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Trump Administration
  CBS This Morning  CBS  May 1, 2017 7:41am-7:45am PDT

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with president trump and his top advisers. several members of trump's and min staid where in green room. he was previous le the longest sharing of the republican national committee. good morning. great to boo b here. >> it's a cool place to be her , r, doing this show. it's great honor. >> just think. he's watching you right now. >> the pressure's on. >> that's the only artifact since john and abigail, painting. >> let's look down the hall. >> the moment president obama walked down the hall and said they killed osama bin laden. >> the next question is the big
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legislative victory. are you expecting a health care i'm on cities mystic. >> do you think so? >> i think so. this will be one of the fastest pieces of signature legislation to go through for a president since roosevelt, i believe. so people make so much of the stimulus bill that barack obama put through. but, remember, that was prebaked during october during the financial meltdown and people on both sides of the aisle were writing bill they passed in february. but other than that, bush 3 passed the bill in june, reagan was in august. 41, bush 41 wasn't until a year and a half later, so this would be very quick for president
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trump to get this thing through. >> following up on that, do you have to have tack reform by the end of the year? >> i think we'll have it by the end of the year. i think that's a goal. >> it is said the presidency has been changed by donald trump and the presidency has changed him. how has he changed? >> well, i wouldn't say he's changed. his views are the same and his positions on trade and the kmm and foreign policy are the same. >> he talked about nato in a way -- he talks about it differently. he talks about china differently than he did during the campaign. >> nafta too. >> let's take that for a second. nato, his position is countries need to pay up and pay their fair share. you remember when the secretary-general walked out to the podium right over there, one of the first things that came out of his mouth is it's time
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the countries pay up. i would say this. his positions are the same. but positions he's call um others. look at president xi. what's happening is president xi is using his position. as far as an overall question, i think it's an enormous job. i'm sure you filming, me sitting here taking questions from you, it sort of changes you, right? it sort of makes you think about things a little differently. that changes eve s everybody. >> will has been a lot of tense connen very sags. can you imagine a scenario where
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they sit face-to-face and have a conversation? >> not right now i can't. unless the person was willing to disarm and give up what he's put in mountainside across this country and give up his drive for a nuclear capability and icbms. i think the answer's probably not and i don't see that happening. but we're going to need a lot of cooperation around the lesion and leaders around the world in order to get this under control. >> would that be a change in tax reform? >> i think you're going to see that. certainly as i said earlier that balloon is going t