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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a gun battle breaks out in the south bay. police exchange shots with a suspect and he gets away. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> it happened on the san jose in the 2200 block of totally road right by weed hillview airport. kpix 5's kiddo is there on the shooting in the search that followed. >> reporter: they had no comment . this all started when employees were coming into work and they spotted a man waiting in front of a store with a gun. >> reporter: look closely in the back seat of the patrol car and you can see the top of the suspects had. he was just arrested moments earlier, bringing about a relatively peaceful and to what
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was a violent start to the sunday morning in east san jose. it all began around 8 am at the big 5 sporting goods store on totally road. the store was closed but employees called 911 saying there was a man with a gun outside.>> he is running towards the real of the dollar tree.>> reporter: as soon as officers arrived, they got into a gun battle. we counted half a dozen evidence markers in the road.>> he fired at the officers and the officers returned fire. the subject took off running the opposite direction and jumped over some fences. >> reporter: this neighbor saw the man running up and down the street holding a gun. that is when heavily armed police officers surrounded the area. neighbors say the suspect was either trying to hide or enter the home. police ordered him to come out with his hands on his head and he did. seeing him running around with a gun was terrifying for
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neighbors. this was the third officer involved shooting in five days. >> we have been very busy. no significant injuries to our officers and that is very important. >> reporter: just a couple of hours ago, chief eddie garcia tweeted out all this violence against law enforcement officers is appalling and he will be having a media briefing tonight at 6:30 pm. do we know what happened to the suspects gun?>> reporter: i just spoke to a neighbor. as the suspect ran down the street westbound, he went down an alleyway and jumped over a fence. a neighbor tells us he ditched the gun in some bushes and they arrested him and police have recovered the gun. us and rafael man is behind bars accused of posing as a landlord and offering a nonexistent apartment in exchange for rent money and sex.
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the unnamed 38-year-old was arrested friday night after allegedly telling an undercover officer that he would turn over the key in exchange for $2000 and sex on a regular basis. police say he had been putting up ads targeting immigrants. it is unclear if anyone fell for the scam. we have new video of a dramatic rescue. and injured hiker had to be rescued off of mount diablo. the contra costa sheriff's office recorded this video as she was airlifted from a mile of donor creek trail. she was reportedly on the creek and not moving when rescuers reached her. she is expected to recover. north korea says it has detained another american citizen. he is charged with committing hostile criminal act's with a
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name to separate the country. a number of americans held in north korea have now reached four with two sentenced to hard labor. the state run news agency says he was arrested yesterday and worked at the same university where another american worked who was detained last month. dozens of nigerian girls just released from captivity got medical checkups today. the 82 girls were held extremists for more than three years. today, nigeria's president met with them and said he was -- would personally supervise their reintegration into society. more than 100 classmates are still unaccounted for. pope francis -- francis celebrating its new leader tonight. macron got 65% of the votes. he plans to fight for unified europe.
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>> reporter: a joyful roar erupted in paris as supporters of emmanuel marcon learn he will be the next president of france. he said he would protect the interest of france and europe and fight against terrorism. the campaign had some similarities to the u.s. presidential election in november. eccentric candidate whose platform centered on european unity and an open economy running against far right leader marine le pen who focused on a message of anti- immigration and nationalism. hacking was also part of the election. on friday, macron was the target of a widespread hacking and data dump online but it did not seem to affect the results. projections show macron winning by a larger than expected margin. le pen conceded the race shortly after the results were
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announced. she calls for patriots to join the new political force. there were fears that violence could interfere with sunday's voting. a bomb scare forced an evacuation at the famous move museum. tens of thousands of police officers served as a deterrent and no other problems were reported. french citizens headed to the polls. macron will be the country's youngest leader since napoleon. wendy gillette, cbs news. president donald trump tweeted his well wishes. macron is keeping his kevin promises by building his party's parliamentary majority in june's legislative election. washington's healthcare vote this week has a lot of people still rattled. the house bill may look very different by the time the senate is through
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with it but lawmakers in california are not taking any chances. kpix 5's melissa caen says they are preparing for their own health care remedies. >> they are all upset cause we may have to go it alone. >> reporter: now the republicans have passed in obamacare replacement, all eyes are on democrats. the vote in washington happened as members of the california state senate were wrapping up for the day but senators stayed an extra hour to talk about the vote. senator joe anderson had a message for california democrats.>> what whining and start leading. quit complaining and start introducing things that make sense. this is a state that is run by one party. it is time to see you lead. >> reporter: senate democrats said they are ready. >> we do have work to do. the point is not to complain and whine. the point is to mount resistance on behalf of those
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we represent who depend upon us to not accept what has just happened in washington dc. >> i am not a complainer. i am not a whiner but i am a fighter and you can damn well better believe that i will be fighting moving forward on this issue. >> reporter: it is a different story in washington dc. democrats are trying to hold on. >> elections have consequences and we were in the minority because the american people have put the republicans in the majority and elected as president. what we try to do is protect what we got and that means you have to be defensive. >> reporter: the congressman is a cosponsor of federal legislation to provide medicare for everyone. on the state level, a bill that would create a single-payer system in california is chugging along to the legislature in the congressman says whether it is federal or state, look to california on healthcare. >> i think californians understand you get better quality care costs will come down for everybody. california will lead the way
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out of this.>> reporter: melissa came -- anne makovec, kpix 5. california voters might have a more influence in the next presidential election because they senators approved a bill that would move up the june primary to the third tuesday in march. that would make california the third primary in the nation after iowa and new hampshire. supporters of the bill say it would give californians more influence in national decisions. a man who hopes to be the next mayor of san francisco is vowing to do more to tackle the city's homeless problem. a former city supervisor and state senator will run for the city's top job in 2019 and he has already wrapped up some key endorsements. today he told us homelessness is one of the issues that he intends to focus on. >> this is not just a local problem. it is a regional problem.
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it is a national disgrace. we are making process. we've got to do better. we have to invest more in mental health services. >> san francisco currently spends a quarter billion dollars a year on homeless services. quite a show when the sky for the travis air show today. how they are keeping the pilots safe. a lot of support in the south bay for one little girl's lemonade stand. why so many people turned out for the summer classic. it is a classic spring day in the bay area. there are changes on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this particular event only happens every few years. and as kpix five's john ramos shows us... after a deadly crash in extra thousands turned out for the travis air show in fairfield this event only happens every few years kpix 5's george ramos
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shows us after a deadly crash in 2014, there are no extra steps for readiness in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: every three years, travis air force base opens up the gates and gives the public a chance to marble at some of man's most amazing machines. the fast movers are a crowd favorite from an up close look at the f-15 eagle to a stand back view of a brand-new f 35 stealth fighter. there was even a glimpse back in time with a cold war era u2 spy plane. here at travis, the mission is moving equipment to where the troops need them. airman erin walker is proud to work on the c-5 galaxy, the largest cargo plane in the military which can transport up to eight attack helicopters in its cavernous belly. >> that is our job. we take it really seriously. without us, they would be out there with nothing.
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>> reporter: the show featured familiar displays of aerobatic flying but it was a reminder of the tragedy in 2014 as pilot eddie andrew heaney was killed when his spy plane hit the runway and it took more than five minutes for rescue crews to arrive. now, there are four fire engines stationed along the runway and crews train to arrive within one minute of a crash.>> it is something that has transformed the whole air show industry. >> reporter: mostly, today's show was a chance to appreciate the ingenuity of man and his struggle to defy gravity. >> it really pleases me to see this kind of power and be inside of such a mighty creation.>> reporter: in fairfield, john raymo's, kpix 5.
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air show organizers expect the event to drive 150,000 people during his two they run. the air force's unpiloted space flying has touched down in florida after raise 708 day mission. after a rumble across central florida, the air force tweeted out that the x-37 b landed safely at the kennedy space center. this was the fourth one is in flight for the space plane. the orbital test vehicle was the first spacecraft to land in florida since it flew home in 2011. east bay park is closed as a wildlife conservation effort. wildlife in the park is federally and state protected. the baseball field will be open only for scheduled use and until june, the grass will not be mowed for landscape. dozens of people lined up for lemonade in the south bay
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for a good cause. a little girl from san jose mixed up the summary elixir to raise money for type i diabetes . she was diagnosed with diabetes and hosted a lemonade stand last year and without publicizing it, 200 people showed up to grab a drink. this year, they are setting their sights higher. >> this is my lemonade stand for type i diabetes to raise money to try to find a cure. >> we did a smaller one last year and we raised about $5000. this is the second one that we spread the word a more about and used our resources. this year, they are hoping to raise more than $5000 but they say every little bit helps. we had a lot of sunshine around the bay area and that
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will set the scene for the next couple of days. we have a cooling trend on tap. traffic is flowing smoothly. the numbers right now are still in the 70s. 76 at concorde. livermore at 73. santa rosa, 76. in the city it is cooling off a little bit. tomorrow morning we start off with sunshine with numbers to the low 50s. by tomorrow afternoon, things still a pretty good with numbers just a tad warmer than they were today. the winds is up in thpressure builds. as the pressure builds, the temperatures will warm tomorrow to 80 degrees plus in the warmest spots inland. a little bit of a warming trend for the bay area after a currently chilly and to last week. a warm start to the week. it will cool by midweek as the low pressure is now spinning over southern california. southern california got a little bit of rain. futurecast for tomorrow shows
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that we have clear skies. not much in the way of low clouds until tomorrow morning around the monterey bay area. those clouds dissipate and leave us with a sunny monday. not a bad beach day. fair and chilly. breezy tonight. temperatures will bounce back to the 80s inland and then coastal clouds return and they will coalesce into the 70s. reading is all the way up to 89 degrees. sacramento will be 85. 81 in fresno. mendocino, 63. sunshine tomorrow along the coast. sfo, sunny as well with winds out of the west at 25 miles per hour . partly cloudy for seattle tomorrow. partly cloudy from seattle to chicago. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. the sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:07 am. for tomorrow, concorde hits 80 degrees.
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we will all be above average for tomorrow and plenty of sunshine in the south bay. 84 for cupertino. in the east bay, the numbers will be near 80 degrees. in the north bay, the numbers look nice, mid-seventies tomorrow. for lake county and parts of sonoma county, the numbers will be in the mid-seventies to mid 80s. a little bit of a warming trend on tap for the bay area. numbers go to the low 80s by tuesday but by wednesday we bring the numbers down as the fog and the low clouds rush in. we have an update on warriors coach steve kerr as golden state nears a sweep. ,,
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area baseball fans...but yesterday, the a's got their first walk off victory of the season..and th
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this is setting up to be a long season for baseball fans but yesterday the a's got there first walkoff victory of the season and they were hoping it was contagious. these little leaguers are battling to see who can get an autograph first. oakland leading detroit. bottom of the fourth, a third home run. the a's had a 4-1 lead. the next inning it is now 4-3. miguel cabrera scored and tied the game. it is 5-4, a's in the sixth. james mccann and the tigers retake the lead at 6-5. same score, bottom of the ninth. jed lowrie into leftist -- left centerfield. the game is tied at six -- 6. ryon healy sends want to left. if it is far enough, this game is over and it is gone.
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that is a game-winner. the a's take their second straight walkoff win. >> at only the giants offense was as good as scoring runs as they are a pregame handshakes. scott schebler, 193 miles going out. ninth home run of the season for a man and it was 3-0. bottom of the sixth, line drive right to centerfield. much to the line of cueto which had 10 strikeouts. the store came into today with a average. five. the reds when 4-0 end a sweep the series. the warriors are 7-0 in the post season. they can finish off their second consecutive sweep tomorrow night in utah. the good news is regarding head
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coach's's -- head coach steve kerr. he spent last weekend at duke undergoing a spinal cord leak. they hope this will alleviate the pain and allow him to return to the bench at some point this post season.>> it is on a path to recovery. i wish i could be more definitive. i wish i could be for him more than our team. if i knew an answer to any of these questions, i would be thrilled for him as a person but i don't know. he does not know.>> that was an emotional bob myers. the cavs going for the sweep in the first quarter. james finishes with 35 points. with the game close in the fourth, it is kai reese -- turn to take over. the eastern conference finals. cleveland is 8-0 this post
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season. >> the wells fargo championship in north carolina. 18, dustin johnson roles in the birdie putt to finish off five under 67. later on, brian barman tied for the lead with johnson and pat perez. a 28 foot birdie putt. what a shot. that is herman's second career pga win. >> john daly wins the asperity open by one shot after he carded a final-round 69. he celebrates his win with all of his friends. >> john daly would do it no other way.
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store mike evans branson -- other way. evan branson is preparing for a long haul and we will talk more your basketball. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cbs-sf-dot-com. thank you for watching. we will see you back at 6 for a full hour of news.
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captioning captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: france votes. we are in paris as america's oldest ally chooses a new president. also tonight, another american is detained in north korea. it's the isolated dictatorship with hostage diplomacy. >> three years after they were kidnapped by boko haram, 82 of the so-called chibok girls are released. we investigate the lost girls of nepal, underaged brides and illegal marriages. and open sky for autism. >> the hollywood studio event e at helps families living with autism reduce the stress of air travel. >> we show them exactly what they will go through on a real flight. >> it was really realistic.


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