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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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blocks of alton and bancroft and the 2200 blocks of grant and mckinley. from chopper 5, we have seen heavily armed police some with k-9s going through people's backyards, some officers also spotted patrolling rooftops. berkeley high school is actually pretty close to this area. but authorities say right now the school is not affected. police don't know who the suspect is and haven't identified him. they are asking anyone in the area who is concerned or see this is person to call 911. we'll be out here keeping on a on this situation and bring you more as information becomes available. reporting live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> we'll get back to you. thanks, christin. in hayward, police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital. apparently it was police gunfire. chopper 5 was over the scene on rockaway lane. at this point, it's unclear if
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the person was hit accidentally or on purpose. the injuries are not life- threatening. we have asked police for more information on exactly what happened. >> only on "5," daycare for deputies. a bay area sheriff hoping to boost ranks with a new plan to help cover the cost of child care. it's one of the biggest problems of course. bay area parents face all of them finding reliable and affordable daycare. only on "5," kiet do has learned of a groundbreaking plan to help deputies that could be expanded for other county workers. kiet. >> reporter: yeah, if all goes as planned, the sheriff will bring [ indiscernible ] and then the deputies would drop their kids off and go to work. this whole idea came about when the sheriff talked with women's groups and female deputies and found that child care was one of the big reasons why women stay out of law enforcement. and so she decided to do something about it. google might have lots of perks
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as well as facebook, but santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is thinking outside the crib. she is asking for round the clock affordable child care for her deputies. you're one upping google and facebook here. >> i wish we had the resources that they do but i think it's a great commitment and it would be really good and really getting good quality people. >> reporter: fact, when new deputies first graduate from the academy, they are often stuck working the graveyard shift for years. sheriff smith says they lose out on quality applicants who can't find or can't afford the child care to cover those unusual hours. >> many deputies women and men have this as an issue but it's particularly an issue for single parents and it's a job you don't go into because child care is not available. >> reporter: this sergeant has four children and a boyfriend also in law enforcement. when the children were younger, a small army of relatives helped watch them while she worked overnight. >> i had my mom, cousins, nephews, you name it. i had to make it work. >> reporter: she says round the
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clock child care will be a powerful recruiting tool. deputies wouldn't have to stagger hours with their spouse which means they could spend more quality time together. and deputies trying to climb the ranks wouldn't have to sacrifice career options. >> and they will able to go to different specialized positions, be able to get promoted more. they will be able to drop their kids off at the early hours because your regular child care is usually maybe 7 to 5. >> reporter: if the plan works, the county just might expand it into other 24/7 careers like doctors and nurses at valley medical center. this person thinks that would help retain good employees. >> when i'm working long hours, weird hours, i want to know that my kids are safe and they are near me if i want to check on them. so it would be a good idea. i would support that. >> reporter: and so the sheriff has made her initial pitch on this. if it survives all the back and forth with the budget committees, they will vote on this in mid-june. the sheriff is asking for $200,000 in the first year and then half a million dollars the
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year thereafter. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a developing story right now. power has just been restored to tens of thousands of pg&e customers after a massive outage in san francisco today. chopper 5 shows us the smoke from a fire at the larkin street substation this morning which sparked the entire outage. here's a look at just some of the affected areas. much of the outage was centered in the northeast part of san francisco. the neighborhoods as far south as the outer mission and west as the sunset were also hit. the outage knocked out power to cable cars in san francisco. earlier today it also affected bart and muni riders. we have team coverage on the outage. kpix 5's emily turner and andria borba are live in san francisco. we first go to andria borba. >> reporter: well, liz, pg&e officials held news conferences around the city today long on
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promises of investigation but short on answers about why 88,000 customers were without power for much of the day. it was 9:19 a.m. at the larkin street substation when one circuit breaker led to a citywide meltdown. >> there was a system failure that resulted in this fire. we are continuing to investigate what happened and what went wrong. >> reporter: a pg&e spokesman described the breaker as old but could not provide an exact age. the breaker was slated to be replaced within the year as part of a $100 million upgrade at the larkin and eddy substations. instead, the aging equipment caught fire catching nearby insulation on fire and leaving 88,000 customers including hospitals and schools in the dark. at the same time, pg&e's online outage map appeared to have malfunctioned, as well. this is a screen grab of the online map at 9:40 a.m. nearly 30 minutes into the crisis only showing one outage
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along the great highway. information and electricity both in short supply today in san francisco. >> we're still looking into that as we look into this situation. we can say that they are not connected. but we are looking into what happened in that situation as we continue to work. >> reporter: now, we asked pg&e officials about the actual size of that circuit breaker. they wouldn't give any specific or concrete dimensions other than to say it was very large. we also asked how many volts were going through that breaker at the time. we still have not heard an answer yet. >> thank you. we go now to kpix 5's emily turner with more on how this outage impacted hospitals today. emily. >> reporter: well, liz, we finally seem to have turned a corner from the day we have had. you know, the last fire truck i have seen has pulled out from this substation. i can hear all sorts of machinery going. so that seems to be a good sign but after the day we have had,
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i think it's fair to say tgif. this smoking substation powered a quarter of the city's stop lights. 21 schools and several hospitals, as well. so when a circuit blew, shutting down power, tens of thousands of people felt it. some literally. >> it was really a massive jolt. it felt to me like an explosion. >> reporter: this person was in cal pacific at the time. sutter health's two campuses lost power right afterwards and switched to their backup generators. they canceled surgeries and elective procedures for the duration. >> we practice for this. we drill for there. so we're well prepared. patient safety is our primary concern and we are taking care of all patients involved in here in the hospital. and no concerns at this point. >> reporter: in fact, no major injuries were reported. and surprisingly, no traffic accidents, considering 30 traffic lights were out. that's amazing. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: rush hour had the sound track of gridlock though as intersections became four- way stops.
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the traffic lasted all day as businesses in the dark let their people go home early. sfmta deployed 100 parking officers to the main arteries in and out of the city in an effort to ease that congestion. >> we are focusing our efforts around the ridges to facilitate traffic as much as we can and that's both the golden gate and the bay bridges, focusing our efforts around the bridges as much as we can. >> reporter: shops, bars and restaurants in the northern part of the city closed their doors and took a loss for the day. >> we are working with about 260 people. >> reporter: you are all sitting idle right now? >> cannot do anything. it's a huge loss for us. but what can you do? >> reporter: we have been keeping a close eye on our traffic cameras to monitor how the commute is played out. and actually, it's good news to report. it seems like all the people who got to go home early made for a much easier commute for the folks who had to go home without the lights. live in the tenderloin, emily
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turner, kpix 5. nearly two dozen schools lost power today and according to the "san francisco examiner," students at two of those schools were in the middle of their standardized testing. no word on how the outage could affect the outcome of those tests. take a look at some of the fallout from the outage. one man's car stuck on that lift in a san francisco parking garage. and with hundreds of traffic lights out of commission there was plenty of traffic backup. look at the long line of cars. this taken at third and market. a free speech ultimatum for uc-berkeley. student groups say let ann coulter speak or we'll see you. the campus response. >> local farmers say they can't compete with mexico on asparagus. why some blame trade agreements for hurting the famous california crop. >> san jose kicks off the second annual silicon valley dom con this weekend. what makes this -- comic-con this weekend. what makes this year better
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than last year? >> what makes today better than yesterday? sunshine. 15 degrees warmer, as well. coming up the warm temperatures. the forecast is coming up.
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hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. a man got stuck on the side of a cliff at eagle's point... that s at lands end. a dangerous cliff rescue in san francisco this afternoon. a man got stuck on the side of
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a cliff at eagle's point at lands end. you can see him there clinging to the rock. chopper 5 was overhead as the helicopter came to pluck him off the cliff. a rescuer harnessed him and they airlifted him out and dropped him off at a nearby parking lot. cal is now responding to threats of a free speech lawsuit over conservative commentator ann coulter's upcoming visit. kpix 5's ken bastida in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: allen, the university now says college republicans signed the contract for could you teller to speak before consulting with campus officials or obtaining any kind of security review. coulter was supposed to speak this coming thursday. but cal canceled that event over security concerns. now, cal offered to move the event to may 2. the college republicans were upset because school is not in session that week. wouldn't be anybody around. in response, college republicans gave uc-berkeley until 5 p.m. today to move the event back to
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next thursday. cal says it's refusing to back down. it won't move the event. the lawyer for the college republicans says holding the event with no classes on campus amounts to a violation of constitutional rights. >> they jerk these students around. first they impose a number of restrictions and then when we agreed to the restrictions, it was like lucy with the football. >> i'm afraid that the university is really leaving me and my clients with no choice but to seek relief in the courts from their illegal denial of the students' free speech rights. >> the university did respond to the lawsuit just minutes before the 5 p.m. deadline and said that it has scrapped all plans now for coulter to speak even on may 2 since the college republicans refuse that offer. cal issued a statement -- [ signal breakup ] [ no audio ] >> under the constitution to protect the free speech rights of your clients." so far.. it's unclear when the republicans will file the suit in federal court. liz?
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bart has hired a new police chief. >> so far it's unclear when the college republicans will file the lawsuit in federal court. >> thank you. bart has hired a new police chief. carlos rojas is currently the police chief in santa ana and orange county. he has been with that department for 27 years. rojas is expected to start later on this spring. rojas worked his way up from patrol officer to police chief a position he held for five years. bart describes him as an advocate for community-oriented policing. he also created a homeland security division in the department following 9/11. santa ana department has more than 300 officers. bart has 227. rojas will be bart's first latino chief. an event that's the brainchild of tech icon steve wozniak is back this weekend by popular demand. we are talking about silicon valley comic-con. kpix 5's maria medina is live
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at the pop culture and technology expo. maria? >> reporter: i don't know if you notice this about me, but i love comic book movies. of course i found ironman. [ laughter ] >> this place is super impressive. they have really transformed the san jose convention center into the silicon valley comic- con. "back to the future" is in the corner. you have all things "star wars." if you check it out you will see virtual reality videogames, comic books and a long list of celebrities. steve wozniak was giving autographs a few minutes ago. william shatner will appear and foxy brown will make an appearance. last year they had 60,000 people show up to comic-con's weekend. this year they are expecting a lot more people. in part, because they actually are going to have an outside festival this weekend and it is free to the public. so you don't have to buy any tickets. that's going to be at the cesar chavez park. if you want to buy tickets, you can hop online or buy them at
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the door. there's a three-day pass for $99. and for kids, it's about $39. doors open today at 5:00. this is the first day. you can see how many people are here and how impressive it is. we have already run into r2d2 and some storm troopers. so it's been pretty cool. we are going to hang out and hopefully meet some celebrities. back to you guys. >> great people watching. >> characters, too. all right. thank you. have fun. let us know if you see robert downey junior. "sky drone 5" giving us a view of the fremont hills covered in wild mustard flowers. thanks to the rain, spring blooms just in time for earth day tomorrow. >> absolutely beautiful. and we're going to be actually able to go outside and enjoy it. >> yeah. weekend, sunshine, i'm told that the deserts of california right now are in bloom as much
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as anything every any season since '97-'98. get outside because we have been stuck inside since like thanksgiving, christmas? >> cabin fever. >> it's your time to go outdoors and go hike. it won't be as warm as today. today was war. let's look at the highs. we had mid-80s. today was warm. healdsburg 82. you were so wet this winter. los altos hills, 80. hayward and san mateo 75. even ocean beach got close to 70 today. but a return to the onshore flow and some clouds will make things different tomorrow. baseball tonight against the mariners, a's going for win 2 against them. i believe they are going for four in a row as a team. beautiful evening for baseball. how nice, 65 degrees your first pitch temperature. should be very nice outside. that h to our south and west is why. there's something else on the map that looks pretty prominent. a big shield of cloud cover stretching from anchorage, alaska, down to about 300 miles offshore. what's that? it is a storm as strong as anything we have seen over the past couple of weeks but this
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ridge will block all the rainfall. so rain no. cloud cover is a different story. that goes up and over and spills through the ridge of high pressure so we'll see some of the cloud cover coming up tomorrow which will impact the afternoon temperatures to the tune of 10 to 12 degrees cooler coming up tomorrow afternoon. in oakland, low clouds moving in from the bay. some high cloud cover in the afternoon. so we are going partly sunny at most. and temperatures not the mid 70s like you had today. afternoon temperatures tomorrow will be cooler than that first pitch we'll have this evening so a significant weather change coming up tomorrow. still going to be dry and some sunshine but no 80s. there's more 60s on the map: still nice, still good to get outside. but we will be cooler. cooler still on sunday and monday with highs generally in the 60s even inland. one shower chance that's it. that's tuesday. not that much rainfall. and next week toward the end of next week we'll warm up again
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under mainly sunny skies. so perhaps not the warmest forecast in the world. but liz and allen, we can't complain. because it's not going to rain. that's pretty much the beginning and end of it. >> we love that. >> complaint is not in our vocabulary. [ laughter ] well, a move to clean up piles of trash halted. why in one bay area city they say it's too dangerous to clear out this homeless encampment. >> hey, kick to the gut to the giants. should i say a terrible shot in the arm. what was madison bumgarner thinking? >> story from colorado next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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& are in last place of the national west... ...say adious to madison bumgarner for the next 6-8 baseball up top. bad enough the giants can't score. and they are in last police in the national league west. say adios to madison bumgarner for the next 6 to 8 weeks. the power pitching lefty bruised his ribs and sprained a
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joint in his throwing arm in a dirt bike accident on the team's off day yesterday in the denver area. he was placed on the disabled list today. poor judgment by bumgarner for sure for getting on the bike. it's a very highly compensated professional athlete. madison bumgarner has no wins this season. he is expected to speak to the media on monday. for now, here's bruce bochy. >> here's a young guy like a lot of us we think we're invincible and you just having some fun that day and, you know, slippery spot and went down. if i was there i wouldn't have let him on that bike. should say i'm sorry, i don't think i need to, you know -- he said i feel terrible. nba and the warriors. kevin durant practiced today. he is listed as questionable for tomorrow's game 3 in portland. it's a strained left calf but nobody is panicking. >> i mean, i look at this game
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7 of the finals he would play, all right? because we're not talking about anything that could, you know, damage his career. >> it's not life or death, you know? i'm not on my deathbed. >> without durant, they spanked the blazers by 29. defense, defense, defense! now, down 2-0 in the series, portland guard cj mccollum doesn't want to look bad at home. >> certainly weren't happy with us losing like that. but i know what it's like to be a fan and be disappointed. i'm a browns fan so i understand. nhl play-off. must win time for the san jose sharks. win or go home saturday night. down 3 games to 2, game 6 at s.a.p. center. here's -- >> swing to the corner, score! [ screaming ] [ applause and cheers ]
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>> ah!!! ! >> yeah. edmonton fired up to be one win away from their first series win in over a decade. the sharks were outshot 14- 2 in overtime. and seemed worn out. they will hope to keep the series alive with that win in game 6 at s.a.p. >> we got to just get ready for the next one. our backs are against the wall so we have to play with some urgency and win at home again. >> we have to believe. i think we got to believe that we can do it and i know that the guys in here and the expectations in here is that we can do it. >> hockey is kind of a funny thing because it's not so much whether or not there's momentum going in the game 6 for he had man haron monis. it's edmonton. it's how they will respond. >> doesn't he have a clause in
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his contract? >> yes. they all do. >> but they are not invincible. coming up in the next half- hour it's asparagus season but it's getting harder to find california grown in the grocery store. why local farmers blame unfair trade for hurting their crops. >> and the northern california man who tipped off police to a kidnapping case shares his story. the red flags from his encounter with the missing teen. >> and take a walk outdoors for your health. why many doctors aren't just recommending but prescribing their dose of nature. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a huge police presence in downtown berkeley as officers look for a man with a gun. people are being told to shelter in place, just west of downtown and civic breaking news at 6:30. a huge police presence in downtown berkeley as officers look for a man with a gun. people told to "shelter in place" west of downtown and civic center park. mckinley, alston, bancroft and grant are affected. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: allen, the search for this gunman continuing tonight. you can see there are a lot of police out here tonight blocking off several blocks in this area near downtown
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berkeley. the heavy police presence here is to sort of block off this perimeter so that authorities have room to search for this person. police are saying if you live around here you want to stay inside. from chopper 5, we have seen heavily armed police using dogs to search through backyards. some officers also spotted patrolling rooftops on high tonight. berkeley high school is not very far from here tonight. but the information we have is that that is not being affected by this "shelter in place." it's not clear how long it will be in place. they are still searching for the suspect and authorities don't know much about him, what his identity is. the only information we have is that he was spotted with a gun earlier today. and that search is continuing for him. we'll bring you more information as we find it out here at the scene. live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. our other top story at 6:30 california growers are losing out big to cheaper crops in
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mexico. and one local crop in particular is hard hit. new at 6:00 kpix 5's melissa caen on the demise of delta asparagus. >> reporter: as far gas burritos, corn dogs, even asparagus pasta, the stockton asparagus festival celebrates it's a way of life in the san joaquin valley. >> farmers went out and built the levees originally and some of the best soil in the world is here. >> reporter: but the farms in the central valley are disappearing. in 1997, there were more than 24,000 acres of asparagus in san joaquin county. by 2015, there were fewer than 3,000 an 88% drop. one big reason trade agreements with peru and mexico. before nafta there was a 25% import tax. after nafta it was phased out so now mexican asparagus is cheaper in california grocery stores than california grown asparagus.
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>> it makes it tough for the retailer to bring in california when it's $20 less from mexico. >> reporter: one of the main differences between the cost of asparagus from mexico versus the u.s. is labor costs. very labor-intensive to harvest asparagus. now, there has been an attempt to invent machinery to help with that process in the u.s. but so far, it only works with asparagus that's relatively short and as you can see, the asparagus that grows here in the central valley is big! >> but asparagus and like cher vis a delicacy you have to pick by hand. >> reporter: president trump will put a 20% tax on imports and negotiate better trade deals for american businesses. >> we have to do everything we can to protect and save our farmers. >> reporter: we asked california senator kamala harris about the effects of trade on central valley farmers. >> i take seriously the concerns of the agricultural communities. it's something i pay attention. to i'm not familiar with this one about asparagus but it is something that i take very seriously. >> reporter: he is glad that
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the issue of trade is back on the table. >> they have to work on it because it's been a little lopsided for years. >> reporter: elissa caen, kpix 5. a new shake-up for high- speed rail in california. the head of the $64 billion project is resigning. jeff morales has been in charge of the embattled project for five years. he says he plans to stay on until june. voters approved nearly $10 billion for a bullet train from l.a. to san francisco in2008 but the project has been plagued by ballooning costs, legal costs and uncertainty about federal funding. yesterday the state sold more than $1 billion in bonds to pay for the construction in the central valley. morales said the project is in a good position so it's the right time for him to move on. >> getting high-speed rail to the bay area all hinges on upgrading caltrain tracks. today senator dianne feinstein
6:34 pm
pointed the finger at republicans for delaying critical funding. kpix 5's len ramirez reports. >> reporter: the electrification is considered the future of caltrain. but with federal funding blocked, an angry senator dianne feinstein wonders if it will ever get back on track. >> this is the only full funding grant agreement that has been denied a signature by a secretary of transportation. >> reporter: dianne feinstein said it's republicans from the san joaquin valley to wrote a letter to the trump administration because it will be part of high-speed rail which they oppose. >> i don't understand this mentality. >> reporter: the $2 billion project would modernize the aging system increase ridership and ease freeway congestion. it is already secured two- thirds of the funding from state and local sources. the feds were to pay $650
6:35 pm
million which backers say the fulfills the president's promise of infrastructure improvement but with uncertain money construction deadlines will be missed which would drive up the cost to a point of no return says jackie speier. >> this particular project is like it's tailor-made for the funding that exists and to have it be a political football is undemocratic and un-american! >> reporter: the silicon valley leadership group vowed to keep the project alive. >> we are going to finish this job with or without our federal partners. but shame on them if they are not partners. >> reporter: but the question is, can it be done even if washington doesn't get on board? in sunnyvale, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> project supporters say electrifying caltrain would also follow through on president trump's campaign promise to create more jobs. caltrain says the project would create 9600 jobs in the bay area and throughout the country. a live look at the white house.
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next week expected to be busy for the trump administration. the president's first 100 days in office come to a close. the government is facing a potential shutdown if congress can't agree on a budget deal. at the same time the president is pushing republicans to pass revamped healthcare legislation. mr. trump is also expected to make a big announcement about tax reform on wednesday. the president told the "associated press" that package would include massive tax cuts for individuals and businesses. today he signed an executive order to review 2016 tax regulations looking to scrap those placing an undue burden on taxpayers. >> people can't do their returns. they have no idea what they're doing. they're too complicated. >> meantime, the president also ordered reviews for parts of the dodd-frank financial reform law that deals with the failure of big firms. and the president welcomed an american aide worker released after nearly three years in an egyptian prison.
6:37 pm
the person was providing help to homeless children when she was arrested in a widespread crackdown after the egyptian military seized power. president trump pressed for her release behind the scenes while meeting with the egyptian president this month. attorney general jeff sessions has angered the two senators from hawaii along with many of the island's residents. during a radio interview he was asked about the president's travel ban which was overturned by a judge in hawaii. >> i really am amazed at a judge sitting on an island in the pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the united states from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional powers. dog whistle politics." the other: senator brian schatz tweete "mr. attorney general: you voted for that judge. island is cal hu. it's my home. have some respect.
6:38 pm
ions now says he wasn' criticizing the judge or t land... just how one district judge out of hundreds can stop a presidential executive order. >> sessions now says he wasn't criticizing the judge or the island itself. just how one district judge out of hundreds can stop a presidential executive order. a major operation to clean up trash called off. why workers in one bay area city say it's just too dangerous. >> and how fans are paying tribute to prince's legacy one year after his death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a major trash clean-up operation in oakland... delayed today. city work crews say... they know they have a job to do.. but it's just too dangerous. you. a major trash clean-up in oakland delayed because city work crews say it's too dangerous to do their jobs. kpix 5's da lin on the concern and then the new plan to clear that garbage out. >> reporter: this is one of the many piles of trash near
6:41 pm
homeless encampments in oakland. some are blocking sidewalks. >> this all has to be removed. >> reporter: noel gallo and volunteer were planning to remove it on earth day, tomorrow, with the help of public works. >> having the city truck here where i can just pick it up and throw it in the truck and we're done with it. >> reporter: but late this week, the agency said they can't send their people and trucks out. noel says the city workers feel unsafe without police presence. >> my understanding is the direction is public works citywide so no homeless encampments they are not go to near it, pick anything up or do anything. >> reporter: the worker representing the union says the employees raised safety concerns. they plan to release more information next week. it's unclear why public works wasn't able to line up officers for this weekend's clean-up or other cleanups. but the police department has been understaffed for years. although the police are still quick to respond to emergencies. a couple of homeless people
6:42 pm
started a fire next to a tree at their east oakland campsite. police and fire responded within minutes and knocked out the flames. one homeless man tells me the workers have nothing to fear. in fact, they will even help out. >> we will clean this whole park up for you. all we need is two dumpsters. >> reporter: since public works and trucks won't come out noel and the volunteers will use their own pickups to remove the trash. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. united may not be firing anyone over the violent removal of a passenger but the ceo won't be moving up. united had planned to promote oscar munoz to chairman of the board next year. munoz has been you understand fire for his handling of last month's incident where a passenger was dragged off a flight for refusing to give up his seat. munoz first defended company action and then apologized
6:43 pm
after international outrage. he says the board is appropriate to separate the ceo and chairman of the board positions. a skier's jump turns into a cartwheel. she is okay. she is even joking about it. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. you
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child pornography. 41-year-old john hayden was ar a san jose teacher is in jail tonight accused of collecting child porn. the 41-year-old was arrested yesterday at pioneer high school where he works as a resource teacher. officials say detectives found the images in a search of his home. police say hayden has no previous record of lewd or criminal behavior. still they are asking anyone with information about other possible incidents involving him to contact police. the tennesseee man accused of kidnapping his 15-year-old student is now in federal custody in sacramento. he is going to make his first court appearance there on monday. after spending more than a month on the run, tad cummins and elizabeth thomas were found in a cabin near the california-
6:47 pm
oregon border yesterday. they disappeared from tennessee march 13. reporter arianna >> reporter: griffin berry is a care taker in cecilville so when a couple came up to him asking for help, it was only in his nature to do so. >> a house fire in colorado. they are from colorado. he lost his job. >> reporter: griffin says the couple said they were on the last $10. >> it's like oh, man so now i put some gas in his car and gave him 40 bucks. >> reporter: they left for a come nine and came back. he said he gave the man a job and noticed red flags between the alleged couple. >> he is always keeping her -- she is always like looking way over there, but i figured, you know, they had a house fire and lost everything so just really hard times for them or something so i was trying to help them out. >> reporter: ultimately he helped police. others in the community recognized the couple. he called 911 and then ended up helping law enforcement by getting tad cummins outside of the cabin. then that's when the sheriff's
6:48 pm
deputies made their arrest. griffin helping bring elizabeth thomas home to tennessee where he is initially from. >> now, investigators say that several stolen license plates were found in his car. one from alabama, one from colorado. on the one-year anniversary of prince's death fans gathered to remember him. a sea of purple snaked around the paisley park compound where prince lived and recorded. he was found dead of a drug overdose inside the mansion. fans have also come to pay their respects. but also for a series of parties and concerts throughout the weekend. the medical examiner meanwhile ruled prince's death an accidental overdose. but police are still investigating. anybody who likes to ski you know there's a channels take a tumble you probably will but probably not -- there's a chance you might take a tunnel you probably will but probably not like this. she did 7 cartwheels after the jump in the sierra. she wasn't seriously hurt.
6:49 pm
it happened last weekend and the self-proclaimed daredevil joked on instagram that she, quote, qualified for the olympics today in gymnastics. >> wow. >> but she did it quite gracefully considering, perfect cartwheels. >> that's a great x game. it's warm out there in the bay area. you want to head up skiing or boarding it's going to be beautiful. he i'll have the forecast coming up. san francisco the only spot below 70 degrees. livermore at 76. san jose and santa rosa 74. oakland 71. and concord still 78 degrees. no rain. no snow in the sierra. we are looking at precipitation- free conditions through the weekend into the beginning of next week. 48 tonight for concord. san jose 51. san rafael 48. very comfortable in oakland 50 degrees. speaking of tahoe a number of
6:50 pm
resorts are shutting down operations after this weekend. not because of lack of snow but because of lack of employees. tomorrow 58 degrees at south lake tahoe mainly sunny. 60 coming up on sunday so spring skiing and full effect a beautiful day and we are talking about a base in some of the resorts in excess of 200 inches of snow. so there's lots of snow for you despite the fact that some of it is melting at 60 degrees. ridge of high pressure to our south making its closest pass today so we were sunny and we are still so warm. but that ridge moves out but still strong enough to block this guy. there's a lot of clouds and showers on the radar. all the rain will stay to the north. cloud cover will arrive at 10 a.m. so you may get a beautiful sunrise. then we are going mostly cloudy for part of the day. the clouds will not exit until 8:00. that's the front. we are not getting rain. but we'll see an increase in clouds tomorrow and a corresponding cooler day. some cloud cover on sunday but i think sunday will be the sunnier choice. that said, sunday will be the
6:51 pm
cooler choice because of a stronger onshore flow. another round of clouds coming up on monday. this is a front that will give us some showers on tuesday but toward ukiah and willits and point arena you may see showers. most of the rain will stay north. we'll get a couple of showers here. that's it.
6:52 pm
am showers on tuesday behind the front and we get warmer and sunnier by this time next week. we are back to the 70s away from the water. no complaints. just not as warm as today. but not going to rain this weekend. thumbs up. >> great news. >> thank you. coming up another reason to get outside besides the weather. it could be great for your health. why more doctors are prescribing a does of nature.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
enjoy the weather this weekend-- national parks are offering free admission. it could b if you are looking to get out and enjoy the weather this weekend national parks offer free admission. it could be just what the doctor ordered. kpix 5's morning anchor michelle griego reports doctors are prescribing nature. >> reporter: several times a month, anna and her daughter raquel take time out to stroll through one of the state parks here in the bay area. >> that's a long walk. >> reporter: but this time outside isn't simply for fun. it's doctor's orders a prescription from her daughter's pediatrician to relieve family stress. >> take a walk and a simple conversation, breathe.
6:56 pm
and enjoy. >> nature is absolutely essential to human health. >> reporter: this doctor is among a growing numbering of physicians now prescribing time outdoors for patients. >> there are ways to use nature to actually treat illness. >> reporter: research shows being sedentary or spending too much time indoors is tied to chronic diseases like obesity and depression. experts say spending time in nature provides both physical and emotional benefits. >> there are demonstrable changes in their biology from decreases in blood pressure and pulse and other indicators of stress. >> reporter: anna says she can see a difference in her daughter and herself after their time outdoors. a walk in the park, helping improve their family's health. >> take a big breath. ah! >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. >> good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all doing today? how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all now. i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey, everybody. and we got a good one for you today, y'all. returning for their second day from houston, texas, it's the austin family. and from austell, georgia, it's the woods family. everybody's here to try to win theyself a lot of cash and drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the woods family.
7:00 pm
it's jeremiah? jeremiah: yes, sir. steve: you mighty clean there. jeremiah: i knew i was coming to see steve. i had to get right on "family feud." steve: got to go on and get it right, man. i was struggling in closet today a little bit. jeremiah: all you had to do was call me, steve. dial my number. i'm there. steve: you could tighten me up? jeremiah: i'll tighten you up. steve: i tell you right now. what you do for a living? jeremiah: i make people look good, steve. i make custom bowties. i do women's scarves. i put people in the game. steve: let's win some money. let's go. hey, let's get it on. give me jeremiah. give me kane. all right, fellas, let's go. we got top 5 answers on the board. if you were a chicken, what would you object to someone doing to you? kane. kane: plucking me. steve: pluck me. don't pluck me. jeremiah: eating me, steve. stevat


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