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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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valley comic-con next.
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board on plane.. this time on a flight from s-f-o... live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. another confrontation on board a plane, this time on a flight from sfo. a man and flight attendant appear to almost get into a fight after a woman is hit by a stroller. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. this video just surfaced tonight. the plane was at the terminal at sfo headed to dallas. the video doesn't show the incident that started the confrontation, but the person who posted the video says a flight attendant hit a woman in the face with a stroller. then this happened. >> hey, bud, hey, bud, you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. [ argueing ] >> you get the hell off this
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plane. you try that. i'll knock you out. >> you don't know what the story is. >> i don't care what the story is. you almost hurt a baby. >> i can hear a woman crying to the side there holding a baby. another passenger gets up and that's when the confrontation with the flight attendant happens. eventually the passenger sits back down, but then the mother and her children voluntarily get off the plane. the flight attendant then gets back on the plane and then the plane takes off. now american airlines was quick to release a statement saying in part, " what we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. the actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care. the american team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate the incident." in comes about two weeks after united airlines dragged a man
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off a plane due to overbooking. that man sustained multiple injuries and united was almost universally criticized for its handling of the incident. in the american airlines case we're told the woman did not need to be treated for her injuries and she continued her trip on another flight. a search for a gunman in berkeley that started about six hours ago has come up to an end with no arrests. it was focused in central berkeley just west of downtown and civic center park. kpix5's christin ayers shows us why police called off the search despite never finding a gunman. >> reporter: the shelter in place order lasted for hours this evening before police lifted it without ever finding the gunman. tonight they're still working to identify the suspect. after a manhunt that wore on for hours berkeley police found the gun they were looking for, a semiautomatic with a high capacity magazine, but they never found their suspect. >> at this point we do not believe the suspect is in the area. we did a very thorough search.
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>> reporter: an officer spotted a gun in this neighborhood just after 4:00 this afternoon and chased after him, but the suspect got away and the manhunt began. 3 blocks shut down near downtown berkeley. heavily armed officers searched backyards and brought dogs to try to sniff out the suspect. for nearly three hours people who live here were stuck outside the perimeter unable to get home. >> i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: kathy romer's family was ordered to stay inside their home. >> i was told to get the doors and everything locked and stay away from windows. >> reporter: while she watched the drama unfold from the other side of the crime tape. >> we just saw about five or six police with guns drawn go in between two of the houses and they were talking to somebody. where he don't know if they locate -- we don't know if they located the person that came with the gun. >> reporter: police lifted the shelter in order leaving
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neighbors on edge. >> he could still be looming around one of these houses, just don't know. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect was african american and wore his hair in twists and wore ripped stone washed jeans. in berkeley christin ayers, kpix5. tonight in hayward a police shooting leaving one person hurt is under investigation. a person inside a house on rock away lane was shot by an officer about noon today not far from de anza park. investigators are tightlipped about what unfolded. it's unclear why the officer fired or if the person hit was a suspect or innocent bystander. we do know that the person survived and the whole incident is now under investigation. the contractor behind the deadly berkeley balcony collapse just had its license revoked by the state. in 2015 six students were killed and seven others injured when the balcony they were on collapsed. state investigators accuse the company that built the apartment complex of ignoring building plans and using cheap
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materials. in a settlement announced today the company agreed to pay more than $100,000 in investigative costs and wait five years before applying for a new contractor's license. the lights are back on in san francisco tonight after a massive power outage. tens of thousands of pg&e customers were affected. the fire at the larkin street substation this morning is being blamed for sparking the outage. the northeast part of san francisco was the hardest hit, but neighborhoods as far south as the outer mission and as farm west as the sunset were -- far west as the sunset were also in the dark. kpix5's andria borba has the details. >> reporter: more than 12 hours later pg&e crews are still here at the corner of eddy and larkin trying to figure out what went wrong at the substation that caused an outage leaving 88,000 customers without power for much of the day. billowing smoke coming from any building is rarely a good sign. when it's a pacific gas and
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electric substation in the heart of san francisco, all signs point to chaos. 300 traffic lights down, utter gridlock. two hospitals tasked with nursing the sickest among us back to health, cpmc in pacific heights and st. francis running on generator power. edith dinn is a patient. >> it was really a massive job. it felt to me like an -- jolt. it felt to me like an explosion. >> reporter: business owners forced to close up shop, no power, no customers, no cash flow. >> we cannot do anything. so we are just waiting and waiting. >> reporter: inside the substation early indications are that at 9:19 a.m. a circuit breaker described as old by a pg&e spokesperson but with no specific age given caught fire and that caught insulation on fire resulting in a catastrophic failure. the station was slated to be upgraded this year to the tune of $100 million. for its part pg&e could offer
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answers no deeper than this. to the most burning question, why? >> there was a system failure that resulted in this fire. we're continuing to investigate what happened and what went wrong. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. new at 11:00 milo yiannopoulos could be coming back to cal as soon as may 5th. the former brietbart editor alluded to doing a cinco de mayo event at berkeley on his facebook page. if you remember, on february 1st this year his talk at berkeley was canceled when riots broke out. some students said his planned talk amounted to hate speech. on facebook yiannopoulos posted about holding a multi-day event later in the year at cal dubbing it high low's free -- milo's free speech week. this comes as ann coulter's appearance at berkeley remains up in the area. berkeley college republicans say they may file a lawsuit and coulter says she's coming whether the administrators like it or not.
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kpix5's allen martin has the latest in this free speech showdown. >> the university now says college republicans signed the contract for coulter to speak before consulting campus officials or obtaining a security review. coulter was supposed to speak this coming thursday, but cal canceled the event over security concerns. cal offered to move the event to may 2nd, but college republicans were upset because school is not in session that week. in response college republicans gave uc berkeley until 5 p.m. today to move the event back to next thursday. cal says it's refusing to back down. the lawyer for the college republicans says holding the event with no classes on campus is a violation of constitutional rights. >> they jerk these students around. first they impose a number of restrictions and then when we agree to the restrictions, they said oopsy. it was like lucy with the football. there's very little good faith left here. i'm afraid the university is leaving me and my client with no choice but to seek relief in the courts from their illegal
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denial of the students' free speech rights. >> cal responded to the lawsuits minutes before 5 p.m. it says it has scrapped all plans for coulter to speak may 2nd since college republicans refused that offer. cal issued a statement to the lawyer for the college republicans partly saying, "the university's actions in this matter have been wholly consistent with its obligations under the constitution to protect the free speech rights of your clients." so far it's unclear when the college republicans will file the federal report. calling all geeks to silicon valley, comic-con just wrapped up. >> tens of thousands of fans wrapped and and so did a long list of stars. kpix5's marina medina is live at the convention center where she met celebrities tonight. >> reporter: i got to thank out with r2-d2 and iron man and the cast of sesame street.
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last year 60,000 people came out to comic-con. this year even more people are expected to show up. >> come on, jedi, let's dance. >> reporter: it's a fantasy world brought to life. >> there's a lot of nerds here who just want to have fun. >> reporter: from superheroes to villains and sidekicks, the second annual silicon valley comic-con is literally bigger and better than its first year. >> they have a lot more vendors. they added the science and technology group. >> reporter: this comic-con is heavy on virtual real boots and robots -- reality boots and robots. >> it's so close to the tech comic-con, it's nice to have it here. >> reporter: inside the maze of vendors are the celebrities including pam greer. >> i love the comic-con because
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of the artistry and imagination. >> reporter: and the original cast members of sesame street including big bird. >> i'm from mr. roger's neighborhood, that's sesame. so two neighborhoods from pbs are meeting. >> reporter: they say they love silicon valley and are just as curious as fans about the technology at the silicon valley comic-con. >> because that's unique and i can't wait to see some of that stuff going on. >> u.s. silicon valley comic- con! >> reporter: that was fun. one of the reasons why this year will be even much bigger is because last year comic-con was contained to just the convention center. this year there are events all around downtown including a free outdoor festival to the public at cesar chavez park. that is where i'm going to be this weekend because i'm, of course, a comic book geek as well. n francisco clif >> looks like a lot of fun. >> thanks, geek -- i mean maria.
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>> oh. the first place. >> i'll kick him later. a daring rescue on the side of a san francisco cliff, how the man ended up there in the first place. >> and these days you can get just about anything in a vending machine, but what about contraceptives? the college campus that's now dispensing pills. >> and dry cleaning can be a dirty business. tonight our look into what can be a very environmentally unfriendly business and how one bay area company is trying to clean it up. ,,,,,,,,
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francisco this afternoon... a homeless man got stuck on the side of a cliff at eagle's point, at lands end. some surfers a dangerous cliff rescue in san francisco this afternoon, a homeless man got stuck on the side of a cliff at eagle's point lands end and a surfer spotted him and called for
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help. chopper 5 was overhead and another helicopter came to pluck him off the cliff. a rescuer tied a harness around him, air lefted him off and dropped -- lifted him off and dropped him off at a nearby parking lot. it's been nearly one year since prince's sudden death. fans are remembering him tonight. ♪ i never meant to cause you any pain ♪ . >> in he is performing purple rain during his -- there he is performing purple rain during his 2007 super bowl. fans are gathering near his home this weekend to remember his legacy. several parties are planned and buildings and bridges will be glowing in purple light. prince died from aningal overdose. he was -- an accidental overdose. he was 57 years old. a new vending machine that sells condoms, pregnancy tests and even the birth control pill known as plan b. >> reporter: in this quiet uc
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davis study lounge back in the corner just past those cups of coffee you'll find contraception for sale in a vending machine. look closely. the machine isn't just stocked with condoms, cam upons and pregnancy -- tampons and pregnancy tests, it's got the plan b pill drawing more praise than criticism. >> easier to take a plan b than have to tell your parents you're pregnant. >> it's useful. you don't have to go to the pharmacy. >> reporter: that's why this economic major turned his project to public health spending close to two years trying to bring the vending machine here. >> my friends went to the one pharmacy that's open 24/7 in town on a friday night and they were all out of contraceptives. >> reporter: it's suddenly very poplar on the uc davis campus and others -- he's suddenly very poplar on the uc davis campus and others across
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the country calling him. now the backup pill and backup at study hall even has moms weighing in. >> it encourages responsibility. if you mess up, you mess up. it's better than waiting to see if you get pregnant and having an abortion. >> under the obama administration in 2013 plan b became available to women of all ages without a prescription. take a look at this. sky drone 5 giving us an overhead view of the fremont hill, gorgeous. they are covered in mustard flowers thanks to all the rain we've been getting. the spring bloom is just in time for earth day tomorrow. speaking of earth day, traditional dry cleaning is typically toxic for the earth and your clothes, but a new company in the bay area is trying to change that. cbs5's betty yu has the story. >> reporter: dry cleaning can be a dirty business, but an eco friendly laundry startup is trying to clean it up. >> i was a dry cleaning
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customer and one of the things that always happened to me was i'd get my clothes back and they smelled like chemicals. they were on all these tangled metal hangers that would get jammed up in my closet and i'd have to throw it away. >> reporter: it's why ceo dan miller left a consulting career to reimagine the dry cleaning experience. he is expanding mulberry's garment care from his homestate of minnesota to the bay area with 10 store fronts across san francisco and the peninsula. an on demand app to pick up and drop off clothes and a fleet of drivers and vans. >> most people when they think of dry cleaning because it's said to be dry, they think are you throwing powder on it or something, but really what it is it's just cleaning in any chemical other than water. so i could dip your clothes in gasoline and call it dry cleaning. when i found that out as a customer, i thought wait a minute. in isn't good for anybody. >> reporter: -- this isn't good for anybody. >> reporter: mulberry uses
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biodegradable solvents and plant based chemicals frees of dyes and perfumes. >> there's less wear and tear on the shirts around the collar and buttons. >> reporter: americans spend $10 billion a year on laundry services. each year people throw away 300 million pounds of dry cleaning bags and 3.5 billion wire hangers. that's more than 300,000 pounds of steel. mulberry uses biodegradable plastic bags or none at all if the customer wishes. >> get your clothes back clean and pressed beautifully but with no plastic bag on them. >> reporter: and reuseable metal and sustainable wood hangers. >> from an environmental standpoint the dry cleaning industry is rather toxic. >> reporter: this environmental expert says if you have a stain, many times you can get rid of it without the dry cleaner, but if you have to go? >> i would ask the dry cleaner
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about the chemicals they're using, about if they take the hangers back and as a conscious consumer, i'll make sure i don't throw the bags into the trash. >> i think everything we can do as both a company ourselves and industry as a whole we should do. >> reporter: in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. >> what do we learn there, paul? we learned it was sunny in san francisco today. >> i see that. there were shadows on all the interviewees and the word dry, also in my forecast. i will be dry this weekend, segway, i tried. 59 degrees in concord, clear and beautiful, fit 7 in san francisco, livermore, 59 -- 57 in san francisco, livermore 59. fremont 51 overnight, vallejo 49, napa 46, san francisco, pacifica, redwood city starting at 50 degrees. a lot of ski resorts closing
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down after this weekend. all their employees have other jobs. they western planning on being open till late -- weren't planning on being open till late april, spring skiing at its finest, upper 50s tomorrow. i don't see rain happening the next couple days, but there is a storm to our north and west. it will be deflected just far enough to the north to keep the rain out of the bay area. you'll notice the change tomorrow. by 9:00 or 10:00 it will be cloudy and we'll see mostly cloudy skies for the good balance of the late morning, early afternoon. the clouds clear out by saturday evening. sunday will be the sunnier but cooler day over the weekend. we'll have a stronger onshore flow than monday. here comes the front which will give us scattered showers, not until tuesday widespread, a few north bay showers monday afternoon. the only wet day is tuesday. mainly dry, just not as warm and sunny as today. up to 12 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon with the
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cloud cover. the onshore flow keeps temperatures in check near or below average and that one chance of rain is scattered showers. san jose will hit 73, cloudier in san rafael and oakland with highs tomorrow in the 60s. a couple degrees cooler sunday, 60s monday and after scattered showers tuesday we'll likely warm up toward the middle to the end of next week. not a bad forecast, but just today was pretty perfect. it won't be as perfect. the levels of perfection. >> a little less perfect. it's tough living here. slightly less perfect. >> it's a great forecast. >> a little less great. thanks, paul. taking a tumble, a snowboarder takes a gnarly fall and somehow has a story to tell about it. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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you wiped out on skis before? bet you didn't do that. 16-year-old snowboarder did seven accidental cartwheels, count them, after hitting a jump in the sierra. she was not seriously hurt when it happened easter weekend, just a little sore afterwards, joked on instagram that she qualified for the olympic today in gymnastics. ts involved in straight ahead the a's got it rolling. the giants, a major bum on the road. unfortunately for them giants involved in some history tonight. hunter pence played a role in it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> baseball up top with the a's. they got it cooking, that in a home, but the giants got it going with life without madison bumgarner for a while, mad bum out six to eight weeks after he wiped out on a dirt bike yesterday, bruised ribs and a sprained joint in his throwing arm. now that's a kick in the gut. >> here's a young guy like a lot of us, we think we're invincible and he was just
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having some fun that day and hit a slippery spot and went down. if i was there, sure, i wasn't have let him on that bike. he said i should say i'm sorry. i don't think i need to. i feel terrible. look at this rookie father. ..a you can't spill the milk all over the baby. johnny cueto on the mound in downtown denver. how did a 3-0 lead disappear? this in the 4th inning. a bases loaded big fly, this a granny by trevor story. it put the rockies ahead 4-3. cueto on the hook for the loss. rockies even got an inside the park home run same inning. giants lost 6-5. at 6-11 they have the worst record in the national league. meantime whole different story in oakland. they got it rolling. hosts to the mariners again, second place all by themselves. bottom 6th, 1-1 tie and alonzo
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going yard, the third time this year he belted a go ahead run. a's win it 3-1, second longest win streak in the bigs at four in a row. they are rooted in oakland and they have it going big time. >> awesome to see. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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have a great weekend. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! paul said it's going to be pretty nice outside, clouds,
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not too bad. >> only 70 with partly cloudy skies. you'll make it. >> anything is good now without rain. >> true. captioning sponsored by cbs myself ♪ >> "dear diary, nobody likes me here. i'm all alone. tiffany trump turned down my marriage proposal so now i'll be the son-in-law. maybe i'll run away from the white house. that will show him." ( knock on door ). >> what do you want! >> it's jared. >> i hate your stupid face. >> my father-in-law wants us to work this out. >> go away or i'll dissolve you in a bath tub full of acid! >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes rosario dawson renee elise goldsberry


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