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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the week is going by fast for me. >> love it. >> it's good. >> good morning, everyone. >> i'm not answering. i'm thinking, especially with the heat, it kind of drags a little bit. i have had a lot of people say to me it makes me feel lazy and i don't want do anything but just -- ah. >> i thought it was nice yesterday. >> i loved it. >> it depends where you are. >> it was 80 in the city of san francisco. >> officially 82 degrees. >> plus or minus one. >> east bay is in the mid-90s. that's a huge difference. a lot of people are not sleeping comfortably especially on the peninsula where you don't have any air-conditioning so you have to throw open the windows, as it heats up during the day. we have one more day of temperatures well above average by 20 degrees in many neighborhoods. slow to cool this morning. the winds are relatively shutting off and when that happens, you get stagnant air so therefore, today we do have our first "spare the air" day
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of the season. the area most "aversely" affected will be east of the bay due to the diablo range. the pollutants get trapped close to the surface so you will see haze today. meanwhile, numbers from the 70s to 90s. the full forecast including a cooldown is coming up. jaclyn? >> good morning. happy wednesday. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see traffic flowing freely in both directions. no delays making your way into the city from that span. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. about 17 minutes along the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. in just a few hours, attorneys for the man accused of killing sierra lamar will make their final attempt to win over the jury.
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after 13 weeks of testimony, prosecutors presented their closing arguments in the high- profile trial yesterday. they say antolin garcia-torres kidnapped and killed the morgan hill teen five years ago. prosecutors spent most of the closing arguments highlighting forensic evidence. the dead teen's clothing fibers in his car, her hair on a rope in his trunk, and his dna on her pants. >> what the d.a. has to deal with is the fact that there is no body in this case. there's no murder weapon or crime scene. so these small bits of forensic evidence is all that sierra lamar left behind. >> the prosecution also played the my 101 call from sierra lamar's mother. >> i can't imagine it, the
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panic, the terror. >> when the defense makes its close argument today, attorneys will suggest that lamar was unhappy at home and ran away. there are still a lot of questions about the murder of a 15-year-old boy in san francisco. he is identified as raijon jackson. he was a student at jefferson high school in daly city but dropped out last fall. police say he was driving without a license on sunset boulevard monday afternoon when he was shot. a 16-year-old passenger was with him. so far police have not released details about the suspect or motive. and there is no suspect description. ann coulter may not have taken the mic at uc-berkeley last week but the cost of protecting people who protested in her absence has been learned. joe vazquez tells thank you the price tag of keeping the peace. >> all the agencies in the county came together to assist berkeley. that comes at a cost. >> usa, usa! >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators showed up last thursday even though ann coulter's berkeley speech was
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canceled so it still cost taxpayers. that's because uc-berkeley police deployed their riot plan which called for about 400 extra police officers and sheriff's deputies from neighboring agencies. >> of that 400, 80 were sheriff's office personnel so it was $80,000 in reimbursements. >> reporter: the sheriff's spokesman says neighboring police departments don't always get reimbursed. when there's an unplanned riot like the one that happened against milo yiannopoulos, police from other jurisdictions rushed to help each other as part of a long-standing mutual aid plan. no costs. but if it's a planned event like thursday, outside agencies sign a contract and are paid for their overtime. what was the total bill for all this? >> well, in talking to our oes director, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars. >> reporter: oes meaning office of emergency services. but thursday there was no emergency. the demonstration was peaceful. >> there might be people who
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say, wait a minute, nothing happened. all that money for nothing? >> and then you have to ask yourself, what is the price tag that you put on human life? what is the price tag that you put on destruction and vandalism and chaos? >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> in a statement on the kurt protest, uc-berkeley said, quote: berkeley police are searching for a suspect in a stabbing that is believed to be a random attack. police just released this sketch of the suspect who stabbed someone in the abdomen near john hinckle park. the officer says the man with the knife made no effort to rob the person. the victim survived. they are looking for surveillance video. the first "spare the air" day is today. officials not only want us to not drive, they want us to change our diets. air quality managers say that
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meat production is hard on the planet because of all the energy it takes to make and carry and transport it. they are encouraging people to not eat meat once in a while. the agency is committing $5 million to work on partners in the future. your daughter is contributing because she is a vegetarian. >> she has been for a few years. >> leading the way. >> but it's challenging for me to make dinner at night. [ laughter ] >> trying to figure out the meals. but, no, it's good. >> i have been a vegetarian since '96 after i ate a cheeseburger and got sick. i think that was part of because i just ran my first marathon. i found out i didn't need the meat. >> i can't give up the steak. >> it smells good when you have these summer months -- it feels like summer outside, doesn't it? hey, hi, everybody! we had a record high in 93 in napa. today similar.
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>> looking towards the bay bridge, temperature-wise 58 degrees in santa rosa to 66 in san jose. very slow to cool. the winds in comparison to 24 hours ago have shut off. this indicates first off it won't be as bad a pollen day. you still have some troubles if you have allergies. but without that wind ushering around, it shouldn't be as bad but also with the lack of a wind, we have the pollution close to the surface. today unhealthy levels of pollution in the atmosphere east of the bay but a haze everywhere. you can see the clouds that are gathering off the coast. these clouds will slowly move towards the seashore and knock back our temperatures at the beaches and the bay today but still above average. pacifica 70. 87 degrees in redwood city today also morgan hill. low 90s around campbell, cupertino, los gatos, saratoga. 89 in san jose similar to
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yesterday. now, 93 in livermore. that's up from 89 degrees yesterday. it will be nearly 90 to 39 degrees out towards the delta today. high 80s throughout the tri- valley. meanwhile, the warmest temperatures yesterday were north of the golden gate bridge. so we're going with the low 90s again today throughout glen ellen, occidental and healdsburg, 92 cloverdale. the full forecast is coming up. let's send it to jaclyn. good morning. and right now, we are tracking a nice ride for folks making their way out of the east bay into the downtown san francisco area. we are tracking speeds moving right at the limit out of antioch. westbound direction. we are seeing a few slowdowns eastbound. we haven't seen any accidents yet. but we will check in with chp and let you know coming up in the next traffic report. let's take it over to mass transit. it is a "spare the air" day after all. all lines running right on time with bart, ace, muni and caltrain. heading to the golden gate, nice and easy conditions in both directions. that's a check of your traffic. president trump is pressuring congress to call a
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vote on a new healthcare plan despite indications it may not have the support to pass. >> how is healthcare coming, folks? how's it going, all right? we're moving along? all right. i think it's time now, right? >> vice president mike pence is lobbying house republicans meanwhile to back the latest changes to the gop plan. a new amendment allows states to opt out of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. according to cbs news, 20 house republicans oppose the bill as it is now. several others are still undecided. three morneau votes would kill the bill. the white house hopes to have a vote before friday. for months, kpix 5 has been reporting on claims of sexual harassment and assault at a bay area va clinic. recently one woman told us about how her boss tried to grope her and kiss her. now a va director is apologizing. christin ayers has the story you will see only on "5". >> i just wanted to take a moment and talk to all
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employees here at va northern california regarding the news story last friday from cbs news in the bay area. >> reporter: tonight, this va director is apologizing. >> that's not my values. that's not the values of this organization. and frankly, that's not what i intended to say. >> reporter: he is talking about what he said to kpix 5 during an interview about allegations of sexual harassment at the veterans administration. we interviewed three women who accused a va supervisor of harrassment as stalking. >> he tried to grope me. um, he tried to kiss me. [ voice shaking ] >> he exposed himself to me and told me i wanted to have sex with him. i just got up and left. >> reporter: when we first told david stockwell about the women's claims he defended the investigative process and said this about employees. >> they can certainly vote with their feet as far as their employment decisions of working for the va. >> reporter: when we pressed him further -- your answer is
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that they should leave? >> no, my answer was follow through the process in the va. if you don't think it's fair, logically you have two things you can do if you say the entire system isn't fair. you can go outside of that system and try and find remedy or you can exit the system. >> reporter: now stockwell is changing his tune. >> i actually called my wife and said, look at this news article that they just portrayed. what do you think? and she said, if i heard that from my boss, i would be offended, as well. >> reporter: connie avalos was offended. >> that's just unheard of! i -- i mean, who says that? >> reporter: and she is not the only one. this woman who asked that we not show her face told us what she thought after seeing his apology today. quote, he meant what he said the first time. he was made to apologize. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the va issued this
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statement: with on all allegations." statement is available on our website, cbs s-f dot com. time is 4: as the marijuana industry ares for full >> the full statement is available on our website, time now is 4:42. ♪[ music ] >> as the marijuana industry prepares for full legalization here in california, there is a growing effort to market products toward women. we'll take a closer look at how that's being done. >> plus, the warriors tip off their series against the utah jazz. game one highlights from oracle straight ahead. ,,,,,,,, who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. through pennsylvania. strong winds and rain left a two-mile path of destr there's a lot of damage left on the east coast. a storm swept through pennsylvania. strong winds and rain left a two-mile path of destruction in the eastern part of the state.
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several homes are damaged. crews are out to assess whether tornadoes touched down. a north bay city decided not to stop people from growing marijuana outside. the santa rosa city council is considering a 45-day moratorium on all outdoor cultivation. the idea was at odds with prop 64, which legalizes the practice. complaints about the smell and pot-related crimes inspired the ban proposal. but a speaker at last night's meeting convinced the council which put the measure on hold. more and more californians are giving the plant a chance and women are increasingly attempted to try it. only on "5" betty yu shows us how the industry is cashing in. >> reporter: megan fisher isn't shy about had your cannabis use. >> two years ago i got my medical card. and i began to see immediate results. >> reporter: she regularly uses
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the san francisco-based on- demand delivery app. the most valuable marijuana tech company. to treat her chronic pain and insomnia. she is a single mother who works in the industry. >> i would say even in those two years i have seen a change ain how people do it. i think it's important that people treat it like the plant that it is and the medicine that it is. it shouldn't be stigmatized. >> reporter: at dispensaries across the bay area, including the guild in san jose, that stoner stigma appears to be slowly fading. >> these days, it's no longer that high school kid that's kind of smoking a joint behind school. you know? it's more of that executive. she is a mom. she's anyone. and she doesn't feel that people look at her as a pothead. >> reporter: the numbers prove it. a report found that women are the fastest growing group of new users. the 100,000 people in the bay
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area, a quarter were women in 2015. today women account for a third of users. >> this has been typically an industry that has been more male dominated especially when it was more in the illegal market. but as it's opening up especially with services like these that offer home delivery, discreet and safe, a lot more women are open to trying it. >> reporter: they have reacted to the growth in their marketing using more women and bright colors in its ads and images that suggest a floating sensation. >> this is actually the [ indiscernible ] process, you have all the different strains. >> reporter: it's no accident that new lines of products have been created with women in mind. oakland-based alchemy by dark heart specializes in vaporizer pence. cartridges are filled with aromatic blends of cannabis oil and botanical extracts. the potency and exact dosage are labeled on the product unlike most marijuana products. >> what's nice about sipping on an alchemy pen you can regulate how much you get and you can
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know fairly quickly what the effect is going to be. and if you want to have a different effect, you just sip a little bit more. >> reporter: dark heart's pens are one of the industry's top selling products among women and there are entire lines dedicated to treating women. actress and comedienne whoopi goldberg has also launched a medical marijuana startup. the whoopi and maya signature line includes bath soaps for menstrual cramps and discomfort. >> you're looking at packaging now of products that would look right at home on a shelf at whole foods or anywhere. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. the warriors are off to a successful start in round 2 of the nba play-offs. golden gate bridge's defense led the way in the series against the utah jazz. the we believe squad was honored before the game. once the action got under way steph curry led the way for the
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warriors scoring 22 on the night including this fancy layup. the "dubs" beating utah 106-94 to take a 1-0 lead in the series. game 2 thursday night in oakland. >> i check in about 9:30. checked in on the game saw the warriors were winning. okay. i can go to sleep. >> this means we can wear our blue and gold tomorrow because it's the second game. >> you said that yesterday and didn't wear blue. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be warriors thursday tomorrow. hi, everybody. today, we're talking about a very warm wednesday if not hot conditions inland. right now, clear skies visibility again. unlimited. you're going to notice a little bit of a haze later today. temperature-wise 58 degrees san francisco, 58 degrees in santa rosa. otherwise look at san jose. a high of 89. the winchester are shut off. they are at 7 in san francisco
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and 6 in santa rosa. otherwise, they are relatively on the slight side. with those winds shutting off it will be our first "spare the air" day of the season. and as steve says from los altos, he says 61 degrees there this morning still high pollen count and you're spot on with that, steve. the nastiest area today as far as the pollution is concerned close to the surface is east of the bay due to the diablo range. minimal cooling at the coast begins this afternoon. up to 12 degrees more cooling on thursday. an additional 10 to 15 will happen on friday. so those are three things to remember. a big significant difference by friday but more seasonal. so high pressure is the key component very strong diverting the storm well to the north of the bay area as you can see right there. meanwhile, this is our futurecast. look at the clock. by friday, we do have that low meandering off the coast. water temperature 51 degrees. this enhances that marine layer so this is what i'm talking
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about. you have the marine layer very close to the coast tonight. there's tomorrow morning just about this time. then it backs off slightly before it pushes into our inland areas by friday morning. bringing additional cooling everywhere. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. here's your pollen report. i have seen higher levels of oak, ash and grass before. it's the wind that has been blowing the pollen around that's been so problematic. today less wind, less problems, more pollution. temperatures today in the 70s 70s, 80s and 90s. mid-90s out towards fairfield and the delta. the extended forecast calls for a huge drop-off in your temperatures on thursday: >> dry string of weather continues on monday and tuesday. that's your wednesday forecast. here's jaclyn. good morning, right now we
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are getting reports of a hit- and-run crash and this is along 880 if you are making your way heading northbound, say, from 238 on up towards the maze there. you may see some flashes lights or distraction. here's a live look at 880. just south of 66th avenue there, near the oakland coliseum, traffic moving well in both directions. that accident south. speeds are moving at the limit. we are in the green. both on 880 and 580. if you are making your way over to the san mateo bridge this morning, good news. everything is under control at the limit. taillights to foster city smooth over to the peninsula. we are tracking your mass transit and so far, so good all running on time. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:52. drivers on a washington highway stunned when this small plane suddenly comes crashing on to the road. ♪[ music ] >> and one bay area city is
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making some changes to make things safer for cyclists and pedestrians. >> wha t's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. school on our thursday morning show. ,,,,,, ,$8drw
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a small plane crash-landed along a busy roadway in washington state.. good morning. welcome to your wednesday. may 3, time check, 4:55. take a look at these averages. we again today will be up to 19, 20 degrees above normal. and half moon bay and pacifica slightly cooler today due to the return of the marine layer late day in the 70s. otherwise, around the peninsula good morning to you in san mateo at 86 degrees up to 90 in
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cupertino. east bay hot and hazy with a "spare the air" day in effect. mid-90s in brentwood and discovery bay, tri-valley low and mid-90s. it will be 93 degrees in pleasant hill. with the flat west wind up to 5 miles per hour, 68 degrees with the fog returning by nightfall in stinson beach. and hello to you in saint helena at 93 degrees. hello to everybody out there right now. we are tracking some brake lights starting to form along westbound 580 from the altamont pass on over to 680. still in the green with the travel time of 25 minutes. however, if you travel tesla road there's a two-car rollover crash with emergency crews on the scene. more on that coming up. a small plane crash-landed on a busy road in washington state hitting some cars. roads were closed in the area for quite some time. thankfully there were no serious injuries related to the crash according to police. they say it crashed immediately after take-off but don't know y
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utility officials say the crash left 9,000 homes without power. police in castro valley are searching for a therapy dog named murphy who was stolen from his front yard. this 3-year-old black and tan german shepherd was stolen sunday near palomares road and murphy does much more than therapy. he has mentored hundreds of rescue dogs by helping them develop social skills. his owners initially offered $5,000 for his return but are working to double the number to get him back. san francisco has given the green light for san francisco's cyclists to add protected bike lanes on upper market street in response to data showing 70% of the city's serious and fatal traffic injuries happen on only 12% of its roads. caltrain officials have a renewed sense of hope this morning for a potential electricification project between san francisco and san jose. we'll tell you what major steps need to happen before it becomes reality. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, may 3. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside this morning. take a look at the conditions. live look at the bay bridge on the left and there's 880 in oakland. looks like traffic is good there. but there could be some trouble spots and we'll check in with jaclyn in a few minutes. >> i think it looks pretty good out there because people are heeding the warning of "spare the air." >> you think so? osalk ] >> everyone is on their bicycles. >> that would be lovely. >> another warm to hot day. look how calm the waters are. now, i drove over to treasure island yesterday and i was looking out


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