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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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here today is that california operates two systems of justice. one for the rich and one for the poor. >> today, at the state capital, a debate over california's bail system heats up with the vote on a bill that would ultimately help defendants who can't afford bail. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, april 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. california could be one step closer to making those changes. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: today state lawmakers will consider a major overhaul of california's bail system. the reform bill goes before a state public safety committee today and if it eventually becomes law it would eliminate the requirement to post money to get out of jail. the big would essentially require courts to release defendants without bail while awaiting trial on misdemeanor crimes. under the plan, judges could keep defendants in jail if the person is a flight risk or risk to public safety. supporters of the bill say the
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current system punishes the poor, who often can't afford bail. this call this system a debtor's prison. >> we shouldn't have a system where your detention is based on your income. and the allegations being made that that's the system we have. >> opponents of the bill say it is similar to the controversial new jersey plan where there have been reports of offenders committing crimes while out on free bail. the bill doesn't completely eliminate the bail system. under the proposed law judges would make the final decision in each waste. if it moves forward a vote is expected in june. jessica flores, kpix 5. on storm watch now, we are starting our day with more soggy weather. hi-def doppler is lit up in some areas. you can see the green there. roads are slick this morning and sandra osborne has more on the traffic report. but first, roberta has a check on how long you will need windshield wipers. >> we have a half inch of rain overnight and now we have low
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level moisture that heavy drizzle so grab the umbrella out the door this morning. we are picking up some showers in the santa cruz mountains but that frontal boundary is due east of the bay area but again, it looks like we have raindrops on the camera lens looking out from the transamerica pyramid from the heavy drizzle. temperatures mild now into the 50s. meanwhile, our winds speeds are under 10 miles per hour but once we pick up the wind that will blow the fog that's been developing out of the bay and out of the coastal areas. meanwhile, these winds will be pretty consistent and persistent later today out of the south and southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. here's the front and it is slicing to the east. behind it here is the core of the center a lot of instability associated with that as it breezes through the bay area this afternoon. sparking a random scattered shower and even the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. so we keep our eye to the sky today. 60s and 70s around the peninsula. temperatures in the south bay
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at 70 in san jose, 70 also in pleasanton and danville and blackhawk and tassajara. low 70s towards brentwood tracy or wood and discovery bay. 70 in fairfield back through vacaville. north bay with that breeze to 15, 60s at the immediate seashore. in stinson beach. to the high 60s in napa and in sonoma and mostly cloudy skies this afternoon with that chance of an isolated thunderstorm in cloverdale. one more storm after this one and then temperatures near 80. we'll have that full forecast coming up. >> we have several incidents on the road this morning including one in the maze causing slowdowns. finally in the clearing stages. so we are seeing some improvement there. according to chp, they still have the westbound 580 to eastbound 80 connector closed but it looks like that's opening up so we are keeping an eye there. we were seeing a lot of red on our sensors , but we are seeing
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some improvement. an earlier crash on eastbound 80 on the bay bridge has been cleared but right now you can see the line as you head toward the toll plaza there to go on to the carquinez bridge to the maze will take 20 minutes this morning. and a rollover crash has one lane blocked northbound 280 at page mill road so we'll keep an eye on it. you can see the 280 still slow . today president trump will head to wisconsin to visit a tool factory and sign an executive order called buy american hire american. this comes as white house continues its tough talk on north korea and its nuclear ambitions. overnight in japan, vice president mike pence offered
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assurances to tokyo and indicated the trump administration would still prefer to talk. >> the era of strategic patience is over. and while all options are on the table, president trump is determined to achieve a peaceable resolution in the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> president trump addressed ongoing tensions on fox 11 news on monday. >> have you ruled out a military strike? >> i don't want to telegraph what i'm doing or thing. i'm not like other administrations we're going to do this in four weeks or whatever. it doesn't work that way. i hope things work out with peace. also jobs and the economy. mr. trump will travel to wisconsin to tour a tool factory before signing an executive order. >> he will talk about his buy america hire america agenda snap had on a prime example of a company that builds american made tools with american workers for u.s. taxpayers snap- on tools. >> the order will reform the
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h1b visa program a program that allows american companies to hire overseas employees. and the white house says today's executive order will prioritize the hiring of america workers over foreign labor. president trump's trip to wisconsin comes as the new poll shows a majority of americans no longer believes he keeps his promises. this month 45% of those surveyed said they think he does. that number has dropped since february when 62% said they thought president trump keeps his promises. the so-called "calexit" campaign is being dropped as the vice president of the yes california campaign is withdrawing the ballot measure. the proposal called for california to secede from the rest of america. the movement got extra interest during the presidential election. the group gathered nearly 100,000 signatures. but measures need more than 580,000 signatures to reach the
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ballot. the push for a vote isn't over. a new group called california freedom coalition says it will file a similar ballot measure in coming weeks. sentencing begins this morning for two drifters who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the deaths of two people in the bay area. drifters morrison lampley and lila alligood could face life in prison. a third drifter involved in the murders sean angold took a plea deal and will be sentenced for second-degree murder. their crimes in 2015 made national headlines. they shot and killed a canadian tourist as a group camped in golden gate park and days later they moved to marin county where they shot and killed steven carter on a hiking trail near fairfax. prosecutors say that the victims' families signed off on the plea deal to bring closure in the case. they have been invited to speak during today's sentencing hearing. right now, a manhunt is under way for the ohio man who allegedly shot and killed an elderly man then posted a
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gruesome video of the incident on facebook. the search area now includes at least five states including southern california. so far there are no credible sightings of steve stephens. this morning facebook is vowing to do better when it comes to taking videos off their site. the social media giant responded to this recent incident in a blog post spelling out the timeline of how long it took to get the video down. organizers continue to dismiss reporters' repeated questions about the video. >> unfortunately i can't comment about that. we are here to ballpark about f- 8. >> the live streaming service has been used to stream torture and sexual assault live. requesting to expand next the number of jobs a sonoma casino could add if it gets the green light to add 200 room hotel. >> here we go again. some lingering showers across the bay area. then one more storm to go before we hit 80 degrees. i'll tell you which day that's going to happen. >> plus, we have several
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incidents to talk about this morning including this one. for those of new marin traveling toward the golden gate bridge, we'll have all the details coming up in just a bit. >> plus, in our tech report, how snapchat is responding to a lawsuit that claims the company's ceo says the app is only for the rich. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. san jose's city council is set to vote today - on an eviction ordinance that's sparked a hunger strike we're on storm watch. heavy drizzle in the area so sfo has 42-minute delays on some arriving flights. one more storm to go this week. we'll track that together. it's traffic and weather coming up in less than 4 minutes.
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san jose city council is set to vote today on an eviction ordinance that sparked a hunger strike among housing activists. people have been rallying outside city hall this week to back the just cause eviction ordinance. for now, san jose landlords can legally evict tenants without giving a reason. according to city records, more than 2200 no cause evictions took place between 2010 and 2016. today north bay neighbors will put their input about graton hotel and casino's plans to expand. the proposal would add 200 rooms and expand the banquet facility. they say the expansion would add another 150 jobs at the resort and casino. today's town hall meeting starts at 5:30 at the stony point meeting house in santa rosa. you can give input today on the new high-speed train system in the south bay. it would go from san jose to merced part of the first phase of the rail system that will link silicon valley and the
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central valley ultimately. the community meeting is scheduled tonight in gilroy at 5 p.m. at the lodge of gilroy. >> at the lodge of gilroy. all right. 6:14. let's check traffic and weather. >> it's been busy. on the maps, let's get to business, this first crash we are talking about for those approaching the golden gate bridge on southbound 101 a olympianover is clearing but you can see the yellow on the sensors there so we are beginning to see some slowdown. a rollover is clearing. northbound 280 at pagemill on the peninsula rollover, another one is also in the clearing stages. so something to keep in mind. currently we are seeing green on the sensors so we are aren't seeing major backups so that's good news. a live look now at the bay bridge. we are beginning to see that drive time kind of pick up ever so slightly right now to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 21 minutes this morning. you can see a high volume of
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vehicles out there. the metering lights came on around 5:30. altamont pass typical looking at slowdowns this time of the morning. speeds down 13 miles per hour. if you are traveling on 580 from the altamont pass to 680, that's going to take you 26 minutes right now. okay. if you are planning on taking mass transit, might be a good idea with some of the crashes we have seen this morning. everything is on time so some good news out the door. and if you are in the antioch/pittsburg area highway 4 overall looking great. some minor delays again just the commute heading to work this morning. we are seeing those speeds at about 35. and a little fog for you on the golden gate bridge this morning but overall things are improving perfectly. let's check the forecast with roberta gonzales. >> all right. we have some rain and heavy drizzle and fog. we have our live hi-def doppler radar. precipitation now in the santa cruz bay area. john miller is our weather
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watcher in santa rosa 54 degrees. take a look at the rain gauge. right above the 5 about a quarter inch of rain in the past 24 minutes. sfo due to the low ceiling reporting airport delays, 42 minutes on some arriving flights. look how mild it is. numbers stacking up into the 50s. the winds have been nonexistent about under 5 miles per hour throughout the rim of the bay this morning at 5 now at sfo also at mineta international airport in san jose. calm winds in antioch. also in santa rosa. winds will be more persistent and consistent later this afternoon out of the south and southwest about 5 to 15. there's that impressive front slicing through northern california. it's now sagging over central california. behind it here, see this cotton ball effect? this is instability so i have to put a chance of a showerin the forecast this afternoon as this core passes to the morning the bay area. there is even the possibility
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of a thunderstorm that and the core swings in from out over the pacific ocean. watch our futurecast. lunch hour a little hint of clearing. partly cloudy during the late afternoon hours and then we'll start off with partly cloudy skies for your wednesday. but by lunchtime, we start to see the clouds thicken across the north bay and here comes the rain overnight wednesday to thursday. by the time it hightails it out of here, we'll have a tenth inch of rain throughout most reporting stations a little heavier to the north, .05" in the san jose area so after today, one more storm before we clear out. this could be the end of that extreme rainy period. nearly 70 state capital with rain showers. 62 monterey bay. 45 high sierra with rain today a. raining on the south shore right now. 50 spring-like skiing and boarding on wednesday. our sun-up at 6:29. i think we'll see a hint of sunset tonight with the
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clearing of the clouds. we'll see temperatures very mild. a little muggy approaching 70, 71 degrees for our outside number. 60s on the bay and peninsula. 71 in brentwood and discovery bay. partly cloudy on wednesday with rain by nightfall overnight hours. and then we'll start off thursday with mostly cloudy skies. we'll clear out and from thursday afternoon all the way through monday, it is a dry weather pattern as high pressure builds in and we'll see the temperatures well above average with the abundance of sunshine. so there's a little silver lining to all the dark clouds this morning, michelle. >> looking at that weekend. looks great. thank you. the regulator behind new york city's taxis and black cars is planning to introduce a rule to force uber to add a tipping feature to its a.m. drivers have requested it and the ridesharing company is under the same pressure here in california where a state lawmaker has introduced a bill requiring all ridesharing companies to allow for tips via
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credit cards. snapchat is facing backlash from around the world over comments allegedly made by its ceo. a lawsuit filed by a former executive at the company claims the snapchat ceo said the app is only for rich people. the lawsuit also claims the ceo didn't want to expand into, quote, poor countries like india and spain. web savvy protestors in india have been posting one star reviews of snapchat on the app's store to drag down its ratings. snapchat is denying the claims and released this statement, quote, this is ridiculous. obviously, snapchat is for everyone. it's available worldwide to download for free. netflix is nearing a major milestone. in the 1st quarter of 2017 the streaming service added 5 million members around the world. that brings the total subscriber base to about 99 million users. and the company is planning a significant marketing push to keep growing. netflix said it will spend more
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than $1 billion this year to drive member acquisition. shares of the company are expected to hit a new high as the market opens today. coming up in sports, the soon-to-be las vegas raiders start their off season workouts in oakland and the a's get some bad news as two of their start he is go down with an injury as -- starters go down with an injury as they try to end a three-game skid. it's all coming up. >> what's cool about you r school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. it's 6-- moving forward with repairs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reporter: a tough monday for the a's as they placed their ace graveman on the dl. marcus semien will miss a
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significant amount of time with wrist surgery today. last night's rain cleared up in time for the game to be played at the coliseum. rangers starter and former griffin strikes out the side in the third. he allowed just one hit. no runs and struck out eight in six innings. top of the 5th inning, texas leading 1-0. gomez off cotton bringing home two runs. gomez advanced to third on a throwing error as the rangers win 7-0 and this means, oakland has lost four straight. the raiders started their off season workouts in alameda yesterday. they are still the oakland raiders for now, the move to las vegas has the players in the middle of a very sticky situation. >> i feel they're hurt. i'm with you. i hurt, too. but at the same time, we're all in this together and we are just going to do it together. obviously there's going to be times where we're in vegas doing things because it's a weird situation, you know, but my focus is here and now making sure that our fans feel appreciated knowing that they are going to get the best version of me and my teammates every time we step out on the
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field. and game 4 between the sharks and the oilers will be tonight. it starts at 7:00. the sharks trail that series 2- 1 games. andrea nakano, kpix 5. still ahead: the company being with repairs. still ahead: the company being and this is a live look at s.a.p. center. the truck is right in front of our shot. but you can kind of see a little bit of the building right there. game 4 tonight san jose sharks taking on the oilers. they are down 2-1 in the series so big game for the sharks tonight. still ahead, time now 6:25, moving forward with repairs. the company being hired to help fix the oroville dam as we find out how much it will cost. >> major changes could be coming to california's bail system. i'm jessica flores. i'll have details coming up. ,,,,
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good morning. it's tuesday, april 18th. i m kenny choi. [ sirens ] marking the 111th anniversary of the deadly 1906 earthquake that shook san francisco to its core. >> we have a clear plan that can't be just a function of what we feel like tweeting at 3 a.m. >> strong words for president trump from california senator kamala harris as she speaks out about the situation with north korea. >> and in just hours, california could be one step closer to changing the bail system. >> good morning, it is tuesday, april 18. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. we want to start with the bail reform. it could help defendants who can't afford to get out of jail. >> kpix 5's jessica flores is following the story and has
6:30 am
more. >> reporter: today state lawmakers will consider a major overhaul of california's bail system. the reform bill goes before a state public safety committee today and if it eventually becomes law it would eliminate the limiter to post money to get out of jail. the bill would essentially require courts to release defendants without bail awaiting trial or misdemeanor crimes unless there's a clear danger to the public. right now judges have more latitude to require cash bail. supporters say the current system punishes the poor who can't afford bail. they call the system a debtor's prison. >> what has become the equation is basically here's a schedule, if you don't have the money, you're going to stay in jail. it has nothing to do with basically if whether or not they pose a risk to society awaiting trial. >> opponents of the bill say it is similar to a controversial new jersey plan where there have been reports already of offenders committing crimes out on free bail. the bill doesn't completely
6:31 am
eliminate the bail system. under the proposed law judges would make the final decision in each case. and if it does move forward, a vote is expected in june. jessica flores, kpix 5. in arkansas two men scheduled to be executed by lethal injection were spared by the supreme court overnight. a last-minute ruling rejected the state's request to lift the stay and allow for their deaths. the two convicted murderers are among eight inmates the state has been planning to executed by the end of april, the expiration date for one of three drugs arkansas used for lethal injections but the drug has been linked to botched executions in four states. >> when it's somebody's life on the line, and we have mistakes all the time, is this necessary? >> arkansas governor hutchinson says victims' families have waited long enough for justice. he hopes the planned executions will move forward.
6:32 am
right now we are on storm watch. scattered showers move through the bay area. hi-def doppler on the right. on the left we have the s.a.p. center in san jose. the sharks playing the oilers day 4 down 2-1 in the series. original season ticketholder 26 years now, here's roberta. >> that's a lot of hoboken games and they are going to be having a street party again today they won't have to railroad buy are rain on sunday when it was pouring in the south bay. we had rain overnight a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa. .15" in san francisco. we are still picking up light showers over the diablo range. mount hamilton also in the santa cruz mountains. otherwise heavy drizzle causing
6:33 am
airport delays. sfo delays 42 minutes on some arriving flights. hint of fog out there, as well. temperatures into the 50s very mild a little bit muggy out the door. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. we have a southwest wind. santa rosa calm winds winds out of the south and southwest later today front slices through northern california sags to the south behind it here. when you see the clouds, that is an indication we have a lot of instability. so i'll keep the heavy drizzle. the fog in the forecast for the morning hours, a shower possible in the morning and early afternoon a thunderstorm possible during the day. we'll be dry this afternoon through most of wednesday and then we have one more round of showers to go by wednesday overnight to thursday. then we are going to clear out. maybe a slight chance of rain about 10 days from now but think we're entering our dry weather pattern now. temperature-wise into the 60s up to 70 degrees in san jose.
6:34 am
low 70s at the delta. we have the full forecast featuring the dry weather pattern at 48 after. >> it's busy on the roads. we have several incidents to talk about. so let's get straight to the maps. this one right here is going to be westbound 80 at highway 4 near hercules. we have a crash there blocking lanes. this is causing delays behind that. if you continue traveling on 80 westbound, at gilman we have the carpool lane blocked. they are working to clear it with some delays while they clear t bay bridge slowdowns also a crash reported on the westbound bay bridge upper deck near treasure island. from the carquinez bridge to the maze, 30 minutes now. we just went into the red. now, if you want to avoid taking 80 you want to travel on
6:35 am
bart, 54 trains on time. back to you. >> thank you. california senator kamala harris has returned from a tour of iraq and syrian refugee camps in the middle east. and she is now weighing in on president trump's policy decisions in the region. harris visited multiple camps in jordan during her first visit to the middle east since she was elected to the senate. she is now calling trump's syrian refugee policy completely misguided. here's why. >> we should not have a ban on muslims. we should not have a ban on people who are legitimately fleeing harm and danger because of their religion. >> senator harris did defend president trump's decision to strike syria after the country's chemical attack but she stressed the strategies have to be carefully crafted. >> i think we have to do an assessment. certainly, when you look at the chemical strike and the crime that that was, there's no
6:36 am
question that we should have acted. but we have to take -- we have to do an aassistment. and the president needs to articulate a plan. >> as for north korea, senator harris stressed we also need a clear plan not, quote, what we feel like tweeting at 3 a.m. there's a push in oakland to make the workplace safe for immigrants. hundreds are expected to gather outside city hall this afternoon. they plan to join city council homes in pass a resolution for sanctuary workplaces. today's rally starts at 4:30 p.m. followed by the city council meeting at 6:30. 6 suspects accused of killing a beloved bay area little league coach are due in court today. the 6 family members have been charged with murder in the death of frank novarro. he was working security at the tres gringos in san jose when was killed. the trouble began when he did not let one of the defendants in because of a fake id. that led to a fight and navarro was stabbed. earlier this month, he was honored by the mayor and the
6:37 am
community at the eastridge little league's opening day. two suspects are behind bars for reportedly shooting at pittsburg police officers. it started when the officers tried to pull over a stolen car. this happened yesterday afternoon in the costco parking lot in antioch. we are told the officers were not hit. but one of the suspects accidentally shot himself in the leg. police arrested him and the driver. right now, people are gathered in downtown san francisco to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire. sirens sounded at 5:12 this morning to mark the minute the ground began to shake. that was 111 years ago. minutes later there was a moment of silence and a fire hydrant was painted gold. mayor lee says the anniversary serves as a reminder for people to be ready for the next "big one." >> we have all our public buildings that are retrofitted and we have even gone into the private residential buildings,
6:38 am
the soft story buildings, to make sure they are safe, as well. >> the great earthquake had a 7.8 magnitude. more than 3,000 people died in the quake and the resulting fires. tonight vallejo city council will hold a public meeting to hear from locals about a possible hike to their water rates. council voted last march to approve an 18.2% increase that would take effect this june. but under an established protest process, homeowners have a time frame to object to the proposal. if a majority voice opposition, the city can't raise the water rates. later today, we should learn more about a big overhaul project near mount tamalpais. the marin county department of public works is working with federal agencies to repair muir woods road. the area was damaged in floods nearly 3 years ago. the county just found out the project made the short list for a $4 million grant. if the secured, it will cover
6:39 am
nearly 90% of the cost. >> time check, 6:38. still ahead how much money bart is spending to try to crack down on fare cheaters. >> plus, a drop in profits. the big hit united is taking after a video went viral showing a passenger being dragged off the flight. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we take a look at the dow, it is down 69 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. in just a few hours.. facebook's f-8 conference gets ,,
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good morning. welcome to your tuesday, april 18. we do have again today some light rain in the forecast. some heavy drizzle. even fog. mild temperatures 50s, 60s at
6:43 am
the immediate seashore. mid-60s. 70 in los altos, los gatos, saratoga, san jose and santa clara. east bay you'll stack up all the way to 71 degrees in brentwood, and discovery bay. 70 danville, tassajara and pleasanton. mid-60s concord, clayton and walnut creek. a south-southwest wind today stinson beach low 60s. we'll talk about the potential of a thunderstorm today and michelle, that's coming up in four minutes. >> all right, roberta. thank you. in just a few hours, facebook's f-8 conference gets under way in san jose. ceo mark zuckerberg will deliver the keynote address. tech insiders expect them to focus on the messenger app and how the platform is tackling fake news and violent videos. the two-day conference starts at 10:00 at the mcenery convention center in san jose. airbnb is set to face major pushback this year in the hotel industry according to a "new york times" report. the american hotel and lodging association will take steps to
6:44 am
reduce the number of airbnb hosts in key markets like san francisco, new york and los angeles. it also reveals that the ahla will advertise that staying in an airbnb might be less safe than a traditional hotel. united is reporting a big dip in profit. company officials say 1st quarter profits were down 69%. mainly because of higher fuel and labor costs. these numbers were determined before last week's incident. this video went viral after officers removed a passenger from a flight. the ceo says they will do a better job. los gatos based netflix gets its latest earnings report for -- and -- newest report and a slowdown in home construction. and for those stories and the rest of the day's financial news, let's go to kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:45 am
netflix had a big 1st quarter. its profit and revenue up 35% to more than $2.6 billion. but as usual, with wall street, it's all about how many subscribers netflix adds in a quarter. and it came one 3.5 million. that was under expectations. expect even weaker numbers in the current quarter. as a result, shares in netflix are lower by 2%. company plans a big marketing push for its original content which it's spending a lot on to differentiate itself from other rivals like amazon and youtube. new home construction cooled off in march from the prior month which was a really large number at that time. commerce department says housing starts were down about 7% but activity overall in the 1st quarter has been stronger than last year. and building permits were also up so we could expect more new home construction in the coming months. stock market big day on monday giving back some gains.
6:46 am
goldman sachs is down big time. big reason for the dow down by 50. nasdaq down 4. and s&p is down by 3. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. drivers across the state can soon look forward to fewer bumps in their commute. state lawmakers just secured more than $900 million for road and train projects. it comes from a hike in gas taxes and vehicle registration fees. many roads in the bay area are desperately in need of repair after recent storms left them riddled with potholes. bart has plans to stop fare cheats. the officials say that fare jump he is cost the system millions of dollars each year. it's part of a push to make up
6:47 am
a $31 million before he sit. >> it's good to take bart this morning, right? >> yes. >> we have incidents in the bay area. let's go to the maps so we can fit it in. this is going to be in the morgan hill san martin area. 12 minutes in the area speeds down to 16 miles per hour. even slower in a couple of areas. if you are in marin, planning on take the golden gate bridge, there is a crash on the shoulder blocking an outside lane. they are working to clear it and get it on a tow truck so right now we are still seeing some big slowdowns because of this as you approach the golden gate bridge. there's fog at the golden gate bridge so give yourself some extra time. be extra careful out there this morning. and a live view of the bay bridge this morning. we are hearing some reports from chp about a crash on the
6:48 am
westbound side at treasure island. however, we have not received any more details about that just yet just a little while ago they said chp arrived. right now the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze is going to take 28 minutes. if you want to avoid the mess, bart is going to be a great option. this morning we have 59 trains running all on time. the altamont pass, speeds between 16 and 40 miles per hour. to go from the altamont pass to 680 to 680 on 580 that's going to take you 23 minutes this morning and as you head out the door you will probably notice a little drizzle here and there some fog. let's talk to roberta gonzales and see how things are looking. >> excuse me, somebody forgot to tell us we woke up and we are in seattle. [ laughter ] >> yeah. morning, everybody! it is gray, it's cloudy, we have heavy drizzle again. we have a shower potential again today. and also, a threat of a thunderstorm. the band of moisture, the precipitation pushing through the bay area in the overnight
6:49 am
hours, spilling a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa is now due east of the bay area. a new batch of energy has just pushed onshore into the santa cruz mountains according to our live hi-def doppler radar and we'll continue to have that chance of a shower at any time today. this is our live weather camera. the ceiling is low. that's why we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. meanwhile, with the precipitation totals continuing to gather, we are taking a look out towards the ocean beach area from the cliff house. again, visibility is restricted due to areas of fog. temperatures remain in the 50s. so the winds have been light this morning. paul smith is located in brentwood. he is one of our many weather watchers who rises early and plays along with us here at kpix 5. thanks, paul, for waking up with us and reporting .13" of rain in the past 24 hours in the brentwood area. today's high temperature will top off there in the low 70s with a deck of cloudiness. the winds are under 5 at all of
6:50 am
our reporting stations. these winds will pick up later today. south and southwest 5 to 15. a bit muggy. here's the passage of the front slicing through northern california. behind it here a little bit of a clearing slot but a lot of instability. you can see by that cotton ball effect wrapping around the core of the center of the area of low pressure that will pass through the north of the bay area keeping us really with an unsettled weather pattern. it's almost like a setup for a winter weather pattern with the storms rolling in regularly. today's no exception. mostly cloudy with the random scattered shower and then by the evening commute we'll start to see gradual clearing. here's your morning commute at wednesday. we'll start off partly cloudy but as the day wears on we'll see increasing cloud cover. we're in the clearing. out of here. we'll exit the rainy period here in the bay area. we are going to expect another
6:51 am
tenth of an inch of rain between now and thursday morning throughout most of the bay area maybe three-tenths in the santa rosa area. the rain is over the central valley now. sunshine boarding and skiing tomorrow and wednesday. 60s across the board from the coast to the istanbul areas. low 70s towards the delta. again that breeze late day. so one more shot of rain. overnight through early thursday. partly cloudy skies on thursday afternoon. check it out a dry and warmer weather pattern. hang on to the umbrella for a couple of more days. california water officials say they have awarded a contract for much-needed repair work not oroville dam. a nebraska company will be fixing the state's second largest reservoir for $275
6:52 am
million. but the department of water resources admitted this weekend that it initially anticipated paying about $220 million to repair the damage. meanwhile, i town hall meeting that touched on that crisis sounded like this. [ screaming and booing ] >> congressman doug lamalfa faced hedging as he fielded questions from the spillway disaster to healthcare and at one point the representative walked out. water officials say they hoped the repair work at the oroville dam spillway will be finished by november 1. heading to wisconsin. the executive order president donald trump plans to sign after his trip today. >> i'm jessica flores. one step closer to some major changes to california's bail system. i'll have that story coming up. ,, what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
6:53 am
what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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♪ state lawmakers will consider a
6:56 am
major overhaul of il system... the i'm jessica flores. today state lawmakers will consider a major overhaul of california's bail system. the assembly's committee on public safety will vote on it today. if it becomes law, it would eliminate the requirement to post money to get out of jail. the bill would essentially require courts to release nonviolent defendants without bail. unless there's a clear danger to the public. supporters of the bill say the current system punishing the poor who often can't afford bail. >> the elephant in the room here today is that california operates two systems of justice. one for the rich, one for the poor. >> opponents of the bill say it is similar to controversial new jersey plan where there have been reports of offenders committing crimes out on free bail. if it moves forward a vote is expected in june. reporting in the newsroom, jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:56. time for your "final 5. >> president trump heads to wisconsin today before signing
6:57 am
an executive order. you senior administration officials say the new order will reform the h1b visa program that allows american companies to fill jobs with foreigners instead of americans. the ohio man allegedly shot and killed an elderly man and posted the video on facebook. the search area now includes at least five states. >> in saratoga, the widow of an 86-year-old navy veteran killed by a sheriff's deputy filed a wrongful death suit. no comment in officials. today san jose city council is set to vote on an eviction ordinance that sparked a hunger strike among housing activists. they have been rallying outside city hall this week. today is the 111th anniversary of the disastrous 1906 earthquake. this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee and other city officials held a moment of silence at 5:12 which is the minute the ground began to shake during the deadly quake.
6:58 am
>> and the traffic center staying busy on this tuesday morning. if you look in the morning san martin area we're looking at 101 northbound. a crash causing delays there. speeds down to 25 to 30 miles per hour. if you are in marin toward the golden gate bridge, there's a crash there pushed off to the side of the road. still seeing some residual delays but this is in the clear stage heading towards the golden gate bridge right now to go on 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge. it's going to take about 14 minutes this morning. and here's a live look at the bay bridge. we are seeing a heavy volume of commuters there this morning to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze, that will take nearly 30 minutes. let's check the forecast. you need that umbrella heading out the door. again, morning, everybody. we'll call it storm watch. we saw a quarter to full half inch of rain in the far north bay overnight. now the precipitation right around the santa cruz mountains. the coast is not clear. boy, that looks like seattle!
6:59 am
okay? [ laughter ] >> gray skies, fog, had heavy drizzle. we have all that this morning. then later today, the potential thunderstorm this afternoon. the final shower of the year -- okay, just kidding -- will be on wednesday night overnight through our thursday. temperatures today 60s up to a balmy 71. kind of muggy. again, a shower potential wednesday overnight through early thursday. so look at that. lots of sunshine near 80 on friday. >> beautiful weekend. >> makes you appreciate it more. >> especially after rain sunday. glad to see the sunshine. >> i think this is the last of our big rainy periods. i mean, we might have an isolated shower here and there but i think -- >> yeah. >> okay. thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this, missouri your this morning. your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
>> be sure to stay tuned for "cbs this morning," with special guest oprah winfrey.


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