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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at that. all the lights. >> looks like a busy morning in traffic. >> diamonds and rubies. >> that's right. >> i like when you say that. >> and sunshine here this morning. i thought the sun wasn't coming out. >> and i was so excited -- [ crosstalk ] . >> i want to make a note. roberta yesterday said we have to wear warriors colors tomorrow so like jaclyn and i -- [ laughter ] >> we listened to roberta for once. and then -- >> no, the warriors when you go to the game they have navy blue trim. so i figured were you going to go bright because you look beautiful and you look great in that color and -- >> my tie has a little yellow. >> we thought we would be the outliers. go warriors against the jazz tonight, it is on! >> game one. >> yeah. let's do it. >> boy, for -- you know, i really don't see people tailgating outside warriors. i see some but not like football, right? but if you want to, go for it! the weather is going to be so conducive. we have summer-like conditions
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out there. right now live weather camera looking out. can you see it on your tv screen? you can see the morning star convenience out there. wow. right there in the sky rising. look at the temperatures. livermore down to 58. otherwise we are in the 60s. 64 degrees in santa rosa after topping off at 90 yesterday. right now the winds pretty much under 10 around the immediate bay. but in the north bay right now, 11 san rafael, 14 in novato. these winds will increase out of the northwest 10 to 20 later today. now, here's what you need to know. today and tomorrow, the warmest days, downright hot. everybody cools by 20 degrees by friday. you will feel the difference. cool breezy and cloudier conditions this weekend. a tiny minuscule shower chance on sunday. but i have not put that in the seven-day forecast as of yet. it bears watching. temperatures across the board from 73 degrees at rockaway beach and pacifica. look at the 80s around the rim of the bay. typically we should be at 64 in
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san francisco. instead, 81 degrees same as yesterday. 91 in concord, napa, sonoma, 92 in santa rosa. full forecast at 18 after the hour but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. >> good morning, happy tuesday. we are tracking a few incidents. a live look at the san mateo bridge. taillights out of hayward over to foster city. caltrans did have one lane closed for some roadwork it looks like they are wrapping up with that and speeds are moving at the limit. you shouldn't have any troubles heading over to 101. let's take it over to our maps where we're tracking some incidents, this is in oakland westbound 980 at 14th street. we have one lane blocked due to a stalled big rig there. not causing a backup. we are tracking an accident in tracy westbound to mountain house parkway, sluggish from the altamont pass to 680, about 25 minutes. in just a few hours closing arguments are expected in the
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trial for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. if convicted he could face the death penalty. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in san jose where the trial has been going on for three months. >> reporter: with the death penalty on the table, jury deliberations could take potentially quite a while after these closing arguments finally wrap up. 26-year-old antolin garcia- torres is accused of murder early sierra lamar back in 2012. the problem with the case is that her body was never found. now, throughout the trial, we have heard discussion about other types of physical evidence key to this trial. >> it's clear from this case that the battleground is going to be the dna evidence and what the defense did suggest that it was contaminated at the outset. >> reporter: that physical evidence is significant including dna found inside garcia-torres' car and on lamar's clothing. that was found in a field near
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her home. most recently inside the courtroom we also heard from a digital evidence forensic examiner who said sierra lamar loved social media and used twitter and email on the morning of her disappearance. closing arguments start at 9 a.m. i have been told that garcia- torres has confirmed to the judge he will not testify inside the courtroom. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. the man accused in an attack at an oakland university is expected to plea today. one goh is charge with 4 counts of murder. he is a former student at oikos university. the shooting happened on campus back in 2012. 7 people died. doctors recently ruled that he is fit to stand trial. in san francisco, two recent pedestrian deaths highlight a pressing need for safety changes on several streets. anne makovec is live in san
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francisco on steps transportation officials are taking today to save lives. >> reporter: there is a big vote today by muni for a new beds and bicycle plan at octavia and market behind me. it would be a mile stretch west to castro street. so this is right through the heart of the castro district in san francisco. that is after those two deadly accidents here in the city in the past few days. 77-year-old woman was killed crossing the street saturday night at lake merced boulevard and font street a pickup hit her and then yesterday, a 56- year-old man died at market and octavia hit by a car at the on- ramp. >> there's a lot of traffic and people don't always look and there's a lot of things you have to look at. >> reporter: 70% of san francisco's traffic crashes happen on 12% of the industry streets the streets shown in violent. some dangerous areas have also
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seen improvements like lights that let a pedestrian walk three seconds before cars get a green light and stopping lines that keep cars farther from pedestrians. the plan today would add expanded medians, islands and corners. police tracked down a second teen for a robbery on bart. police say the 15-year-old boy was one of about 50 teens who beat and robbed passengers on a train last month at the coliseum station. the male was spotted last friday robbing a woman in oakland. police say they found him behind the wheel of a stolen car. president trump ruffled diplomatic feathers by inviting philippine president duterte into washington adding that he would even be open to meeting with north korea's kim jong un. >> as he entered his second 100 days, the president has also raised eyebrows over his interpretation of the civil
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war. for more insights we turn to marc sandalow. good to see you. duterte and kim, um, kim jong- un, they seem like unlikely guests for president trump, right? >> reporter: yeah. as are his nice words for president xi of china who he had in mar-a-largo, vladimir putin he has always been rhetorically enamored with. the difference with this president is he hasn't mentioned human rights yet. these guys duterte talked about personally with his own hands killing drug criminals outside courts and kim jong-un is a leader who has kept much of north korea in poverty running a nuclear arms program. it's an interested side to this. it was only eight years ago that president obama talked about how he was willing to talk with anybody in the world. he was impressed pilloried by
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republicans for saying that was naive. you don't refuse to deal with people we regard as enemies or even amoral people. but usually you bring up civil rights in the same breath. that hasn't happened by president trump. >> some people say the budget deal congress reached seems to offer democrats their biggest victory in months. what's your take on that? >> reporter: democrats did shockingly well in this. so you remember they were fighting about whether or not president trump's money for the wall to mexico was going to be in this budget. president trump backed off on that. let's take the money for security. we'll get to the wall later but in this budget is also money for planned parenthood. there's money to keep obamacare alive. this is stunning when you think about the fact that this is the first time in years and years that republicans have had the house and senate and the white house and you can't filibuster a budget bill. the reason this is happening is
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because republicans are divided. there are conservatives and there are moderates and they cannot get on the same page without nancy pelosi's help in getting some democrats on board. there was going to be no budget so nancy pelosi scored a big surprising victory and got in the budget which is something that she couldn't have dreamt of under such republican control. >> finally, what is president trump questioning about the civil war? >> reporter: well, he started out talking about andrew jackson who died 16 years before the war between the states, was very angry about it. then he went on to say this yesterday. >> president trump: people don't ask that question. but why was there the civil war? why could that one not have been worked out? >> reporter: then he went on to clarify that yes, he knew that andrew jackson was dead but he would have been angry. here's what he said in a tweet. he talked about how jackson saw
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it coming and would have done something to stop it. now, this is a abject lesson on how when president trump learns something, he assumes the world learns it. why the civil war? no one asked that question. so i looked this up. library of congress in 2002 found 70,000 books that had been written on the civil war. some of them questioned why the civil war was fought. i went to amazon. these are names of books that are out there. [ why. why. why ] many people have asked the question, why the civil war was taught? [ laughter ] >> i'm not sure if it's more disturbing that the president of the united states is not clear about why it was fought or if he assumes because he is asking this question for the first time, he assumed it's the first time the question is being asked. >> thank you.
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♪[ music ] time now 5:10. the met gala in new york is a showcase for some of the world's most daring fashion choices. we'll take a look at the hits and misses. >> 16 degrees above average today. now everyone is asking, when will be the cooldown? >> just below theslowdowns on 580 details and the drive times coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's jessica flores is live at yerba buena island.. with the story. ssica? happening today, east bay cyclists have a new place to ride on weekdays. jessica flores is live at yerba buena island with the story. >> reporter: michelle, this is right. this is a new development over here. this is vista point. this has sweeping views of the bay bridge looking basically to oakland so you're looking at the east side. there's going to be benches there. there's going to be bike racks and basically today is the first day it's going to be open, today is also the grand opening of the bike path that will be open 7 days a week because for three years basically it was only open for
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the weekend. so if you like to bike you can now do it monday through sunday. and city leaders will be out here today cutting a ribbon on not only vista point but also the bike path. 2.2-mile past has been in the works for years. but again, it's only been open on the weekend. so will be open 7 days a week 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for anyone who wants to bike, walk or run and plans don't stop here. >> right now, we don't have bicycle or pedestrian facilities between vista point and treasure island. but that's coming. >> reporter: transportation officials say the path should link yerba buena island and treasure island by 2019 and the goal is to have a bike and walking path all the way to downtown san francisco. of course, that's years away. it still in the initial stages. so if you want to bike from the
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east bay -- the bay bridge to downtown san francisco that's still years away but now you can at least bike here to yerba buena island. they don't have the link yet to treasure island. that's coming in 2019. and today at 10 a.m., city leaders transportation officials will be out here for the ribbon cutting. basically kicking off this great new development here on yerba buena island. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> a lot of people are going to like that but the big question, who is paying for vista point? >> reporter: it costs $2 million. part of it from the san francisco county transportation authority. the other comes from the tolls. >> thank you, jessica flores. a lot of people are talking about this. the met gala. >> yeah. so it's the oscars of the east coast and the super bowl of fashion. kenny's favorite. >> yeah. definitely [ overlapping speakers ] >> some of the outfits. >> reporter: the met gala is haute couture's hottest ticket
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where the outfit can make or break the fashion icon. some of the memorable moments of the night were katy perry with a veil. and a head piece that appears to spell out the word witness. while actress [ non-english language ] wore a ralph lauren with a massive train. rhianna stole the show in a red gown resembling a flower in bloom from a fall 2016 collection. another rock a puffy parka dress while madonna wore a camouflage gown with a canteen purse. caroline kennedy wore a floral design that helped her out shine others. hena daniels, kpix 5. >> the new crop of models made their mark. look at kendall jenner with a dress created with 85,000
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handpainted crystals. my favorite of the night i think. thesisters wore a hilfiger and her sister wore a jumpsuit. she had to be sewn into. you can see why. tight. >> wow. >> you know, if you have a body like that why not? >> where else are you going to wear it? you like jenner's dress? did you see the song? >> yes. >> it was -- [ crosstalk ] >> she is young and -- >> totally pulled it off. >> a model so used to all of that. >> when it comes to fashion everyone, like, just starts chiming in here. >> except you. >> yeah. i don't know. all the dresses look decent to me. >> decent in decent? there's not a word i would associate with that. indecent. >> colorful. by the way, did you know there's a no selfie policy at the met gala? but one of the jenners of course ignored it. kardashian. they ignore all the rules. >> yeah. >> thanks for that tidbit.
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>> a little nugget. >> bianca love that trench coat. i get really giddy with this stuff. >> the price was $3,000 per person. but i thought it would be a lot higher for something like that. >> $275,000 for a table. >> oh. >> $30,000 for a ticket. you guys so solange there, too? three years ago, she was in they'll straighter incident with jay z. >> i think he stayed home. >> happy anniversary. >> i can't really chime in on the fashion part but i know all the other gossip. >> why was it that there was a fight in the elevator? >> we don't know that yet. >> something between jay z and solange. >> let's go to traffic. here's a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it's definitely getting busier. a few more cars on the tuesday morning commute but we are in good shape no reports of
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accidents or stalls as you approach the bay bridge. it's a smooth ride heading into downtown san francisco. on the maps we are tracking an earlier accident and this is along 280 right near san jose avenue now clearing and definitely not slowing anybody down. slowdowns? we are tracking those for folks making their way out of tracy into livermore. westbound 580 from the altamont pass on out towards 68030 minutes for our drivers this morning. still in the green heading out of antioch over to hercules along westbound highway 4 about a 30-minute ride. and 45 trains running right on time with bart and the rest of your mass transit running with no delays. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. >> and we're able to see the morning star this morning. take a good look at our live weather camera towards the mount vaca area. we're looking at the horizon where we have a few clouds but we have the morning star. it's venus. can you see it there? it rises just a few hours
5:21 am
before the sun which officially rises at 6:12 this morning. a seamless sky. we have lots of clear skies but if you notice that camera is bobbling a little bit. that's because the winds at mount vaca are out of the west up to 15 miles per hour. mild temperatures out the door. 58 livermore. yesterday high of 88. santa rosa at 64 after 90 yesterday. the winds have been under 10 across most of the bay. northwest at 3 now in san jose. but to the north of the golden gate bridge, 11 and 15 from san rafael through novato. these winds will pick up out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour later today. now, meanwhile, steve, he is our weather watcher in los altos, is reporting 61 degrees. morning, steve! he says it's 5 degrees warmer this morning than 24 hours ago. i just love checking in with our weather watchers. that's a really great call there, steve. most of the clouds to the north of the bay area. that gives you a good
5:22 am
indication where the jet stream is. high pressure is diverting that jet stream. as it strengthens, we have sunshine and unseasonably warm conditions. now, this is as we look ahead thursday, friday. we have the water temperature out towards one of our buoys at 51 degrees. so with the low to the north of us and the jet stream surging to the south, that's going to cause a formation of fog along the coastline and we'll begin to cool. until then santa cruz i'm tweaking the forecast here going up to 83 degrees now. west-southwest winds at 10 increasing late day. the surf is pretty decent. meanwhile across the state today we are talking about temperatures very similar to what we're experiencing here in the bay area in the central valley. there's your fog that returns by wednesday cooling down the coast. but our inland areas stay warm. so we are going to play it out like this. today our temperatures 72 to the 93. then follow fog rolls in. 20 degrees cooler inland by friday. cloudy skies by sunday. that's a look at the very warm forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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good morning. hunter pence and buster posey have been anything but sluggers but they combined two home runs coming into play last night. how did they do against clayton
5:26 am
kershaw? pretty well. pence the second home run of the year two-run shot gave san francisco a 2-0 lead. 3rd inning now, tied at 2 posey, that's his second home run. giants retake the lead at 3-2. so the bottom of the 7th, now 4- 3. l.a. with two on against johnny cueto. but he got andrew to groundout to end the inning. the giants win 4-3. finally pick up their tenth win of the year. utah defeated the clippers on sunday in game 7 of the first round series but some warriors players told espn they wanted to play l.a. because the night life is better it there than in salt lake city. the jazz forward joe ingles said he would be more than happy to find golden state a place to party during the series. >> got enough money to pay for a jet to go out and come back on game day. so if they want the entertainment [ indiscernible ]
5:27 am
>> game one of the series is tonight at oracle. steve kerr will not be on the bench as he continues to try to figure out his back problems. we'll be there tonight. highlights and reaction on the late show. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. big changes in store for people walking and driving in san francisco. coming up, the big decision on the muni plate tonight. >> plus, in san jose, closing arguments are set to begin in the trial for the man accused of abducting and killing 15- year-old sierra lamar five years ago. but will he testify? details on that coming up.
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in san francisco, two recent traffic deaths have many calling fety changes - good morning. it's tuesday, may 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. in san francisco, two recent traffic deaths have many call for safety changes to several streets in the city. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco on the step transportation officials are taking today to prevent tragedies like this. >> reporter: a big vote today on a package of different street improvement plans that would be all around the city. but this is one corridor that they are really focused on right now. this is market street in the castro. and a lot of accidents between octavia street. here behind me is an entrance to 101 and a one-mile stretch west to castro street. so this is where the focus is today of the plan but again, it is affecting intersections citywide. that is after those two deadly accidents here in the past few days. the 77-year-old woman killed crossing the street saturday night at lake merced and font street a pickup hit her and
5:32 am
then yesterday morning, a 56- year-old man died here at market and octavia hit by a car at the on-ramp. the plan up for a vote today would add expanded medians, islands and wider corners. > it would change the street design so the traffic is slower so that cars go more slowly. >> 70% of accidents happen on 12% of the streets. some improvements lights that let pedestrians walk three seconds before cars get a green. there is a meeting today at 1 p.m. in city hall. anne makovec, kpix 5. a teenager too young for a driver's license shot and killed while driving in san francisco. it happened around noon yesterday on sunset near golden gate park. police say someone drove
5:33 am
alongside a 15-year-old driver opened fire and killed him. a 16-year-old passenger escaped unharmed. >> it appears that this victim may have been targeted. and so we don't have information that this person -- that this was random. >> police aren't identifying the victim publicly and so far no arrests. "skydrone5" a clear mess. powerful rains and wood and debris straight to the peaches in the santa cruz area and in some spots there's more wood than sand. rivers were hard hit but this mess is expected to wash out to sea eventually. >> yeah. you have seen the debris yourself in certain places. >> i went to a wedding and so i went to rio del mar and was also at beer can beach and you have those huge logs along the seashore. it was earth day, too. so people were collecting it and putting it together for future bonfires and they are
5:34 am
making good in the process. then we have debris in the delta due to gusty winds we have been experiencing during our spring months here in the bay area. today those winds again northwest 10 to 20. clear skies right now. wind-swept blue skies towards mount vaca where the wind has been up to 15. official sunrise is at 6:12. if you look very carefully, you can see the morning star out there. that's convenience rising before sunrise. 90 on monday. right now the winds are relatively under 10 miles per hour around this lip of the bay. all the way back through the peninsula into the santa clara valley where they do increase north of the golden gate bridge. 11 in san rafael, 15 in the novato area. again, more sustained winds during the afternoon northwest 10 to 20. so three thins to take away from this weathercast today. the warmest hottest day today.
5:35 am
i'll have the full forecast at 48 after the hour. jaclyn? >> it's getting crowded out there. they just turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge and the backup is growing beyond 880. closer to the macarthur maze there. as you make your way along the eastshore freeway, we are track 34 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. it's about a 20-minute ride across the top of the upper deck of the bay bridge. over at the -- along westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680, we see a lot of yellow and red lighting up the screen
5:36 am
here. we have a travel time clocking in at 30 minutes as you head over to 680. we are tracking delays for drivers out of antioch into hercules. travel times showing in the green. i have a feeling they are going to change here in just one moment. back to you. >> thank you. we are closer to learning the feat of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. closing arguments are set to begin in the trial of antolin garcia-torres. santana is live at the santa clara hall of justice with the latest. sandra. >> reporter: the trial finally starting to wrap up after three months of witness testimony. 26-year-old antolin garcia- torres who could now potentially be facing the death penalty is accused of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar in 2012 her body was never found. cameras aren't allowed in the courtroom for the witness testimony. we do have video from previous hearings and courtroom sketches. the main focus for the
5:37 am
prosecution throughout the trial is other physical key evidence including dna found inside garcia-torres's car and on lamar's clothing found in a field near her home outside portions. garcia-torres is in custody since 2012. closing arguments set to begin at 9:00 this morning. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> any chance garcia-torres plans to testify or make a statement made? >> >> reporter: no. i was here for the first day of jury selection and he would stand up and greet some of the potential jurors as they came in. but he was vocal from day one. since then nothing. he will not testify. >> thank you. later this morning, president trump is scheduled to speak on the phone with russian president vladimir putin. the ongoing civil war in syria is expected to be a major topic of conversation. the call comes on the same day
5:38 am
the house intelligence committee holds a hearing to look into russian meddling in the presidential election. former first lady michelle obama pushed for healthier school lunches but the trump administration is scaling back the rules. the secretary of agriculture postponed any further so theium restrictions he is also allowing schools to serve nonwhole grain products as well as 1% milk. department says that the changes are based on student and school feedback. new this morning, hollywood narrowly averted a writer strike this morning! at just about 1:30, the writers guild of america reached a deal for a new contract with the major studios and networks for improved health benefits and pay raises. they were set to strike if the deal wasn't reached beat up end of monday. a similar strike ten years ago could have cost california about $2.5 billion. apple will release earnings after close today as the company nears the 10th
5:39 am
anniversary of the iphone next month. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here. so jill, apple stock is trading near all-time highs. why is that? >> reporter: a year ago there were worries that apple's growth was slowing to a crawl. the stock price was down 30% from its 2015 high. amazing a year later the stock is up 56%. there are high hopes that we are going to see further growth as the company releases the iphone 8 in the fall. i think the company's thinking that with a few extra features they will get people up to grade or entice some android users to come aboard and i think stockholders have been encouraged by the move from product to services like apple music and apple pay and there are always stories about self- driving cars presented to you by apple. >> jill, i'm still kicking myself for selling all my stock
5:40 am
in apple back in 2010 before the split and the dividends. um -- >> reporter: oh. >> yeah, it hurts. apple sitting on nearly $250 billion in cash. how does that impact the company? >> reporter: you know, it's amazing. if you think about founder and ceo steve jobs, he said he always wanted a lot of cash on hand because it helps fund innovation. now his successor tim cook has done something a little differently. a little less innovation, a lot more building up of stock buy- backs using that cash to buy back the stocks. and also to create dividends for their shareholders. and that also helped push stock prices up. now, you know, the $250 billion that apple has about 90% of that is overseas. so apple is obviously very interested in what happens with the trump tax reforms. if there is a one-time holiday to repatriot, bring back that money to the u.s., that could actually allow apple to bring a whole bunch of cash back pay a
5:41 am
lower rate maybe they would be using that to fund a bunch of acquisitions. there has been talk about a big one to catapult apple into perhaps the content business or maybe more apps. regardless, with all the money burning a hole in its pocket, apple needs to do something fast because it's got to show it's still a leader when it comes to going forward. not just treading water. >> you're right about that jill schlesinger from new york city this morning, thank you. 5:41. a confrontation over efforts to tear down confederate monuments quickly spirals out of control. >> and exciting new additions for bay area cyclists. i'm live at yerba buena island with that story coming up. ,, ,,
5:42 am
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forecast in just a few minutes. ride on weekdays. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at yerba buena island with the story. jessica? st happening today, east bay cyclists now have more places to ride on weekdays. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at yerba buena island with the story. jessica. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. starting today, the bay bridge bike path is open 7 days a week and cyclists and pedestrians get another little addition here. i'm going to take you to look at that vista point. it's equipped with bike racks, restrooms, benches, we can't drive up there. that's for the cyclists and pedestrians. that's where the path drops off. it costs $2 million. the 2.2-mile path has been in the works for years. it stops short of yerba buena island. it was completed in october but only opened during the weekends
5:45 am
and starting today it will be open 7 days a week 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for anyone who wants to bike, walk or run and the plans don't stop here. >> the ultimate goal of my agency and other agencies is, yes, we want to create those connections make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to access all parts of the bay. and so this is another step toward that. >> reporter: transportation officials say the path should link yerba buena island and treasure island by 2019. right now, cyclists and pedestrians have to take a shuttle to treasure island. ultimately the goal is a bike and walking path all the way to downtown san francisco and that's years way. very, very early in the planning for that. today, city leaders transportation officials will be here at vista point for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. they will basically be kicking off that seven-day a week bike
5:46 am
past path on the bay bridge. jessica flores, kpix 5. >> who is paying for vista point? >> reporter: good question. it's basically a 50/50 split. part of that is a san francisco county transportation authority and the other is the bay area toll authority. so they are both kind of paying for this 50/50. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. fights broke out as confederate monuments started being taken down in new orleans. >> take them down, take them down! >> this was one of four confederate monuments slated to be removed in new orleans. officials have been met with battles from pro-monument protests for two years. at least one person was arrested last night. officials have not released information on when the other monuments will be taken down to avoid riots. baltimore orioles outfielder adam jones says he received abuse and taunts last
5:47 am
night in boston. jones says he was called the "n" word multiple times by red sox fans at fenway park and someone threw a bag of peanuts at him. red sox officials say that they are investigating the former all star's claims. you may recall in 2013 jones made headlines when a giants fan threw a banana at him during a game at at&t park. round 2 of the nba play- offs comes to oakland tonight when the warriors host the utah jazz and a few special guests will be on hand. it's been 10 years since the "we believe" warriors upset the dallas mavericks in the first round of the 2007 nba play- offs. they were the first-ever 8th seed to beat a number one received in a seven-game series. the warriors will host the celebration tonight featuring davis, jackson and other members of the squad and hand out special we believe it. shirts. i want one. >> i have one. >> what a difference 10 years
5:48 am
marx, right? warriors 8 seed then now always number one. >> i remember the sharks were in the play-offs at the same time. you go to both games! [ laughter ] >> do you! >> blessed to be in the bay area to root for such teams. you never choose you just do it. >> we have the warriors yellow today. >> we came to represent. >> we have to wish steve kerr a healthy recovery. he will probably be in the locker room watching tonight instead of -- i'm sure he is still behind the scenes in a very important way. but that back injury is nothing to play around with. >> no, it isn't. >> one of the best coaches and it's a back injury that keeps him out of coaching the play- offs. we are tracking a couple of incidents and we'll begin by taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza very crowded. you will be in good company if you are heading there. your drive times are showing speeds in the yellow and red along the eastshore freeway. 34 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we're tracking this accident
5:49 am
and this is just north of gilroy northbound 101 north of those gilroy truck scales. this is involving a fuel tanker and other vehicles blocking that far right lane. messy out there speeds below 15 miles per hour. so if you know anyone heading there, give them a call and let them though what's going on. highway 4 out of antioch to hercules 36 minutes starting to see delays build along the westbound 4 direction there and mass transit still looking good. bart no delays. poff day to take mass transit. always a good option. perfect day to take mass transit. we have a live look at 580 there in dublin-pleasanton. you can see traffic moving well in both direction. roberta has the forecast. it's gorgeous outside. >> temperatures are mild. highs yesterday up to 90 in napa, it was also 90 in santa rosa.
5:50 am
sunrise 6:12 with a few clouds. i wanted to share this view of the golden gate bridge this morning because i like taking a look at the flag on the fly. and this is the case we are seeing a little bit of an onshore push. that's why i'm keeping the temperatures in the 70s at the beaches. in san francisco, official reporting station, temperature soaring to the low 80s. right now in san francisco, 60 degrees. redwood city 60. livermore 58. san jose 63. north of the golden gate bridge, 11 to 14-mile-per-hour winds going up to 20 later. john miller reports 61 in santa rosa.
5:51 am
i hear ya, john that's not good things for the sierra nevada area because we get a quicker runoff due to the melting snow. but it's going to remain unseasonably warm to hot today through wednesday. and then by friday, a big cooldown by 20 degrees inland. now, when you see these clouds arching that's because they are take the course of the jet stream, these are the clouds that we just saw on our live weather camera those high, thin cirrus clouds. as we back this up we are under the influence of high pressure. this is my futurecast. we see the development of an area of low pressure to the north of us. that's going to make our jet stream surge more south. we do have the water temperature now 51 degrees with that approaching low and the clouds will see the formation of the low clouds and fog at the coastline. here's your wednesday lunch hour. you see the clouds playing tag with the coast bringing back the temperatures out of the 70s. thursday afternoon, same story then on friday we start to see the influence of these clouds pushing inland and again,
5:52 am
knocking back the temperatures all the way a good 40, 45 miles inland. temperatures in the central valley just as warm as today. 6:12 official sunrise. sunset at 8:01. these are the numbers we'll log in the weather book. 73 pacifica to 91, 92 napa and sonoma. 92 santa rosa. 88 degrees in san jose. 93 towards discovery bay. same wednesday. about 10 degrees cooler on thursday and additional cooldown on friday turning breezy and cool on saturday. mostly cloudy by sunday. enjoy your day. time now 5:52. firefighters will soon have to drive farther to reach some east bay communities. we'll explain why. ,, ,,,,,,
5:53 am
♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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crave those crazy squares.
5:55 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. county have confirmed that a fire station in "knightsen" will be closed - by july 1st. two tax measures on the november ballot aimed to secure permanent funding - for a tations in the fire officials confirmed a fire station in knightson will be closed on july 1. two tax members on the november ballot aims to secure permanent funding for a handful of fire stations in the eastern part of the county. but the measures failed at the polls. we now learned the names of a man and a young girl who died in a terrible crash on 880 yesterday morning. the chp says a 5-year-old girl
5:56 am
was not properly restrained in a car seat. she and 23-year-old dion christie were sitting in the back seat of a bmw when it hit a truck on the shoulder near fifth avenue they are veered into another truck. a recent spike in rattlesnake sightings prompted a warning for bay area hikers. a man was bitten in the hand by a snake yesterday. he is now in critical condition. the reptile attacked him at mission people in fremont while he was hiking with his wife. a chp helicopter rushed to the scene to bring him to the hospital. this video captured last year shows how calmly rattlesnakes move around rocks at the preserve. warmer temperatures are now bringing them out in the open. this is one of six rattlesnake sightings in the last week in the east bay regional parks district. in san jose, the trial for the man accused of abducting and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar five years ago is finally wrapping up. we'll have all the details on what to expect in closing arguments.
5:57 am
>> pedestrians and a freeway on- ramp not a good mix. coming up, the plan in one bay area city to seriously change our roads. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
closing arguments.. in the sierra lamar murder trial---- years after the morgan hill teen disappeared. how much time be in just a few hours attorneys will deliver their closing arguments in the sierra lamar murder trial years after the morgan hill teen disappeared. how much time behind bars her accused killer faces. plus -- >> obviously, he is a pretty smart cookie. >> president trump will speak directly to his russian counterpart today amid a new uproar over his comments about north korea's leader. >> but first, let's start with a live look outside. the morning rush definitely under way. a live look at the bay bridge on the left. and we have -- i believe that's 880 in oakland the nimitz.


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