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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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president trump you can't do that. a victory for sanctuary cities next. ,,,,,,
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this conservative speaker says that she is coming to uc berkeley like it or not. tonight, we asked the mayor how is he going to stop violence like this from erupting again? even, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. joe vasquez is at the cal campus tonight. joe? >> reporter: despite the possibility of a violent uproar, ann coulter is determined to come here to uc berkeley and speak. she will arrive around 6:00 p.m. on thursday. and since the university has not given her an inside venue, it is possible she will speak outside here at sprout plaza making it very difficult for police to protect her. >> oh yes. oh yes. i will be there thursday. i'm hoping the university will find a safe and appropriate venue for me. it doesn't seem like it should be that complicated.
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but if not, i will find some place to speak. maybe i'll be out in the hall with a megaphone. >> do we think it is going to be absolutely mayhem? we are very worried about that. >> reporter: these students from the group bridges usa invited coulter in conjunction with the republican students. >> we are fearful it will reflect very negatively on us as well as the entire campus community. >> reporter: could we see more violence in berkeley on thursday? several times now over the last couple of months, riots and street fights have broken out. what will the police do? in some past events, the cops were observed keeping out of the fight but the mayor of berkeley insists they were not ordered to stay completely on the sidelines. >> there was no standdown order. our police were in. there, they responded to arrest
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people. >> you will see in some of the videos, there is violence and police not getting in the middle of all that. the concern is someone will get hurt. >> certainly. our police were there and they responded in a very thoughtful and strategic way. we had been preparing knowing there would be a major event on april 27. we are working with the university of california and doing what we can do to keep the businesses safe. >> reporter: in berkeley, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> tonight, police say this man tried to kidnap a woman in san francisco. police arrested 46-year-old darren bravo. investigators say he grabbed 31- year-old victim on steiner street on saturday. put a bag over her head, witnesses intervened and the suspect drove off. police arrested bravo in petaluma. tonight, a federal judge in san francisco is telling president trump you can't do that. the judge blocked an executive order that would have denied
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federal funding to sanctuary cities. san francisco and santa clara county sued. kpix5's mark sayre is live in san jose to tell us what this all means. mark? >> reporter: well, about 1/3 of the county budget here comes from federal funds and county officials said had the president gotten his way, it could have been devastating. where does federal government money go in santa clara county and in counties and cities around the nation? the answer is essentially everywhere. including law enforcement, roads, and healthcare. >> if you start having to eliminate that much money from your budget, it is worse than the great recession. you are talking about eliminating doctors, nurses, social workers, mental health workers. workers that deal with children. you name it. >> reporter: the federal government had argued san francisco and santa clara counties interpreted the executive order too bodily
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saying it would affect less machine 1 million for santa clara and possibly nun at all for san francisco. but the federal judge didn't buy it saying and if there was doubt about the scope of the order, the president and the attorney general have erased it with their public comments. >> every single cause of action that we raise, the judge agreed that we have succeeded on the merits. that trump was violating the separation of powers and violating the 10th amendment in trying to coerce changes. >> reporter: and san francisco mayor ed lee said it would make budgeting nearly impossible. >> we had a federal agency telling us they were not going to fund one-and-a-half billion dollars of programs in a $9 billion budget. >> reporter: now, tonight, the trump administration says it is considering all of its legal options. of course. any appeal would go directly to
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the ninth circuit court of appeals. the same court that has already put the trump travel ban on hold. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix5. >> right now, a gunman is on the loose after a shooting near a south bay mall left one man wounded. san jose firefighters treated the victim in a parking lot at the east ridge mall near chili's. he was shot just before 4:00 this afternoon. chopper 5 overthe scene. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. no word on a possible suspect or motive. a car fire turns into a possible hate crime investigation. tonight, vacaville police want to know who spray painted kkk on a mercedes. >> it is disappointing. that someone would do something like that in this day and age. >> reporter: just after 9:00 monday night, a car parked on william street went up in flames in front of this vacaville gas station. investigators soon realized the vandals had left a disturbing
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message. >> it is indicative of the hate crime and we take that very seriously. >> reporter: like many in the neighborhood, he has never seen something like this. >> like it says here, kkk. >> it is very uncharacteristic for this neighborhood and vacaville in general. >> i'm ashamed of whoever did this. whoever did it is not speaking for our community. >> reporter: police are investigating the fire as an arson and believe it somehow started from inside the vehicle. >> we believe the vehicle was secured at the time when the owner left it. we are not sure how a suspect may have gained entry. >> reporter: the car was towed away tuesday afternoon. the owner did not wish to speak on camera and is uncertain if he is the target. >> he didn't witness anybody approaching the vehicle and he could not provide any suspect leads at this time of a motivation for this. or, who would have ... any problems with anybody that might be responsible for this. >> reporter: the ground still blackened and the scars of the fire can be seen going up this
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telephone pole. and now, the big question. who did this? and why? >> i hope that they get caught. i hope they have to reimburse the people for their car. and i hope they have to maybe serve a little jail time and a lot of community service. >> reporter: this is a serious crime and whoever is responsible could face felony arson and felony hate charges. investigators are combing through the evidence from nearby businesses that will hopefully lead them to their s suspect. a high school fight lands one girl in jail, the other in the hospital. one girl walked up to another and punched her in the face ged at grenada high school in livermore. the girl hit her head and had a surgery. the suspect was arrested for felony battery. in a few hours, the first lawsuit for a deadly west soak land fire, four people died after this fire tore through an apartment complex on san pablo
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avenue last month. tomorrow, a lawyer representing 15 tenants plans to file a lawsuit against the building's owners and master tenants. the lawsuit seeks damages for the fire as well as what attorneys call slum like conditions at the property before the fire. the attorney for the plaintiff said in a statement "our law firm will aggressively pursue the defendants in this case because of their complete disregard for the health and safety of the tenants at 2551 san pablo avenue. a press conference is scheduled tomorrow morning. things got heated tonight at a known hot bed for illegal activity. an oakland city council member reached out to kpix5 to tell us about it. and, as veronica de la cruz shows us, he gave us the video to prove it. veronica? >> reporter: that's right, ken, an old library in the san antonio neighborhood has become a popular gathering place for the wrong reasons.
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the old miller library caught fire. squatters and gang members use the building for criminal activity. the city abandoned the library in the early 90s because of seismic concerns. they are accepting offers for the property. developers think it would cost a few million dollars to renovate the structure and make it seismically safe. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. one bay area city, five fatal overdoses in just the past ten days. tonight, sheriffs are warning about a potential deadly batch of heroin. >> as the university of california raised tuition, a new report shows uc kid money and lots of it. tonight, the $175 million secret stash. >> authorities say this is the scene of the so-called robbery of the century. tonight, the explosive $40 million heist. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this newly- released surveillance video shows 2 susp inside the store o >> tonight, police are searching for a gunman who opened fire inside a san francisco market. this surveillance video shows two suspects inside the store on sixth street in the tenderloin. then one of them pulled out a gun, shot a 61-year-old man and ran out of the market. the victim survived. here is another look at the gunmen. the motive for the shooting is unclear. tonight, the warnings going out in sonoma county about a potentially toxic batch of heroin. now, there's been an alarming number of deadly overdoses. emily turner reports, three of the victims died in public places in santa rosa. >> reporter: heroin isn't a new problem in santa rosa, but the number of overdose deaths is. five people died of overdose in ten days. and the sheriff's office is trying to figure out why the spike.
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>> there is something in a batch of heroin going around right now. it is concerning to us that it is not county wide. it is localized here in santa rosa. we don't know exactly what is going on. but clearly, there is is a small group of people that have gotten this heroin that is not good. >> reporter: three men, two women. three of them transients, two with homes. the demographics of each victim are very different. authorities are trying to run down what they all have in common. >> the coroner's office is investigating it. trying to put the linking together. also, santa rosa police department is investigating the deaths as it occurred in their jurisdictions but yeah. we are trying to run down the leads and figure out where it is coming from. >> reporter: toxicology will be checking for fentanyl and any other drugs mixed with the
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heroin. in the meantime, a warning. >> if you are using heroin, you are local, you are running a high risk of death or injury. >> reporter: i called the local hospital to see if they are seeing a heroin trend. they are not. reporting in santa rosa, emily turner, kpix5. if you have eaten at chipotle lately, the payment system got hacked. they detected unauthorized activity on the payment system from march 24-april 18th. it is working with a cyber security firm and law enforcement to address the problem. at this point, it is unclear how many customers or restaurants were affected. while the university of california has been raising tuition on students, tonight, a state audit reveals the university was hiding millions of dollars in a secret fund, kelly ryan reports it is money
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that could have been spent on students. >> reporter: assembly members spoke out today saying they had called for a state audit of the uc office of the president after they say they were concerned over an increasingly bloated budget. >> one of the reasons we requested the audit, as we asked questions of uc, we found them not willing to come forward, we found a significant lack of transparency, number that's did not add up. >> reporter: part of the $175 million secret reserve pot was 32 million collected from campuses that could have been spent on student. >> we were able to use this money for california student enrollment, it would result in over 35,000 students being able to enroll in the university of california. >> reporter: students on campus at uc davis said they had not heard the news. when they learned about it, they were frustrated saying they pay high fees for their
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education. >> it seems like an alarming figure. but it doesn't surprise me. ledges are driven by money nowadays. it is urning into a business as opposed to an education system. >> everyone has the right to know. what is the reason they set up that fund. >> we give uc a blank check every year. $3.5billion. and, there has been unaccounted for increases. the office of the president, some type of increase not focused on what the uc is about. >> reporter: kelly ryan, kpix5. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom is a uc regent. he reacted to the disclosures by calling for a rollback in tuition hikes. now, to a $40 million heist in paaguay. it is called the robbery of the
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century. 50 gunmen set off explosives, killed a policeman, and set cars and trucks on fire. they recovered some of the cash and arrested eight suspects. police shot and killed three other suspects. investigators say a brazilian prison gang is responsible for the heist. a new twist in the story of the passenger dragged off the united airlines flight. the officers at the center of that debacle are pointing their fingers at the passenger. this shows the passenger walking onto the airplane. not long before he was dragged off the flight. he was bloodied with a broken nose, but, reports the officers submitted said he was flaying his arms as they tried to get him to leave. they said it caused him to fall, hit his head on an armrest. one officer says he used minimal but necessary force to take him off the plane. the passenger's attorney calls the reports utter nonsense. tonight, uber is promising to put the air in ride share.
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in just three years. the company says it is going to start testing flying cars in texas and dubai by the year 2020. they are partnering with several aircraft manufacturers to build the hardware. but, there are some things that still need to be worked out like a new air traffic control system. and, regulatory issues. and something else in the sky. tonight, we are hearing about hundreds of ufo sightings in the bay area. at least, according to a new ufo sighting reference. devin fehely talk today one of the authors. >> are we alone? >> reporter: the book analyzed more than 120,000 reports of ufos and found californians believed they came into contact with extraterrestrial life more often than anywhere else in the country. >> they are seen every in the united states. the counties with the least
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sightings had at least one in 15 years. >> reporter: we spoke with the book's author via skype. using data from the mutual ufo network and the ufo reporting center she says californians reported seeing nearly 16,000 ufos between 2001 and 2015. >> we think a great deal of it has to do with california's weather. >> reporter: california's mild weather allows people to be outdoors much of the year. thus in position to spot possible uf os . santa clara county tops the list with 569 reported sightings. alameda, 515, and san francisco, over 300. the book may be an important first step in converting science fiction into established fact. >> most people were very sincere about this. and, they were not jerking us
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around. as far as some people, the only proof they can accept is a ufo cracked up in the mall parking lot. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix5. well, if you are look into the skies the next couple of days they will be clear. >> perhaps, you will see a few ufo sightings this winter. coming up later on this week, the skies will clear for perhaps the very long time. it is about time. we are actually past time for the beginning of the dry season. hey, it will happen on thursday. tonight, tuesday night, we are dry on the radar. showers in the north bay come tomorrowing. april as a percentage has been wetter than february. february was double 200 # first quarter%. april so far, 202%. lots of rain this winter. things are winding down after tomorrow. overnight tonight, clouds rolling into vallejo. 52. redwood city, 53. mild for fremont and san jose. lows only dropping to the big 50s . a big strong ridge of high pressure on its way here. not completely here yet.
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there is a low pressure area. cloud cover for all of us. showers mainly for the north bay: and after that, everything changes as the ridge gets much closer. san jose in the santa clara valley. notice the temperature. really not that warm. mid 60s at most. cloudy throughout the day with a little bit of afternoon sunshine. could get a drop or two of rainfall in the santa clara valley tomorrow morning but the majority of the light shower activity. sonoma county, solano county, napa county. points north. clouds begin to clear out beyond evening. when they do, they are not coming back. thursday, sunshine. friday, sunshine and warmer and some of you will be well into the 80s by this weekend. it is is a pretty rapid change that is taking about six months to get here. some north bay showers likely. there is a tiny chance of a shower anywhere in the bay area tomorrow morning. rainy season basically is over after that. so, what comes up next? well, it is almost may. it is time for sunny warmer dry weather and it gets here starting thursday. tomorrow, fremont, 65.
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mostly cloudy. napa, 68. couple of showers for you. san francisco, 63 tomorrow. extepided forecast, hello sunshine. on thursday. sunday and warmer friday. hello 80s over the weekend. and we are going to stay mild and dry. that seven day forecast is going to blind you because it has been so long. it has been filled with clouds and rain and storms. really has been a severe winter for us. it is done. >> nice. >> we are done. >> promise? >> it is not going to not rain forever. [ laughter ] but, it is going to be dry. yes, i promise. >> pinky swear. >> thank you paul. these jeans look like they should be dirt cheap. but tonight, there is something nor the filthy rich. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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they're all the rage. but tonight: how about dirty jeans? >> ripped jeans, skinny genes, they are all the rage. >> but tonight, how about dishy jeans? check this out. that is fake mud coated on the denim.
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they may look dirt cheap, but they are being sold at a premium. the price tag at nordstrom, $425. >> oh come on. >> why not just get some jeans and slide in some dirt? can the as protect a 1-0 lead in the 10th inning? and clayton kershaw brings his a game. but was it enough? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shoulder...the official diagnosis is expected to come >> madison bumgarner won't need surgery on his injured pitching soldier. the official diagnosis is expected to come in tomorrow. bumgarner was supposed to face clayton kershaw tonight. just one run in seven innings. tied block in place of the injured bumgarner. he allows an r.b.i. base hit to yasiel puig. it is 2-1 dodgers. then brandon belt. oh, he struck him out. with runners at the corners. la hangs onto win 2-1. the giants are 7-14. one bright spot for the giants. new third baseman christian aroyo got his first base inning hit. in front of his mom kim who
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yesterday didn't believe her son when he told her he was getting called up. >> at first she didn't believe me. she thought i was joking. >> i just said are you kidding me? are you kidding me? he said no, i'm not kidding you. i said you are lying aren't you? i could hear the emotion in his voice though. that is when i knew he was being serious. >> took her a few minutes to realize what was going on. by the time she found out, she started bawling her eyes out. >> great stuff there. a starter jesse hahn. brilliant. mike trout, just inside the foul pole. ties the game off of santiago casillo. this is a game winner. hey, that is a tough loss. 2-1 in 11. the as are 10-10. winner would be one away from playing the warriors in
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the second round. utah's go ton hayward scores 27. and the jazz win 96-92. they lead that series now, three games to two. and we could have a sunday game if utah wins that series. and many people believe utah brings a little bit of a challenge to golden state. >> i like that matchup. >> why do you like that matchup? >> because i hate the clippers. >> oh. excellent. >> great. >> be right back.
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>> late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> in response to whether he would fire sean spicer, president trump likened him to a daytime soap opera, noting proudly that his press secretary attracted nearly as many viewers. ( laughter ). >> is it april-- >> april, go ahead. >> i'm pregnant. >> i mean, that's the silliest thing i've ever heard. >> ay my god. i'm so sorry. i'm sorry i am putting you through this. i really didn't expect this. >> this was irresponsible and reckless. ( laughter ) at some point, april, you're gonna have to take "no" for an answer. thank you, april. cecilia. >> i'm pregnant. >> jessica. >>


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