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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> too quickly. >> but here we go. >> already five months into the year. >> what is your saying? may 1st? >> may day, may day, may day. >> you had a busy month too. >> this was a busy -- well, april was a busy monday for me, came here, had a birthday. >> a lot going on. >> thanks. >> do you know what rabbit, rabbit, rabbit is? >> i don't. >> you're going to hear it all morning. >> the first thing you say when you wake up is rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. berta knows. >> my grandmother taught me that. she also told me when you do a shot of tequila, you have to throw the salt over your shoulder. this is her birthday month. celebrating it each and every day, starting with warmer weather. there are so many candles on her birthday cake that we have warmer weather as a result. >> i'm not disagreeing with you on that. >> thank you, darling. temperatures right now in the 50s, slow to cool and check it out, we are going up to 90
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degrees today, santa rosa, fairfield. right now jacqueline dunn with traffic. >> active start to our monday morning commute. we had a fatal accident that at one point shut down all lanes northbound 880 at marina boulevard. all traffic cleared and traffic moving at the limit again but you may still see debris from that accident there. westbound four, two car crash, over on the shoulder. speeds dropped just below the limit there and tracking another deadly crash, northbound 101 at octavia street, the on-ramp to southbound octavia is currently shut down with emergency crews. please be advised if you are heading in that direction. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you. congressional negotiators reached a deal to avoid a possible government shutdown. senior aides say the agreement reached would fund the government through september, include billions of dollars for defense and border security, but it does not provide any money for president donald
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trump's proposed border wall. millions of people are taking the day off and protesting today. they are trying to send a message to president trump. may 1st also known as may day is already considered an annual day of reflection about the rights of workers. but today immigrant workers will be the main theme. people are encouraged to take the day off in march. organizers say they hope to show their economic power. >> we are shutting down our businesses across the country. we are not going to work. it's a strike day and if you have to go to work, you know, we are asking people not to shop. >> marches and walkouts are planned across the bay area. one of those includes the port of oakland where workers plan to walk off the job. in sunnyvale, plans for a city worker strike have been called off. hundreds of public employees had planned to walk off the job in their year's long push for a pay raise. workers say it's only a condense this demonstration comes on may day as they have been at the negotiating table for two years without a contract. tornados and severe flooding have killed at least
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14 people in the midwest and southeastern u.s. brook silva- braga has a closer look at the defense this morning from canton, texas. >> reporter: tornados like this one left the texas town of canton in ruins. >> realizing we almost died. >> reporter: a woman was found dead at this dodge dealership after cars there were turned into twisted wrecks. police believe she was driving and blown off the road. more drone footage reveals the extent of the flooding in missouri. >> just wish. >> reporter: in mississippi, a tearful woman mourns her fiance, wind knocked a tree onto their home. in arkansas falling trees left several homes in ruins and blocked streets. >> it was by the grace of god that we are still standing here right now. >> reporter: the heavy rain caused the chicago river to rise to dangerous levels and in oklahoma officials released water from the uche dam after more than 8 inches of rain fell
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on saturday forcing residents there to evacuate as the storms move east. >> where you see the enhanced threat here, colored in orange, pennsylvania, upstate, new york, damaging wind, heavy rain, hail and even isolated tornados will be likely. >> reporter: high schoolers in posey county, indiana were able to take the weekend weather in stride. >> it was a bummer, but it worked out fine. it seems like everybody was having a good time. >> reporter: they dressed up for a second straight day after flooding postponed saturday's prom. brook silva-braga, for cbs news, canton, texas. >> later today the department of water resources will conduct a final snowpack survey of the season. this is a look at the sierra from sky drone 5. the last measurement of the season is expected to break records according to electronic sensors. the snowpack is nearly double what it is normally this time of year. it's a good thing, but the thing i'm worrying about is that you want a gradual warmup. you don't want go from unseasonably cool to
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unseasonably hot because then you get a faster melt of the snow and that's when you get the flooding so we will have to keep a watchful eye on the seerra nez -- sierra nevada areas all week long because we went to below average temperatures to now near and above record. slow to cool in the overnight hours after reaching highs yesterday by a good 10 to 15 degrees. now we are into the 50s. it is nearly 60 degrees at this very early hour in the redwood city area. as we pinpoint your neighborhood forecast today, we are talking about nearly 70 at the beaches to 90 degrees in fairfield, 90 in santa rosa, mid-80s across santa clara valley. temperature in bonita 88. an goff shore -- offshore flow. we will talk about what that's doing to the pollen that's coming up next time around. right now, we are tracking your ride if you're making your
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way through oakland, 880, all lanes have been reopened after a deadly crash had shut down the northbound direction. >> tail lights on the right side of your screen, those are heading northbound from 238 on up towards the mesa. traffic moving at the limit again. we are tracking a deadly crash and this has shut down the octavia -- heads up for any drivers making their way through the city this morning. do expect delays as a coroner will be on the scene. right now westbound four past chicago highway, a crash not causing any delays but you will see some activity over on that shoulder. that is a check of your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. over the next few months a lot will be said about the summer of love but it probably wouldn't have happened without some brilliant, if unconventional psychics. >> as wilson walker shows us, the summer of 67 required a
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certain chemistry and one mayor is determined to find it. >> i've got old home movies, assessors records, i've looked at historic maps, historic aerial photos. >> reporter: on the ed point richmond, the mayor is looking for his city's next landmark. >> probably an up-slope house because it had a garage under it. >> reporter: the mayor is hunting for a clandestine psych del call kem -- psychedelic chemistry lab. >> a lot of things fed into what happened in 1967. one of the essential elements clearly is lsd and the psychedelic experience. that could not have happened without stanley's efforts. he was one industrious fella. >> reporter: al's by bear stanley, sound engineer for the
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grateful dead and who -- >> without him, there was simply not enough lds around for the wholesale participation in that experience by maybe hundreds of thousands of people. now, he's essential. he's an essential factor. >> reporter: stanley died in 2011 but in '66 he was cooking up that legendary batch of lds in a richmond rental home. >> we have worked through every single house in a multiblock area. >> reporter: fortunately for the mayor, bare stanley was not working alone. >> this is actually a map that i bought in 1966. >> reporter: tim scully was a wonky east bay kid turned berkeley physics major until his first trip convinced him he needed to drop out joint elsely and turn on about everybody. >> the hd experiences we had were so so compelling that we really believed that if we could share that experience with everyone, we might be able to save the world. >> i did not know tim scully.
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i did not drop acid. >> reporter: an unlikely research team but the mayor and the former chemist are adding up clues and zeroing in on that house. >> the lab was down around here. >> pretty well agree that when they came over here they turned off the highway. >> it was close to the oil refinery, which meant that smells from the oil refinery would cover up the lab smells. >> they came up marine street like we are going and somewhere down in this area where you see san francisco bay, they rented this house. >> sketched out three alternate floor plans. this is the part of the garage that was separated behind a plywood wall and a trapdoor going down into the basement. >> there are a couple of prospects that tim never felt good about but i haven't given up on them and they are these two houses here, they are both up-slope houses, views of the bay. the other hot prospect i have is a house that used to be right here. somehow it's more compelling
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because there's nothing here, nobody can prove it's not. >> reporter: you want to honor this spot, right? >> that was my original idea. if i could find it, put up a bronze plaque with dedication ceremony and invite all the characters from those days. >> reporter: now we have a new attorney general. >> we can invite him, sure. >> reporter: you're a mayor who wants to commemorate the former location of an lds lab. >> you know what? it wasn't illegal then. right? >> reporter: this is true. >> it wasn't. it was nothing illegal about it at all. >> reporter: the house on this lot was demolished in the '80s and those other two houses have been dramatically remodeled so a positive identification eludes us for now but just as this neighborhood has changed over the last 50 years, so have sensibilities and now richmond finds itself with a mayor that wants to commemorate what might have happened on this very spot. >> this may be waiting for the right final clue and then you nail it down. >> reporter: in point richmond,
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wilson walker, kpix5. >> felt a little woozy watching that. >> yeah. time now for -- starting today one bay area county is significantly expanding its ban on plastic bags. and police have now released the identity of the man who shot eight people near uc san diego. [piano playing slow tune]
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here is a live look at sfo where travelers may be in for delays or cancellations because of a major runway construction project. the repaving work won't let up until noon today. it caused hundreds of delays and dozens of cancellations yesterday and this project is set to pick up each weekend through june. anyone with a weekend flight is advised to call ahead. police have shot and killed a man suspected of shooting seven people near uc san diego. police say that 49-year-old peter suddenlyis opened -- sulis opened fire at a birthday party in a pool area at an apartment complex yesterday.
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he pointed the gun at the officers when they arrived on the scene. witnesses say the shooter had been shooting. >> mid shooting he was sitting by the pool drinking a beer? >> yes, he was. he had a beer in one hand with his gun in the other. there was two victims laying on the ground, one trying to crawl up towards the other one to help. >> there are eight victims suffering from gunshots, we know that several of them are in critical condition and they were transported to local hospitals. >> one woman died from her injuries. the seven others remain in the hospital this morning. investigators are now trying to figure out the motive for the shooting. a ban on plastic bags is expanding in alameda county. grocery, drug and liquor stores already stopped using them but today the ban now expands to all alameda county retailers including restaurants and food trucks. unless you bring your own bag, you will be charged 10 cents. right now under the golden gate bridge an experiment is taking shape to spur the growth of our salmon population.
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betty yu breaks it down. >> reporter: if you look closely, you will see small fish shooting out of the giant hose into a hole. inside are 200,000 sacramento valley chinook or king salmon. they will be unloaded under the golden gate bridge today to help them get into the ocean and bypass predators. each one is tagged and part of a study run by the department of fish and wildlife and east bay mud. >> the goal is to increase survival and imprint so that these fish come back to the mccullmy river as adults instead of strain into other systems. >> reporter: two batches of fish were brought in from the hatchery to this boat in different ways. the first traveled downstream in this space in hopes the fish will remember their surroundings and know how to make their way home. the second came via truck. >> hopefully they have a
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similar amount of survival, but the fish that came out on the boat have a higher rate of return to our river. >> reporter: these baby king salmon are expected to return home to the mccullmy river in the next two to three years. that's when scientists will start to analyze the data from the tags located in their head. bay area commercial and recreational fishermen commonly catch king salmon. their numbers are dropped over the years because of damage, destruction and the destruction of has been at that time -- the destruction of habitat. >> the more that come back, the better the fishing is going to be. >> reporter: and the more they come back, the more genetically pure and healthy the population of king salmon. in sausalito, betty yu, kpix5. it erupted yesterday afternoon in a field in high grove. officials say it started around
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30 acres but quickly exploded to more than a thousand. air tankers, helicopters and hundreds of firefighters are on the ground and trying to get it under control. at last check it was 25% contained. time now, 4:47. roberta is back. >> amazing, amazing weather on the delta this weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> nice all over the bay area. >> yeah, with the pirates and i took friends. yeah. it was so beautiful out there and i think everybody in disco bay was out on the water. the development part that -- deepest part that i was driving the boat in was 46 feet. >> i can't believe they let you drive. >> watch out. >> heading out the door, take a view, this time around taking a look at the sales force tower. it stands over 100 feet tall. by the time this is done, $1.1 billion spent to build that masterpiece there. you know, it's still under construction at the south market district of downtown san francisco. clear skies out there this morning.
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another view of the bay bridge, 55 degrees santa rosa to 57 degrees in oakland, now in the low 50s in livermore. winds, boy, they are going to be picking up later today, northwesterly 10 to 20, right now pretty calm in san francisco and in oakland calm also on the seashore but these winds will get gusty late day and then start to increase towards the evening commute 20 to 30 miles per hour, boy, the winds are not a problem this weekend on the water at all. good morning to our weather watchers, katie, dave, linda, george. we also have robert sullivan checking in with us this morning with temperatures in the 50s, the weather watcher is getting up early. we have clear skies at the coast, clear skies inland. high pressure the key component diverting our storm track well to the north of us now. we are going to stay toasty through wednesday, then i believe by thursday we will see a significant drop in our temperatures and begin to cloud up by the weekend. so our highs once again near 90, this morning sunrise is at 6:13, it will be stellar. the sunset will be at 8:00
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sharp and, boy, from this morning to the evening, near a record warmth. i'm talking 70 at rockaway beach, nearly 80 in san francisco. yesterday it was 72 degrees. my warm spot, climbtologywise -- climb orwood as well, 90 in santa rosa, mid-80s santa clara valley, 84 in mountain view. i'm going even warmer on tuesday, wednesday, then about a 10-degree drop by thursday with increasing winds. we see another drop in our temperatures by friday, calling it mostly cloudy by sunday. that's a look at your may day forecast. here's jacqueline dunn with traffic. >> good morning. it was such a beautiful weekend this past weekend. right now we are tracking a couple of earlier accidents, now in the clearing stages. a deadly accident had at one point shut down the octavia street on-ramp to southbound 101. we just got word from chp that all of the lanes have been
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reopened. that on-ramp has cleared. so if you are heading out the door right now, you will be able to access that. if you're making your way along the bay bridge this morning, we are just getting word of a two car crash. this is on the lower deck right as you're approaching treasure island. you can see speeds dropped a bit but not causing any sort of significant backup. also tracking two car crash that's cleared over to that shoulder. it looks like crews are still out on the scene, westbound 4 just past port chicago highway and you can see speeds are just below the limit there. take a live look over at the san mateo bridge and you can see that traffic is running smoothly in both directions, those tail lights making their way out of hayward into foster city on that right side of your screen there and travel times are in the green. no delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are looking good on the upper deck all the way into downtown san francisco. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you, michelle. time now is 4:50. libraries in one bay area city is starting a new amnesty
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program today. details on the fine forgiveness plan. and an incredible scene from the midwest where it looked like a bomb detonated in the middle of a busy interstate. and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on our thursday morning show. ,,,,
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library system is giving locals a second take a look at the temperatures. typically we should be at 54 in san francisco. today in the city by the bay, 78 degrees, we are talking nearly 80 at the beaches today. 60s to 70s. 80s common across the santa clara valley. topping out at 86 degrees at the rose garden district. east of the bay, 89 in
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brentwood, discovery bay at 90 to 91 degrees. 87 degrees in san ramon and vallejo at 87 degrees. north bay numbers stacking up at nearly 70 at sin sin beach but becoming northwesterly up to 30 miles per hour. 80s, 90s around wine country of napa and sonoma, 83 degrees at cloverdale. folks making their way across the golden gate bridge this morning, the headlights making their way southbound, no delays in either direction. looks like a nice start to your monday morning ride along the span. >> jacklin, i wish i lived in san jose. the library system is giving locals a second chance. they can return overdue items without facing a single fine, that means books, dvds and other materials people have checked out can be dropped off with no consequences. the librarians are hoping to send a message in exchange for the blank slate, they are
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promoting a right to library campaign. it stresses everybody in the community has access to the library's resources from desktop computers to immigration services. >> we want everybody to feel welcome in our public libraries. they are safe places and anyone can get a library card. >> the find forgiveness program runs through may. on tuesday the bike path on the bay bridge to -- spectacular view of the bay. it's been open since october but only on weekends and it's big a big hit with the riders. >> it's so beautiful and especially when it's this kind of weather, it's comfortable and it's a great little pedal. >> since i commute a lot, when you drive, you are always in the car and don't get to see what's going on here but on the side here, the cars become a side noise and then you enjoy the view. >> and for anyone who wants to bike, walk or run across the
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eastern span of the bay bridge, the path will be open every day from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. starting tomorrow. there is a lot of damage left behind at an apartment complex in southern california. a big rig crashed through a woman's bedroom when she was sleeping. this happened in fullerton. the woman was hurt by all the debris that fell on her. the driver is also recovering. crews had to evacuate the rest of the apartment because they are worried it could collapse. no word yet when people will be allowed to return home. and take a look at this explosion in dayton, ohio. the blast came after a crash between a car and fuel tanker on interstate 75. the driver of the car died. the big rig driver was okay. it is may 1st, that means it's may day and that means protests all around the country and here in the bay area. we will tell you what the demonstrators will be calling for next. plus, is the sunnyvale
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stalemate over. i'll talk about city leaders and city members narrowly avoiding a strike. ,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 1st. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. start with a live look outside this morning, a live look at the bay bridge on the left and on the right the golden gate bridge. hardly any cars on the road. we got one right there. >> you pointed out earlier, kenny, that the lights on the bay bridge -- >> the vertical ones. >> they are not on this morning. >> but they look on right there. >> maybe it was on the other side. i don't know. >> they were on when we went through this morning. look at that right there? >> what is the other shot? >> we could see -- maybe the third section of it on the eastern side? >> i think you just blinked. >> is that it? >> when he closed his eyes and
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he blinked, it went out. >> she witnessed it. >> you witnessed it, you know you did. >> we are able to see out to the port of oakland this morning because the visibility is stunning. we do have the offshore flow resulting in warmer weather today in comparison to even yesterday when our outside number was 85 in concord. this morning santa rosa 52 degrees. it is now in the mid-50s in san francisco and in oakland, very mild out the door. now, these winds are pretty much on the light side but later today ramping up out of the northwest, 20 to 30 miles per hour during the late afternoon hours. it's calm in napa, out of the north right now, 3 miles per hour in santa rosa. check it out, warmer weather today, 70 at the seashore, 70s, 80s around the rim of the bay, 80s peninsula, 80s inland to 90 degrees in santa rosa and in fairfield. we will talk more about the local forecast at 5:18. right now send it over to jaclyn dunn. >> we are tracking slowdowns. speeds drop below 30 miles per


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