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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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today, the administration offered an alternative. >> no one wants to see again violent objections to a speaker at berkeley causing nearly $100,000 in damage. when berkeley college republicans invited conservative writer ann coulter to campus the university said it wasn't given enough notice to find a safe space for the april 27 date so it canceled. >> there's very specific and credible threat to miss coulter's event on the 27th if it was to be health on the berkeley campus. >> reporter: coulter said she will show up anyway. >> miss coulter's announcement that she intends to come to this campus on april 27 without the regard for the fact that we don't have a protectable venue available on that date is of grave concern. >> reporter: chancellor nicholas dirks says the school looks beyond the normal venues for speaking events and found one on campus available on may 2. uc-berkeley police captain alex yao admits that the community is struggling with
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protestors who use a tactic to call black lock to disrupts events. >> it's not just here but in this region. >> reporter: the chief sees a role of police as preventing harm. >> really our job is to stabilize the situation. it's not to -- just stabilize the situation and minimize chaos. >> reporter: some of the most ardent protestors at recent events are antifascists who don't think free speech should extend to anyone. >> i'm happy to be considered intolerant of intolerance. >> reporter: this self- proclaimed antifascist says it's okay to use violence to disrupt people like coulter. >> in the interests of humanity, in the interests of justice, to say that people who are trying to promote another genocide who are trying ostracize parts of our society shouldn't try to promote them and make them mainstream. >> they are allowing a heckler's veto. it's allowing people to preempt speech. >> reporter: the member of the
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republican national committee said the police should enforce the law. >> you treat the violent protestors with the respect they deserve which is none. you arrest them. and you apply the law. >> reporter: now, just minutes ago, coulter tweeted that she is going to show up on april 27. she says we have already spent money for the 4/27 berkeley space and i can't do may 2. then all caps, there are no classes at berkeley the week of may 2!! and that's true. may 2 begins a week of study and review before final exams begin on may 8. but if miss coulter does what she says she is going to do the big test for local police and this community will come early. on may 27 -- i'm sorry, on april 27. live in berkeley, melissa caen kpix 5. we have learned the principal of albany high school is out after weeks of tension on campus. the school confirmed today jeff anderson has been reassigned to another position. it is unclear if he left voluntarily or not. his departure follows recent
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allegations of racially charged cyber bullying and reports of students giving nazi salutes in halls. some students claim not enough is being done to crack down on the problem. former albany high school principal ron rosenbaum will take over as interim principal monday. the smoke is finally beginning to clear over san francisco's golden gate park as the annual "420" party winds down a bit. check out the haze over hippie hill earlier this afternoon. those gathered in the park to celebrate the unofficial holiday of marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. others opted for smaller celebration at dolores park. they told us hippie hill seemed a little too closed off with all the new security measures. our own emily turner is at golden gate park this afternoon to show us what was different this year. >> reporter: the crowd was not different. initially we were told 6,000 people showed up but just since
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5:00 there were 15,000 people here to celebrate this unofficial holiday. this year' "420" came with a sound track, snacks and security guards all approved by the city. >> reporter: "420" has a sponsor this year at the meadow including hippie hill. security garden forced an 18 and up age limit and other rules, although not all of them were followed. >> very good stuff. it's very good top of the line. a buck a joint. >> reporter: plenty were disgruntled by the changes. >> we were anticipating and prepared for a spillover from the event. the primary location we have seen that, is at the haight street entrance to golden gate park and albert lane and that is with the help of the san francisco police department under control. >> they just regulate it more and they -- this is kind of unnecessary because there's
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tearing people away from the celebration. >> reporter: but there were plenty of people enjoyed it like a city permitted space with a live deejay, food trucks and vendors. and honestly, no matter the changes, some things on "420" will be the same. >> the first year it's legal the first time to, like, smoke out people. it's an experience, you know? and everyone's friendly. >> reporter: back out here live they are taking a look at the crowd so to speak that's gathering to clean up after the first crowd. there was a lot of trash last year. this year, we anticipate it to be a similar situation although they did bring out a lot more trash cans. we have a crew here to cover the clean-up and the aftermath, as well. ken? >> emily turner in golden gate park tonight, thanks, emily. arson is suspected in a fire that badly damaged a clothing store owned by oakland rapper miss sta fat. >> to let you know no matter what you do in life always gonna find a reason man to throw some hate in the game. >> the store dope era is on
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market street in oakland. investigators say someone threw what appears to be a gas canister at the front of the shop. the multi-platinum rapper and producer says he doesn't care so much about the clothes and the contents. he wants people to know there are families including 11 children living upstairs. we profiled him last summer during protests. >> "black lives matter" is not the enemy. now? they are not the guys that are going out there saying okay let's go see how many officers we can kill tonight. >> mistah fab was honored in 2014 for his community outreach. by then mayor jean quan. also in oakland the search continues for an armed burglar. police say he shot a resident on chimney rock road in the oakland hills around 6 p.m. last night. the victim called 911 saying someone who was trying to burglarize his home shot him in the back. we are told the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. a north bay man tased in
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his own home by a sheriff's deputy. the violent encounter caught on camera. the video now just coming to light. >> i got you on video. go ahead, tase mean. ah! tase me, ah!! >> deputies were responding to reports [ censored ] >> of a domestic dispute back in september. it happened on hylan boulevard in sonoma county's boys hot springs neighborhood. kpix 5's da lin has the story. >> hands up! ah! >> ah! mother [ censored ] er! >> reporter: a man screams in pain. he says what you just heard was the sound of a baton hitting him in the leg. the victim fernandez del valle says the sonoma county deputy tases and beats him after the cell phone stops recording. [ screaming and cursing ] 's attorney = the worse decisions, entry into the home, kicking down the door, using the baton. they did every single thing wrong.> da's standup tag: da lin / santa rosa the former deputy, scott thorne, will be in court next month the felony assault... the other two deputies won't face any charges. in santa rosa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. th f's depa >> reporter: the sonoma county
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sheriff's department watched the cell phone video. the deputy's chest cam and agreed it's excessive force. at the fired deputy scott thorne and he is facing a felony assault. >> not just the excessive force. it's the particular deputy had been terminated from two previous police agencies for similar actions. and the sonoma county sheriff knew that to be the case and hired him anyway. >> reporter: del valle is now suing sonoma county. his attorney says this happened in september in boys hot springs outside of santa rosa. neighbors called 911 after they heard the victim and his wife arguing. >> my client is in this argument with his wife because he didn't notice that she had a new haircut. >> reporter: the attorney says the victim decided to cool things off by going to bed. and that was when three deputies showed up and kicked down the bedroom door. >> i got you on video. go ahead, tase me. ah! >> the worst decisions entry into the home, kicking down the door, taking out the baton, tasering my client. my goodness, you know, they did
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every, single thing wrong. >> reporter: the former deputy scott thorne will be in court next month for the felony assault. the two other deputies won't be facing charges. in santa rosa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. sonoma county sheriff's department said they were aware of that deputy's history but decided to hire him full time after using him as a reserve deputy. a bizarre bank heist in santa rosa. a guy in an orange vest strolled into this chase bank this morning with a .12-gauge shotgun slung over his shoulder. but his camouflage hat did nothing to disguise him. 23-year-old logan scott was arrested at the scene on the attempted robbery charges. he said he was having an account dispute with the bank and was just trying to scare them. the gun was not loaded. online retailer amazon is opening a brick and mortar bookstore on san jose's santana row this summer. shoppers say it's ironic given
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that amazon's success in selling books and everything else online is partly to blame for many bookstores going out of business. but others say even it seems like a throwback for the retailer. there's still a market for people to buy and read physical books. >> i'm more of a fan of the physical books. so i like having them to hold in my hands and flipping through the pages and stuff like that. so i'm not really a big fan of the ereaders and stuff. i had one for a while but i never used it. >> santana row hasn't had a bookstore since 2011 when borders went out of business. there's no word yet on an opening date. but amazon is currently hiring managers and clerks. new at 6:00 santa clara county is also trying to here. the starting salary, six- figures. kiet do on the tech jobs that no one seems to want. >> reporter: even though it's in the heart of silicon valley,
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santa clara county has a peculiar problem, more than 40 open positions in i.t. >> we compete for employees. so we have to make our case. we haven't done a very good job. making our case. >> reporter: larry stone has nine i.t. positions open in his office alone trying to launch a brand- new property tax system that will become the model for the state of california. it's a perfect storm of reasons why there's an i.t. shortage. there's a massive upgrade baby boomers are retiring competing with talent with successful worldwide companies and the county is battling an image problem that government is slow, and killing innovation. >> people are used to sterile cold government offices and government technology. we are up to date as anyplace in silicon valley. >> reporter: the county cannot compete with the private sector in free lunches and perks but the pay is between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. county offers a pension and something you really can't get
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anywhere else. a promise of a job through the tech booms and busts. >> we don't have bonuses and stock options and so forth. but we have job stability. >> reporter: finally, they say it's challenging meaningful important work that touches the 1.7 million lives of every man, woman and child in the county. >> making a decent living, having a good work environment, and still getting to change the world. >> reporter: in santa clara county, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the county is getting help from job search agencies but the average time it takes to fill a position is still about 200 days. a shocking crime! a couple accused of trying to kill a baby inside a bay area mcdonald's. the attack missed by just inches. new details on why the child may have been targeted. >> and a gunman with an automatic weapon opened fire on police in paris. one officer is dead. the terror investigation at the champs-elysees. >> and smart toys and gadgets
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picking up personal information. how the teddy bear and toaster app to protect you and your children. >> just like that the weather has changed. the rain is gone, the sunshine has returned. good stuff! but for how long? your forecast next. ,,,,,, businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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to shoot and kill *his baby. here's a look at the couple:
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an east bay man and his girlfriend are behind bars tonight accused of trying to shoot and kill his baby! here's a look at the couple. marcel brooks and adana ibe. they were arrested tuesday morning. the shooting happened monday at a mcdonald's on washington avenue in san leandro. kpix 5's len ramirez reports. >> reporter: tears and disbelief in the courtroom when family saw 29-year-old marcel brooks who along with his girlfriend, 27-year-old adanna ibe, bolt of antioch, allegedly tried to kill brooks'11-month- old son from a previous relationship. san leandro police say they are as shocked as anyone. >> i have never investigated a case or been part of a case where the intended murder victim is an infant. so it's very disturbing. >> reporter: police say brooks set up a meeting with the baby's mother who is brooks's former girlfriend at this san leandro mcdonald's on monday. but it was ibe police say who
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allegedly walked in with a gun and fired from point-blank range striking the window but missing the baby and his mother. police say the shooting was captured on surveillance video. >> it's a miracle she missed. >> reporter: brooks and haven who share a 5-year-old son were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. police wouldn't talk about a motive only that it stems from a history between brooks and the baby's mother. brooks' family members were visibly upset outside the hayward courtroom and denied that he could have anything to do with this. >> he is a great father. he is a active father. he would never, ever and i'm saying ever be involved in nothing like this. >> reporter: both suspects will be back in court next week to enter a plea. meantime, san leandro police say their investigation is continuing and they hinted today this may not be the first time this couple has tried to harm that baby. in hayward, len ramirez, kpix 5. meanwhile, the search for a santa rosa couple resumed today after the private plane they were on disappeared.
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the pilot brenda richard and her husband mark have not been seen since monday afternoon. that's when their plane took off from the truckee tahoe airport. it was headed to petaluma but it never did land. here's the plane they were on an emergency locator transmitter that hasn't been signaling yet. we are getting the first look at the cable car conductor accused of stealing fare money. 61-year-old albert williams arrested yesterday. he is now booked into the san francisco county jail on charges that include embezzlement. a police task force found that williams used several schemes to hide the amount of cash that he was collecting during his cable car shifts. investigators think he stole hundreds of dollars each month. so far, they have not said how long it was going on. landslides have forced a shutdown of 101 in mendocino county. rocks and soil have tumbled on the road more than once about 6
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miles north of [ indiscernible ] the amount of debris was more than a previous slide three days earlier. crews are using dump trucks to haul the stuff away. it's not clear when the highway will open in either direction. for many reasons including the mudslide and landslide threat drier weather is very welcome in the bay area. and we get it. six of the next seven days should be rain-free. high temperatures on a beautiful thursday, we had rain. just after midnight for the central bay, the east bay and south bay. it left before sunrise and in its wake a near 70 degrees day in redwood city, fremont and san jose. 70 in concord. 72 napa and 63 degrees with sunshine in san francisco. sunshine all day long. beautiful stanford university there's the tower, we have the stadium, and we have lots of blue sky. this weekend, lots of outdoor activities. lots of weddings, little league baseball games, weather is going to be fine. monster jam levi's stadium
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saturday 7:00. partly cloudy skies. 68 degrees. should be a fine saturday night in the santa clara valley. we now have a blocking ridge of high pressure. it is centered to our south and west which is where it's going to stay but close enough and strong enough that the next few weak weather systems including this one right here will ride up and over the ridge. we'll see some cloud cover from this on saturday but zero rain between now and tuesday evening. about 5 consecutive dry days and even tuesday a few scattered showers. mainly clear tonight and it is early spring. so we still can get chilly and we will. livermore down to 47. valero 47. 50 for oakland and mountain view. but tomorrow, look at the weather. sunny and warm, how warm? lots of 80s tomorrow. 82 in san jose. 80 in vallejo. 80 in napa. 71 with sunshine in san francisco. and 67 in pacifica. the weekend not as warm. but still mainly dry. should be very pleasant weather for the next several days. saturday about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. sunday, we're looking at highs only making it tooth mid- to upper 60s despite -- to the mid- to upper 60s despite the sunshine because of the onshore
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flow and ocean influence keeping temperatures down but only one chance of rain and that is next tuesday. pleasant weather and dry weather. that's your forecast. thank you. a terrifying ride that simply would not stop. ♪[ music ] >> a car somehow gets tangled up behind a big rig and dragged for miles what it took to get that clueless truck driver's attention. >> straight ahead, the nfl schedule dates and times are out! and! the only thing that could stop the warriors today a day off. well deserved after last night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the warriors... ...can't look ahead without looking back for a moment... studded team like that last night.... nba play-offs up top. and the warriors? >> you can't look ahead to saturday's game without looking back for a moment. star-studded team like that last night did you see javale mcgee grabbing the spotlight?
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hey, in less than 15 minutes off the bench journeyman 7- footer turned in a videogame- like play. first player in a play-off game with 15 or more points and four blocks in less than 15 minutes. no kevin durant. mcgee took up the energy and scoring slack. he was 7 for 7 shooting from the floor! >> how would you describe javale's game tonight? >> kind of awkward with him sitting right here. >> just throw it anywhere and he can catch it. that's always a fun way to play. sometimes we kind of get caught up in looking for him sometimes too much when he is not open just because we feel he can do something spectacular. but when he can electrify the crowd with a huge block and alley-oop dunks and things like that, it's just a different dynamic that we love to have. >> game 3 in that seven-game series on saturday. nhl play-offs and the sharks could be make or break for somebody tonight. with a puck drop in edmonton game 5 in a seven-game series
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tied at two all. the sharks offense is all over the map 24 series. good in game one, shutout in games 2 and 3 and exploded for:goals in game 4. neither head coach knows what to expect tonight. >> we're going to have to score some goals. but, um, i'm pretty confident in predicting we're not going to get eight in edmonton. >> have you ever figured out why certain chances are convert. no, i wish i knew that. i would have a job for a long time. [ laughter ] >> i'd be getting paid a lot more than i am. [ laughter ] >> hey, everybody. the nfl schedule dates and times are out. kyle shanahan and the 49ers will begin sunday september 10 against carolina while the raiders will travel to nashville for their opener against the titans. oakland will also play five prime time games. tiger woods just had his
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fourth back surgery to alleviate pain. he is out again for the remainder of 2017. woods has had only three starts in two years. russell westbrook scored a triple debt for oakland last night. 51 points, but he took 43 shots including 12 in a row, ken, 18 in the 4th quarter. the most ever by one player in a quarter. didn't affect the houston rockets. they won the game and took a 2- 0 series lead. >> look at your line on the box score how would you grade the line? >> how the [ censored ] >> no losers here. it's all about winning on the mighty big 5. >> you might want to pass the ball at some point. >> yeah. >> can't be fun to watch when four other guys stand there is watching him take all the shots. >> may be why they lost. coming up in the next half- hour a deadly attack targeting paris police and all signs point to terror.
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what we're learning about the gunman who sprayed a police van with bullets at the famous champs champs. >> a break in the search for a teacher accused of kidnapping a student in tennessee. the manhunt that ended in northern california. >> and california could be the first state to offer abortion pills at public colleges. the debate over easier access. ,,
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one police officer died and 2 ot the the city of paris again the target of what investigators are calling a likely terror attack. one police officer is dead. two others wounded before the gunman was finally killed. all this happened along the popular champs champs the champs-elysees that attracts millions of tourist. it's closed. the gunman is a french national living in the paris suburbs. isis is now claiming responsibility. it calls him an "islamic state" fighter. he was killed during the gunfire. elizabeth cook reports police say he had a criminal record that included shooting two paris officers in 2001. >> reporter: french police say
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three officers were wounded at least one has died. a witness says the gunman sprayed the police inside their vehicle with an automatic weapon. >> i left the store and i was walking the sidewalk and there was a police truck and the men arrived in a gray audi 880 stopped next to the police truck, got out with the kalashnikov. i heard five shots and i thought they were fireworks. but then we looked around the street and there was no one there. he had gotten close to the truck and shot at the police actually. >> reporter: authorities say the gunman had previously been flagged as extremist. officers are also investigating reports of shots fired near the scene about an hour after the first incident. at the white house, president trump offered his condolences and condemned the shooting as an apparent act of terrorism during a joint press conference with italy's prime minister. >> it's a terrible thing. and it's a very, very terrible thing that's going on in the world today but it looks like
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another terrorist attack. and, um, what can you say? just never ends. >> reporter: french president hollande says he believe it was a terrorist act. and authorities have opened a terrorism investigation. >> the president of france says that he will reveal the gunman's identity in a news conference tomorrow not clear yet what the motive was but french elections begin there in about three days. the [ indiscernible ] was chief among the topics that president trump discussed with italy's prime minister today. during a joint news conference, the president was asked about the possibility of a joint effort to defeat isis. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> the two leaders also discussed another security threat. north korea. >> we're building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of time. i have been here for approximately 91 days, we're doing a lot of work. we're in very good position. and we're going to see what
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happens. >> today both china and russia were part of a unanimous u.n. security council resolution condemning north korea's recent attempt to launch a ballistic missile. it demands the communist country conduct no further nuclear tests or face more sanctions. tennessee teenager who police say was kidnapped by her own teacher has been found safe in northern california. officers arrested the teacher 50-year-old tad cummins last night. he is accused of kidnapping his 15-year-old student elizabeth thomas. they disappeared from tennessee on march 13. police found them 2500 miles away in a cabin near the oregon border. reporter elissa becerra shows us how investigators finally tracked them down. >> reporter: well, five weeks and 2,000 miles later a 15-year- old is now found safe and unharmed. her 50-year-old teacher tad cummins is in custody. yesterday about 9 p.m. the siskiyou county sheriff's
6:34 pm
office got a tip that a vehicle matching the description of tennessee kidnap suspect mr. tad cummins was in a cabin in cecilville, california. they had information that he was armed and decided to wait the night out until mr. cummins came out of that cabin. >> once that happened, they went back in the cabin, they came back out and looks like they were trying to figure out whether we were there or not. just the way that they were looking. our team members engage them. they were completely compliant. >> again, law enforcement said this was the best-case scenario for all of this. they did say that the 15-year- old was extremely emotional. they described her as being on a roller coaster of emotions. they said mr. cummins said that he was happy that this was finally over. they did find two weapons in the cabin both of them loaded. mr. cummins faces a series of charges both federal and state out of tennessee.
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he will be arraigned tomorrow. in yreka, elisa becerra, kpix 5. the coast guard is looking into a deadly boating accident in marin county. the body of 64-year-old juki dang of oakland was found last night. his boat capsized yesterday before noon. crews started searching the water off muir beach just minutes after they got word of the accident. they happened to be doing a training exercise nearby. smart devices that may be snooping on your home. the new push to protect you from spying toys and gadgets. >> fighting fake news. how california could make media literacy a requirement for schools. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
state in the nation to require so- called "smart" devices to come with additional security and tions. california could become the first state in the nation to require so-called smart devices to come with additional security and privacy protections. as our consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, it's intended to prevent toys and appliances from spying on us.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: which we have learned really does happen. in fact, earlier this year the federal trade commission announced that vizio tvs were spying on customers and then the my friend kayla doll was banned in germany over espionage concerns. now a southern california lawmaker wants to ensure that our devices are not spying on us at least not without our permission. [ inaudible ] >> pink. >> reporter: from dolls that talk. [ talk ] >> reporter: to teddy bears that pass along messages to home devices that run your life and respond to your every whim. alexa, order pizza. internet connections are picking up information. >> your current balance is ... >> reporter: and that worries people like jim styier founder of common sense media. >> your kids' information and your family's information or many other people's information can be hacked! >> reporter: he is supporting first of its kind legislation that would require so-called smart products sold in
6:39 pm
california to come with privacy protections. it's been dubbed the teddy bear and toaster act. >> since we are the leading state in the country let alone the world in terms of technology innovation, we should lead on privacy protection as well. >> reporter: the bill sponsor by hannah best jackson would require products notify users through a sound or signal when they're gathering data and get a user's consent when transferring information and require notices posted at the point of sale of that says devices are capable of collecting sensitive data. now, opponents of the measure contend that it is a one size fits all regulatory approach that quote threatens to chill innovation. most internet connected devices do come with privacy notices that disclose what happens to your information although most people don't read them or don't know where to find them. >> nobody reads that. [ laughter ] >> right? >> the fine print. >> the fine print. nobody reads it. >> the bottom line these days, most of the devices in your
6:40 pm
home can listen and even record what you say. >> thank you. getting fired from fox news to give former host bill o'reilly a big fat payout. o'reilly was dropped by the network yesterday following allegations of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. according to cnn he signed a new $25 million a year contract just before he was fired. cnn reports a clause in the contract says o'reilly can receive up to one year salary if he leaves. o'reilly started at fox news in 1996. he was considered the network's top asset. the fight against fake news may soon be heading to your child's classroom. bay area senator bill dodd has proposed a bill that would require schools to start teaching media literacy in grades one through twelve. the idea, teach students how to determine fact from fiction by getting them to think critically about "where" the information is coming from.
6:41 pm
educators would decide what qualifies as a reputable source ... >> could they censor news? >> i hope not. nobody wants to censor news. it gives children the critical thinking skills to be able to determine whether i believe that or i don't believe that. >> and things that impact our lives and not fake news. >> the bill just cleared the senate education committee. so far the bill has no opposition. a bit of a white knuckle moment on a california highway. a truck drags a car for miles with the driver still inside. >> visibility in the bay area, excellent beautiful day to get outside. it does get warmer. we'll talk about how long we'll stay up to 12 degrees above average coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a wild ride on the 15 freeway in southern california... video shows a truck dragging a you're dragging the car! >> yeah. check this out. pretty wild ride on i-15 in southern california. video shows a truck dragging this car
6:45 pm
for miles! chp says the big rig was trying to pass a slower truck when it hit the nissan. the car got lodged somehow under the truck. the driver was screaming for help. the drivers on the road finally got the truck driver's attention and got him to stop. chp says the driver of the car is okay. an off-duty police officer was involved in an airport security lapse at l.a.x. the feds say that she made it on to an international flight with a handgun in her carry-on. authorities at an airport in taiwan took a picture of the ruger. the officer from santa monica reportedly realized that she had the gun during the flight and then she told officials in taiwan about it. officer noelle grant was planning to continue to thailand for vacation. but she has been barred from leaving taiwan since last thursday. not clear if grant has been charged with any crime.
6:46 pm
the tsa says that she went through regular security at l.a.x. three suicide notes have now been found in the prison cell of aaron hernandez after he hanged himself with a bedsheet. authorities also say hernandez had a bible verse job 3:16 written on his forehead when they found him dead yesterday. his body has already been released to a funeral home. but his lawyer says medical exercise are holding his brain and won't release it to the family. the family wants to donate it for concussion research. but also they want an independent analysis of it from boston university. >> we're not sure if they, a, know how to do it b, have proper protocols and proper setting to do that and have any experience in doing that. we do know boston university is the finest lab in the country to be able to do this and they are well aware of that. so why not let the experts do it? >> are you in touch with them?
6:47 pm
>> this is not amateur hour. >> so far the medical examiner isn't commenting. california's public universities may become battlegrounds over abortion. a bill would require all uc and csu health centers to provide the abortion pill. some students disagree on whether or not this is a good idea. >> it was a huge choice because i [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: jessica's unexpected pregnancy threw her into panic. the 20-year-old uc-berkeley student says it took three weeks before she could access the medication she wanted to get an abortion. >> i had to see a counselor and get referred out of the center and i had to go to multiple appointments just to prove i was pregnant. i had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: jessica was forced to take time off her job and school! she says by the time she got her abortion drug, she missed a week of classwork and lost $500 worth of income. last october, jessica began the push to bring abortion access
6:48 pm
to the uc-berkeley campus. her efforts were recognized at the state capital where senator connie leyva then introduced a bill proposing all ucs and csus be required to provide the abortion pill on campus. >> there's a lot barriers we overcome to get here and it's not necessarily the university's responsibility to overcome those barriers for us. >> reporter: some who criticize the bill say abortion shouldn't have to be offered at the university level just for convenience. >> there are clinics that will do it and if you want to do it you will find a place and school doesn't need to be that place. >> reporter: a spokesman from the cu and uc system tells cbs13 they have not yet taken a formal position on the bill but say they have concerns about their staff not being trained to give the abortion drug. >> if we have an unintended pregnancy that we don't have the ability to choose what we do with "it," that's just setting up a life of
6:49 pm
complications and troubles. >> and that was angela news lamb reporting there. the bill passed the senate health committee yesterday. an analysis of the plan's financial cost is pending. gorgeous day outside leading to a beautiful evening which will lead to a warm day coming up tomorrow. currently the 60s everywhere throughout the bay area. warm spot will be livermore at 68. just one degree behind that we find santa rosa at 67. oakland and san jose at 66. concord you're also in the upper 60s and san francisco 61. nice day outside after that overnight and early-morning rainfall. radar is clear now. it will stay clear for a while. clear skies, hopefully the a's get another win tonight. mariners in town for several games. mild in oakland. it cools off rapidly. you will finish the night at 50 in oakland tomorrow morning right around sunrise which is 6:25. san francisco overnight 51. napa 49. mountain view 50. i do not think we will see any fog throughout the bay area
6:50 pm
tonight even right along the coastline. pattern change. ridge of high pressure is back. we call them blocking ridges because there's always stuff, there's always storm activity or clouds or rain traversing the pacific ocean. and if it's not block, it's going to hit somewhere, whether it be canada or the west coast of the u.s. now that we have a blocking ridge of high pressure here's the next weathermaker goes up and over the ridge, seattle gets the rainfall, we will not. the storms for the next several days and for the most part the next week or so will miss us to the north. tomorrow morning clear skies no fog no clouds. tomorrow afternoon, 80s away from the water. morgan hill, gilroy likely 83. saturday a change. i mentioned that storm system passing by the north. we get no rainfall. we will see some cloud cover especially saturday morning and that's going to usher in more of an onshore flow. it's that time of year. we factor in which direction the wind is coming from. and in this case it will be a strong breeze out of the west and southwest which would keep our temperatures down. tomorrow we warm up. saturday we cool down. we head towards sunday even with the sunshine back temperatures will stay near or
6:51 pm
below average. but it's not going to rain. so no worries about the temperature. 50s tomorrow morning in oakland. 60 by 10 a.m. futurecast says most of the afternoon spent in the low 70s. what you can expect: warmiest sunniest day not tomorrow. the ridge will retreat this weekend. that means slightly cooler and cloudier weather, scattered showers only one day still forecast for next tuesday. 12 degrees above average tomorrow. both concord and san jose 82 for a high. warm day for friday. >> we will be cooler and cloudier saturday but still a good day to get outside. look at sunday. not even hitting 70 as the onshore flow gets cranked up and the overall theme will be not that warm but also not wet. one shower chance. that's it.
6:52 pm
that's next tuesday. the other six days are all looking mainly dry. that's your kpix 5 forecast. looking good. thanks, paul. >> coming up, the starbucks unicorn frappucino just came out yesterday. but one barista has already had enough. his epic rant begging people not to order it. >> and coming up tonight on nightbeat at 10 p.m., we are talking about ann coulter. given the riots in the past, is uc-berkeley doing the right thing inviting her back to speak? you can send me a tweet right now at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have your comments coming up tonight on nightbeat over on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. at 10:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 pm
police have the intersection of haight & central blocked off.. as they investigate a stabbing. breaking news tonight in san francisco's lower haight district. police at the intersection of haight and central blocked off now as they investigate a stabbing. the victim was taken to the hospital. a suspect is in custody. no word if it has anything to did with the "420" festivities that occurred today just blocks away at golden gate park. you may have noticed a new colorful drink at starbucks called the unicorn frappucino. >> ken has. >> i had one. >> you loved it. >> it was good.
6:56 pm
>> you loved it. it's been so popular that one barista had a full-blown meltdown about making them. >> please don't get it!! i never made so many frappe chinos in my entire life!! my hands are completely sticky! i have unicorn crap on my hair, nose. i have never been so stressed out in my life. it's been insane! if you love us as baristas, don't order it!!! it's so difficult to make! >> did you hear that, ken? >> wonder how starbucks likes one of their employees saying don't buy our $5 product, please. >> this guy's 19-year-old braden is a barista at a starbucks in colorado. >> was. >> i love the barista. >> he posted this yesterday after getting off work and has since gone viral. starbucks said that the drink's popularity has far exceeded their expectations. >> there's no coffee in it!
6:57 pm
>> find a new job. songood night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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