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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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several chp officers opened fire on this bay area freeway, one suspect dead and there are lots of questions tonight about what happened. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. that shooting has shut down northbound 101 for hours tonight in san mateo near the 92 interchange. kpix5's mark sayre is there tonight with the latest. mark? >> reporter: well, at this point we still don't have any official information when the northbound lanes of highway 101 will reopen. always you can see from this live picture from chopper 5 traffic is still a mess, traffic backed up south of hillsdale as far as we can see even at this hour and the timing on this whole shooting today not any better occurring right in the middle of the afternoon rush hour. from chopper 5 you can see the deceased victim covered with a tarp. paramedics responded to the scene, but there was nothing they could do. the shooting involved three chp officers, but the san mateo police department is leading
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the investigation. >> chp was involved in an officer-involved shooting involving an armed suspect with a hand gun. the suspect was fatally wounded in the officer-involved shooting. the officers are all okay. >> reporter: many details are not known at this point such as exactly what led up to the shooting. some reports say two vehicles were involved in a crash and then one person got out and started shooting. the incident occurred just before 5:30 on northbound 101 right at the eastbound exit for the san mateo bridge. authorities closed all northbound lanes of the freeway causing a rush hour traffic backup that extended for miles. >> we hope to get the scene cleared as soon as possible. obviously we know this involves a major thoroughfare here, but the investigation takes precedence. we need our investigators to get the clearest picture they can. >> reporter: back to a live picture now along highway 101 you can see the investigation involving not only the clap and san mateo -- chp and san mateo
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police department, but the san mateo district attorney's office. the investigation is still fully underway. the chp brought in a specialized investigation team to try to capture as much ed as possible before they finally re- - evidence as possible before they finally reopen the freeway, again no estimated time for reopening of highway 101. mark sayre, kpix5. breaking news in the east bay right now, this is what a lot of drivers saw on interstate 680. 90 minutes ago a big rig was engulfed in flames just north of highway 4 between concord and martinez. two southbound lanes are blocked, officers directing cars around the wreckage. the cargo inside they say is not harded arous, but firefighters -- hazardous, but firefighters need caltrans to come in with a backhoe, no estimate when the freeway will
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be cleared. new information on the suspect, murder and manhunt after nearly a 20 hour standoff with police in martinez, the suspect surrendered finally earlier today. he put his hands in the air as the s.w.a.t. team surrounded him. he lay flat on the ground and tonight he's behind bars. this is a mugshot from when he was arrested three years ago. you can see the big rose tattooed on his neck. kpix5's andria borba is in martinez with more on how it all came to an end. >> reporter: liz, just 24 hours ago this area was teeming with law enforcement officers, tactical vehicles and police cruisers all waiting to see what the next move of a murder suspect would be. tonight that man is in custody. 10 seconds after authorities in contra costa county launched a gas canister through a window, the 19 hour standoff between
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gregory prokopowicz and law enforcement that held martinez under siege finally ended. the saga began across contra costa county more than 24 hours earlier outside the lindsay wildlife experience. walnut creek police say prokopowicz fired four bullets into his girl friend, 47-year- old robin policarpio killing her. detectives say he fled, but the dragnet eventually tightened. from there it was hours of negotiations. prokopowicz was armed with a handgun and two knives and threatened his life and negotiators. at one point the suspect got out of his car to get water and officers took aim. >> shot him with a less than lethal round. the round struck gregory on the right side on his ribs and he suffered a minor injury.
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>> reporter: prokopowicz tossed the gun and knife, but the waiting game was still on as officers donned tackle gear. >> their guns and everything were laid out on my bed. >> reporter: now as we said, prokopowicz was arrested in 2014. walnut creek police have not revealed what that arrest was for. live out here in martinez tonight andria borba, kpix5. also tonight b.a.r.t. police have made their first arrest in last weekend's takeover robbery when dozens of teenagers swarmed a train and beat and robbed several passengers and we're told more arrests are coming. a minor was taken into custody this afternoon. cameras captured the images of as many as 60 suspects rushing b.a.r.t. gates last saturday at the coliseum station. they boarded a train, injured at least two people and made off with cell phones. >> we've issued today multiple arrest warrants for the suspect involved in the coliseum incident. >> reporter: with this crime
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spike how are you reassuring b.a.r.t. riders they're safe? >> we're in emergency staffing. >> the arrest comes a day after the transit agency reported a 22% spike in crime compared to a year ago. b.a.r.t. is he is iting up patrols to try -- is stepping up patrols to try and keep officers safe. after she was supposed to speak at cal and didn't tonight ann coulter did speak in modesto and was clear about who she blames for the free speech showdown in berkeley. kpix5's political reporter melissa caen has exclusive video from inside tonight's event. >> he has shown how radical the universities are. >> reporter: in her first speech since an attempted event at uc berkeley ann coulter teed off on the university. media was not allowed inside, but we did get ahold of this discussion. >> oh, oh, it's a free speech movement. yes, a free speech movement
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with mario fabio was to allow communists to speak. those communists are now running the university. >> reporter: speaking to a crowd of about 600 people at a gop dinner, the conservative commentator said it's the berkeley professors and administrators who are to blame. >> yeah, they got their free speech. they got the positions and now they want to shut down free speech for the rest of us. >> reporter: police here in modesto were on rooftops, motorcycles and horses, but the protests were peaceful. >> i'm a supporter in a sense, but she said some things i don't care for. >> reporter: christine sheeley has lived in modesto 35 years. >> i don't think we're the kind of community that will draw out violent, hateful people. >> reporter: even a counter event called nnr uny said loud demonstrations are not how this community works. >> there were a few people out there like where are my
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protesters? that is perfectly your right, but we want to take the high road. >> reporter: at times it seemed there were more police than protesters and aside from a few heated arguments between the different groups, it seems tonight the fireworks were on the inside. in modesto melissa caen, kpix5. president trump may be being tested on his 100th day in office. >> despite pressure from the u.s. and china and in violations of u.n. sanctions the communist nation launched another medium range ballistic missile. the missile broke up after a couple minutes after that launch and fell into the sea of japan, the second failed launch in three weeks. president trump tweeted, unsuccessfully a missile today, bad." just hours before the launch
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president trump warned a major conflict with a communist nation is possible and rex tillerson told the council failure to act would lead to serious cons. tonight president trump delivered his weekly address. >> my fellow marines, i believe this has been about the most successful in our country's history. >> the president said he loved his previous life and he thought being president would be easier than his own life. cbs news political corrector john dickerson will be on face the nation here on kpix5. tonight oakland mayor libby
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schaaf sites rising healthcare costs and pensions for city workers and the need to address homelessness, illegal dumping and road repairs. despite all that schaaf is vowing to nearly triple the fire inspectors over the next two years. the budget does call for the city to stop contributing to the rainy day fund. november 1st the gas tax will go up by 12 cents a gallon and there will be an annual vehicle fee, starting at $25 million for cars. the goal is to have a mass transit frontal. an east bay school is shaky
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ground tonight. about 500 students attend lum elementary in alameda and tonight everyone got an earful. >> reporter: parents, teachers and students filled every single seat at tonight's board of education meeting in alameda. they all have one goal, to save elementary school. >> the alum must stay together. >> reporter: wednesday the community learned the school could close in the fall. a soil test revealed the soil would liquefy during an earthquake. it's up safe for the students to stay -- unsafe for the students to stay. >> this is terrible news. i wish it were different. >> do you think the way the school about this are fair? >> reporter: some parents are
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skeptical with just 48 hours to digest the information and wants a second opinion. the most likely outcome now is the students will be sped up. >> the idea is putting that up and is heart breaking and scary for everybody. >> reporter: now young students are getting a lesson in civics pleading with the district to keep the school together. >> it's a very tight community. >> reporter: jamie is starting to see the stress in her children. >> i have a really good friend named john and he might go to another school and i might go to a different school than him, then you can't play with each other anymore. >> and we're going to show the district we're a force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: there's actually an overflow section outside. ultimately it's up to the board to put this to a vote may 23rd.
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parents and teachers say they'll fight them every step of the way. sky drone 5 over an eyesore in hayward, but tonight the site is in store for a dramatic makeover. once full of shoppers this shuttered bourbon store became a haven for squatters. but now the city council gave a developer permission to turn the site into luxury apartments and retail. it will be one of the biggest developments in years in the east bay. >> lively people who are going to live in a beautiful place and joining us in the downtown, i'm very excited. >> the city cleared out the waters last month. construction will start around november. they hope to have it done by the summer of 29 teen. tonight facebook admits some governments exploited the site to manipulate public opinion. betty yu with our story.
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>> u.s. intelligence officials already concluded potion president vladimir putin and pug operatives. now a report shows -- and operatives. now a report shows how they could have done that and real facebook users need to be directed to where they can find the facts. then real people pick up the information from the fake facebook users and pass it on. >> and then once real people see it, once people are hooked, they spread it around. so you get people like donald trump who get ahold of misinformation. they spread it and some of their friends spread it and do the math. it goes to the millions. erators' betty
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yu >> tonight facebook vowed to shut down the so-called information operators. betty yu, kpix5. because of a new netflix series some school districts around the country are warning about the risks of teen suicide. 13 reasons why is narrated a fictional teenager hannah baker. the troubled high school student recorded a series of audiotapes describing the reasons why she took her own life. because of the series some of the schools are sending letters to parents saying this show may be perceived as glorifying and romanticizing suicide. >> suicide is a tough issue to talk about. >> they have to see something that will shake them. >> a real slow leading to real family dialogue. >> netflix statement, "we added explicit reasons on the most
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graphic episodes and hope this can be a catalyst for conversation." tonight a kpix5 investigation into claims of sexual harass at va clinics in the bay area is expanding. christin ayers spoke to yet another female employee who decided to come out of the shadows and tell her story after seeing our reports. >> i would see him around more and more. >> reporter: it's a story we've heard all too often. >> wow, you look really pretty today. wow, you have really beautiful eyes. >> reporter: female employees of several va clinics getting harassed by male supervisors. >> talking about my breast sides, talking about if i had panties on with my skirt. >> reporter: a boss not only harassed her, but she says
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ended up assaulting her. >> i was cornered in his office to where he tried to grope me. he tried to kiss me. he literally exposed himself to me making snide comments asking me oh, isn't this beautiful talking about his private area. >> i just felt really uncomfortable. >> reporter: this woman told us about a different supervisor at the same va hospital, darrell millburg, who she says has stalked her for years. when she tried to get reassigned to a new position -- >> he asked me how bad did i want the job and he told me he wanted to have sex with me and i got up and left. >> reporter: it's hard to believe these kind of scenarios could plout so blatantly in the workplace, but employees we talk to say it's an entrenched culture in the va perpetuated by a leadership that punishes anyone who complains. >> we see it at fox news, uber
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and all kinds of places. >> reporter: jennifer rush is legal director of equal rights advocates in san francisco, a nonprofit that provides assistance to harassment victims in the workplace. >> they are constantly looking back and blaming themselves for not doing enough early enough. >> reporter: she says when your job is on the line, it's hard to fight back. for a woman to say in a direct and straightforward way, please stop speaking to me that way. it really makes me uncomfortable or don't say that. to say that in the workplace is laden with all kinds of fear. >> reporter: connie said her supervisor threatened her with termination. >> i need the income. i'm a single mom. >> reporter: he was transferred to another va
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clinic. cony is still waiting for the -- connie is still waiting for the va to respond to her complaint. in an earlier interview va director staid to being well told us. >> we've -- stockwell told us. >> we've made a really easy process for people to say i don't think i was employed fairly. >> reporter: if they don't like it, he says -- >> they can certainly vote with their feet. >> to have a director say if i don't like dealing with this man talking to me the way he did or trying to grope me or kiss me or expose himself to me, then i can quit? that's just unheard of. seriously.. and who says that? >> reporter: in oakland
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christin ayers, kpix5. >> in an e-mail the va says, "allegations of sexual assault are taken very seriously and if founded, are a criminal act this va management is required to report to the office of the inspector general. we've posted the entire e-mail on you, bay area, have earned the seven-day forecast that you'll see in about 90 seconds. it is going to be sunny and beautiful through the weekend and beyond. it's very comfortable outside now, 60s in many locations including livermore at 65, san jose and concord 60, san francisco currently clear skies and 58, santa rosa 56, no worry about fog, not even at the beach over the dears, certainly nothing -- next seven days, certainly nothing on the radar. now things are calming down as we say hello to may and warmer weather next week. mountain view tonight 52, napa 52 degrees, san francisco 53,
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livermore 48. one thing to do with your kids this weekend, dream machine. it's a huge sprawling ridge of high pressure. we talked about it getting closer. it is now getting closer, so we'll go from 70s to 80s away from the water and some of you near the bay were in the 60s today. you will be in the 70s tomorrow. as the ridge gets closer, we induce an offshore wind which will get us to the 90s. in the santa clara valley 70s, low 80s. temperatures climbing into the weekend, mainly sunny skies at least the next seven days, but the warmest weather will be wednesday through friday as we touch the low 90s inland. shows 83, oakland 82, 78 in san rafael and a beautiful sunny 74 in san francisco, sunshine
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across the board. the temperature will climb wednesday and thursday. 90s in stand, but the heat wave will not stretch to areas in the water. took a long time to get here. so we'll have to use it. >> now elon musk's latest plan tonight takes us underground. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. tesla ceo elon musk wants to revolutionize the way we get around. >> tonight we're getting our first look at one way he wants to do this. he showed this video at a ted conference today. it shows electric skates transporting cars into narrow underground tunnels. musk wants to create an entire network of them. it's a pet project for the tesla founder who said the cars inside the tunnels could travel
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as fast as 130 miles per hour according to wired magazine. excavators have started digging a trench near spacex headquarters just outside los angeles. warriors' next opponent in the playoffs? we don't know yet. >> and another giant moment for the kids. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. let's roll it fo >> baseball up top, oh, my goodness, did you see the giants game tonight? let's roll it from at&t park. buster posey, the night off against the padres, pick it up 5th inning, giants needed a run and it came right here, a sac fly by michael morris scored brandon belt. that's how they tied it up 3-3. so here's christian arroyo and how he untied it, bottom 8th blast. he just made his major league debut monday, five games, two home runs including this game winner. the baby faced 21-year-old played hero tonight. giants 4, padres 3. hey, pitcher sonny gray is
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back with the a's, a's and astros tonight tied in the 5th. the astros filled some defensive holes. the go ahead run makes it 5-4. astros won 9-4 and the a's have lost five in a row. nfl 49er general manager john lynch, first round rubin foster, solomon thomas, head coach kyle shanahan, photo ops from the stage in colorado. the raiders got the corner in the 2nd round today from connecticut, a whole lot of man, he can hit. also nba the clippers beat the jazz tonight forcing a game seven, winner at golden state
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tuesday. congratulations to russell wilson and his wife, they had a baby girl today. >> we'll be right back. no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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we made it! it's the weekend, yes! late show with stephen colbert is next. >> somebody is happy. going to be sunny and beautiful. have a great weekend! take care.


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