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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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don't we know it it's expensive but look at that view. totally worth it, huh? >> i was thinking somebody must have just paid his rent. >> that's right. >> it hurts every time. >> you know, temperatures are averaging 14 to 16 degrees above where it should be for this time of the year. this is our live weathercam what looking out towards the bay bridge from the transamerica pyramid. the visibility is unlimited. you can see past the port of oakland if it was bright and sunny. temperatures in the 60s. what a mild night. was it uncomfortable sleeping last night? because it warmed up so much? well, right now temperature- wise west winds at 10 with that temperature into the 60s. we have west at 3 in oakland. these winds hyena increase 10 to 20 late today 12-mile-per- hour winds in san rafael. later numbers a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. i'm going with 81 degrees in san francisco. yesterday it was 80 degrees. temperatures still in the low 90s across the board and we'll
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talk more about this extended forecast coming up but right now, let's send it over to jaclyn. >> good morning. happy tuesday. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. taillights making their way from hayward to foster city, you may see roadwork. caltrans taking advantage of the nice weather and has one lane closed from the high-rise to foster city. so just a heads up if you are going out now. you may catch that. it is in effect until 5 a.m. traffic lights out at third and king a four-way stop. police in san francisco are looking for a gunman who killed a 15-year-old near golden gate park. yesterday at noon someone opened fire on the teen who was behind the wheel of a car on sunset boulevard between kirkham and lawton streets. investigators say that he didn't have a driver's license and they they believe he was the intended target. now look for surveillance video
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and talk to witnesses including a 16-year-old passenger in the victims car. president trump will speak by phone today with russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders are expected to discuss the civil war in syria. the announcement came just hours after president trump said he would be honored to neat north korea's dictator under the right circumstances. -- to meet north korea's dictator under the right circumstances. he says it's not the right time. he seemed to praise the leadership of kim jong-un. >> he assumed power when he was young when his father died. there are a lot of potential threats that came his way and he managed to lead the country forward. >> cia director mike pompeo is in south korea to discuss the situation with north korea. there's a warning for any american who plans to travel to europe. the state department tweeted out, quote, we alert u.s. citizens to the continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout europe. there has been violence in paris and other big cities recently and the department says the potential for more
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attacks is real. the government says to check the websites of u.s. embassies and consulates for security messages. the new alert is for the summer and runs through september. back in the bay area, growing concern about rattlesnakes after half a dozen sightings in a week. one man is in critical condition after being bit on the hand yesterday at mission peak. mark sayre reports. >> reporter: from chopper 5 you can see that mission peak regional preserve is a busy place after a wet and cold winter the warmer temperatures bringing out the hikers and the snake. snakes. park rangers say the call came in just after 1:30 that a 47- year-old man has bitten by a rattler near the top of mission peak. a helicopter came in and he was given antivenom. the man sat down on a rock and
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put his hand down and he was bitten. >> i watch when i walk look down and, um, i know that there's snakes, rattlesnakes. >> reporter: regular hikesser say the presence of rattlesnakes in the hills is no surprise but they say as long as you stay away from them, they will leave you alone. >> i know you have to stay away from it. >> reporter: warning signs are posted at the park letting people know that rattlesnakes are not aggressive but will defend themselves if threatened or cornered. >> i don't run but i just slowly move away. >> east bay park officials say a dog was also bitten by a rattlesnake at a livermore park. yesterday's victim could talk to park rangers by the evening. >> giving me the chills still looking at that video. >> i grew up with rattlesnakes in the mojave desert and this is a little premature because of the heat. these north pacific
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rattlesnakes can also swim. >> oh, that's great to hear. >> very versatile. >> i have encountered one in lake del valle. they hang out next to the shoreline. i have been told if you don't bother them, they won't bother you, i was swimming one time and i thought i hit a log and the log went like this. >> this is why i stay on land! [ laughter ] >> i like scaring her. get ready, get set, go out the door this morning clear skies. look at the beautiful lights just reflecting off the bay waters which are relatively calm. 60s so mild as you get ready for your tuesday. keep that in mind. really it's very summer-like as far as the feel is concerned. light winds in the area. they will increase out of the northwest 10 to 20 late day and the numbers, 81 in san francisco up from the average of 64. 70s common at the beaches today. mid- and high 80s around the
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peninsula then we jump up to 90 in cupertino, campbell and los gatos. 88 in san jose. up a degree from yesterday. east bay numbers stacking up to 93 degrees. we are talking low 90s towards discovery bay, brentwood, tracy, oakley, orwood, as well. 91 in my backyard yesterday in pleasanton. meanwhile with the breeze in the north bay, 70 in stinson beach with the visibility unlimited. you will be able to see forever all the way out towards the farralones. 92 in napa yesterday. it was 90. 88 in clearlake. everybody talking about the cooldown and where that will kick in. i'll talk about that next time around. jaclyn, did you enjoy it yesterday? >> i did. lady and i went for more walks and we had a great time. that's my dog. right now we are tracking a nice and smooth ride as you're making your way throughout the bay area but we have some
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roadwork. this is in oakland along 880 between hegenberger and 66th avenue the far right lane closed until 6 a.m. so shouldn't be out there too much longer. let's take it to the south bay where we are checking in problem-free speeds at the limit. altamont pass to the dublin- pleasanton interchange about 20 minutes. accident-free out of antioch into hercules. every day oil companies in california dump millions of gallons of waste water underground most of it injected deep in the central valley which is the state's agricultural heartland. only on "5" christin ayers explains that some farmers suspect waste water might be killing their crops and impacting our food supply. >> under normal circumstances it would be leaves on all these trees where you see they're all
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dead. >> reporter: something bad is happening on mike hopkins' central valley farm. the problem, he says, began about 8 years ago when the leaves of his newly planted cherry orchard started turning brown. soon the almond trees followed. >> we started doing water test, oil tests, tissue tests, digging holes, trying to find out where the problem was. >> reporter: the water test provided a clue. >> it had more contaminants in it color hide, salts, boron -- chloride, salts, boron, other minor elements normally we wouldn't find at levels that were harmful to the trees. >> reporter: his irrigation water contains the very same salty compound found in the waste water produced by dozens of nearby oil wells. ten barrels of waste water come up with each barrel of oil and most of it is put back in the ground. state regulators told mike this waste water injection well right across the street his farm couldn't be to blame because it's been abandoned for
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years. but it turns out, abandoned wells can be a problem. >> that acts as essentially a chimney. >> reporter: this woman is suing the oil companies involved on mike's behalf. according to the lawsuit, abandoned injection wells reach into the same years underground where dozens of other active wells are injecting waste water. when pressure builds into the injection zone the waste water pushes up into an abandoned well if not properly sealed and leak into the freshwater above it. >> nobody is testing the water wells nearby even though the division of oil & gas knows there are farmers complaining. >> reporter: one of the companies san joaquin facilities management told us by email there is no evidence that san joaquin's injected water is escaped the zone into which it was injected. three other oil companies said they comment because of pending litigation. the device of oil & gas wouldn't talk. the chief deputy director of
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the water resources control board, his agency is assisting the division of oil & gas in a federally mandated review of hundreds of injection wells that the epa has determined could potentially be contaminating california's drinking water supply. >> we did a first cut review and identified a number of wells that needed further study. >> reporter: dozens were found in violation. the well near mike's farm was not on the list. but jonathan admits -- >> there is a theoretical potential that an abandoned well that perforates down into the oilfield might have some cross-connection with a water zone. >> reporter: he says so far, noels used for irrigation or drinking have been found to be contaminated. but the review process scheduled to be completed this month is way behind target. and all the geological and mechanical surveys to make sure the injection wells are safe are being done by the oil companies. >> is that a little like having
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the fox watch the henhouse? >> it's what we have been doing for 50 years. it's the way our regulatory system works. >> i see it getting worse. >> reporter: back at the farm, the attorney says with no help from the state, her client had no choice but to sue. >> we all know what we face with the current administration trying to take away epa's power. >> reporter: mike hopkins has planned his stachyose on the field pistachios where the cherry trees were planted. once his almond trees stop producing he will pull them. >> this is a small orchard. we have neighbors that are much larger going through the same problems. once we get to a point where everybody is complaining, it's probably going to be too late. >> reporter: in kern county, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> oil industry sources we talked to told us the source of the salty irrigation water
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problem is not their injection wells but, rather, the drought and big ag irrigation practices. we have the full statement from the one oil company that responded to us on our website, time now 4:42. ♪[ music ] >> all the storms that hit california in recent months have left quite a mess. we'll take a unique look at some of the areas still feeling the effects. >> plus a huge headache for bay area drivers when a big rig is stuck with nowhere to go. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. we now know.. it was likely set by arson. police arrested a man last started there's new information about a brush fire in southern california. we now know it was likely set by arson. police arrested a man last night who they believe started t crews had to put out several hot spots in the san bernardino national forest. this is along highway 18 near the crestline bridge. no homes in the area were damaged. drivers on the peninsula face a traffic mess after a big rig got in quite a bind. the truck was hauling multiple cars when it tried to exit
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southbound 101 onto westbound 92. that's when the big rig got wedged in the jersey barriers that border the tight curve. some of the barriers had to be removed just to get the big rig out. it forced the ramp to close for about an hour. starting today the bay bridge bike path to yerba buena island will be open daily. oakland mayor libby schaaf will be riding the 2.2-mile route with other bikers. it starts at 10:45. the path will open daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. this view from "sky drone 5" makes clear the sierra is still bursting with snow in the final measurements of the season. the snowpack is 190% of normal. they haven't seen a number like this since 1998. but the powerful rains and high waves from our winter storms brought significant debris to bay area beaches. kpix 5's kiet do shows us the mess that remains on many stretches of sand.
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>> reporter: i'm kiet do on the coast. after historic rainstorms this winter, the must have fashion accessory at the beach is a sturdy pair of shoes. >> i like the sun but i don't like the debris. >> reporter: we took "skydrone5" to some of the most popular beaches in santa cruz starting with seabright. months of storm runoff deposited wooden debris. the worst are the ones right next to rivers. seabright is next to the mouth of the san lorenzo river and the western end took the brunt of it. but any debris that gets near the shoreline gets washed out to sea. next we had to rio del mar state beach where we found enough driftwood to build a small patio deck next to aptos creek which explains the tons of debris that washed down from the mountains. the rio is 200 to 300 feet wide so chances are you'll find a clear spot. the upside? all that wood actually comes in handy for bonfires. perhaps the toughest spot today is capitola beach where dozens of people are getting cozy on a small wedge of land where there
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seems to be more wood than sand. >> actually got a stick and got rid of all the smaller sticks that were there and all the rocks. i tossed it aside to make room to put:my tent. that's annoying. >> reporter: -- to put up my tent. that's annoying. >> reporter: the main beach was littered with debris last fall but after the annual spring clean-up, the city brought in bulldozers and pushed it out to the ocean. but the flow from socal creek is so strong that it blocked access to the main beach. capitola says hopefully the flow from the river will die down and that will allow allow them to bury the debris by memorial day. kiet do, kpix 5. time now 4:47. i think kiet has the best assignment of the day. >> going to the beach? >> yeah, he went to all those beaches. >> on a day in which it was in the low 70s. >> perfect. >> i was there at rio del mar last weekend and also beer can
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beach, there's a lot of logs left over from our winter storms but there's a lot -- at the delta i was there this past weekend a lot of tree limbs from the gusty winds. if you are going to the beach, santa cruz, what a day. 81 degrees today. don't forget the sunblock and swells are decent out there three to five feet. kenny what would that be, about chest to head high? >> about that. >> pretty decent. take a look at this. it's our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. the waters are calm. the winds have been picking up onshore to 12 miles per hour right here near the embarcadero. otherwise, look how mild it is into the 60s. wind speeds now in san francisco clocking in at 10. 12 in san rafael. 14-foot.
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14 miles an hour. later on winds 10 to 20. napa at 95 degrees yesterday. the official reporting station in napa at the airport sported 90 degrees. here's my satellite and radar. you can see these clouds all diverting to the north. that you see huge arch right there? that's where the ridge of high pressure is building in from the west expanding east. it's pretty strong it's going continue to stay in place for the next 48 hours which means we have sunny skies on tap. but i wanted to look ahead towards friday. thursday and friday, i took a look at one of the buoys. our water temperatures at 51 degrees. we have a low to the north of us that will divert the jet stream to the south. the end result that cooler air will rush onshore causing fog to return. temperatures will lower at the seashore and all the way into our inland areas. today however nearly 90 throughout the central valley. just as warm here as it will be in throughout the sacramento and san joaquin valleys. approaching 70 in monterey bay.
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64 high sierra. a bit of a breeze however. official sun-up is at 6:12. it will set tonight at 8:01 and by then, we'll have realized a day in which the temperatures a couple degrees warmer than what we experienced yesterday. now, look at san francisco. typically we should be at 64 degrees for this second day of the month of may but instead, 81 degrees. we're talking mid-70s at the beaches. a few low 70s around rockaway. low 90s concord, clayton and walnut creek back through napa into sonoma. glen ellen, as well. healdsburg, occidental all in the low 90s. same wednesday. there's that cooldown with the return of the fog late on thursday. look at the drop in the temperatures on friday additional cooling on saturday. we cloud up on sunday and the sun returns on monday. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. here's jaclyn. >> looks good. we are tracking a nice ride for folks making their way over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we are starting to see just a bit of a backup though in those cash lanes.
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this is -- they are doing those shift changes over there. you're a smooth ride into san francisco from the maze to downtown. eastbound towards the bay bridge one lane is closed for roadwork for 5:00. closed from 5th street to essex. some delays due to some roadwork this is heading through oakland northbound 880 caltrans had one lane closed between hegenberger and 66th avenue. it looks like they are wrapping that up but we are still tracking a few slowdowns. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:51. may day marches all over the bay area took on a different tone this year. we'll have more on their message. >> and a close call for a couple of dogs who are out for a day on the bay. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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good morning, everybody. time check now is 4:54. take a look at your tv screen. yes, average high san francisco. instead 81 degrees. we are topping off in the 70s at the beaches today. mid-80s around the peninsula. good morning to you in palo alto at 89 degrees. a lot of people don't have air- conditioning along the peninsula. 88 in san jose today. mid-80s in milpitas, newark, union city, east bay numbers stacking up into the low 90s. we will see 90 degrees in brentwood. 92 in discovery bay. how about 93 today in pleasant hill? it feels the same above 90?
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maybe not. 87 mill valley today. good morning sonoma. mid- to high 80s. napa 90 yesterday, 92 today. going to be hot in windsor at 93. we are tracking a two-car crash northbound 280 right near san jose avenue. it's not blocking any lanes. and looks like traffic is still moving at the limit through the area. just a visual distraction as you make your way through. demonstrators around the world are showing their support for immigrant workers am sof am them tooking day off and marched -- workers. some of them took the day off and marched in the area. the message was anti-trump. >> what makes this so big today is because of trumpism. the issues that he is pursuing in the community and the world has put us together. >> in oakland, four people were arrested when they chained themselves to the entrance of a county administrative building. in san jose, people gathered at the mexican heritage plaza and walked to the "s.a.p. center." they joined a big group of
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employees from facebook and google. >> and in san francisco, protestors rallied at justin herman plaza then marched to the civic center plaza. a few hundred people blocked streets around the i.c.e. office. things stayed peaceful in the bay area but it was different in oregon. this was portland. police say that a group of masked protestors threw rocks, molotov cocktails and smoke bombs at police. several bream arrested. police have released the names of a man and girl killed in a crash on 880 in oakland. 23-year-old dion christie and 5- year-old navae brown were involved in a crash yesterday near fifth avenue. they were sitting in the back seat of a bmw that hit a truck on the shoulder and veered into another truck. it appears the child was not belted in. here's a shot of two dogs saved from the bay. they were spotted near the
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quarry by a beach in san rafael. a crew in a fire boat was able to get them out and rescue them. it's not quite clear how they got into trouble but their owner says he is grateful to have them back. walk something a prospect in one bay area city. -- walking is a dangerous prospect in one bay area city. >> plus a trial for the murder of sierra lamar wraps up today. i'll have the plans for closing arguments coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... out to st good morning. it is tuesday, may 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. look at the conditions this morning on the left at the bay bridge. on the right, 580 in dublin.
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look at that. all the lights. >> looks like a busy morning in traffic. >> diamonds and rubies. >> that's right. >> i like when you say that. >> and sunshine here this morning. i thought the sun wasn't coming out. >> and i was so excited -- [ crosstalk ] . >> i want to make a note. roberta yesterday said we have to wear warriors colors tomorrow so like jaclyn and i -- [ laughter ] >> we listened to roberta for once. and then -- >> no, the warriors when you go to the game they have navy blue trim. so i figured were you going to go bright because you look beautiful and you look great in that color and -- >> my tie has a little yellow. >> we thought we would be the outliers. go warriors against the jazz tonight, it is on! >> game one. >> yeah. let's do it. >> boy, for -- you know, i really don't see people tailgating outside warriors. i see some but not like football, right? but if you want to, go for it! the weather is going to be so uc


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