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travel experience i have ever had. i had my son with me. and i, you know, obviously felt into he had to protect him. >> reporter: a flight attendant tries to break up the fight. at first, it appears to have worked. the man in red walks to the front of the plane, passengers hear him ranting about the government and killing people but 30 seconds later he comes back. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a few pour punches are more punches. finally the man taping decides to help. once off the flight the airline says the man choked and scratched a gate agent before finally being arrested. now, the man in the black shirt has some cuts but he is okay. the airline ana is apologizing for the incident. ken? >> thank you. a mom with a 4-year-old in her car got into a minor crash with another woman this morning. after this accident near sheridan elementary school in san francisco's oceanview neighborhood the mother tried to exchange insurance information.
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but instead, she pulled out a knife. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward picks up the story. >> reporter: 4-year-old woman says no driver didn't yield when she should have and ended up swiping the side view mirror of her car. before they even pulled out of the intersection, she says she and the other driver a 41-year- old woman started arguing. >> and she just started cussing and yelling and i'm literally hiding behind my car. my child was in there. i will defend myself if you don't back up. i'm giving you forewarning because when do you something like that, you have to give them warning. please back up. i will get my stuff. i have me 4-year-old child in the car. so i had to defend myself. >> reporter: she said it looked like the woman was going to hit her and she decided to act. >> just people always going to try to intimidate you when you're small. you have to be positive and help people. and no one wants to act like an adult and, you know, aggressive and showing that you're bad is, you know, the latest trend and it's really not. mothers will defend their
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children with their life. of course, i'm sorry that this happened. but i hope that she learned, don't treat people that way. you know, don't bully intimidate people because you never know who you're missing with. >> reporter: neither was arrested after questioning. no charges have been filed. the victim is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. we now know the name of the 15-year-old boy who was shot and killed while driving a car in san francisco. police say raijon jackson was driving on sunset boulevard near kirkham street yesterday when a gunman in another car sprayed his car with bullets. he was a student at jefferson high in daly city and dropped out last fall. police haven't released any information about the killer who is still on the loose. santa clara county prosecutors told a jury today they must convict antolin garcia-torres for killing 15-
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year-old sierra lamar. kpix 5's len ramirez reports. >> reporter: the prosecutor wrapped up his case against antolin garcia-torres with an emotional statement. he held up key pieces of evidence, the purse, jeans and under pants and dropped them on the floor one by one saying that's how garcia-torres discarded her after he had his way. >> what the d.a. has to deal with is there is no body in this case. there's no murder weapon or crime scene. so all that's left is forensic evidence. >> reporter: when he played the 911 call sierra's mother made reporting her missing that it seemed to connect the jury and audience. >> it did have a big impact on me. i can't imagine that poor mother coming to the realization that her daughter is actually missing. actually gone. can't be found. and -- and it's -- from that day forward, the panic, the
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terror. >> reporter: most of the day was spent highlighting forensic evidence sierra's clothing fibers in his car, her hair on a rope in his trunk and his dna on her pants. the prosecutor said there is no innocent explanation. >> what the defense has to do, though, is say, maybe this dna evidence points to the fact that sierra lamar and antolin garcia-torres met but does it equal murder? >> reporter: the prosecution also got a jump on the defense strategy that sierra lamar was unhappy and just ran away. the defense is likely to lay that out in the closing tomorrow but today the prosecution called that theory crazy and absurd. in san jose len ramirez, kpix 5. the man who went on a shooting rampage at oikos university five years ago will spend life in jail. one goh pleaded no contest today to 7 counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.
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prosecutors say the former nursing student had dropped out of oikos several months before the shooting in april of 2013 and wanted his tuition refunded. the alameda county prosecutor says goh will be sentenced to 7 consecutive life terms. new at 5:00, california voters may have legalized recreational marijuana but some cities aren't buying in. several are passing bans before prop 64 can take effect. kpix 5's emily turner says santa rosa is voting tonight. >> reporter: santa rosa has been on the cutting edge of regulation for medical marijuana. but with the passage of prop 64 and recreational marijuana, it's completely changed the landscape of cannabis regulation. so now the city is trying to take a step back to make sure what they are doing is the right thing. in the ultimate irony, the passage of recreational marijuana in the state may mean more restrictions in santa rosa. prop 64 lit a fire under the city to figure out outside
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cultivation before growing season begins, and new users plant their plots of pot. >> there's been a lot of pushback in the community in terms of smell, sight and security. and so those are things we brought up as a discussion point and the other thing that we have found is with the passage of prop 64, it adds the ability for anybody to grow up to 6 plants at their residence. >> reporter: so the city of santa rosa is voting tonight on a 45-day emergency ordinance banning the outdoor cultivation of marijuana for anything including medical. >> i was really flabbergasted when i heard about that. >> reporter: jacob has a medical card and grows his own marijuana. a ban would mean he couldn't continue to cultivate this crop. he says he would be forced to buy from a commercial outlet costing more and giving him pause. >> i can see what i'm putting into my "medicine." i know exactly what's going into it every day that i water my plants and do everything i need do. i know what's going into my body when i'm using that "medicine." if i get it from a big corporation i may not know
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what's going on inside of their warehouses and everything like that. >> reporter: if it passes, he will still be able to grow in a greenhouse or indoors. but the city says both sides are split. and split evenly. ensuring tonight's meeting will be full of fireworks. emily turner, kpix 5. >> santa rosa is also considering a tax on cannabis. if it passes on the june 6 ballot, the city could bring in more than a million dollars in revenue. and that's about how much the city says it takes to stay on top of the regulating industry. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin spoke on the phone today about the crisis in syria. the white house says both leaders agreed to step up diplomatic efforts to bring about a cease-fire saying the suffering has to stop. meanwhile, the white house says president trump will sign the $1.1 trillion spending bill. it provides more money for the pentagon and border security.
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but the president is frustrated about the compromises he has had to make. he says the country needs a good shutdown in september to fix the mess. >> that is not the way to govern. that is not the way to come up with bipartisan compromise. that is not the way to run america. >> democrats are claiming victory after the president's proposed border wall was rejected and the defunding of planned parenthood was blocked. meanwhile, president trump is personally lobbying house republicans to get behind the latest gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. a new change would allow states to opt out of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. but some moderate republicans worry that would allow insurance companies to raise rates on people who need insurance the most. jimmy kimmel is chiming in on the healthcare debate in a very personal way. he choked back tears last night sharing the story of his newborn son's open-heart
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surgery just hours after he was born. >> so now more doctors and nurses and -- equipment come in. [ crying ] >> and it's a terrifying thing. i'm, um -- [ pause ] >> you know, my wife is in the recovery room has no idea what's going on. >> soon after he was born, a nurse noticed that kimmel's son billy was turning purple. the doctors rushed him into surgery for a heart problem and the operation was a success. kimmel said that he saw a lot of other families at the hospital with sick children. >> no parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child's life. [ crying ] >> it just shouldn't happen. not here. if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. i think that's something that whether you're a republican or a democrat or something else, we all agree on that. right? i mean, we do. [ applause and cheers ] >> as you heard there, kimmel went on to say it doesn't
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matter if you are a republican or democrat. access to life-saving medical care is just something that every decent person wants. executives from some of the nation's largest airlines were in the hot seat on capitol hill hide. don champion reports they got a grilling from lawmakers about the way they treated passengers lately. >> reporter: the ceo of united airlines apologized to members of congress for his airline's treatment of passenger david dao. >> no customer, no individual, should ever be treated the way dr. dao was ever. and we understand that. >> reporter: last month, dr. dao was dragged off a united flight after refusing to give up his seat. united settled with him and is taking steps to change how it responds to future overbooking situations. >> how much do you hate the american people? >> reporter: the house transportation committee went after executives from united, american, alaska and southwest airlines about their customer
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policies. >> but essentially, you represent four regional monopolies. um, so you have been able to do anything you want to do. add on fees, basic services that we take for granted. >> we don't see meaningful results that improve customer service, the next time this committee meets to address the issue, i can assure you, you won't like the outcome. >> reporter: peter greenberg says any rule changes to help flyers will come from the department of transportation, not lawmakers. >> i have never seen a passenger rights bill introduced in congress that got out of committee. it dies a slow death. >> reporter: passengers in dallas say flying is now a hassle and that changes are needed. >> today it's just a challenge. it's important that for the meet that is we schedule, months in advance, that we're there on time and we can leave on time. >> reporter: the department of transportation reported tuesday that the industry is making record money, 13.5 billion dollars last year. don champion, cbs news, dallas.
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>> the department of transportation also reports that airlines made $4.2 billion in baggage fees last year and almost $3 billion from ticket change fees. still ahead, some pg&e customers saw their bills skyrocket. ♪[ music ] >> now we are getting a clearer picture of a profit surge for the company at the same time. >> plus the new option for the weekday ride. years later the bay bridge bike path opened for bay area bicyclists. >> plus it doesn't feel like something out of 2017. red sox fans shouting racist words and even throwing things at a black player. now that player is calling for big-time punishment! ,,,,
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yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai. a major league player is calling out fans... after you did to a professional baseball game there's heckling
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of course. then there's this. a major league player is calling out fans after he claims they shouted racial slurs at him. allen martin is here with the story. >> reporter: it wasn't just words, either. orioles centerfielder adam jones claims fans taunted him and threw peanuts at him from the stands at fenway park in boston. jones says fans called him the "n" word several times during yesterday's game. the orioles and the red sox are division rivals and jones says he faced racist heckling in boston before. but this was one of the worst cases he has heard in his 12- year career. >> things like this, they just don't have a place in the game. i mean, i thought we moved past that a long time ago. it's unfortunate that i had to be involved with it. >> meantime, red sox fans say last night's incident not a true representation of boston's fan base. >> i don't think any player
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should be disrespected. >> nothing but racist. >> that was the boston mayor talking to wbz radio. he tweeted, what happened last night at fenway park is unacceptable and not who we are as a city. the words and actions are showplace in fenway, boston or any -- have no place in fenway, boston or anyplace. we are better than this. the red sox apologized to jones and the organization: >> now, the team says there were 34 ejections at fenway last night one for the person who threw the peanuts at jones, one for language toward a player. jones says kicking out unruly fans isn't enough. they need to face a lifetime ban from the stadium or fines of $10,000, $20,000, $30,000. the two teams playing again right now and jones got a standing ovation his first at bat tonight at fenway. [ [ applause and cheers ] jones
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then struck out which i'm sure the fans also cheered. [ laughter ] >> but it was a nice gesture to start off the game. >> that's the key. the good fans have to police the idiots. >> and they outnumber the others. >> i know at at&t you can text if there's trouble around you somebody saying somebody they shouldn't say. they will come get 'em. >> thank you. heart stopping video out of china of a toddler being run over. surveillance cameras show the child run into the busy intersection. drivers turning into the intersection apparently don't see the little girl and two cars run right over her. you see her in the street after the second car passes and her grandmother rush into the street to help the child. she survived with no major injuries just a scrape on her head. some new numbers just out show pg&e profits skyrocketed. at the same time, it was raising your bill. the utility says profits surged
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more than a half billion dollars in the 1st quarter of 2017. that is 5 times what it made in the same period a year ago. it's also the same period that some customers saw a spike in their gas bills. some saw monthly costs soar hundreds of dollars. analysts say the higher monthly bills were a factor in pg&e's big profits. they say customers should expect more hikes ahead. shares of apple fell about 2% in after-hours trading after the company released its quarterly earnings report. the company reported 52.$9 billion but expectations were closer to $53.02 billion. the company also sold fewer iphones than expected. overall, the markets closed up today with the dow inching closer tothe 21,000 mark again. apple is one of the bay area companies where interns
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are raking it in. check it out. glass door list america's 25 highest paying internships for 2017, facebook number one. the median monthly pay for interns $8,000. other bay area-based businesses include "salesforce tower" number 4 on the list, apple number 6, yelp number 8 and yahoo is number 9 and "salesforce" number 4. santa rosa pet store boarded up after a car crashed through the front window. the village pets and supply store is part of a store on a strip mall on montgomery drive. no injuries. weekday rides are now more scenic for east bay cyclists. 2.2-mile bike path on the eastern span of the bay bridge is now open 7 days a week. you can bike, walk or run the path between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. it stopped short of treasure island but plans are already in the works for an extension in 2019. it's hard not to be outside
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enjoying the sunshine today although in some places it's pretty toasty out there. we found people paddle boating, taking walks around the lafayette reservoir. mobile weather last night in san ramon with temperatures in the low 90s but we found the perfect place for dozens of kids to cool off into the 70s and 80s hanging out at the splash pad having a good time. when will mother nature cool all of us off? sooner than you might think. i'll have your forecast coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, new questions about san jose state's handling of sexual harassment complaints. only on "5," we have obtained emails that show something fishy about how campus leaders responsibled to allegations against the professor. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chief meteorologist paul deanno is live at central park in san ramon... with the mobile weather lab. feeling hot around the area today. >> yeah. chief meteorologist paul deanno is live at central park in san ramon. a lot of kids cooling off. >> we are one of the toasty
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spots right now but i'll tell you what, if there wasn't a 6:00 broadcast it would be really inviting to join these fun kids in the background. they are having a good time. they are enjoying the splash park at rancho san ramon community park and what a great idea. good job mom, dad and grandma who brought the kids here. when it's 91 who wants to be running around when you can be running around in the water? and the kids are doing that out of the east bay. our second of three 93-degree days. one more hot day to go before things cool off. the kids choosing the waterway of cooling off here in san ramon this evening. it is still 92 in concord. it is still 92 in santa rosa. 87 in san jose. 78 in oakland. and 75 in san francisco. everybody about 10 to 20 degrees warmer than average. where do we go tonight? warm night with more spots not dropping below 60 degrees including you in fremont a low of 61. livermore 61. san francisco tonight only
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dropping to 56 degrees. why is all this happening? an offshore wind. there's a reason for that too. that reason is that big strong winning that's centered just to the west -- ridge that's centered just to our west hanging out for another day. but when it moves, the wind direction will change. when that happens, we'll see very significant cooling. let's look at the surface wind profile for tomorrow. the onshore flow begins to return about this time tomorrow right along the coastline where you will not be as warm tomorrow. you will be hot tomorrow and winds out of the north- northeast. so weather headlines, clear skies, it will be a mild-to- warm night. not only will tomorrow be a hot day it will be a "spare the air" day because the ridge will make a close pass. cooler changes are coming. they will be region wide starting thursday. 90s inland again tomorrow:
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saturday and you sunday 60s inland and 50s and 60s with cloudier conditions saturday and sunday near the bay. right now it's hot, the joyful noise before 25 kids enjoying the splash pad here in san ramon where it's 91 where we're standing but only 25 paces away looks more like 65 or 70. that's your forecast. we'll be right back with more news ♪[ music ] ,, when denny's adds melty gouda cheese to a 100% beef burger a certain amount of classiness is to be expected. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's. it's classy.
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:08 "hi ken and liz. up next... [take vonumber:550a] judgment day for a former south carolina police officer in the shoo black man. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, judgment day for a former south carolina police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. plus, how did an fbi translator become the wife of this isis fighter? and good samaritans defy hell and high water to save children from the storm. coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> they thought it was their dream home. >> but when a minnesota family moved into their new split level, they learned it was full of snakes. yeah. hours after moving in, the owner spotted one snake in the bedroom. it's been six months she found nearly 100 snakes. don't think they are poisonous, though. >> it's -- >> but they are snaky. >> like a worst nightmare. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. ♪[ music ]
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: unarmed and fatally shot by police, jordan edwards, the officer who killed him was fired today. and the officer who killed walter scott agreed to plead guilty. >> i love my -- and i thank god for justice. >> also tonight, hillary clinton says she has the election won and then -- >> called me a letter on october 28 and russia was leaked, raised ghowts the minds of people who were going to vote for me. >> a comedian gets serious. if you were born with con general cal heart disease like my son was, there is a good chance you never will be able to get health insurance because hee had a preexisting condition. >> pelley:


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