wife at their saratoga home to see if they're okay. september 12th of last year. it ended with a santa clarsheriff's deputy shooting mr. craig to death as his 90-year-old wife coward behind him. mrs. craig says her husband became increasingly alarmed as the deputies kicked in two doors to gain entry to the house. according to the family attorney, mr. craig heard noises and saw shadows. he thought an intruder was trying to break in. then he heard the noise as deputies crash through the garage door. he told his wife to get behind him and he grabbed his.38.
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>> he thought in his mind that he had to protect his wife and did so by physically putting himself between what we thought were the intruders and the wife. >> when they broke through the second interior garage door, mr. craig was pointing the gun in their direction. the lawsuit alleges sergeant doug ulrich killed him. >> it's still not making sense why officers are coming in guns drawn when there was no circumstance, no criminal activity occurring at the time. >> county officials say they can't comment on pending litigation but at the time of the shooting last year, sheriff's officials said deputies had repeatedly knocked on the door and called the home phone before deciding to force their way inside. they also told the mercury news that mr. craig ignored orders to drop his gun. >> the lawsuit seeks damages against santa clara county as well as deputy doug ulrich for negligence and excessive use of
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force. officers responding to a stolen car found themselves facing gunfire. two suspects are accused of attempted murder. police say the gunman fired at the officers in the costco parking lot in antioch this afternoon. he didn't hit anyone. police say the gunman also accidentally shot himself in the leg. police arrested the suspect and the driver of the stolen car. a predator snuck in to a home in san mateo county and snatched the family pet. tonight kpix 5 len ramirez tells us about the four-legged intruder. >> the door was slightly open, maybe like this. >> reporter: the door was only slightly ajar to let in fresh air while they were sleeping but it was enough to let a mountain lion slip in and take away a beloved pet right next to a sleeping child. >> as soon as i saw it walk back out, the way it was walking, i thought, that's a lion. >> reporter: lenora is rescue dog and hasn't been seen since. blood stains on the doorstep are the only signs left behind by
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the intruder. >> pretty shocking. >> i heard my little dog bark and it wasn't a bark i've heard her do before. >> reporter: it happened in the hills just above pescadero, a remote area where mountain lion sightings have become more common. they appear to be mountain lion tracks that were spotted down the lane. >> i took a couple trails up closer to the house. often several directions and down this road where the dog, their dog was kind of alerting it kind of meant. i didn't find anything down there either. >> reporter: due to the size of the mountain lion, it is believed the mountain lion was an adolescent, who like their human counterparts are known to be more erratic. tonight a troubled bay area blood testing startup promised to stay out of the business at least for now. in october theranos closed after reports that its testing devices were flawed. now in a settlement with the feds, it cannot operate a clinical lab for the next two
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years. it must also pay a $30,000 penalty. in exchange, regulators will let the company keep its certification to run labs again. that could happen as early as 2019. engineers at b.a.r.t. think they know what caused power surges last week. metallic dust. and they may have a solution. magnets. much of last friday riders had to take shorter shuttle trains that use less power between north concord and pittsburg bay point. that was after some electrical arcing damaged 22 rail cars. similar problems happened about a year ago on the same stretch of track and also near west oakland. b.a.r.t. now says the metallic dust accumulates on the bottom of the cars after crews grimed the rails to reduce train noise and the dust can conduct electricity. b.a.r.t. is buying magnets and as soon as next month the agency plans to put them on empty cars to try to pick up all those
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loose metal fragments. b.a.r.t. station in contra costa county is getting a makeover. jessica flores shows us the goal is to make the station a destination. >> reporter: a major facelift coming to the concord b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. officials celebrated the start of the $6.5 million modernization project which renderings show will include an upgraded parking lot, new benches, trees, and energy efficient lighting. plus the feature that's been in the works for years. direct pedestrian and bike paths between the station and santos plaza in downtown concord. >> we've been working on grant street and trying to create this linkage for well over 20 years. >> create kind of like that red carpet setting to where b.a.r.t. riders can get off here at downtown b.a.r.t. and be able to travel that avenue all the way in to downtown concord to experience our restaurants, our entertainments and concerts. >> this $6.5 million project is funded in part by prop 1b and
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measure j. >> the project is set to be completed by the summer of next year. paul deanno says the rain is set to be completed by october of next year. >> wow. it seems like it's going to go on forever. at least around here. we know the summer is going to be dry. it's always dry. but this winter and spring have not. it's still wet tonight. oakland across the bay bridge, yerba buena island, treasure island, san francisco, daly city, south city. soggy right now as is marin and portions of napa and sonoma county. heavier showers working their way down the peninsula. redwood city and palo alto. heading toward san jose. radar is not clear. still snowing in the sierra. look at the percentages of normal. mid april, 194% of average around lake tahoe and the north and south sierra, 77% above average. there's a lot of snow in the sierra still. a lot of water around here. oakland, 54 tonight. scattered showers.
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livermore, 52. santa rosa, 50. pacifica, 51 degrees. pretty simple scenario. if you have storms out there, which we always do and we do not have a blocking ridge of high pressure. storms are going to hit somewhere on the west coast. in this case as it has been all winter, it's the entire west coast from central california all the way up to western oregon and western washington. they've had one of their wettest winters ever. north sierra, one of our wettest winters ever. this winter weather pattern hangs on for two more days. scattered showers in to the morning rush tomorrow, not as many showers but roads will be wet. takes very little to slow things down here around. tomorrow evening though not only rain-free, cloud-free. and we'll see sunshine wednesday morning as well before the next and final rain chance moves through wednesday evening. we hope final for a long time. i can give you about a week. mother nature will take care of the rest. another round of showers and light rain tonight. then we're dry most of tuesday and wednesday. wednesday night, one more round of showers. then we get warm. then we get sunny. then hopefully everybody gets
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happy. vallejo, 68 degrees. san rafael, 65. showers in the morning. sunshine in the afternoon. we'll do the reverse of that on wednesday. rain wednesday night. look at thursday. we're dry. friday up to 80 inland. and staying well in to the 70s inland. well in to the 60s near the bay over the weekend. big changes are coming. we've been through what, like 100 days? >> yes, feels like it. >> two more. two more to go. we'll get there. >> we're hanging in there. >> you'll make it, ken. [ laughter ] >> this billboard popped up along a bay area highway. the man spending millions for a sign of disapproval. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have you seen it? the billboard mystery final solved in the south bay. >> have you seen it? it appeared more than a month ago along 880. it says elon, please dump trump. the man behind it has now been revealed as doug dirwin, attorney and investor.
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musk is on an advisory panel. coming up in sports, the soon to be las vegas raiders start their offseason workouts in alameda and the as get some bad news as two of their starters go down with an injury as they try to end a three-game skid. we'll be right back. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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graveman on the d-l. the hope is a tough monday for the as as they place their ace kendall grayman on the dl. the hope is for him to only miss one start. marcus simian undergoes wrist surgery tomorrow. today's rain cleared up in time for the game to be played at the coliseum. rangers starter and former a aj griffin striked out the side in the 3rd. allowed one hit, no runs, and struck out eight in six innings of work. top of the 5th, texas leading 1-0. carlos gomez doubles bringing home two runs. gomez advanced to 3rd on a throwing error. rangers win 7-0. oakland has lost four straight. raiders started off their offseason workouts in alameda today. while they're still the oakland
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raiders for now, the impending move to las vegas has the players in the middle of a very sticky situation. >> i feel their hurt. i'm with you. i hurt too. but at the same time we're all in this together and we're just going to do it together. obviously there's going to be times where we're in vegas doing things because it's a weird situation. but my focus is here and now making sure that our fans feel appreciated knowing they're going to get the very best version of me and my teammates. >> to the nba, grizzlies coach not happy with the refs at all tonight. san antonio's kawhi leonard finished with 37 points as the spurs went 96-82. they now lead the series two games to nun. leonard shot 19 free throws. coach with a costly rant after the game. >> but i'm not going to let them treat us that way. i know pop's got pedigree and i'm a young rookie, but they're not going to rook us.
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that was unacceptable. unprofessional. my guys dug in that game and earned the right to be in that game and they did not even give us a chance. take that for data. >> wasn't very happy. but i'm sure the warriors know something about not getting some calls. talk about the sacramento kings and the western conference finals in 2002. >> that's probably a $10,000 statement right there. [ laughter ] we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow mornin the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast, tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> they'll have all the news you need to start your day. but before that, goodnight. captioning sponsored by cbs


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