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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 21, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. t u-c berkeley, af in a reverse course for cal this conservative firebrand is invited to speak at uc berkeley after all, but there's a twist. the university faces claims of unconstitutional censorship. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. legal action was threatened against the university. the ultimatum, honor the original terms of the speech tomorrow or they're taking the case to federal court. kpix5's christin ayers is at cal campus tonight. >> reporter: first officials here at cal-berkeley told students there would be no speech by ann coulter. then this afternoon an about face.
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today chancellor nicholas dirks changed his tune. conservative pundit ann coulter can come to uc berkeley's campus but not april 27th and not at the original location. dirks called the new location. >> an appropriate protectable venue that is available the afternoon of may 2nd. >> reporter: campus police captain alex yow said police could not be sure her original speech would be safe. >> there's specific threats to ms. coulter's event april 27th held on the berkeley campus. >> reporter: authorities could provide more protection at the new venue and hopes of avoiding scenes like this, an outright riot that ensued when ultra conservative writer milo yiannopoulos came to campus in february of since then two other free speech protests turned bloody in downtown berkeley. hours after dirks proposed the date and venue change coulter
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unleashed a tweet storm. "i'm speaking at april on april 27th as i was invited to do and have a contract to do. we've already spent money for 4- 27 berkeley space and i can't do may 2nd. there are no classes at berkeley the week of may 2nd." she also claimed the campus added new more burdensome conditions on her constitutional rights, though she didn't say how. >> we're going to protest it whether it be the 27th or 2nd or whichever day she comes. >> reporter: tonight we've learned by any means necessary the far left group in organizing the milo protest and counter protest that l toed intends to protest again and is put -- and that intends to protest again and is saying how. >> we'll make it clear they are not wanted and it is not acceptable to harass and intimidate, to attack. >> reporter: the berkeley college republicans are not taking this lying down. their lawyer just sent out a
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statement to the university. it says in part, "if uc berkeley continues to insist on violating the constitutional rights of its students and our clients by marginalizing or banning ms. coulter's speech, we will seek relief in federal court." uc berkeley officials have not yet responded to that statement. in berkeley christin ayers, kpix5. tonight the smoke is starting to clear over golden gate park where thousands of pot enthusiasts packed the grass today to celebrate 4-20. andria borba is there and shows us the annual hot holiday came with a new twist this year, rules. >> reporter: the fencing around hippy hill in sharon meadow was new this year. while it could not contain the smoke, it did contain 15,000 partiers according to the city of san francisco. the moment when golden gate park's hippy hill went up in smoke -- >> the moment was nice, relaxing. it was pretty cool seeing all the smoke. >> reporter: -- had a different improve than in years
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past starting with an official countdown. the now annual 4-20 event also had a concert stain, security, vendors and a curfew. >> we're clearing the park now. please make your way to the exit. >> i think it's been positive. it's been wonderful to connect with different people, to dance, to exchange stories. >> reporter: it seems every buzz was a chance for social media documentation. last year after a weapon was pulled on hippy hill resulting in this stampede nothing was left to the whims of thc. >> it's enjoying the air. it's not just about herb. it's about love what bob marley was talking about. >> reporter: the clean-up began while the grass was still filled with smokers and sleepers. while the mayhem inside the park was nonexistent the purple haze did not extend onto haight street where one man was
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stabbed, a suspect taken into custody and a victim to the hospital, a day of good vibes shattered. in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> a new cbs news poll shows the number of pro pot americans hit a new high. 61% say marijuana should be legal. tonight, vallejo police say they online: that's a five.increase over last year -- five point increase over last year. vallejo police say they found a frightening video online, a gunman threatening to open fire if he got enough views on social media. here is a still frame from that video. the suspect pointed a gun at the camera, posted the video to periscope live. he wrote that he needed 100 viewers so he could shoot his 40. police arrested this man, 20- year-old kristen brown, during a traffic stop. they say inside his car they found the black and pink handgun seen in the video. police also say members of the community brought the video to its attention. tonight an east bay couple is accused in a murder plot targeting an infant at
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mcdonald's. why would anyone want to kill a baby? len ramirez reports. >> reporter: police say 27- year-old adanna ibe and her 27- year-old boyfriend marcel brooks both from antioch planned to carry out the murder of an 11-month-old boy, brooks son from another woman. >> i've never been part of a murder attempt of an infant. it's very disturbing. >> reporter: brooks set up a operation to meet up with his former girl friend, but it was ibe that fired the gun from point blank range striking the baby but missing his mother. >> in my opinion it was a miracle she missed. >> reporter: brooks and ibe who share a 5-year-old boy were charged with attempted murder
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and conspiracy. police would not talk about a motive, only that it stems from a history between brooks and the baby's mother. brooks' family members were visibly upset outside the hayward courtroom and denied he could have anything to do with this. >> he's a great father. he's an active father. he would never ever be involved in nothing like this. >> reporter: both suspects will be back in court next week to enter a plea. meantime san leandro police say their investigation is continuing and they hinted today that this may not be the first time this couple has tried to harm that child. in hayward len ramirez, kpix5. a man on death row at san quentin slashed a prison guard in the face today according to correctional officials. anthony delgado was escorted to a doctor's appointment when the alleged attack happened with a homemade weapon. he was sentenced to death 17 years ago for killing two inmates at corcoran in kings county. the guard now has what is being described as a significant
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injury to his face with several lacerations. he was treated at an outside hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. the inmate delgado has a long criminal history going back more than three decades. terror in paris tonight where isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on french police. a mile stretch of the failed champs elysees remains closed tonight as forensic teams work through the night gathering evidence. >> reporter: once again chaos and fear descend on the french capital and once again terrorists claim responsibility for an attack here. this time the target was the famed champs elysees, a police officer killed and two others wounded. the attack was was shot and killed. this man said he saw it unfold. >> the guy was shooting to police. he tried to shoot and then
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suddenly five, 10 seconds or whatever policemen came and start to shoot this guy and immediately he was down. >> reporter: in this video from social media and not yet confirmed you can see two armed men, possibly police moving up near a vehicle. french officials say the gunman was armed with a kalashnikov and opened fire. isis has claimed responsibility and named the attacker, although french authorities have not yet confirmed the id. president trump who met with italy's prime minister today spoke about the shooting from the white house. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france again. >> reporter: the big question now is will this impact the election in france on sunday? a big reason why the world is watching the presidential election in france is because depending on who wins, it could change whether or not france stays in the european union. i'm tom wait, kpix5. police say this teacher kidnapped his 15-year-old
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student in tennessee, tonight how investigators tracked them down to northern california 39 days after the abduction. >> a bay area man recorded a sheriff's deputy tasing him in his bedroom. is this excessive force? the response tonight from the sheriff's department. >> and in the wake of the bill o'reilly scandal tonight we heard from two women who stood up against,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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police say was kidnapped by her teacher.. has been found safe in northern california. kpix five's maria medina shows us how the nationwide search ca after more than a month the tennessee teenager who police say was kidnapped by her teacher was found safe in california. kpix5's marina medina shows us how it came to an end. >> reporter: the teacher was arrested in a cabin in cecilville after a person spotted his nissan. >> he made the comment when we took him down that he's glad it was over. >> reporter: authorities say
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they found two guns in the cabin. >> i would describe the cabin as a one room cabin. there was two cabins right next to each other sleeping on a little foam mattress. >> reporter: 15-year-old elizabeth thomas was found safe. tad cummins surrendered. thomas was a former student. the pair disappeared from columbia, tennessee, after cummins was reportedly suspended for having inappropriate contact with her. the family is supposed to fly to tennessee tomorrow. >> this family is so thankful beyond words and now their daughter, their sister is on her way home. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix5. a kayaker stranded in the russian river without a life jacket on is safe tonight. sonoma county sheriff's office posted this video today. you could see a paramedic on the end of a 100-foot line making his way to the stranded man. he fell out of his kayak this afternoon. he hung onto some nearby branches before using his cell phone to call for help.
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the paramedic secured the man and hauled him up to safety. shocking new video shows a north bay man getting tased by a sheriff's deputy while laying in his bed at home. kpix5's da lin shows us the deputy who has since been fired has a history of excessive force. >> get your hands up! >> mother [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a man screams in pain. he said what you just heard was the sound of a baton hitting him in the leg. the victim, fernando delvalle said the deputy keeps tasing and beating him long after the cell phone starts recording. >> wait! >> get the [ bleep ] down. >> honey, take my phone. give it to the lawyer. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff's department watched the cell phone video. the deputy's chest caps and agreed it's excessive force.
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they fired deputy scott thorn and he faces a count now of felony assault. >> it's not just the guess active force. it's that -- excessive force. it's that this particular deputy had been remember it natured from two previous police agencies for similar actions and the sonoma county sheriff's office knew that to be the case and hired him anyway. >> reporter: the man is suing sonoma county. this happened in september in boyce hot springs outside of santa rosa. neighbors called 911 after hearing the victim and his wife arguing. >> my client is in this argument with his wife because he didn't notice that she had a new hair-cut. >> reporter: the attorney said the victim decided to cool things off by going to bed. that is when three deputies showed up and kicked down the bedroom door. >> i got you on video. go ahead, tase me. >> the worst decision, kicking down the door, taking out the baton, my goodness. they did everything wrong. >> reporter: the former deputy scott thorn will be in court
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next month for felony assault. the other two deputies will not face charges. in santa rosa i'm da lin, cbs5. the suspect in a bizarre bank heist in santa rosa told police he was just trying to get his account in order. investigators say 23-year-old logan scott had a 12 gauge shotgun slung over his shoulder when he strolled into a chase bank this morning demanding cash. his camoflauge hat did nothing to hide him. he was arrested on the spot on attempted robbery charges. scott later admitted he had an account dispute with the bank and was just trying to scare them. the shotgun was not loaded. talk show host bill o'reilly will reportedly get a payout after getting the boot from fox news. o'reilly was let go by the network yesterday because of allegations of sexual harassment and evidence found in an internal company investigation. according to cnn, he signed a new $25 million a year contract
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just before he was fired. they report there was a clause in the contract that said o'reilly can receive up to one year's salary if he leaves. sexual harassment and gender discrimination were up for discussion tonight at an event in san francisco. two women widely known for their efforts to call out mistreatment were on stage together. kpix5's betty yu shows us what they said. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: they are two women who became symbols of a movement to fight against workplace sexual harassment. 26 years apart. for the first time they took the stage together at a special event hosted by the caper center for social impact. >> i knew in my heart that anyone who acts and believes that he is above the law should not be the final adjudicator of the law. >> reporter: it's why anita hill publicly testified against supreme court nominee clarence thomas. in 1991 the 35-year-old law professor sat before an all male senate judiciary committee
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and recounted how he allegedly harassed her. thomas landed a spot on the court. >> it was a very reluctant decision. >> reporter: fast forward to modern day silicon valley. ellen powell spokeful her decision to sue one of the world's most powerful venture capital firms for discrimination. >> when it was about me, i thought i'll work harder and do better and take this feedback and i will adjust, but when i saw that it was clearly happening to other women in the firm and there was this harassment element to it, i felt like somebody had to be held accountable. >> reporter: in the end she lost her court battle. both women said they wedge through periods of blaming themselves -- went through periods of blaming themselves. >> understand that you are not the problem, that there may be things that can be fixed, but in some situations like yours you're not going to be able to fix it internally.
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>> reporter: she said there has been a start to what's called bystander or allies training to help change toxic company cultures. >> when you can have somebody else step in and say hey, this is the 10th time we've had ellen get the coffee or the xeroxes. maybe we should spread that work around. >> reporter: anita hill said no one could imagine 10 months ago bill o'reilly would use his job, but pressure from advertisers and the public became too great. so she encouraged anyone dealing with sexual harassment or discrimination to keep on pushing. in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. landslides forced a shutdown of highway 101 in mendocino county. rocks and soil tumbling onto the roadway more than once about 6 miles north of the town of leggett. the latest slide was last night. caltrans said the amount of debris may have been even more than a previous slide three days earlier. crews are using dump trucks to haul the stuff away, but right now it's not clear when that
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highway will reopen in either direction. rain is ending temporarily. we'll see about a five daybreak before some showers return. good news for you in mendocino county, so many landslides especially in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. the weather pattern is calming down. kpix5 hi-def doppler is mainly dry. i'll say that lot through the weekend into early next week. it's a mild night, 50s in oakland and san jose, mid-50s in concord and san francisco and lower 50s in santa rosa. lots of upper 40s tonight, fremont 49 degrees your low, around 50 for oakland, mountain view, 44 in santa rosa. weekend events, one thing your kids may want to go to, the monster jam levi stadium 7:00 saturday, partly cloudy skies, 68 degrees. the weekend looks pretty good because of that h, a blocking ridge of high pressure. if you have a blocking ridge of high pressure and you have a storm and the ridge is strong enough to hold its ground, that
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storm will go to the north avoiding the bay area. didn't happen much this winter, but it's happening now and will stay that way about the next five days. tomorrow morning we start off with sunshine, no fog. tomorrow afternoon how about the low 80s away from the water? santa clara valley could see 82 or 83 degrees. saturday is a different story. the ridge begins to move away allowing some cloud cover from the weather system you saw. we won't see rainfall, but we'll see clouds the first half of saturday and markedly cooler weather even with mainly sunny skies sunday. the push from the ocean which is chilly any time of year will make it somewhat cooler saturday and sunday. all that's talking about temperature and cloud cover. the rain stays away. the warmest sunniest day is friday. then the ridge moves away a bit, cooler weather over the weekend, one tiny chance of showers. that's tuesday. highs tomorrow very nice, 80 in vallejo, 82 for san jose, 71 degrees with sunshine coming up in san francisco. your extended forecast calling for cooler but still dry
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weather over the weekend, one chance of showers tuesday. that is it. maybe just maybe we're kind of winding down the rain. >> maybe and hopefully. >> it's about time. >> thank you, paul. unleashing the unicorn, tonight a starbucks' employee suffers a frappuccino meltdown. >> please don't get it! >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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unless you've been on the moon you probably have not heard about the unicorn frappuccino. >> yes. ken's personal favorite and one starbucks' barista said enough already. >> i had one. >> please don't get it! i've never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life. my hands are completely sticky. i have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. i have never been so sicked out in my entire life. it has been insane. if you love us as baristas, don't order it! it's so difficult to make. st he drink's >> did you get that, ken? >> he doesn't have to worry about it. i can't believe starbucks hasn't talked to this young man. >> he's 19-year-old braden berson of colorado. he posted his rant to twitter. starbucks said the drink far exceeded their expectations, so probably not going anywhere soon. >> i got to follow that? like the old saying goes
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three periods of playoff hockey not enough. sharks in an epic critical overtime number and the ,,,,,,,,
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get right to the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> nhl playoffs up top and let's get right to it for the san jose sharks. edmonton...its game 5...winner...inside trac tch up.... huge game five chance through to sea of orange in edmonton. game five winner on the inside track to win the match-up, 2nd period san jose up one, make that two. davidthe oilers kept hammering away -- the oilers kept hammering away, cut it to 3-2. this one went to overtime. they outshot san jose 14-0. jones was like a wall until the score. game over, 4-3. so game six now is a must win for san jose saturday night at home at 7:30.
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baseball, the a's players look pensive but not for long at home against seattle. 3-3 tonight ryan haley scores the tying run 3-3. a's got a one run lead, two on for trevor and a 7th inning away and gone blast. to 2nd in the al they put nine runs on the board for a second straight game. 9-5 final and that win leapfrogged them into second place in the al west. switching gears to the nba, teams targeting lebron james and the cavs looking for a 3-0 series lead in indiana. they lead by as much as 26 at the half. cleveland came all the way back, turnover and here's james, 41 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists, biggest 2nd half comeba,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> have a gr,,,,,,
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