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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we have to anyway. >> happy monday. did you have a good cinco de mayo. >> i can't remember. it was a long time ago. >> i'm looking ahead to this friday because my son graduates from college. >> just so exciting. my bank is appreciative of it. and my pocketbook. that's what i'm looking ahead to now. no looking back any more. look at this beautiful clear view looking out over the bay bridge. we have clear skies everywhere to the immediate seashore. santa rosa in the 40s. otherwise, in the 50s. there's the satellite and radar which suggests we to have clouds on the approach for the coast. otherwise, later today, we're basking in sunshine. 60s beaches, and 70s around the bay and the peninsula. it feels a bit breezy. and right now, jaclyn dunn with an update on traffic.
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happy monday. we'll look at the san mateo bridge. a 12-minute ride and no delays. and once you get on 101 you may be tapping on the brakes. we have overnight roadwork. southbound 101 has bun lane blocked. speeds are moving at the limit through that stretch and not causing delays for drivers heading through san mateo. police believe they have found the man preying on immigrants for sex. how authorities stepped in to help this housing scam. >> san rafael police say the notes were posted on this bulletin board at this laundromat and other places.
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roberto mendez was offering apartments for rent. but that was a fictitious name. >> he has no affiliation with any real estate company of property management or apartment complex or even a room. >> reporter: a community group found out about the strange activity and called police. san rafael police investigators had an undercover cop call maldonado. he offered an apartment for rent and offered her a discount if she would have sex. >> he says he can have the apartment ready sooner in exchange for the person sleeping with him. whether you want to call it a discount or an offering of money, it was an act of prostitution. >> that's not a good thing. especially in an immigrant area like this. >> reporter: maldonado may have been targeting people in this
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district because some victims may be fearful of being turned over to the feds. >> so many things happening in this country. and if it was discrimination before, now it's out of control. >> reporter: he's booked for felony fraud and prostitution charges. joe vasquez, kpix 5. a third officer involved shooting in a week. the latest was outside a big five sporting goods store. when officers arrived the suspect shot at them and they fired back. no one was hit and the suspect took off running and eventually surrendered and gave up the gun. >> the gun was reported stolen out of a burglary in 2013. he was not a suspect in that burglary that we know of at this point. >> police believe he was homeless and has a history of mental illness. investigators in san jose
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are trying to determine if an arsonist was responsible for a fire at church. the flames were extinguished before they spread to the main church building. there were no injuries and damage was limited to the shed. the flaring from the valero refinery could continue today. thick smoke filled the air after a power outage. neighboring businesses had to evacuate and schools were ordered to shelter in place. the safety system kicked in as designed. the city is warning residents that flaring will continue from a different smokestack. let's get a check on weather with roberta. >> could you see that at all? >> a little smoke. not too much. >> the air quality wasn't compromised too much.
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>> not where i was but in surrounding areas. the wind will be variable, west, north, northerly, and 10 to 20 miles per hour. from the transamerica pyramid looking towards the beautiful lights of the ported of oakland. and also towards the estuary and the bay bridge. 48 in santa rosa. and 54 in livermore. today we have a bit of a wind. and right now under 10 for the most part. and san francisco, it's southwest at seven. and north, northeast at five. and variable all over the place. east, southeast in mountain view. and south, southwest in vallejo. later today, the winds 10 to 20 with the temperatures going up. we'll have partial clearing at half moon bay at 64. 70s from san mateo to los
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altos. and also in campbell. 80 towards saratoga. mid-70s in san jose and high 70s around the rose garden district. east bay all the way in the high 70s and low 80s. the warmest will be out to the delta. discovery bay, also orwood. and the north bay numbers from stinson beach to novato at 77. low 80s in napa. we have the full sunshine today. and it won't be the warmest day today. we'll feature that forecast coming up. good morning and right now we're tracking a nice and easy start to the monday morning commute. we are seeing a few brake lights and slowdowns from tracy to livermore. westbound 580. yellow sensors are starting to light up. and speeds just below the limit. a 20-minute ride from the altamont pass to 680. and here's a look at 580. the headlights in the westbound direction approaching 680.
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it's getting crowded at this early morning hour. we'll take it to antioch where the ride continues to show green at 28 minutes from antioch to hercules connecting with i-80. later this morning. a former top justice department official will testify about russian interference in the presidential election. sally yates was appointed by president obama. she was acting in january when she was fired by the trump administration for refusing to defend the president's travel ban in court. she's expected to provide testimony -- questions could be raised about whether the trump campaign colludeds with russia. >> many of the details
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involving flynn are a classified. the republican plan to replace the affordable care act faces a tough battle in the senate. they need 50 senators to say yes. the senate will write their own bill. tom price defended the house plan to cut nearly $1 trillion in medicaid funding. what we're fashioning is a system that would allow the states to taylor they're medicaid program to specific individuals there are saving money and making it so they have a higher level of care, a higher quality of care than they currently do. >> the american medical association has come out against the house versioof the bill. california lawmakers are scrambling to prepare for the potential effects of the major overhaul of the healthcare system. >> we have work to do. the point is not to complain
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and whine. the point is to mount resistance on behalf of those we represent who depend upon us to not accepts what just happened in washington, d.c. >> quit whining and start leading. quit complaining and start introducing things that make sense. but quit blaming republicans. this is a state that's run by one party. it's time to see you lead. >> a similar effort is underway at the state level. there are a sanctuary city ban in texas. the governor signed a bill to ban sanctuary cities in the state. what that means for immigrants. >> reporter: demonstrators against the sanctuary city ban gathered outside the texas governor's mansion after
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governor greg abbott signed one of the toughest laws on immigrants in years. >> republican leaders streamed the signing on facebook live yesterday. >> backlash has been so strong that the governor wanted to sign the bill alone in his office. >> reporter: banning so called sanctuary cities will allow every sheriff -- >> it threatened jail time if they don't cooperate with federal agents. >> they don't get to pick and choose which laws they will obey. >> police chiefs from dallas to san antonio have criticized the measure. hispanics will now be subjected to racial profiling some say.
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>> even the native born are in fear that they'll be pulled over and asked by a police officer whether they belong here or not. >> the law will take effect on september 1st. the head of the aclu is promising to fight the law in court and at the ballot box. president trump is reaching out to the next president of france. he sent a tweet to emanuel mac roan on his big win. he defeated marie la pen. he told supporters he would fight terrorism. he is 39 years old. the youngest leader of france since napoleon. california is trying to assess the damage left over from record setting storms in remote reaches of the state. we'll look at the long cleanup process ahead. the effort to remove a sunken barge from the san
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francisco bay takes another step forward. ,,,,,,,, who are these people?
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month. crews are using floating cranes and other equipment... to try and turn the barge upright. divers more progress in the effort to remove a sunken barge. divers are rigged anchors to the sea floor. the 112-foot vessel capsized and settled. there's 4000 gallons of fuel on board. crews are doing their best to avoid leaks. an epic mess that many of us will never see in person. wilson walker has an exclusive look at the waterways clogged with debris. >> this is probably exceeding the '97 storms. multiple slides and culverts with debris. >> reporter: our legendary winter -- it never really went
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away. >> it disappeared somewhere. >> reporter: tim hughes is showing us one of 500 sites in california where the road was no match for the storms and they are not done adding up all of the damage. >> we're trying to finish the assessment. we have the high country. and the snow is very thick. we have damage but can't get to it. >> it's essentially nonexistent. >> he can give you a tour of roads that were. >>er with a temporary mitigation with the i beam supporting that vital piece of water supply to our town. >> reporter: again this example repeats itself across calaveras county. and our epic winter didn't just leave a mess on land. head out on don pedro reservoir and to the mouth of the due
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wall may river. >> the debris is 35 to 40 acres all combined. >> to see the rest of it you need a tug boat to pull you through the mess. >> reporter: your realize how much work has been done. >> reporter: years of drought headed up to a debris field four times larger than average. some of it produced by the rim fire and all of it has to be kept away from boaters and dam equipment downstream. how do you manage this much debris? you use the debris to your advantage. cable them together and tie them to a tree on the hill. ready made booms provided by nature. back on land, the cleanup has barely started. >> we're looking at $5.8 million damage. the road repair budget was $700,000, and we wept through that in three days.
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>> reporter: counties can tackle the small stuff and bigger projects require engineers, time, and a lot of money. >> our county can't art that. >> reporter: and it's cutting off access to a lake. >> losing $12,000 a month. >> reporter: and greater costs may lie ahead. remember board's crossing? >> the main reason is fire access. we want to get it to early and not late. >> reporter: swaths of forest inaccessible. and communities cut off. and lakes and rivers choked with debris. this was a winter we'll be talking about and paying for for a long time. >> this cleanup effort will go on for years. >> reporter: on the other hand, we did finally get some rain. >> be careful what you ask for. >> incredible to see that, 35 acres of debris.
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>> and i remember the weekend when it all changed. it was january 6th and 7th and i went to our news director and said we have a game changer. >> for the whole weekend i slept in the back room and it didn't stop after that. and that scene you see repeated throughout the bay area. you go out on the delta and discovery bay and orwood. and bethel island. and it's not as bad but certainly the discovery bay area is choked with a lot of debris. and you have to be mindful of that if you have skiing plans or boating plans. we take down the speed very carefully. there's a lot of limbs. and everything is so full. and the beautiful lush green trees are going to dry out. and we could have one of the worst fire seasons because we have a lot of fuel. take a look. clear skies looking out to the bay bridge, you can see the
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lights in the background which gives me a great indication that we have great visibility. i've been taking a look at the flag on top of pier nine and it's wavering a bit. those winds are under 10 miles per hour throughout the entire bay area. but they'll be picking up later. san jose, a southeast wind at 14. and south, southwest in napa and picking up to the 20. >> trying to work into the golden gate bridge. otherwise, 6-mile visibility with haze in petaluma. good morning to weather watchers, linda, george, and dave, reporting 49 to 52 degrees and clear skies. thank you for checking in. we do have an area of low pressure that provides rain showers over southern california over the weekend. and we were the recipient of the partly cloudy skies on
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saturday. and now high pressure will build in and it's wiping away the clouds. lots of sunshine today. and tomorrow will be the warmest of the workweek. and then we see the clouds on the increase in southern california lifting up to the north and we'll cool down by midweek. until then, 61 in pacifica. and mid-70s across the peninsula to a seasonal day in san jose at 77. and 81 in santa rosa. 82 in sonoma. and 83 in the fairfield area. warmest day this week tomorrow. and notice the dramatic cooldown due to the increasing clouds at the coast. we have partly cloudy skies on friday. and a dry weekend all the way through sunday. that's a look at the monday forecast. kenny and michelle, take it away. time is 4:50. new rules on boats in one bay area city. longtime residents could be looking for a new place to
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stay. and protesters face off as the city of new orleans tears down confederate monuments. e-mail your school nomination to us at cool schools at
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take a look at the tv screen and what we have happening today. a sunshiny day, a warmer day tuesday. cooldown begins midweek and we remain dry all the way through the weekend. things are moving along on 580. you're taking a live look approaching the dublin,
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pleasanton interchange. and we're tracking a new crash and i'll have the details coming up. hundreds of protesters clashed in new orleans. they are fighting over confederate era monuments. this was the scene near a robert e. lee memorial. you can hear the protesters shouting take them down. and others want to keep the statues. three monuments will be removed around the city. san francisco police are investigating the case of an uber driver who was forced to work off the clock. a man and a woman kidnapped him and forced him to drive for two hours at gunpoint. the suspect demanded he take out money from an atm. he escaped and called 911. the driver was not hurt but his car and the suspects have not
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been found. uber doesn't have a part in the investigation since he was off duty at the time. the city council passed new rules to put a stop to the anchor out lifestyle. they are concerned about safety, abandoned boats and environmental impact. the people who live on the water have seen eviction efforts before. >> almost every 10 to 15 years, somebody who has nothing better to do gets upset because there are people anchored out here. >> the city of sausalito will limit the amount of time a vessel can be on the water. this is a 96-year-old man celebrating his birthday. he's a pearl harbor survivor and a frequent sky diver. >> every time you do something like this it makes you feel pretty good.
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nobody else has done it. >> he's hanging up the parachute for the good but he'll continue to travel and give motivational speeches. >> >> we have some good news. a huge donation to fight homelessness in san francisco. the new plan -- next. and it's costing bart millions of dollars a year. people jumping the gate and not paying for fares. why isn't the agency cracking down on the problem. i'm jessica flores. and i'll have the story coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it's monday, may 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a live look at the bay bridge. 880 in oakland is not looking too bad at this hour. >> you're right. jaclyn always says rubies and
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diamonds. >> headlights and taillights. >> and we don't have much longer until we start swinging into graduation mode. summer breaks around the corner. it's so exciting. and then i get to have two boys at home living with me. won't that be fun? >> i just see a lot of laundry, mountains and mountains of laundry. >> and now he's got a good job. >> he's on a good path. he's a good kid, they both are -- sometimes. a little bit of haze at sfo and relatively clear skies and great visibility. temperature-wise, 47 degrees in santa rosa for the cool spot. and 53 in oakland. right now the winds are under 10 miles per hour. and san jose just dropped under 10. notice the winds are available all over the place. the winds increase during the
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afternoon hours. temperatures, 60s beaches, and 70s around the peninsula. and 80s in the santa clara valley. cupertino, 84 degrees. 77 in morgan hill. and mid-70s common around allen rock. and in the eastern portion of the bay area. a few 70s around the carquinez strait. and concord, clayton, walnut creek in the upper 70s. 82 in sonoma and glenn allen. and the winds increasing to 20. and 85 degrees towards ukiah. we have the full forecast featuring warmer and cooler weather at 18 minutes after the hour. good morning. and we are tracking a new hot spot. this is in fremont. the lanes ha


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