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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's never too early to talk about the weekend as far as i am concerned. >> tuesday is my favorite day of the week. it's the day i get things down. >> wait until you have been on this shift. >> i have been on this shift. >> try 20 years, okay? >> [ laughter ] >> monday you are still floating on that weekend high? [ laughter ] >> we will get through it. we will get through it. i'm awake. [ laughter ] hi, everybody. good morning. we have a day in which already the faa is saying that there is delays at sfo because of the runway construction work. yesterday, in addition to that, we had the low clouds. we had the very low ceiling. we had an additional weather issue at sfo. today more than likely the same. we have some breezy conditions. temperatures in the upper 40s in livermore, low 50s in
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redwood city, san jose, and santa rose a. the wind are picking up over the bridges this morning. satellite and radar. it's weak disturbance number two poised in position to push through the bay area. mostly cloudy skies this morning. some sunny breaks later today with temperatures topping off in the 60s and low 70s. a couple degrees warmer today than yesterday. full forecast is minutes away. right now let's bring in jacqueline dunn. >> good morning. we will begin over along 580. for folks out of tracy heading into livermore we are seeing those slowdowns, yellow sensors lighting up the screen there. we had a crash eastbound. expect some minor delays out of that stretch. the bay bridge toll plaza looking good and green across
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the span. look out. we are tracking a crash on westbound 80 as you transition on to southbound 101. two cars. we have bun facing -- one facing the wrong way there. bart takeover. a gauge of up to 60 teenagers storming a train and terrorizing passengers. betty yu has more. >> reporter: bart says it will be adding extra patrols to this particular station in light of these robberies. the agency says it had already beefed up police presence at its oakland station. it happened in a matter of seconds. bart says it went down saturday night. 40 to 60 young people swarmed the coliseum station. >> the moment the dublin-bound train opened its doors, they ran onto the car and stole -- it was basically seven
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robberies occurred. >> they did not appear to be armed. bart says two people were punched in the head. here is one of the first calls into bart dispatch that night. >> had maybe 30 kids board my train, beat up someone, rob them, and then run off the train. >> reporter: bart police say no one was patrolling the coliseum platform at that time. nearby officers responded in less than five minutes. the robbers had already gotten away with a duffle bag, a purse, and five phones. one rider who didn't want to be on camera described the chaos over the phone. >> initially, everyone was kind of confused. it kind of looked like they were horsing around or like, you know, just being, you know, acting crazy. but it just started looking like it was turning more violent. >> reporter: she had her phone snatched, and four days prior this man, who didn't want to show his face, said the same thing happened to him on a dublin-bound train at the coliseum. a group of teens ran into the train.
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>> he said give me your wallet or i'm gonna shoot you! >> reporter: he ended up running off. one of the robbers had already take on his phone. he said the next morning he found this photo on his icloud account. >> my blood is boiling. riding public trappings should -- transportation should be safe. >> reporter: bart says it's in the process of pulling all surveillance video and they will share it with san francisco police, ole land unified and the housing authority in the hopes of identifying these juveniles. right now there is an amber alert for a one-year-old girl and a man considered armed and dangerous. the san bernardino county sheriff's office released these pictures last night. they are looking for 38-year- old daniel segura and 1-year- old lexi segura. they were last seen yesterday
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in rancho cucamonga. they drove off in a 2012 red mitsubishi. the license plate number is 60e209. the amber alert is in effect for san bernardino, riverside, orange, and los angeles counties. crews off a search for a couple. brenda rich around and her husband took flight in a small plane a week ago they never arrived. they took off from the truckee tahoe airport. florida searched the sierra for six days. there is a showdown over free peach at uc berkeley. anne coulter is going to visit tomorrow no matter what. joe vasquez has the latest. >> reporter: coulter tells "cbs this morning" she expected more from uc berkeley. >> at the risk of sounding like a snob, it's more the bush
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league colleges where you will have angry students incapable of forming an argument in words who start throwing things. >> this is the third event in a row canceled. >> reporter: he is with the berkeley college republicans who claim his college is stopping on the first amendment. after a previously scheduled speaker, milo yiannopoulosopolis, sparked violence, there won't be a lot of students around. that's why the college republicans filed a lawsuit along with coulter claiming her right to free speech was violated. >> it seems outrageous to assert that it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of students because of these left wing agitators. >> are the college republicans worried there is going to be
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unrest and is it somewhat your responsibility for bringing somebody who is pretty provocative to this campus? >> to use the left wing vocabulary, that's victim blaming. the burden is on the university. it's the burden of the university to make sure it doesn't happen. >> the mayor of berkeley released this statement. there is no freedom to commit violence. you can see marv anne coulter's later this morning at "cbs this morning" which starts at 7 right here on kpix 5. all right. the warriors are moving on to the second round of the nba playoffs. golden state completed a sweep against the blazers with a convincing win in game 4 in portland last night. kevin durant making his return after missing the last two games with a calf injury, scoring 10 in 20 minutes. steph curry with 37 points in under 30 minutes on the floor
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leading the warriors to a convincing 128-103 win. they are waiting on the winner of the clippers and the jazz first round series. go warriors. >> i know. i love it. >> yeah. i went into the store this morning to get my hot chocolate, my daily hot chocolate and pick up my "san francisco chronicle" and on the front page, yeah. and it has an interesting story about coach from his back surgery. have you been following that? >> yeah. >> my father had that same surgery as steve kerr, but he ended up in a wheelchair. you have to get second and third and fourth opinions before that back surgery. i am glad he is speaking about it. let's take a look at the live weather camera. it indicates we have mostly cloudy skies. we will see a few breaks in the cloud cover today. a little bit more sunshine than what we experienced yesterday, but temperatures still remaining coolish. it's in the upper 40s in livermore.
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low 50s redwood city, san jose, santa rosa. i felt it. driving over the bay bridge this morning, you have to have both hands on the steering wheel heading out of oakland with the westerlies. wind up to 10. inland the winds are at nine in the fairfield area. the wind will be gusty later today. westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is our satellite and radar. it does suggest at this particular time this is a weak disturbance that has been queued up ready to push in with one yesterday, another one today. that does have some rain showers with it. we will see some sunshine. it will remain cool. we will have some cloud cover and then a slight chance of a north bay shower on wednesday. a big-time pattern reversal starts to take place on thursday. we will show you what we mean. first off today's numbers in the 60s at the beaches.
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that's up from 59 degrees yesterday. 60s coming around the peninsula today, jumping up to 68 degrees in last gatos and sarring. mid-60s in milpitas through newark into union city. otherwise 66 degrees. pretty calm into the freemont area. san ramon the same. nearly 70 at pittsburgh. again, the big pattern reversal, that's going to come up later in the newscast. good morning. emergency crews on the scene of a crash in san francisco. this is along westbound 80 transitioning on to -- southbound 101. it's blocking lanes. if you are heading that way, you will likely see quite a few flashing lights. definitely a visual hazard through there. please be careful. traffic is backing up towards
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the skyway. it's beyond 6th street. things looking onshore breeze at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are in the green. tracking a travel time of 7 minutes from the maze on into downtown san francisco. you will be in for those slowdowns. first reports of a car fire. we are not seeing too much of a backup. a plan to installed speed cameras in two bay area cities has stalled. the bill failed to pass the assembly transportation committee yesterday. it would allow san francisco and san jose to install speed cameras alodge city streets. -- along city streets. a ticket would go out in the mail. not clear what happens next after the bill failed to advance. it's looking less likely that the federal government will shut down. the president had demanded congress include funding for the mexican border wall. senior administration officials
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telling cbs news that the white house is prepared to put funding for the wall on hold until a later day. mr. trump plans to pivot to a message of general satisfaction on boarder security. 4:42. newly released documents reveal troubling information. and a california man risks his live this save a complete stranger trapped in a burning truck. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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documents reveal the building's mana new information about the oakland warehouse where 36 people died in a fire. documents reveal the building's manager planned for illegal activity from the start and the landlord didn't stop him. the bay area news group obtained a copy of the lease signed in 2013. it described the building's use as an art collective which broke zoning laws. two months later the partner of the manager warned the landlord
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that almino was going to make secret alterations. a fire ripped through the warehouse killing 36 people attending a concert. an official cause of the fire has not been released. reports suggest an overloaded electrical system was to blame. the landlord has not commented. a criminal investigation is now underway, and families of the victims are suing the landlord as well as derek almino. in southern california two men get off from work and the strangers cross paths at a fiery car crash. rachel kim shows how one man risked his life to pull the other from a burning truck. >> please don't let me die here. i thought i would not make it. >> reporter: today 46-year-old ray lucco is thankful to be looking at his work truck from the outside. but on january 3rd he was inside of it, scared for his life. >> the accident happened to fast that i didn't realize any
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impact coming towards me. >> reporter: on that day his boss let him go home early just before noon. as he was headed south on rose avenue in oxnard 38-year-old brian lutz happened to be headed northbound after his boss let him go home early. lutz saw this silver car zoom past him from behind, and crash head on into lugo's truck. >> i saw the accident. >> reporter: after seeing that the driver of the silver car had not made it, lutz focused on getting lugo out. >> he was saying, hey, i'm stuck, i can't get out. >> i am like help me, get me out of here. >> reporter: when lutz tried to pull lugo out the driver's door was pinned shut. he went to the passenger's side and tried to get him out that way. at this point the flames shooting out from the engine compartment were in the cabin around lugo. the electrician foreman couldn't budge because his feet were stuck underneath the dashboard. >> i started looking around.
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head up. it's hard. i didn't know exactly what was gonna happen to me. a lot of things rush through your head. my kids, family, grandkids. >> reporter: lutz ran back to the driver's side. >> over the driver's side door, reached in, bear hugged me, said do your part. >> he kind of leaned forward towards me. i grabbed on to him and got him out the window and a couple hard yanks later we were laying on the ground. >> reporter: 30 seconds later the truck burst into flames. when lutz looked at the charred truck now. >> i was like, my babies, i couldn't live with myself if i watched a man die in fiery truck. that's my guardian angel. >> reporter: look inside this burnt out truck. quite a sight here. ray logo has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he is thankful to be alive. as for brian lutz, he was recognized by the ventura county board of supervisors in a ceremony last week for his
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heroic actions. reporting in ventura, rachel kim, kpix 5. 4:48. another check on weather with roberta. >> it's very interesting because we are kind of in this -- it's almost like this dark zone. we are just stuck right now. we are waiting for the transition day to occur so we can go to the other side. and the other side so much brighter. >> it's the light side from the dark side? >> we are on the dark side right now. [ laughter ] >> light at the end of the tunnel? >> we will see the light -- the week, yeah. hi, everybody. today we are on the dark side again. mostly cloudy side. we will have some hints of sunshine a little bit more than what we experienced yesterday. our temperatures will warm as a direct result. we fired up our live doppler radar. no rain in the vicinity, even though we have a secondary trough that is working through the bay area. we are taking a look towards pier 9. i don't know if you can see it, but the flag is on the fly. the wind have been whipping up around the bay, especially in the higher elevations of the
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bridge. numbers in the 40s and 50s. we are in the 40s in livermore. 50s in santa rosa. a birds-eye-view out towards the bay, 13 for the wind in san francisco. 5 in hayward. wind are under 5 in the san jose area and 7 in napa. three things to remember about today. we could see an occasional shower. tomorrow breezy continues. a shower is possible as it does remain unsettled. satellite radar. this is a secondary weak disturbance that is poised and wants to sag in a southerly direction heading towards the north bay. so the bottom line is we have one little system yesterday. we have another weak disturbance today. we have one more over the open waters for your wednesday. most of the action stays to the north as far as the heavy precipitation is concerned. lunch hour we're totally cloudy in the north bay up to the golden gate bridge around the
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san mateo coast. same is true by the evening commute. we cloud back over from the third and final system on wednesday. the rain plays tag with the north bay and then by thursday high pressure begins to build back in and when that happens we are going to have sunny skies and warmer conditions all the way through next monday. so meanwhile rainfall amounts from today or tomorrow still very anemic under .10-inch of precipitation. our totals today in the 60s and low 70s. 71 degrees towards the delta. brisk westerly up to 20 miles per hour. there is that chance of a shower on wednesday. and look at the numbers as we head towards the weekend. so definitely some light at the end of the tunnel. jacqueline. good morning. right now emergency crews are on the scene of a crash we are tracking along westbound 80 just off the bay bridge and heading on to southbound 101. is did have one lane blocked. you can see that backup
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definitely forming. it looks like they are in the clearing stages. the tow trucks have arrived and they have hooked up those vehicles. hopefully they can get the lane clear and things will resume. if you are getting ready to head out the door be prepared for slowdowns off the bridge there. heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza from the maze into downtown san francisco your ride seven minutes. no delays there. looking good out of anitoch. westbound highway 4 in the green as you make your way towards i-80 and hercules. heading to the altamont pass westbound 580 to the dublin pleasanton enter change we have yellow sensors lighting up the screen. speed are below 35 miles per hour. just a heads up if you are traveling along that stretch this morning. pretty typical for this time of the commute, but do expect those delays. 22-minute ride on over to 680. mass transit looking good. running with no delays. a nice way to start your tuesday morning ride. that is a check of your
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traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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mateo. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. a crash causing delays westbound 80 transitioning on to southbound 101. the slowdowns condition. speeds at 10 miles per hour. state investigators have used a dna sample to confirm that a mountain lion went into a home and snatched a dog on the peninsula coast. a blood sample from the home has dna from a mountain lion and a domestic dog. the cougar went in through an open door early last monday and snatched the pet from the foot of a bed. state wildlife officers say that this kind of intrusion is
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extremely rare. the dog has not been found. a construction worker was seriously hurt after falling at a construction site in atherton. the worker fell nearly 20 feet onto a concrete basement on britton avenue. menlo park firefighters rescued him just after noon. the man was rushed to sanford hospital. we could see cars flying above the bay area. there is going to be a launching pad in silicon valley. as mark sayre reports, flying to work may not be as far off as we think. >> i will see you in two minutes. >> how are you going to get here in two minutes? >> reporter: this promotional video released by kitty hawk shows what could be a giant leap that the future of transportation. >> you will have to wait and see. it's a surprise. >> reporter: backed by google co-founder mary page, this is the latest silicon valley entry into the flying car market. the video was taken at clearlake in lake county. >> well, good for larry.
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larry is a person we can take seriously. he is thinking about big problems. he is trying to be innovative. >> reporter: the 220-pound craft uses eight battery powered propellers. it is flying under a special faa category of ultralight aircraft, which does not require a pilot's license but is also limit today sparsely populated areas -- limited to sparsely populated areas. don't laugh at this prototype. >> they laughed at oroville and wilbur wright. nobody took them seriously even when they proved that this thing could fly. >> reporter: hancock says anything that can ultimately lead to solutions for traffic gridlock has a huge upside. >> mobility. getting around. this is going to be the problem of the 21st century. it's going to vex every metropolitan region. i am glad some of the brightest people are thinking about it. >> reporter: the retail price of the kitty hawk flyer has not been released. the company hopes to have them on the market by the end of the
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year. >> and if you're interested in getting a membership we have the information about how to sign up on our website >> i can see you doing that. >> that looks fun. 4:57. bart police are jumping into action after multiple riders fall victim to a gang of teenage robbers. and santa clara county supervisors could be taking a stand against the trump administration. i will have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning everyone. it is tuesday, april 25th. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choy. a live look outside. morning rush about to start as we take a live look at 880 in to oakland. you see the headlights coming south on 880. and on the left you have got a live look at the bay bridge this morning. decent conditions out there. >> yeah, very nice.
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>> calm before the storm. >> you said it. >> yeah. everybody is heading back to work. the kids, the students heading back to school. we saw it yesterday, right? >> yes, we definitely saw more delays than the week prior because of the spring break. >> i am just confused about spring break. it's all staggered. >> it is. it's good they stagger it though. >> you think? >> absolutely. it helps with traffic. >> my son had it a month ago. i would have liked him home for easter. yeah. i think i should lodge a complaint. >> to the university of oklahoma. i want you to change your spring break. >> boomer sooner. >> i am coming to oklahoma to complain. [ laughter ] good morning. getting ready to kickstart your tuesday. we do have a little bit of a break in some of the cloud cover, but mainly some cloudy skies and down right breezy conditions. temperature-wise right now we are in the 50s across the board. 51 in livermore after being


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